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The DAVID Knowledgebase, a backend database used for all DAVID bioinformatics tools, is built around the "DAVID Gene Concept", a single- linkage method to agglomerate tens of million of gene/protein identifiers and associated annotation from dozens of well-known bio-databases. Most importantly, throughout the entire database, all the gene identifiers and annotation contents were clustered and centralized by  one single index, DAVID Gene Identifiers. Combined with the simple pair-wise text format, the DAVID Knowledgebase provides not only a comprehensive, high quality collection of gene annotation resources, but also the flexibility to cross-reference gene identifiers and heterogeneous annotations from almost all well-known, world-class, databases within one resource. We hope that you will find that DAVID Knowledgebase, one of the best integrated annotation bio-databases as we believe, will significantly benefit your research on high-throughput gene functional analysis .

Key Technical Notes: Reasons of DAVID Gene Concept, A Unique DAVID Gene Concept, Annotation Integration, Gene-Centered Database Structure, Gene ID Converage, Annotation Category Coverage and Actual Pairwise Flat Text Format.

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