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IQ motif containing GTPase activating protein 1(IQGAP1) IQ motif containing GTPase activating protein 1(IQGAP1) Related Genes Homo sapiens
CYTOBAND 15q26.1,
GENERIF_SUMMARY IQGAP1 enhances the function of beta-catenin in the nucleus and that calmodulin regulates this stimulation, The mechanism for regulation of the F-actin binding activity of IQGAP1 by calcium/calmodulin, IQGAP1 has a crucial role in transducing Cdc42 signaling to the cytoskeleton, IQGAP1 is a potential target protein of S100B during processes of dynamic rearrangement of cell membrane morphology, interaction of calmodulin with IQ motifs, Identification and characterization of the Cdc42-binding site of IQGAP1., IQGAP1 has a fundamental role in cell motility and invasion, Data suggest that cyclic AMP/protein kinase A may be coupled with calcium/calmodulin and guanosine triphosphatases through an IQGAP1/AKAP79 complex., Rac1 enhances the accumulation of actin filaments, E-cadherin, and beta-catenin by acting on IQGAP1., IQGAP1 binds ERK2 and modulates its activity, IQGAP1 functions as a VEGFR2-associated scaffold protein to organize ROS-dependent VEGF signaling, thus promoting EC migration & proliferation, which may contribute to repair & maintenance of the functional integrity of established blood vessels., differential requirement for efficient GTP hydrolysis by the Sar1p GTPase in export of cargo from the endoplasmic reticulum, IQGAP1 might serve as an effector or sequester nucleotide-free Cdc42 to prevent signaling, We therefore propose that PP2A, especially PP2A-A, functions to maintain F-actin assembly to which beta1 integrin is anchored by recruitment of IQGAP1 to Rac-beta1 integrin., IQGAP1 is expressed in podocytes at significant levels, and could be found at the immediate vicinity of the slit diaphragm, Data show that IQGAP1 is phosphorylated at multiple sites in intact cells and that phosphorylation of IQGAP1 will alter its ability to regulate the cytoskeleton of neuronal cells., a specific sequence of IQGAP1 is necessary for its oligomerization; self-association is required for the normal cellular function of IQGAP1, IQGAP1 interacts directly with MEK1 and MEK2 kinases., IQGAP1 may function to link Nox2 to actin at the leading edge, thereby facilitating reactive oxygen species production at the site of injury, which may contribute to endothelial cell migration, GluR4 may regulate its synaptic targeting through phosphorylation-dependent interactions with alpha-Actinin-1 and IQGAP1, We therefore propose that PP2A plays a crucial role in the maintenance of cell-cell adhesion through recruitment of IQGAP1 to the Rac-bound E-cadherin-catenins complex., PTPmu may regulate Rho-GTPase-dependent functions of IQGAP1, Findings suggest the involvement of IQGAP1 in the progression and spread of ovarian adenocarcinomas., IQGAP1 represents a potential target for the design of new organ preservation strategies and prevention of Ischemia-reperfusion injury to improve transplantation outcome., signal-induced relief of the autoinhibited fold of IQGAP1 allows activation of N-WASP to stimulate Arp2/3-dependent actin assembly, in motile cells beta-catenin is recruited by IQGAP1 and N-cadherin to active membrane ruffles, wherein beta-catenin mediates the internalization and possible recycling of the membrane-associated proteins N-cadherin and APC, IQGAP1 may link the calmodulin and Rap1 signaling pathways, These data suggest that IQGAP1 serves as a junction to integrate multiple signalling molecules to facilitate cell migration., Iqgap1 modulates activation of B-RAf., Dia1 and IQGAP1 interact in cell migration and phagocytic cup formation., IQGAP1 regulates Salmonella invasion through interactions with actin, Rac1, and Cdc42, that ALIX and TSG101/ESCRT-I also bind a series of proteins involved in cytokinesis, including CEP55, CD2AP, ROCK1, and IQGAP1., IQGAP1 enhances mammary tumorigenesis, suggesting that it may be a target for therapeutic intervention., The exocyst subunits Sec3 and Sec8 interact with the polarity protein IQGAP1 and that this interaction is triggered by active Cdc42 and RhoA, which are essential for matrix degradation., the scaffold protein IQGAP1 couples Ca(2+) and calmodulin signaling to B-Raf function, IQGAP1 promotes cell proliferation and phosphorylation of IQGAP1 is involved in the process of wound closure in bronchial epithelial cells., Only the first IQ motif of IQGAP1 interacts with MYL6B. The first and second IQ motifs of IQGAP1 interact with S100B in the presence of calcium ions., IQGAP1, Ca(2+), and calmodulin are a novel signaling complex regulating actin pedestal formation by EPEC, IQGAP1 expression level seemed to be closely associated with the enhanced invasion and migration in ovarian cancer cell lines., We identified IQGAP1 as a host cell interaction partner of the novel effector protein Ibe of EPEC and EHEC strains. [IQGAP1], Data suggest that ARF6-mediated Rac1 activation is essential for glioma cell invasion via a signaling pathway that requires IQGAP1., The crystal structure of the isolated IQGAP1 GAP-related domain, is reported., These results demonstrate a role of PLD in hyperoxia-mediated IQGAP1 activation through Rac1 in tyrosine phosphorylation of Src and cortactin, as well as in p47(phox) translocation and reactive oxygen species formation in human lung endothelial cells., A model where IQGAP1 serves as a phosphorylation-sensitive conformation switch to regulate the coupling of cell growth and division through a novel CDC42-mTOR pathway., IQGAP1 plays a critical role in colon cancer cell invasion; therefore diffuse and high expression of IQGAP1 predicts poor prognosis in patients with colorectal carcinoma., results indicate that endothelial IQGAP1 tethers microtubules to interendothelial junctions and participates in junction remodeling during lymphocyte transendothelial migration., Quantitative proteomic analysis showed that IQGAP1 was 0.53-fold down-regulated under 10 microg/mL HNK exposure for 24 h on HepG2 cells., IQGAP1 is a scaffold that facilitates mTOR and Akt interaction., Solved the NMR structure of the actin binding domain of human IQGAP1., Data show that the IQ motif-containing Ras GTPase-activating-like protein 1 (IQGAP1) can associate with RNase L, and that phosphorylation occurs on the IQGAP1, and works as a regulator in apoptosis., IQGAP1 translocates into the nucleus in late G1/early S phase to stimulate DNA replication and progression of the cell cycle., IQGAP1, through genetic copy gain, plays an important role in the invasiveness of thyroid cancer and may represent a novel prognostic marker and therapeutic target for this cancer., increased IQGAP1 and/or decreased IQGAP2 contribute to the pathogenesis of human HCC., S100P is a novel Ca(2+)-dependent regulator of IQGAP1 that can down-regulate the function of IQGAP1 as a signaling intermediate by direct interaction, Data that support a role for IQGAP1 in infectious disease via its ability to regulate the actin cytoskeleton, is reviewed., single nucleotide polymorphisms in the miR-124 binding site within the IQ motif containing GTPase activating protein 1 gene confer differential predisposition to breast cancer, The knockdown of IQGAP1 expression by siRNA blocked the migrationstimulating activity of RhoC., Tbeta(4) increases migration of colon cancer cells via activating Rac1 by elevating IQGAP1/ILK complexes, IQGAP1 protein, an actin cytoskeleton modifier acts as a binding partner with SMG-9 and this binding is regulated by phosphorylation of SMG-9 at Tyr-41., regulates cytoskeletal organization and granule polarization in NK cells, IQGAP1 protein binds human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) and modulates trastuzumab resistance., IQGAP1 is a calmodulin-regulated barbed end capper of actin filaments with a role in cell migration, Data show that protein 4.1R is necessary for the localization of IQGAP1 to the leading edge of cells migrating into a wound, whereas IQGAP1 is not required for protein 4.1R localization., IQGAP1 is a novel essential component of the CXCR2 "chemosynapse"., Angiopoietin-1 requires IQ domain GTPase-activating protein 1 to activate Rac1 and promote endothelial barrier defense., IQGAP1 plays a dynamic role via direct interactions with calmodulin in a Ca(2+)-dependent or -independent manner, IQGAP1 is a scaffold protein with recently expanding repertoire of cellular activities in which it participates. (Review), IQGAP1 modulates mTORC1-S6K1-->Akt1 signaling to control cell proliferation., these results showed an unidentified relationship between Aurora-A and IQGAP1, and provided a new insight into the molecular mechanism by which IQGAP1 played a regulatory role in cancer., Binding of OmpA to Ecgp96 signals IQGAP1 to detach beta-catenin from adherens junctions and IQGAP1/beta-catenin bound actin translocates to the site of Escherichia coli K1 attachment to promote bacterial invasion., our data suggest that IQGAP1 acts as a dual negative regulator in T cells, limiting both TCR-mediated activation kinetics and F-actin dynamics via distinct mechanisms., The IQGAP1 was required for hyaluronan- but not for platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF)-BB-induced cell migration, and was required for both hyaluronan- and PDGF-BB-mediated fibroblast proliferation., our results suggest that IQGAP1, through its interaction with components of SD and cytoskeletal proteins, is involved in podocyte barrier properties., Treating the cells with calcium showed the translocation of IQGAP1/Nrf2 complex into the nucleus., A calcium-dependent interaction between calmodulin and the calponin homology domain of human IQGAP1, This finding has new implications for involvement of IQGAP1 in cell polarization and migration events and potentially in cell cycle-associated nuclear envelope assembly/disassembly., Data show that the IQ-motif-containing GTPase-activating protein IQGAP1 interacts directly with GTP-bound, prenylated RhoA and RhoC, but not with RhoB., it is proposed that the targeting of IQGAP1 by 3O-C(12)-HSL can trigger essential changes in the cytoskeleton network and be an essential component in bacterial--human cell communication, RhoC stimulates the proliferation of gastric cancer cells through recruiting IQGAP1 as an effector., High IQGAP1 expression is associated with invasive breast tumors., IQGAP1 in the tumor microenvironment suppresses TGFBR2 and TGF-beta dependent myofibroblastic differentiation to constrain tumor growth., IQGAP1 functions as a modulator in the canonical Wnt signaling pathway, IQGAP1 has an essential role in RAS-driven tumorigenesis in mouse and human tissue, Host IQGAP1 and Ebola virus VP40 interactions facilitate virus-like particle egress., results suggest that IQGAP1 may play an important role in the MEK-ERK-Nrf2 signaling pathway, these results suggest that a labile pool of IQGAP1 at intercellular junctions disassembles adherens junctions and thus impairs endothelial cell-cell adhesion., IQGAP1 is a novel phosphatidylinositol 4,5 bisphosphate effector in regulation of directional cell migration., IQGAP1 plays an important role in the cell proliferation ofmultiple myelomavia the MAP kinase (ERK) pathway., Overexpression of IQGAP1 may play an important role in pancreatic cancer occurrence and progression., IQGAP1 interacts with human importin-beta5 in HEK 293T cells., shows that IQGAP1 is essential to ECs alignment under shear stress and that AJ remodeling represents one of the mechanisms involved, PAK6 drives junction disassembly during HGF-driven cell-cell dissociation via an IQGAP1/E-cadherin complex that leads to the phosphorylation of beta-catenin and the disruption of cell-cell adhesions., Data indicate that quercetin inhibited the interaction between IQ motif-containing GTPase activating protein 1 (IQGAP1) and extracellular signal-regulated kinases ERK1/2 in RPMI8226 multiple myeloma cells., overexpression or knock-down of IQGAP1 affected the interaction between K-Ras and B-Raf, and IQGAP1 overexpression increased ERK1/2 phosphorylation in K-Ras dependent manner in PANC1 cells, IQGAP1 expression in podocyte under high glucose media is modulated by the ERK1/2 pathway., IQGAP1 binds to ERalpha and modulates its transcriptional function, RSPO-LGR4 not only induces the clearance of RNF43/ZNRF3 to increase Wnt receptor levels but also recruits IQGAP1 into the Wnt signaling complex., results suggest a new role of IQGAP1, distinct form IQGAP2, in cell migration through up regulation of contractility and downregulation of adhesion sites potentially through calmodulin interaction., Suppressing IQGAP1 expression not only obviously reduced the tumor cell growth., High IQGAP1 expression was associated with hepatocellular carcinoma., Studies show that IQGAP1 functions as a hub linking HGF-induced signaling to microtubules and actin remodeling via EB1-IQGAP1-cortactin interactions., There was a positive correlation between DNAJB6 and IQGAP1 expression., Study shows that miR-124a expression was downregulated in human glioma tissues, and its expression level was negatively correlated with the pathological grade. Also, the data shows that IQGAP1 is a direct target of miR-124a., Genetic variation within IQGAP1 is associated with cognitive function., Mammalian IQGAP proteins may play a role in cytokinesis by regulating the localization of key cytokinesis regulatory proteins to the contractile apparatus during mitosis., IQGAP1 may regulate the phenotypic switch of venous smooth muscle cells by myocardin pathway, which is critical for the pathological progression of varicose vein., Results show that coexpression of IQGAP1 and Dvl in the cytoplasm and nucleus was correlated with the lymph nodal metastase and poor prognosis of non-small cell lung cancer., ezrin appears to participate in recruiting IQGAP1 to the cell cortex thereby establishing a close connection between membrane-F-actin contacts and actin regulators that can be assembled by IQGAP1., Activated IQGAP1, as an intracellular partner of nephrin, is involved in actin cytoskeleton organization and functional regulation of podocytes., Increased IQGAP1 expression during the differentiation of cancer stem cell-like cells is involved in an aggressive cell behavior, which may contribute to metastasis of ovarian cancer., These data indicated that TGF-beta inhibited IQGAP1 expression in lung fibroblasts via the NF-kappaB signaling pathway, presenting a potential novel therapeutic target for the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrogenesis ., IQGAP1, IQGAP2, and IQGAP3 have diverse roles in vertebrate physiology, operating in the kidney, nervous system, cardiovascular system, pancreas, and lung. (Review), IQGAP1 as an essential regulator of the MAPK and Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathways., Down-regulation of caveolin-1 or IQGAP1 in PC-3 cells reduced migration and invasion in vitro, and hypercholesterolemia-induced metastasis in vivo., Depletion of IQGAP1 disrupts nuclear envelope localization and delays abscission timing., IQGAP1 may directly interact with estrogen receptor alpha and serve as a signal integrator, mediating estrogen receptor alpha transcriptional activity, cell proliferation and cell invasion during the progression of thyroid cancer., IQGAP1 and its two isoforms regulate the actin-cytoskeleton alone and with their binding partners, Rac and Cdc42, thereby controlling diverse cellular processes, such as cell migration and adhesion. (Review), The clinical relevance of IQGAP1 as a tumor growth suppressor is supported by the finding that its expression is lower in bladder cancer compared with benign patient urothelium in multiple independent datasets., IQGAP1 critically mediates CXCR4 cell surface expression and signaling., Mechanistically, the N-terminal of SKAP binds to EB1, and its C terminus binds to IQGAP1 in migrating cells., the overexpression and interactions of IQGAP1 and beta-catenin contribute to hepatocellular carcinoma progression by promoting cell proliferation and migration., the present study is the first to provide evidence that miR-506 acts as a tumor suppressor, at least partially, by directly downregulating IQGAP1 in breast cancer cells., Our results identify OspB as a regulator of mTORC1 and mTORC1-dependent cell proliferation early during S. flexneri infection and establish a role for IQGAP1 in mTORC1 signaling,
SP_COMMENT domain:Regions C1 and C2 can either interact with nucleotide-free CDC42, or interact together, depending on the phosphorylation state of Ser-1443. When Ser-1443 is not phosphorylated, C1 and C2 interact, which prevents binding of nucleotide-free CDC42 and promotes binding of GTP-bound CDC42. Phosphorylation of Ser-1443 prevents interaction between C1 and C2, which opens the structure of the C-terminus and allows binding and sequestration of nucleotide-free CDC42 on both C1 and C2., function:Binds to activated CDC42 but does not stimulate its GTPase activity. It associates with calmodulin. Could serve as an assembly scaffold for the organization of a multimolecular complex that would interface incoming signals to the reorganization of the actin cytoskeleton at the plasma membrane. May promote neurite outgrowth., PTM:Phosphorylation of Ser-1443 by PKC prevents interaction between C1 and C2, allowing binding of nucleotide-free CDC42. Ser-1443 phosphorylation enhances the ability to promote neurite outgrowth., similarity:Contains 1 CH (calponin-homology) domain., similarity:Contains 1 Ras-GAP domain., similarity:Contains 1 WW domain., similarity:Contains 4 IQ domains., subunit:Interacts with CDC42; the interaction is demonstrated with IQGAP1 in GTP-bound and in nucleotide-free state. Interacts with RAC1. Does not interact with RHOA. Interacts with TSG101., tissue specificity:Expressed in the placenta, lung, and kidney. A lower level expression is seen in the heart, liver, skeletal muscle and pancreas.,