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caveolin 2(CAV2) caveolin 2(CAV2) Related Genes Homo sapiens
CYTOBAND 7q31.1,
GENERIF_SUMMARY Data show that ER alpha and not ER beta silences caveolin-1/-2 expression in an epigenetic fashion in neuronal cells., In Caco-2 cells, a polarized cell line derived from human colon cancer that does not express caveolin 1 (Cav-1), there was no detectable expression of caveolin 2 (Cav-2)., caveolin-2 may play a role in lamellar granule assembly, trafficking, and/or function., PPARgamma ligands increased the levels of caveolin-2 2-5-fold in a concentration-dependent manner within 24 h. Nonthiazolidinedione PPARgamma ligands elevated caveolin-2 protein 3-4-fold., New evidence demonstrating that Cav-2 undergoes phosphorylation at both tyrosines 19 and 27 also reveals that tyrosine phosphorylation of Cav-2 has no effect on its targeting to lipid rafts, but clearly disrupts hetero-oligomerization of Cav-2 with Cav-1., Heterologously and endogenously expressed D1 dopamine receptors in renal cells are associated with and regulated by caveolin-2., Actin cytoskeleton is involved as part of a caveolar complex in the regulation of myometrial maxi-K channel function., increased expression of caveolins in proliferating bile ductules in primary biliary cirrhosis may be related to the homeostasis of cholesterol transport in regenerating bile ductules in liver, Overexpression of caveolin-2 is associated with inflammatory breast cancer, CAV2 identified and immunolocalized in the caveola-vesicle complexes (CVC )present in erythrocytes infected with P. vivax, caveolae and caveolins are integral membrane components in basal and ciliated epithelial cellsin rats, mice, and humans, indicating a crucial role in these cell types; in addition to their physiological role, they may be involved in airway infection, The presence of different caveolin isoforms in many cell types of the human retina, is reported., Positive staining resulted in shorter survival in patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma., Caveolin-2 was expressed in the sinusoidal endothelial cells and the smooth muscle cells of the unparied arteries of hepatpcellular carcinoma specimens., CAV2 is preferentially expressed in basal-like cancers and is associated with poor prognosis, Data suggests a possible involvement of serine 36-phosphorylated caveolin-2 in modulating mitosis., Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in CAV2 is associated with primary open-angle glaucoma., We found preliminary evidence that CAV2 rs2270188 interacts with dietary fat to affect risk of type 2 diabetes., data and observations imply that a primary open angle glaucoma (POAG) risk allele at the 7q31 locus that contains the caveolin genes CAV1 and CAV2 is not strongly associated with glaucoma in an Iowa population, cav-2 acts as a modulator of cancer progression., The combination of the expression of the genes for PPARgamma, STMN1 and CAV2 was significantly predictive for early recurrence of non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer, CAV1 mRNA and protein levels are reduced by both NFBD1 knockdown and knockout independently of IR and p53, The identified single nucleotide polymorphisms are associated with primary open-angle glaucoma in the Caucasian US population and that specific haplotypes located in the CAV1/CAV2 intergenic region are associated with the disease., Stromal caveolin-2 expression were more frequent in anaplastic carcinoma and diffuse sclerosing variant of papillary carcinoma compared to conventional papillary thyroid carcinoma., In contrast to wild-type-Cav-2, retroviral re-expression of Y19/27F-Cav-2 in Cav-2 knockout endothelial cells did not affect anti-proliferative effect of TGF-beta compared to empty vector., CAV1 and -2 potentiate epsilon-toxin induced cytotoxicity by promoting toxin oligomerization, This study does not support an association between CAV2 variation and kidney transplant survival., Our findings did not correspond with previous positive results, suggesting that CAV1-CAV2 variants studied in the present study are not important risk factors for Normal Tension Glaucoma., This meta-analysis suggests that rs4236601[A] is associated with increased risk for POAG in Caucasian and Asian populations., CAV1/CAV2 SNPs were associated significantly with primary open-angle glaucoma overall, particularly among women., The implication of the caveolin genes, CAV1/CAV2, as a common genetic factor influencing both IOP variations and POAG may provide new insights of the underlying mechanism leading to glaucoma and glaucomatous visual field loss., Results present initial characterization of key proteins Cav2 and CFL1 as cellular factors that colocalize with M in viral inclusions and filaments and ZNF502 protein which appears to interact with RSV M in the nucleus., The minor allele G of rs17588172 in the CAV1-CAV2 locus is associated with decreased expression of CAV1 and CAV2 in some tissues, marginally with intraocular pressure elevation, and consequently with increased susceptibility to high-tension glaucoma., variant in CAV2 is associated with increased age-of-onset of P. aeruginosa airway infection in cystic fibrosis cohort., Caveolin-2 expression is necessary for the control of E2-dependent cellular proliferation of MCF-7 cells., CAV-1 and -2 have roles in progression of prostate neoplasms,
SP_COMMENT function:May act as a scaffolding protein within caveolar membranes. Interacts directly with G-protein alpha subunits and can functionally regulate their activity., function:May act as a scaffolding protein within caveolar membranes. Interacts directly with G-protein alpha subunits and can functionally regulate their activity. Caveolin-2 may function as an accessory protein in conjunction with caveolin-1., online information:Caveolin entry, similarity:Belongs to the caveolin family., subcellular location:Potential hairpin-like structure in the membrane. Membrane protein of caveolae., subunit:Homodimer. Caveolin-1 and -2 colocalize and form a stable hetero-oligomeric complex., tissue specificity:Expressed in endothelial cells, smooth muscle cells, skeletal myoblasts and fibroblasts.,