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calcium/calmodulin dependent protein kinase II delta(CAMK2D) calcium/calmodulin dependent protein kinase II delta(CAMK2D) Related Genes Homo sapiens
GENERIF_SUMMARY role in cell communication, measured differences in CaMKII binding affinities for CaM play a minor role in the autophosphorylation of the enzyme, largely dictated by autophosphorylation rate for alpha, beta, gamma and delta isoforms, HDAC4 as a specific downstream substrate of CaMKIIdeltaB in cardiac cells and have broad applications for the signaling pathways leading to cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure., Chronic upregulation/activation of CaMKIID, and PKD in heart failure shifts HDAC5 out of the nucleus, derepressing transcription of hypertrophic genes., The cloned, expressed CAMK2delta6 protein comigrated with D52 kinase and colocalized with D52 protein in T84 and HEK293 cells. These findings support a role for CAMK2delta6 in the mediation of D52 phosphorylation., Calcium/Calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II delta 6 (CaMKIIdelta6) and RhoA is involved in thrombin-induced endothelial barrier dysfunction, The crystal structure of the human CaMKIIdelta/Ca2+/CaM complex, is described., This study shows for the first time that CAMKII inhibition acutely improves contractility in human heart failure where CAMKIIdelta expression is increased., Single nucleotide polymorphism in CAMK2D gene is associated with epithelial ovarian cancer., Data show that Pcp4 overexpression induces precocious neuronal differentiation, and is associated with an increase in CaMKIIdelta activation., suggest that CaMKII and calcineurin provide a switch-like mechanism that controls Ca-dependent LIMK1, SSH1L and cofilin activation, and subsequently actin cytoskeletal reorganization, End-stage failing human hearts had more phosphorylation at CaMKII-dependent titin sites, contributing to their mechanical dysfunction & establishing a new role for CaMKIIdelta in regulating diastolic passive properties of healthy & diseased hearts., Our studies suggest that CaMKII is a molecular signal that couples increased reactive oxygen species with atrial fibrillation and that therapeutic strategies to decrease oxidized CaMKII may prevent or reduce it., CAMKIIdelta is required for PP1gamma-exacerbated apoptosis of cardiomyocytes., CaMKIID specifically phosphorylates Thr-457 on CEACAM1-SF, which in turn regulates the process of lumen formation via apoptosis of the central acinar cells., This study showed that AKAP12,CAMK2D and a molecular pathway(cyclic amp)association to outcome of depressive during citalopram treatment., Study found a significant association with disordered gambling and rs167771 (DRD3) and with rs381572 (CAMK2D) in humans, Reveal a novel in vivo function of CaMKIIdelta in regulating H3 phosphorylation and suggest a novel epigenetic mechanism by which CaMKIIdelta controls cardiac hypertrophy., CaMKIId activity is up-regulated in the myocardium of diabetic patients and mouse models of diabetes, where it promotes pathological signaling that includes hypertrophy, fibrosis and apoptosis.,
SP_COMMENT catalytic activity:ATP + a protein = ADP + a phosphoprotein., enzyme regulation:Autophosphorylation of CAMK2 plays an important role in the regulation of the kinase activity., function:CaM-kinase II (CAMK2) is a prominent kinase in the central nervous system that may function in long-term potentiation and neurotransmitter release., miscellaneous:Expression of CAMK2D is significantly increased in patients suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy., similarity:Belongs to the protein kinase superfamily., similarity:Belongs to the protein kinase superfamily. CAMK Ser/Thr protein kinase family. CaMK subfamily., similarity:Contains 1 protein kinase domain., subunit:CAMK2 is composed of four different chains: alpha, beta, gamma, and delta. The different isoforms assemble into homo- or heteromultimeric holoenzymes composed of 8 to 12 subunits., tissue specificity:Expressed in cardiac muscle and skeletal muscle. Isoform Delta 3, isoform Delta 2, isoform Delta 8 and isoform Delta 9 are expressed in cardiac muscle. Isoform Delta 11 is expressed in skeletal muscle.,