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vascular endothelial growth factor A(VEGFA) vascular endothelial growth factor A(VEGFA) Related Genes Homo sapiens
GENERIF_SUMMARY Includes data regarding non-AUG translation initiation (CUG) of VEGF, Includes data regarding non-AUG translation initiation (CUG) of VEGF, upregulated in eye in experimental herpesvirus retinopathy, Thrombin induces increased expression and secretion of VEGF from human FS4 fibroblasts, DU145 prostate cells and CHRF megakaryocytes., The VEGF levels were significantly higher in recurrent ALL compared with newly diagnosed ALL., VEGF levels were elevated in patients with invasive cancer of ductal/no specific type, ductal carcinoma in situ, and estrogen receptor (ER)-positive tumors., Includes data regarding non-AUG translation initiation (CUG) of VEGF, induction in human glioblastoma cells by acidic extracellular pH via ERK1/2 MAPK signaling pathway, Significant association with poor survival by VEGF., Vascular endothelial growth factor expression in serous ovarian carcinoma, both VEGF-induced PI 3-kinase activation and beta(1) integrin-mediated binding to fibronectin are required for the recruitment and activation of PKC alpha., VEGF expression and intratumoral microvessel density (IMVD) can be considered as a biological indicator of malignant potential in brain astrocytoma., Vascular endothelial growth factor modulates neutrophil transendothelial migration via up-regulation of interleukin-8 in human brain microvascular endothelial cells, modulation of signaling and angiogenic effects by PTEN, upregulation by interleukin-1 beta in vascular smooth muscle cells via the P38 mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway, Vascular endothelial growth factor-A(165) induces progression of melanoma brain metastases without induction of sprouting angiogenesis., Up-regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor by membrane-type 1 matrix metalloproteinase stimulates human glioma xenograft growth and angiogenesis., essential for developmental angiogenesis and is also required for female reproductive functions and endochondral bone formation., VEGF plays an important role in the oncogenesis of human gastric cancer., Platelets and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), VEGF is highly related to PVBE and angiogenesis of meningoma., bFGF and VEGF were synergistic in terms of DAF expression, resulting in enhanced endothelial cytoprotection, A 40-bp RNA element that mediates stabilization of vascular endothelial growth factor mRNA by HuR., Plasma vascular endothelial growth factor is useful in assessing progression of breast cancer post surgery and during adjuvant treatment., VEGF and flt-1 are upregulated in blood vessels in many organs of acute Kawasaki Disease, Blood levels are elevated in myelodysplastic syndromes and in acute myeloid leukemia. VEGF corrected for the peripheral blood platelet count is a marker of disease progression in MDS., NMR structure of a phage-derived peptide antagonist in complex with vascular endothelial growth factor, Vascular endothelial growth factor modulates the Tie-2, free plasma VEGF levels are high in chronic renal impairment; may contribute to the endothelial dysfunction of uraemia, prognostic value of matched preoperative serum and plasma vascular endothelial growth factor concentrations in patients with colorectal cancer., Prognostic significance of VEGF expression in bone marrow cells in chronic phase chronic myeloid leukemia., VEGF upregulates BCL-2 expression and is associated with decreased apoptosis in neuroblastoma cells., Chemoattractive and proliferative effects of VEGF-A have been demonstrated on primary human osteoblasts., Plasma VEGF levels are significantly increased in chronic myeloproliferative disorders. The highest levles were found in CMD with essential thrombocythemia. Levels were significantly higher in CMD patients with vascular complications., VEGF may act as a growth factor for both endothelial cells and tumor cells., Activation of vascular endothelial growth factor A transcription in tumorigenic glioblastoma cell lines by an enhancer with cell type-specific DNase I accessibility, overexpression in mesangial cells by advanced glycation end products, tumor cell-VEGF induction may promote angiogenesis in adenocarcinoma of the lung; tumor cell expression may be important prognostic factor in adenocarcinoma of the lung, expression of tissue factor (TF) and VEGF is frequently observed in colorectal cancer and TF expression is significantly related with VEGF expression and microvessel density, VEGF as a mediator of OHSS., VEGF may play a role in pathogenesis of OHSS., Cultured plasma cells from patients with advanced relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma who responded favorably to thalidomide secreted a significantly lower amount of VEGF than did plasma cells from resistant patients., thrombin upregulates vascular endothelial growth factor, VEGF expression and vascular density in colon cancer, COX-2 is upregulated in endometrial cancer and facilitates tumor growth via angiogenesis produced in associated with VEGF and TP, copper sulfate induced VEGF expression in primary as well as transformed human keratinocytes, Constitutive Stat3 activity up-regulates VEGF expression and tumor angiogenesis, the role and intracellular signal pathway of endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) activation induced by VEGF, VEGF and p53 are highly expressed in esophageal carcinomas, VEGF is down regulated in ovarian carcinoma cells and in serous effusions, HTLV-I-transformed T cells, but not HTLV-I-negative CD4(+) T cells, secrete biologically active forms of VEGF and bFGF and induce angiogenesis in vitro., A dynamic shift of VEGF isoforms with a transient and selective progesterone-induced expression of VEGF189 regulates angiogenesis and vascular permeability in human uterus, Increased expression of VEGF may be responsible for gastric carcinogenesis and tumor aggressiveness of gastric cancer in northern China., differential regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor expression in bladder cancer cells (peroxisome proliferative activated receptor, beta), level spontaneously secreted by patient CLL B-cells quantified; secreted in 2/3 patient samples; co-expression of VEGF and VEGF receptors suggests autocrine pathways of stimulation., REVIEW, investigation of the immediate effect of ovulation induction with hCG on peripheral VEGF levels in 6 women with primary infertility enrolled in the IVF/ET program, Overexpression of cyclin DI contributes to malignant properties of esophageal tumor cells by increasing VEGF production and decreasing Fas expression., modulation of synthesis by sodium butyrate in colon cancer cell line HT29, findings suggest that products secreted by schistosome eggs may promote angiogenesis within hepatic granulomas by up-regulating endothelial cell VEGF, VEGF and IL-6 were both independent prognostic factors for overall survival of aggressive lymphoma., Data suggest that VEGF-A may be more than angiogenic in prostate cancer and hence favor tumor progression by affecting tumor cells., relationship between serum VEGF levels, alpha(2)M levels and the development of OHSS in hyperstimulated subjects undergoing IVF, Genotype may influence tumour growth in malignant melanoma, possibly via effects on tumour angiogenesis, Comparison and modulation of angiogenic responses by FGFs, VEGF and SCF in murine and human fibrosarcomas., VEGF-induced proliferation and angiogenesis requires activation of the protein kinase C (PKC) signaling pathway, whereas vascular permeability is enhanced by PKC blockade., Hyperthermia acts as an anti-angiogenic strategy by suppressing VEGF expression & thus inhibiting endothelial proliferation and blood vessel ECM remodeling., results indicate opposite effects of IFN-gamma and IL-4 on VEGF expression from normal and activated keratinocytes and fibroblasts, Integrin (alpha 6 beta 4) regulation of eIF-4E activity and VEGF translation (Integrin alpha6beta4), VEGF binds to CTGF and degrades MMPs, inducing physiological or pathologic angiogenesis, Induction of VEGF in THP-1 macrophages and human microvascular endothelial cells during Bartonella henselae infection, IL-10 gene expression in esophageal squamous cell cancer specimens was significantly correlated with VEGF121 gene expression. The results suggested that IL-10 stimulates angiogenic factor gene expression., VEGF(121) contains a third interchain disulfide bond between Cys116 of each monomer., VEGF promotes angiogenesis by paracrining in breast carcinoma, and takes part in tumor invasion and lymph node metastasis., A new alternative splicing isoform of VEGF has been identified in the lung tissue of a legally aborted human fetus., VEGF is associated with the development and prognosis of colorectal cancer., effect of epidermal growth factor on vascular endothelial growth factor secretion by endometrial stromal cells, Data show that exposure of human colon carcinoma cells to insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) induces the expression of HIF-1 alpha, the regulated subunit of hypoxia-inducible factor 1, a known transactivator of the VEGF gene., expression in colon carcinoma cells exposed to pyrrolidine dithiocarbamate, role of a variant in competitively and specifically antagonizing the mitogenic effect of the wild-type protein on endothelial cells, Green tea inhibits induction in human breast cancer cells., PTEN modulates angiogenesis in prostate cancer by regulating VEGF expression., vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) has been demonstrated to have a central involvement in the angiogenic process in rheumatoid arthritis, Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) expression correlates with p53 and ki-67 expressions in tongue squamous cell carcinoma., expressions of iNOS and VEGF may serve as indexes for evaluating staging of gastric carcinoma and forecasting its risk of metastasis, data suggest that mutations of p53 and activation of the Ras/MAPK pathway may play a role in the induction of VEGF expression in human colorectal cancer, High level of vascular endothelial growth factor in hemorrhagic pleural effusion of cancer., regulation and expression profile of 884 human genes under the influence of either bFGF or VEGF-A alone in the context of human endothelial cells, cystine knot promotes folding and not thermodynamic stability, The redox protein thioredoxin-1 (Trx-1) increases hypoxia-inducible factor 1alpha protein expression, VEGF isoforms and mutations in human colorectal cancer., Women with ovarian carcinoma who reported higher levels of social well being had lower levels of VEGF, These results suggest that the expression of HIF-1 and VEGF induced by Cr(VI) may be an important signaling pathway in the Cr(VI)-induced carcinogenesis., may play important roles in placental biology and chorionic villus vascular development and remodeling in an autocrine/paracrine manner, findings implicate altered VEGF and KDR signaling in pituitary tumorigenesis; PTTG stimulation of FGF-2 and VEGF expression in the presence of up-regulated growth factor receptors may account for angiogenic growth and progression of human pituitary tumors, expression in uterine leiomyoma, The prognostic value of vascular endothelial growth factor in 574 node-negative breast cancer patients who did not receive adjuvant systemic therapy., plays a role in bone formation elicited by bone morphogenetic protein 4, and can significantly enhance BMP4-elicited bone formation and regeneration, vascular endothelial growth factor expression in human esophageal cancer, findings underline an essential role of AP-2/Sp1 recognition sites in UVB-mediated VEGF expression by the keratinocyte-derived cell line HaCaT, Data describe a novel mechanism by which vascular endothelial growth factor induces DNA synthesis in a pathway where sphingosine kinase mediates signaling from protein kinase C to Ras in a manner independent of Ras-guanine nucleotide exchange factor., Hb-induced synthesis of VEGF in TF-bearing malignant cells is mediated by protein tyrosine kinase and by MAP-kinase pathways, Inhibition of p38 MAPK inhibits IL-6 and VEGF secretion in bone marrow stromal cells triggered by adherence of multiple myeloma cells., These results demonstrate a novel pathogenic mechanism whereby mutations in BRCA1, via their interaction with ER-alpha, could promote tumorigenesis through the hormonal regulation of mammary epithelial cell proliferation and impaired VEGF function, results suggest that in the hematopoietic microenvironment an autocrine vascular endothelial growth factor loop contributes to optimal megakaryocytic maturation through Flt1, Data demonstrate that the paracrine interaction between endothelial and mesenchymal cells potentiates angiogenesis in vitro and that this occurs with vascular endothelial growth factor-A (VEGF-A) but not with growth factor-2 (FGF-2)., The VEGF expression and tumour angiogenesis are correlated with peritumoural brain edema., mediation of proliferation of human pulmonary valve endothelial cells by NFATc1, vascular endothelial growth factor-mediated gene induction and angiogenic responses of endothelial cells is inhibited by NAB2, FGF2 and VEGF release by platelets support cell survival and cell growth of vascular endothelium cells in coculture., up-regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor is associated with submucosal carcinoma of esophagus, The malignant transformation of endothelial cells may be characterized by VEGF expression in the presence of p53 gene mutation., The expression of vascular endothelial growth factor and its receptors KDR and Flt-1 by gastric carcinoma tissues and cell lines was detected to elucidate the molecular mechanism of this growth factor in promoting tumor growth., close relationship of VEGF expression with macrophage migration inhibitory factor expression in human glioblastoma, VEGF might contribute to breast cancer metastasis by enhancing the transendothelial migration of tumor cells through the down-regulation of endothelial integrity, The in vitro invasive ability of ovarian tumor cells appeared to be positive correlated to high expression of VEGF and MMP-2., The high expression of VEGF in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma may promote the tumor progression and lead to dismal prognosis., In vivo administration of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and its antagonist, soluble neuropilin-1, predicts a role of VEGF in the progression of acute myeloid leukemia in vivo., Vitreous levels are altered in patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy, vascular endothelial growth factor does not discriminate ectopic from abnormal intrauterine pregnancies at 6 weeks gestation, Differential expression follows BCG immunotherapy in superficial papillary transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder, review discusses the impact of new vessel formation related to acute leukemia and the relation with various angiogenic factors with focus on VEGF/VEGF receptor signaling, VEGF is induced by p38 after stimulation by sodium arsenite, We show here that vascular endothelial growth factor but not basic fibroblast growth factor can induce gene expression of Notch1 and Dll4, in human arterial endothelial cells. The VEGF-induced specific signaling is mediated through VEGF receptors 1 and 2, This factor is transcribed and translated in chronic renal allograft rejection., The induction of maximal neovascularization by VEGF requires the interaction between ephrin-A1 and EphA2., Vascular endothelial growth factor promotes breast carcinoma invasion in an autocrine manner by regulating the chemokine receptor CXCR4., results suggest that polymorphisms in the promoter region of the vascular endothelial growth factor gene together with the aldose reductase gene may be associated with the pathogenesis of diabetic nephropathy, regulation of transcription by oxidative stress via Sp1- and Sp3-dependent activation of two proximal GC-rich promoter elements, restoration of PTEN function in gliomas may induce therapeutic effect by downregulating VEGF., PTEN mutation and epidermal growth factor receptor activation regulate mRNA expression in human glioblastoma cells by transactivating the proximal promoter, Stat3 directly regulates VEGF expression and hence angiogenesis, growth, and metastasis of human pancreatic cancer, VEGF impaired bradykinin-mediated dilatation and enhanced basal tone and permeability of isolated arteries which might indicate a potential role for VEGF in the development of endothelial dysfunction in pregnancy, A set of loop-1 and -3 structures in this protein family member, VEGF-ENZ-7, is essential for the activation of VEGFR-2 signaling., Induction of VEGF seems to be regulated by the extent of the IL-6 receptor expression on pancreatic cancer cells., We conclude that VEGF -460, -141 and +405 genotypes are not associated with susceptibility to childhood steroid-sensitive nephrotic syndrome, VEGF found in cerebrospinal fluid of SIDS infants (postmortem) suggests that a single or multiple hypoxic events may precede the SIDS event., Progestins activate this gene transcription in endometrial adenocarcinoma cells, IL-6r and TNF-alpha increase in parallel to VEGF and FGF-2 with increasing stage of multiple myeloma., VEGF-A is an estrogen responsive gene and modulation of this gene expression by estrogen is biphasic and can be mediated through ER-alpha dependent pathway., exogenous VEGF-A(165) or VEGF-A(121) did not affect the rate of proliferation of either trophoblast cells or breast carcinoma cells, but did reduce their ability to invade through reconstituted ECM (Matrigel), The relationship between pituitary tumour transforming gene (PTTG) expression and in vitro growth hormone and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) secretion from human pituitary adenomas., vascular endothelial growth factor indirectly stimulates smooth muscle cell proliferation and migration through the modulation of basic fibroblast growth factor and transforming growth factor beta(1) released by endothelial cells, We have analyzed the impact of the common -460/+405 polymorphism on both basal and stimulated VEGF transcription using the human breast cancer cell line MCF7., expression in pancreatic carcinoma cell line evoked by insulin-like growth factor I receptor, We studied the association of endometriosis with circulating levels of human leukocyte antigens and VEGF in two generations of a single family (mother and three daughters). These markers were expressed distinctly in women with familial endometriosis., Malignant mesothelioma growth inhibition by agents that target the VEGF and VEGF-C autocrine loops., Significant ethnic differences in C702T and G1612A allele frequencies, but C702T, C936T and G1612A polymorphisms in 3'-UTR of VEGF gene are not associated with risk of RCC in Japanese population., A paracrine loop in the VEGF pathway triggers tumor angiogenesis and growth in multiple myeloma., VEGF expression plays a role in promoting angiogenesis in invasive ductal carcinoma of the breast, and p53 is likely to be involved in regulating VEGF expression., VEGF, but not bFGF, was associated with higher tumor grading of NHL and high-grade transformation of low-grade lymphoma., Cyclooxygenase-1 is overexpressed and promotes vascular endothelial growth factor production in ovarian cancer., We conclude that IL-6 may promote cervical tumorigenesis by activating VEGF-mediated angiogenesis via a STAT3 pathway., IGF-I induces VEGF gene expression and protein secretion in human mesangial cells via a Src-dependent mechanism., extracellular pH might play an important role in regulating vascular endothelial growth factor interactions with cells and the extracellular matrix, These results demonstrate that a seven amino acid VEGF exon 6-derived peptide is an effective inhibitor of ocular neovascularisation in vivo., expression is involved in angiogenesis in inflamed synovial tissue in the temporomandibular joint, expression levels of VEGF and bFGF were correlated with the biological behavior of superficial transitional cell bladder carcinoma., expression levels of VEGF and bFGF were correlated with the biological behavior of superficial transitional cell bladder carcinoma., mast cells may play an active role in the angiogenesis of basal cell carcinoma through the production of VEGF, increased in gingival tissues of diabetic patients, especially those with periodontal disease, The expression of EGF in hepatocellular carcinoma, HCC underlies the overexpression of VEGF in HCC., Local VEGF expression was correlated significantly with tumor size, advanced stage and lymph node metastasis, but not correlated with peripheral VEGF levels, VEGF secreted by retinal pigment epithelial cells upregulates pigment epithelium-derived factor expression via VEGFR-1 in an autocrine manner., expressed during angiogenesis in human ovarian cancer cells in vivo, Results suggest that up-regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor enables and supports the pathogenesis of external ear canal cholesteatoma., Serum VEGF activity may be used to evaluate angiogenic and metastatic activity in breast cancer patients., With the progression of tumor grade, the positive rate of VEGF gene expression significantly increased., Distortion of autocrine transforming growth factor beta signal accelerates malignant potential by enhancing cell growth as well as PAI-1 and VEGF production in human hepatocellular carcinoma cells., The expression of VEGF was significantly correlated with gastric cancer differentiation & vascular invasion., In pregnancies complicated by trisomy 21 VEGF levels were significantly lower than in healthy controls. May be sign of imbalance of placental vascularization and altered endothelial function., vascular endothelial growth factor gene expression is suppressed by pigment epithelium-derived factor through anti-oxidative properties, which inhibits leptin-induced angiogenesis, heme oxygenase activity up-regulates VEGF production and augments the capability of endothelial cells to respond to exogenous stimulation, ADAMTS1 significantly blocks VEGFR2 phosphorylation due to direct binding and sequestration of VEGF165, with consequent suppression of endothelial cell proliferation., Significant difference between normal individuals and stone patients in distribution of VEGF gene polymorphism as well as an odds ratio of 1.30 per copy of the "T" allele., Vascular endothelial growth factor gene expression in colon cancer cells exposed to prostaglandin E2 is mediated by hypoxia-inducible factor 1., Gene transfer of VEGF during PTCA and stenting shows that intracoronary gene transfer can be performed safely; no differences in restenosis rate or lumen diameter were present after 6-month follow-up, and increased myocardial perfusion was detected, possible blood biological marker of Yersinia infection and may be involved in the development of chronic conditions, Submaximal exercise, suitable for humans with low cardiovascular fitness, induces decrease in VEGF arteriovenous balance that is likely to be of clinical significance in promoting angiogenic effects., VEGF-A might play a main role in the COX-2 angiogenic pathway., In the luteal phase, VEGF and IP-10, in the normal human breast, exhibit a proangiogenic profile. This may be one mechanism by which sex steroids contribute to breast cancer development., Expression of VEGF has a significant correlation with microvascular density in colorectal carcinoma., The promoter of human vascular endothelial growth factor contains 7 consensus binding sites for beta-catenin/TCF. Transfection of normal colon epithelial cells with activated beta-catenin up-regulated levels of VEGF-A mRNA and protein., Tumor-derived VEGF interacts with Angs/Tie-2 system in host stromal endothelial cells & induces in a paracrine manner the remodeling of host vasculature to support angiogenesis during tumor growth., Pterygia exhibit significantly lower PEDF but higher VEGF levels than those in normal corneas and conjunctivae., Bombesin stimulates nuclear factor kappa B activation and expression of this angiogenic factor in prostate cancer cells., VEGF has a regulatory role in focal adhesion complex assembly in human brain microvascular endothelial cells via activation of FAK and RAFTK/Pyk2, VEGF is produced locally and plays a fundamental, but not specific, role in diabetic retinal neovascularisation and proliferation., VEGF is a modifier of motoneuron degeneration in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, vascular endothelial growth factor and matrix metalloproteinase-9 expression in osteolytic lesions of bone co-relates well with the extent of bone destruction and local recurrence, Vascular endothelial growth factor causes translocation of p47phox to membrane ruffles through WAVE1, human oral squamous cell carcinoma cells produce VEGF, which in turn regulates PEDF production, and this balance may be contributing to neovascularization in tumors., expression or function in acute and chronic allograft rejection; an important proinflammatory cytokine after transplantation and its expression pattern might identify patients at risk for the development of GVD, thrombin-induced VEGF mRNA expression is associated with the regulation of hypoxia-inducible factor 1alpha in vascular endothelial cells, Although VEGF seems to play a pivotal role locally in the implantation and development of endometriotic lesions, the disease is not associated with a significant modulation in the levels of circulating VEGF., COX-2 and VEGF are expressed in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma and may have a role in tumor invasiveness and angiogenesis, COX-2 or VEGF, but not cyclin D1 may play roles in breast cancer with poor prognosis, VEGF is regulated by her2/neu and contributes to Wilms tumor angiogenesis in vivo, VEGF has a role in pathologic angiogenesis and is downregulated by antisense oligonucleotides, Serum VEGF concentration was increased in arteriosclerosis obliterans (ASO) and thromboangitis obliterans, but increased concentration of M-CSF was seen only in ASO., VEGF gene C/T polymorphism is a suitable genetic marker of prostate cancer but cannot be used in the prediction of the outcome of patients who have received hormonal therapy., Plasma VEGF levels are significantly higher than in gastric tumor patients than those in 10 healthy controls, Vascular endothelial growth factor expression correlates with matrix metalloproteinases MT1-MMP, MMP-2 and MMP-9 in human glioblastomas, In patients with advanced ovarian carcinoma, intense VEGF immunostaining was more often detected in peritoneal metastases than in primary tumors., Secreted VEGF protein levels were significantly lower in IGF-IR dominant negative cells. Autocrine activation of IGF-IR system significantly affects VEGF expression and angiogenesis in human pancreatic cancer., in humans, Our findings suggest that hyperhomocysteinemia could promote the development of atherosclerotic lesions through VEGF induction in macrophages., Activated MMP9, and, to a lesser extent, MMP2, increased VEGF release by SKOV3 and OVCAR3 ovarian carcinoma cells., Biological dressing effect of cultured epidermal sheets(CESs) is mediated by EGF family, TGF-beta, and VEGF., High-level expression of angiopoietin-2 and VEGF receptors was observed in the endothelium of verruga peruana. Surprisingly, the major source of VEGF production in verruga peruana is the overlying epidermis., Postmortem brain tissue analysis demonstrates activation of the proangiogenic VEGF signaling cascade in patients with cerebral malaria., vascular endothelial growth factor expression is regulated by HIF1a and HIF2a, and has a role in nodular malignant melanomas of the skin, Progression of multiple myeloma to a vascular phase is accompanied by increase in microcirculation and and in VEGF., Expressed in multiple myeloma cells and in bone marrow cells., role of neuropilin-1 on endothelial cell migration, Increased expression of vascular endothelial growth factor is associated with myeloproliferative disorders, VEGF is upregulated by cyclooxygenase-2 in human gastric carcinoma, Hepatocyte growth factor mediates angiogenesis in cultured cancer cells by regulating the expression of this protein and thrombospondin 1., VEGF may serve as an important modulator of mitogen-induced VSMC proliferation after vascular injury., data suggest that human peritoneal mesothelial cells contribute to the development of peritoneal metastases and the accumulation of malignant ascites due to the production of vascular endothelial growth factor, VEGF may play an important role in the hydrosalpinx fluid formation, possibly by promoting vascular and epithelial permeability and therefore serum transudation., in umbilical cord plasma, a developmental increase was evident in concentrations of vascular endothelial growth factor(VEGF) and angiogenin during the last trimester of gestation, and VEGF level was lower in term fetuses born to mothers with diabetes, IGF-I stimulates VEGF synthesis in thyroid carcinomas in an Akt-dependent pathway via AP-1 and HIF-1 alpha, Both of the IRS proteins modulate VPF/VEGF expression in pancreatic cancer cells by different mechanistic pathways., Intrauterine VEGF levels are regulated in a cycle-dependent way. Increasing levels in the late secretory phase are clearly correlated with decidualization., the protein level of VEGF can reflect the compensation status of cirrhosis patients and may act as an anti-cirrhotic factor, VEGF expression was enhanced in the macrophage-derived foam cells, results suggest that VEGF(165) plays some role in the development of albuminuria in diabetic nephropathy due to type 2 but not type 1 diabetes., airway smooth muscle-derived VEGF, through modulation of the extracellular matrix, may play an important role in airway remodeling seen in asthma., VEGF concentration decrease after insulin infusion., the presence of c-Kit and VEGF overexpression is associated with the presence of second primary tumors in patients with melanoma; VEGF is preferentially overexpressed in amelanotic melanoma, splicing switch in relation to podocyte phenotype suggests that alternative splicing of the VEGF pre-RNA is a regulated process that is open to manipulation, VEGF may play an important role in keloid formation by altering ECM homeostasis toward a state of impaired degradation and excessive accumulation., Estradiol regulates VEGF gene expression in human breast cancer cells through interaction of estrogen receptor alpha and transcription factor Sp1., VEGF plays a pivotal role in the retinal microvascular complications of diabetes., VEGF, VEGFR-1 and VEGFR-2 are concomitantly expressed in pre-B ALL cells. Expression of the receptors is limited to the intra-cytoplasmic compartment and may suggest either internalization or a block in trafficking of the receptor to the surface., Clinically active MGN is associated with diminished expression of VEGF protein and mRNA, mainly in podocytes, and expression remains depressed in persistently active and/or progressive disease. VEGF may have a protective role in the evolution of MGN, VEGF modulates the phosphorylation, subcellular localization, and transcriptional activity of the forkhead family members by a PI3K/Akt signaling pathway, all of which is blocked by the PI3K inhibitor LY294002., a role for VEGF-A165 during erythropoiesis of differentiating human embryo stem cells, Upregulation of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) expression and its receptors may be important to the pathogenesis of pheochromocytomas in humans., Exercise can increase plasma VEGF in both endurance athletes athletes and sedentary men. There is considerable variation in the individual time of the peak VEGF response., association of VEGF concentration in follicular fluid with endometriosis-related infertility, Plasma VEGF and bFGF are elevated in patients with liver cirrhosis, depending on age and are predictors of outcome., upregulation of VEGF-A expression by 2-Methoxyestradiol is mediated through ER-alpha, VEGF mRNA expression was positively correlated only with microvessel density of hepatocellular carcinomas., changing of transcriptional activity of VEGF gene and its receptors indicates an autocrine mechanism of regulation of angiogenic gene activity in the first step of carcinogenesis--low-grade intraepithelial lesions of the uterine cervix, Gelatinase A, which is closely associated with vascular remodeling, enhances the VEGF levels released from platelets. VEGF was clearly detected in the fibrin nets of a thrombus, VEGF165 expression is enhanced by glucose and induced by IL-6 via activation of gp130-mediated p44/42 MAPK-CCAAT/enhancer binding protein signaling, A novel regulatory network RAFTK/Pyk2, Src and p38 appears to be critical for VEGF-induced endothelial cell migration., VEGFalpha is activated by ras-induced superoxides after shockwave stimulation, The expression of VEGF and KDR correlates highly with the normal ocular vascularization in humans., higher levels in vitreous body of people with proliferative retinopathy in vitrectomy, transcription of the vascular endothelial growth factor gene in macrophages is regulated by liver X receptors, Intact caveolae are required for the VEGF/VEGFR-2-mediated MEK/ERK signaling cascade, 20 of the 26 basal cell carcinomas showed low VEGF expression, while 11 of the 13 squamous cell carcinomas showed high VEGFcDNA levels; a significant association between a high microvessel density and high VEGFmRNA levels was found, VEGF is upregulated by ionizing radiation by mechanisms independent of HIF-1 transactivation, results suggest that VEGF expression is involved in the promotion of angiogenesis in cervical neoplasia and that p53 is likely to be involved in the regulation of VEGF expression, We conclude that induction of HO-1 by 15d-PGJ(2) results in augmentation of VEGF synthesis in normoxia., Evaluation of COX-2, VEGF and the microvessel density may give additional prognostic information for first-line chemotherapy and clinical outcome of patients with ovarian carcinoma., VEGF levels in blood could play a role as an angiogenic marker of malignant gastrointestinal transformation., Externally blocking VEGF blocked KDR nuclear import and inhibited NF-kappaB, p65 and c-rel activation in VEGF-producing leukemia cells., identification as regulator of angiogenesis and post-transcriptional regulation, VEGF(164) expression resulted in increased vascularization of hyperplastic mammary epithelium and dramatic acceleration of tumor appearance., during angiogenesis the full enzymatic activity of MT1-MMP is required for a specific up-regulation of VEGF-A through an activation of Src tyrosine kinase pathways., VEGF(121) produced a combination of significantly reduced total and perfused vessel spacing, as well as a corresponding reduction in overall tumour hypoxia in MCF-7 breast cancer cells, VEGF and PlGF induced expression of both full-length FosB mRNA and an alternatively spliced variant., VEGF expression is regulated by homocysteine and ATF4, Data suggest that excessive vascular endothelial growth factor stimulation may play a role in the initiation and development of brain vessel malformations in states of relative endoglin insufficiency in adulthood., VEGF overexpression is associated with B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia, VEGF is induced in contusional tissue in very early period after onset, and it increases capillary permeability via KDR/Flk-1 resulting in vasogenic type brain oedema., In this model, transbronchial VEGF gene transfer induces pulmonary angiogenesis, proximal pulmonary artery growth and contributes to lung parenchyma recovery., Adenovirus encoding-mediated transfer of vascular endothelial growth factor 121 induces an enhancement in regional perfusion in nonischemic myocardium that corresponds to changes in exercise tolerance., maximal P-selectin translocation and subsequent neutrophil adhesion was mediated by VEGF-A(165) on the activation of VEGFR-2/NRP-1 complex and required PAF synthesis., describe the influence of alternatively spliced coding sequences on codon selection by modulating IRES activity; long range tertiary interactions in the VEGF mRNA regulate IRES activity and thus control start codon selection, angiopoietin-2 and VEGF at the deepest invasive tumor site may have roles in tumor angiogenesis, VEGF produced and secreted from adipocytes may be related to rebound weight-gain., VEGF may have a role in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, VEGF is up-regulated by EWS-ETS oncoproteins and Sp1 in Ewing's sarcoma, Combined evaluation of VEGF and E-cadherin levels may become a useful indicator of NSCLC biological behavior and provide clinically important evidence on which to base treatment n NSCLC., Shc is a critical angiogenic switch for VEGF production downstream from the HGF and ErbB2 RTKs., The VEGF -460C polymorphism is a positive independent predictive factor for the development of proliferative diabetic retinopathy, but not proteinuria., angiogenic factor HARP can also negatively regulate the angiogenic activity of VEGF165, VEGF family proteins regulate wound healing, chronic inflammation and tumour angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis in fibroblasts., Association between HER-2/neu and VEGF expression supports the use of combination therapies directed against both HER-2/neu and VEGF for treatment of breast cancers., VEGF has a role in developmental angiogenesis and in tumor angiogenesis in the brain (review), The overexpression of VEGF in hepatocellular carcinoma(HCC) could be promoted by hypoxia and EGF expression in HCC., human VEGF production in islets stimulates graft angiogenesis and enhances islet revascularization., both VEGF gene polymorphism and serum VEGF levels are not specifically associated with the risk of HTLV-1 associated myelopathy/tropical spastic paraparesis in our cohort., Nck and Crk mediate distinct VEGF-induced signaling pathways that serve overlapping functions in cell migration., Transplantation of heart cells and skeletal myoblasts induces vascular endothelial growth factor expression in myocardial scars and is greatly augmented by prior transfection with a vascular endothelial growth factor transgene., Nitric oxide enhances VEGF expression., Neutrophil-derived VEGF-A is a major mediator of C-X-C chemokine ligand 1/macrophage inflammatory protein-2-induced angiogenesis., VEGF expression is increased by ET-1, ET(A)R, and ET(B)R, which has a role in higher vascularity of breast carcinomas and possible regulation of angiogenesis in breast cancer, vascular endothelial growth factor-1 is induced by prostaglandin E1 in human adult cardiac myocytes but not in human adult cardiac fibroblasts via a cAMP-dependent mechanism, In peritoneal dialysis patients, the AA genotype of VEGF promoter at -2578 position was associated with progressive increase in peritoneal transport. The CA/AA genotype at -2578 position was also associated with an excess mortality., vascular endothelial growth factor plays a critical role in glomerular development and function, and provides the foundation to develop novel diagnostic or therapeutic tools for patients with glomerular disease--REVIEW, vascular endothelial growth factor expression is increased by vasoactive intestinal peptide in prostate cell lines, Results describe the relationship between the expression of vascular endothelial growth factor and inducible nitric oxide synthase in gastric cancer., in human skeletal muscle, acute exercise increases total VEGF mRNA, an increase that appears to be explained mainly by an increase in VEGF(165) mRNA, Cardiac myxoma cells possess a VEGF-autocrine system, which could contribute to the malignant potential of histologically benign myxomas through direct stimulation of tumor cell growth as well as through induction of angiogenesis., Increased levels of VEGF in circulating blood is associated with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma or Hodgkin's lymphoma, vascular endothelial growth factor and placental growth factor-2 effects in dorsal root ganglion neurons are mediated via neuropilin-1 and cyclooxygenase-derived prostanoid production, Increased VEGFR-1 expression may alter VEGF- mediated function on trophoblast and endothelial cells in preeclamptic placentas., in granulosa cells the mRNA of various growth factors is detectable by RT-PCR and that VEGF-A and ANG2 is regulated by the gonadotropic hormone choriogonadotropin., vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is strongly expressed in villous cytotrophoblast cells and subsequently in Hofbauer cells while its receptors Flt-1 and Flk-1 are found on vasculogenic and angiogenic precursor cells, In chronic lower limb ischemia, growth factor-1 (IGF-1) and IGF-2, were upregulated in atrophic and regenerating myocytes together with attenuated HIF, VEGF, and VEGFR-2 expression in the same cells., An early reduction of both nitric oxide and VEGF may be responsible of an impaired placental vascular development and endothelial regulation that may lead to fetal death, CpG binding transcriptional repressor proteins including MeCP2 may be of importance in VEGF biology., PCB 104 may contribute to tumor metastasis by inducing VEGF overexpression that stimulates endothelial hyperpermeability and transendothelial migration of cancer cells, evidence that the multifunctional cytokine, IL-6, may induce VEGF expression which increases angiogenesis in gastric carcinogenesis, C-Myc over-expression was significantly associated with high sVEGF and normal sFlt-1 level in DLBCL patients, suggesting a complex interrelationship between c-Myc oncogene expression and angiogenic regulators, Accelerates wound healing in a mouse model of type 2 diabetes., VEGF together with pRb2/p130 may have a role in hepatocellular carcinoma in a p27((KIP1))-independent manner, Elevated VEGF expression contributes to the ability of human breast cancer cells to form brain metastases in nude mice., intratumoral VEGF-A expression is one of the significant prognostic factors in patients with adenocarcinomas, and that intratumoral VEGF-C expression is one of the significant prognostic factors in patients with squamous cell carcinomas, VEGF is regulated by PAIP2 in tumor cells, VEGF promotes SRF expression and nuclear translocation and increases SRF binding activity to DNA in endothelial cells through both Rho-actin and MEK-ERK dependent signaling pathways., Low VEGF CSF levels in ALS patients during the 1st year of the disease, independent of promoter polymorphism, suggests a possible role for VEGF gene regulation in the pathogenesis of ALS., activin A is a novel stimulus of vascular endothelial growth factor gene expression in hepatocellular carcinoma, findings suggested that quantitative and qualitative changes in vascular endothelial growth factor expression are present in type 2 diabetic patients with nephropathy, IGF-II enhances the expression of VEGF in HaCaT cells by increasing HIF-1alpha levels., VEGF may play a minor role in immediate bronchoconstriction in chemically-induced asthma, VEGF-induced MM cell proliferation and survival are mediated via Mcl-1; VEGF up-regulates Mcl-1 expression in a time- and dose-dependent manner in 3 human MM cell lines and MM patient cells, Sp1 and VEGF may have roles in the progression of gastric neoplasms, THBS 1 and VEGF are proangiogenic factors that stimulate angiogenesis in hepatocellular carcinoma, Percentages of nodules with VEGF-positive tumor and sinusoidal cells were low in primary lesions of the control and metastasis groups, while high in metastatic lesions in the metastasis group., No correlation was found between renal function, circulating vascular endothelial growth factor levels and metabolic control in diabetes in association with hypertension, COX-2 plays a key role in VEGF production in gastric fibroblasts stimulated by IL-1 in vitro, and angiogenesis induced by the COX-2-VEGF pathway might be involved in gastric ulcer healing., VEGF-A does not have a functional role in preventing the early onset of senescence, EGFR, c-erbB-2, VEGF and MMP-2 and MMP-9 play an important role in tumor growth, invasion and metastasis in squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck, The effect of VEGFA on the expression of its tyrosine kinase receptors followed by activation of a neuropilin-1-dependent signaling pathway was studied in bone marrow cells., An intense expression of VEGF and MMP-9 in carotid plaques is related to plaque instability, high degree of stenosis and presence of symptomatic carotid occlusive disease., DSCR1 induced by VEGF in endothelial cells plays role in angiogenesis by regulating cell migration and cell adhesion., VEGF165, produced by tumor cells, acts as an autocrine survival factor and that SEMA3B mediates its tumor-suppressing effects, at least in part, by blocking this VEGF autocrine activity., VEGF mRNA expression levels seem to be directly associated with VEGF functions at the protein levelin breast cancer, whereas this seems not to be the case for CD105 (endoglin) mRNA levels., Use of PKC agonists and isozyme-specific pseudosubstrate peptide antagonists suggested a role for PKCalpha and -epsilon in VEGF-mediated DAF up-regulation, mediating A cytoprotective pathway in ECs., vascular endothelial growth factor protects endothelial cells through the phosphoinositide 3-kinase-Akt-Bcl-2 pathway, Although differences may exist in CD and capillary-to-fiber area ratio between lean and obese skeletal muscle, the present results provide evidence that VEGF and VEGF receptor expression are not different between lean and obese muscle., Elevated maternal serum levels of VEGF, as early as 11 days after embryo transfer, are associated with ectopic pregnancies after in vitro fertilization., Expression of VEGF is significantly correlated to the malignant biological behaviors of gastric carcinoma, Increased VEGF level is an important parameter in lung cancers., Nondiabetic patients had higher HIF-1alpha and VEGF expressions in myocardium compared with diabetic patients (P < 0.001)., Plasma VEGF may be useful in predicting treatment response, monitoring disease course after chemoembolization therapy and judging the effect of different regimens in hepatocellular carcinoma., carriers of -634C and I alleles are associated with susceptibility to developing Behcet's disease, Interaction of VEGF with nephrin in cultured human podocytes reduces apoptosis., Sp1 has a role in Akt-mediated induction of VEGF expression through an HIF-1-independent mechanism, Regulation of endothelial exocytosis may explain part of the proinflammatory effects of VEGF, Endothelin-1-induced prostaglandin E2-EP2 and EP4 signaling regulates vascular endothelial growth factor production and ovarian carcinoma cell invasion, results indicate that transforming growth factor TGFbeta1 treatment may regulate angiogenesis in pituitary cells by initially increasing levels of pro-angiogenic growth factor VEGF-A and then stimulating anti-angiogenic thrombospondin -1 and 2 levels, VEGF increased cAMP-hydrolytic activity by up-regulating the expression of PDE2 and PDE4 isozymes, Results show that Down syndrome critical region 1 (DSCR1) is greatly induced in endothelial cells in response to VEGF, Follicular blood flow may be a more effective prognostic marker of the pregnancy outcome of IVF than follicular fluid VEGF or NO concentrations., VEGF is the angiogenic factor responsible for the implantation and placentation of an ectopic pregnancy in the fallopian tube., mRNA and protein expression of vascular endothelial growth factor were upregulated in a hypoxic condition., VEGF and thymidine phosphorylase expression was also associated with a significantly higher level of Cyclooxygenase-2, as well as greater intratumoral microvessel density, Data suggest that vascular endothelial growth factor expression is inhibited via degradation of hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha through interference with the function of heat shock protein 90., Ang1 regulates Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) vascularity in a VEGF-A dependent manner, synergizing the initial pro-angiogenic response that is triggered by VEGF-A and promoting the vascular growth of GBM., Data show a positive relationship between vascular endothelial growth factor expression and hemorrhage in pituitary adenoma., High intensity focused ultrasound can destroy VEGF in experimental melanoma., inactivation of PTEN gene and over-expression of VEGF contribute to the neovascularization and progression of gastric cancer, novel nonhypoxic regulation of VPF/VEGF-A production in the glomerulus of the kidney during physiologic states, findings underline the frequent expression of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in advanced-stage multiple myeloma (MM) and the absence of prognostic importance, VEGF and its receptor, KDR, genes contributed to the development of coronary artery lesions in Kawasaki disease patients., Hypoxia increased both VEGF secretion and number of cells containing VEGF and thymidine phosphorylase., Direct injection of VEGF into the mouse ovary results in the development of an enhanced vascular network promoting follicular development and diminishing apoptosis., VEGF and HIF-1alpha expression are inhibited by SU5416 through the inhibition of PI3K/AKT/p70S6K1 pathway in ovarian cancer cells, HIF-1alpha expression resulted in increased VEGF expression and the HIF-1alpha/VEGF pathway operates in angiogenesis in chondrosarcoma, Intravascular human VEGF gene transfer enhanced angiogenesis in the adventitia but did not reduce neointimal formation in rabbits., Recombinant human VEGF overexpression in mice accelerated reendothelialization & increased luminal endothelial cell proliferation after arterial injury, resulting in decreased neointima formation., VEGF increases vascular permeability, which in turn causes pleural effusions., We concluded that VEGF is highly expressed in localized NE cell proliferations without potential of malignancy and might participate in local development of fibrosis., VEGF attenuates TGF-beta action in the human endothelial cell, specifically at the level of transcription of PAI-1 gene and Smad2/3 phosphorylation, The Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)were expressed by prostate cancer cells in vitro and by prostate tumors in vivo and their expression was elevated at sites of bone metastasis compared to original prostate tumor., the circulating thrombospondin 1/VEGF balance is diminished in cancer patients, During tumour progression there is a change in the relative amounts of soluble VEGF-A receptor FIt-1 and VEGF-A in the circulation., IL-12-positive cell density tended to be inversely correlated with plasma levels of VEGF in gastric cancer., To determine whether VEGF may play a role in the recurrence of nasal polyps, effect of VEGFA and PLGF on gene expression profiles obtained for HUVEC, dose effect, and variability between cells obtained from different individuals, expression was up-regulated in colorectal adenocarcinomas; T-1498C (G-1190A) and C-7T were associated with higher levels of VEGF mRNA, and may be a risk factor for the development of liver metastasis and/or prognosis of colorectal adenocarcinoma, 17beta-E2 also induces VEGF-A mRNA expression in ER-negative and ER-positive tumor cell lines, with a variant ER-alpha(var2) acting as active receptor in ER-negative cells., Endostatin diminishes the levels of nitric oxide (NO) whereas NO donors enhanced VEGF expression and collagen XVIII expression., adenovirus (Av)Bv8 or AvEG-VEGF delivered just before 5-fluorouracil injury promoted the survival of hematopoietic cells and enhanced progenitor mobilization, effects of DNA-binding small molecules on hypoxia-inducible transcription of VEGF, Plasma levels in type 2 diabetes are selectively elevated in patients with diabetes and are associated with indexes of endothelial damage/dysfunction., Intracerebroventricular delivery of recombinant Vegf in SOD1(G93A) rat model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis(ALS) delays onset of paralysis, improves motor performance and prolongs survival. Largest effects achieved by protein delivery., VEGF is a potential therapeutic target because VEGF is expressed in renal cell carcinoma and associated cell populations such as endothelia and monocytes/macrophages., Increased microvascular density in penetrating gastric carcinomas has an intimate causal relationship to high VEGF expression., Myc stimulates VEGF production by a rapamycin- and LY294002-sensitive pathway., a VEGF-dependent autocrine loop mediates proliferation and capillarogenesis in bone marrow endothelial cells of patients with multiple myeloma, VEGF functions as an important regulator and key protein of angiogenesis, even in Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia, Hepatocyte growth factor/scatter factor appears to activate cellular pathways inducing release of VEGF, It was concluded that elevated FF-leptin and VEGF levels are associated with failure of conception in IVF cycles and may serve as markers in clinical practice., role of VEGF in patients with dengue hemorrhagic fever, VEGF 936C>T polymorphisms had a major impact on 18F-FDG uptake in breast cancer patients., We found statistically significant lower levels of vascular endothelial growth factor in patients with BRCA1 gene mutation as compared with breast cancer patients without this mutation., VEGF and sFLT-1 can actively take part in the pathogenesis of diabetic nephropathy, These data support the involvement in melanoma growth and survival of a VEGF-dependent internal autocrine loop mechanism, at least in vitro., bone marrow expression in myelofibrosis with myeloid metaplasia, VEGF may have a role in the development of sepsis-associated capillary leak, ET-1 from the microvascular endothelium is inhibited by vascular endothelial growth factor and does not have a role as a growth factor in human benign prostatic hyperplasia, Transforming growth factor-beta1 stimulation of VEGF production by fibroblasts is regulated by Smad3 but not by Smad2 signaling, The VEGF expression, as a marker of angiogenesis, was evaluated in myomas obtained after surgery., The higher expression of isoform VEGF165 mRNA in noncancerous liver remnant of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma may be a significant biological indicator of the invasiveness of postoperative recurrence., Patients with high postoperative VEGF-A should be scanned for metastases in colorectal cancer., AMPK has a major role in the post-transcriptional regulation of VEGF and a potential role in tumor angiogenesis, there does not appear to be a clear relationship between VEGF expression and progression of breast cancer, Increased free plasma VEGF on ascent to altitude is associated with acute mountain sickness (AMS) and may play a role in pathophysiology of AMS., higher serum levels of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) women may be related to the increased vascularity that underlies the increased ovarian blood flow, Our study, reflecting both VEGF-A ligand and receptors, implicates metabolic perturbation as a regulator of human muscle angiogenesis., results provide a molecular cascade showing nitric oxide-Heme oxygenase(HO)-1-vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)-interleukin-8 sequence in human endothelial cells, The VEGF is binding to VEGF receptors upon the surface of HUVEC., TFF3 and the essential tumor angiogenesis regulator VEGF(165) exert potent proinvasive activity through STAT3 signaling in human colorectal cancer cells., VEGF-C as well as VEGF-A may be involved in the pathogenesis of ovarian endometrioma., expression is regulated by fatty acid synthase and hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha in cancer cells overexpressing her-2/neu oncogene, VEGF is overexpressed in a significant number of uveal melanomas but has no obvious correlation with disease status, autocrine VEGF as an important mediator of the antiapoptotic effect of CD40 ligation, and thus provide new insights into CLL-cell rescue by CD154 in lymphoreticular tissues., Over-expression of VEGF may be correlated with elevated STAT3 activation in parental cell line, High expression of VEGF-A was associated with early-stage prostate cancer., Surrounding stromal cells activity correlates strongly and positively with VEGF mRNA expression in lung cancer., in vivo EPO does not affect the functionality and/or production of components of the VEGF/Flt-1 system in diabetics with normal or reduced renal function, KSHV-infected cell lines expressed higher levels of B-Raf and VEGF-A; B-Raf-induced VEGF-A expression was demonstrated to be sufficient to enhance tubule formation in endothelial cells, Recombinant protein treatment of coturnix embryos caused an increase in the population of newly gastrulated mesodermal (NGM) cells., induced by Rhinovirus infection of primary human airway fibroblasts, estrogen-dependent vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), especially VEGF165, and basic fibroblast growth factor(bFGF) might work on growth via angiogenesis in the human placenta throughout all trimesters of gestation, VEGF and alpha4beta1 integrin have roles in chemokine-induced motility on and through endothelium in chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells but not in normal B lymphocytes, The vegf of two polymorphisms(-2578A/A and -1198C/T) within the promoter region of the VEGF gene confer greater risk for Alzheimer's disease., HIF-1alpha, STAT3, CBP/p300 and Ref-1/APE regulate Src-dependent hypoxia-induced expression of VEGF in pancreatic and prostate carcinomas, VEGF may play an important role in the angiogenesis and prognosis of hepatocellular carcinoma, as well as in the angiogenesis of liver cirrhosis., Combined effects of uric acid and ascorbic acid on the expression of VEGF in umbilical vein endothelium., The -460T/+405C haplotype in the VEGF gene, which is associated with lower promoter activity, was significantly less common in women with endometriosis than in controls., crucial role in the development of coronary artery disease, In the development of esophageal varices in portal hypertensive rats, increased TNF-alpha and VEGF may be not an early event, and probably play a role in weakening the esophageal wall and the rupture of esophageal varices., bFGF, but not VEGF, may havea role in systemic hypoxia and anemia in solid tumor patients, Important role in maintaining tissue integrity. We confirmed ischemic crisis in ischemic colitis at molecular level, demonstrating overexpression of HIF-1 alpha and VEGF in ischemic lesions. May play important role in pathophysiology of ischemic colitis., did not detect any mutations in the regulatory or coding regions of VEGF in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, angiogenesis develops early in lung carcinogenesis and is associated with overexpression of VEGF, Dual high expression of stromelysin 3 and VEGF is associated with progression from precancerous to cancerous state in oral cancers, TNF-alpha, VEGF, and the ECM regulate extravillous trophoblast behavior, including cell survival and endovascular differentiation, through integrin signaling during establishment and maintenance of successful human pregnancies., Mediates murine hepatocellular carcinoma and angiogenesis when transfected into mice., the -1154G/A VEGF gene polymorphism is associated with idiopathic recurrent abortions, High production of VEGF and low production of IL-18 by polymorphonuclear leukocytes of cancer patients may promote neoangiogenesis and may be important for benign tumour cells to acquire metastatic phenotype in the early stage of oral cavity cancer, Suggest that HIF-1alpha induces VEGF/ET-1/iNOS during gastric ulcer healing., High expression of VEGF-A stimulated bone mineralization, Targeting the release of VEGF from tumor epithelial cells as well as blocking interactions between VEGF and VEGFR-2 on both endothelial and tumor epithelial cells may facilitate the development of antiangiogenic therapies for breast tumors., CA IX and GLUT 1 as well as VEGF and IL 6 have roles in response of in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma to radiotherapy +/- chemotherapy, Data supports the cyclooxygenase-2/prostaglandin E2/hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha/vascular endothelial growth factor pathway possibly contributing to tumor angiogenesis in gastric carcinoma., VEGF expression may play an important role in the development of both invasive and intraductal carcinoma components, especially those carcinoma components of less aggressive histological features., Recombinant human protein prevents liver ischemic reperfusion injury in mice., Homozygote recipients for the -2578 A allele, the low producers of VEGF, are more vulnerable to tissue injury, resulting in worse kidney graft survival., The VEGF concentration was several hundred fold higher in the hematoma fluid than in corresponding plasma samples. A significant correlation was found between the number of neutrophils and the VEGF content in the hematoma fluid., This suggests that the 180 aa ORF is involved in VEGF-mediated angiogenic processes., Upregulation of Id-1 induced VEGF secretion through activation of the VEGF gene transcription in prostate cancer., role for Npn-1 in regulating endothelial barrier dysfunction in response to VEGF., HIF-1alpha and CA IX, but not VEGF or MMP-9, may have a role in progression of surgically resected non-small cell lung cancer, When transplanted to the kidney capsule of diabetic mice, insulin promoter rat insulin promoter VEGFislets significantly enhanced microvascular density and functional blood flow to the graft compared with controls., Increased VEGF levels in blood is associated with non-small cell lung cancer, These results show that VEGF and VEGFR expression in various types of brain tumors differ and are not necessarily parallel., HHT is an angiogenic disorder characterized by an over-expression of VEGF, TGF-beta1 and ALK1, confirm the basic role of VEGF in the angiogenic development of prostate carcinoma, VEGF C-634G polymorphism is a genetic risk factor for macular edema as well as diabetic retinopathy, PGE2 increases VEGF transcriptionally and involves the Sp-1 binding site via a cAMP-dependent mechanism involving EP2 and EP4 receptors, This finding suggests that eNOS and VEGF may have cooperative effect in tumor angiogenesis and play an important role in the pathogenesis of primary astrocytoma., the VEGF +405 C/G polymorphism may be associated with the risk of advanced stage endometriosis in the Korean population, induced endothelial cell migration and proliferation under certain circumstances, Furthermore, by using DCs derived from Id1(-/-) mice that are defective in Flt-1 signaling, we demonstrated that the inhibitory function of VEGF on DC function is most likely mediated by Flt-1., These findings are consistent with the idea that the chemotactic effect of VEGF-A on MPC is mediated via VEGFR-1, and that VEGF-A and PlGF-1, have a functional role for recruitment of osteoprogenitor cells., expression is mediated by cyclin A1 in cooperation Rb- and androgen-dependent pathways in prostate cancer, VEGF may contribute to the neovascularization and proliferation of the placenta and gestational tissue, and EGF may play an important role in regulation of VEGF production in the placenta, resting VEGF protein and the VEGF mRNA response to exercise are lower in aged compared with young women, VEGF may play a role in melanocyte behavior in skin, tumor-upregulated VEGF and angiogenic-activated microvasculature are relevant guidance signals for neural stem cell tropism toward brain tumors, Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is a potent angiogenic and vascular permeability factor., dynamin-2 regulates KDR expression and function and hence plays an important role in VPF/VEGF mediated angiogenesis, Increased expression of VEGF-A and VEGF-C was found in tumor tissues compared to normal epithelium, VEGF inhibits PDGF-stimulated total calcium influx and, in particular, PDGF-stimulated intracellular calcium release in vascular smooth muscle cells, CXCR4 may contribute to the high level of VEGF produced by malignant glioma cells, High VEGF is associated with peritoneal metastasis from gastric cancer, IL-8 is responsible for tumor progression and liver metastasis of colorectal cancer(CRC), and activation of plasminogen activator system induced by IL-8 and VEGF may play important role in progression of CRC., bacterial antigen-induced changes in soluble VEGF may be related to the number of circulating neutrophils, VEGF acts in an autocrine manner in rhabdomyosarcoma cell lines and can be inhibited with tretinoin., The overexpression of VEGF is highly associated with the growth and metastasis of laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma., VEGF gene increased risk of Alzheimer's disease., Aspirin-triggered Lipoxin A4 inhibits VEGF-induced endothelial cell migration through actin polymerization and focal adhesion assembly, VEGF gene polymorphism plays and important role in the development of severe ischemic manifestation of giant cell arteritis., VEGF may regulate epithelial ovarian cancer invasion and migration through VEGFR-mediated secretion and activation of matrix metalloproteinases, Src activity contributes to constitutive and EGF-induced VEGF expression and angiogenic potential in pancreatic cancer cells, These results confirm that skeletal muscle capillarization and VEGF expression are lower in aged compared with young men., Up-regulation of VEGF-A in capillaries in menorrhagia could be involved in abnormal endometrial vascular structure and permeability., HIF-1alpha accumulation and VEGF expression could be modulated by the antioxidant enzyme MnSOD., stimulation of VEGF production by lysophosphatidic acid in peritoneal mesothelium might have an important role in the growth of cancer cells disseminated in the peritoneal cavity, VEGF 121 isoform, which has an exclusive ability to cause hyperpermeability of blood vessels, was predominantly detected in psoriatic scales, The lack of correlation between VEGF and HIF-1alpha expression suggests HIF-independent VEGF production in IgA nephropathy, Angiogenesis in keloids is promoted by endogenous TGF-beta1 and VEGF., The helix region 17-25 of VEGF is involved in VEGF receptor activation., expression may be regulated in part through ERK/MAPK and PI3K pathways, the cell-associated isoform of VEGF (VEGF189), but not the soluble isoform (VEGF121 and VEGF165) appears to play important role in tumour progression, VEGF may play a critical role in the development and progression of diabetic retinopathy., VEGF assessed immunohistochemically from preirradiation tumor biopsies may be a useful marker of rectal tumor response to preoperative radiotherapy., An immunohistochemical analysis of VEGF in pituitary adenomas was made., A positive correlation was found between HIF-1alpha and VEGF in nasal polyps., show that 120 protein spots in a 2-D gel analysis were affected during vascular endothelial growth factor-A-induced endothelial cell tubular morphogenesis in vitro, as a result of changes in charge or expression level of the corresponding proteins, Evidence that specific G-quadruplex structures can naturally be formed by the G-rich sequence within the polypurine/polypyrimidine tract of the human VEGF promoter region., The expression of VEGF was related with tumor angiogenesis., Lytically induced VEGF secretion may potentially contribute to viral pathogenesis in lymphoblastoid cell lines., Blockade of either VEGF or its receptors with neutralizing antibodies significantly reduced cell viability and increased apoptosis levels of the VEGFR-positive thyroid tumour cell line., The detailed angiogenic profile of VEGF in chronic myeloid leukemia may help in developing new therapeutic strategies for this myeloproliferative disorder., Ganoderma lucidum Polysaccharide Peptide induces VEGF in lung cancer cells., Advanced glycation end products up-regulate VEGFR-2 and decrease heparan sulfate proteoglycan sites, and might participate in blocking glomerular angiogenesis, androgen receptor is involved in VEGF and hypoxia sensing via hypoxia-inducible factors HIF-1a, HIF-2a, and the prolyl hydroxylases in human prostate cancer, serum vascular endothelium growth factor is elevated in adrenocortical cancer and aldosterone-producing adenoma, Significantly higher level of VEGF in breast tissue of premenopausal women was found., MCP-1 and M-CSF, critical for monocyte recruitment, activation, and differentiation, differentially regulate VEGF-A expression and may play an important role in monocyte/macrophage- mediated tumor angiogenesis, Mechanically induced VEGF is involved in the destruction and endostatin in the maintenance of avascular tissues of the bone and joint system. (review), the up-regulated VEGF and angiogenesis in tissue from women with endometriosis may reflect failure of neutrophil differentiation, Results suggest that VEGF induced by hyperbaric oxygen is through c-Jun/AP-1 activation, and through simultaneous activation of ERK and JNK pathways., conclusion, we found that VEGF -2578/-1154/-634 haplotype impacts VEGF gene expression in human myoblasts and is associated with Vo2 max., PPARalpha activators LY-171883 and WY-14,643 were able to diminish transcriptional induction of COX-2 and VEGF by inhibiting AP-1 (activator protein-1)-mediated transcriptional activation., the heparin binding domain of VEGF provides the binding site for the aptamer and is the primary determinant for the affinity and specificity in the VEGF(165)-aptamer complex, The VEGF level was detected in endometrial stromal cell culture media and was increased significantly when E2 or MCP-1 was added to the media, especially in the presence of E2 plus MCP-1., There was a significant correlation between Survivin/VEGF expression and stage, lymph node metastasis and prognosis in larygeal squamous cell carcinoma., VEGF and its receptors many play key roles in the growth, invasion and metastasis of human laryngeal carcinoma cells., These data suggest that LRP6, VEGF, and VLDLR may play a role in the risk of developing (age-related macular degeneration)AMD., Genotype-dependent regulation of VEGF was demonstrated in psoriasis., VEGF plasma concentrations were significantly higher in patients with cerebral arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) than controls; findings suggest that VEGF plasma concentrations might play a role in the pathogenesis of cerebral AVMs, There is difference of VEGF expression in pulmonary artery trunk and aorta smooth muscle cells during the formation of chronic hypoxia pulmonary hypertension, suggesting that VEGF expression may play very important role in the formation of chronic HPH., The Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor is expressed in bone marrow cells in patients with myelodysplastic syndromes(MDS)., differential regulation of human telomerase reverse transcriptase and VEGF in p63-positive breast carcinomas may contribute to the clinically more aggressive behavior of these neoplasms, VEGF, extracellular matrix, and intracellular motor protein MyH9 are all essential for the novel function of nucleolin in angiogenesis., REVIEW, NFkB has a role in VEGF signaling in endothelial cell survival, The reduction in vegf expression seen in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis., The IGF-I-mediated phosphorylation and inhibition of PARP represent a novel mechanism of VEGF protein expression., Polymorphism of VEGF gene is associated with susceptibility for chronic renal failure in male patients., the VEGF system is integrated into the p53 transcriptional network by an SNP in the flt-1 promoter, Local delivery of VEGF(165) gene into the outer compartments of balloon-injured porcine coronary arteries reduced lumen area loss due to distinct positive remodeling (arterial enlargement)., Results demonstrate that a post-transcriptional mechanism contributes to VEGF gene expression in activated macrophage cells., VEGF 121 isoform that exclusively induces hyperpermeability of blood vessels was a predominant component in the lesional scales suggesting that this factor plays an important role in the persisting erythema and edema in the atopic dermatitis lesions, Rhinovirus infection induces VEGF production in bronchial epithelial cells and airways, an effect enhanced in an atopic environment; Rhinovirus-associated, VEGF-mediated angiogenesis may contribute to airway remodeling in asthma, VEGF expression was associated with a significantly higher level of microvessel density and might play a proangiogenic role in cholangiocellular carcinoma., The VEGF-A expression was associated with MVD in univariate analysis, however, it was not an independent factor., Immunoreactivity of VEGF, p53 and ICAM-1 was found in epithelial, fibroblast and vascular endothelial cells., data show a positive interrelation between high circulating VEGF levels, the number of tumor-associated macrophages, and p53 overexpression, a relationship that might have an important role in the enhanced angiogenesis processes in breast cancer, cultured mouse podocytes produce ROS in response to high glucose, and PKC is involved in high-glucose-induced ROS and VEGF production by podocyte., results suggest that vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is closely related to organ dysfunction in severe acute pancreatitis, and that VEGF may function as a protective factor via the anti-apoptotic effect against the organ injuries in this disease, Results suggest that the p53-VEGF pathway can regulate tumor angiogenesis in human gallbladder carcinoma., Under hypoxic conditions, the ANG and VEGF secreted by renal proximal tubular epithelial cells may modulate angiogenesis and vascular remodeling in the renal interstitium via an increase in the production of HIF-1, thymosin beta10, but not thymosin beta4, have direct inhibitive effects on endothelial migration and tube formation that might be mediated via downregulation of VEGF, VEGFR-1 and integrin alphaV in HCAECs., These results demonstrate the presence of an insulin-like growth factor-1 regulated VEGF autocrine loop in head and neck squamous cell carcinomas., A protective role of VEGF in the development of type 1 diabetes was proposed., This study describes the first specific antagonist of VEGF-A165 binding to NP-1 and demonstrate that NP-1 is essential for optimum KDR activation and intracellular signaling., bone morphogenetic protein 4 may play a role in the regulation of ocular angiogenesis associated with diabetic retinopathy (DR) by stimulating VEGF release from retinal pigment epithelial cells, Increased VEGF in ovarian cancers ascitic fluid may have an important role in its peritoneal spread and be a prognostic factor., These results show that AICAR and insulin/IGF-1 regulate VEGF expression through different mechanisms., We conclude that IL-6 triggers VEGF-induced angiogenic activity through increasing VEGF release, up-regulates KDR expression and phosphorylation through activating ERK1/2 signaling, and stimulates MMP-9 overexpression., Results suggest that carriers of VEGF(+405)G allele have a decreased susceptibility to pre-eclampsia (PE) and that the progression of PE may be modified by the presence of VEGF(-2578)A allele., Blood levels are usesful in the prognosis of antiviral treatment of chronic hepatitis C., Rsults suggested that VEGF expression in the primary site had predictive value for the osteosarcoma patients, who developed lung metastasis., High mFlt-1/VEGF tumor showed a significantly lower microvessel density and patients with high mFlt-1/VEGF tumor had a significantly favorable survival., VEGF and Ang-2 may have roles in microvessel growth in invasive ductal carcinoma of the breast, Normal amounts of BRCA1 function in hypoxia to regulate HIF-1alpha stability, probably by interacting with HIF-1alpha, leading to reduced levels of VEGF., there is an alternative mechanism for the hypoxic induction of VEGF in colon cancer that does not depend upon HIF-1alpha but instead requires the activation of PI3K/Rho/ROCK and c-Myc, Human VEGF165 gene delivery exerts a marked beneficial action by enhancing both arteriologenesis and cardiomyocyte viability in infarcted myocardium., Heme oxygenase-1 is involved in hemin-induced VEGF expression in human keratinocytes & may play a role in hypoxic regulation of this protein. HO-1 overexpression may be beneficial in restoring the proper synthesis of VEGF disturbed in diabetic conditions., The current study does not demonstrate an association between VEGF (-2578) and VEGF (-634) genotypes or haplotypes and Alzheimer disease., VEGF gene and allele associations may be associated with increased risk of congenital vulvuloseptal heart defects., Intracellular calcium and membrane potential are influenced by several key signaling cascades of VEGFR-2 activation in human umbilical vein endothelial cells., Fndings suggested some interaction among -1154G/A, -7C/T, and 13553C/T variants in the determination of risk for vascular dementia., the concentration of VEGF-A was significantly reduced in the women with menorrhagia, as was the VEGF-A mRNA level., Overexpression of VEGF was associated with sentinel lymph node micro-metastasis in breast cancer patients, endothelial VEGF expression is upregulated by 100% after administration of Tenilsetam [(+/-)-3-(2-thienyl)-2-piperazinone], An elevated VEGF level in peripheral blood was a risk factor for subsequent development of cardiovascular disease in urology patients., Tumor-shed membrane vesicles carry VEGF and release it in a bioactive form in conditions typical of the tumor microenvironment to facilitate tumor angiogenesis, VEGF and HIF-1alpha are elevated in malignant gliomas. HIF-1alpha inhibition results in VEGF secretion inhibition., -2578C and -1154G VEGF alleles are associated with increased risk for invasive but not in situ breast cancer in postmenopausal women., Simultaneous up-regulation of sFlt-1 secretion by these cells under hypoxic conditions may prevent excessive up-regulation of vascular permeability., The production of and expression of VEGF from leukemia cells and its involvement in the pathogenesis of T-cell prolymphocytic leukemia., the Rho-ROCK signal pathway contributes to VEGF-induced hyperpermeability. Myosin light-chain phosphorylation and actin stress fiber formation occur concomitantly with the increase in permeability upon VEGF stimulation., Polymorphisms in the 5' UTR and promoter region of VEGF could be regarded as a major genetic risk factor for diabetic retinopathy., VEGF as an important effector for 12-lipoxygenase-mediated stimulation of tumor angiogenesis, This study shows that expression of vascular endothelial growth factor messenger ribonucleic acid can be detected from the oocyte to the blastocyst stage., VEGF regulates MMP-9 expression and plays a critical role in initiation and maintenance of asthma., Patients with normal gonadotropin responses who were undergoing IVF demonstrated increased VEGF production to glycodelin, whereas poor responders had a decreased response to glycodelin., Immunohistochemical staining showed that VEGF were expressed in epithelial, stromal and endothelial cells., PAR2 signaling through MAPK pathways leads to the production of proangiogenic VEGF in breast cancer cells., In colorectal cancer, CXCR4 triggers stimulation of clonogenic growth and induction of VEGF release., In this study, we demonstrate that 1121B Fab is able to strongly block KDR/VEGF interaction, resulting in potent inhibition of an array of biological activities of VEGF, including activation of the receptor and its signaling pathway., NF-kappaB-dependency of the platelet-activating factor -induced increase in VEGF expression is due to decreased p53 activity, which is reciprocally regulated by increased NF-kappaB activity., Gene expression data suggest that pharmacologic inhibition of COX-2 and VEGF may be useful adjuncts in targeted therapy for esophageal adenocarcinoma., Overexpression of VEGF but not PlGF exacerbated the lipopolysaccharide-mediated toxic effects, supporting a pathophysiological role for VEGF in mediating the sepsis phenotype, Central mechanism for PEDF inhibition of the AGE signaling to vascular permeability is by suppression of NADPH oxidase-mediated reactive oxygen species generation and subsequent VEGF expression., progenitor cells are potent sources of VEGF, HGF, and IGF-I, Overexpression of Ki67 and VEGF were related to poor prognosis of squamous cell carcinoma of the larynx., there is no association between the three selected functional VEGF polymorphisms and systemic sclerosis, The low level expression of nm23-H1 protein and the high level expression of VEGF protein may be associated with the development and poor prognosis of nasopharyngeal carcinoma., VEGF and VEGFR-2 may have a role in progression of gastric cancer, Estimated systolic pulmonary artery pressure and plasma concentrations of endothelin-1 and VEGF are increased in patients with Chuvash polycythemia., In human astrocytic gliomas, VEGF-A was significantly up-regulated in high-grade vascularized gliomas. Moreover, VEGF-A expression significantly correlated with microvessel density and tumour grading., VEGF polymorphism is associated with breast cancer, p110alpha and AKT1 play an important role in tumor growth by inducing angiogenesis and by increasing VEGF expression. This work provides a better understanding of the molecular mechanism of human cancer induced by the activation of PI3K signaling., results show that in both tumor and fibroblast cells EMMPRIN regulates VEGF production via the PI3K-Akt pathway but not via the MAPK, JUN, or p38 kinase pathways, In artery samples in diabetic patients relative to nondiabetic patients, capillary density was reduced to 30%, VEGF expression was reduced by 48%; the expression and the gelatinolytic activity of MMP-2 and -9 were upregulated., Deciphering the precise role of VEGF at the neurovascular interface promises to uncover new insights into the development and pathology of the nervous system, helpful to design novel strategies to treat (motor) neurodegenerative disorders., microvessel density and VEGF expression do not appear to play a critical role in osteosarcoma, Our findings point towards the involvement of excitotoxicity, VEGF and NO in periventricular white matter damage in response to hypoxia, Tumors that constitutively express VEGF-A present with different vascular beds than tumors in which VEGF-A is expressed as a response to central hypoxia., VEGF-A influences the balance between development of blood and lymphatic vasculature during lung organogenesis, Incubation of pulmonary microvascular endothelial cells with VEGF resulted in dose- and time-dependent increases in calpain activity and protein content of calpain-2., PTHrP, TGF-beta1, and VEGF expression was significantly altered and indicated degenerative changes in Kashin-Beck disease cartilage, VEGF, FGF2, TGFB1, EGF and IGF1 have roles in the development of both prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia, Effect of culturing bone-targeted, metastatic C4-2B prostate cancer cells and bone stromal derived cells under hypoxic conditions on expression of vascular endothelial growth factor family members., Dominant Ang-2 expression against Ang-1 through Tie2 receptor in the presence of VEGF plays a critical role in initiating early neovascularization and transformation of noncancerous liver to hepatocellular carcinoma., REVIEW, overexpression of VEGF, its receptors flt-1, KDR/flk-1 and TGF-beta interaction may play an important role in the ovarian cancer biology, with potential effects on tumor growth and angiogenesis, iodide at high concentration decreases the expression of the angiogenic factors VEGF-A, VEGF-B, and PG, In this review we critically analyze the data supporting the notion that VEGF is a factor involved in motor neuron degeneration and review the studies linking VEGF to other diseases of the peripheral and central nervous systems., HBV X-HCV C co-expression protein can increase the expression of VEGF in HepG2 cells., VEGF is involved in the pathogenesis of MM, and VEGF may differentially affect a subset of plasma cells., The expression of VEGF in nasal mucosa after surgery may contribute to the growth of blood vessels and increase vascular permeability and tissue edema., The prevalence of VEGF(-2578) "A" allele was lower in preterm boys with severe ROP (stages 4-5) than in those without or with mild ROP (stages 1-3)., Senescent cells may facilitate age-associated cancer development by secreting factors that promote malignant progression., The effect of 2-oxoglutarate on the production of erythropoietin and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), was examined., VEGF may be one of the key mediators that lead to lobar pneumonia and parapneumonic effusion., co-expression of vascular endothelial growth factor and interleukin-1 receptor antagonist can improve the outcome of islet transplantation better than either gene alone, Genetic variations in VEGF may predict not only prostate carcinoma risk but also tumor aggressiveness., VEGF-induced endothelial cell migration involves vascular endothelial-cadherin tyrosine phosphorylation mediated by Src kinase on Tyr685., Data suggest that creeping fat is an important source of VEGF secretion, and that the characteristics of inflammatory changes in Crohn's disease might be due to the lack of VEGF downregulation that is seen in diverticulitis., perlecan secreted by VEGF165-stimulated endothelial cells may be involved in the regulation of cellular behavior during angiogenesis, There are associations between sudden infant death syndrome and particular polymorphisms., Expression of HIF-1alpha and HIF-2alpha are both necessary for VEGF expression in renal call carcinoma cells., VEGF, in addition to targeting angiogenesis, may also target tumor cells directly, VEGFR-2 expressed on HaCaT cells plays a crucial role in VEGF-mediated regulation of cell activity, evidence of VEGF production in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, which is promoted by aberrant activation of Jak3 and the JNKs, ANG is one of the neovascularization factors of gastric carcinoma and may work in coordination with VEGF, and promote the proliferation of gastric carcinoma cells, case-control study where 45 individuals with neovascular age-related macular degeneration and 94 age-matched controls were genotyped for 14 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the VEGF promoter and gene, There was positive correlation between GRO-1 and VEGF expression in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma., In conclusion, the results demonstrate that NOX3, a reactive oxygen species generating NADPH oxidase, plays an integral role in insulin-induced p42/44 Mitogen-activated protein kinase signal transmission and VEGF-A production., Endometrial transplants from patients with endometriosis express more VEGF and MMP-2 than endometrium in control women. VEGF and MMP-2 may expedite formation of endometriosis in its early stage., vascular endothelial growth factor and its receptors are inhibited in pulmonary adenocarcinoma cell by TNP-470 in combination with gemcitabine, VEGF may play an important role in the development of interstitial fibrosis via mononuclear cell-induced cytokine production chronic kidney graft rejection., Increased serum levels of VEGF is associated with advanced stage non-small cell lung cancer, c-myc and VEGFA may be involved in the regulation of angiogenesis in esophageal adenocarcinoma, VEGF-A destabilizes atherosclerotic plaques through an angiogenesis-independent mechanism. VEGF-A induced a differential expression of VCAM-1 & PECAM-1 in endothelial cells., HO-1 expression and activity in endothelial cells are present only in advanced atherosclerosis, whereas VEGF expression is present in early as well as in advanced atherosclerosis and the degree of expression increases with severity of atherosclerosis., These results suggest that rhVEGF-165 enhances IL-18 production via the generation of ROI and ERK1/2 phosphorylation, which results in the increased migration of gastric cancer cells., vascular endothelial growth factor expression is induced through the glucocorticoid receptor-related phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt and beta-catenin/T-cell factor-dependent pathway in human endothelial cells, VEGF regulation of angiogenesis may in part be due to enhanced proliferation of VEGFR-1 and VEGFR-2, VEGF165 blocks SNP-induced Bcl-2 down-regulation as well as sodium nitroprusside-induced Bax translocation from the cytosol to the mitochondria, AKT prevents VEGF during internl ribosome entry site activity in myeloma cells during mTOR inhibition., suggest that VEGF-upregulation of TFPI-2 expression in endothelial cells may represent a mechanism for negative feedback regulation and modulation of its pro-angiogenic action on endothelial cells, PPARbeta/delta is a novel regulator of endothelial cell proliferation and angiogenesis through VEGF., Basophils could play a role in angiogenesis and inflammation through the expression of several forms of VEGF-A and their receptors., These results demonstrate a complex regulation of VEGF-A during neuroinflammation and suggest that VEGF-B is not involved in the pathogenesis of MS., Tumor necrosis factor-alpha-stimulated vascular endothelial growth factor secretion by these cells may control oviductal fluid secretion by regulating vascular permeability., VEGF modulates angiogenesis via increased expression and activation of alpha6beta1 integrins, which may promote VEGF-driven tumor angiogenesis in vivo., cross-talk between TGF-beta1 and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor(VEGF) signaling converts VEGF/flk-1-activated p38(MAPK) into a proapoptotic signal, Gliostatin/thymidine phosphorylase and VEGF have synergistic effects on angiogenesis in rheumatoid synovitis, and GLS/TP has a role in regulating VEGF, Individual isoforms of transgenic VEGFA induce distinct vascular phenotypes in the eye during embryonic development. Their relative doses provide instructive cues for vascular patterning., Chorionic gonadotropin produced during pregnancy could induce the biosynthesis of VEGF and by this means stimulate the development of breast cancer cells during pregnancy., Our results do not support the association of the VEGF gene promoter polymorphism and the risk of advanced ROP., The D allele of the VEGF polymorphism is an independent risk factor of diabetic retinopathy after controlling for other clinical variables., serum VEGF concentration might be closely related to atherosclerosis accelerating factor, especially in men, may play an important role in the maintenance of a blood supply for developing pre-cancerous and invasive oral lesions, VPF may play a key role in the formation of heavy edema of vocal cord polyps., activation of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta up-regulated VEGF in colon carcinoma cells, High VEGF is associated with carcinogenesis and portal vein tumor thrombus formation in human hepatocellular carcinoma, This paper reviews individual and combined roles of VEGF and Ang-1 in asthma and angiogenesis., VEGF-A, STAT5 and AKT are downregulated in acute myeloid leukemia blasts of patients treated with SU5416, Gab1 is a novel critical regulatory component of endothelial cell migration and capillary formation with a key role in the activation of VEGF-evoked signaling pathways required for angiogenesis, Long-term uncontrolled hVEGF-A(165) expression in only a limited number of target cells in adult mice can be associated with pathological changes, including possible formation of malignant tumors and uncontrolled bleeding in target tissues., VEGF gene expression was constant during early pulmonary organogenesis., eIF4E, along with VEGF and cyclin D1, has a role in translational regulation of proteins related to angiogenesis and growth, VEGF-C expression in tumour tissues is indicative of lymphatic metastasis, whereas VEGF-A expression is more likely to be associated with haematogenous metastasis, used CNE cells from a nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell line as a cellular system to investigate miRNA-directed regulation of VEGF and other angiogenic factors under hypoxia, and to explore the principles of gene regulation by miRNAs, The siRNA targeting human VEGF gene could reduce VEGF expression, inhibit cellular proliferation and induce apoptosis in MCF-7 cells in vitro., There may be a reverse relationship between the expression of VEGF and S100(+) DC in esophageal tumor tissue, VEGF could decrease the number of S100(+) DC and impair the immunological function of the body., VEGF transgenic mice show delayed motor neuron loss and prolonged survival in an animal model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis., This is the first demonstration showing that the VEGF -460 C>T polymorphism in men is not associated with sporadic prostate cancer in the Turkish population., These results suggest a possible application of the human neural stem cell line, which is genetically modified to over-express VEGF, as a therapeutic agent for ICH-stroke., The combination of PDT and CPI could be a useful approach in tumour therapy as the two agents appear to be synergistic and probably decrease VEGF production by the tumour tissue., overexpression of caveolin-1 overcame the VEGF-mediated inhibition of adhesion and restored ICAM-1 clustering, SAF-1 induces VEGF transcription by directly binding to its promoter; markedly higher levels of SAF-1 interaction with the VEGF promoter was detected in the cartilage tissues of arthritic mice as well as human osteoarthritic patients., VEGF expression drives the migration and proliferation of endothelial cells to support the extensive angiogenesis in renal cell carcinoma [review], The enhancement of VEGF IRES A- and B-dependent translation represents a rapid and efficient mechanism by which protein synthesis can be induced as a result of the application of an acute stress., Coexpression of hVEGF and hIL-1Ra suppressed nitric oxide production, total caspases, apoptosis, and necrosis in the presence of inflammatory cytokine cocktail consisting of IL-1beta, TNFalpha, and IFNgamma., the higher expression levels of VEGF mRNA in the peripheral leukocytes are associated with the depressive state., Allele -634C/VEGF in homozygosity is an independent risk factor for the development of proliferative retinopathy in type 2 diabetic patients of European ancestry., Stimulation of AMPK via Ca(2+)/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase kinase represents a novel signalling mechanism utilised by VEGF in endothelial cells that contributes to eNOS phosphorylation and NO production., Expression of vascular endothelial growth factor by plasma cells in the sclerotic bone lesion of a patient with POEMS syndrome., diabetes mellitius affects VEGF levels of periodontal soft tissues in periodontal disease, Celecoxib significantly inhibited the expression of VEGF in nasopharyngeal carcinoma., The expressions of KAI1, nm23, ETS-1 and VEGF proteins were highly related to microvascular density, cervical lymph node metastasis, and prognosis of nasopharyngeal carcinoma., The PCNA and VEGF expression in the endothelial cells of juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma were negative, but expression was positive in hemangioma endothelial cells., VEGF might be an important angiogenic factor that could promote tumor angiogenesis in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma., The present findings suggest that IL-13 is a regulatory factor of VEGF and sFlt-1 production in the human fallopian tubes., Some VEGF genotypes may have effects on renal cell carcinoma progression o prognosis, possibly through altered VEGF expression., Osteoclast-derived osteopontin and VEGF from myeloma cells cooperatively enhance angiogenesis and also induce osteoclastogenic activity by vascular endothelial cells, Vascular endothelial growth factor gene polymorphisms have a role in progression of ovarian cancer, estradiol-induced secretion of vascular endothelial growth factor is inhibited by flaxseed and its lignans, Binding of VEGF to membrane-distal immunoglobulin-like domains causes receptor dimerization and promotes further interaction between receptor monomers through the membrane-proximal immunoglobulin-like domain 7., Pain symptoms in ovarian endometriosis are not correlated with VEGF serum levels and VEGF cellular expression., The aim of this study was to determine the alternative splicing of VEGF-A mRNA in dilated cardiomyopathy, especially at the level of particular myocardial layers., Intracytoplasmic sperm injection patients with serum progesterone above 0.9 ng/ml have elevated serum concentrations of vascular endothelial growth factor., CREB may regulate VEGF transcription via a hypoxia-inducible factor-dependent mechanism in normoxic conditions., Genetic variants in the regulatory regions of VEGF that could be associated with bladder cancer risk., estrogen seems to be a key factor for regulation of VEGF expression in bone, Endometrial blood vessels possess a discrete morphology that is characterized by endothelial gaps, and these gaps are more pronounced in women with menorrhagia and overexpression of VEGFA., VEGF-A release by tumor cells is impaired by glutamine deprivation., Results suggest that VEGF polymorphisms might be associated with a higher risk of preterm birth and in the development of perinatal complications such as enterocolitis necrotisans and acute renal failure., High levels of VEGF-A is associated with angio and lymphangiogenesis in breast cancer, The study does not support a diagnostic value for serum VEGF measured by proliferative activity on HUVEC cells, but suggests it could have a prognostic value in colorectral neoplasms., The prognosis was worst in patients with cancers that were VEGFA-positive and THBS1 methylation-positive., THPO and VEGF play an important synergistic role in the formation of early ES-derived hematopoietic progenitors that occurs through the c-mpl and VEGF receptors., Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma specimens showing higher local VEGF expression showed correspondingly higher microvessel density, implying that lymphoma cells induce local tumor angiogenesis., The aim of this study was to determine distribution of VEGF in normal renal parenchyma using immunohistochemical methods., Effects of shRNA targeting VEGF on VEGF mRNA expression in gastric cancer cells are reported., Relationship between the changes of VEGF level and the dendritic cells in peripheral blood of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma after TACE are reported., There was a trend toward a higher VEGF A expression in highly vascularized tumors but the levels failed to reach statistic significance with survival., Results suggest that strong expression of VEGFA and VEGFC is essential to lymphatic metastasis of stomach neoplasms., Analysis of VEGF gene polymorphisms can help identify patient subgroups at high risk of a poor disease outcome and survival in gastric cancers., These results suggest that the formulation of siRNA-PEG/KALA PECMs could be widely applied for intracellular delivery of various therapeutic siRNAs., We found that BPQ did not inhibit HIF-1alpha mRNA level, but inhibited its protein expression in a proteasome-dependent manner., Cox-2 and VEGF play an important role in the incidence and development of pterygium., therefore examined the methylation status of two genes, SOD1 and VEGF, which are implicated in ALS., Strong expression of vascular endothelial growth factor protein is associated with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, HIF-1alpha may induce the angiogenesis in gastric carcinoma by upregulating the transcription of VEGF gene, and take part in tumor invasion and metastasis. They can be used as prognostic markers of gastric cancer in clinical practice., Glial cell-derived cytokines such as GDNF and VEGF regulate the blood retinal barrier, implying that glial cell can be a possible therapeutic target in diabetic retinopathy., VEGF expression in breast cancers was associated with high grade and ER negative tumours, in human diabetic nephropathy, a decrease of VEGF-A, rather than the reported increase as described in some rodent models, may contribute to the progressive disease, There may be a hormonal and hypoxia-independent regulatory mechanism coordinating the expression of HIF-1alpha, HIV-2alpha, VEGF, the androgen receptor, and FOXP1 in prostate tumors., rHuEpo treatment in anaemic cancer patients do not induce angiogenesis or increased levels of endoglin or vascular endothelial growth factor, VEGF genetic polymorphisms/serum levels were not associated with endometriosis., vascular endothelial growth factor is differentially regulated by Akt and mammalian target of rapamycin inhibitors in cell lines derived from childhood solid tumors, wild-type WT1(A) has both transcriptional and post-transcriptional effects on VEGF mRNA levels., Insulin and IGFs promote VEGF-A production in luteinized granulosa cells, but the response patterns are different in polycystic ovary cells, These findings provide evidence for a novel cooperative interaction between VEGFR2 and RET that mediates VEGF-A functions in ureteric bud cells., Major oxygen-dependent HIF isoforms are strongly upregulated in psoriatic skin with HIF-1alpha mainly in the epidermis, in an expression pattern similar to VEGF mRNA., Serum VEGF level did not increase with stage progression of non-small cell lung cancer, and only had a trend toward elevation in distant metastasis, IP-10 levels significantly reverse-correlated with vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) levels in uterine cervical cancers., The increased values of VEGF, PLA2-LDL and P-selectin in patients with long standing pulmonary hypertension are related to severe endothelial dysfunction and may have prognostic values., COX-2 expression correlates with VEGF expression and might be a useful prognostic factor for more frequent tumor recurrence in esophageal squamous carcinoma patients undergoing neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy., we show that VEGF is a potent activator of HUVEC-mediated fibrinolysis., multiple VEGFA variants are associated with the development of severe retinopathy in type 1 diabetes, These novel results indicate the involvement of Fes in VEGF-A-induced cellular responses by cultured endothelial cells., Results suggest that VEGF and Ang-1 may contribute to fibrogenesis by acting as hypoxia-inducible, autocrine, and paracrine factors able to recruit myofibroblast-like cells., IL-18 has a unique role in inducing the secretion of angiogenic SDF-1alpha/CXCL12, MCP-1/CCL2, and VEGF in rheumatoid arthritis synovial tissue fibroblasts, via distinct signaling intermediates., In papillary thyroid carcinoma, HIF-1 alpha, VEGF and VEGF-C expressions are significantly increased., there was an important association between the polymorphism of the VEGF gene and age of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) onset, VEGF levels may be regarded as a good indicator of active psoriasis arthritis., High VEGFA is associated with localized prostate cancer, Results show a unique survival system in breast cancer cells by which VEGF can act as an internal autocrine (intracrine) survival factor through its binding to VEGFR1, and may lead to a strategy for tumor therapy based on the inhibition of angiogenesis., Distinct roles for bone morphogenetic protein 4, vascular endothelial growth factor, stem cell factor, and fibroblast growth factor 2 in hematopoiesis., Although no immediate effects were observed in soluble VEGF levels, percutaneous coronary intervention affected intracardiac angiopoietin-1 with a systemic release of angiopoietin-2, CXCR4/CXCL12 signaling axis can induce angiogenesis and progression of tumors by increasing expression of VEGF through the activation of PI3K/Akt pathway, High expression of VEGF and Flt-1 mRNA is associated with the development of multiple myeloma., low-VEGF-production T allele is strongly associated with increased risk for oral squamous cell carcinoma., High VEGF expression is associated with intracranial schwannomas, Dichlorodiphenylchloroethylene alters the expression of the ovarian growth factors VEGF and IGF-1 in vitro., VEGF(121) binds directly to NRP1; however, unlike VEGF(165), VEGF(121) is not sufficient to bridge the NRP1.VEGFR2 complex., Leukemia patients showing parallel activation of the studied proteins trended to exhibit higher incidence of fatal outcome., The VEGF 936 CT genotype and T allele appear to be associated with good outcome in renal transplantation and, if confirmed, might be helpful for the pretransplant identification of recipients with low risk of graft rejection., VEGF is expressed in cultured human dental follicle cells, and at a proper concentration range can stimulate proliferation, induce differentiation in a "cementoblast/osteoblast" pathway and protect HDFC from apoptosis., Our findings demonstrate that ABCA12 is highly expressed in fetal skin and suggest that ABCA12 may play an essential role under both the wet and dry conditions., Both VEGF-A and angiopoietin-2 upregulated the expression of VEGFR-3 in cultured lymphatic endothelial cells, VEGF-A/TGF-beta1 polymorphisms could be genetic markers of the process of urinary tract infection and vesicoureteral reflux., among women with confirmed endometriosis, there was a significant increase (P=0.002) in the mean peritoneal VEGF level in those in the late secretory phase compared with those in the proliferative and early secretory phases., The correlation between PEDF and VEGF striatal levels in PD patients suggests that concerted neurotrophic functions of these factors or structural changes in blood vessel walls play an important role in the pathophysiology of PD., The secretion of VEGF and bFGF in myelodysplastic syndrome patients is elevated and the serum levels of VEGF and bFGF are related to the classification and prognosis in MDS., These results describe a unique anti-inflammatory pathway in which IFN-gamma-dependent induction of VEGF-A mRNA is translationally silenced by the same stimulus., VEGF-1499T allele, or an allele in linkage disequilibrium with this allele, is associated with susceptibility to diabetic nephropathy in the Irish population, Injection of mouse brains with VEGF-expressing cancer stem cells led to the massive expansion of vascular-rich glioblastoma multiform, tumor-associated hemorrhage, and high morbidity, suggesting that VEGF promoted tumorigenesis via angiogenesis., VEGF, Ets-1, and ERK1 act synergistically in the development of diabetic retinopathy., Mammary epithelium-derived VEGF is partially dispensable for angiogenesis during pregnancy and lactation in transgenic mice; by regulating vascular function during lactation, VEGF transgene is crucial to mammary gland differentiation and milk production., -634C allele was in a significant protective association against ventricular septal defect (VSD), suggesting that VEGF dysregulation was involved in the pathological processes of VSD., VEGF-mediated up-regulation of CCN1 in osteoblasts that attracts endothelial cells and promotes angiogenesis. Such a loop could be operative during fracture healing., functional characterization of the VEGF164 heparin-binding domain, These findings indicate that the development of restenosis depends on both complement activation regulated by the MBL2 gene and pathologic processes leading to enhanced production of VEGF and PDGF during the very early postoperative period., Single nucleotide polymorphisms are not related to ovarian, cervical or endometrial cancer., Smoking is implicated as a potential cause of raised airway levels of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in the bronchitis type of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients lacking alveolar destruction., CD147 can regulate the angiogenesis in rheumatoid arthritis by VEGF. The low levels of CD147 expressed by FLS cells decrease the production of VEGF via the PI3K-Akt signaling pathway., The expression of VEGF and Flt-1 can promote tumor angiogenesis and contribute to tumor invasion and metastasis in gastric carcinoma., do not support the hypothesis that VEGF polymorphisms are associated with breast cancer risk., IRE1 signaling is essential for ischemia-induced vascular endothelial growth factor-A expression and contributes to angiogenesis and tumor growth in vivo, In hematopoietic stemm cell transplantation patients, vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) levels on day +15 were associated with significantly better overall survival, VEGF-165 was found to be potent vasodilator of fetoplacental circulation. This vasodilatory effect was mediated by VEGFR-2 receptor and nitric oxide in manner-independent of involvement of prostacyclin and src-family tyrosine kinases., Arsenic trioxide may down-regulate the expression of VEGF and inhibit the activity of MMP-2 and 9., increase in VEGF in AR with and without asthma despite a higher Flk-1 in AR patients with asthma may be a possible explanation for the presence of angiogenesis in the airway wall in patients with asthma but not in those with pure AR., findings suggest that VEGF polymorphisms may be significant prognostic indicators for hepatocellular carcinoma patients, VEGF serum levels are not associated with Parkinson's disease., hyperoxia enhances the expression of VEGF(121/165) proteins, association of serum levels of hyaluronic acid (HA), tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha), vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), NO, and Se with the clinical manifestations in adult patients with Kashin-Beck disease, These observations imply that the VEGF gene polymorphisms may be associated with the susceptibility to gastric cancer., VEGF, MMP2, 7 and 9, and COX-2 expression is related to progression of advanced uterine cervical cancer in young women, endothelial and lung cancer cells seem to interact via various paracrine pathways, e.g. by the reciprocal induction of VEGF and PDGF-BB, High frequency of expression in central nervous system lymphomas may be associated with tumorigenesis may lead to futural therapeutic trials., The angiogenic growth factor VEGF-A is strongly expressed in hyperplastic epithelium overlying granulation tissue in airway stenosis., bFGF augments hypoxia induced VEGF release in breast cancer cells mainly through the PI3K pathway and partly depending on HIF-1 activity., HPV18 E6 oncoprotein contributes to tumor angiogenesis by inducing VEGF transcription from the promoter in a p53-independent manner., vasoactive intestinal peptide induced vascular endothelial cell growth factor expression at both mRNA and protein levels following a time-dependent pattern, Evaluation of VEGF-mediated signaling in primary human cells reveals a paracrine action for VEGF in osteoblast-mediated crosstalk to endothelial cells., Vav2 acts downstream of VEGF to activate Rac1., VEGF can be a helpful factor to improve healing in large bone defects, in which bone substitutes will otherwise not be vascularized and replaced by fresh bone, data suggest that the VEGF -2578C > A polymorphism, at least in Koreans, is a genetic determinant of colon cancer risk, KBP reduces expression of VEGF and HIF-1alpha nuclear translocation, There is a relationship between VEGF, TNF-alpha, IL-6 and the development of the diabetic retinopathy in children with diabetes mellitus type 1., small concentrations of oxLDL promote capillary tube formation by inducing the expression of VEGF via LOX-1-mediated activation of NADPH oxidase- MAPKs-NF-kappaB pathway., VEGF signaling plays a protective role in the setting of these renal stressors, plays a key role in periodontal disease progression and can be considered a biomarker of periodontal disease progression, Fibrin gel-immobilized VEGFA and BFGF efficiently stimulate angiogenesis in the AV loop model., Vascularization and VEGF and Flk-1 expression are significantly higher in deeply infiltrating endometriosis affecting the rectum., Vascular endothelial growth factor reduces Fas-mediated acute liver injury in mice., HIF-1 cooperates with dysregulated c-Myc to promote glycolysis by induction of hexokinase 2 and pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase 1., VEGF appeared more common as compared to CD 34 in early liver fibrosis., carriage of the +936T allele of the VEGF gene may be associated with increased susceptibility to the development of preeclampsia and may be an independent risk factor for preeclampsia, Meloxicam can reduce the expression of VEGF and Ang-2 in HT-29 cells., Occurrence of the -634C allele appears to be associated with increased VEGF gene promoter activity, and the G/C polymorphism might serve as a predictive factor for the development of diabetic retinopathy., VEGF levels were significantly increased in patients with chronic myeloproliferative diseases compared to healthy individuals, macrophage migration inhibitory factor directly up-regulates alphavbeta3 integrin and VEGF expression in human endometrial Ishikawa cells, Tristetraprolin might represent a novel antiangiogenic and antitumor agent acting through its destabilizing activity on VEGF mRNA, Active lymphangiogenesis is ongoing within sentinal lymph nodes from NSCLC patients, even before metastasis., VEGF-634 G/G genotype may be involved in the development of KD in Taiwanese children., HARP negatively affects diverse biological activities in C6 glioma cells, mainly due to binding of HARP to VEGF, which may sequester secreted VEGF from signalling through VEGFR2., Angiogenic response to aerobic exercise training is not altered during ageing in humans. Muscular activity-associated increases in interstitial VEGF protein may play an important role in maintenance of skeletal muscle capillarization across the life span., MCP-1 and VEGF were involved in the formation of nasal polyps., We conclude that edaravone inhibits VEGF expression in astrocytes exposed to hypoxia, at least partly, through the down-regulation of HIF-1alpha., Serum VEGF concentration might be used as an additional marker of thyroid cancer with distant metastases., 48-year-old man POEMS syndrome had bilateral optic disc edema,bilateral cystoid macular edema, anasarca, and elevated serum vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)., The concentration of VEGF in aqueous humor from patients with neovascular glaucoma was mugh higher before anterior retinal cryotherapy., A1 AR-selective agonist CP stimulated a 1.7-fold increase in VEGF release from the mononuclear cells, Data show that adipose tissue-derived stem cells (ASCs) secrete significant amounts of VEGF (810.65+/-56.92 pg/microg DNA) and IGF-I (328.33+/-22.7 pg/microg DNA)., NADPH oxidase-derived ROS selectively modulate some but not all the effects of VEGF on endothelial cell phenotypes, MMP-2 processing of HARP and CTGF released vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) from angiogenic inhibitory complexes., The CC and TC genotypes of the vascular endothelial growth factor gene polymorphism were associated with significantly higher rates of PSA recurrence after radical prostatectomy, Marked expression of VEGF by the epithelial proliferative lesions and neoangiogenesis is associated with breast cancer, HIF-1 activity does not require rapid proteolytic turnover of the vascular endothelial growth factor promoter-bound transactivator, nor is the activator-promoter complex constantly disassembled by chaperones, Studied four angiogenic gene SNPs (VEGF-1154G/A;VEGF-634G/C;MMP9-1562C/T and TSP1-8831A/G)in combination to the risk of prostate cancer. Results suggest the gene-gene polymorphisms' interaction increased risk of prostate cancer onset & aggressiveness., VEGF overexpression was significantly associated with sentinel lymph node micro-metastasis, Mechanisms underlying GLP-2 induced intestinal wound repair seem to involve the secretion of VEGF and, subsequently, TGF-beta1 from subepithelial fibroblasts., IL-6 and IL-8, and probably midkine and VEGF-A, appear to participate in the development of cancer-related cachexia in gastroesophageal malignancies., Reduction in VEGF expression and loss of intra-epidermal nerve fibers occurs in the foot skin of diabetic patients with increasing neuropathic severity., The interaction of the SRA domain of ICBP90 with a novel domain of DNMT1 is involved in the regulation of VEGF gene expression., the investigated common polymorphisms in the VEGF-gene are not associated with individual susceptibility to colorectal cancer., HIF-1 may be involved in angiogenesis by controlling expression of VEGF in vivo. Possible strategy for treatment of angiogenesis by targeting HIF-1 alpha in ischemic retinopathies., Data demonstrate that Notch1 and VEGFR-3 interact genetically, that Notch directly induces VEGFR-3 in blood endothelial cells to regulate vascular development, and that Notch and VEGF signaling may function in tumor lymphangiogenesis., This review underlines recent advances in the understanding of how VEGF acts through these two malignancies, its potential value as a diagnostic and prognostic marker, as well as the development of new therapeutic strategies targeting the VEGF pathway., Expression of VEGF and Ref-1 is associated with Trx-1 overexpression, and poor prognosis in patients with liver metastases from colorectal cancer., The A allele of the SNP rs699947 increased the risk of thyroid cancer development and regional lymph node metastasis in men., One particular SNP and one haplotype in the VEGF gene have a high possibility of significant associations with the pathogenesis of polycystic ovary syndrome in a Korean population., The expression of both VEGF and metastin was related to colorectal carcinoma progression., These results suggest that fludarabine reduces survivability of HepG2 cells via VEGF signaling under hypoxia., Expression profile of total VEGF, VEGF splice variants and VEGF receptors in the myocardium and arterial vasculature of diabetic patients., The VEGF +936 T allele is associated with an increased risk of stage III-IV endometriosis in a Japanese population., No correlation was found between plasma and intratumoral VEGF, clinicopathological prognostic parameters or tumour microvessel density., The present study failed to demonstrate any association between serum levels of MMPs, VEGF and CA 15.3 and well-known clinicopathological characteristics of breast carcinoma, study investigated the influence of hepatitis C virus infection on serum profile of sICAM-1 and VEGF in patients with hepatitis C and hepatitis C with superimposed hepatocellular carcinoma, Role for the +405G>C VEGF polymorphism in endometriosis development., data suggest that the C polymorphism at -460 is a genetic risk factor for hydrocele development in lymphatic filariasis, Level of released VEGF directly corresponds to the resistance of the tumor to irradiation in a squamous cell carcinoma head-and-neck neoplasm cell line., structural analysis of semaphorin and VEGF binding, decrease of all angiogenic effects induced by these growth factors are attributable to the reduction in the amount of VEGF-A165 and PlGF transcripts by 15-LO-1, resulting in reduced protein expression, Activation of fractalkine/CX3CR1 by vascular endothelial cells induces angiogenesis through VEGF-A/KDR., findings show that VEGF expression is a predictive factor for early treatment failure and poor survival of gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) patients on imatinib therapy, independent of KIT genotype, VEGF is expressed not only by reactive cells, but also by neoplastic cells, and NF-kappaB activation is uncommon in angioimmunoblastic lymphoma, as suggested by frequent exclusively cytoplasmic c-REL localization, vascular endothelial growth factor has a role in regulating angiogenesis and tumor growth with reactive oxygen species, the ratio between the expression levels of two members of the VEGF family of angiogenic factors, PlGF-1 and VEGF-A, determines the overall angiogenic activity and, thus, the extent of tumor angiogenesis and tumor growth, VEGF expression correlates with microvessel density in Philadelphia chromosome-negative chronic myeloproliferative disorders., These data show that VEGF(165) is a chemoattractant that recruits bone marrow cells into the tumor area., Significant correlation between VEGF concentration and HbA1c levels. Contributes to endothelial damage in diabetics., An AT1R-mediated VEGF induction suggests the possibility of AT1R blockade as a novel therapeutic strategy to control angiogenesis in PDA., To evaluate the significance of the expression of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), its correlation with clinicopathological variables were studied in the tissue of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and surrounding liver., Stromal myofibroblasts surrounding colon adenocarcinomas are an important source of VEGF and COX-2 production., our data indicate that an excess of local VEGF with respect to its soluble receptor VEGFR-1 may be a key factor in the onset and maintenance of pathological neo-angiogenesis in ovarian cyst formation, visual prognoses strongly correlate with the vitreous level of IL-6, whereas the duration of retinal vein occlusion strongly correlates with the vitreous level of VEGF, DRBP76/NF90 isoform facilitates VEGF expression by promoting VEGF mRNA loading onto polysomes, VEGF marker of tumor angiogenesis may predict survival in patients with peritoneal surface metastases from mucinous adenocarcinoma of the ovary, Lymphocyte microparticles potently suppress neovascularization in vivo and in vitro by augmenting reactive oxygen species generation via NADPH oxidase and interfering with the VEGF signaling pathway, Data suggest that increased VEGF expression is strongly associated with severe acute rejection and cardiac related death., data suggest that in primary colorectal cancer, presurgery circulating VEGF levels are related to VEGF produced by tumour-associated macrophages, The expression levels of endostatin, VEGF and FGF-2 in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma are obviously higher than those in para-carcinoma and normal laryngeal tissues., Study strongly supports previous reports that showed the role of VEGF, macrophages, and AGEs in the development of diabetic proliferative retinopathy., Cyclooxygenase-2 and VEGF were closely correlated with each other, and both of them appear to play a role in the angiogenesis of ovarian endometriosis., Single nucleotide polymorphisms of VEGF gene and Psoriasis risk., Protein kinase C alpha promotes angiogenic activity of human endothelial cells via induction of vascular endothelial growth factor., KSHV-infected endothelial cells are enriched, with VEGF-A and -C molecules playing key roles in KSHV biology., Resveratrol could down-regulate the secretion of VEGF, induce apoptosis and suppress the proliferation of U937 cells., Hydrocamptothecin could inhibit the expression of HIF-1alpha protein and downstream VEGF gene in hypoxic SiHa cells in a dose-dependent manner., Apigenin can inhibit VEGF expression in breast cancer cells through decreasing the expression of HIF-1alpha., The sVEGF level of preoperative breast cancer group was significantly higher than that of breast benign disease group and healthy women., In PDGFR-expressing immortalized ovarian cancer cells, PDGF strongly induced VEGF secretion, suggesting a correlation between the PDGF & VEGF networks in ovarian cancer., Effects of hyper- and hypoglycemia on blood VEGF levels may be of relevance for the understanding of VEGF alterations in different pathological states such as diabetes mellitus., Both PlGF-1 (placenta growth factor) and VEGF-A (vascular endothelial growth factor-A) can activate VEGFR-1-(vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-1)dependent signaling pathways in primary human monocytes, VEGFA participates in mammary tumor growth through both angiogenesis and nonangiogenic functions, No evidence of an association of SNPs within the VEGF-A gene being associated with either age-related macular degeneration or any of its subtypes in our population., The correlation between soluble P-selectin and VEGF in sickle cell disease and HbSC disease is consistent with the view that VEGF is released from platelets during in vivo activation., Anti-hVEGF hairpin ribozyme can effectively inhibit VEGF expression and growth of hepatocarcinoma in vitro and in vivo., EGFR expression is associated with tumour progression and VEGF expression may be involved in haematogenic metastasis in cholangiocarcinoma., Data show that MCP-1 has a synergistic effect on COX-2 and CCR2 protein expression in CD40L-stimulated HUVECs and stimulates VEGF production in these cells., Visfatin induces human endothelial VEGF and MMP-2/9 production via MAPK and PI3K/Akt signalling pathways to stimulate angiogenesis., passive leg movement, elevating blood flow and causing passive stretch, augments the interstitial concentrations of VEGF, Increased levels of VEGF and angiogenic markers are associated with poor outcome in endometrioid endometrial cancer patients., In vitro, primary effusion lymphoma -induced angiogenesis is dependent on VEGF and VEGF receptors. However, although PEL cells produce VEGF and bFGF transcripts, they only secrete VEGF in vitro, VEGFR3 single nucleotide polymorphisms andthe haplotype GC in the VEGFA gene are associated with psoriasis in Koreans, VEGF acts as a survival factor not only for endothelial cells as previously thought, but also for some breast tumour cells, protecting them from apoptosis., We conclude that increased CSF and serum VEGF levels are a measure of activity of the disease in neurotuberculosis., Support a role for NP-1 in mediating synergistic effects between VEGF-A(165) and FGF-2, which may occur in part through a contribution of NP-1 to KDR stability., VEGF gene polymorphism may be an important potential genetic and therapeutic marker of laryngeal SCC., VEGF and survivin co-expression is an independent prognostic survival factor for patients with advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma., VEGF gene polymorphisms were found to be an independent prognostic marker for patients with colorectal cancer, These results provide evidence that a VEGF/KDR/HIF-1 alpha autocrine loop differentially mediates survival of hypoxic colon cancer cells., The mRNA expression levels of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor A was greater in tissues of early and advanced colon cancer compared with colon adenoma, VE-cadherin has a role in modulating c-Src activation in VEGF signaling, Osteopontin, cyclooxygenase-2 and vascular endothelial growth factor synergically promote angiogenesis and metastasis in gastric cancer., Present results suggest that VEGF gene 936 C/T polymorphism does not seem to be associated with susceptibility to familial Mediterranean fever and its clinical manifestations., Vascular endothelial growth factor gene 936 C/T polymorphism in breast cancer patients., Increased levels of VEGF(vascular endothelial growth factor ) were found in the whole group of untreated patients with B non-Hodgkins lymphoma in comparison with normal controls, Data show that integrin beta3 and VEGF expression can synergistically enhance tumor angiogenesis, and may play a crucial role in invasion and metastasis of gastric carcinoma., These results indicate that TGF-Beta1-509 and VEGF-460 polymorphisms were not highly associated with the pathology of pterygium., elevation of VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) appears as a feature of inflammatory reaction during the course of Behcets disease, not a direct determinant of subclinical atherosclerosis, Data on metastasis of the 839 breast cancer patients shows as association between metastases and VEGF polymorphisms., study found polymorphisms of -460C/T, +405C/G, & +936C/T in the VEGF gene do not play a major role in non-small cell lung cancer risk, VEGF expression was significantly lower in both the myometrium and stroma of the preeclamptic placentas when compared with controls, higher level of NRP-1 mRNA was expressed in leukemias and NRP-1 promoted proliferation and chemotaxis of leukemic cells in response to VEGF., correlation of VEGF mRNA levels between primary tumor and liver metastasis.VEGF mRNA levels in liver metastasis were higher than in primary tumor.Cancer cells in liver metastasis may become more aggressive during metastasis., Insight into its applicability for pharmacologic targeting of HIF-1alpha for cancer therapeutic or chemopreventive purposes prostatic cancer., oxidative stress and VEGF are significantly increased in patients with primary lung cancer, Toluene diisocyanate induces a significant increase in VEGF expression in human bronchial epithelial cells., HIF-1alpha may protect the hepatocellular carcinoma cells from damages by radiation in hypoxic condition, possibly by inducing VEGF expression., VEGF release during frequency-modulated electrical stimulation may help explain the positive effects on nerve conduction velocity in diabetic polyneuropathy, possibly mediated by favorable effects on vasa nervorum microangiopathy., The purpose of this study was to investigate whether there is any association between preeclampsia and eNOS, DDAH, and VEGF gene polymorphisms.Polymorphisms in eNOS, DDAH, and VEGF gene do not seem to be risk factors for preeclampsia., the polygenotype of VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) +405/intercellular cell adhesion molecule (ICAM)-1 +241/IL6 (interleukin6)-174 (C-A-G) conferred an increased risk for Progressive Massive Fibrosis in Coal miners, We concluded that T homozygotes and T allele of VEGF gene -460 polymorphism are associated with higher risk of leiomyoma development., relation of VEGF expression and cortical vascularity with renal pathological changes and clinical parameters in allograft biopsies, baseline levels of VEGF-A (vascular endothelial growth factor A) showed a significant independent association with the risk of coronary heart disease death., The expression of VEGF-C and VEGF receptors is regulated specifically in HL-60 cells during macrophage differentiation., the Akt/Girdin signalling pathway is essential in VEGF-mediated postneonatal angiogenesis, hypoxia and hypoxia-induced VEGF expression are involved in the pathogenesis of progressive atherosclerosis., The sulfated polysaccharides dextran sulfate and fucoidan, but not others, reduce endothelial cell-surface levels of NRP1, NRP2, and to a lesser extent VEGFR-1 and VEGFR-2, and block the binding and in vitro function of semaphorin3A and VEGF(165)., The expression of VEGF in intestinal metaplasia and gastric dysplasia, which could signify an early angiogenic switch during tumorigenesis., N-myc is a novel regulator of PI3K-mediated VEGF expression in neuroblastoma, CRP increases VEGF-A expression in monocytic cells via a PI3-kinase and ERK 1/2 signaling dependent pathway, polymorphisms in VEGF may be associated with survival in early-stage non-small-cell lung cancer, Overexpression of EBV-LMP1 expression with VEGF-A expression was associated with diffuse large B cell lymphoma, Tumor cell-secreted or recombinant VEGF-A165 cross-talks with VEGFR1 and neuropilin-1 to activate the phosphoinositide 3-kinase/Akt kinase signaling molecule in VEGFR2-deficient human aortic smooth muscle cells to enhance their migration., VEGF, hTERT and Bcl-xl have roles in laryngeal squamous carcinoma, Homozygosity of the VEGF -1154A gene may serve as a susceptibility factor affecting for recurrent pregnancy loss, Expression of vascular endothelial growth factor-A and its receptor-1 in a luteal endometrium in patients with repeated in vitro fertilization failure., vascular endothelial growth factorgene polymorphisms do not confer increased susceptibility to Kawasaki disease, The increased expression of sputum VEGF in asthmatic children reinforces the concept that it might have a pathogenetic role in bronchial asthma and may represent a biomarker of airway inflammation., This study suggests that the VEGF 936 C allele is associated with vascular invasion in oral squamous cell carcinoma., These findings suggest the association of downregulation of bronchiolar VEGF and its receptors with cigarette smoking and COPD., IL-8 might be a malignant factor in human pancreatic cancer by induction of vascular endothelial growth factor and NRP-2 and ERK activation., Under hypoxic conditions, HIF-1 alpha-specific shRNA effectively silences HIF-1 alpha, and consequently down-regulates VEGF expression., HIF-1 alpha-specific siRNA could decrease HIF-1 alpha expression under both normoxia and hypoxia conditions, but VEGF expression was downregulated under hypoxic conditions only., Report the production of vascular endothelial growth factor and MMP-1/2 via protease-activated receptor in human endometrial stromal cells., a high vascular-endothelial growth factor-A expression in the tumor of a patient responding to an EGF-R inhibitor postulating that there might be a link between both tyrosine kinase pathways., The expression of VEGF-A relates to the development of peritumoral brain edema with meningiomas and the histological grade., VEGFA and receptor were highly expressed in dysplastic neurons. IR in astroglial and balloon cells was observed for VEGFA and its receptor.Double-labeling also showed expression of VEGFA, VEGFB and VEGFR-1 in cells of the microglia/macrophage lineage., Low serum VEGF concentration is a significant and independent prognostic factor in small cell lung cancer patients, Altered vascular endothelial growth factor expression during GnRH antagonist protocol in women of reproductive age with normal baseline hormone profiles., Stromal sublayer of AA patients is characterized by low expression of Ang-1 and VCAM-1 genes and high VEGF expression compared to mean level of healthy donors., Elevated expression of VEGF in laryngeal carcinoma was significantly correlated with stage and pathological differentiation., VEGF gene polymorphism at +813 locus may diminish susceptibility to sarcoidosis., during CDDP-induced tumor progression the activation of VEGF/Flt1 autocrine signaling leads to the survival and expansion of a highly tumorigenic side-population fraction, Positive feedback loop involving VEGFA, autotaxin and lysophosphatidic acid that could affect tumor progression in ovarian cancer cells., LH induces ovarian follicular angiogenesis via modulation of VEGF-A and its soluble receptor sFlt-1 expression., VEGF165 expression in the tumor microenvironment influences the differentiation of bone marrow-derived pericytes that contribute to the Ewing's sarcoma vasculature., vascular endothelial growth factor A and fibroblast growth factor 2 have effects on chemotaxis and chemokinesis, Here we show that overexpression of VEGF165b by tumour cells inhibits the growth of prostate carcinoma, Ewing's sarcoma and renal cell carcinoma in xenografted mouse tumour models. Moreover., function is regulated by SPARC by limiting available growth factor, Results suggest that over-expression of S100A4 and VEGF plays an important role in the development of pancreatic cancer., Metformin addition has beneficial effect on VEGF and PAI-1 levels in obese type 2 diabetic patients in combination with exercise and medical nutrition treatment., No significant differences in tested SNPs between patients with PD and lung cancer. One haplotype was significantly different in comparisons between the two diseases. VEGF SNPs might help understand the low incidence of lung cancer in patients with PD., our study demonstrates increased concentrations of VEGF and Bcl-2, but not MMP-3, in serum of melanoma patients, C(-634)G genotype was found to increase the risk for diabetic retinopathy in patients with microalbuminuria., VEGF-A and FGF-2 mRNA levels were higher in the outer definitive zone of fetal adrenal gland than in the fetal zone., VEGF may have a role in progression of breast cancer tumors, MCP-1 and CD40L had a synergistic effect on COX-2 expression and subsequent VEGF production in gastric cancer., The molecular mechanism of Leucine Rich Repeat 5 reveals that its anti-migratory effect on endothelial cells is mediated by inhibiting VEGF-stimulated endothelial nitric oxide synthase activation and nitric oxide release., Results suggest that stretch-induced increases in cell tension are responsible for matrix-bound VEGFA production., VEGF-a in human ovarian carcinoma has a role in vasculogenic mimicry, Both VEGF +936 C/T and CFH Y402H polymorphisms are dependently associated with wet age-related macular degeneration in the Taiwan Chinese population., An important VEGF synthesis by blastocysts occurs during human embryo development., analysis of functional polymorphisms of the vascular endothelial growth factor gene and risk of gastric cancer, Overexpression of vascular endothelial growth factor is associated with tumor growth and angiogenesis in neuroblastoma, granulosa cell tumors granulosa cell tumors of the ovary express vascular endothelial growth factor as an important stimulator of tumor angiogenesis, Dissimilar expression of VEGF in inner enamel epithelium, ameloblast and odontoblast during each stage of human tooth development may affect tooth germ formation., VEGF T-1498C polymorphism is a candidate marker predictive of poorly-differentiated colorectal adenocarcinomas., Overexpression of VEGF receptors on keratinocytes in psoriasis is regulated by calcium independent of VEGF., Report effect of antisense-mediated inhibition of survivin, hTERT and VEGF in bladder cancers., the present study provides evidence demonstrating that topical oxygen treatment benefits wound healing in patients suffering from chronic wounds, and is associated with an induction of VEGF expression in wound edge tissue and an improvement in wound size., cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p57(Kip2) and vascular endothelial growth factor mRNAs are selectively translated by an IRES-independent mechanism under hypoxic stress, VEGF-460C polymorphism is associated with pterygium formation in female patients. Females who carried the C allele have increased risk of developing pterygium at a younger age., telomerase reverse transcriptase is one of the important proteins in the proliferation-promoting effect of VEGF on tumor cells in prostate cancer, Inhibition of VEGF expression by sequence-specific siRNA may become a novel approach for the treatment of VEGF-enriched neoplasma such as osteosarcoma., Surgical wound-produced host Pro-MMP-9 and tumor cell VEGF might be important mediators leading to metastasis of residual breast cancer after surgery., A clear association was demonstrated between VEGF SNPs and severity of diabetic retinopathy., HIV-1 induces VEGF and VEGFR2 expression in podocytes, and this may be a critical step in the pathogenesis of HIV nephropathy, The results of this study did not reveal clinical significance of VEGF overexpression in multiple myeloma., EGFR gene mutations are frequently seen in lung adenocarcinomas with bronchioloalveolar differentiation and can be linked to chromosomal imbalances and increased VEGF expression, Serum VEGF levels in Mmedullary thyroid carcinoma patients are not significantly different from those found in healthy individuals and did not correlate with the extension of disease., Estrogen receptor-alpha overexpression suppresses 17beta-estradiol-mediated vascular endothelial growth factor expression and activation of survival kinases., characterize unfolded protein response ATF4 branch as an important mechanism mediating up-regulation of VEGF by Ox, beta(2)GPI inhibits VEGF and bFGF-induced proliferation, migration and papillary-like tubule formation of HUVECs, sVEGF might be markers of depth of invasion or lymph node involvement in patients with gastric cancers, This is the first study that shows an association between plasma VEGF levels, markers of renal function, oxidative stress and inflammation in patients with chronic renal failure., VEGF expression(in the intimal layer of tendon vessels)in the patellar tendon had a shorter symptom duration than patients with no detectable VEGF.VEGF may contribute to the vascular hyperplasia that is a cardinal feature of symptomatic tendinosis., Thus, VEGF mRNA could be a marker similar to VEGF protein in plasma as a possible marker of angiogenesis in colorectal cancer., The expression of hypoxia-induced VEGF mRNA increased with the increased expression of HIF-1 alpha mRNA in the cell lines tested at the initial stage of hypoxia., Activator protein-4 expression was associated with the expression of matrix metalloproteinase-9 and vascular endothelial growth factor in the advanced colorectal cancer., High VEGF expression occurs in a small proportion of ovarian cancers, and this independently predicts poor prognosis, Describe local and systemic delivery of VEGF siRNA using polyelectrolyte complex micelles for effective treatment of experimental prostate neoplasms., findings show that IP-10, sTNF-R2 and sFas were independently associated with increased risk of cerebral malaria associated mortality, cancer cells have a survival system that is regulated by vegf mRNA; both vegf mRNA and its protein may synergistically promote the malignancy of tumor cells, The expression of VEGF in the corneal tissues was inhibited by curcumin on days 7 and 14 after alkaline burn., These findings suggest that the expression of VEGF-A and cytoplasmic translocation of HuR relates to the histological grade, and that HuR is involved in the upregulation of VEGF-A expression, in human astrocytic tumors., VEGF is increased in patients with severe sepsis. Low VEGF was associated with hematological and renal dysfunction. VEGF was lower in nonsurvivors than in survivors, but did not adequately predict hospital mortality in patients with severe sepsis., Modulation of HDM2 expression could play an important role in tumor angiogenesis and the metastatic process via transcriptional regulation of VEGF., Results suggest that the VEGF 936C>T polymorphism might be a genetic determinant for colon cancer, at least in Koreans., Sphingosine-1-phosphate stimulated VEGF-A secretion in ML-1 thyroid follicular cancer cell lines, VEGF induces the phosphorylation of three conserved serine residues in histone deacetylase 7 (HDAC7) via protein kinase D, which promotes nuclear export of HDAC7 and activation of VEGF-responsive genes in ECs., VEGFA was overexpressed in bladder tumour samples compared to normal bladder; VEGFA overexpression was found in 89% of non-muscle-invasive & 66% of muscle-invasive tumour samples; VEGFA status could be used as a prognostic factor at the individual level, Haplotype analysis showed two separate blocks of high-linkage disequilibrium, formed by five polymorphisms upstream of the coding sequence (promoter and 5'-untranslated region) and two polymorphisms downstream of the coding sequence., Concentrations of the immunoregulatory cytokine TGF-beta(1) and of angiogenic factors VEGF and IL-8 were markedly increased within effusions caused by malignancies., VEGF-A protects MDA-MB-231 cells against nab-paclitaxel cytotoxicity, increased VEGF protein expression in osteosarcoma samples from female patients versus male patients was seen and we also observed a trend describing a relationship between VEGF expression and tumor grade, in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia, The expression of VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) was most pronounced in the Acute phase and it was inversely correlated with degree of splenomegaly and overall survival, key role of abnormal angiogenesis in arteriovenous malformation pathophysiology suggesting that a disruption in systemic VEGF expression may contribute to the natural history of these lesions, Based on our observations and previously published data, the association of the VEGF gene promoter polymorphisms and the risk of advanced ROP is weak., Increase in rarer T allele at + 813 locus of VEGF gene may diminish susceptibility to sarcoidosis in Turkish population., VEGF and VCAM-1 may participate in the pathogenesis of viral encephalitis., A novel autocrine function for VEGF in breast tumor cells in driving the expression of Snail, a breast tumor progression factor., A positive correlation was seen between the diameter of endometrioma cyst capsules and VEGF labeling intensity and as the size of cyst enlarged, the appearance of non-homogeneous distribution of VEGF immunolocalization became more frequent., analysis of the the biological responses and the signaling pathways activated by VEGF 121 and VEGF 165 in human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC), Data show that the COOH-terminal fragment of procollagen type I (C3) induces expression of VEGFA and CXCR4 in MDA MB 231 breast cancer cells., These results indicate that FSH increases the expression of VEGF by upregulating the expression of survivin, which is activated by the PI3K/AKT signaling pathway., VEGF levels could be a useful tumor marker for malignant ascites, but its value should carefully be interpreted because of lesser reliability in chemotreated ones., the VEGF gene polymorphisms may be associated with the susceptibility or clinicopathologic features of colorectal cancer, Nasal epithelial cells actively produce HIF-1alpha and VEGF when stimulated by LPS, IL-1beta or hypoxia., it is concluded that P. falciparum infected red blood cells can bind host VEGF-R on the erythrocyte membrane and accumulate host VEGF within the parasitophorous vacuole, which may have a trophic effect on parasite growth, Increased apo A-1 and apo B levels are associated in knee osteoarthritis, but the -460 T/C and +405 C/G VEGF polymorphisms are not associated with knee OA susceptibility., Initial and 24-h VEGF levels had a significant correlation with the presence of septic shock at 24 h., Neuronal and endothelial cells exposed to VEGF up-regulated the expression of SDF-1alpha. CXCR4-positive tumor cells migrated toward a SDF-1alpha gradient in vitro, whereas inhibition of CXCR4 expression decreased their migration, Serum levels of VEGF-A and its receptor, VEGFR-1, were significantly higher in patients with gastric cancer than in healthy donors., VEGF polymorphisms do not influence VEGF mRNA expression in colorectal tumors and susceptibility to sporadic colon cancer., Results provide strong evidence that the size of loop regions plays a critical role in determining the most favored folding pattern of the G-quadruplex in the proximal promoter of the vascular endothelial growth factor gene., Incubation of lymphatic endothelial cells (LEC) with ESM-1 increased the stimulatory effects of both VEGF-A and VEGF-C on LEC proliferation and migration, whereas ESM-1 alone had no effect, Zinc deficiency increases activation of NF-kappaB and up-regulates expression of VEGF, IL-6 and IL-8 in androgen-independent PC-3 and DU-145 prostate cancer cells., The expression of vascular endothelial growth factor-A is positively correlated with the recurrence rate of hepatocellular carcinoma after curative resection., Serum VEGF levels correlate with more advanced and more aggressive disease in cervical cancer and are prognostic for survival., CTGF is primarily a pro-fibrotic factor in the eye, and a shift in the balance between CTGF and VEGF is associated with the switch from angiogenesis to fibrosis in proliferative retinopathy, PKC-mediated VEGF transcriptional activation is key component in the progression of CsA-induced post-transplantation cancer, This is the first report demonstrating the inhibitory and stimulatory effects of IFN-gamma on VEGF-A and sFlt-1 secretion, respectively., results suggest that VEGF might be a target of Homeodomain-interacting protein kinase-2, at least in part, through regulation of beta-catenin activity., vascular endothelial growth factor, receptor KDR and p53 protein are expressed in transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder, VEGF overexpression exhibited a significant correlation with viremia and survival, Quercetin suppressed the HIF-1alpha accumulation during hypoxia in human cancer cell lines and reduced hypoxia-induced secretion of VEGF, Butyrate-induced phosphatase regulates VEGF and angiogenesis via Sp1, VEGF and sVEGF-R1 were increased respectively to the degree of liver insufficiency in patients with liver cirrhosis., Cox regression analysis showed that the VEGF/sVEGFR-1 ratio was an independent predictor for pancreatic cancer survival. Higher VEGF/sVEGFR-1 ratio was significantly correlated with poor outcome in patents with pancreatic cancer., endocrine hormone insulin contributes to VEGF release in skin wounds through an Akt1-and 4E-BP1- mediated posttranscriptional mechanism in keratinocytes, Adenovirus-mediated VEGF gene therapy enhances venous thrombus recanalization and resolution., VEGF production is COX-2 dependent in NSCLC cells expressing COX-2; IL-8 production is COX-2 independent in both NSCLC and SCLC cells, Differentiation of hMSCs into arterial- or venous-specific ECs depends on VEGF and is regulated by the Notch pathway., Despite the effect of the -634 C/G VEGF polymorphism on serum and vitreous levels of VEGF in PDR, it failed to contribute to the genetic susceptibility to proliferative diabetic retinopathy., Tissue kallikrein decreased GSK-3beta activity via the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-Akt pathway and enhanced VEGF and VEGFR-2 expression in endothelial cells., These results suggest that diminished VEGF and eNOS activity in particularly lesion prone regions of AD brains may contribute to the pathogenesis of NFT and / or SP lesions., terms of serum levels of either VEGF or its soluble receptors VEGFR1, we found no significant difference between healthy individuals and women with benign breast tumors and breast cancer., VEGF, sVCAM-1, sICAM-1 and sE-selectin median levels were higher in hemodialysis patients compared to controls., Vascular endothelial growth factor is associated with left ventricular systolic dysfunction and mortality in hemodialysis patients, Focal gains of VEGFA is associated with hepatocellular carcinoma, VEGF levels in nasal secretions and nasal lavage from allergic rhinitis were higher than in nonallergic rhinosinusitis, after rather than before antigen provocation. VEGF mRNA expression was higher in serous versus mucous acini., HIF-1alpha-specific shRNA can effectively silence the HIF-1alpha gene, and consequently down-regulate VEGF and up-regulate PEDF expression in retinal pigment epithelial cells under hypoxic conditions., Effects of VEGF in hippocampus found in rats extend to humans, The a priori hypothesis that 3 common SNPs in the VEGF gene would be a risk factor for AMD, especially the wet form, could not be confirmed., The AA genotype at -2578C/A polymorphism in the VEGF gene is associated with proliferative diabetic retinopathy; no significant association with -634 C/G polymorphism was confirmed, Vitreous levels of both SDF-1 and VEGF in patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy are significantly higher than those of nondiabetic patients., Serum VEGF-A levels are significantly higher in obese patients than in lean controls, decreasing after weight loss with bariatric surgery., Although limited by sample size, the study did not demonstrated any evidence that VEGF -460 C/T, +405 G/C, and +936 C/T polymorphisms are associated with an increased risk of endometrial carcinomas in Japanese women., In leukemia patients, negative correlation was observed between selenium and VEGF and Fas expression., VEGF expression in K562 cells treated with artesunate decreased significantly., These results are consistent with a potential autocrine role of the VEGF-VEGFR2 (KDR) interplay as a factor contributing to malignant astrocytoma growth and radioresistance., These results suggest that orthodontic tooth movement causes an increase in VEGF and M-CSF levels, which may induce bone remodeling via osteoclastic bone resorption., VEGF gene variability represents a susceptibility factor for sporadic frontotemporal lobar degeneration., VEGF-induced secretion is largely dependent on PKC-delta and significantly less on [Ca2+]c., VEGF levels are higher in patients with essential hypertension (EHs) in the presence of microalbuminuria. These high values may be important in the early diagnosis of vascular damage in essential hypertension., VEGF could not be used as individual prognostic factor in invasive breast carcinoma., Chromogranin A-, serotonin-, synaptophysin- and vascular endothelial growth factor-positive endocrine cells and the prognosis of colorectal cancer, down-regulation of VEGF plays a critical role in apoptosis of endothelial cells induced by high glucose, serum VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) level of children (0-14 years old) was significantly higher than that of adults (over 15 years old), cigarette smoking modifies the association between VEGF polymorphisms and esophageal adenocarcinoma risk among Caucasians, Hepatocyte growth factor inhibits VEGF-FOXO1-dependent gene expression in endothelial cells., Positive VEGF expression and negative TSP1 expression were positively correlated with postoperative recurrence of epithelial ovarian cancer., The VEGF and the soluble Flt-1 levels were more elevated in patients with septic shock than in controls, VEGF secretion by macrophages is stimulated by lipid and protein components of OxLDL via PI3-kinase and PKCzeta activation and is independent of OxLDL uptake., A higher VEGF level in the vitreous fluid may be associated with greater improvement of macular edema with branch retinal vein occlusion (BRVO)., VEGF, IL-6 and IL-8 contribute to the haematological malignancies in which bone marrow angiogenesis plays a role in the pathogenesis and progression, TRPC6 is an obligatory component of cation channels required for the VEGF-mediated increase in cytosolic calcium and subsequent downstream signaling that leads to processes associated with angiogenesis, head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cells are both targets and effectors for VEGF, The level of VEGF expression is correlated with the degree of gastric wall injury, The aim of this study was to analyze the effect of TGF-beta targeting on the expression of angiogenic vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), in fibroblasts isolated from radiation-induced chronic dermal wounds., VEGF-A stimulates ADAM17-dependent shedding of VEGFR2 and crosstalk between VEGFR2 and ERK signaling., there are VEGF-dependent and independent angiogenic stimuli in skin carcinogenesis, green tea extract inhibits angiogenesis partly through the disruption of STAT3-mediated transcription of genes, including VEGF., Vascular endothelial growth factor is highly expressed in muscle tissue of patients with polymyositis and patients with dermatomyositis, Our data support an association between VEGF genotype and median OS as well as grade 3 or 4 hypertension when using bevacizumab in metastatic breast cancer. SNPs included VEGF-2578AA, VEGF-1154A, VEGF-634CC and VEGF-1498TT., results indicate that VEGF165b fails to be up-regulated in the first trimester in those pregnancies that will later be complicated by pre-eclampsia, High circulating VEGF levels are associated with postmenopausal breast cancer patients who had had a previous hysterectomy., Highest levels of circulating VEGF are observed in metastatic stage, positive mediastinal nodal status, and poor PS non-small cell lung cancers., A panel of tests for p53 codon 72 Pro/Pro, PAI-1 4G/4G and VEGF -1154A/A may be useful to identify women at risk for implantation failure after IVF-ET., expression of the VEGF-A 121 isoform is associated with favorable response to treatment in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia, The present study suggests that the VEGF gene polymorphisms may play a role in the development of colorectal cancer., Overexpressed and may contribute to the development of fibrovascular membranes in patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy., Case Report, These results suggest that CCN2 regulates the expression of VEGF at a transcriptional level by promoting HIF-1alpha activity., The expressions of hypoxia inducible factor 1alpha, vascular endothelial growth factor-A, thioredoxin, and thioredoxin interacting protein were related to macrophage infiltration rather than neovascularization in carotid atherosclerotic plaques, Over-expression of livin and VEGF contributes to the pathogenesis of esophageal carcinoma., Different roles for TGF-beta and VEGF in the pathogenesis of the cardinal features of diabetic nephropathy, Expression of pro- and anti-angiogenic isoforms of VEGF is differentially regulated by splicing and growth factors., in vivo circulating levels of free VEGF in preeclampsia is likely to contribute to compromised fetoplacental vascular patency in this disease, inhibition of either ERK or Sp1 suppressed M-CSF-induced VEGF at the mRNA and protein level, Vascular endothelial growth factor expression is significantly increased in port-wine stains, suggesting that VEGF could contribute to the pathogenesis of PWS by inducing vessel proliferation, vasodilation, or both., VEGF is increased in cord blood of neonates following birth asphyxia, and that VEGF is specifically most increased in infants who later developed encephalopathy., Eag1 interferes with the cellular mechanism for maintaining oxygen homeostasis, increasing HIF-1 activity, and thereby VEGF secretion and tumor vascularization, The VEGF 936C/T polymorphism may be associated with the risk of endometriosis in a Caucasian population, but the increased VEGF levels observed in endometriosis do not appear to be associated with this polymorphism., May be used as a reliable prognostic criterion in the prognosis of malignant tumors of the breast., The results suggest that the CTG haplotype can be used as a genetic marker for psoriasis especially the early-onset group of Thais., ZKSCAN3 regulates the expression of several genes favoring tumor progression including integrin beta 4 and VEGF, Expression of human VEGF directs HUCB cell differentiation into endothelial cells; neuro-protective effects may stem from the delivery of various neuro-trophic factors from newly formed blood vessels., the VEGF plasma levels as well as the VEGF tissue expression in HHT patients with ENG gene mutations did not differ significantly to those of HHT patients with ACVRL1 gene mutations or mutations for both the genes., VEGF, HIF-1alpha, and predominantly PDGFRalpha are expressed in neoplastic cells in the majority of Hodgkin lymphomas., Novel regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor-A (VEGF-A) by transforming growth factor (beta)1, The VEGF 936C>T polymorphism is a susceptibility factor for stomach cancer in Korean patients., Autocrine/paracrine hGH secreted from mammary carcinoma cells also promoted HMEC-1 in vitro tube formation as a consequence of increased vascular endothelial growth factor-A (VEGF-A) expression., VEGF escapes the sequestration by endothelial sVEGFR-1 and promotes angiogenesis in the presence of MMP-7, We show that systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) patients have increased mean IMT and VEGF values as compared with healthy age-matched controls and that IMT and VEGF values are independently and directly associated with SLE disease., Vector-based vascular endothelial growth factor 165 (VEGF)(165) targeted siRNA expression system (pSilencer(siVEGF)) was used to investigate the ability to inhibit VEGF(165) expression in vitro and suppresses retinal neovascularization., VEGF may reflect hypoxic and/or ischemic conditions in muscle tissue, and have a relationship with the process of disease progression in Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy patients., Expression of angiogenic and lymphangiogenic factors (VEGF-A, IL-8, VEGF-C,and VEGF-D) is up-regulated directly or indirectly by altitude-dependent hypoxia. Both factors could be involved in a mechanism of adaptation to high altitudes., Estradiol partially stimulated mesenchymal stem cell proliferation via HIF-1alpha activation and VEGF expression through PKC, PI3K/Akt, and MAPK pathways., forced VEGF overexpression or autocrine VEGF stimulation of VEGFR-2 triggers proliferation and migration/invasion of U-937 leukemic c, In this case-control study, VEGF was not significantly associated with breast cancer risk in pre- and postmenopausal women., VEGF macromolecules are secreted by the tumor tissue and enter peritumoral normal brain tissue to induce edema., Changes in nailfold capillaroscopy, endothelial cell activation markers (VEGF, endothelin-1, E-selectin, and thrombomodulin) and features of systemic lupus erythematosus suggest microvascular abnormalities in the clinical manifestation of the disease., Stimulation of the EP3(I) isoform of the human EP3 receptor with prostaglandin E(2) increases the mRNA expression of both VEGF and its cognate receptor VEGF receptor-1., define a role for VEGF as an inhibitor of neovascularization on the basis of its capacity to disrupt vascular smooth muscle cells function, Ultrasound mediated gene therapy with the minicircle-VEGF(165) is effective for the healing of the skin wound of the diabetic mice., VEGF gene polymorphisms were found to be an independent prognostic marker for Greek colorectal cancer patients, These findings suggest that the Ang and VEGF families may play a role in the process of spiral artery remodelling in normal pregnancy., VEGF 936 T/C gene polymorphisms are not related to colorectal cancer., VEGF-A appears to be a novel mediator of IBD by promoting intestinal angiogenesis and inflammation., VEGF took part in development and progression of colorectal carcinomas and that Id-1 was associated with regulations of VEGF, Achieving optimal therapeutic outcomes, the scheduling of radiotherapy and antiangiogenic therapy requires patient-specific post-treatment monitoring of the VEGF pathway., We confirmed significant overexpression of osteoprotegerin and vascular endothelial growth factor-A by ELISA from supernatants of SBDS-depleted HeLa cells., Study provides insights into the genetic pathogenesis of AMD, and VEGFA has been shown as one of the five genes independently involved in progression from intermediate disease to advanced disease in which blindness is frequent., Association between increment of serum VEGF level and prognosis after transcatheter arterial chemoembolization in hepatocellular carcinoma patients is reported., VEGF expression was significantly enhanced in epithelial and endothelial cells from patients with periodontitis compared with controls., Decreased plasma total antioxidant activity, NO, and VEGF levels in patients with metabolic syndrome may reflect significant endothelial dysfunction., mTORC2 and Akt facilitate CD40-inducible expression of VEGF in endothelial cells, There is no association between the progression of ROP (retinopathy of prematurity) and polymorphisms in VEGF and Ang 2 genes., guggulsterone not only induces apoptosis, but also inhibits angiogenesis and metastasis in colon cancer cells by blocking STAT3 and VEGF expression, the proangiogenetic potential of growth factors may account for accelerated tumour growth when residual tumour cells are exposed to high levels of VEGF165 and HGF, Results show a significant positive correlation between the concentrations of tissue VEGF and its receptor VEGFR2 in primary breast neoplasms during neoadjuvant therapy, and suggest that VEGFR2 levels may indicate the level of lymphatic metastasis., VEGF stimulates wound healing through angiogenesis, but likely promotes collagen deposition and epithelialization as well., TGF-beta1, VEGF and NO probably have a role in the pathogenesis of Hashimoto's thyroiditis, and development of autoimmunity, The p-VEGF level of gastrointestinal stromal tumor patients is significantly higher than that of healthy controls., Colonic tissue samples of Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, and amoebic colitis groups all had higher VEGF expression than did the healthy controls., KV11 peptide (from human Apolipoprotein A) suppresses angiogenesis and tumor progression by targeting the c-Src/ERK signaling pathways in VEGF induced cells, TM4SF5 facilitates angiogenesis of neighboring endothelial cells through VEGF induction, mediated by cooperation between TM4SF5 and integrin alpha(5) of epithelial cells, VEGF -2 578 polymorphism has an influence on CAD severity, possibly because of a reduced VEGF expression, suggesting a protective effect of VEGF in atherosclerosis., Reduced secretion of VEGF and expression of VEGF-R3 by placental endothelial cells in gestosis can be caused by functional deficiency of the endothelial cells and low viability of endothelial cells., VEGF is elevated in patients with recurrent papillary thyroid cancer and distinguishes the presence of distant metastasis, VEGF may have a protective role in the pathogenesis of aGVHD., Plasma VEGF warrants further evaluation as a prognostic marker for treatment outcome in advanced breast cancer patients receiving anti-VEGF therapy., Human neuroblastoma CHP126 cells were employed to investigate hypoxia-induced upregulation of VEGF and Bcl-2 expression., analysis of the effects of vascular endothelial growth factor-A antagonists, VEGF gene polymorphisms may be involved in the development of the ocular Behcet's disease as well as the severity of the disease., Inhibitory effects of IFN-alpha-2b on implanted hepatocellular carcinoma growth and apoptosis may be associated with the down-regulation of COX-2 and VEGF expression., The findings suggest a protective effect for the 'C-2578, G-1154 and C-634' haplotype against the development of pre-eclampsia, but no major effects of VEGF gene variants on susceptibility to gestational hypertension., Classical genetic recessive and dominant model did not find significant influence of separate VEGF polymorphisms on the progression of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease., Expression levels of MIF, VEGF and p16 were significantly higher in the carcinomas than those in cervical intraepithelial neoplasia or normal tissues., The expression of VEGF-A, VEGFR-1, VEGFR-2, and VEGFR-3 in was higher in peritumoral liver tissue, while VEGF-C expression was higher in tumor., Data show that EPAS1 and VEGF, but not HIF1alpha, are overexpressed in pancreatic carcinoma., HSC mobilization from their niches by GCSF resulted in higher VEGF serum livels, lower Tie-2 serum levels, and no change in angiopoietin 1 and angiopoietin 2 levels, Ang-2 promotes angiogenesis when interacting with VEGF in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma., No major association was found between variation in the VEGF gene and carotid intima-media thickness., 15-LOX-2 suppresses VEGF gene expression and sustains tumor dormancy in prostate cancer, Effect of ROS on angiogenesis in tumors expressing hot-spot p53 mutants was correlated with their ability to increase a content of HIF1 transcriptional factor responsible for up-regulation of VEGF-A mRNAs., an RNA switch in human vascular endothelial growth factor-A mRNA 3' untranslated region that integrates signals from interferon -gamma and hypoxia to regulate VEGFA translation in myeloid cells, VEGF expression was found to be negatively and significantly correlated with the sensitivity to neoadjuvant chemoradiation., The positive expressions of VEGF in the synovial tissues of cacroiliac joint of patients with active AS were stronger than those in the control group., CXCR4 has a role in VEGF expression and poor survival in soft-tissue sarcoma, components of the CBM complex, Carma3, Bcl10, and Malt1 are key mediators of the CXCL8/IL8-induced NFkappaB activation and VEGF up-regulation., Protein kinase B (pAkt) and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) were the insulin-responsive intermediates in proliferating endothelial cells (ECs)., glioblastoma multiforme tumour vasculature architecture and functional properties of the vessels were studied during subsequent phases of tumour growth in relation to hypoxia and VEGF-expression, E1A gene therapy can effectively enhance the nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell sensitivity to radiotherapy by down-regulating VEGF expression., Novel VEGF polymorphism -1780T/C could significantly predict the predisposition to gastroduodenal ulcers after the exposure to etiologic risks, based on defective angiogenic activity., After treatment with everolimus, expression of p-mTOR, HIF-1alpha and VEGF was shown to be sharply depressed in clear cell adenocarcinoma, VEGF appeared to have a crucial role in osteoblastic differentiation since the inhibition of its receptors reduced the co-culture-stimulated osteoblastic phenotype, Chromatin immunoprecipitation assay demonstrated that PEA3 could bind to the VEGF promoter in the cells transfected with PEA3 expression vector, VEGF polymorphisms and haplotypes are a genetic determinant for the risk of idiopathic recurrent spontaneous abortion in Korean women., VEGF is not upregulated in ectopic endometriotic tissue from infertile women., results indicate that in progressive but not in stable proteinuric kidney disease, proximal tubular epithelial cells show an attenuated VEGF-A expression despite an activation of intracellular hypoxia response and VEGF signaling pathways, increased levels in patients with active Crohn disease and ulcerative colitis, Serum levels of sICAM and VEGF were significantly higher in juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) patients with capillary abnormalities than in JIA patients with normal capillaroscopy., Colorectal cancer patients had increased plasma VEGF-A, but not endoglin levels., VEGF polymorphism not associated with susceptibility to high altitude pulmonary edema in a Japanese population, miR-16 regulates expression of endogenous VEGF., LPA stimulates hypoxia-inducible factor-1-independent VEGF expression to promote tumor angiogenesis through activation of the c-Myc and Sp-1 transcription factors, VEGFA single nucleotide polymorphisms were not associated with increased Common carotid intima-media thickness., Over-expression of endogenous KGF genes in colorectal cancer cells increase VEGF-A production and may relate to angiogenesis in cancer., estradiol and tamoxifen may regulate the growth of endometrial carcinoma cells by stimulating VEGF production through Efp, Expression of VEGF in urinary bladder transitional cell carcinoma in an Iraqi population subjected to depleted uranium, PRL-3 induces microvascular and lymphatic vessel formation by facilitating VEGF and VEGF-C expression in lung cancer, high levels of pleural effusion VEGF is a negative predictor of non-small cell lung cancer patient survival, Retrograde transplantation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells expressing exogenous human VEGF efficiently induces angiogenesis and improves the impaired left ventricular function in hearts of pigs with acute myocardial infarction., Intrauterine circulatory imbalance may induce changes in VEGF expression. These alterations may be involved in both donor & recipient in pathogenesis of twin-twin trnafusion syndrome, due to hemodynamic stability between the circulation of twins., COX-2, EGFR and VEGF are overexpressed in gastric carcinoma., In cultures of brain microvascular endothelial cells, VEGF-A specifically down-regulated CLN-5 and OCLN protein and mRNA, Vascular endothelial growth factor induces protein kinase D-dependent production of proinflammatory cytokines in endothelial cells., Endometrial stathmin is linked to HIF-1alpha protein accumulation and VEGF expression through the PI3K/Akt signaling pathway and may be involved in regeneration of the endometrium during the menstrual cycle in human uterine cells., VEGF165 may partially inhibit TGF-beta1-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition by upregulating the expressions of BMP-7 and Id2., Inhibition of Rho-dependent kinases ROCK I/II activates VEGF-driven retinal neovascularization and sprouting angiogenesis., study found a difference in protein levels of expression of VEGF and PEDF between diabetic and non-diabetic epiretinal membranes, VEGF-mediated angiogenesis might be associated with the development of adenomyosis., TGF-beta may facilitate airway remodelling by promoting VEGF release through the PI3K pathway, rather than via ASM cell proliferation., Quantification of VEGF-1 expression seems to provide valuable prognostic information in colorectal cancer., Thus, the strong RNA-binding affinity conferred by ALS-associated mutations of SOD1 may contribute to the post-transcriptional dysregulation of VEGF mRNA., An association of rs4711750 and its haplotype in 1 s (FEV(1))/forced vital capacity ratio was observed. Longitudinal analysis confirmed an association of rs4711750 with FEV(1)/FVC decline over approximately 4.5 yrs of observation in childhood asthma., The study indicated that the -2578A or -1154A allele of VEGF gene could significantly decrease the risk of adenomyosis and might be potentially protective factors for adenomyosis development., vascular endothelial growth factor has a role in squamous cell carcinoma [review], VEGF was a highly significant predictor of response to therapy and survival in both limited disease and extensive disease small cell lung cancer patients. Normal serum VEGF level was associated with improved response rate., Stromal cell-derived factor-1 and VEGF are expressed in human intervertebral discs, In breast cancer patients, strong VEGF expression was found in the epithelial cells and vascular endothelial cells around the breast carcinoma., Tissue factor and VEGF expression in prostate carcinoma, circulating VEGF demonstrated high heritabilities and a sexual dimorphism, Unlike other DNA damage response-inducing agents, RITA treatment of cells induced a p53-dependent increase in phosphorylation of the eif2 alpha, requiring PKR-like endoplasmic reticulum kinase activity, and led to the downregulation of HIF-1alpha, Within the DR52 supertype, VEGF*C-DR3-TNF -308*A is a 'high inflammatory' haplotype associated with acute and chronic transplant rejection, Microvesicles produced by human cancer cells harboring activated EGFR (A431, A549, DLD-1) can be taken up by cultured endothelial cells, in which they elicit EGFR-dependent responses, including activation of MAPK and Akt pathways., Nasal VEGF secretion in response to allergen exposure may augment eosinophilic inflammation in the nasal mucosa of patients with allergic rhinitis., Coordination of COX-2 with VEGF may promote angiogenesis in bone marrow cells of leukemia patients., The serum VEGF level of multiple myeloma patients was higher than in the normal persons. VEGF and COX-2 may play an important role in the pathogenesis and development of multiple myeloma., The high levels of sVCAM-1, IL-18 and low level of VEGF in serum may be involved in the pathogenesis and progress of aplastic anemia., VEGF-A signalling acts on tumour cells as a stimulator of the AKT/mTOR pathway., chronic hypoxia attenuates VEGF-stimulated signaling in coronary artery endotehlial cells by specific downregulation of KDR expression, The VEGF levels in colorectal patients at stage IV were reduced as the tumor load decreased., extracellular RNA serves an important cofactor function to engage VEGF for VEGF-R2-dependent signal transduction, regulation of VEGF by MAP3K6 may play a crucial role in both angiogenesis and tumorigenesis., Enhanced expressions of MMP-2 and -9, VEGF, and increased microvessel density in endometrial hyperplasia may play important roles in the pathogenesis of women with anovulatory dysfunctional uterine bleeding., These findings suggest a positive role of RRM2 in tumor angiogenesis and growth through regulation of the expression of TSP-1 and VEGF., The reduction in PEDF expression levels may be, in part, responsible for tumor malignancy in VEGF-low ovarian tumors, The expression of VEGF was significantly higher in malignant gastrointestinal stromal tumors than those in benign and potentially malignant GIST., association between Id2 and lymphangiogenesis is suggested by co-localization of Id2, VEGFR-3 and lymphatic vascular endothelial hyaluronan receptor-1, We observed lower VEGF levels in Dengue Fever and Dengue Hemorrahgic Fever patients compared to study control., Certain SNPs in intron 2 of the VEGF gene are associated with early progression of retinopathy in Japanese patients with type 1 diabetes, though their contributions were weakened by glycemic exposure., Elevated CSF VEGF levels are associated with neoplastic meningitis., VEGF(165) is a selective competitor of HTLV-1 entry and HTLV-1 mimics VEGF(165) to recruit HSPGs and NRP-1 to function as HTLV-1 receptors, polymorphic variants within VEGF gene promoter confer greater risk for Alzheimer's disease; the meta-analysis provides evidence of a small role of the functional variant C(-2578)A in the pathogenesis of the disease, IL-6/sIL-6R complex showed angiogenic activity via the production of VEGF from synovial cells from rheumatoid arthritis patients, but TNF-alpha was anti-angiogenic., Interleukin 6-independent VEGF secretion may contribute to persistent macular oedema associated with ischaemic branch retinal vein occlusion after intravitreal injection of triamcinolone acetonide., The VEGF levels are elevated at onset in severe sepsis patients. VEGF levels can reflect the severity of sepsis in a certain degree., An enhanced activation of the signalling was observed when endothelial cells were stimulated by the combination of VEGF-A and HGF., The effects of shockwave on bone healing and systemic concentrations of VEGF, increase in plasma levels predicts for clinical benefit following sunitinib treatment in patients with clear-cell metastatic renal cell carcinoma, The results of the present study demonstrate that HIF-1alpha and HIF-1beta enhances expression of VEGF and glucose metabolism-related genes in response to hypoxia in gastric cancer., Endothelin inhibits cholangiocarcinoma growth by a decrease in the vascular endothelial growth factor expression., VEGF was widely expressed in the tumor cells of primary diffuse large B-cell lymphoma of the female genital system., expression of VEGF in renal tissue may serve as a molecular marker of renal damage and may be a predictive factor for short-term loss of kidney function in patients with lupus nephritis, The activation of SP1 contributes to angiogenesis and metastasis in gastric cancer through the up-regulation of VEGF., Overexpression of VEGF-A and cHIF-1alpha in tumor cells highlights a more aggressive subtype of clear cell renal cell carcinoma that might have some clinical implications, Data show that particulate matters significantly influenced HO-1 and VEGF gene expressions, caused neutrophilic inflammation and promoted oxidative stress in welders with long-term exposure., Inducible nitric oxide synthase gene silencing reduces vascular endothelial growth factor expression levels in human tongue squmous cell carcinoma Tca8113 cells., Genetic variation in VEGF appears to play a small role, if any, in outflow tract congenital cardiovascular malformation susceptibility., The subcellular expression of maspin in pulmonary adenocarcinomas and correlated with histological grade, proliferative rate, p53 expression, vascular endothelial growth factor-A levels, and prognosis, results suggest that NF-kappaB promotes iNOS and VEGF expression in salivary gland ACC cells and enhances endothelial cell motility in vitro, Surgical removal of endometriotic lesions results in decreased serum levels of pro-angiogenic VEGF-A, a change that at least partly normalizes within a week after surgical removal of the endometriotic lesions., gene poolymorphism and level of expression is associated with lung cancer, expressionin cancer tissue has no prognostic impact in non-small cell lung cancer patients, FHL-2 suppresses VEGF-induced phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt activation via interaction with sphingosine kinase-1., Serum and follicular fluid VEGF bioactivity (VEGF/sVEGFR-1 ratio) was greater in polycystic ovarian syndrome patients than in controls on the day of oocyte retrieval., The G1612A but not the C936T polymorphism of the VEGF gene is associated with gastric pre-malignant condition in older individuals., Ganoderma tsugae methanol extract inhibits VEGF expression via the suppression of EGFR expression, resulting in the downregulation of VEGF secretion from epidermoid carcinoma A-431 cells., The data indicate that the -634 polymorphism and its co-inheritance with genotypes of other VEGF polymorphisms might be considered as risk factors playing a role in the clinical outcome of acute myocardial infarction patients., deficit in iodine is related to the release of VEGF-A via a reactive oxygen species/hypoxia-inducible factor-1-dependent pathway in thyroid, The VEGF-2578C/A polymorphism was shown to be inconsistent with the onset and aggressiveness of nasopharyngeal carcinoma., Autocrine VEGF-A and VEGF-C crosstalks in lymphoma cells are important in the pathogenesis of lymphomas, Overexpression of vascular endothelial growth factor and platelet-derived endothelial cell growth factor is associated with hepatocellular carcinoma., Data show that pSilencer-3.1-VEGF-2 can silence the expression of VEGF in A549, and inhibit the angiogenesis of endothelial cells in vitro and the tumor growth and lengthen the survival of the bearing mice in vivo., dynamic intercompartmental transport processes give rise to our surprising prediction that VEGF trapping alone does not account for sVEGFR1's antiangiogenic potential, sensitivity of plasma VEGF and sVEGFR1 to physiological fluctuations in transport rates may partially account for heterogeneity in clinical measurements of these circulating angiogenic markers, potentially hindering diagnostic reliability for diseases, These data demonstrate that changes in VEGF isoform expression occur in ARDS which may be related to their production by and mitogenic effect on ATII cells., children with mycoplasma pneumonia and wheeze have significantly higher serum levels of IL-5 and VEGF(vascular endothelial growth factor) than those without wheeze, Serum vascular endothelial growth factor and fibronectin predict clinical response to high-dose interleukin-2 therapy., No correlation between VEGF expression and gene receptor mutation was found in patients with esophageal cancer., Hypoxic synovial monocytic cells are a likely source of VEGF and OPN in juvenile idiopathic arthritis., Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor A activates Tie2 via a mechanism involving proteolytic cleavage of the associated tyrosine kinase Tie1 leading to trans-phosphorylation of Tie2 to be signalling between receptor groups regulating angiogenesis., results suggest a possibility that RAGE-VEGF regulation may be related to reproductive dysfunction in aging women, High glucose concentration in cell culture medium does not acutely affect human mesenchymal stem cell VEGF production or proliferation., Results suggest that exogenous TGF-alpha1 enhance tendon mechanical properties by changing by accelerating cell proliferation and collagen synthesis while VEGF deteriorate tendon properties via vessel formation and destruction of the collagen network., Data show that there is no association between circulating VEGF and bone mineral density at any site studied, but that polymorphic variants in the VEGF gene are associated with spine BMD., A cooperative role for ERalpha and c-Myc in estrogen regulation of VEGF and the ability of c-Myc to partially mimic estrogen regulation of angiogenesis., Elevated serum concentrations of VEGF in patients after fracture of long bones, especially at the initial healing phase, indicate the importance of VEGF in the process of fracture healing in humans., Activation of Rac1 GTPase contributes to VEGF-induced endothelial cell hyperpermeability., Sonic Hedgehog induces Notch target gene expression in vascular smooth muscle cells via VEGF-A, The presence of the VEGF-A receptors, particularly in the granulosa cells, suggests that VEGF-A might be involved in proliferation initiation of primordial follicles or play an as yet unknown role in human preantral follicles., The aim of the study was to assess the usefulness of soluble angiogenesis markers such as endoglin and VEGFR2 in gastric cancer patients and to compare these results with those of VEGF levels., Neuroblastoma cell adaptation to hypoxia involves the modulation of HIF1alpha and VEGF expression, nuclear translocation of ID1 and ID2 transcription factors, and activation of a gene expression program consistent with pro-metastatic events., VEGF-A mRNA level is a potential prognostic indicator of progression in bladder cancer as well as the expression level of the different VEGF-A splice variants., correlation between VEGF levels and systolic pulmonary artery pressure may suggest a possible role of VEGF in the pathogenesis of pulmonary hypertension in systemic sclerosis, The present study provides the evidence that the VEGF -1154G allele and the -2549D/-1154G haplotype may be associated with the development of sporadic Alzheimer's disease in the individuals without APOEepsilon4 allele., Data show that activation of estrogen-related receptor alpha in several different breast cancer cell lines leads to a significant increase in VEGF mRNA expression, an activity that translates into an increase in VEGF protein secretion., VEGF was expressed by odontogenic keratocyst epithelium, a linear relationship between VEGF and Ki67 was found, and expression of VEGF was not associated with inflammation., Serum VEGF may be a sensitive predictor of endothelial dysfunction in type 2 diabetes., PTEN modulated VEGF-mediated signaling and affected tumor angiogenesis through PI3K/Akt/VEGF/eNOS pathway., Taken together, our present data suggest that TRPC1, but not TRPC3 and 5, is involved in hypoxia-induced VEGF expression in U-87 MG cells. These findings expands the physiological function of TRPC1., The expressions of galectin-3 and VEGF in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma were remarkably higher than that in normal control tissue., VEGF and COX-2 promote abnormal angiogenesis and cell proliferation in condyloma acuminatum lesions., Increased expression of VEGFA is associated with astrocytoma pathogenesis and progression., Intra-amniotic infection upregulates decidual cell vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and neuropilin-1 and -2 expression, levels of VEGF after treatment with curcumin were lower than the corresponding control group, Caveolin-1 and caveolae play a paradoxical role in regulating VEGF-induced ERK2/1 activation and in vitro angiogenesis, These data demonstrate a novel mechanism of VEGF-induced occludin phosphorylation and ubiquitination that contributes to TJ trafficking and subsequent vascular permeability., Stimulation of VEGF protein secretion by bFGF overexpression in human melanoma cells is regulated by activation of PI-3K and p38 MAPK., Even though a causal linkage between these conditions cannot be confirmed, a continuous high VEGF level in plasma could be a possible clinical indicator for subsequent intracerebral haemorrhages in the CCM patients., secretion in bronchial epithelial cells is induced during Chlamydophila pneumoniae infection, The addition of VEGF neutralizing antibody to the OSCC-conditioned medium prevented endothelial cells from being skewed to downregulate T-cell proliferation and production of IFN-gamma, perforin, and granzyme B., VEGFA gene polymorphisms is associated with ocular manifestations in pseudoxanthoma elasticum., PCNA and VEGF expression in non-small cell lung cancer regulates angiogenesis and proliferation at the same time., Studies indicate that since the 2004 approval of bevacizumab, a humanized monoclonal antibody that binds vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), antiangiogenic therapy has been used to treat selected cancers., VEGF plasma levels are elevated in chronic urticaria (UC) and parallel the disease severity; this supports a possible role of this molecule in CU pathophysiology Eosinophils are the main cellular source of VEGF in CU lesional skin, Castration-resistant cancers were characterized by reduced VEGF-A and increased HIF-1alpha expression, and vascular proliferation was associated with reduced patient survival in this group., The EGF/PI3K/STAT3 signaling is identified as an essential pathway regulating VEGF and leptin expression in EGF-responsive colon cancer cells., The role of VEGF is within the inflammatory cascade in the mediation of blood-brain barrier disruption and not specific to Behcet's., mural cell-associated VEGF has a unique role in driving vessel formation and maturation, Data suggest that the expression of IGF-1R or VEGF may be related to the development, invasion and metastasis of gastric carcinoma., ALK1 and ALK5 are both essential for correct regulation of VEGF, and that disruption of either pathway leads to disease., Study suggests that AFS cells acquire endothelial cell characteristics when stimulated by growth factors and shear force, and produce angiogenic factors (VEGF, PGF, and hepatocyte growth factor [HGF]) in response to hypoxia., data suggest that the SNP at position 1154 of the promoter region of the VEGF gene may play a role in pathogenesis of atopic dermatitis, reduced expression of HDAC4 in chondrosarcoma cells increases expression of Runx2 leading to increased expression of VEGF and in vitro angiogenesis, Low-dose simultaneous delivery of adenovirus encoding hepatocyte growth factor and vascular endothelial growth factor in dogs enhances liver proliferation without systemic growth factor elevation., in human granulosa lutein cells angiotensin II increases VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) expression but its synthesis is reduced by human Chorionic Gonadotropin., Egr-1 might play an important role in the up-regulation of VEGF and IL-8 induced by HGF and contribute to HGF-mediated angiogenesis, which might be promising targets for hepatocellular carcinoma therapy., VEGF represents a model of gene expression regulation. It is overexpressed in solid or hematologic tumors and is associated with tumor aggressiveness. Review., Vascular endothelial growth factor expression is increased in podocytes from women with preeclampsia., An implication of VEGF gene polymorphisms in the pathological disorders of pregnancy., The -1154A and -2578A alleles of VEGF are associated with a protective effect against the development of endometriosis in North Chinese women., In metastatic brain lesions carrying activated alpha(v)beta(3), VEGF expression is controlled at the post-transcriptional level and involves phosphorylation and inhibition of translational respressor 4E-binding protein (4E-BP1)., polyphenols from tea decrease serum levels of prostate-specific antigen, hepatocyte growth factor, and vascular endothelial growth factor in prostate cancer patients and inhibit hepatocyte growth factor and vascular endothelial growth factor, clinical data support in vivo shedding of sTie2 through VEGF signaling upon pulmonary vascular injury. Soluble Tie2 did not affect the association between Ang-1 or Ang-2 and the pulmonary leak index., The results did not support the hypothesis that polymorphisms in the untranslated region of the VEGF gene were associated with the concentration of circulating VEGF., Increased CD147 expression in tumor is strongly correlated with VEGF expression. Co-expression of CD147 & VEGF may play an important role in the progression of advanced RCC., Increased Shh and VEGF-A expression is correlated with an aberrant lymphatic endothelial differentiation in trisomy 21 fetuses., Significantly higher levels of VEGFA and shorter survival times reported for patients with primary operable triple-negative breast cancer., Data showed that expression of VEGF was significantly different between the benign and malignant nodule groups. nodule groups, MMP1 and MMP3, but not CDH1, IGFBP3, STK15 or VEGF, appear to play roles in familial and sporadic renal cell carcinoma, data suggest that the pro-inflammatory cytokine TNF-alpha is a critical regulator of VEGF expression in breast cancer cells, at least partially via a JNK and AP-1 dependent pathway, Sequence variation in the VEGFA gene is associated with risk of developing blinding diabetic retinopathy in type 1 and 2 diabetes mellitus., Studies indicate anti-vascular endothelial growth factor and proapoptotic strategies are effective in both primary and relapsed ovarian cancer., The high expression of HIF-1 alpha and VEGF in malignant melanoma indicates that they may play an important role in the generation and development of malignant melanoma., (-)-Epigallocatechin gallate can exert, at least in part, its growth-inhibitive effect on HCC cells by inhibiting the VEGF-VEGFR axis, VEGF-634G/C gene polymorphism may be associated with the development of Henoch-Schonlein purpura nephritis (HSPN)., the telomerase catalytic component hTERT is capable of activating transcription of VEGF., Data suggest that beta-glucan enhances bevacizumab-mediated efficacy and may provide therapeutic benefits for lung cancers with membrane-bound VEGF expression., The expression of HGF, SP1 and VEGF are related to biological behavior of serosa-infiltrative gastric cancer., VEGF resistance as a novel molecular concept for diabetes mellitus-related cellular dysfunction., After adjustment for other risk factors for coronary artery disease (CAD)in a multivariate model, the VEGF C-2578A polymorphism was not found to be an independent correlate of CAD (p=0.688)., Both p53 and VEGF expression were associated with Microvessel count in gastric carconoma; The rate of VEGF positivity was significantly higher in patients with haematogenous metastasis, Polymorphisms of VEGF genes and survival of patients with gastric cancer, Findings show the importance of VEGF in regulating tumor invasion and identify potential mediators of resistance to targeted VEGF therapy., There is a correlation between the expression of VEGF in the vitreous body and the severity of proliferative diabetic retinopathy., Expression of HIF-1alpha and VEGF is greater in retinoblastoma with vasculogenic mimicry., In comparison with controls the level of serum VEGF was significantly increased and the number of dendritic cell was significantly decreased in patients with oral squamous cell carcinoma., Decreased VEGF mRNA expression in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex of schizophrenia subjects., Data suggest taht a better understanding of the Bcl-2/VEGF pathway may ultimately lead to the development of novel therapeutics that can synergistically target both tumor blood vessels and tumor growth., Data show that patients whose disease progressed despite therapy had a significantly higher baseline VEGF-A level than those who did not progress., VEGF-related pathways may not be solely responsible for stimulating angiogenesis., VEGF is critical to the invasive process in human gastric cancer and that this occurs via up-regulation of integrin alphavbeta6 expression and activation of ERK., High VEGF levels are associated with poorer progression-free survival in follicular lymphoma., Data show that VEGF 936C/T, and a haplotype of 460T/C, 405G/C, and 936C/T combined, has potential prognostic significance in esophageal cancer., Serum levels of creatinine and the VEGF genotypes were significantly correlated with ascites formation., The data demonstrate that VEGF may affect APP processing, at least in vitro, suggesting a role of VEGF in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease., These data suggest that changes of VEGF in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) skin are likely to be related to the disease process and that metabolic alterations of VEGF may take place in the skin of patients with ALS, polymorphisms in VEGF may affect survival in advanced non-small-cell lung cancer, Abnormal expression of VEGF and Flk-1/KDR may be the initiating factor of angiogenesis in the process of breast hyperplasia-atypical hyperplasia-breast cancer., Combination of stromal-derived factor-1alpha and vascular endothelial growth factor gene-modified endothelial progenitor cells is more effective for ischemic neovascularization., In association with epigallocatechin-3-gallate, Gingko biloba extract down-regulated VEGF and CXCL8/IL-8 levels in a cumulative manner in TNFalpha-stimulated keratinocytes., Associations between PM(2.5) and HRV were modified by gene polymorphisms of APOE, LPL and VEGF., hypoxia induces up-regulation of VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) and bFGF(basic fibroblast growth factor) in Adipose-derived stem cells and enhances wound healing, chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells spontaneously express both VEGF and Ang2 and are able to secrete these factors in surrounding microenvironment, The expression levels of both Elf-1 and VEGF were significantly related with tumor differentiation, lymphatic metastasis, clinical stage, and postoperative survival time in non-small cell lung cancer., VEGF and NGF expressions in gliomas were upregulated compared to normal controls., The -2578, -460 and +405 single nucleotide polymorphisms of VEGF gene are not significant risk factors for polycystic ovary syndrome development alone., VEGF leads to a Rac1-mediated generation of ROS, which, in turn, elevates the tyrosine phosphorylation of VE-cadherin and beta-catenin, ultimately regulating adherens junction integrity., The present study evaluated the epigenetic gene silencing of VEGF and VEGFR genes in cancer tissues., neither VEGF nor TGF-beta1 can be used as biochemical markers for an early diagnosis in HHT., endogenous IL-18 might facilitate stomach cancer cell immune escape by suppressing CD70 and increasing metastatic ability by upregulating CD44 and VEGF, VEGF gene polymorphisms were not associated with prognosis in patients with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL)., Inhibiting bFGF stimulated cell growth increased VEGF expression in vascular endothelial cells., Restoring organization of malignant clusters reduces VEGF expression and endothelial cells activation to levels found in quiescent nonmalignant epithelium., Increasing evidence suggests critical roles for PKD1-mediated signaling pathways in endothelial cells, particularly in the regulation of VEGF-induced angiogenesis., peptidoglycan from S. aureus can induce LL37 and VEGF expression in keratinocytes, and this VEGF production can be amplified by subsequent IL-13 overproduction, Elevated vascular endothelial growth factor is associated with neuroblastoma., The micrometastasis in peripheral blood of non-small cell lung cancer patients is significantly associated with serum VEGF levels., Lower VEGF levels in the airway might bea surrogate marker for emphysematous changes in the lungs, especially in asthmatic patients with a history of smoking., These findings define molecular defects that underlie impaired VEGF production in diabetic tissues., The expression of AQP1 and VEGF in laryngeal carcinoma was significantly higher than that in vocal cord polyps and normal controls., The C-460T polymorphism of the endothelial growth factor can be considered as a potential marker for the wet form of age-related macular degeneration., VEGF polymorphisms are not associated with gastric cancer., cultured endothelial cell passage number is related to levels of VEGF production, 3,3'-Diindolylmethane (B-DIM) down-regulates uPA-uPAR in aggressive breast cancers but in the absence of uPA-uPAR, B-DIM can directly inhibit VEGF and MMP-9 leading to the inhibition of cell growth and migration of breast cancer cells, TTP acts as a negative regulator of VEGF gene expression in colon cancer cells, This studt suggested that VEGFA genetic variants do not play a major role in the response to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors., VEGF expression positively correlated with vascular density, proving its angioproliferative role in NHL. Poor survival correlated with diffuse intratumoral VEGF in follicular lymphoma & with diffuse VEGF mRNA in peripheral T-cell lymphoma., role of VEGF variation in cancer; data show genetic variability affects the activity & expression of VEGF; studies suggest that genetic variability may affect risk and outcome of a variety of disease states that are tightly regulated by angiogenesis, VEGF was expressed in the majority of pre-B-ALL bone marrow samples., VEGF(121)b, a new member of the VEGF(xxx)b family of VEGF-A splice isoforms, inhibits neovascularisation and tumour growth in vivo., Suggest that a HIF-1 alpha/VEGF angiogenic pathway may exist in vivo in small cell lung carcinoma., The VEGF +936 C/T polymorphism and particularly the C allele are associated with biliary atresia, possibly conferring increased susceptibility to the disease, These results show marked interethnic differences in the distribution of genetic variants of VEGF that may explain, at least in part, interethnic disparities in the susceptibility to cardiovascular diseases., VEGF-A induces a distinct gene repertoire, which, contrasting with other growth factors such as EGF or bFGF, includes an inherent inflammatory component possibly contributing to the cross-regulation of angiogenesis and inflammation, Results suggest that expressions of VEGF and HIF-1alpha could be involved in cervical carcinogenesis., Elevated CD133, but not VEGF or EGFR, may be a predictive marker of distant recurrence and poor survival after preoperative chemoradiotherapy in rectal cancer, The uPA-plasmin system participates in prostate carcinoma-high disseminating intravasation, possibly via promoting tumor cell matrix invasion and facilitating development of VEGF-dependent angiogenic blood vessels., Hyperoxia decreases growth and disrupts VEGF-nitric oxide signaling in human preterm endothelial colony-forming cells., There is strong evidence that VEGF and its receptors are involved in the onset of sarcoidosis and influence its course., Results indicate that GHRH functions as a trophic hormone for bronchial neuroendocrine (NET) tumors, and induces VEGF and chromogranin A secretion., A positive correlation was observed between the TGF-beta1, VEGF expression and IMD scores in infiltrating breast carcinoma, VEGF is a potent inhibitor of BMP2 expression in mesenchymal stem cells., examines the role of SNPs in the VEGF gene as predictive and prognostic markers for major solid tumors, including the breast, non-small cell lung, colorectal, and prostate cancers, The results obtained indicate that the -460C>T and -634G>C polymorphisms of the VEGF gene may be associated with the dry and wet forms of age-related macular degeneration in a Polish population., Increased VEGF and MMP-9 expression as well as decreased TSP-1 expression may play considerable roles in the invasion and differentiation of urothelial carcinoma., Report differential expression of vascular endothelial growth factor in glucocorticoid-related osteonecrosis of the femoral head., Data show that abrogating HIF-1alpha expression in basophils using siRNA demonstrated that this protein is essential for vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) mRNA expression and, consequently, release of VEGF protein., Single Nucleotide Polimorphisms in VEGF and ERCC3 were associated with alterations in White Blood Cells and WBC subtype counts in workers exposed to benzene, even at relatively low levels of exposure below 1 ppm., Studies indicate that inflammatory cytokines IL-1, IL-6, TNF-alpha and growth factors are also known to have dual roles in affecting seizure susceptibility., GnRH-II can reduce VEGF protein secreted by ectopic endometrial stromal cells cultured in vitro., VEGF in CSDH, which may be induced in the neomembrane by HIF-1 release, may give rise to the excessive development of fragile microvessels and hyperpermeability, resulting in the enlargement of CSDH., VEGF overexpression is associated with uterine cervical cancer., Increased serum levels of VEGF and MCP-1 may act as a key regulator of diabetic retinopathy and provide a potential tool for risk assessment in diabetic patients., Cepharanthine can suppress angiogenesis and growth of oral squamous cell carcinoma cells by inhibiting expression of VEGF and IL-8 involved in the blockade of NF-kappaB activity, Human inflammatory synovial fibroblasts induce enhanced myeloid cell recruitment and angiogenesis through a hypoxia-inducible transcription factor 1alpha/vascular endothelial growth factor-mediated pathway in immunodeficient mice., Data demonstrated that A(2B) receptor blockade can impair IL-8 production, whereas blocking A(3) receptors, it is possible to further decrease VEGF secretion in melanoma cells treated with VP-16 and doxorubicin., 936 C/T polymorphism of the VEGF gene may be an important factor determining plasma VEGF levels and that its polymorphism is related with diabetic retinopathy., Heregulin might affect colon cancer growth by regulating VEGF secretion via the erbB3 signaling pathway through autocrine and paracrine mechanisms., VEGF signaling may mediate the migration of cardiac stem cells via activation of PI3K/Akt, Von Hippel-Lindau gene product modulates TIS11B expression in renal cell carcinoma and has a role in vascular endothelial growth factor expression in hypoxia, the association between the combination of VEGF -1154 G and -2578 C alleles and VEGF production by LPS-stimulated PBMCs was investigated was studied., Data show that HIF-1 alpha mRNA expression increases in newborn infants with persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn or cyanotic congenital heart disease, as does the expression of its target genes VEGF and EPO., SOD1 sequesters Hu antigen R (HuR) and TIA-1-related protein (TIAR) and has a role in impaired post-transcriptional regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor, Expression of HIF1A and VEGF revealed divergent pH dependencies., show that the VEGF 2578 C, -1154 G alleles, and the AAG haplotype are associated with endocardial cushion defects, VEGF -460T was associated with increased cancer., Exogenous VEGF dose-dependently antagonizes the anti-angiogenic activity of amyloid-beta peptide in a capillary network assay., Results confirm that HIF-1alpha plays an essential role in E(2)-induced expression of VEGF., Our study is the first analysis showing correlation between serum concentrations of three angiogenic factors, Our results underline the importance of autocrine VEGF for podocyte survival and indicate the delicate balance of VEGF-A and VEGF-C to influence progression of glomerular diseases., Adenosine, through the activation of A(3) and A(2B) receptors, stimulates vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) secretion in a HIF-1alpha-dependent way, Data demonstrate that VEGF-induced angiogenesis requires inverse regulation of VEGFR1 and VEGFR2 in tumor-associated endothelial cells., The VEGF -634G>C promoter polymorphism is associated with risk of gastric cancer., Intravitreous VEGF and HIF-1a in diabetic patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy (PDR) are increased and related mutually. VEGF and HIF-1a, especially VEGF, are associated with the angiogenesis of PDR., alphav beta3 integrin may, in part, negatively regulate VEGF signaling by sequestering NRP1 and preventing it from interacting with VEGFR2, Data show that EMMPRIN up-regulate hypoxia-inducible factor-2alpha, VEGFR-2, and the soluble forms of VEGF in endothelial cells, thus directly regulating the angiogenic process., Data show that patients and controls had similar sVEGFR-2 levels, but VEGF levels were lower and sVEGFR-1 higher in patients with autism., Data show that downregulation of myosin VI expression results in a significant reduction in PSA and VEGF secretion in LNCaP cells, and the intracellular targeting seems to involve myosin VI-interacting proteins, GIPC and LMTK2 and Dab2., Data show that CLL cells express LPA receptors LPA(1-5) and VEGF receptors, and the plasma levels of VEGF are elevated in CLL patients., VEGF overexpression is correlated to fluorodeoxyglucose uptake in patients with early-stage nasophygeal carcinoma., Activating variants in the TGFbeta-1 and VEGF gene promoters are associated with post-urinary tract infection renal scar formation in children., Sphingosine 1-phosphate enhances endothelial cell proliferation and migration by upregulating the expression of VEGF mRNA., VEGFA genotype correlates with progression to advanced chronic myeloid leukemia., Liposomal quercetin could suppress the proliferation of culture Eca109/9706 cells by suppressing expression of c-met and VEGF., Adiponectin may play a significant role in the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis by stimulating the production of VEGF and MMP-1 and MMP-13, VEGF, but not PCNA may play a role in tumor recurrence and metastasis following photodynamic therapy, the alternative splicing variant VEGF189, the cell binding isoform, plays a leading role in the progression of non-small cell lung cancer, VEGF expression appears to be an early event in the development of papillary thyroid cancer., Serum VEGF appears to indicate the severity of peripheral vascular disease and might serve as a surrogate indicator of disease severity., Our results support that VEGF and endoglin act as two valuable indicators of prognosis of colorectal cancer, The gene expressions of TGF-beta1 and VEGF were significantly increased at the concentration of 0.1 mg/mL hyaluronic acid and 0.1 mg/mL Hylan, respectively., Hypoxia promotes FGF2- and VEGF-stimulated cell proliferation without further activation of the PI3K/AKT1 and MEK1/2/ERK1/2 pathways, respectively., HIF-1alpha and VEGF regulation by miR-20b tunes tumor cells to adapt to the alteration of oxygen concentration, insulin-like growth factor-1 is a mitogen for retinal pigment epithelial cells and also stimulates production of the angiogenic factor, vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)., The VEGF gene polymorphic SNPs at rs699947 and rs2146323 are strong determinants of the anatomic outcome after photodynamic therapy., No significant relation was observed between VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) expression and presence of intratumoral T lymphocyte and clinicopathological parameters in patients with malignant epithelial tumors of the ovary ., The results indicate that the two SNPs have a functional influence on the VEGF-A protein levels in normal colorectal tissue., Regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) splicing from pro-angiogenic to anti-angiogenic isoforms, High VEGF is associated with pancreatic cancer., The inheritance of VEGF and VEGFR IVS6 + 54 sequence variants may jointly modify prostate cancer susceptibility through their influence on angiogenesis., studies of up-regulation of VEGF in endometrial stromal cells, VEGF-A/NFATc1 signaling might be a crucial coordinator of endothelial cell migration in post-natal valves., hypoxia stimulated VEGF secretion from activated T cells; cigarette smoke extract did not affect VEGF secretion in hypoxia nor in normoxia; activated T cells from COPD-patients secreted significantly more VEGF compared to T cells from healthy individuals, The objective of this study was to identify the cis elements that control utilization of exon 6A in VEGF gene., analysis of the vascular endothelial growth factor +405 G/C polymorphism in psoriasis, Angiogenesis induced by hVEGF165 gene controlled by hypoxic response elements in rabbit ischemia myocardium., Studies explore the VHL-HIF-VEGF pathway that plays a fundamental role in the development of renal cancer., Hepatic polarity is critical to normal liver physiology. Hepatitis C virus infection promotes VEGF expression that depolarizes hepatoma cells, promoting viral transmission and lymphocyte migration into the parenchyma that may promote hepatocyte injury., NHE blockade inhibits VEGF expression in SGC7901 cells, Monitoring of plasma VEGF levels during the course of first-line chemotherapy could identify advanced non-small cell lung patients who are likely to have insufficient response to therapy and disease progression at an early stage., Demonstrate the potential of trimethylene carbonate-based elastomers combined with an osmotic mechanism to release recombinant VEGF., VEGF and/or bFGF (10 ng/mL) application influenced the accumulation of proteins in supernatants more profoundly under 1 gravity than under simulated microgravity., HIF-1alpha and VEGF could be used as biomarkers indicating tumors in advanced stage and independently implied poor prognosis in patients with colorectal cancer, VEGF and IL-8 secreted from corpora luteae may play major roles in ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Dopamine may block VEGF- and IL-8-induced endothelial permeability by inhibiting common VEGFR-2 dependent signals., Extracellular (EC)-SOD was increased together with VEGF in the vitreous body from proliferative diabetic retinopathy patients, suggesting that EC-SOD may play a pivotal role in the pathogenesis of angiogenesis., The expression of VEGF seems to be associated with COX-2, HO-1 and adipogenesis related genes., The -634C/G, -460T/C, and +936C/T VEGF polymorphisms were not associated with ectopic pregnancy (P = 0.170, P = 0.285, and P = 0.700, respectively)., Data suggest that VEGF serum levels vary in the different phases of hemangioma growth and may help to distinguish hemangiomas from vascular malformations., This study is the first to investigate the association of VEGFR-2 polymorphisms with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and evaluates VEGFA genetic variants in the largest neovascular AMD cohort to date., MT1-MMP can induce tumor angiogenesis through up-regulation of VEGF expression., HIF-1alpha expression is positively correlated with VEGF expression in non-small cell lung cancer., There was a positive correlation between expression of COX-2 and that of VEGF in clear cell renal cell carcinoma., Metronomic dalCMP is safe, well tolerated, and clinically active in metastatic breast cancer, but there was no correlation between response and VEGF, sVEGFR-1, or sVEGFR-2 levels., VEGF levels are elevated in complicated parapneumonic effusions and empyemas compared to simple parapneumonic effusions and are a significant predictor for the development of clinically significant residual pleural thickening., VEGF G+405C and C-2578A SNP allele distribution was significantly lower in the mantle cell lymphoma patient group than among normal controls (p = 0.014, p = 0.001)., High expression of MK and VEGF in bone marrow is correlated with angiogenesis and prognosis of multiple myeloma., VEGF had a positive effect on some parameters of sperm motility in a concentration-dependent manner. sperm viability was not prolonged at any concentration of VEGF as shown by hypo-osmotic swelling and eosin-Y dye tests, Studies indicate that the imbalance of pro-angiogenic and anti-angiogenic factors VEGFA, Notch, Dll4, PDGF and angiopoietin-1 promotes tumor angiogenesis., A correlation found between the increasing expression of VEGF, VEGF-C, the recptor VEGFR-2, and staging of carcinoma in invasive squamous cell carcinoma of cervix., Using RNA interference the authors show that bacteria-induced HIF-1alpha regulates the expression of IL-8, VEGF and Twist1, thereby pointing to a role for HIF-1 in angiogenesis and inflammation., VEGF +405 GC genotype and +405G allele may be associated with the risk of developing early and advanced stage endometriosis in the Turkish population, Serum and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid IL-8 and serum VEGF might have a prognostic role in survival of lung cancer., Free plasma VEGF(vascular endothelial growth factor) was undetectable from maternal samples, but it was detectable in the cord blood, Urinary excretion of VEGF leads to the decrease of local kidney VEGF concentration resulting in renal vascular injury., The VEGF is directly regulated by constitutive STAT3 activity and associated with meningioma differentiation., phosphorylation of annexin 1 regulates the angiogenic effect that is associated with the activation of the p38/LIM kinase 1 axis by VEGF, Data show that ADP significantly increased VEGF, but not endostatin, release from platelets, and that both P2Y(1) and P2Y(12) receptor antagonism inhibited this release., The serum VEGF level may reflect the severity of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and offer clinical benefits to predict the disease's progression., modulation of RANKL by VEGF165 may be one of the mechanisms responsible for the osteolytic process induced by Ewing's sarcoma cells., VEGF levels are associated with late phase and high disease activity in rheumatoid arthritis, independent of age and sex, Data show that a significant increase in plasma SDF-1alpha, and an immediate decrease in plasma VEGF and FGF levels after chemotherapy., Report role of VEGF/ENOS in osseointegration of extraoral bone grafts to repair maxillary bone defects., Data suggest that polymorphism rs3025035 in the VEGF gene may be a potential genetic marker for hepatocellular carcinoma recurrence in liver transplantation patients., VEGF might be involved in several aspects of neural cell development, including migration, differentiation, synaptogenesis, and myelination, and VEGFR-2 might be one of the main receptors that mediate these processes., TIMP-2 inhibits VEGF-A-stimulated increase in cellular cGMP, Activation of VEGF165-NRP1-c-MET signaling could confer prostate cancer (PCa) cells survival advantages by up-regulating Mcl-1, contributing to PCa progression., Results indicate that hypoxia increases migration of human umbilical cord blood mesenchymal stem cells via VEGF-mediated focal adhesion kinase phospholylation and involves the cooperative activity of the ROS, MAPK, eNOS and HIF-1alpha pathways., Estrogens regulate VEGF expression in the epiphyseal growth plate., The -1154A allele of the VEGF gene may decrease the risk of tumor growth and be a possible biomarker for head and neck cancer., We show a normal basal level of muscle VEGF mRNA, its appropriate upregulation in response to acute exercise and, despite increased vascular resistance during exercise, a normal skeletal muscle vascular structure in patients with Chronic heart failure., Studies indicate that the levels of VEGF expression, as well as the context and timing of its modulation relative to cancer induction, play an important role in determining the effects of VEGF expression on tumorigenicity., VEGF(165) was secreted by cultured tumor cells in an mTOR-dependent manner. Secreted VEGF(165) induced endothelial leakiness and tumor cell-transendothelial migration in vitro, effects which could be reverted by the anti-VEGF antibody bevacizumab., Increased VEGFA is associated with lymphatic metastasis in colorectal cancer., Elevated expression level of VEGFA is associated with a low response to chemoradiation in rectal cancer., Low-concentration L-Arg can promote the growth of LS174 cells probably by up-regulating VEGF and COX-2 protein under the influence of NO., relationships between genetic variations in the VEGF-A gene and response to first-line XELOX in patients with mCRC, Constitutive NF-kappaB activity regulates the expression of VEGF and IL-8 and tumor angiogenesis of human glioblastoma., high expression of VEGF and bFGF indicate that both contribute in the angiogenesis of endometrial cancer., Data suggest that systemic condition in type II diabetes mellitus under good metabolic control does not seem to have additional effects on gingival tissue VEGF mRNA levels in gingivitis and periodontitis patients., Gene variants in both CFH and HTRA1 contribute significantly to the AMD (age-related macular degeneration) phenotype in a Japanese population., VEGF levels were similar in patients with antiphospholipid syndrome and controls, but were significantly higher in patients with arterial thrombosis than in the patients with venous thrombosis, low prechemotherapy serum levels associated with improved progression-free survival in advanced epithelial ovarian cancer, VEGF may regulate Ang-2 expression and promote angiogenesis and acute leukemia development., YC-1 has a significant effect on down-regulating the protein expression of HIF-1alpha and VEGF, and induces the apoptosis in U937 cells., The VEGF (+405G/C) gene polymorphism has no effect upon the predisposition to idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis., Low molecular weight heparin can suppress the expression and secretion of VEGF by tumor cell lines., The -2578A allele may be associated with the development of AD in the individuals with ApoE varepsilon4 allele., results provide evidence of the incomplete penetrance of the cardiovascular phenotype of microdeletion 22ql 1, but do not support association between VEGFA promoter polymorphisms and congenital heart disease in Chilean patients with this syndrome., The potential antioxidant, Nepsilon-hexanoyl-lysine and VEGF concentrations in the vitreous were increased in proliferative diabetic retinopathy versus macular hole patients and there were positive correlations among these factors., higher serum protein levels in children with asthma, Results describe how microvascular endothelial cell fate decisions can be determined by comparatively moderate changes in VEGF-A signal strength, resulting in combinatorial changes in the repertoire of immediate-early genes for transcription effectors., Oxidative stress increases the expression of VEGF via a PI3K-dependent pathway in human bronchiolar epithelial cells., VEGF, in addition to its role in providing prosurvival signals, also plays a role in overexpression of PKCbetaII, an enzyme with a specific pathophysiologic role in chronic lymphocytic leukemia, Measurement of VEGF serum levels allows for the identification of groups of patients who have the highest risk of hypertension and, subsequently, progression of vascular complications., these data support a role of ZFP36L1 in the regulation of VEGF production by keratinocytes, which might be important in many physiological and pathological situations in vivo., increased levels in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid of pulmonary sarcoidosis patients, CRP-exposure inhibits VEGF-induced endothelial cell migration, Data suggest that betulinic acid may have anti-angiogenic potential by inhibition of prolidase, HIF-1alpha and VEGF expressions, and inhibition of collagen biosynthesis., PRH is a key regulator of the VEGF signaling pathway and describe a mechanism whereby PRH plays an important role in tumorigenesis and leukemogenesis., These results indicate that when in the context of extracellular matrix, activation of VEGFR2 is distinct from that of soluble VEGF in terms of recruitment of receptor partners, phosphorylation kinetics, and activation of downstream effectors., Conditioned medium (CM) from the OVCAR-3 and SKOV3 ovarian cancer cell lines stimulated secretion angiogenic factors such as stromal-derived factor-1 alpha (SDF-1 alpha) and VEGF from adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells., VEGFR-1 and sVEGFR-2, and upregulation of angiogenic activators VEGF-A and VEGF-D in MYCN-amplified stage IV neuroblastoma supports the crucial effect of this oncogene on neuroblastoma progression, the platelet content of VEGF-A in cancer patients was significantly increased compared to healthy controls, while thrombospondin-1, CXCL12 and CXCL4 were significantly decreased, TGF-beta1 and VEGF were less expressed in fresh frozen bone allografts than in regenerated alveolar bone., preeclampsia and intrauterine growth restriction groups showed a higher expression of VEGF in the muscular layer of fetal chorionic vessels, Data show that a significant increase in TAFs for VEGF, TGF-beta1, IL-4, IL-10 and TNFalpha., Oxidized phospholipids induce an angiogenic switch in endothelial cells at least partially acting via a cross-talk between NRF2 and ATF4, thus leading to induction of VEGF., High expression of VEGFA is associated with higher-stage neuroblastomas., 10.7% of heterozygotes for +936C > T had tumors located in proximal colon, 35.2% in distal segment and 54.1% in rectum. Patients with the +936T/T genotype had 100% overall survival., The expression rates of MMP-9, VEGF and TGFbeta-1 in poorly-differentiated follicular thyroid carcinoma were higher than those in well-differentiated follicular thyroid carcinoma., the VEGF-stromal cell-derived factor-1alpha/CXCL12 axis may have a role in pleural effusion of lung cancer, Three of four angiogenic factors, VEGF, b-FGF and IGF-I, are higher concentration in human milk which collected from preterm mothers than those of terms., STAT3 inhibition using si-RNA suppressed VEGF secretion in the SNU-1041 head and neck cancer cell line, siRNA silencing of the VEGF gene suppresses proliferation, and induces apoptosis in HCT116 cells., Findings suggested that VEGFA variants may be involved in glioma risk., At present the role of VEGF and VEGF single nucleotide polymorphisms in pathogenesis of acute myocardial infarction and the development of heart failure after acute myocardial infarction is still uncertain and remains to be determined., The anti-tumor mechanisms of genistein may be related with the down-regulation of expression of VEGF and PCNA, and up-regulation of the expression of p21., Ginsenosides Rg3 can down-regulate the expressions of KDR and VEGF in human lung squamous cancer SK-MES-1 cells., VEGF-A is transcriptionally regulated by the unfolded protein response pathway, VEGF-A, VEGFR1 and VEGFR2 have roles in events occurring at the invasive tumour front, polarity is an important determinant of the level of PEDF and VEGF secretion in pigment epithelial cells, The purpose of this review is to summarize the current basic and clinical experiments done with VEGF in an effort to establish its role in the prognosis and treatment of breast, ovarian, and cervical cancer., VEGF expression in breast cancer cells is mediated by HIF-1 and STAT3 in a miR-20b-dependent manner., VEGF plays a key role during C. pneumoniae entry into human cells., These data indicate that, contrary to a previous report, human T-cell leukemia virus type 1 Tax downregulates vascular endothelial growth factor expression., Mast cells and myofibroblasts may accelerate the progression of aortic valve stenosis by altering the balance between VEGF and antiangiogenic factors in the valves, thus promoting valvular neovascularization., A high cell density (HCD) fed-batch fermentation process was used to produce rhVEGF in periplasmic inclusion bodies.The inclusion bodies were subjected to a single-step protein solubilization and refolding operation to extract the rhVEGF for purification., Data suggest that cord blood VEGF elevation is associated with the absence of RDS, and that its level negatively correlates with the severity of the disease and duration on ventilation., Results proved the importance of VEGF and integrin alphavbeta3 in the pathogenesis of AML., The binding between p16 and HIF-1a protein may alter HIF-1a's ability to transactivate VEGF expression in breast tumor cells., Transgenic B cell-produced VEGF-A promotes both lymphangiogenesis and angiogenesis within the lymph nodes (LNs) in vivo, but then suppresses certain aspects of the ensuing immune responsses., Lentiviral shRNA silencing of BDNF inhibits in vivo multiple myeloma growth and angiogenesis via down-regulated stroma-derived VEGF expression in the bone marrow milieu., PSG1 induced up-regulation in monocytes, macrophages, and two human extravillous trophoblast cell lines, These data indicate that CXCR4 and VEGF expression is highly correlated with metastatic progression in patients with osteosarcoma, Investigated maspin, p53 and VEGF expression in patients with squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), adenocarcinoma (AC) and small cell lung carcinoma (SCLC)., The present study indicates that polymorphism of the VEGF gene at position -7*C/T might be implicated in the pathogenesis of diabetic neuropathy., MMP-2 and -8 are elevated in serum and blister fluid in severe sepsis, implying that they may play a significant role in the pathogenesis of severe sepsis and organ dysfunctions, High serum levels of VEGF is associated with malignant pleural mesothelioma., MEK is required for BDNF-induced proliferation, whereas activation of PI3K is required for BDNF-stimulated migration and VEGF production., Data suggest that budesonide pretreatment reduces VEGF release induced by TGF-beta1 in HFL-1 fibroblasts in a dose-dependent manner, and suppresses the increase of phospho-Smad3 and phospho-ERK protein levels., results show that in addition to the known role of VEGF-A as an endometrial endothelial cell growth and survival promoter, it also regulates apoptosis-related messenger RNAs, Exposure to 4N1 K, a specific CD47-activating peptide upregulated two major neurovascular mediators, vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9), in brain endothelial cells and astrocytes., analyzed the effect of 1154 A/G polymorphism of VEGF and 70 bp VNTR polymorphism of intron 3 in IL-4 genes in coronary heart disease (CHD) patients, Prognostic value of of the expression Ki-67, CD31, and VEGF in somatotropinomas, Increased AR and VEGF in the prostatic tissues may be one of the important causes of recurrence of benign prostatic hyperplasia after TURP., these data show that the correlations between the concentration of VEGF or NO or ET-1 in follicular fluids with ovarian volume or antral follicle counts link to the pregnancy rate following IVF., expression of VEGF was lower in oral lichen planus than in controls, overexpression/downexpression of ZNF580 leads to the enhancement/decrease of MMP2 and VEGF expression as well as the migration and proliferation endothelial cells., vascular endothelial growth factor-A is a prognostic factor for non-small cell lung cancer, TIMP-1 and VEGF serum levels changed significantly during first-line therapy of ovarian cancer patients and predicted prognosis., HPSE, HIF-1alpha and VEGF play a role in tumor angiogenesis and promote malignant progress of retinoblastoma., Radix Ginseng and Radix Notoginseng formula can promote HUVEC proliferation and secretion of VEGF and VEGFR2., not only the existence of a glomerular paracrine proangiogenic, but also an autocrine role of the VEGF-VEGF-R system in diseased podocytes., CK20 and VEGF expressions in peripheral blood of colorectal carcinoma patients are promising molecular markers for disease progression and metastasis., Data found that VEGF concentrations in the serum of patients with breast cancer stages T1N0M0 and T2N0M0 significantly surpassed the control levels., Direct correlations between the initial levels of VEGF and endostatin and an inverse correlation between VEGF and TNF-beta concentrations were detected in patients with benign neuroendocrine tumors., Results describe the relationship of serum sFas, leptin, and VEGF levels in patients with serous ovarian cancer and the main clinical morphological characteristics of the disease and the relapse-free survival prognosis., HIF-1alpha and VEGF did not appear to be related to clinical outcomes in stage III colorectal cancer patients., Stepwise COX regression analyses suggested that EGFR rs373506, rs759165 and rs6958497 may be independent candidate biomarkers to predict NSCLC survival in this population, The VEGFA-2549 insertion/deletion polymorphism is not associated with susceptibility to hepatocellular carcinoma in Chinese., Results demonstrate a novel molecular mechanism by which Rap1 and afadin regulate the VEGF- and S1P-induced angiogenesis., These data suggest that VEGF gene variability represents a susceptibility factor for progressive supranuclear palsy and corticobasal syndrome., Subsets of patients with colon adenocarcinoma demonstrate specific protein/gene alterations regarding EGFR/VEGF/HIF1a molecules., The finding suggests an association between VEGF 2578 C/A polymorphism and treatment resistant depression., The present study suggests, for the first time, that VEGFA mutations may be associated with congenital left ventricular outflow tract obstruction. malformations., VEGF expression in patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia was not different from that in control samples, VEGF 936 C/T polymorphism can influence susceptibility to colorectal adenoma., Data suggest that determination of HMGB1, survivin and VEGF concentrations has no clinical significance in the prognosis of the survival time in lung cancer., PTEN suppresses angiogenesis and VEGF expression in Hepatocellular carcinoma through both phosphatase-dependent and -independent mechanisms., Increased serum VEGF is associated with malignant gynecological diseases., This study shows for the first time that GRK5 negatively regulates VEGF signaling in human coronary artery endothelial cells., IL-6, MCP-1, and VEGF localization were assayed via immunohistochemistry. We found that MDA-MB-231 cells colonized trabecular bone, the area in which murine MCP-1 and VEGF were visualized in the bone matrix, HEXIM1 regulates estrogen-induced VEGF transcription through inhibition of estrogen receptor-alpha recruitment to the VEGF promoter in a P-TEFb-independent manner in MCF-7 cells, Increases in IL-8 and VEGF may be related to development of proliferative vitreoretinopathy. No significant difference was observed in vitreous concentrations of TNF-alpha., Preoperative serum VEGF level increased in colorectal cancer patients. High VEGF level has been proposed as a poor prognostic factor for overall survival in patients with colorectal cancer., tasquinimod-induced up-regulation of TSP1 is part of a mechanism involving down-regulation of HIF1alpha and VEGF, which in turn leads to reduced angiogenesis, We expand previous data on the association of AMD with VEGF-A gene variations and identify for the first time an association with variations in the KDR gene., Recombinant human VEGF intensified the formation of AngII-induced aneurysms in apolipoprotein deficient mice., was a positive correlation between CD31 and VEGF expression when all adenoma histotypes were considered, or when prolactinomas and nonfunctioning adenomas were evaluated separately, In PCOS, +405 G/C,-460 T/C & -2578 A/C SNPS did not affect IR indices. A trend towards higher HOMA was seen in +405 G & -460 T carriers vs homozygotes +405 CC & -460 CC. HOMA was lower and GIR was higher in -2578C carriers vs -2578 AA., VEGFA genetic polymorphisms and haplotypes in women with migraine are reported., Studies indicate that inhibition of the VEGF/VEGFR pathway may be a rational and effective therapy for certain patients with angiosarcoma, EHE, and HPC/SFT., Data suggest that EGR-1 plays important roles on VEGF-A expression in lung cancer cells, and epigenetic silencing of transactivator(s) associated with NAB-2 expression might also contribute to upregulate VEGF-A expression., The VEGF +405C/G polymorphism is a novel genetic factor to influence the extent of coronary atherosclerosis in the Chinese coronary artery disease population., Helicobacter pylori infection might be able to induce the expression of COX-2 in precancerous gastric lesions, which in turn upregulates the expression of VEGF., The concentrations of both VEGF and SDF-1 were higher in eyes with active PDR than in eyes with inactive PDR (proliferative diabetic retinopathy). SDF-1 may be correlated with VEGF in angiogenesis in PDR., p19(ARF) inhibits VEGFA-dependent tumor angiogenesis., Demonstrate the expression of VEGF in endothelial cells, smooth muscle cells, and macrophages of abdominal aortic aneurysms as well as its absence in those cells of normal abdominal aorta., The levels of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) soluble isoforms (VEGF(121) and VEGF(165)) were associated with the response to sunitinib (P = 0.04 for both)., Elevated levels of VEGF and bFGF may activate the process of neoangiogenesis, which may lead to increased perfusion and an improvement in tissue oxygenation in COPD patients, Polymorphisms of VEGF and NOS3 genes are associated with high risk of relapse, therefore may have a prognostic impact in childhood ALL, Data indicate that expressions of CA9 and VEGF were associated with tumor grade and possibly with survival., Retinoic acid is a crucial signal involved in the spatiotemporal control of coronary smooth cell differentiation, acting coordinately with VEGF to regulate the formation of multilayered coronary vessels., This study did not reveal any prognostic value of c-met or VEGF., VEGF assessment might be used in order to select those patients with stage I colorectal cancer with a higher progression risk, Findings demonstrate that induced expression of KDR on subsets of T cells, and locally expressed VEGF, facilitate EC-dependent lymphocyte chemotaxis., GnRH II can dose-dependently reduce VEGF protein secreted by ectopic and eutopic endometrial stromal cells cultured in vitro., the -607CC genotype of the IL-18 gene and the 405GG genotype of the VEGF gene are associated with susceptibility to and the development of primary glomerulonephritis, Increased VEGF expression may play an important role in the outcome of squamous cell carcinoma of the larynx., High VEGFA is associated with sacral chordoma., VEGF is regulated by hypoxia in the developing human lung., Genetic variation in the VEGF promoter was studied coupled with a study of its intrinsic function., VEGF promoter region forms a G-quadruplex structure., Vegf modulates Gata1 expression levels in vivo, and Vegf has ability to modulate erythropoiesis., the CC genotype of VEGF +405 and 460T/405C haplotypes of VEGF may be associated with the risk of endometriosis, but the G allele of VEGF +405 appears to be protective against endometriosis, Lack of VEGF contributes to endothelium dysfunction, which may lead to the occurrence and development of preeclampsia., Bortezomib may down-regulate the expression of VEGF in endothelial cells through regulating the activity of HIF-1alpha and the expression of Annexin A2., Methylglyoxal-induced imbalance in the VEGF/Ang 2 ratio secreted by retinal epithelial cells activates apoptosis and decreases proliferation of retinal endothelial cells, which are likely to contribute to endothelial dysfunction in diabetic retinopathy., results suggest that the VEGF 936C>T polymorphism may not contribute to breast cancer susceptibility, Levels of EPO and vascular endothelial growth factor are not associated with frequency of severe and mild hypoglycemia., Although plasma VEGF concentrations were higher (35%) in diabetes mellitus (DM) than in nondiabetic subjects, VEGF action on vascular remodeling was likely attenuated by higher soluble Flt-1 concentrations in DM., The influence of 14 sequence variants detected in IL-10, TGF-b1, VEGF, and their associated receptors were evaluated as effective predictors of breast cancer clinical outcomes., The paracrine pro-angiogenic capacity of early human haematomas is enhanced by mechanical stimulation, which involves VEGF., During brain ischemia, the maximal angiogenic effect in numbers and areas of capillaries in VEGF-treated brains occurs with a 100 mug dose of plasmid human VEGF., Genetic association studies do not suggest link between a specific SNP (-634C/G) in 5'-untranslated region of VEGFA and diabetic retinopathy. [Meta-Analysis], analysis of VEGF in sera of oral and oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma patients, analysis of the role of IL-6 and VEGF in small cell lung cancer, VEGF was correlated with loco-regional extension and distant metastasis in gastric cancer patients. There was a clear correlation between angiogenic parameters, survival rate and the risk of upper GI bleeding., There is a close relationship between hepaCAM and VEGF in urothelial carcinoma, p70S6K1 is required for tumor growth and angiogenesis through HIF-1alpha and VEGF expression, providing a molecular mechanism of human ovarian cancer mediated by p70S6K1 signaling., VEGF-A, VEGFR-1, and VEGFR-2 immunoreactive proteins are overexpressed in medullary thyroid carcinoma lesions and might be implicated in tumor progression, Findings provide support that +936 T allele and -2578 C/A SNP of the VEGF gene alone or in combination with other SNP are ssociated with oral squamous cell carcinoma., Expression of Mta-1 expression and VEGF is positively associated with the development of endometrial cancer., The VEGF +405C>G and -2578C>A polymorphisms might be novel genetic factors affecting collateral development in Chinese patients, Abnormal regulation of VEGF-A due to polymorphism at position -116 might represent a genetic factor for increased VEGF-A production and microvascular complications in EH., The expression rates of CXCR4 and VEGF were elevated in hemangioblastomas compared with the normal cerebellar tissues., is possible that upregulation of HIF-1/VEGF is involved in the enhancement of MMP-9 expression under hypoxic conditions, Plasma levels VEGF of osteoporotic subjects are relatively higher than in normal groups., VEGF -2578C/A polymorphism was associated with the risk of colorectal cancer under homozygote comparison, dominant model, and recessive model, with no association between VEGF -2578C/A polymorphism and cancer risk in the pooled analyses, analysis of interleukin-6, vascular endothelial growth factor, YKL-40, matrix metalloproteinase-3, and total aggrecan in spondyloarthritis patients during 3 years of treatment with TNFalpha inhibitors, Decreased expression of VEGF and bFGF can inhibit the invasion and proliferation of pancreatic cancer cells., the VEGF gene 936 C/T polymorphism does not affect breast cancer risk, Findings suggest that microalbuminuria and high VEGF level in type 1 diabetic patients are related to disturbances in myocardial perfusion., Serum heparanase and vascular endothelial growth factor were identified as independent predictive factors for hepatocellular carcinoma, YY1 forms an active complex with HIF-1alpha at VEGF gene promoters and increases VEGF transcription, These results provide a link between VEGF signaling and suggest that endothelial cell centrosome overduplication contributes to aberrant angiogenesis in developing vessel networks exposed to excess angiogenic factors., Serum VEGF and IgE levels may play an important role in the formation of idiopathic choroidal neovascularization., the alteration in expressions of sFlt-1 and VEGF genes might be associated with the pathogenesis of pre-eclampsia., AQP5, HIF-1alpha, VEGF are all involved in edema formation in nasal polyps. HIF-1alpha and VEGF can induce new blood vessels and increase vasopermeability in nasal polyps., VEGF +405 GG was significantly associated with lupus nephritis (LN) patients with low VEGF mRNA expression and LN with end-stage renal disease., These results demonstrate that the exudate and fibrinous sloughs of pressure ulcers contain considerable amounts of VEGF., Serum VEGF in patients of non-small cell lung cancer after surgery were elevated. In the group of higher platelet counts, serum VEGF increased more significantly., Immunohistochemistry revealed strong staining for VEGF and VEGFR-2 in vascular and trophoblastic cells of mildly hyperglycemic women., serum IL-23 levels are significantly elevated in colorectal carcinoma (CRC) vs. control patients and are strongly associated with overexpression of VEGF, thus they may play an important role in carcinogenesis of CRC, Letter, the VEGF -2578 A/C single nucleotide polymorphisms may influence susceptibility to endometriosis in the Estonian population., Co-expression of VEGF and its receptor VEGFR-2 (KDR) was present in MPNST cell lines suggesting an autocrine loop., Although this is a preliminary study, altered VEGF levels might be involved in the pathophysiology of major depressive disorder., positive correlation between IL-1beta and VEGF/NGF/BDNF expression in intervertebral disc degeneration, Immunohistochemical evaluation of VEGF and VEGFR-1 overexpression may be a useful marker for predicting 5-year disease free survival in endometrioid endometrial cancer., Increased expression of VEGF-A is associated with invasive ductal breast carcinoma., IRF2BP2 is a novel ischemia-induced coactivator of VEGFA expression that may contribute to revascularization of ischemic cardiac and skeletal muscles., There is a sustained spontaneous production of VEGF by CD4(+) T cells in type 1 diabetes, which is additionally exacerbated in diabetic retinopathy., VEGF has a bimodal role that is mainly angiogenic in multiple myeloma and tumorigenic, promoting tumor cell survival in solitary plasmocytoma., VEGF -460 C polymorphisms is associated with better response to chemoradiotherapy in non-small cell lung cancer, demonstrate here that galectin-3 is a mediator of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)- and basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF)-mediated angiogenic response., VEGF stimulation results in mTOR signaling activation which changes the phosphorylation status of 4E-BP1, the downstream of mTOR signaling, and ultimately contributes to the translation initiation of Livin protein, Our results suggest that the -460 polymorphism is a risk factor for renal cancer. An individual screening test could be proposed for high risk populations, These results suggest that carbon monoxode stimulates VEGF production by increasing HIF-1alpha protein level via two distinct mechanisms, translational stimulation and protein stabilization of HIF-1alpha., Recent technological advancements and kinetic-dynamic modelling used towards validating VEGF-A as a biomarker for use in disease management. Review., The mean serum level of VEGF in breast cancer patients was not significant when compared to controls., ERK5 is required for VEGF-mediated survival and morphogenesis of human microvascular endothelial cells., Cell-based human VEGF gene therapy causes human VEGF expression and enhances endogenous rat VEGF mRNA expression in both fibroblasts and osteoblasts, particularly the rat VEGF164 isoform., VEGF expression in the long head biceps (LHB) is significantly higher in the presence of rotator cuff tears than in healthy tendons whereas vessel density and vessel size are significantly higher in the LHB of patients with cuff arthropathy., Vascular endothelial growth factor-induced activation of NADPH oxidase is associated with choroidal neovascularization., virus induction of VEGF and reduction in VE-cadherin in the endothelial cell permeability seen in Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, Significant correlations were observed between VEGF expression and microvessel density in thymoma., Blood VEGF level is positively correlated with BMI in healthy men., Report increased levels of VEGF in acute coronary syndrome., The high expression of CAIX in non-small cell lung cancer tissues is correlated with VEGF level but not with Ki67 level., Vascular endothelial growth factor stimulates osteoblastic differentiation of cultured human periosteal-derived cells expressing vascular endothelial growth factor receptors, Detection of 4 common SNPs and 7 tSNPs in the VEGF gene did not find any statistically significant association with neovascular AMD in the Chinese cohort., Cdc42, by inhibiting GSK-3beta, markedly improves the angio-architecture and lumenization of neovessels induced by VEGF., There were a positive correlation between the proliferation and aggressiveness of B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma as measured with Ki67 and both VEGF and b-FGF., Baicalin stimulates angiogenesis by inducing VEGF expression through the activation of the ERRalpha/PGC-1alpha pathway., results suggest that VEGF is involved in hemangioma angiogenesis but that soluble VEGFRs marginally influence this process; lower serum levels of sVEGFR1 in hemangioma patients indicate the possible dysregulation between VEGFR1 and VEGFR2 receptors, Treatment with metoprolol succinate reduces serum levels of VEGF and CRP in elderly hypertensive patients with chronic heart failure., The VEGF 936C/T polymorphism and 1498T+936T haplotype were found to be associated with increased colorectal adenoma susceptibility., VEGF is a key regulator of the paracrine effects of adipose-derived stem cells. Secreted VEGF directly stimulates ASCs via VEGF receptors in an autocrine manner and regenerates damaged neighboring cells in a paracrine manner. (Review), up-regulation of hERG1 channels and of the VEGF-A pathway has a role in retinoblastoma resistance to treatment, no significant difference in maternal/umbilical cord plasma concentration between patients with severe preeclampsia and normotensive pregnant women, prostaglandin E2 and vascular endothelial growth factor found in endometriotic women significantly inhibited sperm motility, acrosome reaction, and sperm-oocyte interaction, Investigate Bmx mediates VEGF-dependent lymphangiogenic signaling., Her-2 and VEGF may play synergistic roles in the occurrence and development of breast cancer. Over-expressions of Her-2 and VEGF predict poor prognosis., The expression of several pro-angiogenic factors in Hemangioma stem cells, and in particular VEGF-A, is regulated by NF-B activity., STAT3 was positively correlated with VEGF expression in nasal polyps., There was no difference in plasma VEGF or VEGFR-1 between patients with no findings, benign disease, pre-malignant findings, and malignant findings after endoscopy., Hyperforin, the antidepressant constituent of St. John's wort extract, boosts the expression of VEGF (a key player in angiogenesis) by CNS tumour cells., Anti-angiogenic effects of resveratrol mediated by decreased VEGF and increased TSP1 expression., Tendon retraction in full-thickness medium-sized rotator cuff tears is characterized by neovascularity and increased expression of hypoxia inducible factor 1alpha and vascular endothelial growth factor., The mRNA expressions of VEGF and BMP-2 in the nontraumatic avascular necrosis of femoral head group were significantly lower than those in the control group., Jianpi Jiedu Formula down-regulates the expression of vascular endothelial growth factor by inhibiting COX2 expression in MKN45 cells infected with H. pylori., VEGF-A and VEGF mRNA levels may correlate with FDG uptake and aggressiveness in lung adenocarcinoma, Our study revealed that VEGF -1154G/A polymorphism was not associated with the susceptibility to recurrent spontaneous abortion in Chinese Han women., HIF-1, CXCR4, and VEGF high expression levels in colon cancer were correlated positively with TNM stage, lymph node involvement, and distant metastasis., No association was found between recurrent spontaneous abortion and gene polymorphisms in the vascular endothelial growth factor gene., Evidence of the formation of G-quadruplex structures in the polypurine/polypyrimidine tract in the promoter region of the human vascular endothelial growth factor gene., possible association between the VEGF 154G/A polymorphism with susceptibility to epithelial ovarian cancer,there is no support for association of VEGF -460C/T, +936C/T, and -2578C/A polymorphisms with risk for epithelial ovarian cancer., altering endothelial cell heparan sulfate biosynthesis in vivo decreases hyperpermeability induced by both VEGF(165) and VEGF(121), stud concludse that some allelic polymorphisms associated with altered expression of VEGFA are more common among women with recurrent pregnancy loss compared to fertile controls, CDDP (cisplatin) upregulates AT1R expression though ROS generation and enhances VEGF production., Abnormally elevated serum VEGF in prematurities may be related to retinopathy of prematurity., confirmed association of both serum and scales VEGF concentrations with degree of psoriasis activity and demonstrated predominant increase of sVEGF R1 vs. VEGF in serum of patients with low psoriasis activity, VEGF wild 936CC and the variant 634CC genotypes constitute inherited determinants of sporadic breast cancer and sporadic breast cancer aggressiveness in Brazil, but are not significant predictors of circulating VEGF levels., We determined VEGF121, VEGF145, VEGF148, VEGF165, VEGF183, and VEGF189 mRNA expression in pediatric acute myeloid leukemia, high stage, high mitotic rate, absence of VEGF, and presence of Cox-2 were associated with worse survival in nasopharyngeal carcinoma, FGF8b is able to induce fast growth in strongly hypoxic tumour microenvironment whereas VEGF-stimulated growth advantage is associated with improved perfusion and oxygenation of prostate tumour xenografts, A positive expression of FLNA and VEGF was detected in the cytoplasm of tumor cells in 66 (48.2%) and 69 (50.4%) of the 137 patients with lung cancer, respectively (p<0.0001)., High levels of tumor cell VEGF-A, capable of both autocrine and paracrine interactions, are associated with resistance to bevacizumab, emphasizing the complexity of the tumor microenvironment., Results suggest an important role of VEGF in Granulosa Cell Tumors (GCT) pathology & support the possibility of applying novel VEGF-targeted treatments to patients with GCT., the ability of soluble forms of perlecan domain i to modulate vascular endothelial growth factor-165 (VEGF165) enhanced capillary tube-like formation, and VEGF receptor-2 phosphorylation, Inhibition of Mnk1 activity by CGP57380 or downregulation by shRNA blocks alpha6beta4-dependent translation of VEGF mRNA., VEGF-mediated activities seem to contribute to the pathogenesis of leiomyoma, Increases in expression of TGF-beta1 and VEGF, as well as in the numbers of fibroblasts, were observed in granulation tissue obtained from patients with benign airway stenosis., Our findings suggest a novel and distinct function of VEGF in mediating autocrine/intracrine colorectal cancer cell survival., TGF-beta1 activates VEGF expression via multiple routes including Smad3, HIF-2alpha and HuR signaling, MT1-MMP regulates VEGF-A expression through a complex with VEGFR-2 and Src., Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in VEGFA is not associated with treatment outcome in mantle cell lymphoma., SDF-1, as well as VEGF, may play an important role in follicular growth and development., the three-amino acid sequence, EYP, encoded by exon 3 of VEGF-A is essential for binding of VEGF to integrin alpha9beta1 and induces adhesion and migration of endothelial and cancer cells, Gene polymorphism of vascular endothelial growth factor -1154 G>A is associated with hypertensive nephropathy in a Hispanic population., High serum VEGFA is associated with colorectal cancer., VEGF -2578AA genotype was associated with a higher risk of colon cancer in Chinese population., evaluation of the prevalence and relevance of VEGF-A polymorphisms and mRNA expression in papillary thyroid carcinoma; findings suggest that VEGF polymorphisms and mRNA expression may predict the aggressiveness behaviour of thyroid cancer, Increased serum levels of VEGF may reflect disease recurrence in differentiated thyroid carcinoma., relation between microvessel density, VEGF expression, and clinicopathologic factors in patients with endometrial carcinoma, This study suggested that VEGF may be crucial in angiogenesis and therefore indirectly in Peritumoral brain edema formation in World Health Organization grade I meningiomas., Data show that high level expressions of VEGF are related to the endometrial cancer., There is no association between VEGF gene polymorphisms and plasma VEGF levels and sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis., study indicated that VEGF + 936 C/T genotype was associated with a higher glioma risk in a Chinese Han population., PDGF-B, which is involved in the maintenance of microvessels, plays a more important role in angiogenesis in intestinal-type gastric carcinomas than VEGF-A, which plays a key role mainly in the initiation of new blood vessel formation., Studies indicate that the free VEGF concentration in the tumor tissues showed an initial transient decrease, followed by a slight rebound, reaching steady states 69.7% below baseline., Common genetic variation in VEGFA and FLT1 (VEGFR1) may contribute to breast cancer susceptibility., The Cysteinyl leukotrienes can transcriptionally activate VEGF production via cysLT1 receptors, with the involvement of JNK, ERK, the AP-1 complex and Sp1., two common polymorphisms of the VEGF gene,1154G/A and +936C/T, increase the risk of recurrent miscarriages(RM) in North Indian women; RM is also predisposed in the presence of haplotypes AIAC,ADAC, CIAT and ADGT, The VEGF 936C/T polymorphism may be not associated with breast cancer development., Biomimetic hydrogels with VEGF induce angiogenic processes in both hUVEC and hMEC, relationship between single nucleotide polymorphism(SNP) of VEGF gene and susceptibility to systemic lupus erythematosus, In the present study, exudative age-related macular degeneration is not associated to serum VEGF165 levels; furthermore, our data does not establish a statistical link between VEGF165 and the CFH Y402H polymorphism., High-intensity exercise is a stimulus for exercise-induced VEGF secretion., This meta-analysis suggests that there is no association between VEGF +936 C/T polymorphisms and gastric cancer risk. [Meta-analysis], The protein expression levels of VEGF and HIF-1alpha were decreased in HepG2 cells subjected to hypoxia acclimatization compared to cells treated with acute hypoxia., Serum VEGF and IL-6 expressions have gender differences in patients with colorectal carcinoma., Histological analysis demonstrated an increase in the number of blood vessels and expression of CD34 and vascular endothelial growth factor in hepatocellular carcinoma tissue compared to adjacent liver tissue, VEGF may represent a helpful adjunct to conventional diagnostic tools in ruling out malignancy as a probable diagnosis in pleural effusion., A redox-mediated mechanism is predicted for retinoid regulation of localized VEGF secretion in the human endometrium that may be necessary for successful establishment of pregnancy., Oncostatin M may trigger a proangiogenic response by upregulating VEGF production in human coronary artery and aortic smooth muscle cells., meta-analysis suggests that VEGF-634 G>C may be not associated with risk of malignancy, Serum levels of PDGF-BB and VEGF were lower in patients with fulminant hepatic failure., Berberine prevents secretion of VEGF from hepatocellular carcinoma cells and down-regulates VEGF mRNA expression to inhibit angiogenesis., Engagement of toll-like receptor 3 induces vascular endothelial growth factor and interleukin-8 in human rheumatoid synovial fibroblasts., Ang-1 treatment downregulates pulmonary inflammation, VEGF and Ang-2 expression but does not protect against vascular leakage and impaired gas exchange induced by HVT-ventilation, this study provides little evidence that VEGF and VEGFR2 polymorphisms are important for glioblastoma survival., Results demonstrate that VEGF121/165b are not anti-angiogenic, but weakly angiogenic isoforms of VEGF-A., These results suggest that arginine vasopressin stimulates VEGF secretion by human mesangial cells via V(1A) receptors., VEGF becomes an independent stimulator of angiogenic growth and progression for GH-secreting adenomas with >25% cytoplasmic immunoreactivity., calcitonin gene-related peptide and vascular endothelial growth factor...might play a role in the erythema and edema characteristic of allergic inflammation, RACK1 regulates VEGF/Flt1-mediated cell migration via activation of a PI3K/Akt pathway., Elevated expression of VEGF is associated with early-stage cervical cancers., High serum VEGF is associated with gastric cancer., Tumours of patients with platinum resistant epithelial ovarian cancer exhibit higher levels of VEGF expression compared to the platinum sensitive group., HPV18 E6/E7 and VEGF in were expressed in cervical cancer cells and could be inhibited with RNA interference., bcl-2 regulates HIF-1-mediated VEGF expression does not require BH1 and BH2 domains, and it is independent of antiapoptotic and prosurvival function of bcl-2., Data indicate that bone marrow stem cells play an important role in regulating neovascularization, and that the ratio of VEGF and PEDF may be an indicator of the pro- or anti-angiogenic activities of BMSCs., A unique role for hematopoietic stem cell cytokines in vascular tube morphogenesis and sprouting and a novel upstream priming role for VEGF and FGF to facilitate the action of promorphogenic hematopoietic cytokines., possible association with acute mountain sickness, A trend of association was found between VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) gene polymorphisms and rheumatoid arthritis in a population of Chinese patients., endoglin and vascular endothelial growth factor have roles in gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors, vandetanib and bevacizumab inhibit the VEGF and EGF signal transduction pathways in adults with solid tumours and lymphomas, Increase VEGF expression in ischemic skin and Ang-2 expression in ischemic skin and muscle may contribute to angiogenic drive in critical limb ischemia., miR-126 could target both VEGFA and PIK3R2, and its expression was decreased in human breast cancer, implying that miR-126 may play a role in tumor genesis and growth by regulating the VEGF/PI3K/AKT signaling pathway, results suggest a possible haplotype effect of VEGF polymorphisms expression in bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaws in Italian female patients, HIF-1alpha regulates the expression and function of its downstream target genes, COX-2 and VEGF, which play a critical role in the angiogenesis of laryngeal carcinoma, the VEGF/KDR system jointly contributes to recurrent miscarriage in Taiwanese Han women, The co-expression of miR-126 and VEGF-A had a significant prognostic impact (P = .002), with 5-year survival rates of 68%, 51%, and 42% for low/low (n = 150), mixed combinations (n = 129), and high/high (n = 35) expression, respectively., Oocyte maturation with either hCG or a single bolus of GnRHa resulted in differential regulation of VEGF mRNA/protein which may explain higher likelihood of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome following hCG., The expressions of HIF-1alpha and VEGF in synovial tissue are significantly higher in osteoarthritis cases than in cases of acute traumatic arthritis., VEGF and PEDF may independently influence retinal vascular permeability in CRVO patients with macular edema., These findings suggest that GLP-1 improves VEGF generation., elevated serum VEGF in patients with myocardial infarction may have a role in extensive intracoronary thrombosis, the association with the known genetic susceptibility loci CFH, HTRA1, and AMRS2 were confirmed, and a risk-conferring polymorphism in one new locus, LRP5, was identified., biliary and arterial liver expression is associated with medial layer thickening in patients with biliary atresia, Data indicate there were no statistical changes in the genotype distribution of GSTM1, MDR1 C3435T, and VEGF A2578C gene polymorphisms were observed between cases and controls., Tissue kallikrein is partly involved in pathogenesis of proliferative diabetic retinopathy and may be a promising therapeutic agent that could cleave VEGF165 itself when administered by a peripheral route., Romidepsin targets VEGF at the transcriptional level, which subsequently leads to the reduction of secreted VEGF (the "active" form of VEGF)., Significant increase in VEGF and angiopoietin-2 level was observed in patients which correlated positively with the severity of the disease, whereas no alteration was observed in angiopoietin-1 levels., Reduced vasohibin and VEGF expression may be responsible, at least in part, for the impaired vascular development which occurs during pre-eclampsia., Downregulation of hepatoma-derived growth factor resulted in a decrement of VEGF, A 10% reduction in the sum of the longest unidimensional diameter on the first follow-up CT was an optimal early predictor of outcome in VEGF-targeted therapy in advanced renal cell carcinoma., The lack of variation in the VEGF alternatively spliced region suggests the importance of sequence conservation in this area in maintaining the balance of pro- and anti-angiogenic VEGF isoforms., In this study VEGF, a potent growth factor regulating angiogenesis through the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3-kinase)/Akt pathway, is implicated in the etiology of chronic subdural hematoma, a cause of treatable dementia with unknown pathogenesis., We found four single variants in the VEGFA gene possibly associated with the risk of developing brain arteriovenous malformation, Under hypoxic conditions VEGF counteracts and masks the apoptosis promoting affects of BNIP3., The SNPs analyzed in hepatocellular carcinoma were, In VEGF, the haplotypes A-A and A-G (2578-1154) were associated with reduced risk and in IL-18 607A-137G, they were associated with high risk for kidney allograft rejection., cytoplasmic beta-catenin expression was significantly related to vascular endothelial growth factor expression inrectosigmoid cancers, The current study failed to support the hypothesis that VEGF polymorphisms and/or reduced serum VEGF levels are likely contributors to the neurodegenerative process in Parkinson disease., Hypoxia induces translocation of nuclear hnRNP L to the cytoplasm, which markedly increases hnRNP L binding to VEGFA mRNA thereby inhibiting miRNA activity., VEGF +1612 G/A gene polymorphisms is associated with gastric cancer., Exogenously expressed VEGF promotes myocardial repair at least in part through SDF-1alpha/CXCR4-mediated recruitment of cardiac stem cells., strong linkage between VEGF serum levels and the 6p21.1 VEGF region in all samples, High vascular resistance values in the first trimester are independent from VEGF/VEGFR1 immunoreactivities., Phosphatidylinositol 3'-kinase signaling pathway is essential for Rac1-induced hypoxia-inducible factor-1(alpha) and vascular endothelial growth factor expression in hypoxia., A significant correlation was noticed between HIF-1alpha and vascular endothelial growth factor expression while the expression levels of thymidine phosphorylase, cyclooxygenase and microvessel density were significantly higher in high HIF-2alpha tumors., Interaction between smoking and polymorphism in the VEGFA gene is associated with IHD and MI in patients with RA., Abnormal expression of VEGF and microvessel density may play an impotent role in the development of nasal polyps., Data indicate that high expression levels of SDF-1, VEGF, and MMP-9 are more correlated with lymph node metastatic prostate carcinoma compared with non-lymph-node metastatic cancer., Neutropenic patients that evolved with septic shock (n = 10) presented higher levels of sFlt-1 and VEGF-A., cytokines enhance secretion of VEGF-A and VEGF-C by human retinal and choroidal cells, Results show that nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) patients have a significant reduction in serum sVEGFR-1, but not VEGFA, that predicts the degree of liver fibrosis., There was no association between the genotypes of the MMP2, VEGF and HIF1A SNP and clinicopathological parameters of colorectal cancer., Vascular endothelial growth factor enhances in vitro proliferation and osteogenic differentiation of human dental pulp stem cells., High articular levels of the angiogenetic factors VEGF and VEGF-receptor 2 as tissue healing biomarkers after single bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction., voltage-gated sodium channels regulate multiple angiogenic functions and VEGF signaling in HUVECs, VEGFA polymorphisms do not seem to exert a significant influence on the risk of CV disease in patients with RA., VEGF exerts a neuroprotective effect on the NSC-34 cell line by attenuating the degenerative cell changes induced by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS); it thus has therapeutic potential in sporadic ALS., Vascular endothelial growth factor was significantly associated with increased risks for breast cancer-specific mortality and distant recurrence among women with luminal A tumors., Elevated serum HGF and VEGF levels predict a more aggressive biological behavior in laryngeal squamous cell cancer., VEGF and IL-18 ratios are different in induced sputum of patients with different types of lung cancer (NSCLC and SCLC), indicating differences in angiogenesis mechanisms and/or immunological response in these two major histological types of lung cancer, High VEGF is associated with papillary thyroid carcinoma., The aim of this study was to evaluate the relationship between the pretreatment serum levels of VEGF and VEGF-C and the outcome of endometrial cancer patients., VEGF levels were significantly higher in pre-eclampsia and eclamptic groups as compared with levels in the control group., This work confirms a role for angiogenesis and increased VEGF expression in cutaneous lichen planus and a relation of these events with the degree of inflammation in the disease., The expression of VEGF-A in the biopsy sample is the potential marker for predicting the course and outcome of osteosarcoma., The density of microvascularization was assessed using CD34 monoclonal antibody (hot spot technique), the expression of angiogenic factors VEGFR, EGFR and COX-2 were determined in tumor biopsies by specific immunohistochemistry techniques, VEGF T-1498 C polymorphisms were associated with overall survival in pancreatic cancer patients receiving combination gemcitabine and sorafenib, Activation of TrkB-BDNF signal pathway may increase the synthesis and secretion of, The expression of VEGF was lower in eyes that underwent planned enucleation than eyes that suffered from retinoblastoma recurrence., VEGF-A was overexpressed in the aortic wall of abdominal aortic aneurysms and may have a crucial role in disease development., Expression of exogenous wild-type Orai1 rescues vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)-induced endothelial tube formation in human umbilical vein endothelial cells in vitro., PMN derived MMP-9 acts as a potent, direct and VEGF independent angiogenic factor in the context of PDAC., VEGF directly suppresses T cell activation via VEGF receptor type 2., In normal cells AML1/RUNX1 acts as a repressor for VEGFA, in AML cells VEGFA expression is upregulated due to AML1/RUNX1 aberrations, for example, AML1/ETO. These observations give insight in the regulation of VEGFA at the mRNA level in AML., Serum vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is elevated in GH deficient adults., Human VEGF-A transgene expression ameliorates podocyte injury and subsequent abnormal glomerular development caused by puromycin aminonucleoside., VEGF-A not Ang2 mediates endothelial-like differentiation of iDCs by ERK1/2 signaling in the microenvironment of human colon adenocarcinoma., Increased minor allele and genotype frequencies of VEGFA-583C/T, and reduced serum VEGF concentrations were associated with increased risk of recurrent spontaneous miscarriage., Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein K and nucleolin transcriptionally activate the vascular endothelial growth factor promoter through interaction with secondary DNA structures, The relationship between vascular morphology within acute myeloid Leukemia (AML) bone marrow biopsies and AML derived VEGFA levels, was investigated., Vascular endothelial growth factor-D stimulates endothelial cell VEGF-A, stanniocalcin-1, and neuropilin-2 and has potent angiogenic effects., High VEGF is associated with primary esophageal squamous cell carcinoma., can be used as an independent prognostic biomarker in combination with sVEGFR-2 in advanced non-small-cell lung cancer, Leukotriene D(4) induced VEGF production and enhanced VEGF release induced by TNF-alpha., VEGF -2578 A-allele and A-carrier genotypes are associated with an increased risk of renal cell carcinoma., VEGF pathway genes, including the VEGFA gene, are amplified in osteosarcoma; amplification of the VEGFA gene is a poor prognostic factor for tumor-free survival., Medium and high expression of both F1+2 and VEGF, Lysosomal dysfunction and lipid peroxidation damage might be an inducer of VEGF-A 121 and VEGF-A 165 expression in the retina., We confirmed the decreased capacity of cell migration due to down-regulation of VEGF by apigenin., The increased expression of VEGF and TGF-beta(1) in the context of hypoxia is closely related to the advanced oxidation protein products level in colon cancer SW480 cells., Expression of DLL4, VEGF and HIF-1alpha was very strong in gliomas., Data suggest that therapeutic targeting of VEGF signaling might be a promising approach to overcome the apoptotic resistance CLL cells feature within their natural microenvironment., Our data suggest, for the first time, an interaction between VEGF and Tie2 in uterine endothelial cells and a potential mechanism for the decrease in circulating sTie2 levels in preeclampsia, likely through inhibition of VEGF signaling., Dehydroechinoside A and holothurin A(1) exert significant antimetastatic activities by inhibiting MMP-9 and VEGF expression., The presence of the variant VEGF +405C allele and the haplotype VEGF -460C - +405C - +936C are independently associated with higher susceptibility of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia., Micro RNA 200b (miR-200b) negatively regulates VEGF signaling by targeting VEGF and its receptors, Flt-1 and KDR, acting as an angiogenesis inhibitor., ERRalpha affects VEGF expression and tumor growth in cervical cancer., Serum VEGF, ascites VEGF, and ascites endostatin levels of patients with malignant ascites were significantly higher than those in patients with benign ascites., Genotypes in CFH, VEGF and HTRA1 may influence the short-term response to treatment with ranibizumab for neovascular age-related macular degeneration., adrenomedullin was found to upregulate VEGF and bFGF, VEGF is independently associated with development of nephropathy in the a diabetic population., sublytic MAC induces VEGF expression and secretion might offer opportunities to selectively inhibit pathological VEGF release only., VEGF-A levels were more often detectable postpartum., Data show that VEGF-A and CCL2 are significantly elevated in serum and CSF in ALS patients., vascular endothelial growth factor blockade sensitizes tumor-associated vasculatures to angiolytic therapy with a high-frequency ultrashort pulsed laser, Metastases of squamous carcinoma from unknown primary have decreased VEGF expression at the immunohistochemical and protein level., Decreased levels of PBMC VEGF-A mRNA expression should be further evaluated as a biomarker for secondary progressive multiple sclerosis., this study demonstrated that coexpression of PDGFR-alpha, PDGFR-beta and VEGF is an independent prognostic factor for predicting early tumor recurrence and poor prognosis in hepatocellular carcinoma., We did not observe significant differences between individual genotypes or allele frequencies of the studied VEGF single-nucleotide polymorphisms in the cases and control groups., Exogenous ganglioside GM3 can inhibit the proliferation, promote apoptosis, and down-regulate the VEGF expression level in A549 cells., Aldose reductase inhibition prevents hypoxia-induced increase in hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha (HIF-1alpha) and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) by regulating 26 S proteasome-mediated protein degradation in human colon cancer cells., lower frequency of A allele in patients with diabetic foot ulcer is conferring a protective effect, Data show that it is primarily Hh-induced VEGF-A that promotes angiogenesis in vitro and augments tumor-derived VEGF to promote angiogenesis in vivo., The prognostic impact of tumor cell VEGF-A in NSCLC appears strongly associated with a concomitantly high tumor cell expression of Ang-2., VEGF-A(165) induced resistance to apoptosis caused by caspase activation in endothelial cells in a time-dependent manner., Skeletal muscle telocytes express c-kit, caveolin-1 and secrete VEGF. In culture, TCs (but not satellite cells) emerge from muscle explants and form networks suggesting a key role in muscle regeneration and repair, at least after trauma., It was concluded that hypoxia regulates VEGF and SE MA3F activities through transcriptional repression of their common receptor NRP2, providing a novel mechanism by which hypoxia induces tumor angiogenesis, growth and metastasis., Vascular endothelial growth factor haplotypes associated with childhood obesity., Ischemic preconditioning up-regulated VEGF expression and attenuated apoptosis of endometrial cells, thus facilitating ectopic implantation of endometrium., anti-VEGF antibody inhibits adhesions between pleural layers, Decreased expression of glomerular vascular endothelial growth factor is associated with proteinuria in renal transplantation., proliferation of endothelial cells is induced by a VEGF-A(165)-ATP complex, rather than VEGF-A(165) alone, High serum VEGF is associated with malignant pleural mesothelioma., In systemic sclerosis, a switch from proangiogenic to antiangiogenic VEGF isoforms may have a crucial role in the insufficient angiogenic response to chronic ischemia., Freely circulating VEGF levels are not elevated in the majority of cancer patients., NKX2-3 may play an important role in inflammatory bowel disease pathogenesis by regulating endothelin-1 and VEGF signaling in human intestinal microvascular endothelial cells., Atorvastatin decreases VEGF levels in patients with coronary artery disease, possibly contributing to its beneficial effects., Decreased dopaminergic tone as well as deregulated Drd2 signaling might explain higher VEGF and vascularization leading to increased ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome risk in polycystic ovary syndrome, HMGB1 and VEGF protein overexpression were closely associated with clinical stage, metastasis and poorer prognosis in patients with laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma., Nitric oxide can be considered as an important factor in the development of most of the common and rare adverse events related to VEGF antagonists., VEGF binding to NRP1 is essential for VEGF stimulation of endothelial cell migration, complex formation between NRP1 and VEGFR2, and signaling via FAK Tyr407 phosphorylation., The aim of this study is to detect the expression pattern of VEGF in renal parenchyma tumors by immunohistochemistry., The expression of COX-2, MMP-2 and VEGF in colorectal cancer plays a synergistic promoting effect on the malignant biological behavior of tumors., In colorectal cancer progression, vascular endothelial growth factor overexpression seems to play a role in the tumor center, whereas Laminin5gamma2-positivity combined with Raf-1 kinase inhibitor protein loss is associated with tumor invasion at the front., these findings reveal that SAF-1 is a hitherto unrecognized participant in inducing VEGF expression in triple-negative breast cancer cells, an aggressive form of breast cancer that currently lacks effective treatment options., Genetic variation near FRK/COL10A1 and VEGFA are associated with advanced age-related macular degeneration., found for the first time that tGLI1, but not GLI1, binds to and enhances the human vascular endothelial growth factor-A (VEGF-A) gene promoter, leading to its upregulation, VEGF regulation in Hep3B cells is primarily controlled by the Akt/PI3K and SP1 pathways and is independent of HIF-1 under hypoxic conditions., The silence of the VEGF, hTERT and Bcl-xl expression, by means of this adenoviral delivery system, induces growth suppression and apoptosis in human nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell lines in vitro and in vivo., Immunohistochemical analysis of early-stage breast cancer, VEGF-A levels did not differ significantly between controls and acute myocardial infarction patients., STC-1 could promote angiogenesis in vitro and in vivo, and the angiogenesis was consistent with VEGF expression in vitro. Inhibition of VEGF expression in supernatants with neutralizing antibody markedly abolished angiogenesis induced by STC-1 in vitro., Myoblasts which overexpress VEGF-A exhibit significant changes in cell cycle and pro-angiogenic potential with only slight differences in the expression of the myogenic genes., two pathways regulate the expression of VEGF during endometrial repair after menses, autocrine and/or paracrine VEGF/VEGFR signaling plays a functional role in some VEGF-sensitive cancers, including malignant astrocytoma and fi brosarcoma, The prognostic significance of IL-8 expression and its correlation with p-STAT-3 and VEGF implicates this novel signaling pathway in astroglial tumors progression providing new targets for effective immunotherapy., It was shown that beta-arrestin1 robustly interacts with nuclear HIF-1alpha and potentiates HIF-1alpha-dependent transcription of vascular endothelial growth factor-A., VEGF-C differentially regulates VEGF-A expression in ocular and cancer cells; promotes angiogenesis via RhoA mediated pathway., The effects of the small molecular inhibitors of VEGF receptor 2 and other tyrosine kinases on pro-angiogenic responses through VEGF-A and basic fibroblast growth factor are reported., An increased risk for intracerebral hemorrhage was associated with VEGFA gene variant in female patients., Human adrenocortical carcinomas appeared to have high angiogenic potential because they showed increased VEGF expression in comparison to adrenocortical adenomas., There was no association between HER2/neu and VEGF expression among 317 colon cancer patients with all tumor stages. VEGF was significantly correlated with tumor size, tumor stage, lymph node metastases, & distant metastases., VEGF was highly expressed in primary malignant gastric lymphoma, Low inducing VEGF haplotypes may confer an increased risk and high inducing haplotypes have a protective effect for the development of steroid-induced femor head osteonecrosis in Korea., induced by hypoxia in nasal polyp fibroblasts, Findings show that the combination of intratumoral HIF-1alpha, VEGF, and MMP-2 may be useful as a molecular prediction model for LNM., present evidence that the two fragments of GPR56, which are generated by autocatalyzed cleavage, played distinct roles in regulating VEGF production and melanoma progression, Expression of VEGFA in glandular cells of endometrial polyps is higher than in adjacent endometrium in proliferative and secretory phases; expression of VEGFA in stromal cells of polyps is higher than in endometrium only in proliferative phase., In the present study, a high level of VEGF in primary tumor tissue was a significant predictor of positive response to bevacizumab therapy., elevated expression of ERRalpha mRNA in breast carcinomas was associated with high expression of OPG and VEGF and with disease progression., VEGF polymorphisms and haplotypes are possible genetic determinants for the risk of ischemic stroke, particularly in patients with multiple small-artery occlusions., recommend more efforts into the investigation of 1612G>A of VEGF with cancer risks, VEGFA gene locus amplification highlights a small but remarkably aggressive subgroup of colorectal cancers., The VEGF gene SNP rs699946 was associated with response to intravitreal bevacizumab (IVB) alone and to triple therapy in this study., VEGF +405 GG polymorphism might be associated with the risk of proliferative diabetic retinopathy in an Iranian population., Six of the single nucleotide polymorphisms that reached genome-wide significance in a genome-wide association study are significantly associated with VEGF messenger RNA levels in peripheral blood mononuclear cells., The data of this study suggested that the -1154/, 936/ and -2578/ ACC haplotype was associated with the risk of acute cerebral infarction with an OR of 0.361., Data indicate that the combination of VEGF-A-silencing and tumor-specific expression of suicide gene is an effective strategy for colon carcinoma treatment., survivin, through upregulation of VEGF and bFGF, plays an essential role during glioma angiogenesis, Studies indicate that HIF transcriptionally activates several genes implicated in clear-cell RCC pathogenesis, including VEGF., Studies indicate that VEGF plays an important role in several physiologic processes, such as embryogenesis, skeletal growth, and wound healing, and is the key mediator of angiogenesis in cancer., Studies indicate that current standard therapies focus on inhibiting angiogenesis via VEGF pathway (sorafenib, sunitinib, pazopanib, and bevacizumab) or mTOR pathway (temsirolimus and everolimus)., High VEGF is associated with colorectal cancer., These data demonstrated the TFF3 mediated regulation of VEGF expression induced by hypoxia., The mRNA expression of VEGF and bFGF, the protein expression of VEGF, bFGF, and ES and microvessel density (MVD) are increased both in the uraemic predialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients., VEGF expression can be used in predicting tumor recurrence and prognosis for patients with pN0 gastric cancer after curative surgery. VEGF may have a synergistic effect with MMP-9 during tumor angiogenesis, development, and progression., Progestins have inhibitory effects on E(2)-induced VEGF and SDF-1 in endometrial stromal cells, Results suggest that the NF-kappaB pathway plays an important role in LPA-induced VEGF signaling and EOC invasion., The expression of vascular endothelial growth factor A gene was affected by plantaricin A., Introduction of alternative splicing exons (esp. exon6 and exon8b) made important contributions to the transcriptional diversity of VEGFA and played a crucial role in the evolution of its regulatory mechanism., The VEGF+936 TT genotype is a risk factor and may contribute to the prognosis of acute respiratory distress syndrome in the Chinese population., meta-analysis suggests that the VEGF +936C/T, -1154A/G, -2578C/A, -634G/C and -460T/C may be not associated with risk of breast cancer development based on the currently available studies, especially for Caucasians, Cell proteins associated with M1 and M2 macrophages are also expressed by other cell types in the tumour islets and stroma of patients with non-small cell lung cancer, CD24 and VEGF may play important roles in breast tumorigenesis and progression, Castration-resistant prostate tumors had higher levels of VEGF and angiopoietin 2 as well as increased blood vessel stabilization compared to hormone-naive prostate tumors., VEGF and GST genotypes can combine to influence the risk for multiple myeloma in south-eastern Brazil. We hypothesize that the increased risk for disease related to the wild-type VEGF C936T and GSTM1 genotypes and the variant GSTT1 genotype., HIF-1alpha is overexpressed in bladder tissue and VEGF is overexpressed in umbrella cells from patients with interstitial cystitis, The expression level of MMP-9 and VEGF in recurred group were significantly higher than primary group, Over-expression of VEGF and high CD105-MVD in primary pterygium may contribute to the progression by increasing angiogenesis and growth of primary pterygium., VEGF covalently bound through a modified heparin molecule elicits an extended response of phosphorylated VEGFR-2 in HUVEC cells, and the covalent linkage reduces internalization of the growth factor during receptor endocytosis, tristetraprolin inhibits the expression of both VEGF and COX-2 and reduced expression of tristetraprolin may be responsible for the increased expression of COX-2 and VEGF in human colorectal cancer., genetic association studies in Korean women, In cells exposed to VEGF, phosphorylation-dependent degradation of IFNAR1 leads to an inhibition of type 1 IFN signaling and is required for efficient VEGF-stimulated angiogenesis., Plexin-A4 promotes tumor progression and tumor angiogenesis by enhancement of VEGF and bFGF signaling., PD-ECGF and VEGF have a synergetic effect in the proliferation of micro-vessels, and they play an important role in the proliferation and involution of hemangioma., Expressions of VEGF, TNF-alpha, and IL6 were elevated in patients with high altitude pulmonary edema., COX-2 expression was correlated positively with VEGF expression, and had significant correlation with microvessel density in patients with obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome., All the patients with diabetes have been ascertained to show a rise in the levels of MCP-1 and VEGF., We found that ficolin-3 levels were elevated in the vitreous fluid of patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy (PDR); and may be used as a new therapeutic target for treatment of PDR., Data show that VEGF-A expression has a positive correlation with pM stage and histologic differentiation., results suggested that VEGF is induced by heparin-binding EGF-like growth factor and amphiregulin through mechanisms involving MAP kinase, Roles of vascular endothelial growth factor in acute rejection reaction following liver transplantation., Epigallocatechin-3-gallate reduces expression of VEGF in gastric cancer cells through the inhibition of Stat3 activity., Expressions of OPN and VEGF are closely related with acute leukemia occurrence and development. OPN may regulate VEGF expression and promote angiogenesis., CREG plays a critical role in protecting the vascular endothelium from apoptosis, and the protective effort of CREG against ECs apoptosis is through the activation of the VEGF/PI3K/AKT signaling pathway, Ca(2+) influx through reverse mode NCX is required for the activation and the targeting of PKCalpha to the plasma membrane, an essential step for VEGF-induced ERK1/2 phosphorylation and downstream EC functions in angiogenesis, There is no association between HIF1-a and PlGF in any melanoma type. Hypoxia, in the expression of HIF1-a, plays a key role in melanoma progression; it activates VEGF secretion, which induces angiogenesis and metastasis. Role of PlGF seems to be limited., The present data suggests that VEGF TT genotype is associated with age-related macular degeneration among Brazilian patients., T- polymorphism of VEGF gen increases the risk of subretinal neovascularization in patients with Age-Related Macular Degeneration., phosphorylation of PRAS40 is critical for the activation of mTOR in CNI-induced VEGF overexpression and renal cancer progression., Overexpression of VEGF189 induces apoptosis under nutrient deprivation stress, in contrast to VEGF165 that acts as a survival factor for breast tumor cells., VEGF genes -2578CA+AA/-634CC and -1154GA+AA/-634CC polymorphisms in the fetus are possible risk factors for spontaneous abortion., Our data support the hypothesis that dysregulation of VEGF and angiopoietins contributes to the disruption of vascular homeostasis in Kawasaki disease., decreased plasma levels following peripheral blood stem cell harvesting in patients with multiple myeloma, Data sugest that VEGF-A and CCL2 mRNA upregulation in PBMCs may have a clinico-pathological/etiological/epidemiological association with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis pathogenesis., Both VEGF-A and COX-2 expression is positively correlated with prostate tumor grade and microvessel density., melatonin induced inhibition of elevated cell proliferation and cell migration of human umbilical vein endothelial cells was associated with suppression of VEGF expression, Cross-talk between CCR3 and VEGF signaling exists and may be important in choroidal neovascularization in human age-related macular degeneration., results showed that VEGF expression in Asian patients with gastric cancer was significantly higher in the case-control studies, findings support the potential utility of targeting emmprin for reducing VEGF secretion and endothelial cell migration in the Kaposi sarcoma microenvironment, The expressions of VEGF, bFGF, and BMP-2 mRNAs decline in traumatic and nontraumatic avascular necrosis of femoral head., Report VEGF expression in low and high grade B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphomas., in medial collateral ligament fibroblasts response to hypoxia resulted in an increase in expression of VEGF as compared to anterior cruciate ligament fibroblasts, CREG induces endothelial cell migration by activating the integrin-linked kinase/AKT/mTOR/VEGF(165) signaling pathway., Hypoxic pulmonary hypertension is closely associated with increased expression of HIF-1alpha and VEGF in high altitide areas., When myofibroblasts were detected adjacent to the mucoepidermoid cancer cells, they were frequently associated with intense positive staining for Ang-1 and Ang-2, and no reactivity to VEGF and Tie2., Serum VEGF is significantly elevated in systemic lupus erythematosus patients with cutaneous manifestations., genetic association studies in Danish population, Data suggest that a combination of pre-therapy clinical risk factors and CT imaging more effectively predicted progression-free survival (PFS) in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma (RCC) on VEGF-targeted therapy than any single method., Studies indicate that HIF-1alpha, CAIX and VEGF were expressed in OSCC., Hypoxia-induced migration of HSC/MFs involves an early, mitochondrial-dependent ROS-mediated activation of ERK and JNK, followed by a delayed- and HIF-1alpha-dependent up-regulation and release of VEGF., High VEGF is associated with non-small cell lung cancer and is not associated with treatment with COX-2 or 5-LOX inhibitors., A possible interaction between IL-6, OSM, u-PA and VEGF in prostate cancer was investigated., study concludes that AQP4 is involved in peritumoral brain edema formation in meningiomas and is also closely related to the expression of VEGF., Analysis of the C/A polymorphism of vascular endothelial growth factor revealed an increased prevalence of CC genotype in the minimal change disease/focal and segmental glomerulosclerosis group in comparison with the other groups., 41 cases of ovarian serous carcinomas were evaluated by immunohistochemistry for VEGF, p53, and bcl-2 expression., These results support the association of rs30250202 and rs3025039, and specific VEGF haplotypes, with altered VEGF serum levels, although the exact functional mechanisms remain to be elucidated., Peripheral blood mononuclear cells from patients with systemic sclerosis spontaneously secrete increased amounts of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) already in the early stage of the disease, the importance of defining a role for intracrine VEGF signaling in sustaining aberrant tumor angiogenesis and strongly implicate UPR/CRYAB as dichotomous parts of a crucial regulation pathway for maintaining intracrine VEGF signaling., Conditional IKKbeta transgene deletion from lung epithelium transiently decreases alveolar type I and type II cells and myofibroblasts and delays alveolar formation through increased alveolar type II cell apoptosis and decreased epithelial VEGF., MDM2 plays a p53-independent role in the regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor, which may promote tumor growth and metastasis., Rosiglitazone, a PPAR-gamma agonist, inhibits VEGF secretion by peripheral blood mononuclear cells and ROS production by human leukocytes, The addition of VEGF-A(165) to the culture medium improves the development of goat preantral follicles cultured in vitro, allowing the production of mature oocytes., These data suggest an autocrine role for VEGF in granulosa cell tumor of the ovary., HSV-1 drives expression of VEGF-A, promoting angiogenic sequelae characteristic of ocular HSV-1 infection., The overall results point towards a novel ability of HDM2 in regulating HIF-1alpha and p-STAT3 levels even in normoxic conditions that eventually lead to an up-regulation of VEGF expression., RSUME critically regulates HIF-1a and VEGF-A production and thus might play an important role in pituitary tumour neovascularisation, a significant difference was observed between the control and pre-eclampsia group, with allele A being the most frequent in the control, suggesting the possibility that carriers of allele A have lower susceptibility to the development of pre-eclampsia, Endothelial cell-secreted VEGF induces proliferation of primary but not metastatic human head and neck squamous cell carcinoma stem cells., VEGF-A plays a role in the occurrence of OHSS, and the amount of biologically available VEGF-A is modulated by sVEGF-R1, R2 and R3, MMRN2 as a crucial player in the regulation of EC function, neo-angiogenesis and hence tumor growth, DLL4 and Jagged1 siRNA gene therapy mediated by adenovirus may be useful for inhibiting growth and invasion of SGC7901 through a Notch/VEGF pathway., Overexpression of MMP-7 generally indicated an inferior overall survival (p=0.09) of adenocarcinoma of colon and rectum., VEGF plays important role during implantation; increases endometrial epithelial cell adhesion., VEGF is a direct, bona fide WT1 target gene in sarcoma; WT1 plays a key role in optimizing the response of tumor cells to hypoxia, Abnormalities of beta-catenin and VEGF overexpression play an important role in the neoplastic progression of sporadic desmoid tumours., apoptosis in retinal cells after intravitreal bevacizumab injection is increased by down-regulated NGF, caused by VEGF inhibition in rabbits., VEGF-A levels in serum correlated in a linear fashion with the tissue expression in oral pre-malignant and malignant lesions, suggesting that the serum levels may serve as surrogate material for tissue expression of VEGF-A., Expression of MK and VEGF is increased in gastric cancer and increased expression is closely correlated with poor prognosis and survival, VEGF production was determined and comparable levels were found in all isolates., The median values of VEGF were significantly higher in both high and intermediate risk CLL subgroups., The C allele carrier (CC + CA) of VEGF -2578C>A polymorphism appears to be a protective factor for colorectal cancer., VEGF polymorphisms are associated with a differential presentation of diabetic vascular complications., We report for the first time that the p.Arg325X nonsense variation in the vascular endothelial growth factor-A gene may be associated with congenital tricuspid aortic valve stenosis., suggest that PRL-3 functions downstream of the VEGF/MEF2C pathway in endothelial cells and may play an important role in tumor angiogenesis, pSTAT3 may promote pancreatic cancer angiogenesis via up-regulating VEGF on protein and even gene levels., FLT-3 signaling plays a central role in the regulation of VEGF secretion and inhibition of the FLT-3/VEGF pathway may disrupt paracrine signaling between leukemia cells and the bone marrow microenvironment., AUF1 and HuR bind to VEGFA ARE RNA under both normoxic and hypoxic conditions, and a pVHL-RNP complex determines VEGFA mRNA decay., Zoledronic acid can inhibit the in vitro proliferation and invasion of HNE1 cell through suppressing the secretion of VEGF and suppressing MMP2 and MMP9 activity., Using an in vitro co-culture system, we investigated the influence of endothelial cells on the angiogenic phenotype of breast cancer cells. Specifically, VEGF, ANG1, and ANG2 gene and protein expression were assessed, Transfection of integrin-linked kinase could up-regulate the VEGF mRNA and protein level in human scar fibroblasts., found significantly lower levels of VEGF in the seven patients who upon a mean follow-up of 13 years were found to have completed suicide., The genetic polymorphism +12916C in VEGF genes were correlated with MTA1 overexpression in hepatocellular carcinoma., VEGF may play an important role in the pathogenesis of angiodysplasia. Thalidomide can suppress VEGF, either induced by HIF-1alpha or bFGF., Novel hypotheses involving altered bioavailability of VEGF isoforms resulting from reduced or bound PlGF, or increased sVEGFR1 increasing biological activity of circulating plasma, could be tested., human VEGF gene expression is downregulated by perylene monoimide derivatives, We conclude that genetic variants in the VEGF gene may influence the risk of high-grade late rectal toxicity after definitive radiotherapy for prostate cancer., [review] VEGF plays a critical role in tumor angiogenesis which is necessary for tumors to proceed from the avascular dormant stage to vascular, sprouting stage. VEGF also contributes to cancer's later invasion and metastasis., The decreased Th/Tr cells ratio indicates impaired immune function, suggesting that the stage IV breast cancer and the Her-2/VEGF-positive breast cancer patients have lower immune function., Data suggest that a mechanism underlying arsenic-induced cell proliferation may be through induction and activation of VEGF signaling, and this may subsequently contribute to tumor formation., This preliminary study supports the hypothesis that VEGF is involved in the pathogenic mechanisms underlying the bone alterations typical of osteoarthritis., Data show that tumour conditioned media obtained from cultured colorectal tumour explant tissue contained high levels of the chemokines CCL2, CXCL1, CXCL5 in addition to VEGF., vascular endothelial growth factor, Protein expression of VEGF, EGFR and MMP-9 is elevated in non-small cell lung carcinomas, correlating with progression., Data suggest that conditions that mimic hypoxia act to increase VEGF expression via hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha; such events may influence angiogenesis in endometrium., The +405G>C polymorphism in VEGF may be associated with higher risk of endometriosis in northern Iran., The associations of functional polymorphisms in the VEGFA and VEGFR2 with survival were analyzed in patients with diffuse large B cell lymphoma, Vascular endothelial growth factor gene polymorphisms may influence the efficacy of thalidomide in multiple myeloma., VEGF,which reflect angiogenesis,was overexpressed in the majority of Barrett's samples.Strong VEGF expression in short segments of metaplastic epithelium was unexpected and may also represent a potentially risk factor., (SNPs)in VEGFA (-2578 C/A and +936 C/T) associates with SGA, and the association is stronger for SGA with abnormal uterine or umbilical artery Doppler findings., Study suggests that VEGF expression may be responsible for intratumoral hemorrhage of pituitary adenomas. Therefore, VEGF can be a novel target to prevent a catastrophic apoplexy in pituitary adenomas and to establish roles in angiogenesis-based therapy., miRNA-205 is a glioma-specific tumor suppressor which targets VEGF-A., VEGF functions in hepatocellular carcinoma cell proliferation and migration are mediated by P65, PKCalpha and/or p53., Polymorphisms in the promoter region of the VEGF gene increase the risk of diabetic retinopathy in Chinese patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus., The meta-analysis didn't reveal an association between VEGF -1154G>A polymorphism and overall cancer risk., Liquiritigenin inhibits serum-induced VEGF expression and transcriptional activation in HeLa cells., Results suggest that VEGF-A appears be a good prognostic factor for colorectal cancer and includes VEGF165 and VEGF165b., VEGF often expressed in invasive ductal breast carcinomas and inversely correlated with tumor grade., VEGF-A stimulation of lymphatic endothelial cells leads to the phosphorylation of VEGFR2 (Tyr 951, 1054, 1059, 1175, and 1214) which subsequently triggers PKC dependent phosphorylation of ERK1/2 and PI3-K dependent phosphorylation of Akt., results strongly support the role of VEGF gene polymorphism in the pathogenesis of psoriasis, Adrenomedullin enhanced VEGF secretion from endometrial tumour cells. A substantial impact on growth of tumours may result as a consequence of the synergism between adrenomedullin and VEGF., When the monochorionic twin placenta is formed in the early period, HIF-1alpha, VEGF and VEGFR-1 are over-expressed, which may affect the placenta angiogenesis and induce twin-twin transfusion syndrome., The mechanism of retinal pigement epithelial injury in age related macular degeneration involves secretion of VEGF protein., In the early stage of angiogenesis, VEGF-R2 leads to expression of VEGF, and HIF-1 mediates increased VEGF expression in response to hypoxia in swollen tissues or during the expansion of periodontal tissues., Serum VEGF predicts development of intraventricular hemorrhage and posthemorrhagic ventricular dilatation in preterm neonates. Also, high CSF level of VEGF could predict the need for permanent shunt placement., elevated expression in sinonasal inverted papilloma is associated with clinical severity, VEGF haplotypes are associated with hypertension, and the haplotype associated with normotension was more common in subjects with increased NO formation., inhibition of Met, hypoxia inducible factor 1alpha, vascular endothelial growth factor A, and induction of thrombospondin-1 and TIMP3 by decorin, BLCA-4 may not effect pro-angiogenic pathways in bladder cancer, it can however interact with IL-1alpha, IL-8, VEGF and MMP-9 to enhance tumourigenesis and tumour invasiveness., Results indicate that endothelial progenitor cells, combined with VEGF gene therapy, may be a suitable approach for increasing blood supply in the tissue engineering of bladders., PINCH mRNA overexpression in colorectal carcinomas is correlated with VEGF and FAS mRNA expression, the mTOR-HIF-1alpha-VEGF pathway affects the progression of oral squamous cell carcinomas, Immunostaining for VEGF and its R1 and R2 receptors was present both in tumor cells and mast cells., VEGF might exhibit neuronal and glial protective effects and also a neoangiogenic property in acute ischemic stroke., VEGF-C, rather than VEGF-A, is closely related to dyslipidemia and atherosclerosis, VEGF and epinephrine responses to acute hypoglycemia are reduced in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients who develop hypoglycemic coma., The association between +405 VEGF C/G single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) and occurrence of essential hypertension in a sample of patients with diabetes, was investigated., Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) produced by cancer cells and monocyte chemotactic protein-1 (MCP-1) produced mainly by tumor-infiltrating macrophages and regulatory T cells effectively inhibits TNFSF15 production by endothelial cells., Data show that anti-VEGF administration reduced accumulation of trastuzumab in tumors., We conclude that autocrine VEGF may modulate thyroid function, AE was a strong inhibitor of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) expression., We conclude that there is no association between the progression of retinopathy of prematurity, proliferative vitreoretinopathy and the 3' - UTR in vascular endothelial growth factor., Report expression of VEGF/Flt1 in peritoneal and endometrial environment in patients with endometriosis., KMUP-1 inhibits H441 lung epithelial cell growth, migration and proinflammation via increased NO/CGMP and inhibited RHO kinase/VEGF signaling pathways., Pseudomonas aeruginosa lipase increases mononuclear cell IL-23, VEGF, TLR2/4 expression., VEGFA +405 C > G SNP showed an association with age, pathological grade, and stage., The results provide evidence for gene interactions among BDNF, FGF2, and VEGFA in stroke outcome, Elevated VEGF correlates to the recurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma after partial liver resection which can be used to estimate the risk of postoperative recurrence of HCC., Data indicate that carriage of the +813C allele of the VEGF gene has been found 2.8 times increased susceptibility to the development of preterm labour in Turkish women and may be an independent risk factor for prematurity., Propranolol can treat proliferative hemangioma through decreasing serum VEGF and MMP-9., Heparanase can induce angiogenesis to promote tumor growth by releasing bFGF and VEGF in nasopharyngeal angiofibroma., VEGF expression was slightly higher in the endothelium of arteriovenous angiodysplasias than in venous angiodysplasias., ETS-1 protein regulates vascular endothelial growth factor-induced matrix metalloproteinase-9 and matrix metalloproteinase-13 expression in human ovarian carcinoma, PlGF, but not VEGF-A was associated with axillary lymph node status and tumor grade was only associated with VEGF-A., The prognostic significance of VEGF expression in all its isoforms is still unknown based on the limited data available, but we find VEGF165 may play an important role., By 21 weeks gestation, VEGF(165) was present in nerve fibers and VEGF(165) b in the inner Muller cell process. The localization of VEGF(165) b was distinctly different from VEGF(165) both spatially and temporally and it was often associated with nucleus in progenitors., No significant relationships between the expression of COX2 and VEGF and other clinicopathologic variables were found in colorectal cancer., Protein expression of vascular endothelial growth factor A (VEGF-A) and matrix metalloproteinase 9 (MMP-9) was studied in gastric carcinoma patients in relation to clinicopathological characteristics and prognosis., Significant associations between the VEGFA -634G/C polymorphism., the rise of plasma levels of chemerin and VEGF, and their positive correlation with ankle/brachial index in diabetic peripheral vascular disease, The rs833069 polymorphism in VEGF-A was significantly associated with the risk of polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy (PCV) in a Korean population., There were no significantly associations between VEGF polymorphisms (rs833061, rs1413711, rs2010963) and the risk of age-related macular degeneration. [Meta-analysis], In the context of normal pulmonary vein VEGF levels, the heart itself is the most likely source of high left atrial VEGF levels in paroxysmal AF patients, Assessment of levels of vascular endothelial growth factor in patients with ESRD and its possible role in cardiovascular morbidity and mortality., Pro-angiogenic effects of resveratrol in brain endothelial cells, The +936 C/T VEGF genotype is likely an important genetic marker of susceptibility to breast cancer., We present data that do not support the hypothesis that common genetic variations in VEGF contribute to the pathogenesis of psoriasis., basis for the potent and selective binding of VEGF-A(164) to Nrp1, Our data suggest that VEGF polymorphisms can modulate the risk of radiation pneumonitis in NSCLC patients treated with definitive radiotherapy., in oral cancer patients, VEGF +936C>T polymorphisms were not directly correlated with poor survival, but they might be associated with increased tumor size, which affected our disease-free survival results., The role of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha (HIF), and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in the hypertrophied ligamentum flavum, was investigated., Suggest that FGD5 regulates proangiogenic action of VEGF in vascular endothelial cells, including network formation, permeability, directional movement, and proliferation., In the ruptured AT, levels of VEGF A expression were higher compared with both normal and painful AT., Report VEGF staining in kidney glomerulus/tubules from lupus nephritis patients., the key contribution of HSPB1-VEGF interactions in the balance between physiological and pathological angiogenesis., Copy number variation of VEGFA is associated with age-related macular degeneration., As mast cells are an important source of VEGF, tryptase, and chymase, these findings suggest that mast cell activation and mast cell-derived mediators participate in the development of Dengue hemorrhagic fever., Study shows an over-expression of VEGF gene in the varicose vein tissue of patients with chronic venous disease., results highlight the role of studied VEGF polymorphisms in end stage renal disease at large and subsequently in the three primary kidney diseases among the North Indian population, expression of VEGF and visfatin was significantly decreased in the preeclampsia group compared with the normotensive control group, VEGFA-mediated cross-talk between airway basal cells and endothelium modulate endothelial activation and in turn stimulate and sustain basal cell growth., At both high and low altitude, maternal VEGF level was significantly (p < 0.001) lower than that of the cord blood level., Letter, VEGFA mRNA was reduced in normotensive small for gestational age pregnancies, from pre-eclamptic pregnancies, and pregnancies complicated by gestational hypertension., an anti-angiogenic role for BMP4 in laser-induced CNV, mediated by direct inhibition of MMP-9 and indirect inhibition of VEGF., The present meta-analysis provides strong evidence that VEGF gene +936TC polymorphism increases endometriosis risk and may become a useful marker for the pathogenesis of endometriosis., Hypermethylation with lower expression levels of VEGF-A is associated with low-grade transitional cell carcinoma., High VEGF is associated with early distant organ metastasis in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma., The close relationship between EGFR and progranulin/VEGF/CD105 expression may partly play a role in high angiogenesis levels in the pN(-) TNBC subtype., studies suggest that arterial flow induces VEGF-VEGFR2 autocrine-juxtacrine signaling, which is a previously unidentified mechanism for vascular endothelial cell survival in adult arterial blood vessels, VEGF polymorphisms are significantly associated with recurrent spontaneous miscarriages., VEGF, PF4 and PDGF are elevated in platelets of colorectal cancer patients, Report alterations in angiogenic and anti-angiogenic forms of vascular endothelial growth factor-A in skeletal muscle of patients with intermittent claudication following exercise training., VEGF dramatically enhances Hantaan virus directed permeability and increases the reorganization of the cytoskeleton., HCV core protein enhances the expression of HIF-1alpha and VEGF in Huh7.5.1. cells., Stronger expression of VEGF on blast cells indicates shorter overall survival in acute lymphoblastic leukemia., Genetic variation in the VEGFA gene is associated with serum VEGF-A levels in RA, and shows an association with disease activity in RA patients who have never smoked, independent of serum VEGF-A levels, The detection of VEGF mRNA and endostatin mRNA appears to be suitable for distinguishing carcinoma cells from reactive mesothelial cells in pleural effusions, they could be useful to diagnose the pleural micrometastasis., one SNP showed significant associations with CRAD development, Our findings indicated that genetic variants of CDKAL1 and VEGFA on chromosome 6 may contribute to T2D risk in Chinese population., Low plasma VEGF levels at 7 days after the onset of acute myocardial infarction were associated with a significantly increased risk for cardiovascular events during 6 months of follow-up., The expression of both HIF-1alpha and VEGF were not significantly increased in BNIP3 positive clear cell renal cell carcinoma in comparison with BNIP3 negative tumors., The highly significant correlation between VEGF and MMP-2 suggests a connection between both mechanisms in the progression of gastric cancer., We report significant associations between VEGF-A SNP rs3025028 and parameters of airway function measured throughout childhood, with the effect persisting into adulthood., This review discusses the biology of VEGF signaling, the clinical efficacy of VEGF-targeting therapies, potential mechanisms of resistance, and emerging predictive biomarkers., VEGF-induced EC migration was prevented by the (*)NO synthase inhibitor, N (G)-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester (LNAME)., VEGF plays a role in the paracrine regulation of angiogenesis., The relationship between glucose transporter-1 (GLUT-1) and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) expression and (18)F-fluorodeoxyglucose uptake in esophageal squamous cell cancer patients, was examined., High VEGF is associated with lung adenocarcinoma with malignant pleural effusion., Irbesartan could promote cell proliferation and up-regulate VEGF mRNA expression in EA.hy926 cells., Data indicate that IGFBP-3 suppresses VEGF expression in vascular endothelial and head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) cells., PAR2 modulates VEGF production through the MAPK/ERK1/2 pathway, and not the PI3K/Akt pathway, in human glioblastoma cell lines., the delivery to the injury region of the therapeutic genes vegf and fgf2 reduced cavitation, restrained the processes of secondary degeneration and supported the number of myelinated fibers in the injured spinal cord., The principal finding of this study is the formal demonstration of the influence of endothelial cell density on the activation of the early sitriggered gnaling modules along the VEGFA/VEGFR-2 axis., Tissues contract and form vascular structures in regions of high deformation. This correlates with the formation of a long-range gradient of VEGF in interstitial cells, overexpression of VEGFR2 and local differences in endothelial cell proliferation., These findings suggest that VEGF and SDF-1alpha may mediate EPC proliferation in human ischemic stroke., the results of this pilot study show that there might be an association between symptoms of opiate dependence and withdrawal and serum levels of VEGF-A., The current study indicates that VEGF polymorphisms are not major predictors of anti-VEGF treatment success in patients with exudative AMD., VEGF corrected for platelet count and hematocrit may be useful for predicting the clinical course of aplastic anemia in children., slightly more VEGF+ cells in revision total hip replacement compared to osteoarthritis, Data indicate that vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) expression is related to hypercalcemia, whish is the most common paraneoplastic syndromes (PNS) in clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC)., VEGF and hypoxia could decrease opticin protein levels in the human retinal pigment epithelium secretome, and that opticin may be an enzymatic substrate for MMP-2., We studied the expression of VEGF protein, VEGF-mRNA, VEGF receptor (VEGFR)-1 mRNA, VEGFR-2 mRNA in patients with recurring meningiomas, Increased levels of VEGF-A may be associated with a decreased rate of pelvic adhesion formation in the course of endometriosis., Show that long-term survival and neurotrophic potential of hRPE cells can be enhanced by FDA-approved plastic-based microcarriers. Growth of hRPE cells on microcarriers led to sustained levels of PEDF and VEGF-A in conditioned media for two months., The VEGF-A RNA expression was reduced after UVA irradiation with 5 J/cm(2). We speculated that, at least in vitro and at our experimental conditions, UVA irradiation decreases mast cells-VEGF release and gene-expression., results demonstrated that ET-1 and hypoxia act, at list in part, through VEGF to induce lymphangiogenic events and that these two stimuli may cooperate to induce VEGF-A/-C/-D expression and lymphatic differentiation., results suggest that Glycer-AGEs-RAGE signaling enhances the angiogenic potential of hepatocellular carcinoma cells by upregulating VEGF expression., Data support the hypothesis that certain carcinogens derived from cigarette smoking may induce VEGF mutations and apoptosis which in turn are involved in early steps of bladder carcinogenesis., Case Report, High VEGF expression is associated with esophageal cancer., Results from studies that assayed VEGF polymorphism in endometriosis are reviewed. Data in the literature suggest that VEGF SNPs such as, Results demonstrate that rising levels of VEGF and IL-6 may be good and specific biomarkers for transplant acute graft versus host disease., single polymorphisms in these genes suggest that specific genotype combinations of MMP-9 and VEGF contribute to preeclampsia susceptibility, VEGF and bFGF may participate in the pathogenesis of inflammatory pericardial disease, Data suggest that proliferative actions of VEGF require activation of both ERK and Akt signaling cascades; these intracellular pathways are stimulated almost exclusively in actively proliferating neuronal progenitor cells of adult [rat] hippocampus., Correlation between intensity of AT-1R expression and expression of lymph- and angiogenesis markers in IDC was examined. Expression intensity of AT-1R was found to correlate with expressions of VEGF-A (r = 0.26; p = 0.008)and VEGF-D (r = 0.24; p = 0.015)., Branched-chain amino acid suppresses insulin-induced VEGFA expression in hepatocellular carcinoma cell lines., association between the VEGF +405cc genotype and ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome; association not found for VEGF -460 t>c, Data show that angiotensin II through activation of AT1 receptors can stimulate the expression of MMP-2, MMP-13 and VEGF, but not MMP-13, in B16F10 melanoma cells., Data show that the levels of markers of oxidative stress along with vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and cell proliferation index were higher with decreased levels of antioxidant activity in prostate cancer patients., The study found that the gene polymorphism in VEGF-A holds prognostic information and should be considered as a potential adjunct in identification of high-risk stage II colon cancer patients., Basal plasma levels of unbound VEGF in overweight/obese women are significantly higher than the basal levels of unbound VEGF in lean women., Increased oxidative stress and VEGF contribute to enhance the impairment of placental perfusion by increasing peroxynitrite formation,thereby partly contributing to account for the pathophysiology of this disease., the VEGF -634CC genotype is a risk factor of ONFH in the Chinese population., S100A4 and VEGF mRNA levels were up-regulated in clear cell renal cell carcinoma (CCRCC), tissue compared with control; upregulated tumour S100A4 and VEGF mRNA levels were independent risk factors for the presence of invasion and/or metastasis, analysis of the effect interstitial fluid pressure on hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF-1alpha) and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in human osteosarcoma xenografts in SCID mice and in different hypoxic environments, An increase in vascular permeability secondary to a raised VEGF level may have a role in the genesis of cerebral microbleeds in patients with acute ischemic stroke., Data indicate that inhibition of VEGF lead to a dramatic decrease in the level of Angiopoietin-2 (Ang-2)., VEGF levels are increased in brain arteriovenous malformation compared with control tissue., Mesenchymal stem cell-derived IL-6 and VEGF may act as paracrine factors to sustain breast cancer cell migration., VEGF expression may have potential value for predicting distant metastasis and disease-free survival in stage III rectal cancer after 30-Gy/10-f preoperative radiotherapy., data indicated that the expression patterns of podoplanin and ABCG2 in OE were associated with oral cancer development, suggesting that podoplanin and ABCG2 may be valuable predictors for evaluating oral cancer risk, The expression of semaphorin 4D (SEMA4D), which is under the control of the HIF-family of transcription factors, cooperates with VEGF to promote tumor growth and vascularity in oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC)., The VEGF induces proliferation of DP cells through VEGFR-2/ERK pathway, but not p38, JNK or AKT signaling., Active MMP-2 regulates VEGF-A in melanoma cells on a transcriptional level via an integrin alphavbeta5/phosphoinositide-3-kinase-dependent pathway., Data from pediatric hematopoietic stem cell transplant patients suggest that pretransplant plasma VEGFA correlates with occurrence of skin acute graft vs host disease (aGVHD); posttransplant levels correlate with severity of intestinal aGVHD., Lentivirus-mediated RNAi knock-down of VEGFA could be an effective therapy for the treatment of colorectal cancer., Data suggest that PLCbeta3 (phospholipase C beta3) acts as a negative regulator of VEGF-mediated vascular hyperpermeability through intracellular calcium signaling., statistically significant increase in ectopic pregnancies, To evaluate the effects of blood flow restriction (BFR) on muscle oxygenation during exercise and postexercise expression of molecules. Acute BFR increases postexercise expression of mRNA related to skeletal muscle angiogenesis., Altered expression of miR-200c may have a significant impact on the outcome of leiomyomas growth, maintenance of their mesenchymal and fibrotic characteristics, and possibly their associated symptoms., It is hypothesized that VEGF and prolactin played a role in the development of metastasis of a non-small cell bronchial carcinoma to a pituitary adenoma., Increased secretion of VEGF from human airway smooth muscle cells of asthmatic patients contributes to the bronchial vascular remodeling associated with the asthmatic airway., VEGF expression was significantly associated with VEGFR-1 and VEGFR-2 in primary breast carcinomas, higher expression of which selects a prognostically unfavourable patient group., The findings presented here highlight that biomarkers, such as TGF-beta1 and VEGF, play a key role in the evolution of the immune response, which in turn influences the outcome of disease establishment., expression of ANG was significantly correlated with that of HIF-1alpha in 50 oral squamous cell carcinoma specimens. However, no significant correlation between VEGF and HIF-1alpha expression was found, miR-20a acts in a feedback loop to repress the expression of MKK3 and to negatively regulate the p38 pathway-mediated VEGF-induced endothelial cell migration and angiogenesis, Report induction of VEGF and MMP-9 expression by toll-like receptor 2/4 in human endothelial cells infected with Chlamydia pneumoniae., A frameshift mutation was found in the VEGF gene, creating a new VEGF splice variant in fetal lung tissue., Under hypoxic condition, RhoA indirectly influences HUVECs to affect tumor angiogenesis by regulating VEGF level in breast cancer cells., Transfection of triple mutant HIF-1alpha can up-regulate the expression of VEGF protein in microvascular endothelial cells to promote cell proliferation., VEGF -2578C>A and -1498C>T SNPs and -2578/-1498 haplotypes appear to be associated with susceptibility to colorectal cancer., The combined high expression CA9 and VEGF phenotypewas significantly associated with increased resistance to chemotherapy and poor overall survival in ovarian high-grade serous carcinoma, findings illustrate that an autocrine loop of VEGFA via VEGFR-2 is critical for the tumorigenic effects of TGF-beta1 and hypoxia on metastatic prostate cancers, VEGF gene expression is decreased in individuals with CAD+ disease. The VEGF -2,578C/A polymorphism may influences the expression of VEGF., AKT3, ANGPTL4, eNOS3, and VEGFA associations with high altitude sickness in Han and Tibetan Chinese at the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau., Early human milk contains high concentrations of VEGF and sFlt-1, which decrease over the course of lactation., VEGF/flk-1 participate in the growth of nasal inverted papillomas. Enhanced VEGF/flk-1 in the epithelium may be indicative of malignant transformation., Endostatin lowers blood pressure via nitric oxide and prevents hypertension associated with VEGF inhibition, CITED2 variants decreased its ability to mediate the expression of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and the expression of the paired-like homeodomain transcription factor 2-gamma (PITX2C), both of which are closely related to cardiac development., We demonstrated in dermal fibroblasts that VEGF was overexpressed due to autocrine TGF-beta/Smad signaling in scleroderma., study found preliminary evidence regarding the association between VEGF polymorphisms and different stages of peripheral arterial disease in diabetic patients, This study indentified VEGFR2 as a PTPN9 substrate, and indicated that PTPN9 is a negative regulator of VEGFR2 signaling and function in endothelial cells., MiR-125a inhibits the proliferation and metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma by targeting MMP11 and VEGF-A., genetic polymorphisms increase the risk of developing Graves' disease, VEGF-induced decrease of miR-196a expression may participate to the angiogenic switch by maintaining the expression of ANXA1 to levels required to enable p38-ANXA1-dependent endothelial cell migration and angiogenesis in response to VEGF., Polymorphisms in the VEGFA gene and the MMP1/MMP3 intergenic locus may influence age at onset of rheumatoid arthritis., High-dose intramyocardial pVEGF165 is safe at 2 years follow-up in patients with severe coronary artery disease., The VEGF +405C/G and +936C/T SNP may be associated with the risk of endometriosis., Transcriptional profiling of human glioblastoma vessels indicates a key role of VEGF-A and TGFbeta2 in vascular abnormalization., VEGF blockade restores and increases MET activity in GBM cells in a hypoxia-independent manner, while inducing a program reminiscent of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition, Mast cells have a function in the vascularisation of pterygia through the secretion of VEGF., This review article focuses on VEGF and allergic rhinitis to advance studies of VEGF in chronic inflammation of the upper respiratory tract., Genetic variations in the VEGF pathway are associated with risk of pulmonary complications after lobectomy. This may offer insight into the underlying biological mechanisms of pulmonary complications., VEGF-A bioavailability in A biphasic endothelial stress-survival mechanism, HIF-1alpha may promote the expression of GLUT-1 and VEGF in laryngeal carcinoma, which promotes tumor angiogenesis, invasion, and metastasis., tumor stromal VEGF-A expression is a valuable prognostic indicator of BCSS and DFS at diagnosis and can therefore be used to stratify IBC patients into low-risk and high-risk groups for death and relapses., VEGF-A genotypes could be considered as a prognostic marker of poor survival in advanced-stage oral squamous cell carcinoma patients, and haplotypes of the VEGF-A gene may be associated with susceptibility to oral squamous cell carcinoma ., Report pre/postoperative VEGF levels in surgically treated gastrointestinal cancers., This manuscript reviews the role and relevance of VEGF-A and VEGF-C and its downstream signaling in acute myeloid leukemia. [review], VEGF-A is higher in diabetic patients than in controls and both Klotho and VEGF-A are decreased in the presence of microalbuminuria., A cumulative effect of high-risk alleles in CFH, ARMS2, and VEGFA seems to be associated with a younger age of onset in combination with poor response rates to ranibizumab treatment., HBx deregulates TSC1/mTOR signaling through IKKbeta, which is crucially linked to HBV-associated HCC development, data showed that cirrhotic patients carrying both heme oxygenase-1 AS and vascular endothelial growth factor GT risk haplotypes have high probability of esophageal varices bleeding compared with those not carrying the above risk haplotypes., single-nucleotide polymorphisms in VEGF, IL-10 and GNMT genes might have a synergistic role in the development of Prostate cancer, Our meta-analysis indicated a weak association of VEGF+405G/C polymorphism with malignancy susceptibility in Africans, no persuasive evidence of association between the polymorphism and malignancy susceptibility was detected in the pooled analyses., balanced redox-state is required for VEGF to facilitate reversible S-glutathionylation of LMW-PTP, FAK activation and endothelial cell migration., Expression of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor correlates with the advance of clinical osteosarcoma., VEGF down-regulation exerts a direct anti-apoptotic function in the DU-145 cell lines., A TLR3-mediated upregulation of VEGF and its receptor subtype 2 (VEGF-R2) in human mesangial cells upon activation of viral receptors, is reported., LGALS3BP induces vascular endothelial growth factor in human breast cancer cells and promotes angiogenesis., This study aimed at characterizing interactions among nine clinically relevant polymorphisms in eNOS, iNOS and VEGF in migraine patients and control group., There were no significant associations between VEGF levels and pulmonary hemodynamics in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis., VEGF-A has a tendency to over-express in gastro-oesophageal cancers, while VEGF-B does not seem involved in these tumours., analysis of tumour and circulating vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in patients with oesophagogastric cancer, GERD patients showed lower levels of EGFR expression than patients with Barrett's esophagus or patients with adenocarcinoma of the esophagus, suggesting a direct relationship between EGFR expression and disease progression., Data show that that mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) cultured in hypoxia were superior to those cultured in normoxia in inducing expression of both HGF (hepatocyte growth factor) and VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) in the cultured medium., VEGF may first downregulate expression of Foxa2 by enhancing Nur77 activity and then decrease expression of ApoM and pre-beta-HDL formation, Pretreatment serum VEGF level is a predictor of progression-free survival after chemoimmunotherapy and may help to further stratify high-risk DLBCL patients into low- and high-risk groups., High intraocular VEGF level at the time of primary vitrectomy in patients with diabetic retinopathy was identified as a significant risk factor for postoperative early vitreous hemorrhage., High VEGFA is associated with breast cancer metastasis., Grape seed proanthocyanidins inhibit VEGF-induced phosphorylation of VEGFR2 and ERK1/2 in human microvascular endothelial cells., We have aimed at analyzing whether the rs699947 C/A polymorphism of the VEGF gene is associated with exudative age-related macular degeneration in French patients., The C allele of the -634G/C polymorphism is associated with higher VEGFA gene expression in the human retina., Plasma concentration of VEGF may be increased in patients suffering from atopic dermatitis, but it seems that plasma VEGF concentration is not a useful marker of disease severity, Higher frequency of rs2010963 C-allele, rs833068 A-allele, and rs3025020 C-allele and significant differences in rs2010963, rs833068, and rs3025020 genotype distribution were seen in vasoocclusive crisis in sickle cell disease., VEGF overexpression (P = 0.033) was an independent predictor of postoperative relapse in patients with stage I-III colorectal cancer. Co-existence of CCND1 and VEGF overexpression showed significantly poorer survival rates., Endothelial heparan sulfate 6-O-sulfation levels regulate angiogenic responses of endothelial cells to fibroblast growth factor 2 and vascular endothelial growth factor., Speculate that VEGF is involved in the pathophysiology of prurigo., Hyperbaric oxygenation combined with As(2)O(3) can increase the expression of caspase 3 mRNA and decrease the expression of HIF-1a and VEGF mRNA in K562 cells., It seems that vascular endothelial growth factor and survivin play role in local invasion and spread of gastric adenocarcinoma and negatively influences survival., Real-time RT-PCR assay showed that the VEGF mRNA level decreased after incubation of human retinal pigment epithelial cells with TAA/DA-Chit nanoparticles., G-CSF and VEGF levels in sera might be associated with an early phase of brain protection after birth in severe asphyxia treated with head cooling., Genetic polymorphisms in VEGFA and eNOS independently predict sunitinib-induced hypertension., Low pretreatment plasma levels of VEGF appear to be predictive of a positive effect of celecoxib on survival in advanced non-small cell lung cancer, Heparanase is involved in hypoxia-induced neovascularization through promoting VEGF expression and may be a new therapeutic target for hypoxia-induced neovascularization retinal diseases., SPARC suppresses angiogenesis of gastric cancer by down-regulating the expression of VEGF and MMP-7, VEGF overexpression is an important predictor of early postoperative relapse in patients with stage I-III colorectal cancer., Intense intermittent exercise provides a weak stimulus for VEGF secretion/endothelial cell proliferation, but does not induce a sufficient angiogenic stimulus to induce capillary growth in muscle previously conditioned by moderate-intensity exercise., In normal pregnancies, midgestation amniotic fluid VEGF and PlGF concentrations positively correlate with gestational age., VEGF-A regulates formation of the collateral circulation in healthy tissues., VEGF expression in the gastric fundus was not significantly different before and after ischemic preconditioning., VEGF overexpression is significantly associated with worse overal survival in head and nack cancer patients., hypoxia-driven VEGF expression in NSCLC cells was SP-1-dependent, with hypoxia increasing SP-1 activity and binding to the VEGF promoter., DHA and EPA have an anti-angiogenic effect partially through VEGF suppression., The VEGFA -634CC genotype was found to be associated with an inferior prognosis for patients with HER2-positive breast cancer., Dihydroartemisinin can significantly suppress the growth of PC-3M cells, promote apoptosis and reduce the expressions of VEGF mRNA and protein., UPA and VEGF protein expression of the high microvessel density (MVD) group was significantly lower than in the low MVD group (P < 0.05)., the VEGF -460T/C, -634G/C, and -2578C/A gene polymorphisms are associated with a risk of colorectal cancer.[meta-analysis], VEGF polymorphisms affect the responsiveness of PED., Serum VEGF levels may prove to be of diagnostic, predictive and prognostic value in patients with primary osteosarcoma., The results confirm the significant association between HIF-1alpha and VEGF expression and suggest that HIF-1alpha expression is a favorable prognostic factor in patients with DLBCL treated with rituximab., Data show that VEGF was down-regulated while platelet-derived growth factor-A (PDGF-A) was up-regulated when IFN-alpha treatment was re-initiated., ZNF385B and VEGFA are strongly differentially expressed in serous ovarian carcinomas and correlate with survival., In epithelial cells, VEGF-A and VEGFR-1 expression was higher in prostate tumor tissue compared to benign tissue., Selected VEGF SNPs may be associated with lower umbilical vein VEGF., Rare variants in the VEGF-A pathway might contribute to the genetic underpinnings of AVSD in humans., VEGF is upregulated in POEMS syndrome and decreases after bevacizumab therapy., VEGF was significantly increased in the epithelium, vascular endothelium and stromal cells in primary pterygium as compared with normal conjunctiva., High mRNA expression of VEGFA is associated with non-small-cell lung cancer., Endorepellin affects angiogenesis by antagonizing diverse VEGFR2-evoked signaling pathways, no significant association between the -460C/T and +405G/C polymorphisms and risk of endometriosis was observed. However, significant associations were observed between endometriosis risk and VEGF+936T polymorphism., Data suggest that subjects with diabetic retinopathy/type II diabetes have elevated serum levels of soluble VAP1 (but not ICAM1 or VCAM1); further, elevated VAP1 levels correlate with VEGFA levels but not with severity of diabetic retinopathy., zinc finger protein-activating transcription factor can up-regulate the VEGF-A expression in comparison with VEGF165, which might have beneficial effects in angiogenesis process, vascular endothelial growth factor single nucleotide polymorphisms are associated with non-small cell lung cancer tumor angiogenesis through Dll4., The tyrosine kinase receptor MER is activated by PROS and mediates its inhibitory effect on VEGF-A-induced EC proliferation., This meta-analysis demonstrates that advanced retinopathy of prematurity is associated with VEGF gene -460T/C polymorphism, but not -634G/C, -2578C/A and 936C/T., Telomeres and tissue engineering, These results provide evidence that activated STAT-1 and STAT-3 regulate VEGF expression indirectly, by modulating HIF-1alpha activity., VEGF polymorphisms do not appear to exert a significant influence on renal cell carcinoma progression or prognosis., Moyamoya disease patients with the genotype of VEGF - 634 polymorphysm had better collateral vessel formation after surgery., Combined whole-body vibration, resistance exercise, and sustained vascular occlusion increased skeletal muscle VEGF transcripts., This work reveals an anti-angiogenic role of STAT1 activation that acts in Tie2-R849W-expressing endothelial cells to impair VEGF-A-mediated STAT3 signaling, bFGF production, and smooth muscle cell recruitment., beta-Catenin and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-delta coordinate dynamic chromatin loops for the transcription of vascular endothelial growth factor A gene in colon cancer cells, VEGF stimulates endothelial cell migration through increased S-glutathiolation of SERCA and calcium influx in a Nox4- and hydrogen peroxide-dependent manner, requiring Nox2 downstream., Data suggest that VEGFA is required for health of glomerular epithelial cells (i.e., to avoid apoptosis) and that this requirement is more critical in setting of hyperglycemia (i.e., to avoid diabetic nephropathy) than in euglycemia., there is no association between the carrier states of gene promoter polymorphisms VEGF (-634) C, VEGF (-460) C, and VEGFR-2, and progression or spontaneous regression of ROP in preterm infants., Immunoreactivity for VEGF was enhanced in scleroderma patients, in contrast to restricted positive immunostaining in suprabasal keratinocytes observed in normal skin., A higher serum VEGF level was found in tuberculous meningitis patients compared to controls., High VEGF expression is associated with vulvar squamous cell carcinoma., VEGF inhibits starvation regulated endothelial lipase expression via SREBP-2., The VEGF +405 G/C polymorphism may influence embryo implantation and VEGF + 405 C/C genotype may predispose to recurrent implantation failure after ICSI-ET., VEGF-A splice isoforms may interfere with bevacizumab treatment of colorectal carcinoma., We identified a novel mechanism of tumor escape by which VEGF-A directly triggers Treg proliferation., Exposure of SHED to EGM2-MV supplemented with VEGF induced activation of ERK/Akt signaling; inhibited phosphorylation of STAT3. analysis unveiled VEGF/MEK1/ERK signaling pathway as key regulator of endothelial differentiation of pulp stem cells., High VEGF expression is associated with progression of gastric carcinoma., Findings suggest that HMGB1, VEGF, sVE-cadherin and sEng regulate the angiogenesis in proliferative diabetic retinopathy., somatostatin limits VEGF release through its interaction with miR-361, indicating that miR-361 participates in the adaptive response of human umbilical vein endothelial cells to hypoxia, VEGF is an endothelial cell survival factor required for effective coupling of angiogenesis & osteogenesis. It has a role in postnatal bone repair. Review., our results suggest that the VEGF -2578C>A variant may be a potential genetic marker for rectal cancer prognosis. Further large population studies are warranted to define whether the -2578C>A polymorphism is a prognostic marker of rectal cancer., data show that higher levels of VEGF-A(CSF) are closely related to CNS leukemia (CNSL), and VEGF-A(CSF) may be a better predictor than the other risk factors elucidating the pathogenesis and development of CNSL, Data indicate that inhibition of Nox4 expression inhibited the transcriptional activity of VEGF through HIF-1., Utilizing the information on Nrp ligand binding specificity, we demonstrate Nrp constructs that specifically sequester Sema3 in the presence of VEGF-A, By augmenting VEGFR2 expression in the placental amnion, PBEF primes the tissue for a VEGF-mediated increase in permeability., Protein kinase C is critically responsible for rapid VEGF secretion by gastrin-releasing peptide receptor signaling in neuroblastoma cells, Lung cancer Adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma cell lines exhibit different VEGF-A responses to hypoxia, VEGF -634C/G is possibly predictive of long-term survival after treatment with a definitive 5-FU/CDDP-based CRT., vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), a promoter of angiogenesis, which is not significantly altered through compensation, and therefore would not need additional regulation for suppressive bcl-2 therapy to be effective, study demonstrated a significant relation between a lower incidence of grade 2 or higher bevacizumab-related hypertension and the VEGF-2578 C/C genotype for the entire treatment period in Japanese patients with metastatic colorectal cancer, The expression levels of microRNA-361-5p and its target VEGFA are inversely correlated in human cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma., endometriosis is not associated with gene mutations for VEGF at codon 1154 G/A, VEGF was reduced in the CSF of suicide attempters. CSF VEGF showed a significant negative correlation with depression severity., VEGF polymorphism is associated with colorectal cancer., In this comprehensive evaluation, pretreatment total circulating VEGF-A was prognostic for outcome in metastatic colorectal, lung, and renal cell cancers, but it was not predictive for bevacizumab-based treatment benefit., Data suggest that signaling via VEGFA-VEGFR1/FLT1 and VEGFA-VEGFR2/FLK1 plays central roles in regulation of angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis; VEGFA-VEGFR/FLT1 and VEGFA-VEGFR2/FLK1 signaling is crucial for tumour angiogenesis. [REVIEW], Results of this study provide evidence of VEGF involvement in endometrial carcinogenesis and indicate potential use as a molecular indicator of disease progression., The increased expression of VEGF in adenoid tissues suggests a possible role of the IL-6/VEGF axis in the pathogenesis of hypertrophied adenoids in children., Report up-regulation of VEGF expression in sarcoid granulomas., Our data suggest that VEGF level is associated with progressive loss of cognitive function in patients with Alzheimer's disease., Local administration of VEGF and rhBMP-2 augments angiogenesis, osteoblastic activity and bone blood flow from implanted blood vessels of donor origin in vascularized bone allografts, MiR-145 suppressed AKT and ERK1/2 pathways and HIF-1 and VEGF expression by targeting N-RAS and IRS1, contribution of VEGFA variants to the variation of blood lipid levels, Elevated VEGF induced by Hantaan virus infection may play an important role in the vascular hyperpermeability., VEGF gene has a role in polymorphisms in recurrent spontaneous miscarriage, ZNF24 represses VEGF transcription through direct binding to an 11-bp fragment of the VEGF proximal promoter and that it functions as a negative regulator of tumor growth by inhibiting angiogenesis., Genetic variations at VEGF-460C and IFN-gamma +874T might accelerate the pathogenesis of retinal neovascularization in proliferative diabetic retinopathy., HDAC1, LL-37 and VHL can modulate the production of VEGF via HIF-1alpha in HaCaT cells, delta-catenin overexpression in prostate cancer CWR22Rv-1 cells results in increased HIF-1alpha and VEGF expression, VEGF and VEGFR-2 was detected in macrophages and endothelia of abnormal vessels in eyes with Coats' disease., Data indicate that Overexpression or knockdown of miR-145 altered both the mRNA and protein levels of HIF-2alpha and its downstream genes, cyclin D1, matrix metalloproteinase 14 and vascular endothelial growth factor, in neuroblastoma cells., Differences in intravitreal cytokine levels in DRP, RVO and ARMD could be demonstrated., Histamine was able to synergistically augment bFGF-induced angiogenesis, and this action was linked to VEGF production through H1-receptor., Possible reciprocal interactions between smoking and VEGF-SNP function were observed. Multivariate analysis confirmed VEGF +405 G/G genotype to be associated with poor survival in advanced OSCC; further use of this haplotype as biomarker needs discussion., Data indicate that the median levels of Ang-1, Ang-2 and VEGF mRNA were significantly higher in patients harboring BRCA1/2 germline mutations., Serum levels for Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor 1 above 158.5 pg/ml; Inhibin A above 98.50 ng/ml; PIGF levels above 30.01 pg/ml shows a diagnostic sensitivity 88.895 and diagnostic specificity 97.06% in prediction of preeclampsia., Delivery of the therapeutic genes VEGF and FGF2 to the damaged region and their expression in cell carriers stimulates vascularization and post-traumatic spinal cord regeneration., Upregulation of Dll4 expression in acute myeloid leukemia cells suppressed VEGF-induced endothelial cell proliferation., Endocan is upregulated on tumor vessels in invasive bladder cancer where it mediates VEGF-A-induced angiogenesis., VEGF, VEGF-R1 and VEGF-R2 are over-expressed in tumour epithelial cells in oesophagogastric cancer., these results indicated that stimulation of ovarian cancer cell VEGF, Cox2 and survivin expression by FSH involves the microRNA27a, Downregulation of VEGF-A and VEGFR-2 expression mediated by Jiedu Xiaozheng Yin, a Chinese herbal formula, inhibits tumor angiogenesis., Treatment of breast cancer cells with PPAR-gamma agonists elevated the expression of leptin and VEGF mRNA and protein, and increased cell viability and migration., the results obtained in the study confirm the role of the VEGF gene in the pathogenesis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in a Russian population., Positive association of the vascular endothelial growth factor-A +405 GG genotype and poor survival in stage I-II gastric cancer in the Northern Chinese population., The increased CD105/CD31 and VEGF/CD31 ratios in gingiva confirms an augmented proliferative fraction of the endothelium in gingiva with chronic periodontitis., VGEFA expression my play a role in tumorigenesis in patient diagnosed with colorectal cancer., High expression of vascular endothelial growth factor is associated with squamous cell carcinoma of head and neck., VEGF derived from tumor cells acts to increase Vaccinia virus internalization, resulting in increased replication and cytotoxicity in an AKT-dependent manner in both tumor cells and normal respiratory epithelial cells., CDF, a curcumin derivative, increases expression of VEGF, IL-6 and miR-21 and hypoxia-induced aggressiveness of pancreatic cancer cells, Authors present the role of vascular-endothelial growth factor in the process of angiogenesis and the biology of the lung cancer and antiangiogenic therapy directions.[review], Largazole ameliorates liver fibrosis by disrupting angiogenic VEGF signalling., Thrombin mediates an excess in the production of neoangiogenetic (VEGF) and profibrotic (PAI-1) factors in human peritoneal mesothelial cells., VEGF induced angiogenesis in nasopharyngeal carcinoma tissue, and plays an important role in disease progression. There was positive correlation between VEGF and microvessel density in nasopharyngeal carcinoma tissue., Our study showed that the TT genotype of Vascular endothelial growth factor was associated with increased lung cancer risk than those with the CC genotype, Expression levels of VEGF and bFGF are significantly decreased in pressure ulcer wounds at stage III-IV., DEAD-box RNA helicase 6 (DDX6) is a cellular modulator of vascular endothelial growth factor expression under hypoxia, Studies suggest that vascular endothelial growth factor may be responsible for upregulated P-glycoprotein expression., A high level of serum VEGF is an independent prognostic factor in patients with advanced gastric cancer treated with chemotherapy, VEGF was strongly expressed in adrenocortical carcinomas but only moderately expressed in adrenocortical adenomas., Human adipose depots show a different incidence of VEGF positive cells in relation with their disposal and the metabolic status., In 10 cases with RA and five OA, immunohistochemical stains were performed with CD31 and VEGF-A (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor)., Serum VEGF concentrations are elevated and can serve as a surrogate marker of myocardial injury., The 1154 G/A polymorphism A/A genotype of the VEGF gene was found to be more frequent in women with recurrent pregnancy loss., Investigated the mechanism of expression and significance of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and p53 in degenerate intervertebral disc tissue., Phosphorylated Akt and VEGF-A are involved in angiogenesis of gastric adenocarcinoma, and Akt activation may contribute to angiogenesis via VEGF-A upregulation., Two SNPs, rs3025039 (which involves a C-->T allele variation at position 936 in the 3' untranslated region) and rs3025030 (which involves a G-->C allele variation in the intronic sequence), were associated with a decreased risk of acute mountain sickness., Data indicate an increase of VEGF, HIF-1alpha expression and microvessel density (MVD) in BRCA1-2 carriers and BRCAX compared to the sporadic control group., This study is the first to demonstrate that Activin-A/BMP-4/VEGF protocol efficiently differentiates cardiomyocytes from human umbilical cord blood mononuclear cell derived hiPS, Patients with diabetes type 2 with no-retinopathy and with non-proliferative retinopathy had high levels of inflammatory and angiogenic markers like VEGF, which decreased in patients with diabetic proliferative retinopathy., Increased expression of VEGF and its receptors might be crucial in the proliferation of thyrocytes and therefore may contribute to the development of goiter and goiter recurrence., EpCAM, FR-alpha, and VEGF-A are the most promising molecules for use in targeted intraoperative fluorescence imaging of endometriotic lesions owing to their favorable expression patterns and biomarker characteristics, Increased VEGF-A levels were detected in patients with Fabry disease compared to the controls., Under hypoxic conditions, upregulation of EMP2 promoted vascular endothelial growth factors (VEGF) expression through a HIF-1alpha-dependent pathway and resulted in successful capillary-like tube formation, These results suggest the possible association of the VEGF polymorphism with high risk B cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia, A model in which the sustained synthesis of VEGF in lens epithelial cells, maintained under hypoxic condition, is regulated by a compensatory inter-relationship between HIF-1alpha and HIF-2alpha, Low VEGF and high sVEGFR-1 concentrations seem to be associated with the severity of Respiratory distress syndrome irrespective of preeclampsia, suggesting that VEGF may be one of the main components of lung maturation., VEGFA amplification is associated with response to therapy in metastatic breast cancer., In patients with wet age related macular degeneration, a strong positive correlation between VEGF and PEDF concentrations was observed and significantly higher PEDF and VEGF plasma levels in patients with bilateral manifestations of the disease., Expression of VEGF-A genes in glioma cell lines U87 is significantly changed under hypoxia and ischemic conditions., The increase in placental expression of the VEGF-A gene and the resultant stimulation of angiogenesis are a response to hypoxic environment developing in the placental tissue in intrauterine growth restriction., No robust association is found between plasma VEGF levels and cerebral deep white matter integrity in any area, adjusted for age and gender., a novel mechanism for hypoxia-induced FGF2 and VEGFA through HIF1alpha-mediated inhibition of miR-503, research confirmed the association between the VEGF -634G>C polymorphism and diabetic retinopathy in subjects with type 2 diabetes, It involved in the same cascade of the malignant progression of gliomas., Vascular endothelial growth factor concentrations in breast cancer patients do not correlate with recognized clinicopathological prognostic factors, Plasma VEGF levels are elevated in women with metabolic syndrome., VEGF expression is induced in human monocytes by Dengue Virus infection., Induction of VEGF expression in prostate cancer cells is mediated through the core promoter region and is dependent upon a critical Sp1 binding site., Conclusively, the result of this meta-analysis suggested that VEGF promoter polymorphisms (-2578C/A, -1154G/A) might not contribute to the susceptibility of Alzheimer's disease, Data suggest that G/G genotype of VEGF -634 G/C polymorphism is related to the higher serum levels of VEGF, and poor clinical outcome in FOLFOX-treated advanced gastric cancer patients., Endorepellin binds through its proximal LG1/2 domains to VEGFR2 and inhibit VEGFA-dependent endothelial migration., a novel regulatory mechanism for VEGFA transcription by OASIS in human retinal pigment epithelial cells, Elevated expression of LSD1, but not JMJD2A, correlates with prostate cancer recurrence and with increased VEGF-A expression., VEGF -2549 I/D polymorphism has a role in the susceptibility to breast cancer in the Amritsar region of Punjab, India, The influence of early-stage intensive insulin therapy on the plasma levels of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and the related parameters in patients with severe trauma and the clinical implication were investigated., The VEGF-A pathway and tumor capillary length may be essential for peritumoral brain edema (PTBE)-formation in meningiomas., Serum VEGF was significantly higher in infants living at high altitude compared to low altitude residents., VEGF and PKC promote degradation-independent protein ubiquitination of FLNB to control intracellular trafficking of HDAC7., Data indicate that pretreatment with the MEK/ERK inhibitor U0126 prevented the rapamycin-induced increases in pCREB, Bcl-2, and VEGF-A expression., this study indicates that ROS and aberrant expression of Nrf2 play an important role in FSH-induced angiogenesis in OEC, and provides insight into the mechanisms of FSH-induced VEGF expression., Elevated circulating VEGF levels are associated with type 2 diabetes microvascular complications., Studies indicate that VEGF is a potent angiogenic vasoactive molecule, and TNF-alpha augments angiogenesis through the expression of VEGF and its endothelial receptor (VEGF receptor 2)., Serum concentrations of VEGF are increased in patients with unstable angina pectoris., study demonstrates that correlation analysis of E2/VEGF-A and E2/PIGF serum levels may be able to distinguish a tubal ectopic pregnancy from a normal pregnancy, In brain microvascular endothelial cells, VEGF is upregulated by advanced glycation end-products induction of basement membrane hypertrophy., The correlation between T stage of gastric cancer and the higher expression of CD40, VEGF, AKT, and PI3K, along with lower S100 expression in DC, may provide insights into future targets for more effective immunotherapy for cancer., Angiogenic responses to VEGF are compromised in hypercholesterolemia as a consequence of endosomal VEGFR2 degradation., Single nucleotide polymorphisms in the promoter region of VEGF gene are associated with bladder cancer risk., Data indicate that dual inhibition of EGFR with erlotinib and cetuximab, combined with the VEGF antibody bevacizumab, is well-tolerated, and merits further investigation., Studies indicate that as a decoy VEGF receptor, aflibercept (VEGF-Trap) has binding affinity for VEGF-A, VEGF-B and placenta growth factor PGF., Together, VEGF and NOS3 play an important role in the pathogenesis of the microvascular complications of diabetes. [review], High VEGF expression is associated with metastatic colorectal cancer., 6,6'-bis(2,3-dimethoxybenzoyl)-alpha,alpha-trehalos could inhibit invasion and angiogenesis by downregulation of VEGF and MMP-9 in MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells., Tumor cells proliferation reduces in a VEGF/VEGFR2-dependent manner as long as the nutrient supply remains decreased., Our data indicate that VEGF expression is efficiently inhibited in A549 cells by ASODN transfection and this inhibition leads to inhibited cell growth and impaired cell cycle distribution., Serum levels of VEGF, HIF-1alpha and IGF-I were significantly higher in the diabetic patients than in the controls., High VEGF expression is associated with low response to chemotherapy in non-small cell lung cancer., The prevalence of VEGF expression was 63.5%., PTEN, VEGF, HER2, p53 expressions were compared with bevacizumab response., Chorionic gonadotropin induces VEGFA-dependent downregulation of VE-cadherin, nectin 2, and claudin 5, which increase endothelial permeability in the coculture system., The simultaneous RNA interferencemediated downregulation of survivin and VEGF expression inhibited proliferation and induced the apoptosis of Panc1 cells and human umbilical vein endothelial cells., In contrast to the VEGF association of the previously-described aV DNA aptamer, where the binding is enthalpically driven and sequence-specific, the binding of the aHt aptamer to VEGF is entropically-driven and not abolished by scrambling of the sequence., analysis of expression of VEGF and its receptors VEGFR1 and VEGFR2 in primary and recurrent WHO grade III meningiomas, Results suggest that lower doses of chemotherapeutic drugs decrease VEGF secretion from tumor cells without causing substantial cell killing., Rac1, HIF-1alpha, and VEGF play an important role in tumor invasion and metastasis, especially in tumor angiogenesis., This is the first study demonstrating an association between the VEGF +936 CC genotype and the risk to develop AKI in patients with severe sepsis., patients with TT polymorphism of rs833061, CC polymorphism of rs699947, CC polymorphism of rs2010963 and CG polymorphism of rs6877011 seem to have a worse PFS and OS when receiving first-line sunitinib., CFTR dysfunction triggers epithelial synthesis of VEGF-A, which may contribute to vascular remodelling, the increased levels of angiogenic factors VEGF in hydatidiform moles may link to the mechanism of developing very early onset preeclampsia, Patients with influenza A/H1N1 infection and acute respiratory distress syndrome/acute kidney injury have an over-production of MCP-1, VEGF and IP-10 possibly contributing to kidney injury and are associated to a higher risk of death., CAD patients had significantly higher frequency of the VEGF rs699947 A allele., Endomembrane H-Ras controls vascular endothelial growth factor-induced nitric-oxide synthase-mediated endothelial cell migration., None of the five VEGF and VEGFR-2 gene polymorphisms investigated in this study was found to be an independent prognostic marker for Korean patients with surgically resected GIST., The serum levels of IL-33/sST2 were remarkably higher in the patients with ankylosing spondylitis than the healthy groups and significantly correlated with vascular endothelial growth factor and the Bath Ankylosing Spondylitis Disease Activity Index., High levels of circulating VEGF predicts poor overall survival in lung cancer, yet it does not predict poor progression free survival. [Meta-analysis], Mountain sickness was found significantly associated with VEGFA SNPs compared with Chinese control groups, indicating that base substitutions result in transcription factor binding site changes which have an effect on development of altitude sickness., MCF7 and MDA-MB-231 cells treated with leptin secreted more VEGF than untreated cells, whereas adiponectin treatment inhibited VEGF secretion., Mineralocorticoid receptor activation attenuates the expression of the VEGF receptor 2/KDR, possibly dampening the activation of a VEGFA/KDR dependent signaling pathway important for the survival of tumor cells under hypoxic conditions., Report lack of vascular growth responses after VEGF treatment in ischemic stroke under conditions of hyperlipidemia., Preoperative serum levels of CA125 and VEGF were significantly higher in patients with epithelial ovarian cancers compared to those with ovarian cysts. The addition of VEGF to CA125 increased the sensitivity of early ovarian cancer detection., The present study findings suggested that the VEGF +936 TT genotype was associated with age-related macular degeneration among Han Chinese patients., Increased plasma levels of the VEGF165b splice variant are associated with the severity of nailfold capillary loss in systemic sclerosis., Our results suggest that the VEGF gene polymorphism (936 C>T) contributes increased susceptibility to oral cancer., C-myc-dependent downregulation of VEGF induced by all-trans-retinoic acid contributes to the differentiation of HL-60 cells., High VEGF expression is associated with osteosarcoma., Heart-type fatty acid binding protein (hFABP) and VEGF CSF concentrations distinguished between healthy controls and patients with AD dementia with a sensitivity and specificity of 57 and 35%, and 76 and 84%, respectively, A polymorphism in VEGF and its protein level were associated with chronic periodontitis in a Chinese population, This study showed that overexpression of NOSTRIN had a significant effect on eNOS activity in HUVECs and resulted in significant cellular damage., galectin-1 has a role in regulating VEGF expression in gastric cancer, Letter, indicative of good tumor blood supply and permeability of vasculature, are associated with high levels of collagen XVIII and VEGF expression, The VEGF and COX-2 mRNAs were identified as the bona fide targets of miR-101 in cholangiocarcinoma cells., the rs3025039 (C>T) polymorphism of the VEGF gene increases the risk of endometriosis, but the rs699947 (A>C) and rs1570360 (G>A) polymorphisms might be protective factors for endometriosis., overexpression of survivin and VEGF accompany a higher risk of BTCC recurrence, making survivin and VEGF biomarkers for predicting the relapse of bladder cancer., Serum VEGF levels may be used for assessing of the efficacy of anti-angiogenic therapies., This study revealed no statistically significant prognostic or predictive value of VEGF expression for locally advanced prostate cancer, The mRNA expressions of the proangiogenic growth factors VEGF, PDGF, bFGF and their receptors (VEGFR1, VEGFR2, PDGFRA, PDGFRB, FGFR1, FGFR2) were measured and compared in gastric ulcers of cirrhotic patients., Primary cutaneous large B-cell lymphomas were characterized by significantly higher intratumoral expression levels of VEGF and its receptors in comparison with the indolent lymphoma subtypes., Polymorphism in VEGF gene is associated with breast cancer., NET-1 and VEGF silencing play a key role in inhibiting hepatocellular cell proliferation, promoting apoptosis, and reducing angiogenesis., high VEGF levels have a potential application in predicting non-responder patients with CSF drainage for ventriculomegaly, there is no association between the carrier states of gene polymorphisms VEGF +405, VEGF +936 and progression or spontaneous regression of ROP in preterm infants in Iranian population., we explored heterogeneity in expression of EGFR, VEGF and NOTCH1 in head and neck squamous cell carcinomas, Increased CD16(+ ) NK cells were associated with IL-6 and VEGF deficiency in a high proportion of UI-IF(unexplained infertility with implantation failure) patients., REVIEW, VEGF overexpression significantly alters extracellular matrix integrity in MCF-7 tumors, causing them to progress to an invasive and metastatic phenotype., Data show expression of TGF-beta1, TGF-beta2, BMP-4, and BMP-7 was increased in tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) cocultured with pancreatic cancer cells, and vasohibin-1, VEGF-A, and vVEGF-C expression in pancreatic cancer cells was upregulated by TAMs., In human ovarian epithelial carcinoma cells (HO-8910), resistin (10-150 ng/mL) enhanced both VEGF protein and mRNA expression in a time- and concentration-dependent manner, as well as promoter activity., Serum level of VEGF increases in pre-eclampsia, The stimulatory effect of roflumilast on VEGF release was replicated using primary healthy and COPD lung fibroblasts., IL-17A, IL-17B, IL-17F and IL-23 in systemic lupus erythematosus patients were examined and the correlation between levels of the investigated cytokines and VEGF, PIGF, as well as number of endothelial cells, was investigated., VEGF markedly induces CXCL1 release in A549 lung epithelial cells., A pattern of high VEGFA expression with low expression of secreted semaphorins was associated with 60% of triple-negative breast tumors., study showed higher levels of both VEGFA mRNA in the peripheral blood cells and serum VEGF in patients diagnosed with rDD than in healthy controls., Studied the usefulness of (18)F-fluorodeoxyglucose FDG-PET/CT and the relationships among the expressions of HIF-1alpha, Glut-1 and VEGF, histological type, other clinical factors and FDG uptake in thymic epithelial tumours., High VEGFA expression is associated with breast cancer., High plasma level of VEGF-A is associated with prostate cancer., VEGF induces oscillations in [Ca(2+)]i that are patterned by the interaction between inositol-1,4,5-trisphosphate-dependent Ca(2+) release and store-operated Ca(2+) entry., Data show that the expressions of ER-alpha, PR, LIF, VEGF, iNOS and CB1 in fallopian tube and chorionic villi of tubal pregnancy were not altered by exposure to levonorgestrel emergency contraception., The level of VEGF showed significant correlations with lymph node metastasis and distant metastasis in in malignant pleural effusions of lung cancer patients., TLR-4 and VEGF polymorphisms in chronic periaortitis, Natural fungal bioactive compound chaetoglobosin K effectively inhibits angiogenesis through downregulation of vascular epithelial growth factor (VEGF)-binding hypoxia inducible factor (HIF)-1alpha., Insulin regulates VEGF-A in the podocyte, These data identify a critical role for Wt1 in hematopoiesis and Vegf-a as a cellular RNA whose splicing is potentially regulated by Wt1., Plasma VEGF was significantly reduced in low birth weight (LBW) neonates while that of sVEGFR-1 and PF4 were significantly higher. VEGF/sVEGF/PF4 pathway seems to be involved in the endothelial progenitor cell dysfunction in LBW neonates., VEGF-A-induced soluble VEGFR-1 upregulation can operate as a negative feedback system., Our data suggest a role of VEGF in the pathogenesis of Ppsoriatic arthritis., In contrast to current belief, platelet pro-angiogenic responses are independent of VEGF and appear to be the result of the combined action of several molecules., Autocrine IL-8 and VEGF synergistically activate ATF-2 mediated invasiveness in A549 lung cancer cells., The polymorphism, +405G/C but not -460T/C and +936C/T, of VEGF gene is strongly associated with pancreatic adenocarcinoma, and this SNP has significant influence on serum VEGF level., Thalidomide significantly attenuated TGF-beta1-induced VEGF expression in human lung fibroblasts., Vascular endothelial growth factor gene polymorphisms are associated with breast cancer risk., High vascular endothelial growth factor in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid is associated with primary lung cancer., acute hypoxic exposure for up to 60 min does not induce a generalized inflammatory response, but does induce the expression of HIF-1a and VEGF, Data indicate the role of osteopontin (OPN) under hypoxia and in breast tumor growth and angiogenesis through NF-kappaB-mediated HIF1alpha-dependent vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) expression., different VEGF genotypes did not seem to significantly modify the main clinical features of the disease, VEGF overexpression indicates a poor prognosis for patients with oral carcinoma of the salivary glands. [Meta-analysis], Increased expression of VEGF and CD31 in postradiation rectal tissue, A potential pharmacogenetic relationship between the VEGFA gene and treatment response to anti-VEGF therapy, is demonstrated., VEGF expression proved to be an independent negative predictor for LRC, MFS and OS in patients treated for locally advanced SCCHN with adjuvant radiotherapy or radiochemotherapy. FLT-1 expression was not significant in multivariate analyses., Ovarian endometrioma decreases VEGF levels in the surrounding ovarian tissues., VEGF and VEGFR1 mRNA levels were significantly higher in bladder cancer specimens than that of normal mucosa; results suggest that alterations in the expression of VEGF and VEGF receptors are associated with disease stage and recurrence, Oxymatrine decreased the expression of angiogenesis-associated factors, including nuclear factor kappaB (NF-kappaB) and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)., Elevated plasma levels of Ang-1 and VEGF were found in patients with malaria resulting from in vivo platelet activation., Patients with survivin or VEGF mRNA positivity postoperation had markedly shorter disease-free survival., Forty-nine Grade I, 33 Grade II, and 6 Grade III meningiomas were observed. VEGF and Ki-67 expression was correlated with higher tumor grade. A correlation was observed between COX-2 expression and invasiveness to the brain or adjacent soft tissue., Silencing GRP78 not only inhibits tumor, but also decreases the expression of VEGF and VEGFR2 in colon cancer., Inflammation mediators act through c-Fos to increase VEGF production in peritoneal mesothelium., The results suggest the VEGF-A rs1413711 and rs833061 polymorphisms may contribute to age-related macular degeneration susceptibility., results demonstrated that VEGF enhanced the expression of MRP1, and the PI3K/Akt signaling pathway and SP1 may be involved in this modulation, No difference was observed in terms of VEGF, PIGF and HIF-1alpha in a comparison of the early- and late-onset pre-eclampsia groups., Upregulation and maintenance of HIF-1alpha and NGF expression may attenuate VCI., There was a statistically significant inverse association of CD34 expression with adverse histological features, and a positive correlation of VEGF and cytoplasmic beta-catenin staining with unfavourable microscopic parameters in breast phyllodes tumors., VEGF-A, VEGFR-1 and VEGFR-2 were statistically correlated with ramifications of blood vessels. No correlation with patient outcome was observed., High serum levels of TIMP-1 and VEGF-A were found to be associated with tumor progression and unfavorable prognosis in patients with esophageal cancer., Data indicate that expressions of PTHrP, EPO, and VEGF were respectively related to advanced stage of clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC)., Data suggest that placental oxygen supply is capable of altering metabolism; varying oxygen tension appears to regulate gene expression of VEGFA and ABCG2 (breast cancer resistance protein) in first trimester placental villous explants., VEGF did not accelerate or enhance differentiation of human MSCs towards endothelial cells but was vital for specification of arterial fate., Single nucleotide polymorphisms in VEGFA gene is associated with colorectal cancer risk., These findings suggest that PGIS is induced by hypoxia and regulates the expression of VEGF in fibroblasts, These data demonstrate that Bmi-1 plays a vital role in HCC invasion and that Bmi-1 is a potential therapeutic target for HCC, Serum VEGF levels in Alzheimer disease patients were significantly lower than in patients with mild cognitive impairment, which were in turn lower than in controls., High VEGF level was associated with inflammation., Lysophosphatidic acid-induced VEGF-A expression is regulated by hypoxia-inducible factors (HIF)-1alpha and HIF-1beta in prostate cancer (PC)-3 cells., VEGF and VEGF receptors 1 and 2 have roles in malignant colonic epithelial cell growth through an autocrine mechanism, VEGF overexpression is associated with a more advanced TMN stage and shorter OS in EC patients., Endogenous expression of human and rat VEGF-A165b was detected in hippocampal and cortical neurons., Findings indicate skeletal muscle expression of antiangiogenic VEGF-A165b and preferential upregulation in IIM, suggesting that modulation of VEGF-A isoforms may occur in myositides., These findings suggest that the functional single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) VEGFA rs699947 C/A allele may decrease the risk of rheumatoid arthritis in older patients and ACPA-negative patients., COX-2 and VEGF expression correlated with angiogenesis and tumor progression in classical Hodgkin lymphoma., Among non-responders to metronomic cyclophosphamide for prostate cancer, the -2578CC genotype was more frequent, wherease the -634CC was more frequent in responders., MicroRNA-196b regulates the HOXB7-VEGF axis in cervical cancer., high altitude, CXCR4-mediated osteosarcoma growth and pulmonary metastasis are promoted by Mesenchymal stem cells through VEGF., we review novel VEGF-directed agents that are being developed to address the shortcomings of current targeted drugs for the treatment of advanced renal cell carcinoma., VEGF plasma levels in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) depend on changes in ventilation and exercise., Estrogen increased the expression of VEGF, and thus activate ERK1/2 pathway to induce MMP-2/9 expression., PEI-PBLG/siVEGF complex provides a higher and more sustained suppressive effect by reducing VEGF mRNA expression in the tumors, leading to higher tumor growth inhibition efficacy, Osteoprotegerin and VEGF are elevated in normoalbuminuric Type 1 diabetic subjects and are independently associated with glycemic indices and diabetes status., These findings establish NDST1 as a target of miR-24 and demonstrate how such NDST1 suppression in endothelial cells results in reduced responsiveness to VEGFA, VEGF polymorphism is associated with susceptibility to intervertebral discs degeneration., normal pancreatic VEGF-A expression is critical for the recruitment of ECs and the subsequent stimulation of endocrine cell proliferation during islet development. VEGF-A has a lesser role in adult islet function and beta-cell mass., Increase of serum VEGF is associated with response to therapy in non- small cell lung cancer., High VEGF exprwession is associated with recurrence in breast cancer., Lower expression of ATF4 and VEGF genes in chorionic villus tissue may participate in the pathogenesis of spontaneous abortion., cyclic strain increased the expression of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and interleukin (IL)-6, which are critical to wound healing, VEGF/VEGF-R system contributes to enhance, but stunted myocardial angiogenesis in patients with tetralogy of Fallot, Angiogenic factors VEGF, HIF-1alpha and CD34 are important in breast cancer progression and their abundance in breast tumors has prognostic and predictive value., VEGFA polymorphisms contribute to recurrent spontaneous miscarriage., DNA methylation-induced silencing of miR-126 contributes, at least in part, to tumor invasion and angiogenesis in colorectal cancer, through upregulation of VEGF expression., Studied the effectiveness of an integrin peptide ligand-labeled liposomal delivery system loaded with vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)-siRNA in a model study of gene therapy for retinopathy using human retinal pigment epithelial cells., VEGF 634G/C polymorphisms have a significant role in breast cancer susceptibility and aggressiveness., Low VEGF expression is associated with endothelial damage and breast cancer., the suppression of VEGF expression subsequent to inhibition of MDM2 in p53 mutant cells suggests that MDM2 has a regulatory role on VEGF expression through a p53-independent mechanism., VEGF expression was associated with poor overall survival in osteosarcoma, and there is no significant heterogeneity among all studies., Hepatocellular carcinoma shows significantly elevated serum levels of angiogenic factors VEGF and Ang-2 and of anti-angiogenic factors endostatin and angiostatin., Results show that VEGF +936C/T polymorphism is not associated with risk of overall cancer among Asians., An increase in serum VEGF and ICAM-1 levels is associated with an increase in the severity of diabetic retinopathy and the grade of external limiting membrane and inner segment-outer segment junction disruption., Co-transfection of KLF-4 and HDAC1,2 expression plasmids in breast cancer cells results in synergistic repression of VEGF, Vascular endothelial growth factor C-634G polymorphism (CC genotype) is a genetic risk factor for diabetic macular oedema, and its presence provides significantly better visual outcome following bevacizumab treatment., Lower serum BDNF and higher VEGF concentrations were associated with increased risk of incident stroke/TIA. Higher levels of BDNF were also associated with less white matter hyperintensity and better visual memory., VEGF concentration was quantified in CM (ELISA) from agonist experiments; we observed a 2-fold and 2.5-fold increase in VEGF release from NPY and Y5R agonist treated 4T1 cells respectively, Data suggest that proliferating cells in pregnant and post-partum pituitaries do not release an increased amount of VEGF and other angiogenic factors, and thus do not cause angiogenesis or increase of microvessels in pituitary gland., Data show that VEGF-A165b protein can be immunoprecipitated from cultured cells and that immunoprecipitating VEGF-A results in protein that is detected by VEGF-A165b antibody., The VEGF expression and the microvascularization in salivary gland tumours are important elements to be considered when formulating a diagnosis and assessing case evolutions in patients with such tumours., At molecular level, the inhibitory effect of RERF on VEGF signaling is shown by the decreased amount of phospho-FAK and phospho-Akt, Stat signaling and VEGF expression are inhibited by the antiangiogenic plant flavone acacetin, This review examines the role of VEGF signaling in cancer and outlines the current status of anti-angiogenic therapies against VEGF pathway., role of VEGF polymorphism in lung cancer, VEGFA levels are higher in malignant pleural effusions compared with benign effusions., Aberrant DLL4 expression and HIF-1alpha/VEGF angiogenesis signaling may have a role in missed abortion., genetic association studies in population of women in Iran, These results suggest that the VEGF polymorphism influences the visual acuity prognosis in highly myopic eyes with CNV within 1 year after anti-VEGF treatment., VEGF which is representative of angiogenesis can be a new and useful predictor of preterm delivery., genetic polymorphism is associated with pre-eclampsia, The study suggests that the c.*237C>T and g.43737830A>G VEGF polymorphisms are useful markers of susceptibility to gallbladder cancer., Our study shows that VEGFA rs699947 and rs833061 and VEGFR2 rs2071559 polymorphisms do not modify the risk of suffering age related macular degeneration in a Spanish population., CONCLUSIONS, A allele of VEGF -2578C/A polymorphism might be a risk factor for lung cancer, especially in smoker patients and SCC patients. However, the T allele of VEGF -460C/T polymorphism might be a protective factor for nonsmoker and SCC lung cancer patients., The expression of MIF mRNA was compared with VEGF mRNA expression and with mRNA expression of other chemokines related to neo-angiogenesis, such as CXCL12, CXCL11, CXCL8 and CXCR4, in human endometrial cancer tissue and normal endometrium., Data indicate that induction of cyclin A1 overexpression in breast cancer cell line MCF-7 results in an enhanced invasiveness and a concomitant increase in vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) expression., Both the VEGFR2 receptor and HIF-1alpha were expressed in alpha-SMA positive myofibroblast-rich nodules with characteristics of Dupuytren's disease in the active involutional phase., P = 0.095) and healthy individuals (0.37 versus 0.19, OR = 2.51, P = 0.038). These results imply that VEGF and bFGF gene polymorphisms have prognostic significance in patients with NHL., The expression of HDGF significantly correlated with VEGF-A, but not Ki-67 expression., The results have demonstrated that the major G-quadruplex formed in the VEGF promoter in K(+) solution is a parallel-stranded structure with a 1, The VEGF -634CC and +936 TT genotypes were associated with a higher risk of glioma in a Han Chinese population., SDF-1 restores angiogenesis synergistically with VEGF upon LDL exposure despite CXCR4 internalization and degradation., Decorin may interfere with angiogenesis by downregulating hypoxia-induced Met, Rac1, HIF-1alpha and VEGF expression in RPE cells, which suggests a potential strategy for the inhibition of CNV., Overexpression of VEGF-A promotes not only the endothelial specification but also engraftment, proliferation and survival (reduced apoptosis) of the human Isl1+ progenitors in vivo., Transcription levels of VEGF and endostatin by RT-PCR may be an adjunct to cytology screening for early detection of cervical carcinomas and may determine the progressive potentiality of individual lesions, especially in high-risk patients., different species of OxPLs, which are present in the human eye are capable of stimulating expression of VEGF in fetal and primary RPE cells via ATF4-dependent mechanisms., Bone morphogenetic protein 7 increased vascular endothelial growth factor-a expression in human granulosa cells and VEGF receptor expression in endothelial cells to stimulate angiogenesis., Platelet factor 4 has significant crosstalk with vascular endothelial growth factor by modulating cell migration and signal transduction pathways., The expressions of PD-ECGF and VEGF are higher in the colorectal carcinoma patients with schistosomiasis than in the colorectal carcinoma patients without schistosomiasis., In addition to reconciling the clinical experience with these agents versus their broad activity in preclinical models, these findings may help to select solid tumor types with intrinsic sensitivity to a VEGF vascular-directed therapies., These experiments define a novel VEGF-miR-1-Mpl-P-selectin effector pathway in lung Th2 inflammation and herald the utility of miR-1 and Mpl as potential therapeutic targets for asthma., The assessment of baseline plasma VEGF levels increases the precision of the CLIP scoring system for predicting HCC prognosis., TG2 inhibition results in inhibition of fibronectin deposition in human umbilical vein endothelial cell monocultures with a parallel reduction in matrix-bound VEGFA., This meta-analysis was conducted for deriving a more precise estimation of association between VEGF polymorphisms and the risk of head and neck cancer., The H. pylori-derived peptide Hp(2-20) stimulated eosinophil migration through the engagement of FPR2 and FPR3, and also induced production of VEGF-A and TGF-beta, two key mediators of tissue remodelling., HTRA1 gene polymorphism may influence patient response to treatment with intravitreal ranibizumab for neovascular age-related macular degeneration., High serum VEGF levels are associated with advanced stages of non-small cell lung cancer., These results suggest that TRAIL inhibits VEGF-induced angiogenesis by increasing caspase-8 activity and subsequently decreasing non-apoptotic signaling functions of procaspase-8, without inducing caspase-3 activation and endothelial cell cytotoxicity., Ang-2-VEGF-A CrossMab treatment led to a strong inhibition of angiogenesis and an enhanced vessel maturation phenotype, role of VEGF in adipose tissue-derived stem cell proliferation, common vascular endothelial growth factor polymorphisms (-2578C>A, -460C>T, +936C>T, and +405G>C) in susceptibility to lung cancer, High levels and over expression of sFlt-1 and VEGF might be associated with the pathogenesis of recurrent spontaneous abortion., Induction of the pro-remodeling cytokine VEGF from the airway epithelium is one potential mechanism by which urban particulate matter may influence lung function growth in children irrespective of asthma status., VEGFA amplification is commonly observed across several tumour entities., Data indicate that the IL-32beta-VEGF-STAT3 pathway affects the migration of MDA-MB-231 cells., Serum VEGF level was an independent predictor of survival in advanced hepatocellular carcinoma, and provided more survival homogeneity within the advanced stages of conventional staging systems., Neoplastic and non-neoplastic Barrett's epithelial cells have autocrine VEGF signaling. In neoplastic Barrett's cells, VEGF activation of VEGFR2 initiates a PLCG1-protein kinase C-ERK pathway that promotes proliferation., Single nucleotide polymorphisms in VEGFA are associated with treatment failure in sunitinib treated gastric and biliary tract cancer patients., We suggest that VEGF could be used as a target for pterygium therapy in patients with the 936C>T genotype., VEGF111b is a novel potent anti-angiogenic agent that can target the VEGF-R2 and its signaling pathway to inhibit ovarian tumor growth., there is limited evidence for the associations of VEGF 1154G/A and 2578C/A polymorphisms with prostate cancer risk, and more studies are needed to further assess the associations above, The rhKal also suppressed the VEGF-induced migration and tube formation of HUVECs., Our meta-analysis confirmed the significant association between rs699947 polymorphism and Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) after exclusion of outliers, and rs2010963 polymorphism might be not associated with DR., Low hypoxia in combination with leptin and VEGF regulates the differentiation potential of human adipose tissue-derived stem cells toward endothelial cells., High VEGFA gene expression is associated with early-stage non-small cell lung cancer., the variant genotypes of the VEGF -2578C/A polymorphism, but not the VEGF -634G/C polymorphism, was associated with lung cancer risk., These results may implicate an additional therapeutic role for anti-VEGF-A when combined with chemotherapy., VEGF gene variants are associated with lung function at school age, but not at birth, suggesting a role of VEGF in post-natal lung function development., The pathogenesis of pulmonary emphysema is likely to be multifaceted, but the present mouse model may be useful in dissecting the involvement of VEGF in pulmonary emphysema., We showed a significant correlation between VEGF gene polymorphism and treatment outcome in neovascular age-related macular degeneration, with the risk allele carrying a better functional prognosis., siRNA cocktail, and co-downregulation of VEGF and HER2 result in significant inhibition of gastric cancer growth and migration in vitro, No significant association between CD34 Chalkley counts and VEGF expression and disease-specific survival was observed., An increase of VEGF after percutaneous coronary intervention is associated with a dramatically increased restenosis rate after implantation of drug-eluting stents., alpha6beta4 integrin and c-Src activation is important early signaling events to lead mTOR activation and cap-dependent translation of VEGF., results indicate that VEGF-A is highly expressed in GBC and correlates with poor prognosis, suggesting that VEGF-A expression could be used as a biomarker for predicting malignant behavior, endothelial progenitor cells involved in the angiogenesis might be controlled by VEGF-PKD1-HDAC7 axis, which regulates the EPCs angiogenesis by PKD1, but not the ERK and PI3K pathway, By targeting VEGF-VEGFR2 pathway., High VEGF expression is associated with low response to sunitinib in metastatic clear cell renal cell carcinoma., VEGF -2578C/A or -1154G/A polymorphism had no association with preeclampsia risk, whereas there was an association between VEGF +936C/T or -634G/C polymorphism and risk of preeclampsia. (Meta-analysis), VEGF expression is increased by bradykinin, which results in increased angiogenesis in prostate cancer cells., VEGF and PlGF regulate transcription of KCC3b and KCC4 in erythroid cells via activation of HIF-1alpha, independent of hypoxia., VEGF-A, Otx2 homeobox and p53 family genes are expressed in proliferative vitreoretinopathy, GnRH-II significantly inhibited the cell proliferation, induced cell apoptosis and decreased the VEGF secreting of endometrial stromal cells from patients with endometriosis., TNF-alpha and VEGF increase with onset of labor and differentially expressed in the RZ and the MZ., VEGF-A overexpression indicates a poor prognosis for overall survival and disease-free survival in patients with gastric cancer., Inheritance of genotype -2578 A/A of VEGF gene may modify the PCa susceptibility in Mexican population, providing a protective effect for the disease up to 84%., Both galectin-1 and VEGF can serve as independent prognostic indicators of poor survival for gastric cancer, Ischemic neurons activate astrocytes to increase VEGF production, which induces endothelial barrier disruption., Higher baseline TIE-2 and VEGF levels are related and worsen survival in cancer patients, VEGF-mediated signalling occurs in tumor cells, and this signalling contributes to key aspects of tumorigenesis. [Review], The VEGF heparin binding site is composed of two basic clusters consisting of side chains of residues R13, R14, and K15 and residues K30, R35, and R49., Data suggest that endothelin-1 and endothelin-1 receptor type B are involved in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome patients circulating VEGF carrying microparticles-induced angiogenesis., Our data suggest that high ferritin levels in T2DM are closely related to the development of diabetic vascular complications through interaction with VEGF., Apurinic/apyrimidinic endonuclease-1 is overexpressed and associated with cyclooxygenase-2 expression and Vvascular endothelial growth factor production in esophageal cancer tissues, VEGF level neither correlated with the severity nor with the neurological involvement in dengue patients., HIF-1alpha and VEGF expression was dependent on the thrombus remodeling stage in cases of intravascular papillary endothelial hyperplasia., VEGF165 / VEGFR-2 have roles beyond angiogenesis in hair follicle regulation, it was observed that SiHa and HeLa cells exhibit depressed proliferation levels following the knockdown of iNOS with a lentivirus. In addition, NO levels demonstrated a correlation with VEGF levels in the cell culture supernatant., No association was found to support the role for the rs833069, rs943080 and rs4711751 variants of or near VEGFA gene in susceptibility to either PCV or neovascular AMD in Han Chinese population., decreased expression of VEGFR1 in decidua and weaker VEGF and VEGFR2 expression in placental villi and decidua may be associated with early pregnancy loss., In transgenic mice, VEGFA up-regulation was observed in the injuried nerves which caused neuropathic pain., these results show that VEGF binds to matrix molecules in proximity of HUVECs in Matrigel, and suggest that bound VEGF drives vascular network patterning., VEGF genetic variants are potentially related to Osteosarcoma susceptibility in Chinese Han population., Genotypes for VEGFA polymorphisms can be useful to help to identify hypertensive patients at greater intrinsic risk for heart failure., Angiogenesis evaluated through the VEGF and MVD (CD105+ and alpha-SMA+) expression is correlated with the progression and metastasis of gastric cancer and could be considered a prognostic marker of these tumors., Results show that AhR induces VEGF expression in HepG2 cells under glucose deprivation, through a pathway involving ATF4., increased RUNX2 and VEGFA gene copy numbers and elevation of their respective proteins in human OS, We propose that gradients are formed through degradation of sequestered VEGF[review], survivin and VEGF are over-expressed in small-cell lung cancer and may have a role in tumorigenesis, The expression of VEGF and its receptors was ascertained to be increased in the placental terminal and stem villi, mostly in type 1 diabetes., endoplasmic reticulum stress potentiated HIF-1 activity to transactivate VEGF expression as well as another well characterized target, BNIP3., The expression of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), matrix metalloproteinase 2 (MMP2), tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase 1 (TIMP1), interleukin 6 (IL-6), and interleukin 15 (IL-15)., current data suggest that the VEGF rs833061, rs3025039, and rs2010963 polymorphisms are not obviously associated with risk of prostate cancer., Decreased expressions of SDF-1alpha/CXCR4 and VEGF in the placental bed could be associated with the pathogenesis of pre-eclampsia., overexpression may play important role in the development of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma, role in normal lung maintenance and in the development of lung injury [review], At 6-8 weeks after birth, blood IGF-1 and VEGF levels are not significantly different between premature infants with proliferative retinopathy of prematurity and those without, MIF and VEGF play an important role in the progression of hepatocellular carcinoma., MiR-34a is frequently downregulated in colorectal cancer and modulates the phosphorylation of FAK by negatively regulating VEGF., High serum VEGFA levels are associated with gastric and gastroesophageal junction cancers., VEGF gene polymorphisms in diabetic retinopathy, the results of our meta-analysis suggest that the VEGF +936C/T polymorphism is significantly associated with breast cancer development, We found that vasohibin-1 and VEGF are up-regulated, in mesentery and liver, in cirrhotic and precirrhotic portal hypertensive rats and cirrhosis patients., vitreous levels of matrix metalloproteinases and vascular endothelial growth factor in proliferative diabetic retinopathy, elevated extracellular concentration of ONOO- produces an upregulation of the angiogenic factors VEGF, hypoxic-inducible factor-alpha (HIF-1alpha), and BFGF in a human corneal limbal epithelial (HCLE) cell line., data suggest that VEGF and MMP-9 play an important role in the malignant behaviour of gliomas, Studies indicated that VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor), VEGF-inactivating sFlt-1 (soluble fms-like tyrosine kinase-1) and AT1 (angiotensin II type 1) receptor were involved in pre-eclampsia., This study is the first to demonstrate a direct association between VEGF levels and a dimension of the TCI in healthy subjects., results of our study showed that high LDH5 and VEGF expression in both tumor and stroma was a prognostic factor for patients with gastric cancers, especially diffuse- or mixed-type cancers, The promoter containing the -1,498T/-634C haplotype exhibited the highest basal promoter activity and is involved in breast cancer aggressiveness., Inhibition of PGC-1A suppresses cell proliferation probably by downregulation of VEGF and GLUT-4., These findings strongly support a role for PTP4A3 as an important contributor to endothelial cell function and as a multimodal target for cancer therapy and mitigating VEGF-regulated angiogenesis., High serum VEGFA expression is associated with early recurrence in cervical cancer., PLGF and VEGF-A have distinct patterns of expression in vascular cells., Our findings indicate that the VEGF-A ATTGC haplotype may predict clinical recurrence in prostate cancer patients treated with radiotherapy., This review finds no evidence that VEGF polymorphisms are not associated with severity of coronary artery disease., VEGF expression correlated with the microvascular density in meningioma irrespective of tumor grade., TGFb1 rs1800469 C>T polymorphism was significantly associated with decreased risk of conotruncal heart defects. TGFbetaR2 and VEGF polymorphisms may not play a role in the susceptibility of conotruncal heart defects., serum interleukin (IL)-27 and VEGF levels are associated with the clinical stage of breast cancer., Urothelial bladder carcinoma displayed elevated expression for cyclin D1, VEGFA and TGFbeta1., ERG1 is aberrantly expressed in human gastric cancer since its early stages and drives an intracellular pathway leading to VEGF-A secretion, during muscle activity, these VEGF-containing vesicles are redistributed toward the sarcolemma where the contents are secreted into the extracellular fluid., The comparison between the cytokine profiles of ET and PV patients showed a statistically significant increase of IL-4, IL-8, GM-CSF, interferon -gamma, MCP-1, PDGF-BB, and VEGF in the ET group, The oncoprotein HBXIP enhances angiogenesis and growth of breast cancer through modulating FGF8 and VEGF., The analysis of the VEGF promoter variation, known as the susceptibility/modifier factor, showed a segregation of the haplotype CA/AG (-2578C/A; -1190A/G) in patients developing ALS related to pregnancy., The reduced expression of COX-2 and VEGF in the endometrium of women with endometrial polyps (EP) may account for the association between EP and infertility., results reveal an interplay between melanoma cells and EC mediated by ET-1 and VEGF-A/-C and coordinated by the hypoxic microenvironment through HIF-1alpha/2alpha transcriptional programs, the subgroup analysis of recessive model indicates that VEGF +405G/C polymorphisms increase the risk for colorectal cancer, TXS overexpression was also associated with higher levels of VEGF, microvessel density, and reduced apoptosis in xenograft tumors, VEGF expression in pancreatic adenocarcinoma was associated with angiogenesis as measured by microvessel density., plasma level significantly elevated in intrauterine growth restriction, serum level significantly decreased in pre-eclampsia relative to controls, VEGF-A is specifically elevated in both serous cystic neoplasms cyst fluid and lesion tissue., The role of vascular endothelial growth factor in pathogenesis of immunological and inflammatory diseases, including allergy, asthma and different skin disorders has been indicated., Shedding of VEGF-165 from the cell surface together with other membrane components appears to be a unique feature by which some VEGF is delivered to the surroundings to exert its known biological actions., Polymorphic genotype and the A allele in cases with diabetic retinopathy compared to the control group, there might be no significant association between the VEGF gene polymorphism and DR per se, unless it is longstanding., ACE(rs4646994)-D allele alone and in the presence of VEGF(rs2010963)-G allele can be an important independent risk factor for susceptibility of coronary artery disease in II diabetes mellitus patients., Relationship between VEGF, P53 and telomerase expression and their influence on angiogenesis in gastric carcinoma tissue was analyzed. Microvascular density (MVD) and the expression of VEGF, P53 and telomerase were positively correlated., Findings provide the novel insight that HIF-1alpha-dependent VEGF overexpression under hypoxic conditions shows to some extent associations with the metastatic tendency of ACC cells., FGF9 can be associated with epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and invasion by inducing VEGF-A expression in prostate cancer cells., this meta-analysis suggests that VEGF expression has an important impact on overall survival in patients with osteosarcoma, Polymorphisms of VEGF A seem to influence the different response to antiangiogenic treatment in patients with age-related macular degeneration in our population., The findings of the present study indicated significant associations of VEGF +936C>T and +405C>G polymorphisms with increased breast cancer risk in patients from Punjab, North India., Our study indicated that DR patients have higher VEGF levels than diabetic patients without retinopathy, and -2578A/C (rs699947) and +405C/G (rs2010963) may be important factors in determining serum VEGF levels., The risk alleles A in IL-8 rs4073, A in VEGF rs699947, and C in CFH rs1061170 had a marked cumulative effect on the presence of intra- or subretinal fluid., Exogenous application of VEGF can increase the permeability of the blood brain barrier without causing brain edema., VEGF induced cancer cell motility is blocked by inhibitors of AKT phosphorylation., Overexpression of the VEGF gene in subjects with daily urinary protein excretion 5 g may point to insufficient oxygen supply in renal, VEGF and MMP3 may have a potential role in the pathogenesis of oral squamous cell carcinoma., VEGF is also neurotrophic., Data indicate that silencing of alpha-fetoprotein led to an increased apoptosis, which was associated with a decreased expression of vascular endothelial growth factor, vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2, matrix metalloproteinases-2/9., the detection of CD163+ macrophages and pro-angiogenic factors IL-8 and VEGF reflects the local environmental status of host immunity and can be helpful for diagnosis of cancerous inflammation in the lungs, We review and discuss here what it is currently known in regard to the role of VEGF in CM as well as VEGF as a potential biomarker., Report role of vitronectin in the regulation of angiogenesis induced by VEGF., The findings demonstrate an endothelial VEGF resistance mechanism conferred by palmitic acid, which comprises ceramide-induced, PP2A-mediated dephosphorylation of critical activation sites on enzymes central to vascular homeostasis and angiogenesis., The VEGF + 936 T allele is associated with the susceptibility to vasculitis in Europeans, but not in Asians., VEGF may promote vascular health by decreasing ET-1 production., Concomitant upregulation of PDGF-C with VEGF in Glioblastoma tumor cells., NGF regulates the expression of VEGF through the PI3K/mTOR signaling pathway in human HaCaT keratinocytes., High serum levels of vascular endothelial growth factor-A is associated with low response to therapy in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma, Loss of even a single conditional VEGF allele results in substantial rescue from endothelial cell transformation., Data demonstrate that downregulation of VEGF expression attenuates malignant biological behavior of C6GSCs., Dynamic monitoring of nitric oxide and ANG II, along with VEGF, may not be useful as predictive markers for bevacizumab treatment in colorectal cancer., The role for circulating serum VEGF in depression. Furthermore, our data also demonstrate that other factors than a diagnosis of depression influence the serum VEGF level, VEGF isoforms activate FLK1-neuropilin-1 signaling in lung cells leading to inhibition of epithelial cell apoptosis., High VEGF gene expression levels were associated with lymph node metastases in advanced gastric cancer., no pharmacogenetic associations exist between the studied VEGFA and VEGFR2 SNPs and response to anti-VEGF therapy., This study identifies polymorphisms in the HIF1A and VEGF genes as potential genetic markers that indicate the predisposition to either AAA coexisting with peripheral atherosclerosis or AAA without such lesions., the relationship between breast cancer ultrasound synthesis diagnostic index (SDI) and the expression of MVD, VEGF and HIF-1alpha, In conclusion, polymorphism VEGF -634C > G may influence the risk of bronchopulmonary dysplasia ., Here we discuss recent findings from our lab and others that define roles of the HIF-VEGF axis in the retina., RT-PCR for HIF-1alpha and VEGF and ELISA for VEGF indicated that high glucose is associated with elevated production of HIF-1alpha-induced VEGF, an established inducer of neovascularization, in the retinal pigment epithelial cells., Data suggest that IL-4, IL-15, and VEGF, may play roles in the pathogenesis of myasthenia gravis (MG)., We conclude that Ad-VEGF165 promotes neovasculization in ischemic limbs. Embolus-carried Ad- VEGF165 had the most pronounced effect., 15-LO1 is able to promote HIF-1alpha turnover and to suppress VEGF expression in cultured cells based on forced stable overexpression or transient transfection, whereas 15-LO1 inhibition reverses above effects, There were significant positive associations between COX-2, MMP-9 and VEGF expression and age (>45 years), clinical stage (III-IV) and tumor diameter., EG-VEGF and VEGFA systems shared several canonical signaling pathways that may contribute to gene-gene interactions, including the Akt, IL-8, EGFR, MAPK, SRC, VHL, HIF-1A and STAT3., possible correlation of G-1154A polymorphism with treatment outcome in glomerulonephritis, VEGF-A, VEGFR-1, and VEGFR-2 were shown to be up-regulated in malignant Pheochromocytoma, suggesting that these molecules might be considered as therapeutic targets for unresectable or metastatic tumors., It might be involved in the pathophysiology of colorectal cancer, and its detection in serum may be useful in classifying the cancer., VEGF-A signaling in UM cells neither acts retroactively on VEGF-A expression, in the sense of a feedback loop, nor contributes to a pro-angiogenic shift of the VEGF-A/PEDF ratio., Single-nucleotide polymorphism markers at +405C>G, -460C>T, and -1154G>A of the VEGF gene may serve as biological markers of psoriasis., VEGF -2578CC, VEGF -2578CC plus VEGF -634GG, and VEGF -2578CC plus VEGF -1154GG plus VEGF -634GG genotypes were more frequent in multiple myeloma patients than in controls. Carriers had a 1.89-, a 5.52-, and a 4.91-fold increased risk, respectively., Hepatocellular carcinoma-VEGF score could replace AFP in HCC screening and follow up of cirrhotic patients., CEUS is recommended in evaluating the microcirculation of thyroid cancer in women with breast cancer and has the significant relationship with MVD counts and VEGF expression, this meta-analysis suggests that the VEGF polymorphisms may be associated with risk of AMD, particularly wet AMD, expression of angiogenic VEGF-Axxxa isoforms was associated with adverse prognosis in the absence of bevacizumab and with favorable outcome when bevacizumab was administered in patients with advanced breast cancer., brivanib decreased proliferation of HSCs induced by platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF), VEGF, and FGF., The serum levels of IL-27 were remarkably higher in ankylosing spondylitis patients than healthy groups and significantly correlated with serum levels of VEGF., This study analyzes the microvascular density (MVD) for CD105+ and alpha-SMA+ vessels and VEGF immunoexpression for 35 oral squamous cell carcinomas and for the associated dysplastic lesions of the lips., Overexpression of RBP2 and activation of VEGF might play important roles in human gastric cancer development and progression, increased expression in the nasal mucosa of patients with allergic rhinitis, the presented study, the VEGFA mRNA and protein expression levels were significantly higher in the major depressive disorder. patients, NF-kappaB expression in tumor tissue is associated with poor survival in gastric cancer patients., These results suggest that AGM cooperates with VEGF to induce the aberrant functions of cancer vasculature as a ligand of integrin alpha5beta3., in B1647 leukemia cells, VEGFR-2 is present in caveolae through association with Cav-1, demonstrating that caveolae/lipid rafts act as platforms for negative modulation of VEGF redox signal transduction cascades, Results show that VEGF activates unfolded protein response mediators through a PLCgamma-mediated crosstalk with the mTORC1 complex without accumulation of unfolded proteins in the ER., There is an increased risk of arteriovenous fistula thrombosis in individuals carrying the VEGF-936C/C genotype., the association between the VEGF -2578C/A polymorphism and diabetic retinopathy, but not in the Caucasian population (Meta-Analysis), analysis of how VEGF, VEGFR3, and PDGFRB protein expression is influenced by RAS mutations in medullary thyroid carcinoma, Three-dimensional contrast-enhanced sonographic characteristics were statistically different between benign and malignant breast lesions., For the first time, we demonstrate VEGFA expression in mycosis fungoides cells, suggesting that the VEGF pathway may be implicated in the pathogenesis of this disease, TFAP2B overexpression contributes to tumor growth and a poor prognosis of human lung adenocarcinoma through modulation of ERK and VEGF/PEDF signaling., structural features of VEGF-A involved in neuropilin-1 binding and functional activity, body weight, triglyceride, angiogenic growth factors and NO might associate with preeclampsia development, mechanism of how miR-410 targets VEGFA, Current study successfully detected the VEGF expression in HT29 colorectal cancer xenografts, signifying as a potential agent for non-invasive imaging of VEGF expression, which may be applied in clinical practice, Vascular endothelial growth factor-A maintains glomerular endothelium viability but causes endothelial cell pathology when generated at too high a level in diabetic nephropathy., Endothelial cells from aging individuals have impaired angiogenesis and reduced expression of VEGF likely due to impaired nuclear transport of P-STAT3 and P-CREB transcription factors in these cells., The mRNA expression level of TLR8 in the patients with cervical cancer and Hela cells were up-regulated, it consistent with the increased expression of VEGF and Bcl-2., Heterotopic bone was engineered in vivo around vessels using different rhBMP-2 and TG-VEGF ratios in a fibrin matrix injected into a dimensionally stable membrane tube which prevented direct contact with skeletal muscles., Logistic regression analysis demonstrated that VEGF-A and Ang-2 levels were associated with psychosocial stress but not with hypertensive status in South Africans., The expression of VEGF is increased in lung cancer cells following nicotine-induced cell proliferation., suggest that first pregnancy characteristics may exert an influence on extent of breast density later in life and that this influence may vary depending on inherited IGFR1 and vegf genotype, Low spermatogenic efficiency of testicular germ cells can be improved by the addition of Matrigel and VEGF165 to the grafted cell suspension., High VEGF-A expression is associated with drug resistance in colorectal carcinoma., High expression of VEGF causes increased angiogenesis in Ewing Sarcoma., After cardiac surgery, infants who are homozygous for the high-risk alleles for both the VEGFA and SOD2 SNPs have an approximately 16-fold increased risk of death or heart transplant, VEGF as a candidate for anti-angiogenic targeted therapy was correlated with the development and progression of Neuroblastoma; therefore, VEGF along with Ki-67 can serve as a valuable marker for the prognosis of this tumor type., serum VEGF-A level may be a useful biomarker for the prediction of response to therapy in squamous cell carcinoma of head and neck, the role of MiR-718 in the regulation of VEGF in ovarian cancer, suggests that the -634G/C polymorphism of VEGF does not appear to represent a risk factor for breast cancer, CA9 levels increase with VEGF-targeted therapy in metastatic renal cell carcinoma., This study demonstrated increased VEGF expression in human conjunctival and orbital EMZL compared with that in RLH, suggesting that VEGF plays a significant role in the pathogenesis and tumor angiogenesis of ocular adnexal lymphoma., Serum VEGF levels were significantly higher in oral cancer patients (p<0.0001) as compared to normal controls, demonstrate that ShcA-dependent activation of AKT, but not the RAS/MAPK pathway, induces VEGF production by bolstering VEGF mRNA translation, These findings provide new information on the role of non-beta cell-derived VEGF-A to IPC regeneration and insulin production., no role in endometriosis detected, The expressions of VEGF-A, VEGFR2 and VEGFR3 were studied in by immunohistochemistry in 76 endometrial carcinoma specimens. VEGFR2 and VEGFR3 receptor expression were also studied by qRT-PCR in 17 tumors in comparison to normal endometrium., This study demonstrated that a significant reduction in vascular endothelial growth factor expression in the superior temporal, hippocampal, and brainstem regions in Alzheimer disease., Autocrine vascular endothelial growth factor signaling promotes cell proliferation and modulates sorafenib treatment efficacy in hepatocellular carcinoma., Polymorphisms in the VEGFR2 gene and in the VEGF gene are associated with the occurrence of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome., This study demonstrates for the first time the requirement of HIF1 for FSH-regulated Vegfa expression in vivo and that HIF1 acts via a single hypoxia response element in the Vegfa promoter to exert its regulatory functions., Il-6, IL-17, TNF-alpha and VEGF levels were measured in exhaled breath condensate and serum of 15 patients with stage I-IIA non-small cell lung cancer., genetic association studies, Depending on the pathological context, activation of HIF-alpha and VEGF-A signaling in renal tissue/cells may have either beneficial or harmful effects., these findings indicate that carbon ion may be superior to X-ray radiation for inhibiting tumorigenesis and angiogenesis through modulation of VEGF level in the glioma microenvironment., Studied the effects of Resveratrol (Res) on expression of VEGF gene in human hepatocarcinoma cell line., genetic polymorphism is associated with increased risk of basal cell carcinoma in Polish population, The concentrations of VEGF-A and its receptors 1 and 2 in patients with well-controlled diabetes are comparable to those of healthy individuals, which may indicate that appropriate control of glucose levels delays occurrence of vascular complications., Enhancing medulloblastomas exhibited strong VEGFR1/2 expression relative to nonenhancing tumors., And increased VEGF uptake., Studies suggest that vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) expression may be strongly correlated with pathological characteristics of diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL)., Dickkopf-1 expression was correlated with decreased microvessel density (P < 0.05) and VEGF expression., These results reveal that paracrine factors secreted by meningothelial cells can influence migration and adherence of medulloblastoma tumor cells, but VEGFA may not be a specific target for therapeutic intervention in this context, quindoline derivatives can interact with the G-rich DNA sequences of the VEGF promoter to stabilize this G-quadruplex and suppress the transcription and expression of the VEGF protein., results suggest that patients carrying a combination of SNPs for TNF-alpha, VEGF-A, and IL-17F of ACGTCT haplotype may have an increased risk of corneal allograft rejection compared with patients carrying other haplotypes, These findings indicate that VEGF-A(165)b inhibits TNF-alpha-mediated upregulation of ICAM-1 expression and increases monocyte-retinal pigment epithelial cell adhesion., The genetic polymorphisms of EGF, Exogenous Abetas stimulate the normal cortical adult astrocytes to produce and secrete VEGF-A through a CaSR-mediated mechanism. Abetas in the AD brain may make astrocytes into multi-agent AD-driving "machines" via a CaSR signaling mechanism(s)., expression of VEGF and Dll4/Notch pathway molecules in ovarian cancer, Study shows that VEGFA mRNA in mammalian endothelial cells undergoes programmed translational readthrough (PTR) generating VEGF-Ax, an isoform containing a unique 22-amino-acid C terminus extension. VEGF-Ax was detected in tissue slices from human brain, colon, small intestine, spleen, and pancreas and from serum from healthy human subjects., The developed hypoxic state may upregulate the synthesis of VEGF and thereby eNOS. Increased expression of VEGF and eNOS in severe group may be a compensatory mechanism to dilate the blood vessels and to improve blood flow of fetus., this undesirable interaction with tyrosine kinase inhibitors can be avoided by using anti-angiogenic drugs that spare the VEGFR2 pathway., VEGF-A stimulates signal transduction pathways that modulate endothelial outputs such as cell migration, proliferation, tubulogenesis, and cell-cell interactions., Rg3 exhibits anti-leukemia effect in part due to its anti-angiogenic activity via inhibiting PI3K/Akt and ERK1/2 pathways, which act to regulate the expression of HIF-1alpha and VEGF., The serum VEGF, SIL-2R and HGF contents in 81 patients., VEGFA ACG+/+ genotype confers an adverse effect in overall survival in chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients with an indolent course of the disease., Results suggest that VEGFA is associated with chronic mountain sickness in long-term residents at high altitude in the Peruvian Andes., study indicates HIF-1 not only regulates hypoxia-induced VEGF-A production but also mediates at least in part the effects of growth factors and dexamethasone on VEGF-A synthesis and release; findings show the complexity of VEGF-A regulation in meningiomas, homophilic fibronectin binding peptides might have novel applications in the field of tissue regeneration as tools to regulate neovascularization via VEGF signaling, EZH2 correlates positively with VEGF and associates with adverse clinicopathologic characteristics and shorter survival time in clear cell renal cell carcinoma patients, study demonstrated that AuNPs significantly inhibited VEGF165-induced HUVEC migration and tube formation by affecting the cell surface ultrastructure, cytoskeleton and might have inhibited angiogenesis via the Akt pathway., Our study suggests that VEGF-2578C/A and VEGF-634G/C polymorphisms may have effects on the prognosis of renal cell carcinoma, both VEGF and PDGF were significantly downregulated after completing a full CMP rush IgE desensitization., patients with lower Durie-Salmon stage had significantly lower OPN and VEGF levels (P = 0.05; P = 0.04, resp.). Our preliminary results found positive association between plasma level of OPN, tumor burden, and bone destruction, The ratio of VEGF/endostatin levels was significantly higher in operable non-small cell lung cancer patients than in normal controls., Hypoxic stress decreased the miR-9 level in ARPE-19 cells, which increased the transcriptional level of SRPK-1, resulting in alternative splicing shift to pro-angiogenic isoforms of VEGF165 in human retinal pigment epithelial cells., Role of maternal/fetal VEGF-CT936 polymorphism as a modulating factor in preeclampsia, which affects the angiogenic balance in preeclamptic mothers, as well as their pregnancy outcome., Inhibition of SRPK1 by knockdown or with pharmacological inhibitors reduces expression of pro-angiogenic forms of VEGF., The role of the vascular niche and angiogenic factors, particularly VEGFA, during pancreatic beta cell development. [Review], The loss of membranous E-cadherin with increase in cytoplasmic accumulation in differentiative layers of epithelium through the progression of dysplasia was noted along with up-regulation in VEGF expressions, Findings suggest a role for autocrine vascular endothelial growth factor A (VEGF) signaling in the survival of colorectal cancer (CRC) cells to hypoxia and thus to angiogenesis inhibition., Data showed that in 197 different histological subtypes of pituitary adenomas 58.9% showed VEGF high expression., these findings indicate that homeobox A9 regulates the expression of VEGF in epidermal stem cells, Polymorphisms in VEGF gene are risk factors for age-related macular degeneration in the Indian population., VEGF-mediated, androgen-dependent regulation of angiogenesis is impaired by aging, High platelet and neutrophil counts, low lymphocytes, and VEGF -2578C/A and -1154G/A polymorphisms were shown to be independent factors for a poor prognosis of renal cell carcinoma patients., clear cell renal cell carcinoma VEGF expression is significantly associated with tumor stage and Fuhrman grade, Expression level of KAI1 was downregulated, while the expression level of VEGF was upregulated in the tissues or serum of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma. Combined detection of KAI1 and VEGF form a reliable panel of diagnostic markers for HCC., It appears that tumor suppressor gene-VEGF axis have dual role on immune response in inflammation of UC and tumor growth and progression of CRC., Sox2 is required for cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma growth in mouse and human, where it enhances Nrp1/Vegf signaling to promote the expansion of tumor initiating cells along the tumor-stroma interface., VEGF -1154 G>A analysis is not reliable in FFPE tissues and that homozygous AA and heterozygous GA genotypes may be over- and under-estimated., High VEGF expression also was the independent adverse prognostic factor for embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma (ERMS). Because CXCR4, CXCR7, and VEGF are widely expressed in rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS)., density of lymphangiogenesis and the intensity of the VEGF expression are considered to be an unreliable predictor of melanoma metastasis to the sentinel lymph node, Our data present, for the first time, preliminary evidence that VEGF C936T alone or combined with the COL18A1 D104N polymorphism of AG constitutes an important inherited EOC determinant., Studied axillary lymph node (ALN) metastasis of early breast cancers by evaluating the status of DARC, D6 and CCX-CKR and the levels of VEGF and MMP-9., VEGF -152 G/A and -116 G/A polymorphisms were found to be significantly associated with increased risk for breast cancer., The VEGF +405G/C polymorphism may constitute an inheritable risk factor for PCOS in south Indian women., Data indicate that age, hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia, and hyperhomocysteinemia were aggravating factors for the aortic calcification in association with different vascular endothelial growth factor A (VEGF) genotypes., Nasal lavage VEGF and TNF-alpha levels during a natural cold predict asthma exacerbations., VEGFA rs1570360 GA genotype was significantly over-represented in the CON group, There are antiangiogenic actions of vascular endothelial growth factor-A165b, an inhibitory isoform of vascular endothelial growth factor-A, in human obesity., None of the EGF +61 A>G or VEGF +936 C>T polymorphisms investigated in this study was associated to a genetic predisposition to CRC in the Malaysian population., ZMYND8 induces vegfa mRNA expression selectively in prostate cancer xenografts., Data suggest that circulating VEGF increases toward term and significantly decreases at time of labor; chorion appears to be main source of VEGF, expression increases toward term and decreases with onset of labor., Our data suggest that MMP-9 and VEGF are key therapeutic targets of EGCG for treatment and prevention of ocular angiogenic diseases such as age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and corneal neovascularization., Our results suggest an association of VEGFA polymorphisms with Kaposi's sarcoma herpesvirus viremia among kidney transplant recipients in this study population., VEGFA -583C > T polymorphism and reduced serum VEGF levels are associated with the susceptibility to acute chest syndrome in pediatric patients with sickle cell disease., High VEGFA expresssion is associated with cervical cancer growth and invasion., VEGFA rs833061 SNP is associated with theobjective response rate, We have found significant increased serum levels of VEGF in patients with Graves ophthalmopathy when compared with control group. This difference was unchanged with immunosuppressive therapy., Studied the association of four SNPs of VEGF-A, namely, results indicate that BDNF increases VEGF expression and enhances angiogenesis through a signal transduction pathway that involves the TrkB receptor, PLCgamma, PKCalpha, and the HIF-1alpha, The results from univariate and multivariate analyses suggest an influence of VEGF-A gene variants on the development of distant metastases in breast cancer patients., Laboratory findings indicate stabilisation and an increased transcription activity of hypoxia-inducible factor 1 alpha (HIF1alpha), leading to up-regulation of its downstream target genes (such as vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)., VEGF regulates NFATc1 binding to angiogenesis-related genes in the endothelium, Integrin beta1 and VEGF are overexpressed and microvascular density is increased in hypopharyngeal squamous cell carcinomas., RBP2 promotes HIF-1alpha-VEGF-induced angiogenesis of non-small cell lung cancer via the Akt pathway., VEGFA may have a role in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma in high-risk Chinese populations, Ang-2 and VEGF are commonly targeted by miR-351 in hypoxia-induced microvascular retinal dysfunction., One of the important roles of IFN-b for malignant glioma growth inhibition was anti-angiogenesis by directly inhibiting angiogenesis through downregulation of VEGF and upregulation of IP-10 and indirectly changing the tumor microcirculation, Results found that miR-497 expression was downregulated in human ovarian cancer tissues and its low expression was ssociated with increased angiogenesis. Also, mir-497 was found to exert its function of anti-angiogenesis by suppressing VEGFA expression., Increased placental VEGF together with impaired metabolic control may have a role in stimulating foetal overgrowth in type 1 diabetes pregnancy, Our findings suggest that VEGF rs2010963 and rs3025039 polymorphisms may contribute to the risk of DN in DM patients, especially among Asians., Report a significant association between maternal prepregnancy BMI/adiposity and VEGF levels and an inverse correlation between VEGF and PlGF in pregnancy-induced hypertension., Correlation was established between the percentage of the immunoregulatory T-cell subpopulations and VEGF-A expressing in the group of exposed persons., VEGF and VEGFR2 expression were increased after low level laser therapy in human adipocyte-derived mesenchymal stem cells., This study demonstrated that plasma VEGF in patient with major depression disorder higher then normal control., These findings support the hypothesis that increased levels of the VEGF and sVEGFR-1 and VEGF/SVEGFR-1 ratio may be associated with the pathogenesis of TA [threatened abortion ]., VEGF showed a trend towards worse LRC and survival, VEGFR-1 towards worse survival. Outcomes were associated with hemoglobin, performance status and tumor stage., High VEGF levels are associated with gynecologic cancer., Polymorphism-460C/T of the VEGF gene was correlated with non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy (NPDR), and C allele was associated with lower NPDR risk than T allele., These data suggest that VEGF-induced antidepressant-like effects involve modulation of norepinephrine and serotonin systems., This is the first study investigating an association between BDNF Val66Met and VEGFC2578A and avoidant focused coping strategies in psychiatric patients with suicide attempts., Alternative splicing of TIA-1 in human colon cancer regulates VEGF isoform expression, angiogenesis, tumour growth and bevacizumab resistance., Helicobacter pylori induced VEGF production in gastric epithelial cells via both T4SS-dependent and T4SS-independent pathways., PIAS4 (rs735842) and VEGFA (rs699947) were the most statistically significant variants associated in hypoxia pathway analysis., analysis of the molecular aspects and function of VEGF and its role in tumorigenesis, inflammation, and their treatment [review], VEGF-A-rich human adenocarcinomas induce tumor lymphangiogenesis via recruitment of lymphangiogenic endothelial progenitor cells from bone marrow., VEGF(+405G>C) impacted fertilization, embryo implantation and pregnancy rates. Combined VEGF+405.GG and TNFalpha-308.AG or AA genotype was associated with high implantation potential; VEGF+405.CC and TNFalpha-308. VEGF+405.CC and TNFalpha-308.GG with low., G-CSF increases MMP-2 activity and VEGF secretion in Swan 71 cells (trophoblasts) through activation of PI3K/Akt and Erk signaling pathways., Demonstrate that a HR6 scFv selected from human library phage display specifically blocks VEGF signaling to inhibit angiogenesis., The present results indicate a positive association between VEGF -1154G > A and the risk of developing endometriosis, whereas the CCGG haplotype may be protective against the development of disease., Cyclic equibiaxial strains of 1% to 16% for 12 h, respectively, induced expression of VEGF in human chondrocytes dose- and frequency-dependently., The carboxyl terminus of VEGF-A is a potential target for anti-angiogenic therapy., The levels of expression of VEGF and syndecan-4 mRNAs were significantly and positively correlated in cartilage explant but not in cultured chondrocytes., Meta-analysis identifies association of rs833061 variant in the VEGFA gene and rs3917887 variant in the CCL2 gene as the most significant association with the risk of diabetic nephropathy., In patients with chronic end-stage liver disease and HCC, a pre-LT plasma VEGF level > 44 pg/mL may be a predictor of tumor vascular invasion and recurrence-free post-LT survival., In conclusion, we interpret our data to prove that CD105 promotes the invasion and metastases of liver cancer cells by increasing VEGF expression, VEGF-A is involved in CRT-related neuronal differentiation in neuroblastoma., PI3Kgamma-induced VEGF expression was reduced when the human tocopherol-associated protein 1 (hTAP1/SEC14L2) was overexpressed suggesting formation of an inactive PI3Kgamma/hTAP1 heterodimer, Plasma VEGF levels are significantly associated with vasculitic neuropathy and may be used to predict this disease., there was positive correlation (p < 0.0001) between those biomarkers and the tumor grades. We also noticed an association between VEGF and IL-8 as well as CRP and IL-6., We consider that in situ hybridization assessment of VEGF for human pterygium specimens can be a useful tool for reconsidering the selection of pterygium patients to be enrolled in anti-VEGF therapy., Up-regulation of VEGF is associated with chondrosarcoma., High VEGF expression is associated with primary effusion lymphoma., the NTR1-HIF-1alpha-VEGFalpha axis has a role in intestinal angiogenic responses and in the pathophysiology of colitis and inflammatory bowel disease, this study used immunohistochemical methods to demonstrate the presence of IGF-1, TGF-beta1, and VEGF growth factor receptors in normal, adenomatous, and hyperplastic parathyroid tissue., Data indicate the regulatioin of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) signaling in Krev-interaction trapped 1 (KRIT1)-depleted endothelial cells., VEGFA-rs833058CT and rs2146323AA single nucleotide polymorphisms were associated with a significantly increased risk of developing wheezing and recurrent wheezing, respectively., the antiangiogenic effects were substantially enhanced when the agents were combined which may due to the reduced expression of VEGF and matrix metallopeptidase-9 (MMP-9) in tumor tissues, VEGF can trigger placental overexpression of soluble FLT1., The increased VEGF level in vitreous fluid may be identified as a significant predictive factor for the outcome of vitrectomy in patients with PDR., These results demonstrate that a VEGFR2/NAADP/TPC2/Ca(2+) signaling pathway is critical for VEGF-induced angiogenesis, Primary tumor-derived VEGF might thus be a crucial factor responsible for the formation of the pre-metastatic niche by inducing PGE2 production., For an aggregate result of survival analysis, +936C>T polymorphism was linked to an unfavorable OS (HR=2.248, 95%CI, miR-29b may play an important role in osteosarcoma progression by negatively regulating the expression of VEGF, suppressing proliferation and inducing apoptosis., VEGF is highly expressed in retinoblastoma and is associated with optic nerve invasion., pSTAT3-VEGF signaling pathway, which is correlated with peritumoral edema extent, might be a regulatory mechanism in the course of peritumoral edema formation during glioblastoma tumorigenesis and progression., High VEGF expression is associated with malignant pleural effusions in lung cancer., CTGF activates PI3K, AKT, ERK, and NF-kappaB/ELK1 pathway, leading to the upregulation of miR-210, promoting HIF-1alpha-dependent VEGF expression and angiogenesis in human synovial fibroblasts., A positive correlation was found between VEGF mRNA and miR-126 expression., There was no significant difference in serum VEGF between Kawasaki disease patients with or without pericardial effusion., VEGF/PlGF levels were higher in neonates exposed to pre-eclampsia, and there was a significant negative correlation between birth weight and VEGF/PlGF levels., investigate cross-talk between VEGF and proinflammatory TNF-alpha signaling in endothelial cells and its impact on leukocyte recruitment, C936T polymorphism of the VEGF gene did not influence the occurrence of sporadic colorectal adenocarcinoma development and did not correlated with the degree of tumor invasion, lymph node involvement and occurrence of metastases., Peripheral artery disease is associated with elevated levels of an antiangiogenic VEGF-A splice isoform (VEGF-A165b) and a corresponding reduction in levels of the proangiogenic VEGF-A165a splice isoform., serum from OSA alters endothelial cell repair function and activates monocyte migration--partly driven by VEGF and CRP, suggesting an unfavorable balance between the pro-healing and pro-injury factors that may promote vascular injury in OSA, up-regulated levels in sera of pulmonary sarcoidosis patients, Data show that only tumor-node-metastasis (TNM) stage, metastasis, and the vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)-2578 AA and -1154 AA genotypes were independent prognostic factors., VEGF expression of hepatocellular carcinoma were correlated inversely with the MRI apparent diffusion coefficient values and the intensity of arterial enhancement in MRI., Biglycan up-regulated VEGF expression., High level of serum VEGF is associated with cervical cancer., VEGF, PDGF, and TGF-beta1 concentrations in platelets may be associated with prognosis of breast cancer., increased peritoneal expression of connective tissue growth factor (CCN2), transforming growth factor-beta1, and vascular endothelial growth factor in encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis, Our findings suggest a cooperative relationship between miR-410 and VEGF in OS cell regulation., MUC1 and VEGF mRNA positivity in blood seem to be indicators of unfavorable response and poor PFS and OS in patients with advanced NSCLC treated with gefitinib., The single nucleotide polymorphism +936 C/T VEGF is associated with human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 expression in Moroccan breast cancer women., In a rabbit model of critical limb ischemia, intramuscular injection of adipocyte stromal cells genetically modified to overexpress VEGF increased angiographically visible collaterals and capillary density., Plasma levels of VEGF are increased in the stable phase after myocardial infarction and correlate with inflammation cytokines, but not with the atherosclerotic burden., induced pluripotent stem cell derived human Niemann-Pick type C disease neurons are generated and the abnormalities caused by VEGF/SphK inactivity in these cells are corrected by replenishment of VEGF., Results implicate that VEGF 1451C > T and 1725G > A may predispose to colorectal cancer susceptibility and the genetic contributions may be varied with the presence of metabolic syndrome., VEGF mRNA levels in pleural fluid were significantly higher in all subgroups of malignancy, Increased plasma VEGF in aged patients was associated with atherosclerotic aortic valve stenosis., miR-126 could suppress tumor growth and tumor angiogenesis of gastric cancer through VEGF-A signaling, Results indicate that CCL5 chemokine promotes vascular endothelial growth factor-dependent angiogenesis in chondrosarcoma cells by downregulating miR-199a., VEGF-alpha, MMP-2 and MMP-9 may play a role in colorectal tumorigenesis, The results of this study that confirming VEGF as useful diagnostic and monitoring marker of POEMS syndrome., miR-185-mediated Vegfa targeting may be involved in breast cancer formation, VEGF production by peripheral blood mononuclear cells is inhibited during preeclampsia, creating a downregulation of the microenvironment; this deficiency may contribute to the pathogenesis of disease., Placental mesenchymal-like adherent stromal cells -induced neuroprotection in ischemic PC12 cells may be partially explained by IL-6 and VEGF165 secretion., VEGF is implicated in the pathogenesis of inflammation after electrical burns., -460TT and -2578AA homozygote of VEGF might lead to significantly increased cancer risk for Asians., a possible coordinated role of VEGF-A and MMP-2 during uterine leiomyomas growth and angiogenesis with potential prognostic significance, These findings suggest that increased plasma VEGFA and reduced PLGF correlate with clinical severity of pulmonary vascular disease and may be associated with adverse outcome in CDH., Serum survivin and VEGF expression can predict survival in a nasal type extranodal NK/T-cell lymphoma., Our data suggest that the VEGFA rs2010963 genotype in recurrent glioblastoma is associated with longer progression-free survival, higher risk of vascular events with bevacizumab treatment, and higher plasma VEGFA concentration, Genetic polymorphisms in VEGFA may influence the susceptibility to chronic lymphocytic leukemia., COX-2 and VEGF-A are related to tumour angiogenesis in human renal cell carcinoma., upregulation of VEGF-A in idiopathic HMB-E is associated with a low pericyte coverage during the proliferative phase of intense angiogenesis, which may confer vessel fragility, possibly leading to excessive blood loss., High serum VEGF level is associated with colorectal cancer., Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is one of the main inducers of ocular neovascularization, and several clinical trials have shown the benefits of neutralizing VEGF in patients with neovascular AMD or diabetic macular edema., We also describe how the St. Gallen VHL multidisciplinary group is organised as an example of interdisciplinary cooperation in a tertiary hospital in Switzerland., p27kip1 overexpression regulates VEGF expression, cell proliferation and apoptosis in cell culture from eutopic endometrium of women with endometriosis., Data suggest that the mechanism of gamma-H2AX on the angiogenic activity of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) might go through EGFR/HIF-1alpha/VEGF pathways under hypoxic conditions., findings show Specific VEGF variants (rs699947, rs1570360) and haplotype (CTGCCAG) may contribute to the development of cervical cancer among Tunisian women, Observations implied that VEGF gene polymorphisms might be associated with the susceptibility to obstructive sleep apnea., Angiogenic proteins, vascular endothelial growth factor, basic fibroblast growth factor and epithelial growth factor receptor are expressed in peripheral nerve sheath tumors of neurofibromatosis type 1., cytoplasmic expression of VEGF, VEGFR2, PDGF-B, and PDGFR-beta in renal cell carcinoma tumour cells is different in various pathologic stage and cell type. Notably, VEGF and PDGF-B expression are higher in papillary than in clear cell renal cell carcinoma., Our study suggests that rs699947 and rs2010963 polymorphisms may play a role in the pathogenesis of osteosarcoma., The -1154A or -2578A alleles of VEGF gene could significantly decrease the risk of ectopic pregnancy(EP) and might be po- tentially protective factors for EP development in Chinese women., Considering the complications present in frail elderly patients, analysis of VEGF genetic polymorphisms in these subjects may further help in tailoring an angiogenic pharmacological strategy., This review presents an update on the potential role of VEGF S and VEGF receptor-2 SNPs as prognostic and/or predictive markers in patients with breast cancer., the complex structural remodeling of the matrix might reduce oxygen availability in the valve cusp contributing to the stabilization of HIF-1alpha that in turn induces a metabolic adaptation through the upregulation of VEGF, blockade of CXCR6 signaling suppresses the growth and invasion of human hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cells through inhibition of the VEGF expression., This meta-analysis supports that the VEGF +405G>C genetic polymorphism is not significantly associated with the risk of endometriosis., miR-214 suppresses VEGF expression and endothelial progenitor cell activities via direct binding to the 3'UTR of VEGF mRNA., our results supported the idea that overexpression of VEGF183 promotes murine breast cancer cell proliferation in vitro and induces dilated intratumoral microvessels, and it plays a dissimilar role in comparison with that of VEGF189., Preoperative measurement of serum VEGF, survivin, and Smac/DIABLO may be of help in early detection of serous ovarian cancer and may provide important information about the patient's outcome and prognosis., TrpC5 plays an important role in VEGF-mediated tumor angiogenesis, suggesting its potential clinical value for anti-angiogenesis therapy, this study suggested that AGE or MGO promoted VEGF and MCP-1 expression through activation of p38 MAPK signaling., our data suggest that adiponectin may play an essential role in suppressing growth of prostate cancer cells through inhibition of VEGF-A-mediated cancer neovascularization., VEGF plays an important role in normal retinal vascular development, Intra-arterial VEGF gene delivery by magnetic microspheres significantly increased DNA stability, transfection efficiency, and targeting specificity, resulting in exogenous VEGF overexpression and attenuated intimal hyperplasia in balloon-injured artery., current meta-analysis reveals a significant association between VEGF -634G/C polymorphism and susceptibility to autoimmune diseases in Asian population.[meta-analysis], Data reveal a new potential pathway in which VEGF promotes the invasion of ovarian cancer cells, partially via the down-regulation of Ezrin and Lamin A/C caused by increased expression of miR-205., Silent brain infarctions are associated with favorable outcomes in patients with first-ever acute lacunar infarction and higher levels of VEGF may contribute to favorable prognosis., There was no significant difference in genotype and allele distribution of VEGF -7C/T and VEGFR1 -710C/T polymorphisms between cases and control individuals (p > 0.05)., Decreased vascular endothelial growth factor expression is associated with cell apoptosis in low-dose aspirin-induced gastric mucosal injury, the serum level of IL-17F and the ratio of IL-17F/VEGF were positively associated with the numbers of CD3(+) CD4(+) T cells, which indicated that serum IL-17F could originate from PBMCs during the development of oral squamous cell carcinoma, the rs3025039 polymorphism was significantly associated with time to treatment failure and hypertension in patients treated with bevacizumab-based chemotherapy., The analysis of complexes evidenced that VEGFA_121, VEGFA_145, VEGFA_183, VEGFA_189 and VEGFA_206, containing exons 7 and 8a, are able to interact with NRP-1 because they have the key regions of exons 7b and/or 8a., improvement in behavioral performance (open-field and grip-strength tests), as well as increased life-span was observed in rodents treated with NCAM-VEGF or NCAM-GDNF co-transfected cells, HIF1alpha has a role in protecting cervical carcinoma cells from apoptosis induced by radiation via modulation of vascular endothelial growth factor and p53 under hypoxia, RhoC protein may upregulate VEGF expression, thereby promoting tumor angiogenesis in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma., Combined expression of estrogen receptor 1 and VEGF-A is a potential prognostic marker for gallbladder carcinoma patients., VEGF/CR and IL-6/CR have a role in glomerular pathological injury, Authors evaluates whether the VEGF single-nucleotide polymorphisms play a role in modulating susceptibility to CRC., From the results of the present study a significant association of +936C>T and +405C>G polymorphisms in VEGF with increased esophageal cancer risk exists in the Kashmiri population., the selected tag SNPs of VEGFA may not confer a susceptibility of schizophrenia in the Han Chinese population., CXCL1 increases local tumor growth through activation of VEGF signaling., +405G>C polymorphism in VEGF might exert an influence on autoimmune diseases, with opposite effect observed in Asians and Caucasians. No association between the other four common SNPs (-2578C>A, -1154G>A and -460T>C) and autoimmune diseases susceptibility was confirmed (Meta-Analysis), Under optimized conditions, the SERS signal was negatively related to VEGF concentration over the range 0.01-1.0 fM and the limit of detection (LOD) was as low as 22.6 aM, Our study provides a new insight into the role of VEGFA in NBL metastases by pointing to the role of stroma-derived intracrine VEGFA in osteoblastogenesis., Serum VEGF concentrations were significantly higher in long term peritoneal dialysis patients, and peritoneal effluent VEGF concentrations were significantly lower in patients receiving statins., Tanshinone IIA inhibits HIF-1alpha and VEGF expression in breast cancer cells via mTOR/p70S6K/RPS6/4E-BP1 signaling pathway., The VEGF -1154 GG genotype and the +936 T allele were found to be susceptible to acute rejection, Intestinal VEGF protein is reduced in human and murine necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). Decreased VEGF production might contribute to NEC pathogenesis., Transcriptomic data in patients with non-small cell lung cancer indicate that TP53 mutations are associated with higher VEGF-A expression., PLLA mat allowed a smart cargo that enabled the sustained release of VEGF and the delivery of cardiac stem cells, thereby synergistically inducing angiogenesis and cardiomyogenesis in acute myocardial infarction., VEGF was found to be upregulated in cerebral cortex from Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia post-mortem brain., Studied the effects of zeaxanthin on the VEGF and HIF-1alpha expression in the primary culture of human RPE cells. Hypoxia caused a significant increase of VEGF expression and accumulation of HIF-1alpha in RPE cells., Our results suggest that the miR-185, as a tumor suppressor, plays a pivotal role by inhibiting VEGFA in von Hippel-Lindau gene-inactivated clear cell renal cell carcinomas, This study provides evidence that functional germline polymorphisms in the VEGF pathway may help to predict outcome in mCRC patients who undergo oxaliplatin/5-fluorouracil chemotherapy., mRNA levels of VEGF were increased in muscle tissue of COPD patients compared to controls, which was most pronounced in the patients with high levels of muscle TNF-alpha., Studies indicate that patients most likely to benefit from anti-vascular endothelial growth factor and anti-vascular endothelial growth factor receptor (anti-VEGF/anti-VEGFR) therapy., VEGF G634C and VEGF C936T polymorphisms were not associated with the severity of colorectal cancer., Study shows that VEGFA rs2010963 polymorphisms may play a potential role in preterm complications., The inhibition of OPN may reduce VEGF levels and suppress tumor progression. In vascular pathologies, these two cytokines mediate remodeling, but may also perpetuate inflammation and narrowing of the arteries., High serum VEGF level is associated with poor response to therapy in esophageal cancer., bFGF promotes VEGF expression in chondrosarcoma via c-Src/p38 signal cascade, promoting endothelial progenitor cell-primed angiogenesis., the results of the present study indicated that VEGF and pro-inflammatory cytokines may be potential therapeutic targets in vestibular schwannoma., Reactive oxygen species increase the activity/levels of gelatinolytic matrix metalloproteinases, and stimulate cytokine secretion in human periodontal ligament fibroblast., These observations imply that crosstalk between the VEGF and BMP-6 signaling pathways enhances osteogenic differentiation of MSCs., concluded VEGF polymorphisms were associated with coronary heart disease susceptibility, There were no significant correlations between VEGF, sVEGF-R1, sVEGF-R2, and platelet counts in chronic urticaria and the healthy subjects, VEGF expression is mainly localized in pre- and osteoblasts in fetal bone., Data show that prohaptoglobin promotes angiogenesis via vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and VEGF receptor2 signalling., Abnormal expression of FOXP1 in renal cell carcinoma may create progression of tumor from low grade to high grade by regulating the HIF-1-VEGF pathway., These effects are mediated by downregulation of VEGF, VEGF-C and PDGF-B expression., The Circulating Levels of Selenium, Zinc, Midkine, Some Inflammatory Cytokines, and Angiogenic Factors in Mitral Chordae Tendineae Rupture., Studied serum VEGF levels of 30 patients aged between 34 and 83 years with gastric cancer and 30 patients without malignant pathology., This is the first study from India on clinical and pathological correlation among urine VEGF, tumor tissue VEGF levels, and Micro Vessel Density (MVD) in urinary bladder cancer patients, MicroRNA-152 represses VEGF and TGFbeta1 expressions through post-transcriptional inhibition of prorenin receptor in human retinal endothelial cells., VEGFA isoform status and serum VEGF levels play a significant role in the progression as well as prognosis of oral cancer., The well-known antioxidant Res effectively blocked these effects and reduced phosphorylation of nuclear factor (NF)-kappaB, an upstream activator of CXCR4. Furthermore, Res also suppressed VEGF secretion induced by SDF-1, a ligand of CXCR4, We conclude that co-transplantation of islets with VEGF-expressing hESC-MSCs allowed for at least a 50% reduction in minimal islet mass required to reverse diabetes in mice., these results demonstrate that FAK and Rac1 signalings coordinately regulate the dynamics of FAs during VEGF-induced migration of MSCs in varying neural differentiation states., Our results show that NSCLC patients exhibit high VEGF(PLT) and serum TGF-b1 levels, and VEGF(PLT) and TGF-b1 levels correlate with chemotherapy response to GP regimen., Retinal pigment epithelial cells exposed to adiponectin showed decreased expression of VEGF mRNA, protein whereas PEDF protein is unaltered and PEDF mRNA was increased., Our findings point to a significant role of MMP-9 and VEGF in the pathogenesis of peritumoral brain edema in low- and high-grade meningiomas., it was concluded that TGF-beta1, IGF-I/IGF-IR and VEGF-A overexpression is associated with the presence of aggressive tumors, which exhibit an increased probability of metastasis, a poor response to treatment and reduced survival rate., CD147 is a novel coreceptor of VEGFR-2 with a role in mediating its activation by VEGF, Stabilization of the G-quadruplex at the VEGF internal ribosome entry sites represses cap-independent translation., Study explored the influence of VEGF gradients (in a microfluidic device wound model) on the motility and chemotactic properties of P. aeruginosa; data provide evidence that while beneficial, VEGF, in excess, may aid colonization by P. aeruginosa., VEGF +936 C/T polymorphism may influence the risk for the development of Ovarian Cancer., The expression of VEGF was not associated with the expression of T-cadherin in the gastric cancer tissue., The data suggest that breath condensate of patients with pulmonary hypertension is characterized by increased levels of the angiogenic factors angiogenin, VEGF and bFGF as well as TNF-alpha, but not IL-8., Survivin, via AKT and VEGF, seems to play an important role in oral melanoma and could represent an important prognostic marker of melanoma progression., Monitoring the serum VEGF level is useful for predicting the response of aHCC to HAIC, as well as for predicting metastasis, tumor type and vascular invasion., Data suggest that plasma levels of VEGFA are down-regulated and levels of FGF2 (fibroblast growth factor 2) are up-regulated in type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) patients with diabetic foot (DF) as compared to T2DM patients but without DF., Vascular endothelial growth factor +405G/C single nucleotide polymorphism was significantly associated with malignant transformation in intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm., The hyperosmotic induction of AQP5 and VEGF in retinal pigment epithelial cells was in part dependent on activation of NFAT5., Effusion VEGF correlates with pleural inflammation and fibrosis and may be targeted for adjunct therapy for tuberculous pleural effusion., Our results suggest that ANGPT2 is a marker of RCC. Additionally, ANGPT2 and TuM2PK significantly correlated with several adverse pathological features. Further studies are needed to determine clinical applicability., VEGF is an autocrine growth factor in NSCLC signaling, at least in part, through NP1., In patients with carotid plaques, both circulating and intraplaque polymorphonuclear neutrophils produce IL-8, VEGF and elastase, which are crucial for plaque development and progression., The current meta-analysis indicates that rs1570360, rs3025039, rs2010963, and rs3025020 polymorphisms of VEGF, increase recurrent spontaneous abortion susceptibility., Associations between genetic variations of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) gene and the risk of TOF are investigated., VEGF plays dual roles on osteoclastogenesis in rheumatoid arthritis, Astrocytes from Huntington disease patients contained more VEGF-A, which triggers proliferation of endothelial cells and may be responsible for the augmented neurovascular changes., our study does not support a role for TGF-beta1 and VEGF in causing cancer among transplant recipients treated with CNIs., Only domain III of SPARC binds VEGF., This study reflects routine clinical use of everolimus in a large sample of patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma . Favorable efficacy and safety were seen for everolimus after previous therapy with one VEGF-targeted agent, Ezrin, CD44, and VEGF are over-expressed in GCTB tissue and its adjacent noncancerous tissue samples and may play an important role in the occurrence, invasion, metastasis, and recurrence of GCTB., VEGFR blockade inhibits the process of tumor vasculogenesis occurring during tumor hypoxia whereas the effect of VEGF inhibition appears restricted to differentiated endothelial cells., VEGF expression was found in the submucosa and subserosa layers only in the placenta. No VEGF was seen in tissue from patients with urinary obstruction or fetal ureteropelvic junction without urinary obstruction., Data show that CC vs. CA of the VEGF -2578 C/A polymorphism and CC+CT vs. TT of the VEGF -460 C/T polymorphism might be predictive factors of responsiveness to chemotherapy in colorectal cancer. [meta-analysis], VEGF SNPs i.e., rs2010963 C allele and rs3025039 T allele might be associated with PDR occurrence., A strong positive correlation between the mRNA expression levels of HIF-2alpha, CA9, VEGF, GLUT-1 and OPN suggests a specific hypoxia-associated profile of mRNA expression in glioblastoma multiforme, VEGF +1612A/G, -634G/C, and +936T/C polymorphisms were not related to the response to chemotherapy and clinical outcome of osteosarcoma patients., the A2B AR activation-driven angiogenesis via cAMP-PKA-CREB mediates VEGF production and PI3K/AKT-dependent upregulation of eNOS in HMEC-1, Serum VEGF level was insignificantly lower in dengue patients whereas VEGFR1 was significantly higher (P = 0.01) and VEGFR2 was significantly lower (P = 0.005) compared to controls, Our results support that osteopontin regulates ICAM-1 and VEGFA expression mainly in triple-negative/basal-like breast carcinomas, Report endothelial cell pathology and VEGFA expression in liposarcomas versus non-lipomatous soft tissue tumors., Decreased peri-therapeutic VEGF expression in mCRC patients could probably be used to predict responsiveness to bevacizumab and subsequent PFS in clinical practice., VEGF affects the maturation, differentiation and activity of dendritic cells in hypertensive disorders of pregnancy., plasma VEGF levels before treatment were lower in patients with schizophrenia and that their VEGF levels increased after treatment., Heparin influences VEGF receptor-1, VEGF receptor-2, and neuropilin-1 through distinct mechanisms and regulates VEGF-induced signaling., bisphenol A and 17beta-estradiol impact on vascular endothelial growth factor A and its receptor expression, findings suggest that the VEGF +936 C/T polymorphism may be a risk factor for endometriosis development and the VEGF +936 T allele is associated with an increased risk of stages III-IV endometriosis in the Tunisian population, The results support the hypothesis that the carrier state of VEGF 634 C/G polymorphism has an impact on the risk of ROP in infants. A broader study may suggest that this marker could be used as an indicator in the screening for ROP., IGF-II, TGF-beta1 and VEGF-A and its receptor in malignant tumor tissue, as well as increasedplasmin release from proenzyme and MMP-3 activationis apparently associated with the formation of pathogenic mechanism of vasculature development, The recent large-scale genetic studies indicate that common polymorphisms of the genes encoding VEGF-A and VEGFR-2 are not consistently associated with Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD), Polymorphisms in VEGFA gene affect the antihypertensive responses to enalapril, VEGF +405G>C polymorphism could be associated with immune-mediated inflammatory diseases, and the correlation might vary with ethnic groups. [Meta-Analysis], Higher sFlt-1 and lower VEGF levels in the group with preeclampsia, as well as higher sFlt-1 levels in small for gestational age neonates, reflect a predominance of antiangiogenic mechanisms in preeclampsia and growth restriction., Important regulatory roles of PPARG and VEGF in the vascular processes associated with diabetes and atherosclerosis., Higher serum VEGF levels and the lower tryptase levels following TACE may be potential biomarkers changing in response to therapy in HCC., Our findings demonstrate for the first time that CHIP may be involved in RCC angiogenesis through regulating VEGF secretion and expression of VEGFR2., VEGF expression in athletes correlates with the type of energy expenditure and oxygen consumption during physical exertion., Our study suggests that -2578C/A and +460T/C polymorphisms of VEGF modulate the risk of developing renal cell carcinoma in Chinese population, A dynamic axis of interaction between human airway smooth muscle cells and epithelial cells that amplifies CXCL8, VEGF, COX-2, and amphiregulin production., VEGF is down regulated in patients with hepatocellular live cancer and a prognostic factor., The cut point of mean intensity (MI = 40) was used to investigate as an independent predictor for PFS (p = .021) and OS (p = .025), respectively, due to a strong correlation between MVD counts and VEGF expression in patients with invasive breast cancer, IRX2 modulates the expression levels of MMP2 and VEGF in an AKTdependent manner., Treprostinil indirectly regulates endothelial colony forming cell angiogenic properties by increasing VEGF-A produced by mesenchymal stem cells., Gene phenotypic analysis demonstrated that C allele of +405G/C in VEGF gene was significantly associated increased risk of lung cancer in males., Results from meta-analysis suggest that both the VEGF +936C/T and -634G/C polymorphisms influence breast cancer susceptibility and tumor growth, instead of metastasis., Report alternative splicing of VEGFA in colorectal cancer., cell contact between mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) and B cells resulted in increased production of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) by MSC facilitating AKT phosphorylation within the B cell, Suggest that VEGF expression correlates with prognosis in gastrointestinal stromal tumors., upregulation of miR-107 in glioma cells inhibits VEGF expression., MEG3 levels are inversely associated with VEGF levels, suggesting that MEG3 may be involved in OA development through the regulation of angiogenesis, The expressions of VEGF, HER-2, and EGFR mRNA were related to the lymph node metastasis in ESCC and pathologic differentiation degree., High VEGF mRNA expression significantly correlated with the total number of non- proliferative vessels and total number of vessels in the liver metastases., DLL4 and VEGFA expression was closely related to tumour diameter, clinical stage, histological grade and lymph node metastasis., study suggests that I/D polymorphism in the promoter region of the VEGF gene is not associated with DN in type 2 diabetes patients, but might have a role in development of non-diabetic nephropathy, Three of these, PIK3R1, VEGFA, and ITGB1, are known to be associated with preeclampsia or preeclampsia-related biological processes, TNF-alpha, VEGF, and MMP-3 might directly participate in the differentiation of fibroblasts into osteoblasts in ankylosing spondylitis., VEGF and VEGFR2 and angiogenic activity are present in dental follicles and dentigerous cysts and may contribute to local bone resorption for tooth eruption or the development and progression of dentigerous cysts, C936T polymorphism of the VEGF gene and the C242T polymorphism of the p22phox gene are not correlated with diabetes mellitus type 2 and distal diabetic polyneuropathy., MET suppresses VEGFR2 protein by inducing its endoplasmic-reticulum-associated degradation (ERAD), via intracrine VEGF action., Data suggest that dual inhibition of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and CA125 protein might bring about a better outcome for patients with epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC)., The aim of this study was to investigate the association of -2578C>A and -1154G>A polymorphisms in the VEGF gene with susceptibility to hypertension., Data suggest that serum fetuin-A (FETUA/AHSG) concentrations are signi fi cantly positively associated with serum VEGFA (vascular endothelial growth factor A) levels in patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes., The expression of VEGF and SSTR2 were associated with progression and prognosis of gastric cancer., Data indicate that the vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) showed no formidable linkage in studied epithelial ovarian cancers., serum VEGF levels were significantly associated with tumor metastasis in small cell lung cancer., inhibitory effect of RSV on the HIF-1alpha/VEGF/VEGFR2 signaling axis is mediated, at least in part, through SIRT1, Direct binding of CD44v6 to HGF and VEGF was demonstrated in pull-down assays, Our findings indicate that miR-199a may attenuate the angiogenic potential of ESCs under hypoxia partly through HIF-1alpha/VEGF-A pathway suppression., High VEGF plus VEGFR expression and AKT phosphorylation are highest in leukocytes of remission patients, suggesting VEGF signaling as a cause of reduced apoptosis susceptibility upon treatments., The results of this study suggest that the expression of VEGF-A and ORM-1 may be associated with two mechanisms (angiogenesis and tumor structural viscosity) that may influence tumor growth in odontogenic myxoma., VEGF isoforms have different effects on breast cancer cell line colonisation in vivo., Genes expression of MMP9, VEGFA and TIMP1 in peripheral blood leukocytes may play a pivotal role in regulation of progression of bladder cancer; TIMP1 expression may be important factor for early recurrence., strong expression of TGF-beta1, IL-1beta and VEGF was evident in the extracellular matrix and in the cytoplasm of fibroblasts and myofibroblasts in Dupuytren's nodular tissues, as compared to control tissues, EG-VEGF is overexpressed mainly in high-grade ovarian carcinomas (type II) than in low-grade ones. Eg-VEGF expression points out the relationship between the enhanced potential for tumor angiogenesis and the tumor aggressivity., Serum levels of VEGF, IL-17, IL-10 and TNF-alpha were reduced in the pre-eclamptic pregnant women when compared with their normotensive peers., comprehension of the association of specific SNPs and TFB could be an essential part in our understanding of individual differences of VEGF regulation and course of diseases, Data show that interleukin-1 receptor type 2 (IL1R2) forms a complex with c-Fos proto-oncogene protein and activates the interleukin-6 (IL-6) and vascular endothelial growth factor A (VEGF-A) promoters., The -2578C/A and +936C/T polymorphisms in the VEGF gene may play a role in the etiology of renal cell carcinoma., Review/Meta-analysis, Significant Correlation between Retinal Venous Tortuosity and Aqueous Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Concentration in Eyes with Central Retinal Vein Occlusion., The prepared aptasensor exhibited high sensitivity and good selectivity and reproducibility. The aptasensor was successfully applied to the determination of VEGF165 in serum sample of a lung cancer patient, High expression of VEGF-A is associated with triple negative breast cancer., We will then discuss how ECFC insensitivity to VEGF stimulation in cancer patients could underpin their well-known resistance to anti-VEGF therapies., With respect to the better understanding of potential hMSC-based periodontal regeneration strategies, we propose hMSC-derived VEGF release as a mechanism in the recruitment of hard tissue-forming cells to alveolar bone sites in need of regeneration., Transplantation of VEGF-165transfected endothelial progenitor cells for the treatment of limb ischemia is an efficient treatment strategy., The results revealed that DP inhibited the expression of VEGF and HIF-1alpha through the PI3K/Akt/mTOR signaling pathway, confirming that DP may be a potential therapeutic candidate for breast cancer., Autoantibodies in dilated cardiomyopathy induce VEGF expression in cardiomyocytes., Suggest curcumin as a inhibitor of VEGF-VEGFR2 signaling pathway in endothelial cells to prevent tumor growth., High VEGFA expression is associated with Gastric Adenocarcinoma., Results show that brain metastasis in advanced gastric cancer was associated with the expression of VEGF., Alternative splicing of APP, VEGFA and NUMB may play an important role in pathogenesis of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma., This large study highlights the prognostic importance of VEGF-A and VEGFR-2 stromal expression in prostate cancer., we show that VEGFA signaling from TIE2(hi) TMEM macrophages results in local, transient vascular permeability and tumor cell intravasation., These results demonstrate that ATO inhibits the growth of HUVECs and induces apoptosis by downregulating VEGFA., The overexpression and accumulation of VEGFA protein in the glomerular basement membrane leading to podocytes injury in Alport syndrome patients., GRS using ARMS2, CFH, TNFRSF10A, VEGFA, and CFI was significantly associated with second-eye involvement. Genetic risk has high predictive ability for second-eye involvement of AMD., time changes of sCD40L over 1 month after myocardial infarct onset were associated with G894T eNOS polymorphism and with the VEGF concentrations, but not to the platelet CD62P expression, NCOA1 potentiates breast cancer angiogenesis through upregulating HIF1alpha and AP-1-mediated VEGFa expression, Upregulation of CLOCK is associated with the expression of HIF-1alpha and VEGF in varicose veins., In hyperuricemia, miR-92a downregulation increased KLF2 expression, subsequently inhibiting VEGFA, which resulted in decreased angiogenesis., Data show that serum interleukin 17 (IL-17) was elevated and the levels positively correlated with vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) concentration in non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients., This study showed an association between the VEGF -1154G/A polymorphism and RIF in Brazilian women, Dual-poly-siRNA carrying glycol chitosan nanoparticles demonstrated successful VEGF/Bcl2 gene silencing in prostate tumors., Data suggest differences in regulation of expression of PEDF (up-regulation) vs. VEGF (down-regulation) in granulosa cells explain reduced risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome due to ovulation induction using GnRH/GNRHR agonists rather than hCG., data indicate that the inhibition of VEGF expression by RNAi reduces VEGF mRNA levels, and inhibits angiogenesis and tumor growth in RCC, providing a future treatment option for RCC., Vascular endothelial growth factor-A, -C and -D mRNA, and VEGF-A and -D protein were expressed by all CM and UM cell lines, while VEGF-C protein was only expressed by UM cell lines., The prognosis was poorer in colorectal cancers that expressed both PROK1 and VEGF relative to the cases that expressed only 1 protein, and the expression of both proteins was found to be an independent prognostic factor., High VEGF expression is associated with Metastatic Colorectal Cancer., High expression of COX-2, EGFR, and VEGF is an unfavorable prognostic factor in ESCC, and could be used as a poor prognosis indicator for the ESCC patients., colocalization of HuR and the distal part of the VEGFA 3'-untranslated region (UTR) in the cytoplasm. We propose that under hypoxia-like conditions, HuR enhances VEGFA mRNA translation., Carvedilol has an anti-angiogenic effect on HUVECs. This inhibitory effect is mediated by VEGF-induced Src-ERK signaling pathways., VEGFA may represent a candidate gene contributing to venous thromboembolism development in chemotherapy treated cancer patients. -1154G/A SNP might provide useful clinical information on the efficacy and toxicity of bevacizumab in metastatic patients., Results indicate that microRNA miR-497 directly inhibited the 3'-untranslated regions (3' UTRs) of vascular endothelial growth factor A (VEGFA) and astrocyte elevated gene-1 (AEG-1)., Data suggest that ppp-RNA orchestrating retinoic acid-inducible gene-I protein (RIG-I) activation to 5'-triphosphate siRNA targeting VEGF (ppp-VEGF) could be strategy for cancer therapy., Immunohistochemical expression of COX-1 and VEGF is associated with poor prognostic parameters in renal cell carcinoma., Report VEGF expression in giant cell tumor of bones., Dysregulation of the vascular endothelial growth factor and semaphorin ligand-receptor families in prostate cancer metastasis, cancer. In summary, this study found that the VEGF -634G/C gene polymorphism was associated with an increased risk of osteosarcoma, This study aimed to analyze the association between the 405G/C and -2578C/A polymorphisms of the vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) gene and breast cancer risk by meta-analysis, Vascular endothelial growth factor gene is associated with hypertensive cerebellar hemorrhage and rehabilitative treatment, Data show that both VEGF/VEGFR and mTOR inhibitors indicated antitumour activity following PD-1/PD-L1 blockade., results show that activation of CRH receptors by CRH ligands stimulates VEGF-A expression in intestinal epithelial cells through the cAMP/CREB pathway, Increased osteoclast formation and higher VEGF levels may contribute to acroosteolysis in systemic sclerosis patients., oxaliplatin-based chemotherapy increases ERCC1 and DPYD expression levels; bevacizumab induces VEGFA expression in metastatic colorectal cancer, The loss of HIF-1alpha by hypoxic lens epithelial cells decreases the expression of the epithelial to mesenchymal transition marker proteins without sacrificing the levels of the prosurvival protein VEGF., Collectively, our results indicated that miR125a regulated the paracrine of VEGF-A in gastric cancer and thereby controlled the angiogenesis of the tumor., The AA and CA+AA genotypes of the VEGF -2578C/A polymorphism might modify the risk of osteosarcoma in a Chinese population., AA genotype of VEGF -2578C/A genetic variants is associated with increased risk of renal cell carcinoma., Study showed downregulation of miR-140 in colorectal cancer (CRC) closely associated with overall survival. VEGFA, its target, is up-regulated in CRC cells suggesting a tumor suppressive role of miR-140-5p in CRC and progression by targeting VEGFA., CoCl2 was proved to control MCF-7 cell proliferation and increase expression of HIF-1alpha, CXCR4 and VEGF., Low expression of VEGF is associated with poor response to chemotherapy in Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma., No significant association was identified between VEGF +405 G/C polymorphism and breast cancer risk, Our study demonstrate that VEGF -2578A/C and +936C/T polymorphisms are among the factors determining the individual peculiarities of NSCLC course in this population and can be used for clarifying the prognosis of the disease., VEGFA and VEGFB associated sub-network, kinase insert domain receptor (KDR), fibronectin 1 (FN1), transforming growth factor beta induced (TGFBI) and proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) found to interact with at least two of the three hub genes., DOG-1, VEGFA and p16 are expressed in cutaneous basal and squamous cell carcinomas, vascular endothelial growth factor may have a role in increased microvascular density in women with endometrial hyperplasia, and possibly a relationship with uterine natural killer cells, recruitment of base excision DNA repair (BER) enzymes in response to hypoxia-induced promoter modifications was required for transcription complex assembly and VEGF mRNA expression., apart from being less robust and dysregulated as compared with N-ECFCs, VEGF-induced Ca(2+) oscillations modestly stimulate PMF-ECFC growth and in vitro angiogenesis., TGF-beta/Smad signalling pathway and VEGF-A participate in the pathogenesis of sarcoidosis., In ARPE-19 cells[Retinal Pigment Epithelium], resveratrol significantly inhibited HIF-1alpha and VEGF in a dose-dependent manner, by blocking the PI3K/Akt/mTOR signaling pathway and by promoting proteasomal HIF-1alpha degradation., Using in vivo mouse models, we demonstrated that tamoxifen induced a dose-dependent shift in endogenous uterine angiogenic balance favoring VEGF over PEDF., Type IV collagenases, MMP-2 and MMP-9, play important roles in hair cycle, and this could be mediated by induced expression of VEGF, IGF-1, and TGF-beta., These results demonstrated that the cotransfection of BMP-2 and VEGF into microencapsulated C2C12 cells is of potent utility for the potentiation of bone regeneration., Considering the actions of IL-8 and VEGF, our results suggest that NE contributes to the pathogenesis of COPD by enhancing inflammation and apoptosis, These studies demonstrate for the 1 st time that Cur-NLC exerts an antitumor effect on HepG2 cells by modulating VEGF/VEGFRs signaling pathway., the VEGF-C936T polymorphism was not found to be associated with age-related macular degeneration., Human lung-resident macrophages express CB1 and CB2 receptors whose activation inhibits the release of angiogenic and lymphangiogenic factors, Real-time PCR and dual-luciferase assay showed CDK11(p58) inhibited the mRNA levels of VEGF and the promoter activity of VEGF, VEGF has a role in outcome of hepatocellular carcinoma treated with sorafenib [meta-analysis], co-immobilizing of specific ratios of EGF and VEGF demonstrated a synergistic effect on cell survival compared to each GF captured alone., miR-497 has a prominent role in suppression of VEGF-A-mediated non-small cell lung cancer cancer cell growth and invasion., ANGPT1, ANGPT2, and VEGF are associated with development of acute graft-versus-host disease after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation., Increased plasma renin, AT and VEGF might play a role in the onset or development of superficial infantile hemangiomas., Low level of VEGF may have a role in poor clinical outcome of coronary heart disease patients after Percutaneous Coronary Intervention treatment, Study demonstrated that NAMPT, VEGF and HER2 were overexpressed in breast tumors as well as in the serum and their circulating levels declined after tumor removal, suggesting a clinical application of this triplet as biomarker for breast cancer diagnosis., the VEGF polymorphisms may contribute to osteonecrosis of the femoral head (Meta-Analysis), the VEGF -634 G/C polymorphism may not be related to the development of cancer (Meta-Analysis), our data suggested that VEGFA contributes to lung cancer progression by inducing a network of angiogenic factors, which might offer potential for therapeutic intervention, our results indicate that KLF5 promotes angiogenesis of bladder cancer through directly regulating VEGFA transcription, Our meta-analysis confirmed the association between the VEGF rs2146323 polymorphism and the risk of diabetic retinopathy., Vascular endothelial growth factor A (VEGF) levels is suggested to have a role in the pathophysiology of depression., VEGF genetic polymorphisms, -2578C>A and -634C>G, may be associated with an increased Tetralogy of Fallot risk, High(Ang-2/VEGF) serum levels could be exploited as a new valuable integral biomarker in NSCLC., inhibition of miR566 expression increases the expression levels of VHL, decreases the expression levels of VEGF, and inhibits the invasive and migratory abilities of glioblastoma., Compared with p53 and siVEGF single transfections, the Pvp53 coexpression plasmid significantly increased the proportion of apoptotic cells and inhibited cell motility and proliferation., Peritoneal VEGF-A expression is regulated by TGF-beta1 through an ID1 pathway in women with endometriosis, ERRalpha suppression inhibits angiogenesis in HUVECs, This study provides further evidence that a SNP in the VEGF gene may contribute to the comorbid conditions of dialysis patients, This meta-analysis suggests the VEGF +405 C/G polymorphism confers susceptibility to psoriasis in Asians, and that the -460 C/T and -1154 A/G polymorphisms confer susceptibility to psoriasis in Europeans., our study suggests that the TT genotype of VEGF +936C/T genetic variants is associated with an increased risk of osteosarcoma, in vitro study supports previously reported observations of elevated VEGF and chemokines in tear fluids of dysfunctional tear syndrome (DTS) patients, reiterating the role of inflammatory reactions in DTS, Observed highly significant reductions in the concentration of circulating interleukin (IL)-16, IL-7, and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor A (VEGF-A) in encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome patients., VEGFA genetic variations might influence response/resistance of FOLFIRI plus cetuximab treatment in metastatic colorectal cancer patients., The expression of the neural stem cell marker Sox2 is associated with eyes with increased VEGF-A expression and tumor invasiveness., Identify a mechanism of VEGF overexpression in liver and mesentery that promotes pathologic, but not physiologic, angiogenesis, via sequential and nonredundant functions of CPEB1 and CPEB4., These results suggest that lymph node lymphangiogenesis occurs before metastasis in OSCC. VEGF-A and VEGF-D play critical roles in this process., hVEGF enhanced pulp cell proliferation and neovascularization, and markedly increased formation of reparative dentin in dental pulp., we discovered that the VEGF +936C/T gene polymorphism influences the response to chemotherapy and overall survival of NSCLC patients., The melanoma cell lines showed different growth patterns in the brain, and these differences were associated with differences in expression of the angiogenic factors VEGF-A and IL-8 and the matrix metalloproteinases MMP-2 and MMP-9., VEGF-A is a promising target for molecular fluorescence endoscopy because it showed a high protein expression, especially in sessile serrated adenomas/polyps and Lynch syndrome, the VEGF-A ACGG haplotype from VEGF-A -2578, -1498, -1154, and -634 was significantly associated with an increased recurrence of renal cell carcinoma (OR = 3.34, 95% CI = 1.03-10.91;the combination of high urinary total arsenic level and VEGF-A risk haplotypes affected the OR of renal cell carcinoma recurrence in a dose-response manner., Negative for VEGF/VEGFR2., Data show that cryptotanshinone (CTS) could down-regulate the expression of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and inhibit angiogenesis in U2OS osteosarcoma cells., Results identified following parameters as statistically significant independent confounders of vascular endothelial growth factor-A (VEGF-A) measurements, Plasma levels of VEGF were elevated in endometriosis patients compared with controls., Results show that aqueous humor levels of VEGF-A and PlGF were significantly elevated in the eyes with neovascular glaucoma, and there was a positive correlation between the levels., these data demonstrate that FGF-2 priming enhances the angiogenic potential of SHED through the secretion of both HGF and VEGF., VEGF/NRP-1axis promotes progression of breast cancer via enhancement of epithelial-mesenchymal transition and activation of NF-kappaB and beta-catenin., VEGF polymorphisms might be important indicators of disease activity and synovial lesions, and prognostic factors in evaluating the treatment effectiveness in rheumatoid arthritis., In conclusion, this study revealed that miR-26b suppresses NSCLC metastasis by targeting MIEN1 via NF-kappaB/MMP-9/VEGF pathways, implicating a potential prognostic biomarker and therapeutic target for NSCLC treatment., Allelic polymorphisms in common VEGF single nucleotide polymorphisms was associated with Recurrent spontaneous abortion samples and haplotypes with at least one minor allele showing an association with RSA pathogenesis., The aim of this study was to investigate microRNA-497 (miR-497) expression and its role in development of colorectal cancer., increased peritoneal permeability in ovarian cancer is due to down-regulation of adhesion proteins via tumor derived VEGF., VCAN and VEGF were associated with survival in CRC patients with PM after CRS and HIPEC, ENO1 was demonstrated to be up-regulated by HIF-1alpha in retinal pigment epithelial cells in response to hypoxia, without influencing VEGF secretion., Collectively, we found that ZEB1-expressing breast cancer cells increase VEGFA production and thus stimulate tumor growth and angiogenesis via a paracrine mechanism., ANDV caused long-term elevated levels of eotaxin-1, IL-6, IL-8, IP-10, and VEGF-A that peaked 20-25 days after infection, serum levels elevated in ovarian cancer, overexpressed during later phase of liver regneration suggesting its implications in inducing angiogenesis, Rs699947 or rs10434 polymorphism was not associated with the presence of diabetic retinopathy in Egyptian patients., VEGF serum and biliary levels were increased in malignant biliary obstruction patients., By simulating the tumor microenvironment, the MV-delivered miR-29a/c significantly suppresses VEGF expression in gastric cancer cells, inhibiting vascular cell growth, metastasis, and tube formation., Suggest that R-Ras regulates angiogenic activities of endothelial cells in part via inhibition of the p38MAPK-HSP27 axis of VEGF signaling., Novel angiogenic agent COA-Cl induced activation of PGC-1alpha/ERRalpha/VEGF signaling pathway in fibroblasts., The modulatory role of miR-126 on expression of VEGF-A and its tumor suppressive roles were demonstrated for the first time in thyroid cancer, FGF-2, VEGF-A, and HIV-Tat, may affect the glomerular filtration barrier in HIV+ children through the induction of synergistic changes in Rho-A and Src activity, The action of VEGF and NOS molecules are important mediators of angiogenesis during dental tissue development., The mean intensity of VEGF staining was statistically significantly higher in melanomas than in benign or dysplastic naevi., The -1154A or -2578A alleles of the VEGF gene can significantly decrease the risk of EP among Chinese women,
OMIM_DISEASE Microvascular complications of diabetes 1,
SP_COMMENT function:Growth factor active in angiogenesis, vasculogenesis and endothelial cell growth. Induces endothelial cell proliferation, promotes cell migration, inhibits apoptosis, and induces permeabilization of blood vessels. Binds to the VEGFR1/Flt-1 and VEGFR2/Kdr receptors, heparan sulfate and heparin. Neuropilin-1 binds isoforms VEGF-165 and VEGF-145. Isoform VEGF165B binds to VEGFR2/Kdr but doesn't activate downstream signaling pathways, doesn't activate angiogenesis and inhibits tumor growth., induction:Regulated by growth factors, cytokines, gonadotropins, nitric oxide, hypoxia, hypoglycemia and oncogenic mutations., online information:VEGF entry, similarity:Belongs to the PDGF/VEGF growth factor family., subcellular location:VEGF121 is acidic and freely secreted. VEGF165 is more basic, has heparin-binding properties and, although a signicant proportion remains cell-associated, most is freely secreted. VEGF189 is very basic, it is cell-associated after secretion and is bound avidly by heparin and the extracellular matrix, although it may be released as a soluble form by heparin, heparinase or plasmin., subunit:Homodimer; disulfide-linked. Also found as heterodimer with PlGF., tissue specificity:The VEGF189, VEGF-165 and VEGF-121 isoforms are widely expressed, whereas the VEGF206 and VEGF-145 are uncommon.,