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tumor necrosis factor(TNF) tumor necrosis factor(TNF) Related Genes Homo sapiens
CYTOBAND 6p21.3,
GENERIF_SUMMARY A high in vivo and in vitro production of TNF-alpha found in carriers of the common Caucasoid haplotype HLA-B8,DR3 is associated with multiple autoimmune diseases and immune response dysregulation in healthy subjects., Elevated tumour necrosis factor-alpha levels may play a role in the development of necrotizing enterocolitis. The A(-308) and A(-238) variants of the promoter region of the TNF-alpha gene are reportedly associated with altered TNF-alpha production., -A significantly reduced PGN-elicited tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha) secretion by U937 cells and rat alveolar macrophages., Anti-TNF therapy for rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory diseases, affects susceptibility to acute rejection after cardiac transplantation, Interleukin-6, tumor necrosis factor alpha and interferon gamma serum levels in patients with anorexia nervosa., Postburn plasma TNF alpha level increased in all patients, especially obvious in those with sepsis., PAI-1 gene activation by TNF-alpha apparently is yet to be defined for the location of the response element and/or the signaling pathway, while TGF-beta is the most important cytokine for PAI-1 transcriptional activation through its 5' proximal promoter., effect on cell proliferation and apoptosis in conjunction with interferon-gamma, CD40 ligation induces macrophage IL-10 and TNF-alpha production, Damage of the ehdothelial cells of placental blood vessels is associated with the abnormal increase in the maternal blood TNFalpha., role of PTEN in blocking induction of NF-kapp B-dependent transcription by inhibiting the transactivation potential of the p65 subunt, TNF-alpha potentiates adhesion of C5a-stimulated eosinophils to human bronchial epithelial cells (HBEC) by a mechanism in which eosinophil contact with HBEC is essential for priming., The phagocytosis of platelets opsonised by anti-beta2GPI antibodies determined the release of TNF-alpha and IL-1beta by dendritic cells and macrophages., The role of TNF/TNFR in organ-specific and systemic autoimmunity is reviewed, Critical role of tumor necrosis factor-alpha and NF-kappa B in interferon-gamma -induced CD40 expression in microglia/macrophages., Transient exposure of human bronchial epithelial cells to TNFA leads to persistent increased expression of ICAM-1., Incubation of endothelial cells with conditioned media derived from stimulated macrophages modulates ICAM1 mRNA expression. Results suggest TNF-alpha and activation of the NF-kB pathway are involved., The A1 allele of TNF-alpha associates with rheumatoid arthritis.Genotypes A1A2 of TNF-alpha is associated with more severe disease., Breast cancer is not associated with SNPs in the TNFA promoters; TNFB*A allele induces some function(s) leading to the inhibition of tumorigenesis in breast cancer, Genetic variation in TNFalpha production is unlikely to play a major role in risk of cutaneous malignant melanoma., association of TNF alleles with HLA-DR, -DQ and -B alleles in 216 healthy individuals from the north of England, Genetic polymorphisms in the TNF-alpha gene at positions -376, -308, -238 and +489 could not be identified as susceptibility or severity factors in periodontitis, TNF-deficient mice are protected from experimental allergic encephalomyelitis., TNF-alpha--accelerated apoptosis abrogates ANCA-mediated neutrophil respiratory burst by a caspase-dependent mechanism., Carriage of ILbeta2 and IL1RN*2, together with non-carriage of TNF2is associated with increased susceptibility, but not with a prognosis of IgAN., Polymorphisms in or near tumour necrosis factor (TNF)-gene do not determine levels of endotoxin-induced TNF production., In dengue shock syndrome pts, TNF-alpha was significantly associated with D-dimer, an activation marker of fibrinolysis (p < 0.003), but not with activation markers of coagulation. TNF-alpha is involved in the onset and regulation of hemostasis., TNF alpha-mediated effect causes or contributes to defective bone marrow progenitor cell reserve and function and defective stromal cell function in rheumatoid arthritis., Ubiquitin/proteasome-dependent degradation of D-type cyclins is linked to tumor necrosis factor-induced cell cycle arrest., in semen of normal/infertile men, no significant differences in basal TNFalpha levels were found between the growth hormone deficient, idiopathic short stature children and healthy controls, ). TNF-alpha promoter polymorphisms are associated with severe, but not less severe, silicosis in this population., Stimulation of IRF-7 gene expression by tumor necrosis factor alpha, role in inducing interleukin-6 and interleukin-8 secretion in bronial epithelia cells, the pathophysiological role of the tumor necrosis factor (TNF) system in insulin resistance in patients with gestational diabetes (GDM) and during the course of normal pregnancy, promoter polymorphism in NIDDM in japan; relationahip to insulin sensitivity and abdominal fat, Promoter polymorphism TNFalpha-308*2 increases risk of asthma., Polymorphisms of the TNF gene and the TNF receptor superfamily member 1B gene are associated with susceptibility to ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease, respectively., Proinflammatory CD14+CD16+DR++ monocytes are a major source of TNF., Inducer-specific enhanceosome formation controls tumor necrosis factor alpha gene expression in T lymphocytes., the C-terminal one third of DNA binding domain confers different binding specificity of NFATc and NFATp to an NFAT site in the TNF-alpha promoters, In vascular endothelial cells co-treated with 15d-PGJ2 and TNF-alpha, the subsequent elevation of TF activity was synergistically increased over that of cells treated with TNF-alpha alone., role in Candida albicans-induced interferon-gamma production in human whole blood cultures, insulin and TNF alpha regulate the expression of Foxc2 via a PI3K- and ERK 1/2-dependent pathway in 3T3-L1 adipocytes, One hundred sixty-four unrelated healthy individuals from Chinese Han population were investigated in order to define the distribution of eight polymorphic loci within the tumor necrosis factor (TNF) gene cluster, Tumor necrosis factor-alpha increases airway smooth muscle oxidants production through a NADPH oxidase-like system to enhance myosin light chain phosphorylation and contractility., Hyperoxia prolongs tumor necrosis factor-alpha-mediated activation of NF-kappaB, Increased bioactive TNF in human systemic lupus erythematosus, Secretion levels of sIL-2R, IL-6, IL-8, IL-10, and TNF-alpha, but not IL-4 and IL-12, are elevated in activated T-cells in large granular lymphocytic leukemia associated with autoimmune disorders., Effect of the cannabinoid receptor ligand, WIN 55,212-2, on superoxide anion and TNF-alpha production by human mononuclear cells, determine the cellular contents and concentrations of interleukin 6 (IL-6), interleukin 8 (IL-8) and tumour necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha) in fluids of patients with spermatocele or epididymal cyst, Polymorphisms for interleukin-4 (IL-4) -590 promoter, IL-4 intron3, and tumor necrosis factor alpha -308 promoter, Correlation of p21 gene codon 31 polymorphism and TNF-alpha gene polymorphism with nasopharyngeal carcinoma., IGFBP-3 is essential for TNF-alpha-induced apoptosis in PC-3 cells, These data strongly suggest that in TNF-induced apoptosis, Hsp72 specifically interferes with the Bid-dependent apoptotic pathway via inhibition of JNK., analysis of TNFa microsatellite polymorphisms in genetic susceptibility to juvenile idiopathic arthritis, polymorphism is associated with the incidence of graft-versus-host disease and relapse rate in unrelated bone marrow transplantation (uBMT), TNF-alpha gene polymorphism is related to lumbar spine bone area in healthy female Caucasian adolescents., Increased erythrocyte glutathione peroxidase activity and serum TNFalpha in HIV-infected patients is related to pathogenesis of HIV infection and the hypercoagulable condition during HIV infection., production by different populations of erythroid cells derived from human embryonal liver, novel regulation for the proteolytic activation of MMP-9 in human tissue (tissue-associated chymotrypsin-like proteinase, pM9A)., The -308 G/A TNF-alpha gene variant conveys an increased risk for the development of insulin resistance in obese subjects, Malignant B-cells in B-CLL are exposed to large numbers of T-cells able to synthesize and secrete TNF-alpha. The TNF-alpha production can be associated with progression of B-CLL., An association between young age of onset of psoriasis and HLA-Cw*0602 is confirmed in patients with psoriatic arthritis., Inflammatory bowel disease is associated with a TNF polymorphism that affects an interaction between the OCT1 and NF(-kappa)B transcription factors, Tumor necrosis factor-alpha allele 2 shows an association with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in Latvians., Regulation of ecto-5'-nucleotidase by TNF-alpha in human endothelial cells., secretion from acute myelogenous leukemia blasts was up-regulated by leptin, a decreased processing rate of mTNF-alpha in mature adipocytes combined with an increase in TNF-alpha production may be a potential mechanism resulting in elevated membrane-associated TNF-alpha in adipose tissue in obesity, obese women, even those with morbid obesity, over-express TNFalpha in subcutaneous adipose tissue in proportion to the magnitude of the fat depot, NF-kappaB-dependent MnSOD expression protects adenocarcinoma cells from TNF-alpha-induced apoptosis., role of TNF in promoting fetal membrane apoptosis, TNF-alpha gene polymorphisms in sarcoidosis, Overexpression of mucin genes induced by tumor necrosis factor-alpha in cultured tumor cells is inhibited by a retinoic acid receptor alpha antagonist., role in inducing AKT2, post-transcription regulation during in vitro differentiation of monocytes/macrophages in primary culture, Independent mechanisms for TNF alpha-induction of apoptosis and TNF alpha-suppression of steroidogenesis., Weight loss in obese subjects was associated with opposite changes in the secretion and transcription of IL-8 and TNF-alpha in the adipose tissue, as well as in plasma, Polymorphism in the TNF promoter is strongly associated with the risk of diabetes but not cardiovascular mortality in old age., Human proteinase 3 can inhibits LPS-mediated TNF-alpha production through CD14 degradation, TNF-alpha in rheumatoid arthritis synovium plays a role in the synovial hyperplasia of RA by suppressing apoptosis and promoting proliferation of synoviocytes through NF-kappaB-dependent signaling pathways mediated by up-regulated TNFR2 and TRAF1-6, Lactic acidosis after cardiac surgery is associated with polymorphisms in tumor necrosis factor gene., detected a significant positive correlation between TNF-alpha (r=0.55) and interferon-gamma (r=0.54) mRNA expression and the Beck Depression Inventory sum scores during an acute attack in multiple sclerosis patients, a predictor of insulin resistance in pregnancy, hypothesis that ketosis increases the TNF-alpha secretion, The -238 AG genotype is absent in severe RA but present in mild RA. The -238 GG genotype is present in 100% of severe cases. The +489 polymorphism does not segregate differently between responsive and unresponsive pts., TNFalpha and IL-8 regulate the expression and function of CD44 variant proteins in human colon carcinoma cells., TNFA polymorphism associated with development of asthma in Japanese population, TNF-alpha-mediated apoptotic depletion of BM erythroid cells may account for Anemia of chronic disease in rheumatoid arthritis., Native LDL potentiate TNF alpha and IL-8 production by human mononuclear cells., High TNF-alpha levels are associated with an increased risk of periportal fibrosis in patients infected with Schistosoma mansoni., Anti-CD45 isoform antibodies enhance phagocytosis and gene expression of IL-8 and TNF-alpha in human neutrophils by differential suppression on protein tyrosine phosphorylation and p56lck tyrosine kinase., plays in the role in the pathogenesis of the otitis media with effusion (review), Promoter polymorphism cosegregates with another polymorphism and is associated with the interleukin-1 beta (IL-1 beta) synthesis capacity of human leukocytes., Impaired glucose tolerance is not associated with increased serum concentrations., TNFalpha is critically important in the regulation of T cell response in the absence of danger signals, Data suggest an effect of the TNF(alpha)-308 polymorphism on the age at onset of late Alzheimer disease., role of p38 map kinase, NF-kappaB, and protein kinase c in TNF-alpha mRNA expression by human peripheral blood leukocytes, monocytes, and neutrophils in response to anaplasma phagocytophila, TNF-alpha may play an important role in enhancing the biological response of bovine neutrophils to Mannheimia (Pasteurella) haemolytica leukotoxin, acanthamoeba castellanii by release of ADP and other metabolites lead to human monocytic cell death through apoptosis and stimulate the secretion of TNF-alpha, the excessive activation of cytokines as TNFalpha could be reduced by six-minute walking test training in congestive heart failure patients., TNF-alpha plays a role in the enhanced systemic and local production of NO in congestive heart failure and is elevated in proportion to the severity of CHF., The presence of TNF alpha expression was observed in all examined samples of differentiated thyroid carcinomas in comparison to surrounding tissue free from neoplastic infiltration, There is a higher risk of relapse in poor prednisone responders expressing the TNF2 allele compared to those not expressing the TNF2 allele. TNF genotype seems to influence the risk of relapse in high risk ALL patients., cell survival and cell death signaling by TNF-alpha, Polymorphism Nco1 is associated with fasting glycemia and lipid parameters in healthy non-obese caucasian subjects, AHSG, TNF-alpha and leptin may contribute to insulin resistance during normal pregnancy and gestational diabetes, TNFA downregulates angiotensin converting enzyme in differentiating human macrophages, TNF-alpha has a role in activation of endothelial cell apoptosis along with TGF-beta1, These results demonstrate that overexpression of Activating transcription factor 3 (ATF3) suppresses tumor necrosis factor-alpha-induced cell death of HUVECs, at least in part, through down-regulating the transcription of p53 gene., Tumor necrosis factor-alpha gene promoter polymorphism in coal workers' pneumoconiosis., REVIEW, conclude that elevated TNF levels in myotonic dystrophy type 1 may lead to cardiac fibrosis affecting diastolic function, conduction, and automaticity., complement activation in the myocardium may contribute to the progression of dilated cardiomyopathy via TNF-alpha expression in cardiac myocytes, IL-17 selectively down-regulates TNF-alpha-induced RANTES gene expression in human colonic subepithelial myofibroblasts., TNFA acetylates p53, which attenuates the trans-activation by depleting CREB binding protein in rheumatoid synoviocytes, In order to ensure an effective shutdown of the apoptotic pathway, TNF induces multiple NF-kappaB-dependent genes that inhibit successive steps in the TNFR1 death signaling pathway., activation of the ERK pathway is involved in the induction of IL-6 mRNA stabilization by IL-17 plus TNF-alpha., TNF plays a role in arachidonic acid release leading to cell death, data suggest that although chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) anemia is not characterized by inadequate Epo production, in some CLL patients this factor may be correlated; in these cases, levels of TNF-alpha were higher than in other anemic cases, TNF-alpha sensitizes HT-29 colonic epithelial cells to intestinal lactobacilli, and induced IL-8 mRNA expression., APC inhibits TNF-alpha production by LPS-stimulated human monocytes in a concentration-dependent fashion by inhibiting the activation of both NF-kappa B and AP-1., Role in severity of Puumala Hantavirus infection, Polymorphisms of the tumor necrosis factor-alpha gene promoter predict for outcome after thalidomide therapy in relapsed and refractory multiple myeloma., TNF-alpha levels were negatively correlated with the sperm motility and morphology.parameters. IL-6 and TNF-alpha may be involved in male fertility., Human TNF-alpha in transgenic mice induces differential changes in redox status and glutathione-regulating enzymes, Reduction of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) related nuclear factor-kappaB (NF-kappaB) translocation but not inhibitor kappa-B (Ikappa-B)-degradation by Rho protein inhibition in human endothelial cells., Review. Recent evidence supports a dualistic, pro-inflammatory and immune- or disease-suppressive role for TNF in autoimmune diseases and inflammation., Associations of tumor necrosis factor alpha and HLA polymorphisms with adult dermatomyositis, Results provide evidence that estrogen receptors repress Tax-activated tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) transcription by interacting with a c-Jun and NFkappaB platform on the TNF-RE., Bone mineral mass is associated with interleukin 1 receptor autoantigen and TNF-alpha gene polymorphisms in post-menopausal Mediterranean women., A divergent role for TNF-alpha is shown in the killing of Toxoplasma gondii and Salmonella typhimurium in macrophages from patients with partial IFN-gamma receptor 1 deficiency, which explains the highly selective susceptibility of patients., tumor necrosis factor-alpha may contribute to the insulin resistance during the course of normal pregnancy, Thalidomide and its analogues have distinct and opposing effects on TNF-alpha and TNFR2 during co-stimulation of both CD4(+) and CD8(+) T cells, suggesting a possible role for TNF-mediated events during co-stimulation., Crystal structure of a truncated epidermal growth factor receptor extracellular domain bound to transforming growth factor alpha., Crystal structure of the complex of human epidermal growth factor and receptor extracellular domains, TNF expression is modulated by hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal women, Bovine serum albumin induced an increase in the expression of this protein in human kidney proximal tubule cells in culture., results show that HCMV infection of villous trophoblasts leads to rapid loss of neighboring cells mediated by viral IE protein-induced TNF-alpha secretion, results indicate that mouse IL-19 may play some important roles in inflammatory responses because it up-regulates IL-6 and TNF-alpha and induces apoptosis [IL-19], data suggest that the -238 promoter region TNF-alpha gene polymorphism is a determinant in the development of HIV-related lipodystrophy., Resection of pancreatic cancer normalizes the preoperative increase of gene expression., results suggest that tumor necrosis factor-alpha and interleukin-6 are involved in endotoxin-induced anorexia in humans, role in inducing vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 expression in aortic endothelial cells, The secretion of TNF-alpha from lung mast cells augments NF-kappa B activation not only of mast cells but also of surrounding inflammatory cells and thus has a considerable proinflammatory effect on its local microenvironment., The frequency of allele TNF2 in tuberculosis patients was significantly higher than in controls (chi 2 = 11.69, p = 0.001) in Bashkorstan, TNF-alpha causes time-dependent accumulation of p53 and p21 in a cervical carcinoma cell line, which is inhibited by pre-treatment with insulin, TNF-alpha can induce a "classical," caspase-dependent and a "nonclassical" caspase-independent cell death in neutrophils., TNF-alpha induces a caspase-independent but protein synthesis-dependent cell death signal., Results represent the first demonstration of an alternate usage of distinct signaling pathways by TNF-alpha to inhibit the expression of a given gene, COL1A2, depending on its activation state., three single-nucleotide polymorphisms of the TNFalpha gene in Japanese women, single nucleotide polymorphisms in the TNFalpha gene in the Japanese population, polymorphism of the tumor necrosis factor-alpha gene is unlikely to contribute to the risk of polycystic ovary syndrome, TNF-alpha-mediated changes in cell cycle progression and apoptosis are mitigated by heme oxygenase 1 in vascular endothelium, Extracellular ubiquitin specifically inhibits ex vivo secretion of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) and TNF-alpha mRNA expression from peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMNCs) in response to endotoxin in a dose-dependent manner., In contrast to preferential decrease in TNFalpha gene detected in dermis during the treatment phase, persistent/enhanced TNFalpha mRNA expression was detected in epidermis., TNF-alpha suppresses erythropoiesis by inhibiting the generation of glycophorin A positive (GPA+) cells derived from CD34+ cells as well as by inhibiting the proliferative capacity of GPA+ cells., Clinical relevance of the TNF-alpha promoter/enhancer polymorphism in patients with aplastic anemia., increased secretion in mucosal leishmaniasis, TNF genotype associated with clinical outcome of Leishmania chagasi infection, TNF-dependent arthritis in the absence of osteoclasts, role in modulating thymus and activation-regulated chemokine/CCL17 and interferon-induced protein of 10kDA/CXCL10 release in HaCaT cell line, Disruption of HSP90 function reverts the action of this protein from necrosis to apoptosis., IFN-gamma-mediated caspase-3 activation and C. burnetii killing depend on the expression of membrane TNF., tumor necrosis factor-alpha increases the number of melanoma cells attaching to collagen and polystyrene, increases ability to invade through fibronectin, and upregulates alpha3 (28%), alpha4 (90%), and beta1 (65%) integrin subunit expression., soluble proteins of tumour necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha), interleukin-6 (IL-6) and IL-6 receptor subunit gp80 (sIL-6R gp80), as markers of multiple sclerosis, A relationship exists between tumor necrosis factor-alpha and interleukin-10 promoter polymorphisms and the development of paucibacillary leprosy, Vpr caused an HIV-1 reproduction in U1 cells through the induction of TNF, levels of TNFA expression in normal and inflamed dental pulp are described, the TNF-alpha-308A allele carrier state appears to be associated with lower systolic and diastolic BP values in diabetic adolescents, potentiates IL-4/IL-13-induced IL-13Ralpha2 expression, investigated whether TNFalpha can regulate Sertoli cell tight junction function via its effects on collagen alpha3(IV) and other proteins that maintain the homeostasis of the extracellular matrix, placental TNF alpha associated with placental malaria and low birth weight in Malawian women, The paracrine role of choriodecidual TNF-alpha appears to be pivotal in the elaboration of the inflammatory response to lipopolysaccharide., results show that TNF-alpha stimulated cytotrophoblasts modulate the expression of differentiation markers, down-regulating the autocrine signals that promote syncytialization, and increasing their invasive capacity through up-regulation of proteases, Nur77, itself, is transcriptionally up-regulated by TNFalpha. This in turn upregulates PAI-1., The role of the TNF locus in the genetic background of RA is unclear, however, our data does not support the previous reported association of the TNF +489A allele with RA susceptibility or severity., that the MHC contains genetic elements outside the LTA-TNF region that modify the effect of HLA-DRB1 on susceptibility to rheumatoid arthritis, TNF-alpha is secreted by fungi-prestimulated leukocytes from the lower respiratory tract and may be involved in the processes of exacerbation of asthma complicated by fungal infections, polymorphisms of the TNF alpha-308 genes are unlikely to contribute to atopic disease risk in the Czech asthma population, Treatment with TNF-alpha plus IFN-gamma induces gap junctional communication mediated by connexin43 between freshly isolated monocytes/macrophages that allows the intercellular conversation required for different cellular responses., It was impossible to evaluate whether in vitro cytokine production profiles really can be deduced from a particular cytokine gene polymorphism., Endogenous tumor necrosis factor promotes resistance to cellular stresses by inducing the metallothionein-1A gene., TNF alpha is an important modulator of CXCR4 and CCR5 expression in human fetal astrocytes., TNF-alpha can induce maturation of monocyte-derived dendritic cells and elicit sustained antiviral cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses, either alone or cooperatively with CD40L or RANKL., IL-6r and TNF-alpha increase in parallel to VEGF and FGF-2 with increasing stage of multiple myeloma., TNF-alpha -308 A allele is associated with increased PTFE graft thrombosis and failure in hemodialysis patients., TNFa has a role in inducing VCAM1 expression in a pathway involving p38 MAPK, TNF signaling leads to oligomerization, ubiquitination, and activation of GCKR and activation of the SAPK pathway in a manner that depends upon TRAF2 polyubiquitination and oligomerization and Ubc13 function, abdominal obesity, adipocyte hypertrophy from visceral fat, serum TNF-alpha and C-peptide seem to be the best correlators of the lipoprotein disturbance characteristic of the metabolic syndrome, Adenosine selectively suppresses TNF-induced NF-kappaB activation, which may contribute to its role in suppression of inflammation and of the immune system., relationship between recurrent pregnancy loss and polymorphisms of the genes coding for TNF-alpha (-308 G-->A), IL-10 (-1082 G-->A), IL-6 (-174 G-->C), and IFN-gamma (+874 A-->T), Levels of tumor necrosis factor-alpha were significantly higher in patients with hyperemesis gravidarum than in healthy pregnant and nonpregnant women, TNFA haplotypes modify susceptibility to type I diabetes mellitus independently of HLA class II in a Moroccan population, increased tumor necrosis factor-alpha and leptin levels may contribute to insulin resistance in gestational diabetes mellitus and in the third trimester of normal pregnancy and may negatively influence the anthropometric parameters of the newborns, IL-1beta, TNF-alpha, TGF-beta, and bFGF are involved in bone remodeling regulation, acting as local effectors, possibly under the control of PTH., The TNF-1031C allele is independently associated with susceptibility to BD in Caucasoid patients., In a large cohort of patients a significant association between the occurance of IGA nephritis and the TNF alpha low producer phenotype was found., TNF-alpha mRNA was a target of translational repression by pVHL through the TNF-alpha 3'-untranslated region in renal cell carcinoma cells, TNF-alpha/-308 A allele was overexpressed in patients with end-stage non-ischemic dilated cardiomyopathy., Activation of endothelial nitric-oxide synthase by tumor necrosis factor-alpha, TNFalpha induces ICAM-1 expression, This paper identifies and characterizes a binding site on this gene's promoter., TNF-alpha-induced expression of RANTES plays important roles in cell-mediated liver injury in alcoholic liver diseases., TNF-alpha & IL-1 produced by sickle leukocytes are the primary factors responsible for the observed CAM expression. This & the subsequent endothelial adherence of sickle erythrocytes play roles in the pathophysiology of sickle-related complications., Polymorphism of this protein is associated with acute biliary pancreatitis., synthesis of adipose tissue tumor necrosis factor alpha and leptin could induce the production acute-phase reactants, thus contributing to the maintenance of chronic low-grade inflammation, TNFA has both adverse vasomotor & beneficial profibrinolytic effects on endothelial function, reflecting the complex & pleiotropic nature of TNFA, which functions as part of the normal host surveillance mechanisms & responses to tissue injury., TNF-alpha does not affect HCV protein and RNA synthesis in Huh-7 cells, nor does it synergistically enhance the inhibitory effect of IFN-gamma. These results demonstrate that HCV replication in Huh-7 cells is highly resistant to TNFalpha, There is a possible relationship between the TNF-308 polymorphism and the development of allergic contact dermatitis., Haplotypic analysis of the TNF locus., Pretreatment of monocytic cells with low TNF doses inhibited TNF-induced (restimulation with a high dose) IL-8 promoter-dependent transcription as well as IL-8 production, which was prevented by overexpression of C/EBPbeta, but not p65 or Oct-1., In addition to activating the NF-kappa B-inducing kinase/IKK alpha/beta signaling pathway in vitro, TNF-alpha activates the protein kinase C-dependent c-Src pathway., No significant differences in the polymorphism of TNF-alpha promoter -238 and -308 between the patients and controls., no age-related allele or genotype frequencies were observed for polymorphic nucleotide., reduction of -308GG TNF homozygous individuals in tuberculosis patients, TNF-alpha induces early-onset, protein synthesis-independent expression of endothelial adhesivity by PKCzeta-dependent phosphorylation of cell surface ICAM-1 that precedes the de novo ICAM-1 synthesis, study suggests that both examined polymorphisms, Weight loss was associated with changes in the circulating levels of IL-8, IL-6 and TNF-alpha indicating that these cytokines are influenced by weight loss., Proinflammatory genotypes of tumor necrosis factor alpha was associated with more than doubling of the risk of noncardia gastric cancer., TNFA induces GCMSF in lung fibroblasts., The TNFalpha -308 and TNFbeta +252 polymorphisms were significantly associated with age at psoriasis onset, presence of joint erosions in PsA, and progression of joint erosions in early PsA., tumor necrosis factor-alpha gene dimorphism is associated with unstable angina, Fanconi anemia subjects have a marrow TNF-alpha activity that inhibits erythropoiesis so TNF-alpha has a relevant role in the pathogenesis of erythroid failure in these patients., role in genetic susceptibility of tuberculosis, TNF-308*2 genotype might be more susceptible to diabetic complications such as atherosclerosis, Data show higher SAA1 homozygosity in familial Mediterranean fever (FMF)-amyloidosis patients than in FMF patients, but no significant difference between controls and FMF patients with and without amyloidosis for the TNF-alpha-308 G-A allele., HCMV infection prevents TNFalpha external signaling to the cell by disrupting the function of TNFRI, the 55-kDa receptor for TNFalpha, Histone acetylation and chromatin conformation are regulated separately at the TNF-alpha promoter in monocytes and macrophages., ATG-induced apoptosis in T cells involves both Fas and TNF pathways and TNF-alpha is produced much earlier than Fas and FasL expression., Certain specific cytokine genotypes for TGF-beta1, IL-10, and TNF-alpha are not associated with chronic allograft dysfunction., TNF alpha and DQB1*02 alleles in linkage disequilibrium in IDDM and NIDDM; TNF alpha promoter polymorphism associated with insulin-deficient phenotype in NIDDM only together with DQB*02, Stimulation of conjunctival epithelium with TNF-alpha and/or IFN-gamma generated release of the chemotactic factors IL-8 and RANTES, which could act to prolong inflammation. May prolong inflammation by recruiting eosinophils to the ocular surface., Increased serum level of tumor necrosis factor-alpha is associated with children with Langerhans cell histiocytosis, TNF-alpha-induced apoptosis is inhibited by EGF through activation of PKC-delta, single nucleotide polymorphisms appear to be associated with severe adult periodontitis in Japanese populations, evidence of undetectable levels of TNF-alpha and inducible inos enzyme in infants with congenital hypothyroidism, Data show that angiogenin isolated from cow milk induces the production of cytokines interleukin (IL)-1beta, IL-6, and tumor necrosis factor-alpha in human leukocytes., The TNF-alpha polymorphism was not associated with cervical incompetence or with delivery prior to 28 weeks in women who received an emergent cerclage., TNF-alpha-induced apoptosis has caspase 9 activating caspase 7 in the absence of the caspase 3-dependent pathway in MCF7 tumor cells, Data show that overexpression of Bruton's tyrosine kinase results in the stabilization of tumor necrosis factor alpha mRNA via the 3' untranslated region., During leukocyte differentiation, time windows exist during which autocrine TNFalpha is active and then down-regulated by TNF receptor I, which may temper continuous up-regulation of synthesis of proteins involved in pericellular proteolysis., results suggest that overexpression of tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha or exogenous TNF-alpha limits pulmonary fibrosis, TNFA promoter polymorphism was strongly associated with narcolepsy., TNF2 allele was significantly decreased in MS patients (14%) in comparison with controls (24%; p = 0.044). The TNF2 allele had no influence on disease behavior, since it was not associated with the course and severity of MS in this group of patients., results demonstrate a decreased frequency of the -863CC TNF-alpha promoter genotype and an increased frequency of the -1082GG IL-10 promoter genotype in patients recovered from hepatitis C virus infection, expression is inversely related to the expression of plasma adiponectin., Promoter polymorphism in this gene predicts the conversion from impaired glucose tolerance to type 2 diabetes., Common polymorphisms in this protein are associated with increased risk of colorectal cancer., TNFalpha production is induced by lipopolysaccharide, group B Streptococci and Staphylococcus aureus; G(i)-coupled and Src tyrosine kinase-coupled signaling pathways are involved, In non-diabetic subjects, hypoglycaemia downregulated the production capacity of TNFalpha, Carriage of the TNFA2 allele is associated with high risk of chroiamnionitis., Higher cytosol levels of TNFA were found in the walls of ruptured aneurysms than in the asymptomatic aneurysms., Production of TFNA was reduced after the second T-cell vaccination., In all three groups of patients significant correlation was seen between abundance of IL-2 vs. IL-4, IL-5, IL-10, or TNF-alpha, between IL-4 vs. IL-10, and between TNF-alpha vs. INF-gamma, 308A allele of the promoter of tumor necrosis factor-alpha gene is associated with high rates of glucose oxidation in normal weight subjects and with effective lipid storage in overweight subjects, A Gambian TNF haplotype matches the European HLA-A1, B8, DR3 and Chinese HLA-A33, B58, DR3 haplotypes., TNF-alpha production following whole-blood stimulation is increased in first-degree family members of patients with non-paraneoplastic Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome., a key role for TNF-alpha in regulating the synthesis of hyaluronan-adhesive CD44 by inducing sialidase activity through p38 MAPK activation in LPS-stimulated monocytic cells, TNF-alpha promotes macrophage-induced apoptosis in carotid plaque vascular smooth muscle cells by cooperative interactions with nitric oxide and Fas-Fas ligand., data demonstrate that basal circulating tumor necrosis factor-alpha is not elevated in patients with type 2 diabetes when matched for body mass index with control subjects, serum and cyst fluid levels of interleukin (IL)-6, IL-8 and tumour necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) were evaluated in women with endometriomas and compared with those in women with benign or malignant ovarian tumours., adipose tissue mRNA of tumor necrosis factor-alpha, interleukin-6, and interleukin-8 was increased in HIV-associated lipodystrophy syndrome subjects, induction of the MMP-13 gene by TNF-alpha is mediated by ERK, p38, and JNK MAP kinases as well as AP-1 and NF-kappaB transcription factors, presence of high levels of biologically available TNFalpha, in susceptible individuals, may in turn play a role in the pathogenesis of systemic autoimmune diseases in HPV infected individuals, p38 MAPK activation inhibited the deadenylation of reporter mRNAs containing either the cyclooxygenase-2 or tumor necrosis factor AU-rich elements, In patients with heart failure, enhanced platelet O(2)(-) production is mediated by TNF alpha via activation of arachidonic acid and NADPH oxidase pathways., the presence of abnormalities in the TNF-alpha pathway could predispose to the development of diabetes mellitus in subjects at risk for the disease, TNFA promoter polymorphisms are associated with the clearance of hepatitis B virus infection., TNF-alpha downregulates TLR-4, which is associated with LPS hyporeactivity for NF-kappaB formation, TNFalpha-induced apoptosis is modified by 5/6 kinas, which interferes with the activation of TNF-R1-associated death domain, Adding TNF at the onset of monocyte/fibroblast cocultures skews monocyte differentiation toward dendritic cells., confirm the role of uPA in acantholysis and suggest an involvement of IL-1alpha/TNF-alpha in uPA induction, Tumor necrosis factor alpha is a key mediator of gut inflammation seen in amebic colitis in human intestine in the SCID mouse-human intestinal xenograft model of disease., up-regulated to a greater extent in patients with influenza-associated encephalopathy than in those without neurologic complications., No change in level during liver cancer surgery., TNFa is overexpressed in human fat cells from insulin-resistant subjects, analysis of the association of NcoI polymorphism within the promoter/enhancer region of TNFalpha and the first intron of TNFbeta encoding gene with toxic complications following sten cell transplantation, TNF, GM-CSF, and G-CSF induce actin depolymerization and morphological changes through activation of ERK and/or p38 MAPK, and cytokine-induced actin reorganization may affect inhibitory effect of these cytokines on neutrophil chemotaxis., PrPc protein was significantly increased when glioma spheroids were treated with TNF-alpha whereas mRNA levels remained unchanged; TNF-alpha raised intracellular ROS levels, possible associations between common serological markers of celiac disease with the -1087 IL10 and -308 TNFA polymorphisms, TNF alpha triggers different effector mechanisms to directly inhibit Leydig cell StAR expression and steroidogenesis, which ultimately contribute to the global reproductive failure associated with chronic inflammation and sepsis., TNFalpha and caspase 8 play roles in the regulation of MMP1 and MMP9 by interferon gamma, There is a potential interplay between TNF-alpha-induced activation of p38 MAPK and NF-kappaB., A clear association of the -308A allele polymorphism of TNF-alpha in children with autoimmune-associated congenital heart block (CHB) cannot be made; TNF-alpha may be one of several factors that amplify susceptibility to CHB., -G308A tumour necrosis factor-alpha gene polymorphism may have a potential role for susceptibility to major depressive disorder in the Korean population., This study suggest that the various alleles of either the SNP or the microsatellites (TNF-alpha andTNF-beta) are not to be independent risk factor for sporadic AD., Polymorphisms in tumour necrosis factor are associated with risk of bladder cancer and grade of tumour, TNF-alpha IL-6 and IL-10 expression in UVB-irradiated human keratinocytes via cyclic AMP/protein kinase A pathway and a possible reduction of deleterious inflammatory effects of cytokine following by using pharmacological agents., findings show that in peripheral blood mononuclear cells, in addition to the mitochondrial pathway, endogenous TNF- synthesis contributes to Staphylococcus aureus alpha-toxin-induced apoptosis, polymorphisms causing hypersecretion from amniochorion, Four polymorphisms (TNF-alpha -376 G/A, -308 G/A, -238 G/A, and +488 G/A) were investigated in two Sudanese populations living in an area in which S. mansoni is endemic., TNF-alpha down-regulates the transforming growth factor-beta receptor type II protein level through proteolysis in human dermal fibroblasts., role in upregulating gene involved in familial Mediterranean fever, tumor necrosis factor-alpha promoter is regulated by angiotensin II and lipopolysaccharide in cardiac fibroblasts, TNFalpha, via the autocrine action of IFNbeta, differentially regulates the expression of proinflammatory genes and DNA synthesis, TNF-alpha could play a role in the development of insulin resistance in humans, both in muscle and in vascular tissue., NF-kappa B and AP-1 are required for basal MAT2A expression in HepG2 cells and mediate the increase in MAT2A expression in response to TNF-alpha, An established line of follicular dendritic cells proliferates in response to TNF, which acts as a mitogenic growth factor, and displays a distinct persistent NF-kappa B activation mode that results in a sustained induction of NF-kappa B-inducible genes., Treatment of airway epithelial cells with TNF-alpha in combination with IL-4 increases the stability of eotaxin mRNA., TNF-alpha via its p55 receptor has additive effects with GM-CSF on the common p47phox phosphorylated site and on fMLP-induced NADPH oxidase activation in human neutrophils, which is evidence for a common priming pathway., TNF induces transactivation between Etk and VEGFR2, and Etk directly activates PI3K-Akt angiogenic signaling independent of VEGF-induced VEGFR2-PI3K-Akt signaling pathway., TNFalpha induces cell proliferation in renal cell carcinoma, TNF-alpha causes a decrease in eNOS promoter activity that may be mediated by GATA-4 and Sp3., Specific alterations in TNF-alpha expression coupled with detection of numerous CD68-immunoreactive macrophages suggests activation of proinflammatory cytokine signaling pathways in the tuberous sclerosis complex brain that may culminate in cell death., TNFalpha stimulates binding of nuclear proteins to the nuclear factor kappa beta (NFkappaB) and the CAAT/enhancer binding protein (C/EBP) consensus sites in the ICAM-1 promoter in these cells, TNF-alpha exerts transcriptional, as well as post-transcriptional, effects on eNOS gene expression, 11,12-EET analogues were synthesized and compared using a human endothelial cell based TNF-alpha-induced VCAM-1 expression assay., We investigated two genetic polymorphisms in the TNF locus (TNF-alpha -308 G-->A and TNF-beta +252 A-->G) as risk factors for cerebral infarction (CI) by determining its prevalence in 294 survivors of CI, and in 581 age, gender, and race-matched controls, polymorphisms influence implant failure after total hip arthroplasty; whether the TNF-238 polymorphism causes a biological change that predisposes to loosening or is in linkage disequilibrium with such a locus is not yet known, MIF, TNF-alpha and IL-6 may participate in pathological process of chronic hepatitis B and cirrhosis. IL-6 may play important role in ascites formation. Serum MIF, TNF-alpha and IL-6 appear to reflect severity of tissue injury in hepatitis B., TNF-alpha, critical for antimycobacterial granuloma formation, is a key autocrine and paracrine regulator of matrix metalloproteinase-9 secretion., activation of reverse signaling by transmembrane TNF renders monocytes/macrophages refractory to a subsequent activation of the MAPK/ERK pathway by LPS, The -850T polymorphism in the TNF-alpha promoter region may play a role in the pathology of Down syndrome (DS) in DS patients at high risk of dementia., Association of the common G allele of the -G308A TNFalpha gene polymorphism with schizophrenia in a sample of 207 families. However, linkage disequilibrium with a different allele of the TNFalpha gene or another gene in the MHC region cannot be excluded., The results of these investigations suggest that the TNF-alpha gene -308G/A variants do not play a major role in susceptibility to, clinical manifestations for, or clozapine response in, schizophrenia., Promoter of the TNFalpha gene does not influence the amount of weight lost in overweight and obese men and women on a 30% energy restricted diet., Enhanced TNF-alpha production may also promote atherosclerosis due to increased insulin resistance and the expression of adhesion molecules. (review), These data show an altered inducibility of tumour necrosis factor-alpha production by chronic granulomatous disease-mutant cells, suggesting a further defect in differentiated chronic granulomatous disease-mutant cells in addition to the known defect., TNF polymorphisms at position -308 and +252 are not a significant factor for BMI, but affect the WHR in obese Koreans, ANG II, via AT(1)R, modulates the secretion of TNF-alpha and MMP-2 from vascular endothelial cells and TNF-alpha mediates the effects of ANG II on MMP-2 release., These results indicate that TNF-alpha and IL-4 synergistically up-regulate the expression of IL-13Ralpha2 decoy receptor on human fibroblasts., Activation of NF-kappa B by TNF-alpha is insufficient to increase expression of antimicrobial protein neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (NGAL) and indicates that an additional factor must synergize with NF-kappa B to upregulate NGAL synthesis., TNF-alpha plus fibronectin stabilizes granulocyte macrophage-colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF) mRNA, increases GM-CSF secretion, and prolongs in vitro eosinophil survival., Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) immediate-early protein BZLF1 prevents TNF-alpha activation of target genes and TNF-alpha-induced cell death by down regulating TNF-R1, results establish that tumor necrosis factor alpha targets insulin-like growth factor-I induced E2F-transcription facor 1 synthesis, leading to inhibition of accumulation in cyclin A and hyperphosphorylation of RB protein, Ischemic tolerance in acute stroke is associated with increased plasma levels of TNF-alpha in the presence of reduced concentrations of IL-6., REVIEW, TNF-alpha acts as a potent stimulator of Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans leukotoxin-induced HL-60 cell apoptosis via TNF receptor 1-mediated upregulation of LFA-1 expression., Although TNF-alpha levels were significantly elevated in acute stage of Kawasaki disease(KD), there was no significant difference in frequency of A allele at positions -238 and -308 between the KD and control groups in Korean patients., Pathways triggered by Tat in human monocyte induce TNF-alpha, Basal cell carcinoma is associated with high TNF-alpha release but nor with TNF-alpha polymorphism at position--308, Virtually all TNF-alpha-inducible genes were dependent on I kappa B kinase 2 (IKK2)/NF-kappa B activation, whereas a minor number was additionally modulated by p38; genes suppressed by IKK2/NF-kappa B were newly identified, significantly higher in supernatants from Hepatitis C virus-infected primary human macrophage cultures., Homozygosity for the G allele of the -308 G/A polymorphism in the tumor necrosis factor-alpha gene associated with an increased risk of migraine without aura, There is no association between TNF-alpha polymorphism and behcet disease., TNF-alpha may play an important role in the pathophysiologic mechanism of childhood active ulcerative colitis., TNF-alpha has a role in the regulation of growth and apoptosis in normal human prostate epithelial cells (NP) and prostate tumor cell lines, Claudin-1 in cell is decreased with increasing amounts of TNFalpha. Lack of claudin-1 may cause relocation of ZO-1 away from tight junction. May play role in increased intestinal permeability seen in Crohn's disease and other diseases., The mechanism of TNF-alpha-induced apoptosis of macrophages following inhibition of NF-kappa B has been characterized, and a central role for the loss of mitochondrial function is demonstrated., TNF-alpha increases matrix metalloproteinase-9 and tenascin expression in bronchial fibroblasts via the transcription factor Ets-1., study demonstrates that overexpression of RORalpha1 and RORalpha4 inhibits TNF-alpha induced expression of VCAM-1 and ICAM-1 in human umbilical vein endothelial cells by inhibiting the NF-B signaling pathway, Data report the mapping of a protein interaction network around 32 known and candidate tumour necrosis factor alpha/NF-kappa B pathway components., PrP(c) overexpression converts TNF-sensitive MCF7 cells into TNF-resistant cells., identify TNF-alpha, IL-6, and IL-10 pro-inflammatory genotypes as genetic factors that might be associated with graft rejection and recurrence of HCV in liver transplant recipients, no association with IL-1beta and TNF-alpha in childhood nephrotic syndrome, positive association of TNF-alpha polymorphism in position -308 with pemphigus foliaceus., CREB is activated by TNF/TNFR1 signaling through a p38MAPK/MSK1 signaling pathway., The effect of the TNF-alpha promoter -308G>A polymorphism on the development of schizophrenia is, if any, weak in this Japanese sample., genetic polymorphism of IFN-gamma may be an important risk factor to develop oral lesions of lichen planus, but an increase in the frequency of -308A TNF-alpha allele may best contribute to the development of additional skin involvement., identified a 5' distal TNFalpha-responsive enhancer of the PAI-1 gene located 15 kb upstream of the transcription start site containing a conserved NFkappaB-binding site that mediates the response to TNFalpha., G308A gene polymorphism is implicated in bipolar disorder in Korean population., a novel and important role for metalloprotease activation and EGFR transmodulation in mediating the cellular response to TNF, Human TNF secreted by engineered murine cancer cells arrests tumor development through an endogenous pathway that is dependent on both bone marrow- and non-bone marrow-derived murine host cells expressing TNF receptor., Review. TNF alpha is an important stimulus of cells producing inflammatory mediators, which play a role in rheumatoid arthritis., Protein c activation may regulate TNFA levels and result in coagulation abnormalities and inflammation in diabetes., Tumor necrosis factor alpha may cause anemia by inhibiting erythropoietin production., TNFalpha promoter region polymorphism is responsible for susceptibility to CI in Koreans., Alveolar macrophage-derived TNF-alpha and IL-1 beta provide a major stimulus for the production of proinflammatory mediators by lung epithelial cells. Relative importance may depend on type of epithelial cell target., Human dermal microvascular endothelial cells expressed the TNF-alpha gene following incubation with il-1, LPS and interferon gamma., a specific DNA complex binds preferentially the variant TNF allele, but activating protein (AP)-2, myeloid zinc finger gene 1 (MZF-1) and Sp1 are not involved in this complex, TNF-alpha induced expression of fractalkine in fibroblasts, and subsequent monocyte chemotactic activity in the culture supernatant, in this model of natural LPS release, the variation between individuals in TNF-alpha release can only modestly be determined by genetic background (TNF-alpha promoter, Nod2 and toll-like receptor-4) of the individual, Mast cells could play a role in the production of cytokines such as TNFalpha, TNFalpha polymorphisms and resting blood TNFalpha levels do not correlate with the propensity to recurrent pregnancy loss in Caucasian women., TNF-alpha and IL-10 gene polymorphisms are related to the risk of death among patients with acute renal failure who require dialysis, Our results suggest that IL-1Ra and TNF-alpha gene polymorphism is associated with the susceptibility to ischemic stroke in a Korean population, mRNA level of TNF-alpha was up-regulated by cytokine treatment,which points to an autocrine loop augmenting and/or stabilizing the TNF-alpha-MCP-1 pathway., Small for gestational age, premature, and twin children are insulin resistant and have low plasma TNF-alpha and cortisol levels., TNF-alpha has a role in up-regulation of matrix metalloproteases in breast cancer, Moderate red wine intake improves post-glucose FFA profiles but does not modify the plasma concentrations of both TNF-alpha and of adiponectin concentrations, human tumor necrosis factor-alpha has an alpha-helix from guanidine hydrochloride-induced unfolding, polymorphisms associated with Graves' disease, Serum pro-inflammatory cytokine IL-6 or TNF-alpha concentrations were neither increased in subjects with impaired glucose tolerance nor closely correlated with the components of the metabolic syndrome., functional polymorphisms in the tumor necrosis factor-alpha gene promoter at positions -308 and -238 do not play a dominant role in alcoholic chronic pancreatitis, Analysis of polymorphism in chronic renal failure patients undergoing hemodialysis., hypothermia prolonged NF-kappaBeta activation, identifying a potential role for this transcription factor in mediating the effects of hypothermia on TNF-alpha and IL-1beta production., Some SNP's associated with either persistence or clearance of hepacivirus in African-Americans., In end-stage renal disease on long-term hemodialysis, single nucleotide polymorphisms in promoter of IL-6, TNF-alpha, and IL-10 show strong association with indices of comorbidity and function, and biological and nutritional markers., No correlation was observed between leptin and TNF-alpha levels, both in serum and in ascites. Serum and ascites TNF-alpha were not correlated., There is a functional effect of TNFA polymorphisms on myeloid engraftment in unrelated hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, Tumor necrosis factor-alpha induces fractalkine expression preferentially in arterial endothelial cells, Human recombinant TNF alpha demonstrates an inhibitory effect on P-glycoprotein transport activity in Caco-2 intestinal epithelial cells with rhodamine 123 as a substrate., TNF-alpha, as a principal proinflammatory mediator, is associated with multiple sclerosis-related fatigue, Data show that tumor necrosis factor-alpha reduced CD28 expression through inhibition of transcription, and that ligation of CD28 by an antibody or by CD80 also down-regulated CD28 transcription through the same mechanism., Genotypes of TNF-alpha-308 did not affect the development or the severity of placental inflammation, data suggest that the TNF-alpha -- 308 A allele does not affect the development of sepsis in ventilated premature infants but may increase mortality once sepsis develops, TNF-alpha controls not only the inflammatory functions of dendritic cells, but also their survival., TNFalpha-stimulated MUC1 shedding occurs independently of increased de novo protein synthesis and TNFalpha-induced increase in MUC1 gene expression is mediated through the kappaB site in the MUC1 promoter., TNF-alpha inhibited the generation of GPA(+) cells and enhanced the generation of GPA(-) cells, which were excentric cell shape and displayed cell surface antigens indicating the codevelopment of dendritic cells along with erythroid differentiation, tumor necrosis factor-alpha has a role in epidermal keratinocytes, Promoter polymorphisms of tumor necrosis factor-alpha are associated with risk of gastric mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma, concetration in children with acute lymphoblbastic leukemia after chemotherapy, tumour necrosis factor-alpha has a role in survival of human neutrophils, These data suggest that TNF-alpha stimulates U937 cell apoptosis by forming a high-affinity nanomeric (TNF-alpha)(3)-(TNFR)(3)-(GPI-anchored glycan)(3) complex. The GPI-anchored glycoprotein involved remains to be identified., endogenous production of TNFalpha in macrophages/monocytes is required for NFkappaB activation by irradiation, IVIG inhibits NF-kappaB activation induced by TNF-alpha in cultured endothelial cells of coronary arteries, thereby possibly modulating IL-6 production and E-selectin expression, results support the hypothesis that a simultaneous increase in tumor necrosis factor-alpha production by bone marrow lymphocytes and sensitivity of stem cells to tumor necrosis factor-alpha leads to bone marrow failure in aplastic anemia, The -238G/A polymorphism of TNF-alpha gene promoter region is independently associated with different outcomes of hepatitis B virus infection., SphK1 mediates TNF-alpha-induced MCP-1 gene expression through a p38 MAPK-dependent pathway and may participate in oscillatory flow-mediated proinflammatory signaling pathway in the vasculature., All 51 Terena Indians tested (100%) had the G/G genotype at position TNF-alpha -308., In Polish TNF-alpha (-308A) allele carriers, obesity correlated with insulin resistance in females., We believe that H. pylori-related cytokine activation becomes concentrated on gastric mucosa and this pathogen-induced local inflammatory cascade does not cause changes in circulatory levels of these cytokines., TNFA promoter polymorphism is associated with susceptibility to endometriosis., TNF treatment at 41 degrees C significantly reduced clotting activity, TF protein and mRNA as well as TFPI-2 mRNA., Increased in Weill-Marchesani syndrome., No difference in serum level of normal and hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis patients., No significant difference in allele frequencies of the -308 TNFalpha polymorphism between obese patients and controls., anti-TNF alpha therapy may constitute an interesting candidate approach for treating lupus inflammatory disease. (review), Polymorphism of promotor region of the tumor necrosis factor-alpha gene in patients with viral hepatitis C., the activation of NF-kappaB pathway in human endothelial cells mediates the TNFalpha effects on arginine transport, Subjects with nonalcoholic steatohepatitis had reduced adiponectin level and increased TNF-alpha., TNF-alpha-induced apoptotic signaling is regulated by aldose reductase in endothelial cells, obese compared with non-obese adolescents exhibited higher concentrations of TNF-alpha associated with several components of metabolic syndrome, high concentrations of leptin (100 nM) and/or PRL significantly (p<0.05) reduce the inhibitory effect of IL-6 (10 and 100 ng/ml) and TNF-alpha (10 and 100 ng/ml) on beta-casein gene expression in HC11 cells transfected with pbetacCAT, potentially high TNF producers with the TNF2 allele do not have an increased risk for rejection episodes, but if rejection episodes occur, they have a significantly increased risk for early graft loss, CD14 and CD16 in monocytes may have a role in development of coronary atherosclerosis and expression of TNF-alpha, Serotype III Group b Streptococcus strain stimulated significantly greater tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha) (P < 0.0001) production than did serotype VIII strain in A549 epithelial cells., TNFalpha or alternate molecules activating its pathways might be useful as sensitizers for chemotherapy in hematological malignancies., Cardiomyocyte necrosis and/or apoptosis via activated tumor necrosis factor (TNF) and the Fas/Fas ligand (FasL) system may be related to the development of ongoing myocardial damage., Peptide fragments of gliadin induced interleukin (IL)-8 and tumour necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) production in a monocytic cell line., Maternal carriers of the TNF allele has significantly increased risk of spontaneous preterm birth., Provided that TNF-R1 mediates the cytotoxic actions of TNFalpha, these results support the concept of dysregulated TNF alpha metabolism in alcoholic hepatitis., no statistically significant associations have emerged between C-850T polymorphism and either the risk for childhood ALL, CCR7 expression was strongly dependent on TNF-alpha in the case of DNCB, however, neutralization of TNF-alpha only partially reduced CCR7 expression upon NiSO(4) treatment, Our results indicate that TGF-beta(1) gene Arg(25)-->Pro, TNF alpha gene G-308A and IL-6 gene G-174C polymorphisms are not risk factors or markers of progression in focal segmental glomerulosclerosis., TNF is involved in the pathogenesis of gallbladder carcinoma induced by gallstones, impaired IL-12 and TNF-alpha production in Sezary syndrome (SzS) is associated with defective CD4+ T lymphocyte CD40L induction and indicate that CD40L may have therapeutic potential in SzS, TNF-alpha activates a distinct set of genes in chondrosarcoma cells, and gene expression in these cells is regulated by groups of genes related in part by their function., The variability of the -1031T/C polymorphism of the TNF-alpha gene may be associated with susceptibility to endometriosis., TNFalpha may induce senescence with important functional consequences, including sustained growth inhibition and genetic instability, and that this cellular response is efficiently regulated by hematopoietic growth factors, advanced glycation end-products promote mRNA expression and secretion of TNF-alpha and reduce eNOS mRNA and protein expression in vascular endothelium, IRS-4 is subject to regulation by TNF-alpha, and PP4 mediates TNF-alpha-induced degradation of IRS-4, In African-Americans, the angiotensin converting enzyme, vitamin D receptor, and tumour necrosis factor-alpha genes are not significant risk factors for sarcoidosis susceptibility., TNFalpha does not have a role in FasL induction of NF-kappaB activation and IL-8 production by a novel mechanism, There is evidence for association (P=0.026) of a specific TNFa haplotype (-308A, -238G) with schizophrenia and schizophrenia spectrum disorders with a family-based trimmed haplotype linkage disequilibrium test (Trimhap)., This review summarizes the role of the TNF-alpha TNFA-308*2 allele which has been found to be independently associated with HLA-DP Glutamate-69 in the determination of berylliosis risk., TNFa, IL-1b and ifn-gamma stimulate gamma-secretase-mediated cleavage of amyloid precursor protein through a JNK-dependent MAPK, The data presented here demonstrate for the first time that TNF either promotes growth or induces apoptosis in human vascular smooth muscle cells depending on phenotype., HSV-2 antiviral effect of type II interferon and TNF-alpha is dependent on indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) activation, TNF/LTA genotypes might play an opposite role in the pathogenesis of gastric cancer and duodenal ulcer., IL-17 and IL-17F play a differential regulatory role in GM-CSF production by LMVECs stimulated with IL-1beta and/or TNF-alpha, which is sensitive to Th1 and Th2 cytokine modulation, The role of GM-CSF and TNF-alpha in the in vitro granuloma reaction of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) from chronic intestinal schistosomiasis patients before and after chemotherapy treatment to S. mansoni recombinant Sm28 GST, TNF-alpha was found to be related to the pregnancy loss., the tumor necrosis factor-induced apoptosis response is defective in I-cell disease fibroblasts, The differential effects of TNF-alpha and IL-1beta on proximal tubular MMP-9 and TIMP-1 expression are mediated through the TNF-RI, the IL-1-RI and the different signaling pathways of PKC, ERK1/2, and p38 MAPK., expression upregulated in oral mucosa cells by Candida albicans and Streptococcus salivarius, G homozygote and G allele for TNF-alpha promoter are related to a higher risk of leiomyomas., A significant correlation between BMI and leptin was found in the two fat tissue compartments of both genders, but the correlation between BMI and TNFalpha was found only in subcutaneous fat tissue of women., Ultraviolet beta rays augment CAT-2 expression through a TNF-alpha- dependent mechanism which essentially contributes to increased iNOS activity, NAK is a component of the TNFalpha.TNFR1 signaling complex and has a physiological role in the TNFalpha-mediated response, Study supports TNF as a genetic factor for susceptibility to ozone-induced changes in lung function in humans, Tumor necrosis factor-alpha was more effective at inhibiting differentiation in subcutaneous cells, whereas insulin-like growth factor-I stimulated differentiation more effectively in visceral cells, Notch activation induced by a recombinant Notch ligand, Delta-1, reduced the TNF-alpha-induced growth suppression and apoptosis in U937 cells., increased blood levels in kidney tuberculosis patients, Caspases 3 and 8 were strongly activated while the amount of CDK6 was reduced by TNF-alpha, role of TNF-alpha in the development of diabetic retinopathy, In women with preterm labor, maternal homozygous carriage of the -863 polymorphism of the tumor necrosis factor-alpha gene may be associated with preterm delivery and adverse neonatal outcome., The tnf-alpha gene at position -308 is associated with preterm premature rupture of membranes in multifetal pregnancies., These results suggest that autocrine production of TNF-alpha plays a role in the cytotoxicity of depsipeptide against a subset of leukemias., TNF-alpha indirectly upregulates bone sialoprotein expression via a pathway which can be mediated through cyclooxygenase-2 and core binding factor a1 expression in Saos2 osteoblast-like cells., genotyping of 32 human leukocyte antigen (HLA)-homozygous workshop cell lines and 300 healthy control samples for 19 coding and promoter region SNPs spanning 45 kb in the central MHC near the TNF genes, study shows that PBMCs of patients with advanced gastric cancer show poor production of TNF and IL-12p40 in response to stimulation with tumor cells in vitro & this unresponsiveness is associated in some patients with diminished IRAK-1 expression in vivo, the amino acid residues from 141 to 146 of hTNF-alpha were specially recognized by Z12 antibody, The additive concentration of cytokines in diabetes and CVD (cardiovascular disease)suggests a common inflammatory state in both diabetes and CVD., However, In the presence of TNF-alpha, melatonin promoted RANTES melatonin, respectively) expression in a dose dependent manner in A549 cells)., No correlation of polymorphisms with gastric cancer., activation of p38 MAPK and c-Jun N-terminal kinase pathways by hepatitis B virus X protein mediates apoptosis via induction of Fas/FasL and TNFR1/TNFa expression, LCH represents a cytokine-driven condition partially mediated by TNF, IL-11, and LIF. These three cytokines are all osteoclastogenic, suggesting a pathogenetic pathway for the osteolytic lesions in LCH., balance of TNF-stimulated cell death from apoptosis to necrosis can be shifted by JNK, TNF-alpha mRNA in trauma patients was not increased on admission (1.7 +/- 0.9) and decreased even below baseline after 12 h, TNF-alpha gene polymorphisms is associated with renal allograft rejection, analysis of mechanism for selective inhibition of TNF but not IL-1beta-induced IKK activation, TNF-alpha treatment significantly decreases the expression of VEGFR-2, VEGFR-3, and NRP-1, which may be responsible for TNF-alpha-induced reduction of endothelial cell proliferation in response to VEGF(165)., Echinacea alkylamides modulate TNFA gene expression via cannabinoid receptor CB2 and multiple signal transduction pathways., interleukin-16 production is impaired in monocyte-derived dendritic cells from atopic dermatitis patients but is restored by inflammatory cytokines TNF-alpha and IL-1beta, IKK-beta/NF-kappa B transcription pathway is a key regulator of IL-6, IL-8, and TNF-alpha release from adipose tissue and skeletal muscle, The mutated form TNFR2(196ARG) shows a reduction of inducible TRAF2 recruitment upon TNF-alpha stimulation, interleukin-23 p19 mRNA is inducible in colonic myofibroblasts by interleukin-1beta and TNF-alpha, serum IL-1 and TNF-alpha are reduced significantly by calcitriol during osteoporosis, Role of TNF-alpha in tenascin-W expression in mammary cancer., TNF-alpha and IL-1beta are secreted with macrophage-released signals that affect NF-kappaB translocation and endothelial cell activation, Diabetic nephropathy patients, molecular variants of TNF are more frequent than non-diabetic patients with renal failure., In the presence of IFN-gamma, TNF-alpha increased GTPCH I mRNA in a manner dependent on nuclear factor-kappaB. IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha exert distinct but cooperative roles for BH4 biosynthesis in endothelium., TNFalpha-induced cell cycle arrest through IKK can provide a mechanism for the development of drug resistance to anti-cancer drugs, purine and pyrimidine analogues, induced and expressed in human alveolar epithelial cells by Legionella pneumophila after invasion, There was no significant association for any of the TNF-alpha promoter polymorphism tested and CD in the Newfoundland population., tumor necrosis factor alpha is not involved in the initiation of disc degeneration, but may be associated with further promotion of degenerative disarrangement and pain induction, While mitogen activated protein kinase 8 (JNK1) is a downstream effector of the Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) signaling, Zfra regulation of the TNF cytotoxic function is likely due to its interaction, in part, with JNK1., TNF induces activation of the FOXO1 transcription factor, which acts as a master switch to control apoptosis, Cellular and subcellular expression of TNF-alpha, IL-1alpha and IL-6 in hepatocytes inx chronic hepatitis C., IL-17-stimulated TNF-alpha mRNA expression and promoter activity was dependent on Egr-1 expression., IL-1beta- and TNFalpha-mediated induction of IL-6R shedding in osteoblast-like cells is at least partly dependent on tumor necrosis factor alpha-converting enzyme activation., Inhibition of either or both of these cytokines may offer a useful therapeutic approach to management of osteoarthritis by reducing gene expression of matrix metalloproteases involved in cartilage matrix degradation and favoring its repair., isoprenylcysteine carboxylmethyltransferase regulates Rac1 activity by controlling the interaction of Rac1 with RhoGDI through TNFA, gene polymorphisms may play an important role as a host factor in the progression of hepatitis B infection, polymorphism at position -308 of the TNFalpha promoter is not a significant factor for body mass index, but affects waist-to-hip ratio in obese healthy Korean women, Among host genetic factors contributing to H. pylori disease outcome, TNF-A -857 TT genotype favors duodenal ulcer., promoter polymorphisms associated with psoriasis vulgaris and psoriatic arthritis but not with pustulosis palmoplantaris, N-myc is recruited to the EAAT2 promoter with TNFalpha, levels correlate inversely with levels of pH in pleural fluid of patients with complicated parapneumonic effusions (CPPE), TNFalpha modulates the glycosylation of endothelial cells by a mechanism that directly enhances the stability of beta4GalT-1 mRNA transcripts, Experiments using dominant-negative Tpl2 suggest this kinase functions distal to TRAFs but proximal to the TAK1/TAB1 signaling complex, within the IKK/NFkappaB activation pathway., These data demonstrate that TNF-alpha rather than IL-6 stimulates an increase in PAI-1 mRNA in the subcutaneous adipose tissue, suggesting that TNF-alpha may be involved in the pathogenesis of related metabolic disorders., IL-1alpha, TNF-alpha, CCL20, CCL27, and CXCL8 alarm signals are induced in human cells after allergen and irritant exposure, IFN-gamma can prime intestinal epithelial monolayers to respond to TNF-alpha by disrupting tight junction morphology and barrier function via MLCK up-regulation and MLC phosphorylation, Effects of membrane TNF elicited by infliximab should be important action mechanisms of this potent anti-inflammatory agent in addition to the neutralization of soluble TNF-alpha., TNF-alpha signals primarily through the p38, JNK, MAP kinase, and IKK pathways resulting in the activation of the transcription factors AP-1 and NF-kappa B., Our results also show that rhTNF-alpha facilitates annealing and strand exchange, and promotes the cleavage of a 17-nucleotide substrate S by hammerhead ribozyme HH16., TNFalpha-induced desumoylation and cytoplasmic translocation of HIPK1 are critical in TNFalpha-induced ASK1-JNK/p38 activation, TNF-alpha specifically enhances brain-derived neurotrophic factor secretion in monocytes and provides evidence that TNF-alpha represents a specific link between monocyte infiltration and neuronal changes in inflammatory diseases., SK1 down-regulation by TNF is dependent on the lysosomal pathway of apoptosis and specifically on cathepsin B, which functions as an SK1 protease in cells, increased expression in Cryptococcus neoformans-infected brains of immune mice compared to control mice, Single nucleotide polymorphisms of TNF-alpha is associated with Lofgren's syndrome in Czech patients with sarcoidosis, High frequencies of the HSP70-2 G and the TNF-alpha -308 A alleles were associated with risk of severe acute pancreatitis., TNF-alpha promoter single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) associated with susceptibility to HPV-16 associated cervical cancer, cFLIP/CFLAR is an essential NF-kappa B-dependent antiapoptotic gene in the tumor necrosis factor alpha-regulated pathway in epidermal keratinocytes, specific genomic targets downstream of the nuclear factor-kappaB transcription factor mediate tumor necrosis factor signaling, A panel of novel TNF alpha- and IL-1 beta-regulated genes was identified, and these are promising candidates for further study in relation to rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory diseases, TNF polymorphism analysis showed a significant increased frequency of TNF -238 GG genotype in the whole group of rheumatoid arthritis patients when compared to healthy controls, Mitochondrial ROS production is a physiologically relevant component of the TNF signal-transduction pathway during apoptosis, and a novel functional role for mitochondrial ROS as a temporal regulator of NF-kappaB activation and antiapoptotic signalling., Neutralization of endogenous TNF sustains IFN-alpha secretion by plasmacytoid dendritic cells, cell membrane TNFalpha inactivated by gingipains from Porphyromonas gingivalis, In the development of esophageal varices in portal hypertensive rats, increased TNF-alpha and VEGF may be not an early event, and probably play a role in weakening the esophageal wall and the rupture of esophageal varices., PKD is a critical mediator in H2O2- but not TNF-induced ASK1-JNK signaling, TNFalpha-induced ROS cause oxidation and inhibition of JNK-inactivating phosphatases by converting their catalytic cysteine to sulfenic acid. This results in sustained JNK activation., polymorphisms in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients, TNF alpha production is enhanced by lipopolysaccharides in heat-shocked human promonocytic cells, This proinflammatory cytokine may play important roles in the development of T cell imbalance, cardiovascular disease and wasting in the uremic milieu. (review), decreased levels in HPV18+ cervical biopsies, blood TNF alpha concentrations are elevated in non-obese, non-diabetic Mexican Americans, TNF-alpha production by human peripheral blood cells shows high intra-individual variability over time, TNF-alpha, VEGF, and the ECM collaboratively regulate extravillous trophoblast behavior, including cell survival and endovascular differentiation, through integrin signaling during establishment and maintence of successful humann pregnancies., recipient TNFA2 and TNFB2 homozygosity is associated with the development of CAV after heart transplantation., a potential role of genetic variation in TNFalpha in the etiology of osteoporosis, study showed that plasma adiponectin and tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha) were independently and reversely associated with insulin resistance and C-reactive protein levels were related to TNF-alpha and obesity, CARD15 and TNFalpha promoter polymorphisms interact to exert functional effect on MDP-induced TNFalpha production; this gene-gene interaction may contribute to interindividual variation in susceptibility to Crohn's disease, TNFA-308 genetic polymorphisms are associated with increased risk of Crohn's Disease displaying distinct clinicopathological profiles, No association between TNF -238G-->A and lipoatrophy was observed in patients receiving anti-aids medication., TNF-alpha and IL-1beta enhance the TGF-beta-mediated up-regulation of COL7A1 expression in HaCaT keratinocytes, transepidermal water loss was suppressed by TNF-alpha and IFN-gamma, and these effects were also inhibited by IL-4, Minocycline decreases TNF-alpha levels produced in human T cell-microglia interaction. This effect is mediated by a direct action of minocycline on the activated T cells and on microglia., TNFa allele 97, and TNFa allele 103 alleles were higher in the high-risk than the low-risk group for coronary disease. TNFa 109 allele was associated with increased relative risk for elevated total cholesterol to high-density lipoprotein (HDL) ratios, results show that the intracellular depletion of polyamines inhibits the response of chondrocytes to TNFalpha by interfering with the DNA binding activity of NF-kappaB, -Aryl-3-pyridyl and 4-aryl-3-pyrimidinyl based tumor necrosis factor-alpha are described., upregulated in macrophages by OMP P6 of nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae, Together, our data suggest that inhibition of p38 MAPK may be an attractive target to limit inflammatory responses that are mediated by TNF-alpha., TNF-alpha plays a pivotal role in the pathogenesis of rheumatic symptoms in patients with human immunodeficiency virus, Genetic variations in these proinflammatory mediators and their receptors appear to influence the susceptibility and severity of the inflammatory response within the eyes of patients during the development of IAU(idiopathic acute anterior uveitis)., Findings suggest that the TNF-alpha gene polymorphism does not predispose to the development of refractory anemia., Infliximab, a TNF-alpha inhibitor effectively treats steroid and OKT3 resistant acute rejection episodes of intestinal transplantations., Significantly higher tumor necrosis factor-alpha expression levels are associated with serous adenocarcinoma, Target genes involved in tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNFalpha) pathways in response to TGF-beta1 were found in cervix cancer cells., TNFalpha induces apoptosis in neonatal blood granulocytes, TNF-alpha level has no correlation with the course of subacute sclerosing panencephalitis or its treatment, when the age, disease stage, and clinical condition of the patient are considered., Inheritance of the rs1799724-T allele appears to synergistically increase the risk of Alzheimer's disease in APOEepsilon4 carriers and is associated with altered CSF Abeta42 levels, Polymorphisms of IL-6 and TNF-alpha can be used to identify subgroups of patients with higher risk of unsuccessful outcome., The local effects of TNFalpha (tumour necrosis factor alpha) on small bowel iron transport and on iron transporter expression in the absence of hepcidin are reported., The polymorphisms of the TNF-alpha gene shows a significant haplotype association with susceptibility to pre-eclampsia in the Finnish population., Increased serum TNF-alpha concentrations are specifically found in heavy drinkers with the -857 (C-->T) substitution (CT heterozygotes), indicating an interaction between alcohol consumption and that polymorphism on serum TNF-alpha concentration., Under physiological conditions vitamin D activates only the transcription of TNF-alpha gene, for TNF-alpha protein synthesis additional cofactors are required., polymorphism of TNF-alpha and milder expression i.e. non-neuronopathic form, of Gaucher disease (versus the neuronopathic forms) may be suggestive of an association between genetic variability in TNF-alpha and phenotypic expression in Gaucher disease, TNF-alpha-induced CD44 expression was regulated by AP-1 through the activation of the CaMK-II pathway, whereas LPS-induced CD44 transcription was regulated specifically by Egr-1 through JNK activation., TNF-alpha --G308A G/G homozygosity was modestly associated with schizophrenia in male patients., Genotype and allele frequencies at the IL-1beta, IL-1RN, and TNF-alpha loci in gastric cancer cases were not significantly different from controls, In H. pylori-infected patients, -1031C or -863A carriers of TNF-alpha promoter had more severe gastric neutrophil infiltration and TNF-alpha gastric staining than individuals with -1031TT or -863CC genotype, respectively (p<0.05)., Several TNF variants may be part of the genetic determinants for maximum parasitemia and/or mild malaria attack., TNF-alpha may have a role in endothelial cell damage in dengue, The TNF(-488)A constituent of the AGG haplotype was also strongly associated with increased risk of spontaneous preterm birth., Serum concentrations of IL-6 were significantly correlated with weight, body mass index, waist circumference, hip circumference, and waist-hip ratio, TNF-alpha behaves as a trigger of platelet activation through stimulation of the arachidonic acid pathway., Although all cell types expressed mRNA for the relaxin receptor (LGR7), only peripheral blood mononuclear cells responded to relaxin at physiologic levels by increasing tumor necrosis factor-alpha and interleukin-1beta secretion, TNF-alpha may up- or down-regulate the inflammatory skin reactions through Langerhans cells., TNF-alpha-308 promoter polymorphism is a risk factor for acute kidney allograft rejection., tumor necrosis factor (alpha)- and Fas-induced apoptosis is blocked by inositol hexakisphosphate in human cells, TNFalpha can induce apoptosis of enterocytes in mice with fulminant hepatic failure, TNF -308 single nucleotide polymorphism (TNF2) does not exhibit a significant influence on the disease course or immunological response in systemic lupus erythematosus and primary Sjogren's syndrome., simultaneous inhibition of RANKL and TNF-alpha is necessary to reduce acid-induced, cell-mediated net Ca efflux from bone, There were no differences in genotypes and allele frequencies of IL-10 and TNF-A polymorphism between study group with gastric cancer and peptic ulcer diseases and control group, The opioid-induced increase in IL-1 beta was blocked by naltrexone in the group tested. TNF-alpha expression was also significantly stimulated by 60 and 600 ng/ml beta-endorphin after 15 min, an effect blocked by naltrexone in the group tested., Higher frequency of -308A tumour necrosis factor alpha, both in hetero and in homozygosis and mostly whether simultaneous, plays a role in predisposing to gluten intolerance and an increased risk for coeliac disease., Polymorphisms in the TNF-alpha promoter may independently modulate growth and disease severity in pediatric onset Crohn's disease. The effect of these polymorphisms does not appear to be mediated via weight loss, and is relatively modest., An increase in abdominal adiposity and increased TNFalpha release from mononuclear cells after hyperglycemia may contribute to insulin resistance in lean polycystic ovary syndrome patients., Polymorphisms associated with control of gene expression and protein levels were not associated with occurrence of chronic idiopaathic leukemia in adults and were not responsible for the increased cytokines., Lactocillus rhamnosus reduced TNFalpha-induced IL-8 production by affecting the NFkappaB/IkappaB pathway in Caco-2 cells., TNF-alpha inhibition of endothelial gene expression depends on NF-kB., The observations suggest TZDs inhibit TNFalpha-mediated PAI-1 induction independent of inducible PPARgamma activation., This is the first report demonstrating induction of TNF-alpha-mediated death by oxysterol in cells., Data show that lipoprotein lipase suppressed tumor necrosis factor-alpha-induced gene expression, and enhanced interferon-gamma-induced gene expression, in human aortic endothelial cells., IL-4 regulates TNFalpha-induced IL-8 expression at a transcriptional level and this mechanism involves STAT6 and NF-kappaB transcription factors, IL-6 and TNFalpha are involved in the production of HGF by endometrial stromal cells and may be involved in the growth of endometriosis by an autocrine mechanism, In conclusion, our study suggests that the presence of the high producer allele -308A in the TNF-alpha gene appears to be associated with an increased risk for the development of ICC., both c-Jun and NF-kappaB are required for basal and TNFalpha-mediated induction of GSH synthetic enzymes in H4IIE cells, TNF-alpha polymorphism is associated with the development of acute coronary syndromes, Single nucleotide polymorphism is associated with age of onset of schizophrenia., Cigarette smoke may directly cause the release of IL-8 from HASMC, an effect enhanced by TNF-alpha which is overexpressed in COPD, The pro-inflammatory nature of hResistin was further evident from the ability of this protein to induce the nuclear translocation of NF-kappaB transcription factor as seen from electrophoretic mobility shift assays., MC159 protein may act to prolong virus survival by preventing the infected cell from responding to TNF-alpha, ultimately preventing the cellular production of proinflammatory and immunoattractant molecules., Association of a high responder TNF-alpha-308A allele may be a genetic factor in increasing susceptibility to rheumatic fever., IKKbeta phosphorylates multiple p65 sites, as well as in an IkappaB-p65 complex, and S468 phosphorylation slightly reduces TNF-alpha- and IL-1beta-induced NF-kappaB activation, A proteasome inhibitor, lactacystin, enhances TNFalpha cytotoxicity in p53-positive and -negative cells ., fibrin can support the wound healing process of the epidermis via the TGF-alpha/EGF-R pathway, the apoptosis inhibitory domain of FE65-like protein 1 regulates both apoptotic and caspase-independent programmed cell death mediated by TNF, TNFA promoter polymorphisms are important host genetic factors affecting the outcomes of HBV infection., Plasma levels may be a marker for chronic hepatitis C infections., These results suggest that hypoxia is an important negative regulator of monocyte chemotaxis to the renal inflamed interstitium, by reducing MCP-1 expression, Synergistic interactions between the coagulation factor Xa (fXa) and the proinflammatory cytokines TNF, IL-1beta, and CD40L, leads to enhanced expression of Tissue Factor and E-selectin in endothelial cells., By using murine fibrosarcoma L929 cells, in which tumor necrosis factor (TNF) alpha induces accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and cell death, study shows that TNFalpha induces the unfolded protein response in a ROS-dependent fashion, TNF-alpha expression is upregulated in paretic leg muscle, suggesting inflammatory pathways are accelerated in stroke muscle, Globular adiponectin (gAd) is a powerful inducer of TNF-alpha and IL-6 secretion in primary human peripheral macrophages, in the THP-1 human macrophage cell line, and in primary mouse peritoneal macrophages., IKKbeta has an important role in TNF-alpha-mediated mucus production in airway epithelium in vitro and in vivo, During tuberculosis, predisposition of CD4 T-cell subsets to apoptosis may involve both low expression of Bcl-2 and excessive expression of tumor necrosis factor(TNF)-alpha., phosphorylation of CREB is increased by 8-bromo-cAMP, which has opposite effects on TNF and TNFR1 mRNA expression, signaling pathways activated by LPS and its receptor TLR4 and TNFalpha have roles in septic shock [review], Low levels of TNF-alpha, comparable to those present physiologically, induced nucleus pulposus degradation. TNF-alpha may contribute to the degenerative changes that occur in disc disease., A PCR method for identifying polymorphism., Our results demonstrate that SM-7368 is a synthetic compound that inhibits TNF-alpha-induced MMP-9 expression, and thus SM-7368 should be useful for the development of chemotherapies targeting TNF-alpha-mediated tumor invasion and metastasis., GG genotype of TNF-alpha G-308A polymorphism or a genetic variant in close linkage disequilibrium may interact with obesity to increase the risk of nephropathy in Chinese Type 2 diabetic patients., TNFalpha genotype modulates the activity of the TNFalpha pathway, influences insulin sensitivity and the severity of HCV chronic hepatitis., melphalan elicits membrane TNF on Kupffer cells due to inhibition of TNF processing and thereby initiates apoptosis of hepatocytes via obligatory activation of both Tnfr1 and Tnfr2, TNFalpha correlated inversely with insulin secretion in pregnancy and is significantly hiher in gestational diabetes., TNF-alpha promoter region polymorphism is responsible for susceptibility to cerebral infarction in Koreans, SP600125, a pharmacological inhibitor of JNK, predominantly suppressed UV-induced up-regulation of TNF-alpha expression in keratinocytes., IL-1beta, IL-6 and TNF-alpha are all significantly increased in hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy infants when compared to controls., GCF2/LRRFIP1 appears to act as a repressor and occupies the -308 site in cells that do not make TNF-alpha., A positive association was found in the G-308A TNF-alpha variant and systolic arterial BP Z score and HOMA index in adolescents harboring features of metabolic syndrome., plasma levels of adiponectin and TNFalpha are upregulated in acute myeloid leukemia, Transgenic human TNF preferentially activates p38MAPKalpha and ERK in synovial membrane., There is a significant dose- and time-dependent increase in MIF secretion by human endometrial stromal cells in response to tumour necrosis factor-alpha., Aortic valve calcification may be actively regulated by an inflammatory process involving TNF-alpha., TNFalpha/TGFbeta combination as well as M. leprae infection triggered an increase in the apoptosis rate in the cultured Schwann cells., TNF-alpha could cause intracellular iron sequestration, which may participate importantly in the pathophysiology of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease., TNFalpha is heritable in tuberculosis (narrow sense heritability = 34-66%); the effect of shared environment is minimal (1-14%), but gene-environment interaction may be involved., PAK4 has a role in TNF-alpha induced cell survival pathyways by facilitating TRADD binding to the TNF Receptor, once activated by TNFalpha, acute myeloid leukemic cells display NKG2D-mediated cytolytic activity toward various cellular targets including CFU-GM by a mechanism dependent on stimulation of the granzyme B/perforin system, Elevated TNF-alpha levels are associated with increased myocardial infarction risk, The TNF-alpha-308 allele may be related to susceptibility to ulcerative colitis. The TNF-alpha-308 gene polymorphism is not involved in pathogenesis of Crohn's diseas., These data show that inhibition of TNF-alpha processing by acute ethanol is a direct affect of ethanol on the cell membrane and is reversible upon cessation or metabolism., IL-1beta + TNF-alpha elicited innate immunity responses similar to those of flagellin., No associations between individual polymorphisms and schizophrenia were found. However, marginal association between subjects with both TNFA -238 A allele and 5-HTTLPR s allele and presence of family history was found., Our results suggest that IFN-alpha and TNF-alpha have a significant role in priming epithelial cells for higher cytokine and chemokine production in influenza A virus infection., High serum TNF-alpha level in Type 2 diabetic patients with microangiopathy is associated with eNOS down-regulation and apoptosis in endothelial cells, In normotensive subjects with type 1 diabetes mellitus(T1DM) activation of TNF-alpha system is positively associated with pulse pressure. Possible pathogenic role of TNF-alpha system in development of cardiovascular disease in T1DM., TAK1 is recruited to the TNF-R1 complex via RIP and likely cooperates with MEKK3 to activate NF-kappaB in TNF-alpha signaling, TNF has inhibitory effects on granulocyte-macrophage progenitors in vitro and on committed and primitive hematopoietic progenitors in vivo. However, in adult organism TNF deficiency is mostly compensated and controlled., Only women carrying at least one mutant allele of both polymorphisms (tumour necrosis factor-alpha A and interleukin-6 C) have a significantly elevated mean systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure at the end of pregnancy., trophozoite-parasitized RBCs/hemozoin-fed adherent monocytes produced TNF-alpha time-dependently, IL-10, but not TNF-alpha, TNF-beta, or IL-6 polymorphisms are associated with lung cancer, Gene expressions of TNF-alpha and ICAM-1 in the pancreas rose at 1 hour and peaked at 7 hours after severe acute pancreatitis., NPCs express receptors for TNF-alpha, that trigger via a p38 MAPK signaling pathway production of two chemokines, MCP-1/CCL2 and IP-10/CXCL10, which are involved in infectious and inflammatory diseases of the brain., TNF-alpha and IFN-gamma regulate gene transcription mediated by NF-kappaB-Stat1 interactions, TNFalpha plays an important role in coronary restenosis, Our study shows a significant association between the TNF-alpha -308 polymorphism and the occurrence of STEMI, and suggests that the tumor necrosis factor-alpha -308 polymorphism could play a role in the pathogenesis of cardiac ischemic damage., a TNF-alpha SNsingle-nucleotide polymorphism may be associated with increased risk of new intracranial hemorrhage in the natural course of brain arteriovenous malformations, TNF-alpha is an important regulator of the adenosine 2b receptor, and during inflammation, upregulation of TNF-alpha may potentiate adenosine-mediated responses., data suggest that Haemophilus somnus lipooligosaccharide-mediated apoptosis may be due, in part, to activation of a TNF alpha/TNR-R1-dependent death pathway, TNF-alpha exerts a mitogenic effect, inducing cyclin D1 expression and activation of the transcription factor NF-kappaB in estrogen receptor-positive T47D breast ductal tumor cells, TNF-alpha induced PTX3 expression in human lung cell lines and primary epithelial cells; knockdown of either JNK1 or JNK2 with small interfering RNA also significantly reduced the regulated PTX3 expression, overproduction of TNF-alpha leads to aberrant expression of hnRNP-A2 in the rheumatoid joint and subsequently to autoimmune reactions, which may enhance the inflammatory and destructive process., We propose that during TNFalpha-induced apoptosis, PKCdelta-mediated phosphorylation of p21(WAF1/CIP1) at (146)Ser attenuates the Cdk2 binding of p21(WAF1/CIP1) and thereby upregulates Cdk2 activity., Our findings indicate that human airway smooth muscle cells express and secrete MMP-12 that is up-regulated by IL-1beta and TNF-alpha., TNFalpha G-308A polymorphism determines postoperative TNFalpha serum levels. Increased TNFalpha levels are associated with less favorable outcome after coronary revascularization., Loss of tnf-alpha production indicates an inadequate immune response to viral progression in the liver transplant recipient with relapsing hepatitis c virus infection., The elevated proinflammatory IL1B cytokine levels in sera may relate to the pathogenesis of Kaschin-Beck disease., Promotor polymorphism in the TNF-alpha gene is associated in the development of primary gastric B-cell lymphoma., human neutrophils, TNF-alpha-induces a caspase-independent cell death signal, which is related to calpain and oxidative activities and cannot be rescued by the growth factor-related signaling mechanism, high TNF secreting haplotypes, a2b3c1d1e3 and a2b5c2d4e3 were under-represented in chronic pancreatitis compared to healthy controls; a reduced capacity to produce TNF may be responsible for the induction of chronic pancreatitis, may inhibit tooth mineralization, The inhibitory effect of human TNF on osterix expression in murine pre-osteoblastic cells suggests a potential decrease of osteoblast differentiation in arthritis and osteoporosis., Suramin inhibits TNF-alpha and IL-6 production through the suppression of NF-kappaB activity from macrophages, the TNF-alpha promoter -308 A/G polymorphism may confer susceptibility to systemic lupus erythematosus [meta-analysis], TNF-alpha is associated with insulin-mediated suppression of free fatty acids and net lipid oxidation in HIV-infected patients with lipodystrophy., Increased TNF-alpha protein expression in lesional psoriatic skin is associated with normal TNF-alpha mRNA expression, demonstrating for the first time that TNF-alpha expression in lesional psoriatic skin is regulated posttranscriptionally., TNFA (-308 G/A) promoter single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) was determined. Our results suggest that TNFA (-308) alleles are not involved in the predisposition to the development of B-CLL., Conjugated linoleic acids inhibit TNFalpha-induced NF-kappaB DNA-binding & dose-dependently inhibits production of PGE2 & PGI2 in vacular smooth muscle cells., The effects of TNF polymorphisms on the survival of Chagas' cardiomyopathy patients who progress to end-stage dilated cardiomyopathy is reported., TNF is a chemokinetic and chemoattractant agent for Entamoeba histolytica, On the basis of the present and previous results we propose that ARE-containing TNFalpha mRNA requires phosphorylation of eIF4E for initiation of translation., This review hypothesizes that the evolutionary participation of single-nucleotide polymorphisms and their effects on the TNFalpha gene is an element that could mediate increased susceptibility to rheumatoid arthritis., Results report the induction of TNF-alpha via the calcium/calcineurin/NFAT pathway in PC12 neural cells., Down-regulates NF-kappa B inhibitory proteins IkappaBalpha and IkappaBbeta in Burkitt lymphoma cells in vitro., IL-6 polymorphism is associated with age of onset of type 1 diabetes only in the presence of a high IL-1beta and tumor necrosis factor-alpha producer genotype., Role of TNFalpha in acute rheumatic fever may be in linkage disequilibrium with some other severity genes not yet genetically determined., male carriers of TNF2 allele are less susceptible for the development of lacunar subtype of ischemic stroke than the non-carriers., intracellular and molecular mechanisms that mediate the TNF-alpha-induced increase in intestinal epithelial tight junction permeability, TNF alpha-related apoAI promoter inhibition was reduced in cells transfected with JNK1 siRNA. TNF alpha suppresses apoAI promoter activity through both MEK/ERK & JNK pathways but is not mediated by either p38 MAP kinase activity or NF-kappaB activation., TNF-alpha polymorphism is associated with susceptibility and severity of non-small cell lung cancer, No evidence was found to implicate TNF gene polymorphisms for schizophrenia risk in a Caucasian sample, TNF-alpha is differentially regulated in ovarian cancer cells compared with untransformed cells and modulates production of several cytokines that may promote ovarian tumorigenesis., Antimalarial downregulation of TNFalpha levels in systemic lupus erythematosus is influenced by polymorphisms at IL-10 and TNFalpha promoters. May identify patients likely to benefit from antimalarials., least in Caucasians, the TNF gene is a disease modifier gene in patients in which Alzheimer's disease is rising, levels of interleukin-6 & tumor necrosis factor-alpha were significantly higher in patients with fatal Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF)than nonfatal CCHF; findings demonstrate that proinflammatory cytokines play a major role in the mortality in CCHF, elevated salivary levels during acute recurrent aphthous ulcer and especially during the remission period are of importance, APN/CD13 regulates TNFalpha-induced apoptosis via inhibition of TNFRI shedding, This study provides the first genetic evidence that the ubiquitination of RIP is required for TNFalpha-induced NF-kappaB activation., Both the variants of TNF-alpha (-308 and +488) polymorphism had significant association and may thus be a strong predisposing risk factor for end-stage renal disease in a cohort of north Indian population, TNF-alpha -238 G/A genotype may contribute to insulin resistance in renal transplant recipients., Ciprofloaxin may regulate the TNF-alpha production induced lipopolysaccharides in monocytes., Results suggest that, in human myocardial infarction, TNF-alpha produced by cardiomyocytes does not play a critical role in their apoptosis., TGF-beta1 dose-dependently inhibited TNFalpha-induced production of RANTES protein and mRNA from rheumatoid arthritis fibroblast-like synoviocytes, elevated production of IL-1alpha and TNF-alpha by in vitro stimulated whole blood cell cultures occurs in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease obese patients, the risk of CD in children with type 1 diabetes is significantly modified both by the presence of HLA-DQB1*02-DQA1*05 and by a variant of another gene within the major histocompatibility complex, the TNF -308A, Immune complexes from rheumatoid arthritis sera and synovial fluid influence tnf-alpha production by peripheral blood mononuclear cells., TNF-alpha-induced CD38 expression involves NF-kappaB expression and its activation and dexamethasone inhibits CD38 expression through NF-kappaB-dependent and -independent mechanisms., SEPS1 may regulate cytokine production in macrophage cells and there may be a regulatory loop between TNF-alpha, IL-1beta and SEPS1 that plays a key role in control of the inflammatory response, tumor necrosis factor alpha and TNFR1 and TNFR2 have roles in cellular differentiation, in the women with menorrhagia TNF-alpha content was increased in menstrual effluent., Membrane TNF-alpha is induced upon activation on the cell surface of CD4+ T cells and CD8+ T cells in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus., Study demonstrated a positive correlation between high TNF-alpha expression and favourable prognosis in non-small cell lung cancer in terms of overall survival., GSK-3beta selectively regulates NFkappaB-mediated inflammatory gene expression of IL-1beta and TNF-alpha by controlling the flow of NFkappaB activity between transcription of inflammatory and survival genes, -857 polymorphism does not contribute to susceptibility of inflammatory bowel disease, nor does it define the phenotype of Crohn's disease in Israeli Jewish patients with inflammatory bowel disease., IL-1beta- and TNF-alpha-stimulated expression of GRO-alpha from airway smooth muscle is regulated by independent pathways involving NF-kappaB activation and ERK and JNK pathways, The TNF-308 promoter polymorphism is not a disease-modifying gene in homozygous delta F 508 cystic fibrosis patients., The results indicate that estrogen plus overexpressed ERalpha induce LoVo cell apoptosis might mediate through the increase of hTNF-alpha gene expression, which in turn activate caspase-8, -9 and caspase-3 and lead to the DNA fragmentation and apoptosis., overexpressed hER-beta but not hER-alpha may induce caspase-8-mediated apoptosis by increasing the hTNF-alpha gene expression in a ligand-dependent manner in poorly differentiated HA22T cells, The concentration of TNF-alpha in CSF was below that in plasma and both remained stable during exercise., TNF-alpha-308 single-nucleotide polymorphism is not a genetic risk factor for vitiligo susceptibility., IL-10 or TNF-alpha expression variation is not associated with alterations in HCV clearance or ALT levels, but TNF-alpha polymorphisms may be associated with hepatic fibrosis, Some alleles may affect outcome of bone marrow transplantation., significant correlation of TNFd microsatellite polymorphisms with mortality after unrelated stem cell transplantation., Lower antibody titer to influenza A virus was observed in elderly individuals, and the seroconversion factor was found to be correlated inversely with IL-10 production and correlated directly with TNF-alpha production., although not necessarily dictating inflammatory bowel disease initiation, the TNF-alpha 308 A polymorphism may play a role in modifying the Crohn disease phenotype, The cytokines TNFalpha and GM-CSF activate CAEV transcription, and this effect occurs independently of AP-1., Gene expression alterations indicate a sophisticated regulation of counteracting tumor necrosis factor-alpha and transforming growth factor-beta cytokine expression in peripheral blood leukocytes after acute myocardial infarction, two inhibitors of p38 MAPK and protein tyrosine kinase pathways could be used as combined targets for inhibiting matrix metalloproteinase-9 expression in inflamed tissues, TNFalpha induces chromosomal abnormalities independent of ROS through IKK, JNK, p38 and caspase pathways, We conclude that gas6 signaling through the Axl receptor and the PI3 kinase/Akt1 survival pathway protects oligodendrocytes from growth factor withdrawal and TNFalpha-mediated cell death., Thus, the TNFA-863C > A polymorphism in the promoter region of TNFA may influence TNF-alpha expression and affect TsIgE levels and susceptibility to asthma., TNF-alpha is widely distributed in the myocardium of patients with dilated cardiomyopathy.(, Exosomes produced by synovial fibroblasts obtained from individuals with rheumatoid arthritis contain a membrane-bound form of TNF-alpha that may contribute to the development of apoptosis resistance., TNFalpha can lead to the induction of NFkappaB signaling with a concomitant increase in spermidine/spermine N(1)-acetyltransferase (SSAT) expression in non-small cell lung cancer cells, Data indicate that adenosine increases the release of IL-19 from bronchial epithelial cells via activation of adenosine A(2B) receptors, and IL-19 in turn activates human monocytes to release TNF-alpha, which upregulates A(2B) receptor expression., TNF-induced NF-kappa B p65 subunit phosphorylation is markedly decreased in TNF-tolerant monocytic cells, accompanied by formation of C/EBPbeta-p65 complexes that contribute to the unresponsiveness seen in patients with sepsis., TNF-alpha in the placental environment increases HIV-1 expression and could facilitate mother-to-child transmission of HIV-1., data implicate PKCzeta as a necessary component of TNF signaling pathways in chondrocytes that result in catabolic destruction of extracellular matrix proteins in osteoarthritic cartilage, LITAF has a role in the pathophysiological regulation of the TNF-alpha gene, A functional polymorphism within the TNF bloc could modulate MCP-1 concentration and seems more likely to be near to the LTA 252A>G polymorphism than to the TNF -308G>A one, Results describe the gene expression of tristetraprolin, T-cell intracellular antigen and Hu antigen R in synovial tissues from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis patients., The carriers of the -308G/-238G haplotype homozygotes in the TNF-alpha promoter region have higher risk of persistent HBV infection., Compared to active coal miners without coal workers' pneumoconiosis (CWP) (8.23 microg/mL), TNF-alpha concentration was gradually decreased when dust exposure was stopped (5.90 microg/mL)., TNF-alpha promoter variants are likely to play a substantial role in influencing the outcomes of hepatitis B virus infection., TNF, phox, NOS2, and MyD88 are activated during granulocytic anaplasmosis, and these contribute to inflammation and hepatic injury more than A. phagocytophilum pathogen load., TNF-alpha increases the stability of BMP-2 mRNA through the pentameric motifs via NF-kappaB, Data show that either AP-1 or NFkappaB can up-regulate long MLCK transcription, but the mechanisms by which TNF up-regulates intestinal epithelial long MLCK transcription from exon 1A are differentiation-dependent., inhibition of TNF-alpha-induced autophagy is a novel mechanism of the antiapoptotic function of NF-kappaB activation, Anti-TNFalpha strategies may be useful in the management of abdominal compartment syndrome., apoptotic mature neutrophils release MIF upon short term TNF-alpha stimulation, serum IL-1beta and TNF-alpha are increased, and IL-2 and IL-6 are decreased in newly diagnosed IDDM patients, Meta-analysis revealed that the TNF-308G/A polymorphism was statistically significantly associated with asthma., Carriers of the TNF-alpha appeared to have an increased risk of stroke in association with a febrile episode prior to strokes., TNF-alpha impairs fibrinolytic capacity in vascular endothelial cells by a NF-kappaB and p38 MAPK-dependent suppression of t-PA, Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in TNFA is associated with gastric cancer, Findings indicate that TNFA haplotypes in the promoter response elements may exert significant influence on susceptibility to Behcet's Disease., a genetically programmed imbalance between serum levels of tumour necrosis factor and interleukin-10 exists in patients with poly- or dermatomyositis and this imbalance is related to the presence of disease-associated autoantibodies, TNF-alpha down-regulates human Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase 1 promoter via JNK/AP-1 signaling pathway, data suggest TNF-alpha decreases hCG-beta mRNA & protein expression by reducing gene transcription & trophoblast cell fusion., TNF-alpha production by peripheral blood monocytes in Behcet's disease patients who reported "bad" or "very bad" global well-being over the last month (n=4) was higher compared to other patients with better self-rating (p=0.03)., TNF-alpha differentially modulates the expression of CD44 in TNF-alpha-resistant ovarian cancer cells, affecting their in vitro migration, invasion, and binding to hyaluronic acid., Variation in the TNF-alpha promoter region, or possibly polymorphisms in nearby genes, could affect cerebral inflammatory response and the risk of late-onset Alzheimer disease., the intrahepatic TNF-alpha production induced by HCV is transcriptionally up-regulated by HCV NS3. Therefore, HCV NS3 may have a potential role in the induction of intrahepatic inflammatory processes that occur during acute and chronic hepatitis C., Evidence suggests a direct role for TNF-alpha in muscle cell destruction and a possibility of muscle cell damage via an autocrine fashion., glucose intake induces an immediate increase in intranuclear NF-kappaB binding, a fall in IkappaBalpha, an increase in IKKalpha, IKKbeta, IKK activity, and messenger RNA expression of TNF-alpha in MNCs in healthy subjects., Serum TNF-alpha may be involved in the improvement of beta-Cell function and the decrease of insulin resistance by insulin therapy with an insulin pump in type 2 diabetes., Some TNF alpha genotypes play an important role in the pathogenesis of Crohn's disease in Koreans., Detailed studies on IL-10 regulation of TNF-alpha mRNA expression identified AU-rich elements (ARE) in the 3' untranslated region as a necessary determinant of IL-10-mediated TNF-alpha mRNA destabilization., TNF-alpha can induce anti-apoptosis signaling and production of matrix metalloproteinases through activation of nuclear factor-kappaB and JNK in rheumatoid arthritis Fibroblast-like synoviocytes, There is an association between tumor necrosis factor-alpha gene polymorphism and insulin resistance in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease., Tumor necrosis factor alpha stimulates triglyceride hydrolysis by multiple intracellular pathways acting on insulin signaling, G proteins and perilipins, and might contribute to enhanced plasma fatty acid levels in obesity., Crucial role for the intracerebral control of Listeria monocytogenes and survival of cerebral listeriosis, not responsible for the destruction of brain tissue., CARD15-TNFalpha circuit that might play a role in mucosal immune surveillance, Anti-TNF-alpha therapy reduced aortic stiffness to a level comparable to that of healthy individuals. Therefore, effective control of inflammation may be of benefit in reducing cardiovascular risk in patients with RA., TNF-alpha genetic polymorphisms are not associated with susceptibility to coronary artery disease., Our results indicate that insufficient systemic endogenous control of TNF-alpha seems to contribute to TMJ pain and tissue destruction in RA., The data suggest that Beryllium exposure induces transcription-dependent TNF-alpha production, potentially due to upregulation of specific transcription factors., Severe malaria was not associated with polymorphisms located at positions -308A and -238A in the TNF alpha gene promoter or with a high TNF level in plasma in children from Bamako, Mali., findings suggest that the increased levels of tumor necrosis factor-alpha and corticotropin-releasing hormone found in pregnant women presenting with preterm labor may be involved in the pathophysiological mechanism of the latter, genetically determined low production of TNF-alpha was associated with a more severe clinical course of Puumala Hantavirus infection in humans., flavonoids attenuate tumor necrosis factor alpha-induced adhesion molecule expression in human aortic endothelial cells, This study indicates the possible roles of tunor necrosis factor alpha and other polymorphisms in the immune system in the susceptibility to asthma in children infected with Chlamydophila pneumoniae., Pro-inflammatory cytokines derived from surgical trauma may enhance tumor cell adhesion to microvascular endothelial cells and thus bring about more successful tumor cell implantation resulting in an increased risk of metastasis formation., TNF-alpha and IL-1beta enhance IL-8 expression in term decidual cells, suggesting that these cytokines are important regulators of chorioamnionitis-related decidual neutrophil infiltration., Isolation induced a twofold increase in TNFalpha expression between days one and three and reduced by inhibitor RDP58., TNF-alpha induces Lnk expression through PI3K-dependent signaling pathway in umbilical vein endothelial cells, TNF-alpha promoter polymorphism may significantly increase susceptibility to aspirin-intolerant asthma by gene-to-gene interaction with HLA DPB1*0301, These data suggest that reverse signaling through mTNF-alpha may exert a double role in modulating sTNF-alpha bioactivity., Perturbations in inflammation stemming from common genetic variants in TNF-alpha (like G-308A) could contribute to the development of non-Hodgkin lymphoma., In pathophysiological conditions, generation of TNFalpha at high levels leads to the development of inflammatory responses that are hallmarks of many diseases., Findings demonstrate that polymorphisms of high IL-1beta and TNF-alpha production were associated with an increased risk of RAS development., results suggest that wogonin effectively suppresses TNF-alpha-induced HASMC migration through the selective inhibition of MMP-9., Our data suggest that overexpression of TNFalpha leads to topical GC insensitivity by reducing GR nuclear translocation in keratinocytes., TNF-alpha -308 polymorphism appears to be associated with the genetic susceptibility for undifferentiated spondyloarthritis., TNF-alpha/238 and TNF-alpha/308 promoter polymorphisms do not seem to be major genetic risk factors for susceptibility to FMF and severity of the disease, this study demonstrates an association of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (-308A) carriage with MWA, suggesting that carrying a high responder TNF-alpha-308A allele may be a genetic factor in increasing the susceptibility to develop migraine without aura., Cellular release of TNFalpha from stimulated leukocytes is mediated by the CRM1-dependent nuclear export mechanism., TNFalpha/CHX-induced cell death was significantly lowered in cells overexpressing PLD1, TNFalpha production may have a role in chronic lymphocytic leukemia progression in low-risk individuals, TNF mRNA is elevated in human psoriatic skin; TNF alone, however, is not sufficient to induce epidermal hyperplasia., Elevated TNF-alpha in normal-appearing white matter in multiple sclerosis (MS) may be responsible for the nuclear translocation of peptidylarginine deiminases leading to irreversible changes in oligodendrocytes in MS., Expression of the adenosine A2A receptor in human epithelial A549 cells is up-regulated by TNF-alpha and IL-1beta within 24 h at the mRNA and protein level., In summary, binding of transcription factor NF-kappaB to the TNF-alpha promoter is associated with allele-specific remodeling of chromatin structure., During the wound healing of nasal mucosa, the levels of PDGF, TNF-alpha, and hyaluronic acid are different at each postoperative stage., Comparison of the -308TNF genotypes between NHL patients & controls showed a significant excess of A/A genotype previously associated with higher TNF production. This polymorphism could lead to an increased NHL susceptibility in Tunisian populations., analyzed the expression of Toll-like receptors 1 to 9 on myeloid dendritic cells generated from X-linked agammaglobulinemia patients and evaluated their response to activation by specific Toll-like receptor agonists, Polymorphisms of TNF-alpha, IFN-gamma, TGF-beta1, IL-10 and IL-6 do not appear to influence the onset of broncholitis obliterans syndrome or graft survival in recipients., Pemphigus vulgaris patient IgG works together with tumor necrosis factor-alpha and FAS-L in experimental cell cultures to induce acantholysis via basal cell shrinkage., These results suggest that genetic variations in the TNF-alpha gene and its receptor genes may not be involved in individual vulnerability to METH dependence., The biliary IL-6 and TNF-alpha levels were positively correlated with serum DBIL, TBA and gamma-GT levels in infantile hepatitis syndrome subjects., SphK-dependent Akt activation plays a significant role in TNF-alpha-induced cyclin D expression and cell proliferation, Single nucleotide polymorphism in promoter at -308 is associated with type 1 diabetes in North Indian subjects., vaginal TNF-alpha concentration was elevated in TNFA-308A carriers only in the presence of abnormal vaginal flora, The presence of the TNF-alphaA allele may be associated with susceptibility to obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome., Primary role for IL-1beta and TNF-alpha in the triggering of preterm labor associated with inflammation or infection., TNF-alpha induced expression of c-IAP1 and c-IAP2 via MAP kinases, but not via NF-kappaB, and that MAP kinases participated in the inhibition of apoptosis by induction of c-IAPs in TNF-alpha-stimulated endothelial cells, ADMA accumulation in human cultured endothelial cells is influenced by both insulin and adiponectin, and both mediators counteract the TNFalpha-induced accumulation of ADMA through the DDAH pathway, TNFalpha and IL-8 play an important role in monocyte atherogenic activity, results show no significant differences either between Chagas disease cardiomyopathy (CCC) and asymptomatic patients, or among CCC patients according to severity of cardiomyopathy with respect to TNFa or -308 TNF promoter polymorphisms, This metaanalysis demonstrates that the TNF-alpha -308 A/G polymorphism may represent a significant risk factor for RA in Latin Americans, but not in Europeans., Putative role of TNF-alpha -1031 polymorphism in the development of gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors., TNF-alpha -1031C allele and its associated haplotypes in Koreans may enhance susceptibility to secondary hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, Association to schizophrenia is largely restricted to a 30 kb high Linkage Disequilibrium region/block in TNF-alpha/MHC locus., Glutaredoxin activity is significantly upregulated by tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha in endothelial cells. Glutaredoxin association with caspase-3 is decreased by TNF-alpha., SNP -1031C-863A in TNF-alpha promoter may act as a risk haplotype among Parkinson's disease cases., TNF-alpha is released into fetal circulation after LPS stimulation and this may be relevant to the etiology of chorioamnionitis., IL-7 supports osteoclast formation by inducing the TNF-alpha production and low RANKL levels, which synergize in promoting osteoclastogenesis., CD14+ cells producing TNF-alpha, IL-6, IL-10, MCP-1, and IL-8 were significantly higher in peripheral blood than peritoneal fluid mononuclear cells of women with endometriosis., Our data demonstrated that TNF-alpha G-238A and G-308A genotypes were strongly associated with Graves' disease incidence., TNF promoter variants are not risk factors for chronic beryllium disease or beryllium sensitization., We found that TNF-alpha is, indeed, released into the aspirate of stented SVG (9 +/- 1 and 28 +/- 3 pg/ml before and after stent implantation, respectively, P < 0.0001)., This study failed to observe a significant difference in the -308TNF-alpha single-nucleotide polymorphism between chronic periodontitis patients and controls., The TNFA2 and TNFd2 alleles were strongly associated with occurrence/initiation of IMN and should be considered as susceptibility genes for this disease., Data from 5,269 cases and 4,982 controls suggested that the rs361525 A allele, located in the TNF promoter region, was associated with a modest increase in breast cancer risk., Macrophages and dendritic cells infiltrate the islets and produce inflammatory cytokines (TNF-alpha and IL-1beta) during the development of type 1A diabetes., Increasing levels of tumor necrosis factor alpha(TNFalpha) were significantly associated with a higher regional cerebral blood flow, MAP4K4 silencing prevents TNFa-induced insulin resistance in human skeletal muscle and restores appropriate signaling inputs to enhance glucose uptake, high expression genotypes at any of the three SNP polymorphisms were more frequent in invasive breast carcinoma, replication case-control association study showed the TNF-alpha A allele conferred an increased susceptibility for schizophrenia only in males, and the association became more specific when only patients of paranoid subtype were compared to controls., No significant association between episodes of acute rejection of kidney transplantation and single nucleotide polymorphisms., in comparison to non-diabetics, LPS endotoxin treatment produced a higher protein expression of TNFalpha and IL-6 proinflammatory cytokines in primary cultures of monocytes from recent onset type 2 diabetic patients with low fasting glucose levels, In the study populations, the TNF-alpha-308 polymorphism may play a role in multiple sclerosis susceptibility., In this review, TNF-alpha induces sequential formation of Complex I and II, leading to activation of reactive oxygen species-dependent Jun kinase pathway, NF-kappa B pathway, or caspase-8., in human airway smooth muscle cells, NTAL acts as a negative regulator of TNF-alpha and IL-8 production after stimulation via TREM-1., TNF-alpha and IL-8 play important roles in the pathogenesis of allergic rhinitis., The TNF-alpha genes are not associated with susceptibility to tuberculosis in Thais., TNFA gene polymorphisms are associated with lead-induced inflammatory response in a student population., the common -148 C/T polymorphism is associated with differences in the TNFalpha release in response to systemic LPS infusion in humans, induction of TNF gene transcription by virus or LPS does not depend upon NF-kappaB binding to the proximal promoter; rather, a stimulus-specific post-induction mechanism involving NF-kappaB is involved in the maintenance of maximal TNF mRNA levels, Interferon-gamma and bacterial lipopolysaccharide act synergistically on human neutrophils enhancing interleukin-8, interleukin-1beta, tumor necrosis factor-alpha, and interleukin-12 p70 secretion and phagocytosis via upregulation of toll-like receptor 4, the impact of the TNF-alpha -308 G/A polymorphism on systemic endotoxin-triggered inflammation seems to be limited, expression in inflamed human dental pulp tissue is positively associated with the severity of clinical symptoms, Immature enterocytes have more rapid IkappaBalpha degradation than mature enterocytes in response to TNF-alpha., The TNF and IL1 gene polymorphism studied did not seem to be associated with response to anti-TNF treatment., IL-7 and, to a limited extent, TNFalpha, both of which are produced by activated monocytes and were detected in synovial fluid, abrogated the CD4+,CD25+ Treg-mediated suppression., study found evidence that sequence variation within and close to the TNF locus was associated with risk of trachomatous trichiasis, TNF-alpha stimulates GlcAT-P and GlcAT-S gene expression in brain endothelial cells and promotes T-cell adhesion via SGPG-L-selectin recognition, a preliminary step for onset of neuroinflammation., A relationship between DAS28 (Disease Activity Score in 28 joints) improvement, the -308 G/G polymorphism, and increased circulating TNFalpha levels was found in Chilean rheumatoid arthritis patients treated with adalimumab., a possible involvement of TNF -308G/A promoter polymorphisms in the predisposition to the development of coronary artery disease, TNF-alpha gene polymorphism (C-857T) is likely associated with higher serum LDL-C levels and carotid plaque formation in Japanese patients with type 2 diabetes., TNF-alpha may contribute to the prolonged survival of inflammatory cells by suppression of Fas-mediated apoptosis, the process involved with NF-kappaB transactivation, anti-apoptotic XIAP up-regulation and caspase suppression., hydroxyapatite crystal stimulation of macrophage TNFalpha secretion depends on NF-kappaB activation and is inversely related to particle and pore size, Polymorphism in allele 2 of the 308 gene is not associated with an increased risk for peri-implant bone loss following prosthetic reconstruction, screen of coronary heart disease phenotypes against polymorphism in TNF locus is presented; no evidence for an effect of TNF polymorphism on plasma TNF levels, but an effect on plasma PAI-1 levels emerged in post-myocardial infarction patients, Interaction of alpha-toxin with alpha5beta1-integrin and overproduction of TNF-alpha may contribute to destruction of epithelial cells during S. aureus infection., cell-specific alterations in TNF-alpha expression may promote clonal selection in the evolution of neoplastic hematopoietic disease, Data showed that the frequencies of TNFalpha (A-238) alleles are less than 0.05 and the haplotype frequency of the high-producer-types AG and AA in the TNFalpha gene is 0.055, while of the low-producer-types GG and GA is 0.945., results suggest that FFA and possibly TNF-alpha levels are closely related to the development of insulin resistance in subjects with metabolic disorders, the A allele of the -308 TNF SNP might be a potential factor for venous leg ulcer susceptibility, A crosslinking-coupled affinity purification method was used to isolate TNF-alpha AU-rich element-associated proteins, TNF-induced TRAF2-RIP1-AIP1-ASK1 complex formation and for the activation of ASK1-JNK/p38 apoptotic signaling., TNF polymorphisms, which influence TNF production, might be associated with the progression of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, Taken together, these results confirm the role of TNF-alpha and the three adhesion molecules in pathogenic processes associated with severe malaria in children, and suggest an association between sICAM-1 and severe malarial anemia., Collectively, TNF-alpha elicits BMP-induced osteogenic inhibition by suppressing BMP-Smad signaling pathway, at least in part, through SAPK/JNK activation and Smad6 upregulation., In co-culture, human vaginal epithelial cells expressed tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) inhibiting the growth of Candida albicans., 1alpha,25-(OH)2DHT(3) blocks TNF-induced monocytic tissue factor expression by inhibition of AP1 and NF-kappa B., TNF-alpha seems to be activated (by the converting enzyme TACE) and biologically active through its receptors in human lumbar disc tissue, 308G/A promoter polymorphism isassociated with susceptibility to polymyositis/dermatomyositis in a Chinese Han population, An association was found between some TNF-alpha promoter SNPs and systemic manifestations, radiological progression, HAQ score, work disability, and joint surgeries, higher "stress index" was associated with higher expression of total LPS-stimulated TNF-alpha and IL-6 between rest and 60min post-stress, Collectively, these results suggest that TSLP, as a downstream molecule of TNF-alpha, may be involved in the pathophysiology of inflammatory arthritis., Finds no association between TNF-alpha polymorphisms at promoter regions -238 and -308 and either chronic beryllium disease or sensitization to beryllium, balance between TNFalpha and IL-10 seems to determine the occurrence of post-operative complications, analyzed candidate genes related to TNFalpha regulation and found that interleukin (IL)-10, interferon-gamma receptor 1 (IFNGR1), and TNFalpha receptor 1 (TNFR1) genes were linked and associated to both tuberculosis and TNFalpha, Accumulation of AGE may have a role in the development of osteoarthritis by increasing MMP-1, -3, and -13, and TNF-alpha., polymorphic variations of pro-inflammatory cytokines play an important role in susceptibility to multiple sclerosis, We approached the question of mechanisms and amino acid motifs directing newly synthesized TNF for storage in mast cell cytoplasmic granules., Tumor necrosis factor alpha -238G>A genotype alters postprandial plasma levels of free fatty acids in obese individuals with type 2 diabetes mellitus., role in triggering NF-kappaB is negatively regulated by RBCK1, results suggest that genetic variation in TNF may contribute to childhood asthma and that associations may be modified by parental smoking, Study results suggest that the G-308A polymorphism is unlikely to be associated with the development of ischemic heart disease, whereas it might be a protective factor for ischemic stroke in Asians only., HOXA9 coexpression augments TNFA activation of the SELE promoter., It suggests that single nucleotide polymorphisms at -308 (G/A) of TNFalpha promoter may represent an increased risk for Human Papillomavirus infection and development of cervical cancer in Indian women., reduced adiponectin and increased TNF-alpha may be involved in the pathogenesis of gestational diabetes mellitus, Psychosine mediates increased TNF-alpha production by peripheral immune cells of Krabbe patients., In cultured Caco-2 cells, tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) dose-dependently increased expression of Secretory component (SC) of immunoglobulin A., Here, we report that expression and consequent activation of TNK1 enables tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNFalpha)-induced apoptosis by selectively inhibiting TNFalpha-induced activation of nuclear factor-kappaB (NF-kappaB)., TNF-alpha genotype was found to be an ambivalent determinant of IgE-mediated hypersensitivity to betalactams., The TNFalpha locus was reconfirmed and showed association with susceptibility to Ankylosing Spondylitis. It may be independent of HLA-B27. A range of 58 kb covering TNFalpha had strong linkage disequilibrium to AS., TNF-alpha can promote tumor immune escape by stimulating the production of apoptogenic/immunosuppressive glycosides by renal cell carcinoma., Data show that low-dose irradiation stimulates TNF-alpha-induced ICAM-1 mRNA expression in human coronary vascular cells., No significant associations of serum CRP levels with the genotypes of CRP C1444T and IL-1B C-31T were observed. TNF-A -1031CC polymorphism was significantly associated with high CRP values., CD8+ T cells engineered to secrete TNF-alpha may be useful when designing strategies for adoptive T-cell therapy of solid tumors in mice., Results suggest that inhibition of phosphatase activity by calyculin A stimulate the phosphorylation of Akt at Ser473 by PI3K/Akt signaling pathway, resulting in the expression TNF-alpha mRNA., This study found that the TNF2 allele was associated with increased risk of GBS (OR = 1.876, 95% CI = 1.144-3.075, p = 0.008), particularly for AMAN, the main subtype, frequency of the TNF U04 allele designated -1031C, -863C, and -857C was found to be significantly greater in patients with cerebral malaria than in patients with mild malaria, TNF is the master regulator of other inflammatory cytokines in the synovial membrane and the major cytokine in the pathogenesis of chronic inflammatory disease [review], Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL) cell lines revealed pronounced resistance to death ligands (TRAIL and TNF-alpha) as compared to cell lines of T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL)., We studied polymorphic allele variants of the cytokine genes tumor necrosis factor-alpha (C-863A and G-308A) patients with Hodgkin's lymphoma and analyzed for associations with treatment outcome, Results show that TNF-alpha levels were significantly increased in symptomatic periapical lesions compared to control., Results show obsessive compulsive disorder patients showed increases in TNF-alpha levels compared to the healthy controls., integrated effect of tumor necrosis factor (TNF) alpha with other cytokine genes in IDDM, association of a nonsynonymous change within the AIF-1 gene with systemic sclerosis, and linkage with TNFA alleles within 50 kb of this gene, Increased serum levels of glycated albumin, C-reactive protein and tumor necrosis factor-alpha are associated with the presence and severity of coronary artery disease and renal impairment in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus, A TNF region haplotype offers protection from typhoid fever in Vietnamese patients., in peripheral blood mononuclear cells, C5a activates the p38 cascade, and this pathway plays a major role in the C5a enhancement of LPS-induced IL-6 and TNF-alpha production, Endothelial dysfunction is a selective feature of Crohn's disease and is beneficially affected by intravascular TNF-alpha neutralization., 5-Aminoimidazole-4-carboxamide riboside sensitizes TRAIL- and TNF{alpha}-induced cytotoxicity in colon cancer cells through AMP-activated protein kinase signaling, These studies demonstrate the importance of epigenetic regulation in the control of TNF-alpha expression., Diabetic carriers of the TNF-alpha -308A allele might benefit more from a prophylaxis with low dose aspirin than non-carriers., Reduced activation of NF-kappaB via impaired PI3K/Akt activation under increased TNF-alpha levels could result in increased apoptosis of vitiliginous keratinocytes., While the previously reported association between TNF*-238A and psoriasis seems to primarily reflect linkage disequilibrium with PSORS1, TNF*-857T may represent a risk factor for psoriatic arthritis that is independent of the PSORS1 allele., As neutrophils enter the site of inflammation, they release surface-expressed BLyS in a TNFalpha-dependent manner, and thus may contribute to local stimulation of autoimmune B cell responses., Down regulation of HuR expression by siRNA prevents atazanavir-induced increase of TNF-alpha and IL-6, suggesting that HuR might have an impact on pathophysiological processes of HIV PI-induced atherosclerosis, SARS-coronavirus spike protein upregulated IL-6 and TNF-alpha release in murine macrophages via NF-kappaB pathway., TNF-alpha transcriptional repression by altering levels of acetylated histone H3 and H4 at its promoter., Involved in prevalence of hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance in pediatric patients with chronic kidney disease in children., TNF-alpha significantly decreased PKC-zeta expression in PT osteoblasts, suggesting that proinflammatory cytokines can modulate its expression in osteoblasts in a way similar to changes detected in arthritic patients., Higher levels of IL-10, IL-8 and TNF-alpha were found in fibromyalgia patients than in controls., Heterozygocity for the gene polymorphisms did not occur more often in preeclamptic women compared with controls (TNF-alpha, Carriers of TNF (-308)A allele do not seem to have an increased risk for celiac disease in type 1 diabetes./, study confirming the association between -238 G/A TNF-alpha promoter polymorphism & early-onset psoriasis vulgaris in northern Polish population suggests the -238A variant may contribute to predisposition to psoriasis vulgaris and to the disease phenotype, TNF-alpha suppresses TGF-beta1-induced myofibroblast (fibroproliferative) phenotypic genes, for example, alpha-SMA, collagen type 1A, and fibronectin at the mRNA level., Our results suggest that the above four polymorphisms in the promoter region of the TNF-alpha gene appear not to confer increased susceptibility for schizophrenia in a Japanese population., The G308A polymorphism of the TNF-alpha gene did not affect levels of inflammatory markers in patients after surgery for head and neck cancer who were treated with early nutrition., TNFalpha mRNA expression is absent in nearly half of the cervical tumors analyzed. Neither promoter methylation nor genetic causes for lack of expression were evident., These results suggest an association of the -308 G/A polymorphism of the TNF-alpha gene with the severity of rheumatoid arthritis., Smaller magnitude of Parkinson disease risk increase among carriers of the heterozygous genotype for either or both polymorphisms suggests a gene-dosing effect., The association between serum levels of FAS, FLAG, and TNFA and the severity of the pathophysiological condition in patients with multiple organ failure with complicating peritonitis., study has identified a novel protective association between a TNF-alpha haplotype and bone mineral density in Crohn's disease, The IL-10 G-1082A and CYP3A5()3 polymorphisms may influence the interindividual variability of tacrolimus pharmacokinetics in Chinese liver transplant patients., mRNA and protein structures and identities of the present known mammalian TNFA., There was no evidence of a statistically significant association in the allelic distribution of IL4, IL10, IL16 and TNF polymorphism that were tested,nor in the haplotype frequencies in patietns with CD., Tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha causes death of large periportal Kupffer cells, the cells responsible for bacterial clearance during bacteremia., LTB(4) may enhance TNF-alpha-induced CCL27 production by activating NF-kappaB via the BLT1/G(i/o)/PI3K/ERK pathway in human keratinocytes., TNF-alpha allele correlates with increased risk of coronary artery disease in British population., The results show that Hcy activated both ERK(1/2)/p38MAPK pathway and NF-kappaB-DNA-binding activity., IL-7 stimulates osteoclastogenesis by inducing TNF-alpha release by T and B cells, TNF-308A and -1031T alleles are significant risk factors in the idiopathic inflammatory myopathies (IIMs); in the IIMs, the TNF-308A allele is part of the common ancestral haplotype, but is not independent of HLA-B*08, The -308 allele of the TNF-alpha gene does not affect differential tuberculosis susceptibility., Allelic composition at the examined SNPs in genes coding for TIMP-1 and MMP-3 affect Crohn's disease susceptibility and/or phenotype, i.e., fistulizing disease, stricture pathogenesis and first disease localisation., Contributes to inflammatory bone loss in transgenic mice by enhancing the osteoclastogenic potential of osteoclast precursor cells through inducing paired Ig-like receptor-A (PIR-A), a costimulatory receptor for receptor activator of NF-kappa B (RANK)., Polymorphism in the promotor region of TNF-alpha gene may lead to altered expression and a possible suboptimal activity of TNF-alpha in persons with GG genotypes, and these data suggest a link with infection following major surgery., The TNF-alpha-238G > a single-nucleotide polymorphism protects against memory decline in older adults with type 2 diabetes., An association has been demonstrated between TNFA polymorphisms and pre-eclampsia susceptibility., TNF and LTA genes are not major susceptibility genes for endometriosis., TNF-alpha was elevated in colostrum of mothers of neonates with jaundice., These findings support a novel p53 --> CDIP --> TNF-alpha apoptotic pathway that directs apoptosis after exposure of cells to genotoxic stress., Positive correlations between TNF-alpha gene expression in patients with rheumatoid and healthy persons., replication of our results in a second independent population of children with sickle cell anemia provides evidence for a true association between the TNF(-308) G/A variant and large vessel stroke risk, These data establish that TTP mediated TNF-alpha mRNA decay is inhibited by the combined activation of ERK and p38 and not by p38 activation alone, Predisposition to rheumatic heart disease is influenced by cytokine gene polymorphisms esp. composite polymorphism (TNF-alpha(-308 )A/A and IL-10(-1082) A/A) and (TNF-alpha(-308 )A/A and IL-10(-1082) G/G)., TNF-alpha, IL-1beta and IL-1Ra are produced after selective activation of mast cells in rheumatoid synovial tissue, Finds that the TNF-308A polymorphism was associated with an increased susceptibility to multibacillary leprosy., In healthy young adults a 12-wk high-intensity aerobic training program downregulates blood monocyte production of TNF., Crohn disease myofibroblasts showed higher transmembrane TNF expression than control myofibroblasts, Polymorphisms of the IL-4 (promoter-590 and intron 3) and TNF-alpha promoter-308 genes are not related to gout in Chinese patients in Taiwan., The TNF locus exerts a primary influence on both susceptibility to and the severity of rheumatoid arthritis., Persistent elevation of TNFA serebrospinal fluid levels may be one of the causes of treatment refractory daily persistent headache., Association between 15 single nucleotide polymorphisms in the coding and promoter regions of lymphotoxin A and TNFalpha geneswith risk of migraine., Brucella alters the maturation and functions of DCs through Omp25-dependent control of TNF-alpha production., the IL1A (4845 GT and 4845 TT), IL1B (-511 CC), and TNFA (-238 AA and -308 GA) genotypes were associated with susceptibility to nasal polyposis in our study population, A tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-dependent differentiation pathway of dendritic cells evokes T helper 1 (Th1) cell and T helper 17 (Th17) cell responses., Result suggested that there may be susceptible sites of ankylosing spondylitis in this 15 kb region, which may be TNF-alpha-850 C-->T mutation or other sites that around the TNF-alpha-850., These results suggest that IL-10, TNF-alpha and TGF-beta1 gene polymorphisms may affect host susceptibility to lung cancer and the outcome of the patients., The novel -646A TNFalpha allele was associated with the expression of HLA-B51 in Korean Behcet disease, although no genetic role of TNFalpha promoter polymorphisms was found in the susceptibility to Behcet's disease., CB2 receptor agonists attenuated TNF signaling in inflammation models., Specific TNF variants may identify systemic lupus erythematosus patients who are at particularly high risk of developing pneumonia., the association of serum levels of hyaluronic acid (HA), tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha), vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), NO, and Se with the clinical manifestations in adult patients with Kashin-Beck disease, the combination of bacterial iceA1 and TNF-alpha 238 G to A polymorphism may be a risk factor for peptic ulcer disease in children infected with Helicobacter pylori, These results suggest that PKCepsilon mediates its effects on TNFalpha- based apoptosis partly by preventing activation and translocation of Bax to the mitochondria., interleukin-8 (CXCL-8) is induced by tumor necrosis factor-alpha and leukemia inhibitory factor in pancreatic carcinoma cells, The levels of intralesional expression of mRNA of tumor necrosis factor-alpha, interferon, interleukin-10, RANTES, and indoleamine-2,3-dioxygenase in Mediterranean spotted fever are reported; levels of inducible nitric oxide synthase are also reported., observations suggest that the TNFa-308 G/A promoter SNP is not a genetic marker for type 1 diabetes (T1D), but that the TNFa microsatellite may have an added value to further refine the immunogenetic risk conferred by HLA-DQ region in Belgian population, Berberine suppressed Il-1beta/TNF-alpha production in lung inflammation models. Suppression was dependent on inhibition of IkappaB-alpha phosphorylation and degradation., there were no differences in the -308 TNF-alpha (tumor necrosis factor-alpha) gene promoter polymorphism alleles or geneotype frequencies among patients with or without osteoporosis, TNFA homozygous genotypes were significantly more often detected in Oral Lichen Planus patients., In a population of children in Norway, TNF-alpha-308 allele was associated with non-allergic asthma., TNFalpha was significantly correlated with amount of HIV-1 RNA but not with CD4 cell number in HIV-1-infected patients; patients with oral manifestations showed higher TNFalpha in saliva and HIV-1 RNA copies in serum than those without oral manifestations, The TNF A-308 genotype GA and allele A may be associated with aggressive periodontitis susceptibility in Chinese males., Results revealed that TNF-alpha could increase cholesterol content by down-regulating ABCA1 expression, IL-10 time-dependently decreased cholesterol accumulation by up-regulating ABCA1 expression., In psoriatic plaque skin, both CD68+ macrophages and CD11c+ dermal dendritic cells expressed TNFalpha and decreased following initiation of therapy with adalimumab, a TNFalpha inhibitor., in OLP (oral lichen planus)-HCV+ve (chronic hepatitis C) patients, the frequency of genotype -308 G/A of the TNF-alpha was decreased, whereas the genotype -308 G/G was increased compared with OLP-HCV-ve, Omental TNF-alpha may play a key role in contributing to cardiovascular risk in central obesity subjects., Data demonstrate that non-lethal mechanical trauma causes significant TNFalpha production that in turn stimulates myocardial apoptosis via oxidative/nitrative stress., results indicate that TNF-alpha did not modulate steroidogenesis in cultured human granulosa luteal cells; however, NF-kappaB was activated by TNF-alpha, Optineurin competitively antagonized NEMO's binding to polyUb receptor-interacting protein, and its overexpression inhibited TNFalpha-induced NF-kappaB activation.for its association with glaucoma., These results demonstrate for the first time that the A allele of the TNF -308 polymorphism is associated with cardiovascular disease in hemodialyzed end-stage renal disease patients., OPG but not OPN stimulated a dose-dependent increase in the expression of intercellular adhesion molecule-1, vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 and E-selectin by endothelial cells in the presence of TNF-alpha, significant augmentation of IL-8 production by endothelial cells during short-term hyperglycemia, and a similar but significantly stronger augmentation was obtained through TNF treatment, An association is demonstrated among TNFalpha gene polymorphism, Koreans with hypertension, and iris constitution., TNF-alpha-308 polymorphism is associated with rheumatoid arthritis in Han population in Eastern China., did not find any association between the G-308A and C-850T polymorphisms and the risk for preeclampsia, The TNFalpha-308A/TGFbeta1 25C genotype may be one component of genetic susceptibility to SLE in Colombian population., High innate production capacity of TNF-alpha precedes a steeper decline in muscle strength over time., There is a relationship between VEGF, TNF-alpha, IL-6 and the development of the diabetic retinopathy in children with diabetes mellitus type 1., -308 A allele may increase risk of gastritis and lymphoid follicle formation, These data thus provided good evidence that the MAPK signaling pathways are required for the regulation of P. intermedia lipopolysaccharide-induced TNF-alpha synthesis at the level of translation more than at the transcriptional level., there is a strong association between the maintenance of highly functional CD4 T cells producing IFNgamma, IL-2, and TNFalpha and control of HIV-1, TNF-alpha-308 promoter polymorphism in patients with rheumatoid arthritis is reported., The inflammatory markers, hsCRP, ESR, WBC, fibrinogen, and TNF-alpha, were raised in all patients but were significantly higher in rheumatoid arthritis patients with coronary artery disease who also had periodontal disease., The results showed that the TNF-alpha genotype could be a significant risk factor for sarcoidosis, whereas the risk of sarcoidosis due to the ACE genotype was not substantially elevated., Pre-treatment rheumatoid factor positivity or negativity does not influence response to TNF-alpha blocking therapy, Transmembrane tumor necrosis factor (TNF) and TNF receptor (TNFR)1/2 are interaction partners contributing to TNF-alpha production in monocytes., Statistical analysis revealed no difference in allele distribution for either gene. No association was observed between Generalized Aggresive Peridontitis and TNFA (-308) gene polymorphisms in Brazilian patients., Serum TNF-alpha levels in the patient group before and after treatment, were lower than those in the control group., A novel mechanism for involvement of TNF-alpha in cell-cell interactions in RA synovium and for the effectiveness of TNF-alpha blockade in the treatment of RA is illustrated., TNFalpha gene G-308A polymorphism is not a major risk factors in renal transplantation, polymorphism not associated with an increased risk of benign migratory glossitis development, A case-control study found no association between the TNF-alpha-238 polymorphism and colorectal cancer in Iranian patients., proteasome inhibition augmented interleukin-1 beta- and tumor necrosis factor-alpha-induced activation of the IkappaBalpha kinase and MKK4/JNK/c-Jun pathway along with TAK1 activation, Single nucleotide polymorphism is a genetic risk factor for ischemic cerebrovascular disease., TNF-alpha mediated downregulation of catalase expression and accordingly sufficient H(2)O(2) is required for appropriate function of the NF-kappaB dependent survival pathway., Three classes of inflammatory repressors act synergistically in modulating PAF-induced up-regulation of COX-2, TNFalpha, and PGE(2) by quenching oxidative stress or inflammatory signaling, resulting in increased HN cell survival., TNFalpha might be a negative regulator of breast cancer stem cell-like cells, the lack of TNF-alpha potentiates pathogenic excess inflammation, fibrogenic response, and neovascularization in an alkali-burned mouse cornea., TNF-alpha causes different effects on human mesangial matrix metalloproteinase MMP-9 and tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase (TIMP)-1 expression in vitro, indicating an important role for pro-inflammatory TNF-alpha in renal disease progression., The CC homozygote genotype of the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPAR gamma) gene had increased tumor necrosis factor alpha levels compared with T allele carriers., HMGB1 can induce expression of TNF-alpha and IL-1beta, and formation of a pro-inflammatory loop between HMGB1, TNF-alpha, and IL-1beta may be responsible for the prolonged and sustained inflammation in CLE., Incubation in the presence of TRAIL enhanced the caspase-dependent and chymotrypsin-like-protease-dependent apoptotic cell death in A549 cells exposed to X rays, Results indicate a role for NF-kappaB activation and TNF-alpha in the activation of monocytes of patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and suggest an important role of circulating monocytes in RA pathogenesis., In in vitro PHA activated PBLs IL-6 was the most induced with a maximum increase of 1110-fold after 4 h of PHA stimulation, followed by TNF-alpha and IL-1beta as well as interferon-gamma (IFN-gamma)., tumour necrosis factor polymorphisms are not associated with susceptibility to COPD, We hypothesized that polymorphisms in inflammatory response genes contribute to the increased susceptibility to acute otitis media. In the patient group, TNFA promoter genotypes -238 G/G and -376 G/G were associated with an otitis-prone condition., Increase in TNF-alpha after cesarean section resulted in suppression of the nocturnal melatonin surge., There's a relationship between inflammatory activation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (enhanced mRNA expression of TNF-alpha and IL-6) and renal involvement (increased urinary albumin excretion) in type 2 diabetic patients., A statistically significant increase of IL-2, TNF-alpha, and leptin concentr. was observed in patients from stage I to stage III of NSCLC. These findings suggest that IL-2, TNF-alpha, and the leptin play an important role in the cancerogenesis of NSCLC., Position -308 [-308 guanine/adenine] of the TNF-alpha promoter is not a genetic marker for identifying women at increased risk of common pregnancy complications., Both PD98095 and dicoumarol were capable of blocking TNFalpha production but had only a small effect on p21Waf1 expression, Cells not expressing TNF-R1 were insensitive to TNFalpha, whereas those treated with DA showed a further decrease in viability when subsequently treated with TNFalpha., Human cardiac cells constitutively express M-CSF and its expression is up-regulated by TNF-alpha., Decreased osteogenic potential of mesenchymal stem cells of myeloma patients was in part due to TNF-alpha suppressed TAZ expression., TNF-alpha plays a significant role in the pathogenesis of chronic insulin resistance in humans., TNF-alpha expression in omental adipose tissue could play a key role in contributing to cardiovascular risk in central obesity subjects., n-3 PUFAs treatment effectively prevented the redistribution of occludin and ZO-1 and distortion of TJ morphology, reduced transepithelial electrical resistance induced by IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha, Among farm workers frequently exposed to cement in southern Taiwan, those with TNF alpha promoter-308 heterozygous genotype had increased risk of chromate sensitization., the genotype AA at polymorphism -863C/A in a recessive model showed a significant association with developing gout independent of hyperuricaemia, abnormal creatinine, higher TG, GPT and alcohol consumption, While TNFalpha had no effect on MCL-1 transcription, it induced expression of another antiapoptotic molecule, BFL-1., These findings demonstrate for the first time that IRF-1 is a novel alternative GRbeta-independent mechanism mediating steroid dysfunction induced by pro-asthmatic cytokines., Visfatin, TNF-alpha, and IL-6 mRNA expressions are increased in peripheral mononuclear-monocytic cells from women with type 2 diabetes., TNFalpha may play a key role in cooperation with HB-EGF and AREG in the proliferation of epidermal keratinocytes at the psoriatic skin lesions., TNF-alpha gene polymorphism in patients infected with HBV would result in relatively inefficient inhibition of HBV and development of end-stage liver disease, Present an atypical case of leukemic transformation in myelofibrosis associated with diffuse osteolytic lesions and extremely elevated TNF-alpha and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH). Parathormone was not disturbed., B19 capsid antigen did not promote positive rsponse for production of TNF-alpha., TNF-alpha genotype may contribute a common phenotype of enhanced vascular instability that increases the risk of hemorrhagic outcome., The mRNA expression levels of IL-1beta, TNF-alpha and TH was higher in paranoid schizophrenic patients than those in normal controls., A significant association between the TNF-alpha-308G-->A polymorphism and processing speed was observed, indicating better performance for heterozygous or homozygous carriers of the A allele., MMP-1 and TNF-alpha correlate well with the severity of the disease, and therefore, can be used clinically as biological markers to judge the severity of ulcerative colitis., In response to autocrine TNFalpha signaling, the Smac mimetic promotes formation of a RIPK1-dependent caspase-8-activating complex, leading to apoptosis, evaluation of TNF level and its polymorphisms in the promoter region may be considered to be reliable molecular and immunological markers, possess promising rational for diagnostic potential and immunotherapeutic interventions in clinical vivax malaria., SP D and TNF-alpha are significantly increased in CF compared with AFRS, suggesting activation of both innate immunity and Th1-mediated inflammation and potential correlation between SPs and downstream adaptive immune responses, NAFLD and NASH patients have elevated plasma LBP.This increase is related to a rise in TNF-alpha gene expression in the hepatic tissue which supports a role for endotoxemia in the development of steatohepatitis in obese patients., The -863A allele of TNF-alpha gene and the extended haplotype of -863A, -308G, -238G can be used as a genetic marker for systemic lupus erythematosus susceptibility in Thai populations, TNF-alpha sensitizes primarily resistant endometrial stromal cells to Fas-mediated apoptosis., Short-term TNF-alpha cell treatment caused A(2B) AR phosphorylation inducing, in turn, impairment in A(2B) AR-G protein coupling and cAMP production, a novel, promoter-specific signaling interaction between estrogen and TNFalpha signaling is likely to be important for prolactin regulation in vivo., the polymorphism of promoter gene TNFA-238GA is associated with the occurrence and severity of chronic GVHD. The probability of chronic GVHD in patients with GA genotype at pos. -238 of TNFA gene is 91.7%; 59.4% in patients with GG genotype, IL-10 modulated the pro-apoptotic capacity of TNF-alpha in chondrocytes as shown by the decrease in caspase activities and bax/bcl-2 ratio, A relatively low dose of tnf-alpha induces systemic lipolysis but skeletal muscle metabolism is unaffected., Carriage of the TNF308.2 allele correlates with disease severity and hepatic fibrosis, which may contribute to a higher risk for HCC., FOXO3a (forkhead box O3) induces TNF alpha expresion and promotes apoptosis in human umbilical venin endothelial cells, Autocrine TNF-alpha secretion resulting from IgE/FcepsilonRI-dependent activation plays a critical role in suppressing TLR9-dependent responses in plasmacytoid dendritic cells that normally promote T(H)1 activity, In this review, TNF-alpha orchestrates a diverse array of functions involved in immune surveillance and defense, cellular homeostasis, and protection against certain neurological insults; however, paradoxical effects of this cytokine have been observed., Coincubation of platelets with monocytes induced EMMPRIN-mediated nuclear factor kappaB activation in monocytes with increased MMP-9, interleukin-6, and tumor necrosis factor-alpha secretion by monocytes, These results suggest that P. acnes stimulates hDF to produce TNF-alpha, which mediates the expression of proMMP-2 through the NF-kappaB pathway., no significant differences in genotype and allele frequencies were found in Argentinean patients with MS. The A/G genotype was found in 4.4% of pts (n=90) and in 4.8% of healthy individuals (n=84; p=0.92; odds ratio=0.93; confidence interval, Proinflammatory cytokines seem to be only partly involved in the pathophysiology of complex regional pain syndrome 1, as indicated by the lack of coherence between TNF-alpha and IL-6 levels and the signs and symptoms of inflammation and disease duration, monocytes show reduced expression of LPS-stimulated tumor necrosis factor-alpha in term and preterm labor, Fanconi anemia is characterized by an overproduction of the myelosuppressive cytokine TNF-alpha through unknown mechanisms., acute myocardial infarction from information on functional gene variants that favor inflammation or modulate cholesterol metabolism, exposure to LPS evoked a weak and transient induction of TNFalpha mRNA whereas induction of IL-6 and IL-8 mRNA were pronounced, TNF-alpha stimulated tenascin-C expression through NF-kappaB signaling with RelA activation in cultured OA chondrocytes, suggesting involvement of tenascin-C in OA cartilage remodeling., Taken together, these results show an association between severity of depressive symptoms and expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines in patients with HCV., HMEEC exposed to IL-1beta and TNF-alpha demonstrated significant upregulation of mucin secretion in a dose-dependent fashion., Data show that older Type D chronic heart failure patients have a higher mean TNF-alpha level as compared to patients who were younger or who were not Type D., in patients with chronic hepatatitis B infection, the TNF-alpha -863 A allele was significantly increased in the hepatocellular carcinoma group compared to healthy controls, No statistically significant association is found between 308 G/A, -238 G/A, -376 G/A polymorphisms, or functional TNFalpha/interleukin-10 genotypes and tuberculosis., role of G(-308)A promoter polymorphism in myocardial ishemia, results suggest that TNF-alpha and the local renin-angiotensin system coordinately stimulate PAI-1 production in hepatocytes, Activated mast cells induce endothelial cell apoptosis by multiple mechanisms, TNF activated ERK in an EGFR and Src dependent and an EGFR and Src independent modes, Polymorphisms associated with increased expression in the cytokines TNFalpha and TGFbeta1 are overrepresented in the Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) population., TNF-alpha induced apoptosis of SYM-1 cells within 24h and decreased OPG levels, The increase of plasma TNF-alpha in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) patients in the presence of a slight increase of sTNFR-1 & -2 supports a functionally significant activation of the TNF system in ALS., These results suggest the mechanisms underlying chronic insulin resistance in gestational diabetes may be driven by increased inflammation in skeletal muscle., role of TNF-alpha-308 G/A and IL-4-589 C/T polymorphisms in susceptibility to and severity of asthma., Antithrombin might inhibit LPS-induced production of TNF-alpha by inhibiting the increase in Egr-1 expression in monocytes via interaction with heparin-like substances expressed on the cell surface, noticed the largest number of mRNA copies for TNFalpha and TNF R2/R7 in healthy cells at stage III of the disease, IL-1beta and IL-6 were found increased in plasma and tuberculous pleural fluid, indicating an inflammatory status, Ioniing radiation signaling in a lung tumor cell line is due to activation of NF-kappaB signaling by TNF-alpha., Acute lung transplant rejection is associated with decreased intracellular T-cell TGFbeta in blood and increased intracellular IFNgamma and TNFalpha, Protein levels of NOD2, TNFalpha, and nuclear NF-kappaB, as well as the binding activity of NF-kappaB to a consensus DNA sequence, were significantly increased in inflamed mucosa of patients as compared to controls., plasma total homocysteine is a determinant of TNF-alpha in hypertension, NGF and NGF-induced TNF-alpha cooperate to activate Akt, promoting survival of normal neural cells., SAMD9 may have a role in the TNF-alpha signaling pathway and in the regulation of extra-osseous calcification, Gene polymorphism of Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha promoter region in--308 site is associated with increased risk of premature births., The promoter/enhancer activity of the NFAT-binding site in the TNF-alpha gene was up-regulated by NFATc2 but not by NFATc1, whereas both NFATs associated similarly with this region., TNF-alpha affects cholesterol efflux and ABCA1 expression of adipocytes, and the pathway of PPARgamma-LXRalpha-ABCA1 is probably involved, TNF-alpha unveils a previously unknown capacity of neutrophils to migrate to CCL3 through the intervention of Mac-1., The genotype distribution and allele frequencies of TNF-alpha G/A polymorphism were significantly higher in the thrombotic children without infection and in the control group than in the thrombotic children with an infection history, protein kinase C synergistically enhances the secretion of uPA in TNF-alpha-stimulated human dental pulp cells, observations suggest that Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) inhibits tumour necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha)-mediated plasmogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1)induction in vascular endothelial cells, processing of pre-TNF alpha in LPS-stimulated macrophages is regulated by TPL2-mediated activation of ERK1 and ERK2, Results showed an association of specific TNF SNPs with cytokine levels and disease severity/resistance in patients from areas with differential disease endemicity., study does not support an association between TNF variants and prostate cancer risk, Tumor necrosis factor-alpha induced changes in the mechanical properties of ECs, which included a decrease in the average shear moduli that occurred in all regions of the ECs and an increase in distensibility in the central regions., a significant association between TNF (-308A) SNP and both development of MC and diminished immune responsiveness, Changes in peripheral blood of TNF transgenic mice are reflected in alterations in cell kinetics, transferrin receptor expression and increased apoptosis and cell death in the bone marrow indicating that TNF-alpha may contribute to myelodysplasia in ACD., TNF-alpha-308 G/A may be related to susceptibility, whereas -609 TT TNFR1 and 1690 C/T TNFR2 SNPs may be protective to tobacco-related oral squamous cell carcinoma., These findings support preclinical evidence that the local administration of tumor necrosis factor inhibitors may prove to be a safe and effective treatment for challenging pain conditions., The basis for interactions between tumor necrosis factor and insulin-like growth factor-1 is discussed in this Review with specific reference to clinical consequences for myofiber necrosis of skeletal muscle., SENP1 mediates TNF-induced desumoylation and translocation of HIPK1, leading to an enhanced ASK1-dependent apoptosis., Taken together, we demonstrate that EPA inhibits TNF-alpha-induced MMP-9 expression through inhibition of p38 and Akt activation., No particular tumor necrosis factor alpha genotype was associated with CAID., TauBr inhibited degradation of IkappaBalpha and TNFalpha-induced NF-kappaB activation., The TNF2 allele of -308 is associated with the occurrence of hypertensive disorder complicating pregnancy, while T allele of -850 may be the protective factor., There was an obvious correlation between the increase of TNF-alpha and that of ICAM-1 in lichen planus., TNFalpha produces a nasal inflammatory response in humans that is characterised by late phase (i.e., 24 hours post challenge) neutrophil activity and plasma exudation., An altered pattern of TNF-alpha release was observed in trauma patients treated with catecholamines., TNF-alpha may participate in the pathogenesis of NAFLD., A direct effect of TGF-beta signaling via ALK5 on the regulation of TNF-alpha synthesis in macrophages, THE TNF alpha (TNf) -308 minor allele (A) had a higher odds ratio (OR) of being associated with COPD; 237 minor allele (A) had a lower OR, ;In COPD patients, the -857 minor allele was associated with severe COPD, TNFA-308G/A polymorphism is associated with gallbladder cancer., These data suggest that TNF-induces autophagy through ERK1/2 and that inhibition of autophagy increases cellular sensitivity to TNF., genotype frequencies at the TNF, TNF-alpha overrides the G2/M checkpoint in keratinocytes and allows for some cells containing unrepaired cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers to enter the cell cycle. TNF-alpha seems to be dependent on PI3K-Akt activation., highly significant contribution of TNF-alpha in the occurrence of oral squamous cell carcinoma, Serum IL-1beta, IL-6, IL-8, and TNF-alpha are mediators of inflammation in neonatal sepsis, Ghrelin, TNF-alpha, and IL-6 may have roles in cyanotic and acyanotic congenital heart disease in children, Amniotic fluid TNF-alpha may promote the onset of labor at term and/or term labor contributing to subsequent delivery may induce the production and secretion of TNF-alpha into the amniotic cavity, TGF-beta1/TNF-alpha levels and endothelial cell activation are interrelated in kidney transplant patients., Childhood obesity contributes to higher PAI-1 and TNFalpha and lower TGFbeta levels, which may accompany insulin resistance and dyslipidemia., In blacks we detected a significant association between higher amniotic fluid concentrations of TNFalpha and preterm birth this may be indicative of a TNF-alpha mediated pathological process of preterm birth in blacks but not in whites., In heart failure patients, platelet CD40L is upregulated by TNFalpha via a cyclooxygenase-1-independent, arachidonic acid-mediated oxidative stress mechanism., There is a trend to increase in TNF alfa and IL-10 values in Alzheimer's disease., Set-association analysis did not reveal an independent or an interactive effect of these TNF-alpha on the PD risk., TNF-alpha-positive cells are more frequent, while IL-4-positive cells are less frequent in tissues from lung neoplasms, association between SNPs in the promoter of the TNF-alpha gene and ulcerative colitis and colorectal cancer, The differential responses of human umbilical artery and vein endothelial cells to TNF in organ culture correlate with transcription factor/co-activator binding to DNA and converge during cell culture., Adiponectin protects the endothelial monolayer from Ang II or TNF-alpha-induced hyperpermeability by modulating microtubule and cytoskeleton stability via a cAMP/ PKA signaling cascade., TLR2/TLR4 stimulation was associated with NF-kappaB p65 nuclear translocation and proinflammatory cytokine production (TNF-alpha and IL-6) in adipose tissue, TNF-alpha, can enhance invasion and the EMT of renal cancer cells, which provides a therapeutic target to prevent and treat advanced renal cell carcinoma., Suggest that reinioside C could attenuate the increase of TNF-alpha induced by exogenous asymmetric dimethylargining through inhibition ROS/NF-kappaB pathway in monocytes., These results identify JNK, and not NFkappaB, as a critical mediator of TNF-alpha repressory effect on connexin 43 gene expression., TNF-alpha -238G/A and -238A/A, and LT-alpha+252G/G genotypes were positively associated only with exclusively early RM. This supports the concept of the association of TNF-alpha (-238G/A) and LT-alpha (+252A/G) polymorphic variants in idiopathic RM., Our results suggest that TGF-beta1 gene Arg(25)-->Pro, TNFalpha gene G-308A, and IL-6 gene G-174C polymorphisms are not risk factors or markers of progression in Caucasian patients with IgA nephropathy., the effect of the polymorphism of TNF-alpha is relevant in the pathogenesis of macroscopic erosive gastritis., TNF-alpha, and also extracellular ATP, may contribute to cell activation following allergen stimulation and might reflect the mechanism by which dendritic cells respond to allergens, The distribution of IL-10 and TNF-alpha genotype did not differ among patients with or without access failure., These results indicate that bile acid performs a critical function in the regulation of the induction of inflammatory-related genes in gastric cells, Leptin induced functional TF and increased TF mRNA and protein expression in neutrophils and mononuclear leukocytes, golgin-245 is a key regulator of TNF secretion; LPS activation of macrophages results in increased Golgi carriers for export, up-regulating the transport pathway for TNF export., STC1 maintains endothelial permeability in TNF-alpha-treated HCAECs through preservation of tight junction protein expression, suppression of superoxide anion production, and inhibition of the activation of NFkappaB and JNK, study assesses whether and how immune complexes formed by the interaction of disease-specific autoantibodies to citrullinated proteins with their main synovial target antigen, citrullinated fibrin, contribute to TNFalpha production by macrophages, Blood oxygenation affects exercise-induced TNF-alpha response in hypoxemic chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients., SNPs of TNFalpha gene may not associate with SARS-CoV infection and may not affect interstitial lung fibrosis; however, the -1031CT/CC and -863 AC genotypes may be risk factors for femoral head necrosis, p38 MAP kinase down-regulates extracellular signal-regulated kinase via activation of MKP-3 in human monocytes exposed to asbestos to enhance TNF-alpha gene expression., tumor cell-derived TNFalpha plays a profound role in malignancy of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, Results revealed significant differences between TNF-alpha concentrations in teeth with periapical pathosis with larger lesions, as well as between control and canals with small lesions., polymorphic variations may play an important role in susceptibility of Iranian multiple sclerosis patients, Levels of tumor necrosis factor-alpha and high sensitivity C-reactive protein have a cumulative effect on the mean values of carotid artery intimal medial thickness in Asian Indian subjects with normal glucose tolerance., The IVS1G + 123A polymorphism of the TNF-alpha gene, which seemed to be functional, was associated with DM in the Japanese population., TNF-alpha-857 gene polymorphisms influence severity of the disease., TNF-alpha induces renal tubular cell damage and AT1/AT2 receptor blockers showed cytoprotective effects probably via at least partly different mechanisms., Both CC and LC are associated with the HLA-DR3-DQ2 haplotype and with TNF2 allele carriage. These associations are present also in MC patients without CD., rhIL1beta and rhTNF alpha inhibited glucagon-stimulated signal transduction at the site of cAMP formation., exogenous Nef and TNFalpha synergistically activate NF-kappaB and AP-1 in U937 cells and primary macrophages resulting in enhanced stimulation of the HIV-1 long terminal repeat (LTR), and subsequently in enhanced viral replication, The TNFalpha-308 allele A frequency was significantly lower in acute alcoholic hepatitis(AAH) (0.09) than cirrhosis (0.28) and healthy groups. AAH and cirrhosis groups did not differ for the frequency of TNFalpha-238, -863 polymorphisms., results suggest that in A549 cells, phosphorylation of p42/p44 MAPK, JNK, and transactivation of NF-kappaB are essential for TNF-alpha-induced MMP-9 gene expression, the temporal expression of TNF is critical, The TNF-alpha promoter polymorphism (-308G/A) may be associated with asthma susceptibility and BHR in Korean children with asthma, and there appears to be a combined effect with IL-13 polymorphisms in this population., Initiates an interferon-beta-mediated autocrine loop that sustains expression of inflammatory genes and induces delayed expression of interferon-response genes., TNFalpha level is high in patients with end-stage heart failure on medical therapy but higher in patients on left ventricular assist device support; high TNFalpha plasma levels are not correlated with TNF2 allele but seem to be associated with TNF1 allele, Results suggest that the simultaneous presence of IL-1B and TNF-alpha two-positions risk haplotypes enhances the susceptibility for celiac disease., Data show that JNK modulates the effect of caspases and NF-kappaB in the TNF-alpha-induced down-regulation of Na+/K+ATPase in HepG2 cells., TNFA-308 locus of TNF-alpha is a risk factor for gastric cancer, especially in Caucasian populations., IL-6 and TNF-alpha, and the level of an anti-inflammatory cytokine IL-10, but not their gene polymorphisms, provide novel and important prognostic information in patients with ADHF., HMGB1 plays an important role in Gram-negative sepsis by catalyzing movement of LPS monomers from LPS aggregates to CD14 to initiate a TLR4-mediated proinflammatory response, TNF-alpha-1031T/C gene polymorphism (CC genotype) is a risk factor for periodontitis, RAS and BD patients. Periodontal follow-up and education of oral hygiene in patients with BD may help to prevent the development and/or progression of the disease., These results indicate the involvement of NRDc in ectodomain shedding of TNF-alpha., Tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha), interleukin-6 (IL-6), MIF, and matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9), decreased significantly after weight loss., The results from our study revealed that the TNF -308AA genotype might increase the risk of early onset of Parkinson disease., Although the genetic background of TNFalpha could be shown to be associated with subgingival colonization with Prevotella intermedia, there is no evidence that it is an independent risk factor for periodontitis, Data suggest that Moraxella catarrhalis lipooligosaccharide selectively upregulates ICAM-1 expression on human monocytes and stimulates adjacent naive monocytes to produce TNF-alpha through cellular cross-talk., study suggests polymorphisms of IL10, TNFalpha & TGFbeta1 do not have major independent role in acute rejection (AR)& hepatitis B virus(HBV)recurrence after liver transplantation & may not be risk factors of AR & HBV recurrence after liver transplantation, Activation of HLA-B27 promoter is a sequential event, and that TNF-alpha and IFN-beta are major participants at different timepoints., The role of BAT1 in the regulation of tumor necrosis factor-a suggests that BAT1 may regulate the inflammatory response observed in patients with rheumatoid arthritis., Increased mucosal tumor necrosis factor-alpha is associated with segmental colitis associated with diverticula., in gingival crevicular fluid and peri-implant crevicular fluid did not change significantly after a period of de novo plaque accumulation, TNFA-308 genetic polymorphism plays a possible role as a susceptibility factor for chemically induced allergic contact dermatitis., tumour necrosis factor-alpha gene nucleotide -308 polymorphism is associated with a moderately increased risk of asthma and bronchial hyperresponsiveness, but not with atopy, PKCzeta is an important transduction molecule downstream of TNF-alpha signaling and is associated with increased expression of CD1d that may enhance CD1d-natural killer T cell interactions in psoriasis lesions., Plasma TNF-alpha was elevated in multiple sclerosis patients at the end of an 8 week exercise program., the concentration of cerebrospinal IL-10 and TNF-alpha was below the sensitivity of the measurements in cervical spondylotic myelopathy, Increased concentrations of TNF-alpha in cord blood and of IL-6 in cord blood were associated with psychomotor developmental index <85; Increased concentrations of TNF-alpha in cord blood and IL-8 in cord blood were associated with cerebral palsy., High levels of IL-1beta, IL-10, IL-17 and TNF-alpha (in the serum and synovial fluid) were observed in arthritis compared to the healthy controls, The TNFalpha -238G/A and LTalpha +252A/G, but not TNFalpha -308G/A, polymorphic variants are associated with exclusively early idiopathic recurrent miscarriage(RM)., although the meta-analysis demonstrated a lack of an overall association between TNF-alpha G-308A polymorphism and preeclampsia, our results suggest a role of this SNP in the risk of severe IUGR-complicated preeclampsia, Variants among promoter of TNF-alpha are unlikely to play major role in susceptibility to diabetic retinopathy in Chinese patients with type 2 diabetes., Serum adiponectin level was decreased and serum CRP and TNF-alpha levels were increased in obese children. Our findings suggest that childhood obesity is associated with inflammatory processes., Allelic distribution of -308 G>A (TNF 1/2) polymorphism of the TNF-alpha gene was determined in multiple myeloma patients., DC-SIGN enhances the production of IFN-alpha and TNF-alpha in cells that infected by glycosylated West Nile virus., The association between TNF-alpha and proliferative retinopathy in type 1 diabetic patients suggests that inflammation might play a role in the pathogenesis of proliferative diabetic retinopathy., Polymorphism of 308 (G/A) TNFalpha and TNFa depended, first of all, on patterns of breast and, secondly, on the elevated TNFalpha expression as a factor of pathogenesis of hereditary breast cancer., This case-control study evaluated polymorphisms in cytokine genes and the occurrence of occupational chronic irritant contact dermatitis. The results suggested a TNFA-induced increase of susceptibility (TNFA -308 variant genotypes), The TNFalpha -308 C-->T and -863 C-->A polymorphisms are not associated with spermiogram characteristics and do not represent molecular markers for genetic susceptibility to male infertility., No statistically significant association was found between TNF-alpha 308G/A, -238G/A, -376G/A polymorphisms and Rheumatoid arthritis, A positive temporal interaction between tumour necrosis factor-alpha and interlukin-6 on cell growth was identified with the combination significantly increasing total cellular protein, extracellular signal-regulated kinase phosphorylation and S-phase, a relationship between the TNFalpha -1031T/T genotype and colorectal cancer (CRC) (64.5% for controls vs 74.7% for CRC cases above 70 yrs), Common TNF gene variants are associated with sepsis syndrome and death after severe injury, Tumor necrosis factor-alpha inhibits chondrogenic differentiation of synovial fibroblasts through p38 mitogen activating protein kinase pathways., The level of functional circulating TNFalpha is partially genetically determined and is predictive of the clinical response to infliximab, These findings suggest that JNK1 and JNK2 are involved in TNF-alpha-induced neutrophil apoptosis and GM-CSF-mediated antiapoptotic effect on neutrophils, respectively., activation of the TRPM8 variant in human lung epithelial cells leads to increased expression of IL-1alpha, -1beta, -4, -6, -8, and -13, granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF), and TNF-alpha., TNF-alpha-induced ICAM-1 up-regulation in the airway epithelium is mediated by Rac1-ROS linked cascade via NF-kappaB-dependent manner, The TNF-alpha gene promoter polymorphism G/A at position -308 does not influence TNF-alpha plasma levels during cardiac surgery, is not associated with greater oxidative stress, and does not result in a greater incidence of perioperative complications., T allele at -857 locus of Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) gene is a marker for more extensive disease in Turkish sarcoidosis patients, low levels of TNFalpha increase the Ca(2+) sensitivity of the heart via a TNFR1-mediated mechanism, Tumor necrosis factor-alpha levels in gingival crevicular fluid were positively correlated with probing depth and clinical attachment loss in children with gingivitis., documents role of reactive oxygen species in TNF-alpha signaling cascades in human keratinocytes used as a model of inflammatory skin disease and psoriasis, TNF-alpha gene polymorphisms at positions -308 (G-308A), -863 (C-863A), and -1031 (T-1031C) are associated with Graves' disease., Data show that the TNF alpha may partly regulate the growth of MCF-7 breast cancer cells through the down-regulation of ER alpha expression, which is primarily mediated by a PI3K/Akt signaling., Phagocytosis of co-developing neutrophil progenitors by dendritic cells in a culture of human CD34(+) cells with granulocyte colony-stimulating factor and tumor necrosis factor-alpha., IL-10, IL-4 and TNF-alpha genetic polymorphisms were not related to the risk of developing drug induced liver injury, These findings revealed that TNF-alpha is able to induce apoptosis via two distinct caspase-8 activation pathways that are differentially regulated by cIAP1/2 and c-FLIP., Data show that TNF-alpha is overexpressed in experimental models of seizures in brain areas of seizure generation and propagation, prominently by glia and to a lesser extent by neurons., These data do not suggest that genetically determined changes in the IL-1 or TNFalpha genes confer increased susceptibility to suicidal behavior., BMP-7 ameliorates IgA nephropathy-derived polymeric IgA-induced TNF-alpha and TGF-beta synthesis in human mesangial cells through multiple mechanisms involving inhibitory Smads and PPAR-gamma., Neural stem cell self-renewal is controlled by bi-directional cross-talk between the endocannabinoid system and the tumor necrosis factor signalling pathway., Interleukin 1beta and tumor necrosis factor- alpha regulate interleukin 6-type cytokines in gingival fibroblasts, Production of both TNFalpha and IL-10 in COPD lung tissue following exposure to bacterial LPS may have important biological implications for both episodes of exacerbation, disease progression and amelioration., TNF is associated with with life expectancy, Suppressor activity among CD4+,CD25++ T cells is discriminated by membrane-bound tumor necrosis factor alpha, ATP and ADP at high-micromolar concentrations reduce secretion of the main Th1 cytokines Tumor necrosis Factor (TNF)alpha, IL-12(p70) and Interferon (IFN)gamma in LPS stimulated human blood, Human immunodeficiency virus infection alters tumor necrosis factor alpha production via Toll-like receptor-dependent pathways in alveolar macrophages and U1 cells, Report frequency of S and Z alleles for alpha-1-antitrypsin and tumor necrosis factor alpha -308 promoter polymorphism in northeastern Mexico., TNF-alpha-308(G-->A) G/G genotype may be contributing factor in susceptibility as well as in severity of asthma among Egyptian children, CD300a and CD300c play an important role in the cross-regulation of TNF-alpha and IFN-alpha secretion from pDCs; CD300a/c RNA and surface expression were downregulated after stimulation of pDCs with TLR7 and TLR9 ligands, Discuss the role of AQP3 in TNF-alpha-mediated inflammation and the development of periodontitis., oxidative stress promotes TNFR receptor (TNFR1- and TNFR2) self-interaction and ligand-independent and enhanced ligand-dependent TNF signaling, TNF[alpha] -308, -238, and TGF [beta]1 -509 SNPs and the TNF[alpha] -308A/-238G haplotype were associated with age-related decline in FEV1 in a group of firefighters., Detail the role of Bax translocation, cytochrome c release, and perinuclear clustering of the mitochondria in the killing of HeLa cells by TNF., The synthesis and characterization of a thermally-responsive tumor necrosis factor antagonist are reported., the anemia of chronic kidney disease was associated with up regulation of TNF-alpha, and possibly IL-6 and IL-8 along with increased levels of these proinflammatory cytokines in patients treated with epoetin., The concentrations of LTB4 and TNF-alpha in exhaled breath condensate of COPD patients are raised when oxidation stress is reinforced., inflammatory activity, in part mediated by TNFalpha, leads to perturbation of the endothelial glycocalyx in humans, TNF-alpha production in monocytes induced by centrifugation-mediated mechanical stress is dependent on MyD88-dependent TLR2 signaling that is associated with Ca(2+) release. TNF-alpha production induced by mechanical stress also affects TLR2 production., Transmembrane TNF-alpha when highly expressed on tumor cells and acting as a receptor, promotes NF-kappaB activation through reverse signaling, which is helpful to maintain tumor cell survival., TNF-alpha, an inflammatory cytokine, disrupts the localization of polycystin-2 to the plasma membrane and primary cilia through a scaffold protein, FIP2, which is induced by TNF-alpha, Comparative proteomic analysis of TNF-alpha-derived endothelial microparticles is reported., Inflammatory markers associated with the acute-phase response (IL-6, TNF-alpha, C-reactive protein, and fibrinogen, but not IL-18) are associated with risk of recurrent stroke, intracellular cathepsin B activity is involved in the TNF-alpha-containing vesicle trafficking to the plasma membrane, The results of present study suggest that the TNF-alpha -308 and the IL-6 -174 promoter polymorphisms may be the genetic factors influencing the renal allograft survival., The present study demonstrates that the G308A polymorphism in the TNF-alpha gene is not related to clinical outcomes after bariatric surgery., unfavorable genetic profile in the TNF-alpha gene may be involved in sudden infant death by exposing the infant to both a high level of and prolonged exposure to TNF-alpha, Data show that coronary artery calcification, arterial stiffness, and renal insufficiency associate with circulating levels of TNF-alpha in type 2 diabetic patients., association between diabetic complications and LTA, TNF and AGER polymorphisms is complex, with partly different alleles conferring susceptibility in type 1 and type 2 diabetic patients, TNF-alpha gene polymorphism (-308G/A) does not seem to be associated with the occurrence or recurrence of Ttoxoplasmic Retinochoroiditis., study found no evidence of an interaction between alcohol consumption and TNF-alpha gene polymorphisms in relation to TNF-alpha levels; carriers of the TNF -238A allele tended to have a higher prevalence of advanced liver disease than -238G homozygotes, TNF polymorphisms studied seem not to play a role in determining the severity of alcoholic pancreatitis or the risk of developing alcoholic pancreatitis., The inhibition of TNF-alpha appears to be mediated primarily by exercise and not hyperthermia induced by protective clothing, choline suppresses TNF production from endotoxin-stimulated macrophages, Homozygous allele 1 was the most common TNF-alpha genotype in both groups, however no significant difference in TNF-alpha genotypes was found between groups., We found that the women with preeclampsia had significantly higher serum TNF-alpha concentrations compared with the women in the control group; urinary levels of TNF-alpha were significantly decreased in the women with preeclampsia compared with controls, Results indicate that IL-6 and TNF-alpha are only partially responsible for the signs and symptoms of complex regional pain syndrome type 1., The variant allele of THBS2 is a risk factor for TAA in hypertensive patients, whereas the variant alleles of HSPA8, GPX1, AGT, and TNF are protective against this condition., Results suggest that tumor necrosis factor (TNF) is a major cytokine involved in inflammatory reaction and a mortality predictor in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD)., Lysosomal degradation of cIAP1-TRAF2 by TWEAK/FN14 therefore critically alters the balance of life/death signals emanating from TNF-R1 in immortalized cells., during hyperglycemia, the increase in tumour necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha was larger in patients with type 1 diabetes than in non-diabetic volunteers, NF-kappaB, but not p38, is critical for TNF-alpha-induced expression of ICAM-1, VCAM-1 and E-selectin, TNFA-308 G/A polymorphism may contribute to a predisposition to acne in Turkish population, Transmembrane TNF-alpha leader sequence appears to be responsible for Transmembrane TNF-alpha induced resistance in the breast cancer cells, Variation in TNFalpha is associated with chronic bronchitis in alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency., c-IAP1 and c-IAP2 are required for TNFalpha-stimulated RIP1 ubiquitination and NF-kappaB activation., results show lack of association between the promoter polymorphisms at positions -238 and -308 of the TNF-alpha gene and acne vulgaris in Polish patients, Serum TNF-alpha levels were significantly decreased in patients with burning mouth syndrome compared with controls., Dominant-negative TNF attenuates neurodegeneration and behavioral deficits in hemiparkinsonian rats, Pravastatin immunomodulates IL-6 and C-reactive protein, but not IL-1 and TNF-alpha, in cardio-pulmonary bypass, The imbalanced intrahepatic expressions of IFN-gamma, TNF-alpha, IL-10, and increased accumulation of CD4,CD8 T cells, and Kupffer cells may contribute to immunopathogenesis in HBV-infected acute-on-chronic liver failure (ACLF)patients., All SIDS cases were homozygotic for TNF-alpha., Concentrations of adhesion molecules and TNF-alpha are associated with coronary atherosclerosis in SLE independent of the Framingham risk score., In patients with RA, genetic variability in the TNF-alpha gene is associated with smaller LDL particles that have a greater affinity for extracellular matrix and higher susceptibility to oxidation., Tumor necrosis factor-alpha can provoke cleavage and activation of sterol regulatory element-binding protein in ethanol-exposed cells via a caspase-dependent pathway that is cholesterol insensitive, Results indicate that genetic variation in the TNF locus may contribute to the interindividual variation in muscle phenotypes in men., There is association between the -308 G/A and -238 G/A TNFA polymorphisms and OCD in our Brazilian sample., No association was detected between the TGFB1, IL10, TP53, and HMOX1 genes and DGF. The G allele of the TNF polymorphism rs3093662 was associated with DGF in an adjusted analysis., Data show that THF-alpha is not significantly elevated in both the treatment responders and the non-responders with major depression., Patients homozygous for the A allele at position -308 had a higher mortality than those carrying the G allele (P = 0.01), TNFalpha was elevated in a large portion of community heart failure patients and was associated with a large decrease in survival, Haplotypes of the TNF gene influence tracheal aspirate fluid levels of TNF-alpha. Diplotypes of TNF are associated with fetal chorioamnionitis., Incubation of A549 cells with Zn2+ could stimulate the accumulation of IL-8 and TNF-alpha mRNA and protein., TNF-alpha can play a crucial role in the immunopathogenesis of nephritis by the induction of CCL2, ICAM-1 and VCAM-1 expression via the activation of the intracellular MAPK signaling pathway, which may contribute to macrophage and lymphocyte infiltration., Expression of sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor-3 is enhanced in human fibroblast-like synoviocyte of the inflamed synovium by TNF-alpha., Heme oxygenase-1 expression decreased LPS-stimulated secretion of MCP-1, IL-6, IL-10, and TNF-alpha at both 4 and 24 h in murine and human macrophages, Report the influence of increased training volume on TNF-alpha concentration in college level male rowers., High levels of sVCAM-1, associated with systemic tumour necrosis factor-alpha (TNFalpha) activity, were identified as a novel discriminator for systemic lupus erythematosus-related cardiovascular disease., necrosis factor-alpha-elicited stimulation of gamma-secretase is mediated by c-Jun N-terminal kinase-dependent phosphorylation of presenilin and nicastrin, Thalidomide suppressed IL-1beta while enhancing TNF-alpha and IL-10, when cells in whole blood were stimulated with lipopolysaccharide., CCL23, M-CSF, TNFRSF9, TNF-alpha, and CXCL13 are predictive of rheumatoid arthritis disease activity and may be useful in the definition of disease subphenotypes and in the measurement of response to therapy in clinical studies., Serum tumour necrosis factor-alpha and interleukin-8 levels are higher in acromegalic patients. Acromegaly may be associated with moderate inflammation., The role of the Early Growth Response-1 transcription factor in TNFalpha autoregulation in HaCaT human keratinocytes was investigated., P38 is a critical mediator of BLP induced TNF-alpha release and NFkappaB activation, whereas PKC is only partially responsible for its response. P38 and PKC are both critical mediators of PMA induced TNF-alpha release and NFkappaB activation., Fibroblasts that overexpress ST18 by transient transfection exhibit significantly increased apoptosis and increased expression of TNF-alpha, interleukin (IL) -1alpha, and IL-6., Data show that basal level of TNF-alpha is higher in Parkinson's disease patients than in healthy control subjects., gAcrp treatment profoundly suppressed the ability of LPS to increase TNF-alpha transcription and reduced the stimulus-induced stabilization of TNF-alpha mRNA in response to LPS., Serum levels of sTNFR1 and sTNFR2 were increased in schizophrenic patients when compared with controls (all p < 0.05), but there was no difference in TNF-alpha levels., Middle aged hypertensives with obstructive sleep apnea had increased levels of CRP, IL-6, IL-18, TNF-alpha, and asymmetric dimethyl-arginine., patients with low sperm count exhibiting TNFalpha A allele, compared with those with G allele, alteration in hormonal balance was observed with increased inhibin B levels & subsequent reduced FSH plasma levels., TNF-alpha is a key cytokine known to play a role in inflammatory response, and the locus for the gene is found in the IBD3 region on chromosome 6p21, known to be associated with an increased risk for inflammatory bowel diseases., Results indicate that ghrelin inhibits both basal and TNF-alpha-induced PAI-1 production via NF-kappaB pathway in HepG2 cells., TNFA (-238) variant may be a risk factor in both development and the severity of coal workers' pneumoconiosis, while TNFA (-308) variant seems to be important only in disease severity., Report amino acid transporter activity in fetal T lymphocytes in intrauterine growth restriction and with tumor necrosis factor-alpha treatment., findings would support the concept of contribution of TNF-alpha and IL-10 gene polymorphisms in the pathogenesis of pre-eclampsis in this Iranian population, CRP +1444 C-->T and TNF-alpha -308 G-->A polymorphisms are associated with predisposition to Kawasaki disease and, in patients with Kawasaki disease, increased carotid arterial stiffness and intima-media thickness in the long-term., The G-308A TNF-alpha promoter polymorphism is a risk factor for asthma and furthermore suggests that the patients with high producer alleles for TNF-alpha (-308) and TGF-beta (-509) have the highest risk of getting this disease in the Punjabi population., APOE epsilon4 was associated with an independent increase in risk for Alzheimer's disease (AD) in individuals with TNFA -850*2, while carriage of BAT1 -22*2 reduced the risk for AD, independent of APOE epsilon4 genotype, TNF appears to be a risk factor for iron deficiency and IDA in children in a malaria-endemic environment and this is likely to be due to a TNF-alpha-induced block in iron absorption., Alveolar epithelium down-modulates endotoxin-but not tumor necrosis factor alpha-induced activation of endothelium and selectively inhibits neutrophil transendothelial migration., 2 conflicting TNF-alpha mechanisms exist, Circulating TNF-alpha had no correlation with serum E-selectin or disease activity in Rheumatoid arthritis patients., TNF is related to inflammation; its immunoexpression increases in prostatic carcinoma., S100A6 is induced by tumor necrosis factor-alpha via an NF-kappaB-dependent mechanism, serving a role in homeostasis to limit tumor necrosis factor-alpha-induced apoptosis by regulating p53 phosphorylation, GbetaL is involved in the negative regulation of TNFalpha-stimulated NF-kappaB signaling through a direct interaction with IKK., GM-CSF can both synergize with TNFalpha in the case of expression of IL1-RA and antagonize in the case of CD83., CD4(+)TNFalpha(+)IL-2(-)T cells are intrathecally upregulated in multiple sclerosis, IL6 (-174) and TNFA (-308) promoter polymorphisms are associated with systemic creatine kinase response to eccentric exercise., Expression of TNF-alpha might play an important role in the angiogenesis, tumour cell proliferation and metastasis of Invasive micropapillary carcinoma of the breast ., Data suggest tha TNFalpha polymorphism might play a role in IUGR aetiology and influence TNF-alpha expression in maternal serum, but also show that polymorphism is not related to Doppler velocimetry or perinatal outcome., The association between the TNFA-308G>A polymorphism and increased risk of gastric carcinoma is dependent on linkage disequilibrium with an as yet unidentified locus., TNF-alpha -308 G to A TNF-alpha gene promoter polymorphism at position -308 might be associated with a predisposition to anorexia nervosa and initiate the disease., Changes in estradiol levels seen during gonadotropin stimulation significantly alter VCAM-1 expression and blood levels and induce changes in serum IL-6 and TNF-alpha levels., found no evidence to suggest that either recipient or donor TNFA polymorphisms determine the incidence of acute rejection after renal transplantation, Role of TNF-alpha and its correlation with established risk factors in South Indians with coronary artery disease., The TNFalpha-308 polymorphism is a susceptibility marker to rheumatoid arthritis. The G/G genotype is associated with a high mRNA and soluble TNFalpha expression., The association of TNF polymorphisms in Turkish scleroderma patients with lung involvement., These studies demonstrate a synergistic role between TNFalpha and IL-1 family members, including IL-1beta, in the induction of interferon-gamma production., amniotic fluid TNF-alpha and soluble TNF receptor concentration regulation is affected by race and preterm birth, G9a and HP1 couple histone and DNA methylation to TNFalpha transcription silencing during endotoxin tolerance, association of genetic polymorphisms with asthma; correlation with tnf-alpha serum levels, Both single locus and haplotype analyses indicated that A allele of the -238G>A polymorphism decreased the risk of coronary heart disease among nonsmokers in Chinese Han population., Results describe the therapeutic effect of a TNF receptor-1-selective antagonistic mutant of TNF-alpha in acute hepatitis using two independent experimental models, induced by carbon tetrachloride or concanavalin A., the 308 G/A polymorphism is a susceptibility factor towards the development of vitiligo in female (but not male) Iranian patients, Tumor necrosis factor alpha drives cadherin 11 expression in rheumatoid inflammation, Upregulated in response to ultraviolet (UVB)by keratinocytes; an important component of the inflammatory cascade in skin, PI3K activation (by HIV proteins such as Nef) may contribute to reduced TLR4-mediated TNF-alpha release in HIV+ human macrophages and impair host cell response to infectious challenge., -308 gene promoter G-->A substitution confers a significant risk for developing ulcerative colitis in East Asians but not Europeans, Thus, the present investigation does not support the proposal that common nucleotide variations in the TNF-alpha gene can influence the development of AD at least in Italian population., bid Overexpression of FLIP reduced TRAIL and TNF-alpha-induced apoptosis in ML-1 cells. However, while FLIPL completely abrogated apoptosis, FLIPS allowed for BID cleavage and caspase-3 activation., Activation of the TNF-alpha system may potentially exert independent effects on ln albumin, TNF-alpha-308 G/A genotype is not associated with pseudoexfoliation glaucoma., Urinary excretion of TNF-alpha might be an early marker of preclinical target organ damage in hypertensive patients., tested hypothesis that methylation state of the TNF-alpha promoter contributes to increased expression of TNF-alpha in Parkinson's disease; compared DNA from substantia nigra pars compacta & cortex of PD patients and neurologically healthy controls, Finds lack of association between functional polymorphisms in TNF-alpha gene at position -308 and silicosis and pulmonary tuberculosis in Chinese iron miners, Even in non-inflamed mucosa, IL-8 and TNF-alpha mRNA expressions were high compared with NCC., The study did not find a strong evidence of association of tumor necrosis factor promoter polymorphisms with type 1 diabetes., Tautomycetin suppresses the TNFalpha/NF-kappaB pathway via inhibition of IKK activation., claudin-1 expression is responsible for TNF-alpha-dependent growth signals and the proliferation of pancreatic cancer cells., the myelosuppressive cytokines TNFalpha and IL-1beta are secreted by bone marrow (BM) cells in a p38 MAPK-dependent manner, Polymorphisms in the cytokine genes TNFA and IL1B may increase the risk of preterm birth, possibly by a dysregulation of the immune system in pregnancy., S6K1 directly phosphorylates IRS-1 on Ser-270 to promote insulin resistance in response to TNF-(alpha) signaling through IKK2., GSTP1 prevented LPS-induced TNF-alpha, IL-1beta, MCP-1 and NO production., TNF-alpha plays a critical role in regulating human Vgamma2 Vdelta2 T cell immune responses., Evidence is provided for the role of genetic variation in TNF SNPs and haplotypes with risk of NHL., Polymorphisms in TNF-308G/A may be important modulators of pain treatment and control., There is an increase of serum levels of IL-6 and TNF-alpha in autoimmune disease patients with M. penetrans infection than the control groups., These results suggested that the TNF-alpha gene G-308A polymorphism might be a risk factor for SAD in Southern China. A-allele might play a role in the susceptibility of SAD., Data show that overexpressed PARP-1 promotes PARP-1/NF-kappaB/DNA complex formation, enhancing the expression of TNF-alpha and IL-6 in circulating mononuclear cells of unstable angina patients., In patients with acute coronary syndrome, atorvastatin increases lumbar spine BMD solely in patients with the G/G genotype of the TNFalpha-308 G/A polymorphism., The TNF-alpha gene G308A polymorphism may contribute to the development of idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy but does not significantly affect pump function or adverse cardiac remodelling., The combination of the polymorphism of the TNFA upstream promoter region and HLA-DRB1 allele was associated with radiological progression in the early stage of rheumatoid arthritis., TLR8 may play a role in driving TNF production in rheumatoid arthritis, High-producing TNF-alphA - 308/LT-alpha + 250 heterozygous haplotype is associated with high NHL incidence; influence of TNFG/A genotype and A alleles in the susceptibility to NHL and the association of LT-alphaG/G genotype with CL, Frequency of TNFalpha (-308A) allele and serum TNFalpha level was significantly higher in obese Asian Indians with OSA., No significant association was found between TNF-alpha 238 polymorphisms and nationality or in Behcets disease or health controls., there was no association between TNFA (tumor necrosis factor alpha) -308G/A, -238G/A, -857C/T or -863C/A polymorphisms or the -10131C allele and Behcet's disease, TNF-alpha-308G/A gene polymorphism is not associated with the development of colorectal cancer, but TNF-alpha-308 A/A genotype and A allele are related to the progression of colorectal cancer., TNF-alpha impedes neutral lipid turnover in macrophage-derived foam cells., Genotype distribution and allelic frequencies of -308 G/A polymorphism in the TNFalpha gene did not differ significantly between patients with knee osteoarthritis and controls, Polymorphisms in the IL6, LEPR, TNF and ADIPOQ genes are not associated with prostate cancer, while allelic variants in the LEP gene are related to prostate cancer risk, supporting a role for leptin in prostate carcinogenesis, TNFalpha and IL-1 genetic polymorphisms contribute to the development of juvenile dermatomyositis and may also be indicators of disease severity, Acetaldehyde stimulates monocyte adhesion in a P-selectin- and TNFalpha-dependent manner., These findings indicate that sustained overproduction of TNF-alpha may be responsible, at least in part, for some neurochemical changes in the locus coeruleus caused by chronic opiate usage in humans., Suppression of PDLIM2 expression resulted in decreased cell adhesion, increased NF-kappaB transcription reporter activity, and increased LPS-induced TNF-alpha production., Total and trunk fat mass and body mass index were significantly correlated with maximal TNF-alpha production and LPS = 20 microg/ml. This suggests a relationship between increased adiposity and inflammatory marker production in African-American women., G-->A substitution at position -308 in the TNF promoter region plays an important role in leprosy patients., Nucleolin expresses on the cell surface of THP-1 monocytes and is involved in the LPS-mediated expression and secretion of TNF-alpha and IL-1beta., Mortality after burn trauma is primarily determined by clinical factors, but the TNF-alpha-308 A allele seems to contribute to an increased mortality risk., E2 increases the angiogenic activity of TNFalpha. This could potentially worsen the stability of complex atherosclerotic plaques and increase cardiovascular events., data suggest that the TNF (-308A) polymorphism is not strongly associated with the risk of developing BPD in very preterm infants., Serum markers of the TNFalpha and Fas-pathways are strongly associated with decreased renal function in nonproteinuric type 1 diabetic patients., Analyses of genotypes and periodontopathogens showed TNFA-308GA/AA genotypes and red-complex periodontopathogens were independently associated with increased levels of TNF-alpha in periodontal tissues; no additive effect was seen when both were present., Data showed that ADAM17 and its specific inhibitor TIMP3 were co-expressed in the human intestinal barrier and ADAM17 inhibition, either physiologically or pharmacologically, amplified TNF-alpha-mediated hyperpermeability., genistein protects human vascular endothelial cells against tumor necrosis factor-alpha-induced apoptosis through the p38beta mitogen-activated protein kinase, The results suggested that R31A and R32G mutations strongly influenced electrostatic interaction with TNFR2, and that L29K mutation contributed to the binding of R1-6 to TNFR1., Involvement of p38 MAPK in the TNF-alpha-mediated 11beta-HSD1 regulation; TNF-alpha stimulates enzyme activity in vivo., tumor necrosis factor alpha, interleukin 1beta and interleukin 6 are reduced in ankylosing spondylitis patients after mild whole-body hyperthermia, Results reveal the suppressive effect of 1,25(OH)(2)D(3) on single cell expression of IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha by CD3+CD4+ and CD3+CD8+ T cells in pulmonary tuberculosis., mSOD1 expression regulated TNF-alpha secretion at a post-transcriptional level and involved ROS-sensitive TNF-alpha-converting enzymes, e.g. ADAM10 and -17, which shed TNF-alpha from its membrane-anchored precursor., A alleles in TNF-A and RANTES influenced prostate cancer susceptibility and acted independently of each other in these subjects. No epistatic effect was found for the combination of different polymorphisms studied., Some associations of TNFA alleles or haplotypes were found either with or without the beta degrees 39 mutation, NF-kappaB pathway activation by CARD11 or tumor necrosis factor-alpha, compensatory IKKalpha activity was also observed with IKKbeta, Posttraumatic stress disorder was associated with low cortisol and higher levels of DHEA and greater production of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) and interleukin-6 (IL-6) compared to traumatized and healthy controls., Associations exist between TNFa2, TNFb3, TNFd2 alleles and HLA-A*01, -B*08, and -DRB1*03. Same for TNFa11, TNFb4, and TNFd4 alleles and HLA. Associations also observed between TNFa10, TNFb4, and TNFd4 microsatellite alleles and HLA-A*02, -B*18, -DRB1*11., TNF-alpha secreted by host cells other than antigen-specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL) plays a critical role in the acute progression of necroinflammatory liver disease, and it may cause acute hepatitis to develop into lethal liver disease., Tumor necrosis factor-alpha downregulates intestinal NHE8 expression by reducing basal promoter activity., Defects in TNFalpha signalling pathways rather than distribution of TNF receptors (TNFRs) probably explain the enhanced apoptosis in systemic lupus erythematosus., Seven SNPs in the TNF genes (TNFA and TNFB) were genotyped in a Korean cohort (398 T1D patients and 1422 nondiabetic controls)., Interactions between IFNalpha and one of TNF, IFNgamma, or E2 appear to be involved in the pathogenesis of SLE., Induction of prostacyclin by steady laminar shear stress suppresses tumor necrosis factor-alpha biosynthesis via heme oxygenase-1 in human endothelial cells., induces retinoic acid-inducible gene-I in fibroblast-like synoviocytes from rheumatoid arthritis patients, Polymorphisms related to TNF-alpha and IL-1Ra genes may be considered genetic markers for Type 1 diabetes (T1D) among Egyptians., Cytotoxic T cells sensitized with leukemic DC produced more IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha upon presentation of the TEL/AML1 peptide, The available data are not consistent with more than a very modest association between the TNF (-308A) allele and pre-eclampsia.[review], TNFalpha is not a strong independent risk marker for MI, and is not associated with risk of stroke, Rhein inhibits TNF-alpha-induced human aortic smooth muscle cell proliferation via mitochondrial-dependent apoptosis., MEK/ERK and Egr1 are required for TNFalpha-regulated catabolic and anabolic genes of the cartilage extracellular matrix., Circulating levels of 2-arachidonoylglycerol may downregulate TNF-alpha production., An association between the TNF-alpha haplotype GCAT, which was present significantly at a higher frequency in H.pylori infected individuals with duodenal ulcers, was observed., glomerular and tubular expression of TNF-alpha, (TNF receptor-associated death domain protein)TRADD, RIP(receptor-interacting protein) and TRAF-2 (TNF receptor-associated factor-) was significantly up-regulated in Lupus nephritis, TNFalpha triggers both caspase 8-dependent and -independent cell death pathways in macrophages and identify a novel mechanism by which A20 protects these cells against both pathways., elevated TNF-alpha serum level may have clinical significance in the development of cachexia in PA patients and TNF-alpha gene polymorphisms probably do not play important role in pancreatic diseases, In chronic heart failure (CHF), TNF is closely related to brain natriuretic peptide and atrial natriuretic peptide (independently of CHF severity and ventricular dysfunction), particularly in patients with cardiac cachexia., TNF-alpha may have a role in pleural tuberculosis in patients with early HIV infection, TNF is an important regulator of chorioamnionitis-related decidual leukocyte infiltration and activation., association of the TNF/LTA gene region with type 1 diabetes in the population of South Croatia, Interaction of vascular smooth muscle cells and monocytes by soluble factors (IL-1, TNF-alpha, and IL-6) synergistically enhances IL-6 and MCP-1 production., The variant of the -863C/A of the TNF-alpha promoter region is associated with increased risk of idiopathic childhood ischemic stroke in Chiease Han childen., Patients with valvular disease with atrial fibrillation exhibited higher NF-kappaB activity, higher concentration of TNF-alpha and IL-6, severe lymphomonocyte infiltration, and more fibrosis than those patients with valvular disease with sinus rhythm., TNFalpha levels were elevated at all stages of Rasmussen syndrome disease evolution, CD16 cross-linking activated PI3K and that active PI3K limited TNF-alpha production by inhibiting GSK-3beta activity, that blocked the action of NF-kappaB., Interleukin-1 and tumor necrosis factor-alpha induce collagenolysis and bone resorption by regulation of matrix metalloproteinase-2 in mouse calvarial bone cells., TGFA variants and haplotypes are associated with tooth agenesis. Moreover, it appears that preferential premolar agenesis is associated with TGFA, and patients with a family history of tooth agenesis would have an associated haplotype., The association of obesity with asthma was stronger for subjects carrying the G/A and A/A TNFA -308 genotypes compared with the G/G genotype, particularly among nonatopics., Fibroblast-like synoviocytes are potently regulated by inflammatory cytokines to specifically express IL-23 p19., In the Hungarian population the G allele in the -376 position might have a role as regards progression in multiple sclerosis, while the A allele is rather a probable protective factor., KiSS1 metastasis suppressor gene product induces suppression of tyrosine kinase receptor signaling to Akt, tumor necrosis factor family ligand expression, and apoptosis., Lipid rafts are essential for the killing of tmTNF-alpha through the cell-cell contact mediated by ICAM-1., TNF-alpha -308 GA/AA genotypes are related to higher inflammatory activity and worse measures of disease activity in Portuguese patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis JIA, but are not associated with disease susceptibility., Report role of brain-derived neurotrophic factor in TNF-alpha modulation of Ca2+ in human airway smooth muscle., TNF-alpha levels ranged from 0.44 to 3.63 pg/mL and did not correlate with clinical factors. Overall, we found that serum TNF-alpha levels varied greatly among myasthenia gravis patients., IL-1beta and TNF-alpha expressions in the synovium and their levels in the synovial fluid were significantly higher in patients with Kashin-Beck disease and osteoarthritis than in patients with meniscus injury., TNF induces endothelial activation that is modulated by a PKCalpha-dependent inhibition of GSK3beta., The study revealed a significant correlation between polymorphism located in the promoter region of TNF-ALPHA genes and obesity-related obstructive sleep apnea syndrome obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, Sortilin, an essential player in adipocyte and muscle glucose metabolism through the control of GLUT4 localisation, is downregulated in obesity and TNF-alpha is likely to be involved in this defect., No significant differences were found in expression of TNF-alpha, IL-6 and IL-11 between oral squamous cell carcinoma specimens with or without medullary invasion, variation in the LTA/TNF gene cluster modifies a major skin manifestation of sarcoidosis and may explain the higher rate of erythema nodosum in females with sarcoidosis., Postoperative peripheral blood mononuclear cell-derived IL-6 and TNF-alpha-release is uninfluenced by IL-12-mediated restoration of IFN-gamma synthesis., CD146 is regulated by the inflammatory cytokine Tumor necrosis factor alpha and that CD146 and solubleCD146 are both involved in monocyte transendothelial migration during inflammation., Endometrial cancer invasion depends on cancer-derived tumor necrosis factor-alpha and stromal derived hepatocyte growth factor., The production of IL-12, IL-18, and TNF-alpha by alveolar macrophages was increased in patients with both acute and chronic forms of Hypersensitivity pneumonitis in either the absence or presence of lipopolysaccharide compared with controls, Interferon-beta1a therapy may reduce serum TNF-alpha levels in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis, without a clear correlation with disease activity, Asthmatic children with TNF-308 GG genotype had a significantly reduced risk of bronchitic symptoms with low-ozone exposure, Genotype at TNF (-308) modifies cellular TNF secretion in response to N. meningitidis and may influence susceptibility to meningococcal disease, but does not influence the likelihood of death after infection, genetic deletion of the lysosomal serine protease CLN2 and the subsequent loss of its catalytic function confer resistance to TNF in non-neuronal somatic cells in a Bid-dependent manner, indicating that CLN2 plays a role in TNF-induced cell death, Case Report, examined the effects of 2 important inflammatory cytokines, interleukin-1beta (IL-1beta) and tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNFalpha), on the chondrogenic behavior of human meenchymal stem cells, Acutely induced hyperlipidemia increased the level of plasma TNFalpha., two promoter polymorphisms of TNF-alpha at may contribute to the development of aspirin-induced urticaria, Reactive nitrogen species switch on early extracellular matrix remodeling via induction of MMP1 and TNFalpha., TNF-alpha promoter G238A polymorphism is associated with occupational stress, but there is no evident relationship between TNF-alpha promoter G308A polymorphism and susceptibility to occupational stress., Data show that the serum level of IL-6 and TNF-alpha in HFRS group were significantly higher than that in healthy control group., gene silencing attenuated the LPS-induced proliferation of endometriotic stromal cell and expression of cIAP2 and IL-8, TNF-alpha abrogated TGFbeta1-induced SMalphaA gene expression at the level of transcription without disrupting phosphorylation of regulatory Smads., impairment of Hsp60 function through binding of HCV core protein contributes to HCV viral pathogenesis by ROS generation and amplification of the apoptotic effect of TNF-alpha., TNF-alpha mRNA expression in chorioamniotic membranes was statistically higher in preterm labor., both the TNF-alpha -308 G>A and the TNF-alpha -238 G>A polymorphisms are unlikely to be major risk factors for exfoliation glaucoma in an European population of Caucasian descent, In a large study encompassing 3 African populations, found evidence to support associations between the TNF-238 polymorphism and severe malaria in The Gambia. However, no TNF/LTA polymorphisms were found associated with SM in cohorts in Kenya and Malawi., Results suggest that the clinical outcome of an induction therapy with infliximab in ulcerative colitis is inversely associated with the pre-treatment gene expression levels of TNF-alpha in colorectal mucosa., increased plasms levels in patients with multiple sclerosis is reduced following IFNbeta administration, Loss of MADD expression resulted in reduced Grb2 and Sos1/2 recruitment to the TNFR1 complex and decreased Ras and MEKK1/2 activation, TNF-alpha -308 polymorphism was associated with the genetic susceptibility to preterm labor., 19298660:response to TNF-alpha, PAK1 was promptly activated,\, modulation of TNF-alpha levels in long-term cultures of human CD8(+) T lymphocytes increases proliferative potential, delays loss of CD28 expression, retards cytokine profile changes, and enhances telomerase activity, data suggests the presence of TNFalpha-mediated autocrine signaling, serving to accelerate or catalyze the maturation process of monocyte-derived dendritic cells, a polymorphism within the TNF-alpha gene at -238 play an important role in ankylosing spondylitis, although this polymorphism was not related to HLA-B27 subtypes, Association between TNF-alpha polymorphisms, infection by Helicobacter pylori and the development of gastrointestinal diseases., Subcutaneous large-pore microdialysis for 4 days leads to tissue trauma resulting in 7-fold increase in TNF-alpha to an apparent plateau on day 0, returning to baseline level., IL-1 beta and TNF-alpha induce ABCG2 mRNA and protein expression and increase its activity in breast cancer cell line MCF-7. In MCF-7/MX cells these cytokines modulate ABCG2 expression, but they have no influence on the transporter mRNA levels., Coincidence of IL1RN polymorphism (genotype IL1RN*1/ IL1RN*2, IL1RN*1/ IL1RN*3, IL1RN*2/ IL1RN*3) with IL-6 promoter polymorphism (genotype GG, GC) multiplied the risk of preterm delivery OR = 3.02 (95% CI, Portal vein stasis induced by clamping the hepatic pedicle has no influence on the local release of TNF-alpha. Preoperative TNF-alpha up-regulation may play a role in the metabolic activity of neutrophils in patients with final-stage liver disease., data suggest that T-1031C (CC) genotype and C/C/T haplotype may confer risk for bladder cancer, moreover T-1031C (CC) decreased the risk of recurrence after BCG immunotherapy., A TNF-alpha/WISP1 signaling pathway may contribute to post-infarct cardiac remodeling, a condition characterized by fibrosis and progressive cardiomyocyte loss., TNF-alpha level in induced sputum negatively correlated with forced expiratory volume, This study demonstrated the absence of a systemic TNF-alpha-mediated inflammatory response at the onset of subarachnoid hemorrhage. Measurement of serum sICAM-1 levels offers a potential prognostic value in the assessment of patients' outcome., TNF-alpha mRNA expression in peripheral monocytes was significantly increased in both HIV-1-positive and negative intravenous drug abusers, ligation of SR-A leads to induction of TNF-alpha, which subsequently induces peripheral blood dendritic cell maturation, thereby leading to enhanced T-cell stimulatory capacity, ELISpot analysis of LPS-stimulated leukocytes, Inhibition of TNF-alpha-induced gene expression and release of IL-8 and HO-1 in human monocytic THP-1 cells exposed to both volatile anesthetics., There is no association between TNF 238 G/A polymorphism and type 2 diabetes., Tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha)-stimulated mesenchymal stem cells turned to inhibit osteoclast formation., Hyperinsulinemia produce increase in plasma IL6 and TNFalpha, potentially contributing to inflammation in obesity and T2DM. obesity attenuates the ability of an acute increase in insulin to further raise circulating levels of IL-6 and possibly TNFalpha., the combination of TNF-alpha, IFN-gamma, and IL-6 maternal gene polymorphisms might contribute to susceptibility to spontaneous preterm birth, No significant association between pollymorphism of TNF and cardiorespiratory function tests following liver transplantation., Suppression of TNF-alpha on TGF-beta-induced CTGF expression is due to the competition of p300 by p65 and Smad4., IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha induce CD200 expression through a 5' upstream enhancer and that NF-kappaB, STAT1 and IRF-1 play pivotal roles in this process., This study suggests that SNPs at -308 and -857 of the TNFalpha promoter may represent an increased risk for the development of AVH but not for FHF in the Indian population., Thai patients who had subclinical DENV infection, primary or secondary dengue fever (DF), or primary or secondary dengue hemorrhagic fever showed polymorphisms in TNF., most TNF block haplotypes do not align with a single MHC AH and associations often vary with ethnicity. This suggests more recent recombination events between the TNF block and the HLA alleles., Genotype distributions examined in 38 recipient-donor pairs with either low-grade or high-grade aGVHD did not find significant differences, but some trends were noted in genotype distributions among aGVHD-grade groups, Here we demonstrate that TNF-alpha induction of jagged-1 in human EC is rapid and dependent upon signaling through TNFR1, but not TNFR2, we have demonstrated an association between TNFA -C850T polymorphism and endometriosis, TNF-alpha-308, a SNP in the promoter region of this cytokine gene is associated with increased odds of developing nasal polyposis., TNF-alpha stimulates differentiation of dental pulp cells toward an odontoblastic phenotype via p38, while negatively regulating MMP-1 expression., Blocking cysteine cathepsins has no effect on TNF-alpha induced caspase-dependent apoptotic cell death in two tumor-cell lines, U937 and T98G., Snail is stabilized by the inflammatory cytokine TNFalpha through the activation of the NF-kappaB pathway; a plausible mechanism for inflammation-induced metastasis, The TNF-a response of the UCB cells is related to the infecting strain and the intracellular growth of the strain of Mycobacterium tuberculosis is not directly controlled by the level of TNF-a., Our data provide persuasive evidence against an overall association between invasive breast cancer risk and ERCC4 rs744154, TNF rs361525, CASP10 rs13010627, PGR rs1042838, and BID rs8190315 genotypes among women of European descent., results of this study suggest that TNF-alpha (G-->308A) polymorphism might be involved in susceptibility to brucellosis, Systemic inflammatory biomarkers IL-6, CRP, and TNF-alpha were moderately repeatable over a 12 month period in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients., Suggest a potential role for serial exhaled breath condensate TNF-alpha for non-invasive monitoring of disease activity in acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease., An interplay of MCP-1 and TNF-alpha may be critical to activation of HIV-1 at sites of TB, meta-analysis and review. Current findings support an association between -850 C>T polymorphism and the risk of developing AD; hence, they strengthen the suggestion of a potential role for anti-TNF therapy to maintain physiologic levels of TNF-alpha., CD40 signaling inhibits the proliferation of CD40-positive lung cancer cells through mTNF-alpha/TNFRI in vitro., TNF-alpha and IL-10 gene polymorphisms seem to have some influence on the disease susceptibility and progression of OLP in this Chinese cohort with Han ethnicity, Positive TNF-alpha staining was detected in cytoplasm of basal epithelial keratinocytes in oral lichen planus but only scattered staining was detected in normal tissues., Two-fold, 4.4-fold, and 3-fold rise in expression of TLR9, NF-kappaB, and TNFalpha genes respectively was revealed in pregnant women with herpesvirus infection compared to women with physiologically occurring pregnancy., Deficiency of tnf-alpha in cytotoxic T-lymphocyte precursors predicts donor-specific cytotoxicity after clinical kidney transplantation., TNFalpha G-308A polymorphism is associated with increased proinflammatory cytokine release after cardiac surgery in a Korean population., CLL-related anemia was not due to intrinsic defects of erythroid precursors, but might result from the direct suppressive effect of TNF-alpha on the erythroid production., Decreased frequency of TNF-alpha-308 1/2 gene variant is associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and lung cancer., preliminary results suggest that certain TNF-alpha and IL-10 gene polymorphisms might contribute to genetic susceptibility to pemphigus vulgaris; however, their overall impact on disease development will be rather limited, Results describe the structure-function relation of TNF-alpha with respect to receptor binding and provide a structural basis for the design of highly potent TNF-alpha for therapeutic purposes., Data demonstrate that several flavonoids, including kaempferol, quercetin, fisetin, and chrysin block TNF-alpha induced IL-8 promoter activation and gene expression in HEK 293 cells., Report essential involvement of cross-talk between IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha in CXCL10 production in human THP-1 monocytes., A higher frequency of TNF single nucleotide polymorphism confers a significant risk for type 1 diabetes., TNF-alpha gene expression in the gastric mucosa of H. pylori-infected patients appears to be independent of H. pylori cagA/vacA genotype., Results support the concept that the TNF-alpha gene is a genetic risk factor for asthma, SLE, and JRA in the pediatric Mexican population., Rebamipide inhibits the expression of TLR4 and TNF-alpha in A549 cells., Serum ghrelin, TNF-alpha and IL-6 levels are elevated in patients with CHD whether acyanotic or cyanotic., Increase in the peripheral blood pre-switch memory B cell count in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients who undergo specific TNF blockade with infliximab indicates that trafficking of memory B cells into inflamed tissue in RA patients is regulated by TNF., Data show there are significant positive correlation between TF or PAI-1 secretion of HUVEC and corresponding serum TNFalpha level in the group without heparin., TNFA release can be inhibited by IL-10 under hypoxic conditions; IL-10 has no affect on sFlt-1 in term placentas, suggesting that these molecules act either via different pathways, or if linked, may be so at different stages of placental development, high levels of soluble Fas ligand and tumor necrosis factor-alpha are associated with ALF, IL-1beta, TNF and IP-10 in the cerebrospinal fluid and serum are not altered in patients with idiopathic intracranial hypertension compared to controls., TNFalpha(-308) and IL-6(-174) genotypes are associated with increased risk for symptomatic upper respiratory tract infection and acute otitis media following upper respiratory tract infection., These data indicate RIP3 as the determinant for cellular necrosis in response to TNF-alpha family of death-inducing cytokines., Data show that IL-6, TNF-alpha, IL-1beta genotyping assay using the new chip was developed and its usefulness was confirmed., Polymorphisms in Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha is associated with oral cancer., Cerebrolysin reduced serum TNF-alpha in Alzheimer's disease patients., phosphoryl and acyl variants of lipid A from Neisseria meningitidis strain 89I differentially induce tumor necrosis factor-alpha in human monocytes, CD138(+) myeloma cells inhibited mRNA expression of TAZ in mesenchymal stem cells, which could be partially reversed by blocking TNF-alpha., TNF-alpha-induced MMP-1 secretion was diminished by PGE(2) via EP2 in rheumatoid arthritis fibroblasts, There are high IL-6 and TNF-a serum levels in hepatitis C virus (HCV)-related mixed cryoglobulinemia patients; moreover, IL-6 levels tended to be higher in hepatitis C virus (HCV)-related mixed cryoglobulinemia patients in presence of active vasculitis., TNFalpha G-238A and C-857T, not C-863A, polymorphisms may confer different susceptibilities to the development of HCC with TNFalpha -238A and -857T alleles playing as risk factors., The study results highlight impact of the TNF-alpha gene polymorphisms on various clinical features in patients with peptic ulcer disease., the TT genotype on the TNFalpha-857C/T polymorphism was associated with more active disease in Crohn's disease., Coronary artery ectasia patients showed increases in TNF-alpha and IL-6 levels compared to the controls., data suggest that the pro-inflammatory cytokine TNF-alpha is a critical regulator of VEGF expression in breast cancer cells, at least partially via a JNK and AP-1 dependent pathway, TNF-alpha gene polymorphism showed no association with chronic periodontitis between patients and controls. TNF-alpha gene polymorphism may not be involved in the progression of chronic periodontitis in the population of elderly Brazilian women., Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli suppresses inflammatory response to cytokines and its own toxin., the results of the present study showed that inheritance of the high producer TNFA -308 A allele might be a susceptibility factor for the development of open-angle glaucoma., decreased concentrations in exhaled breath condensate in asthmatic pre-school children, This study indicates that the TNF-alpha-308 and TNF-alpha-238 polymorphisms do not influence susceptibility to or severity of lung cancer in a Croatian population., Letter, the significance of the TNF/IL-10 ratio and C-reactive protein (CRP) in patients of acute myocardial infarction as a marker for CAD in the atherosclerosis-prone North Indian population, Circulating levels of TNF-alpha were elevated in those with previous myocardial infarction., TNF-alpha promoter methylation could be a good inflammation marker predicting the hypocaloric diet-induced weight-loss., Distribution of TNF-alpha genotypes was similar in patients with and without restenosis. The IL-10 polymorphisms showed a moderate protective trend of the -819 TT genotype against restenosis., Data show that CD3(+) marrow cells containing TNF-alpha, IFN-gamma and IL4 were similar in subjects with disease at onset and responsive to treatment., Synergistic induction of endothelin-1 by tumor necrosis factor alpha and interferon gamma is due to enhanced NF-kappaB binding and histone acetylation at specific kappaB sites., These results suggest that TNF-alpha-induced upregulation of RhoA might be mediated by an activation of NF-kappaB in cultured human bronchial smooth muscle cells, There is no direct association between TNF-alpha (-308) promoter polymorphism and ulcerative colitis macroscopic inflammatory lesions evaluated on basis of Montreal classification., findings indicate that the tested markers within the TNFalpha gene, are not significantly associated with peripheral neuropathy in South Indian type 2 diabetic patients, TNF-alpha-857 C/T polymorphism may play an independent role in gastric carcinogenesis and the risk for gastric cancer by TNF genetic effect is pronounced by cigarette smoking, Results suggest that the -308 (G/A) polymorphism in the TNF-alpha gene could play a role in determining susceptibility to depression and an activation of the TNF-alpha system could contribute to the development of depression in the elderly., These data indicate that TNF-alpha decreases AQP3 gene expression through p38 and ERK activation, and suggest that the decrease in AQP3 expression caused by TNF-alpha might be related to the phenotypes of skin inflammation, such as dry skin., Rosmarinic acid inhibits TNF-alpha-induced ROS generation and NF-kappaB activation, and enhances TNF-alpha-induced apoptosis in leukemia cells., In the study of SNP -308, located in the promoter of TNF-, we did not find any association with the allele A and gastric cancer, The cascade of events initiated by hog dust exposure is mediated by PKC-alpha/-epsilon and ultimately results in the release of TNF-alpha., The results indicate that the TNF-alpha gene polymorphism at position -238 is associated with susceptibility of nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in a Chinese population., The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of SOCS-3 on TNFalpha-induced signalling in beta cells., Decreased high-density lipoprotein cholesterol level is an independent correlate of circulating tumor necrosis factor-alpha in a general population., TGF-beta1/TNF-alpha secreted by breast tumor cell lines induce reversion of mammary adipose cells to a fibroblast phenotype., Subjects classified across tertiles of TNF-alpha levels showed no difference in glucose tolerance and insulin levels., Studies indicate that TNFalpha and TGFbeta3 are present at high levels in the microenvironment of the seminiferous epithelium during spermatogenesis., MK2, in contrast to its downstream effector molecule, TNF-alpha, has a rather elusive role in T-cell-dependent cutaneous inflammation, Levels of IFNgamma, TNFalpha, IL-6, IL-15, IL-18, and IL-23 were increased (above healthy controls) in both affected and unaffected areas from Inflammatory Bowel Diseas., in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis patients the degree of liver fibrosis was significantly correlated with age, tumor necrosis factor-alpha and type IV collagen concentrations, IL-1beta and TNF-alpha protein levels were significantly higher in the gastric antrum of patients infected with H. pylori compared with uninfected patients., study found significant associations between IL-10 and TNF-alpha promoter haplotypes and Crohn's disease location, Tumor necrosis factor alpha-1031T/T is associated with colorectal cancer., the presence of the high producer allele -308A in the TNF-a gene appears to be associated with an increased risk for the development of hepatocellular carcinoma in Turkish population, Results suggest that TNF-alpha expression is regulated by synergistic signaling of TNF receptors through downstream NF-kappaB activation., TNF-alpha was not correlated with MMP-10 mRNA in degenerate surgical nucleus pulposus samples, IL-1beta and TNF-alpha differentially regulate gene expression in fibroblast-like synoviocytes and macrophages under hypoxia or normoxia., Leader sequence is required for activity of transmembrane tumor necrosis factor-alpha., TNFalpha (G/G) gene polymorphism may play role in susceptibility to allergic contact dermatitis in Turkish patients., substitution of a key RelA lysine residue with arginine inhibits TNFalpha-induced RelA ubiquitination and enhances TNFalpha-induced NF-kappaB activation., review discusses the genetics of the TNF-alpha -308 polymorphism in selected major diseases and evaluates its common role in health and disease [review], TNF-alpha decreased PHB protein and mRNA abundance in intestinal epithelial cells in vitro and in colon mucosa in vivo., The frequency of the hypoimmune minor allele TNF -238A was significantly higher in SIRS patients who died vs. survivors, as was the frequency of the two haplotypes LTA +252G, TNF -1031T, TNF -308G, TNF -238A & LTA +252G, TNF-1031T, TNF-308A, TNF-238A., Outside-to-inside signaling through transmembrane TNF after ligation by infliximab inhibits constitutive NF-kappaB activation and suppresses spontaneous IL-1beta production by monocytes from patients with rheumatoid arthritis., pathogenesis in Sjogren's syndrome may involve a TNF-controlled cross-talk between apoptotic ductal and CCL20-attracted dendritic cells via the CD137/CD137L signalling pathway, T-cell lymphomas characterized by the expression of anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK+ TCL) fail to express the TNFalpha and frequently display DNA methylation of the TNFalpha gene promoter., Elevated levls of TNF-alpha are present in ruptured anterior cruciate ligament, Data validate the therapeutic efficacy of the anti-TNF reagents in the treatment of autoimmune disorders., Androgen via p21 inhibits tumor necrosis factor alpha-induced JNK activation and apoptosis, IL-17 induces osteoclastogenesis from human monocytes alone in the absence of osteoblasts, which is potently inhibited by anti-TNF-alpha antibody, PCOS and obesity induce an increase in serum inflammatory cardiovascular risk markers (high sensitivity CRP, interleukin-6, and TNF-alpha)., TNFA and INFG are the most consistently upregulated cytokines in large abdominal aortic aneurysms. [REVIEW], This study demonstrated the association of TNF-alpha gene with Graves disease in Chinese patients., TNF-alpha strongly induces known NF-kappaB chemokine target genes; if microtubules are destabilized by colchicine, then the induction of NF-kappaB by TNF-alpha is greatly reduced, an important role for NR4A2 in modulating IL-8 expression and reveal novel transcriptional responses to TNF-alpha in human inflammatory joint disease., Overexpression of human TNF, lymphotoxin-alpha, and lymphotoxin-beta in mice (transgenic mice) resulted in thymic atropy. Chronic infections may promote thymic atrophy by upregulating lymphotoxin and TNF production., Acute systemic inflammatory events, found in about half of all Alzheimer patients, are associated with increased serum levels of proinflammatory cytokine TNF-alpha and a 2-fold increase in the rate of cognitive decline over a 6-month period., genetic variation within TNF-alpha loci and the level of plasma cytokine could be used as a predictive risk factor for the development of post-transplant lymphoproliferative disease (PTLD)., Data suggest that chronic production of TNF-alpha in the tumor microenvironment increases myeloid cell recruitment in a TNFR1 and IL-17-dependent manner that contributes to the tumor-promoting action of this proinflammatory cytokine., TNFalpha-308 polymorphism might be a risk factor for Alzheimer Disease. Carriers of A alleles of both TNFalpha-308 and interleukin-10 -1082 had 6.5 times higher risk for AD in comparison with non-carriers., Data show that TNF-alpha, IL-6 and Il-8, which overproduced in SAP, can be eliminated effectively from the blood and the ascites by HF+PD treatment., Data show a distinct genetic risk of developing PBC in the Italian population, with no interaction between the HLA and TNF alleles., Results show that suggest that TNF gene promoter polymorphisms at positions -238 and -308 could have a small influence on AS susceptibility and prognosis., TNFalpha is able to transactivate ErbB-2 and use it as an obligatory downstream signaling molecule in the generation of mitogenic signals., These results suggest that TNF-alpha genetic polymorphisms contribute to SLE susceptibility in the Taiwanese population., The expression of TNF-alpha in premature rupture of fetal membranes was increased when compared to controls., Frequencies of the DRB1, DQA1, DQB1 and TNFA alleles in immigrant population of West Siberia, Results indicate that another transcription factor, Foxa2, is at least partly responsible for the attenuating effect of TNFalpha on insulin action on PEPCK expression and glucose production in HepG2 cells., The higher frequency of the wild type TNFR2 676T allele in AS patients suggests the functional ability of TNFR2 to support increased TNF-alpha mediated immunoactivity., These results suggest that TNF-alpha is a susceptibility gene for Behcet's Disease in patients from Iranian Azeri Turk ethnic group., Studies indicate that inflammatory cytokines IL-1, IL-6, TNF-alpha and growth factors are also known to have dual roles in affecting seizure susceptibility., A statistically significant linear correlation among the A(2A)AR density, functionality, or tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) levels and Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS) motor score was reported., TNF-alpha genotypes modify the association between dietary PUFA and HDL-cholesterol., Data show that inhibition of NFAT3 activation by shNFAT3 significantly downregulated tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha induction, its receptor TNFR1, caspase 10, caspase 3, and poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase., Plasma TNF-alpha and IL-2 levels were positively correlated in ERBB2 positive breast cancer patients., systematic review and meta-analysis demonstrates that the TNF2 -308 A/G polymorphism is associated with sepsis; however, TNF2 is not associated with sepsis mortality [review], These findings confirmed the importance of EGFR immunoexpression rate as well as IL-6 and TNFalpha secretion by peripheral blood mononuclear cells as potential biomarkers for assessing the aggressive tumor phenotype in laryngeal carcinoma., Mechanical injury potentiates the catabolic effects of TNFalpha and IL-6/sIL-6R in causing proteoglycan degradation in human and bovine cartilage., rheumatoid arthritis synovial cells produced more 16alphaOH-estrone than did osteoarthritis synovial cells. Importantly, the 16alphaOH estrogens did not inhibit TNF secretion, whereas all other estrogen metabolites had marked inhibitory effects., This study discloses a novel unexpected role of the actin bundling protein L-plastin as a cell protective protein against TNF-cytotoxicity., no significant association between TNF-alpha -308G/A polymorphism and susceptibility to Hepatitis C virus infection. There was evidence indicating a possible impact of ethnicity (Asian vs. non-Asian populations) on the association. [meta-analysis], Psoriasis patients produce markedly increased levels of auto Abs to TNF-alpha and IFN-alpha which are two of the key cytokines in this disorder, TNF-alphaRI and TNF- alphaRII serum concentrations are more important and better predictive factors than TNF-alpha in rheumatoid arthritis course and in the active forms of the disease., Asthmatic patients and their relatives have no association of the polymorphism of the TNF A gene in position 308 with their predisposition to the disease., We conclude that TNF promoter gene polymorphisms at position -308G>A and -1031T>C do not play a major role in the pathogenesis of CAD in the Tunisian population., These findings show that no evidence for the involvement of a proinflammatory polymorphism in the IL-1Beta-511, IL-1RN and TNF-A-308 in the susceptibility to duodenal ulcer in China., The -1031T/C polymorphism of the TNF-alpha gene is associated with unstable angina in male Han population., polymorphisms in the TNF-alpha and TNF receptor type 2 (TNFR2) genes may be related to variation in TNF-alpha and TNFR2 expression during immune response to various stimuli in Asian Indians., The TNF-alpha; -308*A allele occurred more frequently in patients with polyglandular autoimmunity than in controls, interactions between TNF-alpha, NF-kappaB, and BMP-2 may be pivotal not only in enhancing the osteomimicry and metastatic potential of prostatic cancer cells, but also in bone remodeling., It can be concluded that IL-10, IFN-gamma, and TNF-alpha polymorphisms may play a role in suicidal behavior., transcription factor Myc-interacting zinc-finger protein 1 (Miz1) selectively suppresses TNF-alpha-induced JNK1 activation and cell death independently., gene polymorphism is associated with an increased risk of preterm labour, Chlamydia pneumoniae induces T cell apoptosis through glutathione redox imbalance and secretion of TNF-alpha., Individuals with TNFA -308*A allele carriers were at significantly higher risk of cervical cancer particularly early (IB) and advanced stages (III)., The results of the present study suggested that preoperative plasma TNF-alpha and sTNF-Rs levels in epithelial ovarian cancer patients correlated with the highest risk of cancer progression., Data show that in lesional skin of psoriasis patients, highly elevated IL-20 levels strongly correlated with IL-22, and to a lesser extent, with IL-17A and TNF-alpha., TNF-alpha SNP may, Although in hyperthyroidism there is no net secretion of TNFalpha by subcutaneous adipose tissue, increased systemic levels of TNFalpha may be related to development of insulin resistance in lipolysis., Levels of TNF-alpha and IL-1beta are closely related to GVHD or thrombotic complications after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation., gene polymorphisms is associated with irritable bowel syndrome, Metabolic syndrome and diabetes are associated with higher plasma concentrations of TNF-alpha and its receptors., These results show that TNF-A polymorphisms have an important role in prostate cancer pathogenesis., measures of TNFalpha activity are associated with insulin resistance, even after accounting for central adiposity and other adipose tissue biomarkers., Primary biliary cirrosis sera manifest higher levels of sIL-2R, complement components and proinflammatory cytokines (IL-1beta, IL-6, TNF-alpha). This may reflect a perpetuated immune activation., serum RANTES (regulated upon activation normally T-expressed ) was significantly lower, whereas serum TNF-alpha (tumour necrosis factor-alpha) concentration was significantly higher in the septic than in the nonseptic neonates, TNF-alpha-308A is associated with the susceptibility of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) bronchiolitis and it might be an important candidate gene for the development of RSV bronchiolits., sPLA(2)-IIA and TNFalpha transduction pathways interact to modulate inflammatory responses and provide additional insights about the capacity of sPLA(2)-IIA to promote apoptosis resistance in astrocytoma cells., Fanconi anemia, complementation group C suppresses TNF-alpha production in mononuclear phagocytes by suppressing TLR8 activity, Adipophilin affects the expression of TNF-alpha, MCP-1, and IL-6 in THP-1 macrophages., analysis of circulating N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide and tumor necrosis factor-alpha in mixed cryoglobulinemia, Study suggests that TNF alpha level more than 45 pg/mL can be taken as an immunological marker of renal transplant rejection., Cigarette smoke medium dramatically enhances the production of IL-8 in combination with TNF-alpha., These results demonstrate how IL-18 activity is regulated by TNFalpha and TGF-beta1, and how IFNgamma production through regulation of IL-18 receptor and T-bet expression., These data suggest that IL-32, which induces IL-1beta, IL-6, and chemokines, is not only involved in host defense against pathogens, but also might play a role in chronic inflammatory diseases., adipocyte culture medium increased the production of TNF-alpha in MDA-MB-231 cells, which stimulated CCL20 expression in an autocrine fashion, TNF-alpha-induced neutrophil arrest requires the activity of calpain independent of p38 MAPK and ERK signaling seen after TNF-alpha stimulation., In B cell lymphoma, elevated levels of miR-155, and consequent diminished SHIP1 expression are the result of autocrine stimulation by TNFalpha., The biological properties of the MS-associated genes support the notion that autoimmune inflammatory processes play an important role in MS, Mesenchymal stem cells respond to TNF but do not produce TNF., Patients with severe dysmenorrhoea had increased peritoneal fluid TNF-alpha and glycodelin. TNF-alpha and glycodelin may play role in endometriosis and severity of menstrual pain., Increased plasma levels of tumor necrosis factor-alpha are associated with left ventricular diastolic dysfunction., USP21 plays an important role in the down-regulation of TNFalpha-induced NF-kappaB activation through deubiquitinating RIP1., TNF-alpha was localized only in affected hands of patients with early-stage complex regional pain syndrome, elevated in nasopharyngeal carcinoma, elevated mid-trimester concentrations in amniotic fluid can identify women at risk for intra-amniotic infection and for spontaneous preterm delivery, E-selectin and ICAM-1 are targets of TNF-induced miRNAs miR-31 and miR-17-3p, respectively., The results showed that microbial products up regulate the expression of M3 receptor in nasal mucosal immune cells that further increases the production of OX40L in nasal DCs and drives the production of TNF-alpha in nasal mucosa., The TNF-alpha -238 polymorphic status is associated with a favorable clinical outcome in multiple myeloma patients treated with thalidomide., CRP and TNFalpha increased significantly but reacted differently during heavy physical activity, TNF-alpha caused a significantly altered the parasite expression., Frequency of LTalpha Nco I AG genotype in gastric cancer patients with Helicobacter pylori infection was significantly higher than that in Hp positive healthy controls., High molecular weight kininogen (HKa) mimics lipopolysaccharides by triggering a paracrine pathway in monocytes that depends on TNF-alpha and IL-1beta. Upregulation of tissue factor in monocytes by cleaved HKa is dependent on TNF-alpha and IL-1beta., the Tumor necrosis factor alpha-308 polymorphism is not a predictor of the clinical response to anti-TNF treatment in rheumatoid arthritis., There was decreased transcription of TNF-alpha in all the samples of giant cell lesion of the jaw and cherubism., The TNF-alpha-308A allele is a protective factor for chronic hepatitis b virus infection, especially in Mongoloids., TNF-alpha directly induces MSX2 expression through the NF-kappaB pathway, which in turn induces expression of alkaline phosphatase, a key molecule in mineralization, in VSMCs., TNF triggers expression and activation of MMPs faster and stronger in cardiomyocytes than in cardiofibroblasts in a superoxide-dependent manner and via activation of PI3Kgamma, thereby contributing to adverse myocardial remodeling in disease., The mutant allele of the C-857T promoter polymorphism of the TNF-alpha gene may predispose to resistance to the LDL cholesterol-lowering effect of statins and could be one of the markers used to predict the efficacy of statins., findings indicate that TNF-alpha induces a loss of sensitivity to stimulation by IGF-I, through reducing amount of IGF-I/insulin hybrid receptor and the stimulation of HR tyrosine kinase activity by IGF-I., This study suggests a possible linkage of a SNP in the TNF-alpha promoter with NP., the presence of antiphospholipid antibodies is associated with higher TNF-alpha level, tumor necrosis factor alpha rs800629 was associated with anorexia in patients with non-small cell lung cancer; patients who were heterozygous and minor homozygous were less likely to suffer anorexia, Data provide evidence of the activation of the local synthesis of endothelin-1, TNF-alpha, IL-6 in proliferative diabetic retinopathy., Report uregulation of MMP-9 production by TNFalpha in keratinocytes and its attenuation by vitamin D., No differences were observed in TNF-alpha A/G genotype frequencies, Survival in the setting of severe, acute trauma/hemorrhagic shock appears to be associated with an immediate increase in serum TNF-alpha., TNF-alpha polymorphism G-308A is strongly associated with pseudoexfoliation glaucoma., Higher levels of circulating TNF-alpha is associated with negative response to administration with recombinant human erythropoietin and fatigued cancer patients., Significantly elevated breast cancer risk was found for recessive model & for G allele versus A allele. This was true overall and for Caucasians in the subgroup analysis by ethnicity, but not for Asians., the TNFA 308G > A polymorphism was found to be associated with migraine with aura (MA), particularly in females, whereas we could not find any association of TNFB 252G > A polymorphism in genetic susceptibility to MA, Lys(63)-linked polyubiquitination of TAK1 at Lys(158) is essential for its own kinase activation and its ability to mediate its downstream signal transduction pathways in response to TNFalpha and IL-1beta stimulation., In rheumatoid arthritis synovial fibroblasts, TNFalpha-induced VCAM-1 expression is mediated through activation of the p42/p44 MAPK, p38 MAPK, JNK, and NF-kappaB pathways., expression upregulated by dihydrotestosterone in acne sebocytes culture, The expression of matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-12 induced by TNF-alpha is analyzed in airway epithelial A549 tumor cells., This study aims to analyse cardiotrophin-1 (CT-1) and Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) plasma levels at rest and during exercise in elite athletes and healthy controls., data show that IL-4 and pro-inflammatory cytokines such as TNF-alpha, IL-1beta and IFN-gamma regulate CCL26 synthesis in human monocytic cells, Increased TNF-alpha may represent a risk factor for cardiovascular disease after renal transplantation., Higher circulating levels of tumor necrosis factor alpha is associated with heart failure in acute myocardial infarction patients., TNF-alpha specifically modulates the function of myofibroblasts through regulation of prostaglandin E2 synthesis, These data suggest that (i) the TRAF2 RING domain plays a critical role in inhibiting cell death induced by TNFalpha and is essential for suppressing the noncanonical nuclear factor kappaB pathway in unstimulated cells., IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha differentially regulate cytokine expression and migration of MSCs., TH, IL-1beta and TNF-alpha are overexpressed in the peripheral blood mononuclear cells of schizophrenia patients, HIV Nef probably exacerbates tuberculosis infection by virtue of its ability to dampen Mtb-induced TNF-alpha production., The role of TNF-alpha G-308A polymorphisms in the course of pulmonary sarcoidosis is reported., Effects of UVA on TNF-alpha, IL-1beta, and IL-10 expression levels in human keratinocytes and intervention studies with an antioxidant and a JNK inhibitor., Etanercept reduced TNF, TNF-RI and TNF-RII immunostaining in lesional and non-lesional skin samples of psoriasis patients., These results indicate that the lectin-like domain of TNF has potential therapeutic value in protecting from listeriolysin-induced pulmonary endothelial hyperpermeability, TNF-alpha polymorphism, in combination with the IL-10 genotype, increased the strength of the association between the low IL-10 producer genotype and protection from rheumatoid arthritis., Results indicate that TNF-alpha 857 CC genotype may cause susceptibility to MS in the Turkish population., TNF polymorphisms showed association with wheeze and reported symptoms of allergic rhinitis and eczema. None of the five TNF variants were significantly associated with objective markers of allergic disease., Clinical effectiveness of glucorticoids in multiple sclerosis is dependant on suppression of TNF-alpha production., Tumor necrosis factor rs1800629 was associated with risk of Non-Hodgkins lymphoma, T-cell lymphoma and mantle cell lymphoma, TNF-alpha may have an important role in eosinophilic inflammation of airways in children with respiratory syncytial virus bronchiolitis., IL-18, but not TNFalpha, had a non-negligible association with coronary heart disease risk, although the association of IL-18 with risk was weak after full adjustment., Data demonstrate that NFAT1 mediates PlGF-induced myelomonocytic cell recruitment via the induction of TNF-alpha., Data show that inhibition of class I/II HDACs or class III sirtuin HDACs potently blocked the production of IL-6 and TNF-alpha by macrophages from healthy donors and patients with RA., GAS6 inhibits TNF-alpha and IL-6 secretion by LPS-stimulated U937 cells and monocytes/macrophages, The level of TNF-alpha in chronic hepatitis C and fatty liver were notably increased., Serum TNF-alpha was not associated with the HCV load., genetic polymorphisms is associated with idiopathic recurrent miscarriage in Bahraini Arabs, Data demonstrate that TRPM2 is required for the LPS-induced production of IL-6, IL-8, IL-10, and TNF-alpha., Results indicate the possible contribution of TNF-alpha and IL-1beta, but not IL-1alpha or IL-1RA, gene polymorphisms to migraine headache generation., Data show that pollen grains triggered the production of IL-8, TNF-alpha, IL-6 and strongly upregulated the membrane expression of CD80, CD86, CD83, HLA-DR and caused only a slight increase in the expression of CD40., No significant association of TNF gene with retinopathy or nephropathy in Croatian patients with type I diabetes, Data show that TLR activation was associated with significantly increased production of IL-1beta, IL-6, TNF-alpha, and CCL3., Data show that TNF-alpha induction following irradiation modulates BM cell apoptosis and is a crucial event in BM dysfunction, secondary MDS onset and progression., TNF-alpha enhances not only epithelial-mesenchymal transition but also cell contraction induced by TGF-beta1., local cytokine production in salivary glands from Sjogren patients may contribute to the secretory gland dysfunction observed in SS patients by altering tight junction integrity of epithelial cells, thereby decreasing the quality and quantity of saliva, SNPs IL6 -174G/C and TNFalpha -308G/A are not major contributors to T2D or obesity risk in our Tunisian population., Expression of TNF shows significant correlation in bone marrow cells from patients with myelodysplastic syndromes which connvert to overt leukemia., CXCR4 appears to enhance ischemia/reperfusion injury possibly due to enhanced recruitment of inflammatory cells, increased tumor necrosis factor-alpha production, and activation of cell death/apoptotic pathways, TNFA up-regulated the expression of NYGGF4 during preadipocyte differentiation., The regulation of TNF-alpha production in whole blood may be a more specific indicator of sputum conversion at 6 months than IFN-gamma, IL-12 or IL-10 in multidrug-resistant tuberculosis patients., Variations in tumor necrosis factor alpha is associated with non-Hodgkin lymphoma., study found a relation between G174C polymorphism in IL-6 gene and G308A in TNF-alpha gene with the occurrence of obesity in children, we did not replicate previously reported association of tumor necrosis factor polymorphisms with chronic rhinosinusitis., cigarette smoke amplifies the LPS-induced macrophages' secretion of IL-1beta and TNF-alpha through synergizing SP secretion, which activates NF-kappaB via binding with NK1R, Polymorphism of the TNFalpha(-308) gene was not associated with an increased risk of peri-implantitis in the population evaluated in this study., In conclusion, this meta-analysis demonstrates the association between TNF-alpha promoter - 238A/G polymorphism and systemic lupus erythematosus, especially in Caucasian population., hBVR is a regulator of the TNF-alpha-GPBP-collagen type IV signaling cascade, The study reports the association of a promoter region variant of TNF, Results of a genetic association study in pregnant women in Turkey suggest that an SNP in TNFalpha is not associated with preeclampsia., activated CD4+ T cells enhance radiation effect through the cooperation of interferon-gamma and TNF-alpha, TNF promoter variants have little, if any, effect on initial screening serum ferritin values in adults with or without HFE C282Y homozygosity., There were 138 genotypes of the TNF -308 promoter gene with a general frequency of 119 (86%) for the TNF -308G/G homozygote genotype, six (4%) for the TNF -308G/A heterozygote genotype and 13 (10%) for the TNF -308A/A homozygote genotype., TNF-alpha may represent a negative feedback mechanism to control IL-17/CCL20- but not IL-22-associated autoimmune pathologies., Our findings thus provide new mechanistic insight into the role of TNF and TNFR2 in the pathogenesis of autoimmunity., Data show that a significant increase in TAFs for VEGF, TGF-beta1, IL-4, IL-10 and TNFalpha., high levels of circulating TNF-alpha in HCV+ patients, wild homozygous TNFalpha genotype together with mutant IL-6 C allele has a protective effect against polycystic ovary syndrome7, High levels of TNF-alpha/Il-10 were associated with adverse prognosis in patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma treated with anthracycline-based regimens., Functional TNF-alpha, IL10 genotypes or combined TNF-alpha, IL10 genotypes do not play a role in BS susceptibility in Turkish Behcet's syndrome patients., Higher prenatal stress was related to increased cord blood mononuclear cell IL-8 production after microbial stimuli and increased tumor necrosis factor-alpha to microbial stimuli, no increased risk of gastric precancerous lesions was found for TNFA-308 genotypes, Romo1 and Bcl-X(L)) are directly associated with TNF-alpha-induced ROS production. Romo1 is a molecular bridge between TNF-alpha signaling and the mitochondria for ROS production that triggers TNF-alpha-mediated apoptosis., Data indicate that carriage of the TNF -308 A allele is not associated with high TNF-alpha expression in circulating human leucocytes and monocyte-derived macrophages., results suggest that the risk of early childhood wheeze associated with early maternal smoking may be modified by TNF and GSTP1 polymorphisms, anti citrullinated protein antibodies enhance NF-kappaB activity and TNFalpha production in monocyte/macrophages via binding to surface-expressed citrullinated Grp78, TNFA haplotype AAACGGGGC and IL12B promoter haplotype TAG were associated with higher levels of rubella-IgG and IL-6 secretion, respectively., Data show that both protein synthesis and intracellular transport are essential for cardiotrophin-1 induced TNFalpha expression., That means that the combined maternal-fetal genotype incompatibility was significantly associated with PTD., found that the D92E mutation eliminated Non-structural protein 1's repressive effect on IFN induction, while the 5-aa deletion resulted in enhanced resistance to TNFalpha responses., No changes are found in cardiac release of TNF-alpha or interleukin 1beta following bare metal stent implantation., CX3CL1 protein is robustly induced when vascular endothelial cells are treated synergistically with interferon (IFN)-gamma and TNF-alpha, and this superinduction is observed on the TNF-alpha stimulation after 60 min of the IFN-gamma treatment., In this study, only TNFalpha-308A allele was associated with pulmonary tuberculosis., Expression of nephrin in podocytes is regulated by the cAMP-RAR pathway and suppression of nephrin by TNF-alpha is caused, at least in part, through selective inhibition of this pathway., Systematic bioinformatic and biochemical analyses of the TNF gene locus map 2 sites of IRF5 recruitment, RIP1 with K63-linked ubiquitin chains forms a protective layer that prevents RIP1 from binding apoptotic regulators and serves as an early guard against cell death., TNF- polymorphism is associated with clinical features of disease including progression. The polymorphism is likely to be a factor that influences a COPD disease phenotype and its progression, common SNPs spanning the TNFR2 and TNF cleavage enzyme (TACE) genes do not have a major effect on the response to anti-TNF therapy in rheumatoid arthritis patients, The in vitro effects of IL-27, alone or in combination with inflammatory cytokine tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha on the pro-inflammatory activation of human primary bronchial epithelial cells, was investigated., Epithelial to mesenchymal transition in human skin wound healing is induced by tumor necrosis factor-alpha through bone morphogenic protein-2, rheumatoid arthritis patients showed high levels of IL-1beta, IL-12, IL-18 and TNF-alpha than the control group; significant correlation between psychiatric morbidity, serum levels of IL-1beta, IL-12, IL-18, TNF-alpha and disease activity measurements, Although, TNF-a gene expression was not associated with depression or stressful life events, it was associated with acute myeloblastic leukemia (AML)., Studies indicate that patients with benign brain tumors showed a significant higher frequency of IL-10 A/A, IL-6 C/C and TNF-alpha A/A, and with a significant lower frequency of IL-10 G/A , IL-6 G/C and TNF-alpha G/A genotypes., In Smad4-deficient colon carcinoma cells, TNFalpha can induce expression of the gamma2 and beta3 but not the alpha3 chain., Comparative in vitro stimulation with lipopolysaccharide to study TNFalpha gene expression in fresh whole blood, fresh and frozen peripheral blood mononuclear cells., Results support a genetic role of TLR4 and TNF-alpha in controlling the blood infection level in mild malaria., This meta-analysis demonstrates the association between TNF-alpha promoter -308A/G polymorphism and SLE in Asian populations, especially in Chinese population., Data suggest that both TNF-alpha and IL-1 beta are downstream mediators and as single mediators play a limited role within the complex inflammatory reactions induced by E. coli., Since these variants are implicated in the susceptibility and severity of several immunologic disorders, the results support the hypothesis that common genetic determinants influence shared mechanisms of autoimmunity., The TNFA -308 G/A polymorphism modified the relationship between dietary fat intake, obesity risk, and serum lipid concentrations in black South African women., there were no significant interactions of TNF-alpha gene variants with susceptibility to irritable bowel syndrome, sRAGE modulates the synthesis of hs-CRP through TNF-alpha., Increased TNF-alpha/sTNF-R levels in rheumatic mitral stenosis without atrial fibrillation are reduced after precutaneous balloon valvuloplasty., This study concluded that there is an association between higher TNF-alpha production and E. histolytica diarrhea., HLA-B27(+) genetic background was not associated with susceptibility to ankylosing spondylitis. . However, TNF-alpha polymorphism, irrespective of HLA-B27, increases risk of susceptibility to ankylosing spondylitis in the general population., The TNF-alpha -863 A allele may confer a degree of resistance to the susceptibility to and muscle wasting of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease among heavy smokers., Tumour necrosis factor expression in chemotherapy naive osteogenic sarcoma is an independent prognostic factor for overall and metastasis-free survival., RIP1 and RIP3 have roles in TNF-induced necrosis, alkaline phosphatase, IL-6, TNF-alpha, and bilirubin, but not IGF-1 or osteocalcin may play a role in hepatic osteodystrophy and liver cirrhosis, Our observation links the TNF-alpha/NF-kappaB axis and the ATX-LPA signaling pathway, The findings suggest that variants in TNF and TP53 are risk factors for primary open-angle glaucoma, whereas variants in other studied genes are not major risk factors for POAG, at least in the Chinese population., toll-like receptor 2 and 4 polymorphisms and serum levels of tumor necrosis factor-alpha and its soluble receptors may have a role in obesity in children, genetic association studies, Established a protocol for the rapid synthesis of recombinant human TNF-alpha in Escherichia coli shake-flask cultures and the subsequent purification of the mature protein.Using the advantages of SUMO-fusion technology we produced protein in high yield., This meta-analysis suggested that the TNF-308 A allele is a more significant risk factor for developing COPD among Asian populations, but not among Caucasians., Distinct carriers transport both tumor necrosis factor (TNF) and interferon (IFN)-gamma to points all over the natural killer (NK) cell surface, including within the synapse, for nonpolarized release via different pathways from that of perforin., Data suggest that in contrast to IL-6 SNP (-174), INF-gamma SNP (+874), IL-10 SNP's (-1082, -819, -592), and TGF-beta1 SNP' (codons 10 and 25), the TNF-alpha SNP(-308) may be associated with the development of generalized aggressive periodontitis., Although TNFalpha does not predict advanced liver steatosis, it may be suitable serum marker in predicting liver steatosis in obese children., Pulsed electromagnetic field irradiation does not alter the immunophenotype of the cultured fibroblast-like cell population but does provoke a decrease in the production of inflammatory-type cytokines (IL-1beta, TNF-alpha)., TNF2 allele could represent a risk factor for developing HCPS (hantavirus cardiopulmonary syndrome)., reduced expression of dystrophin and titin is associated with the pathophysiology of dilated cardiomyopathy, and TNF-alpha may modulate the expression of these proteins via NF-kappaB pathway., There was a significant decrease in TNF-alpha production after ex-vivo lipopolysaccharide stimulation of whole blood at 2 and 24h compared to baseline suggesting that diagnostic coronary angiography may cause transient endotoxin tolerance., Dendritic cells exposed to bisphenol A/TNF-alpha produced higher levels of IL-10 relative to those of IL-12p70 on CD40 ligation, Authors found an association between the major C allele and acne, and higher occurrence of the minor -308 A allele in female acne patients but no association between the severity of acne or acne predisposition and the different polymorphisms., These findings support the concept of an association of tumor necrosis factor alpha gene promoter polymorphisms and recurrent pregnancy loss., TNF-alpha-induced A(2B)AR expression in colonic epithelial cells is post-transcriptionally regulated by miR27b and miR128a, Data show that the TNF/Fas/TRAIL pathway is modulated by nucleophosmin-anaplastic lymphoma kinase in anaplastic large cell lymphoma., Results describe two polymorphisms in the TNFalpha gene and suggest that neither is a genetic risk factor for acute pancreatitis susceptibility, the intricate link of TNF-alpha with other neuro-inflammatory signaling systems has inspired a systems approach perspective for future drug development in treating neuropathic pain--REVIEW, increased level of expression in autistic lymphoblasts, SNP rs6679497 in gene CD53 showed significant association with TNFalpha levels (P=0.001); no association of this SNP was observed with osteoarthritis, TNF-alpha genetic variants were unrelated to disease progression in infected subjects, The presence of A allele in TNFa gene was associated with a 9 times higher risk of early atherosclerosis., The gene expression of IL-6 and TNF-alpha is increased in active UC. Interleukin 6 is better marker of bowel inflammation because its expression correlates with histological activity, No association was found between -308 and -238 TNF-alpha polymorphisms and chronic hepatitis C in the Mexican group studied, Results suggest that tissue expression of TNF-R2, but not TNF-R1, in epithelial ovarian cancer was correlated with the highest risk of cancer progression, and that TNF-alpha may therefore play a role in disease progression., Adenovirus-infected dendritic cells and matured dendritic cells can efficiently promote innate immune functions by activation of NK cells through the cooperative activities of tmTNF and trans-IL-15 mediated by cell-to-cell contact., increased in maternal and umbilical serum in pre-eclampsia, further increased in maternal serum in severe pre-eclampsia, TNF-alpha production by dendritic cell was reduced in women with type 2 diabetes., TNF-alpha-308 A allele and AA genotype were associated with a statistically significant increased risk of gastric cancer in western people., TNF-alpha may not be involved in progressive liver damage, as values failed to increase in nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, Ferroportin Q248H and low iron stores are both associated with lower circulating tumor necrosis factor-alpha, while only ferroportin Q248H is associated with lower circulating macrophage migration inhibitory factor, Increases in IL-8 and VEGF may be related to development of proliferative vitreoretinopathy. No significant difference was observed in vitreous concentrations of TNF-alpha., Iron deficiency anaemia was associated with increased TNF production in infected [Plasmodium falciparum infection]individuals, Data show Behcet's disease was associated with the -1031C, -238A and the -857T TNF-alpha promoter polymorphisms in various ethnic groups., There was no significant difference between patients with febrile seizures and controls in the distribution of allele frequencies of the IL-1beta promoter, IL-1beta exon 5, IL-6 promoter, IL-8, IL-10, or TNF-alpha gene polymorphisms., Results show that TNF-alpha and TGF-beta1 do not appear to be reliable markers for predicting survival and response to therapy in advanced NSCLC., TNFA is not related to progression of stent restenosis after stenting of a myocardial infarct-related artery., Association of TNF gene polymorphisms with susceptibility to dilated cardiomyopathy in a Han Chinese population is reported., There is no allelic or genotypic association of TNF-alpha -308G>A and IL-6 -174G>C promoter polymorphisms with CAD in Tunisians, thereby confirming an ethnic-selective contribution of both gene variants to CAD presence, Results suggest that the direct contact between endothelial cells and quiescent smooth muscle cells is required to inhibit TNF-alpha-mediated activation., The G allele in the examined position in tumor necrosis factor alpha might have a role as regards susceptibility in both remitting relapsing and primary progressive multiple sclerosis., The aggressive stem cell-like phenotype of breast cancer cells is induced by inflammatory cytokine TNF-alpha activation SLUG via NFkB/HIF1a, which is further enhanced by the loss of p53 function., both NF-kappaB and SAPK activation appear independent of both TNFR1 localization to low density membrane domains and to TNF-induced receptor internalization, Over expression of TNF-alpha showed a significant severity-dose-response as risk markers from preneoplastic lesions to gastric cancer., TNF-alpha 308A allele, but not 238A allele, associated with an elevated risk for pulmonary tuberculosis among patients with coal worker's pneumoconiosis, No significant differences were found in the genotype and allele frequencies of the TNF-alpha-308 G/A variants between the elderly and young subjects., polymorphic sites spanning the region nearby the TNF locus are associated with lipodystrophy syndrome development in HIV/AIDS patients, interleukin 1beta and tumor necrosis factors alpha and beta, but not transforming growth factors alpha and beta, strongly induced HA synthesis by NF-kappaB pathway, activating hyaluronan synthase 2, Letter, TNF-alpha can enhance human MSCs migration and stimulate their production of HGF. These effects are mediated via a specific TNF receptor and signaling pathways., In the Taiwan population, the associations of genetic variations in the TNF-alpha gene promoter with spontaneous deep intracerebral hemorrhage risks are gender-dependent., No relationship found between TNF-alpha promoter 238 polymorphisms and ankylosing spondylitis in HLA-b27+ people nor between TNF-alpha promoter 238/308 polymorphisms and ankylosing spondylitis susceptibility in both the overall and HLA-B27+ population., Although patients with higher TNF-alpha and interleukin (IL)-6 levels experience a more relapsing disease, persistent elevation of circulating cytokines is not associated with complications related to giant cell arteritis or atherosclerotic disease., The Chinese herbal compound TCM could reduce the expression of TNF-alpha and IL-1 beta in the gingival crevicular fluid of patients with chronic periodontitis., These results provide the first report of an association between TNFA, TNFB and TNFRII polymorphic features and outcome of allo-HSCT in a Chinese population, and suggest an interaction between TNFA-857 and TNFB+252 genotypes and risk of aGVHD., PKCepsilon RNAi depletion significantly enhanced the release of TNFalpha in response to PMA and greatly potentiated JNK activation by this cytokine, Loss of TNFalpha is associated with non-small cell lung cancer., A critical role is found for the membrane-bound isoform of TNF on vitamin D3-modulated tolerogenic dendritic cells, significant correlation of the combined IL-10 and TNF-alpha genetic polymorphisms contribute to systemic lupus erythematosus susceptibility and clinical features in the Taiwanese population, Lactobacillus plantarum inhibited TNF-alpha-induced MCP-1 secretion., carriage of the TNF2A allele appears to amplify the risk for primary biliary cirrhosis attributed to the previously identified and now replicated CTLA4 rs231725 ''A/A'' genotype., Single nucleotide polymorphism in tumor necrosis factor alpha is associated with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and follicular lymphoma., increase of plasma TNF-alpha level is an early event in abdominal fat accumulation, Measurement of plasma TNF-alpha may not prove to be a good biomarker for predicting therapeutic efficacy at an early stage in non-small cell lung cancer., The MEK1/2-ERK1/2 MAP-kinase cascade and nuclear receptors PPARalpha and LXRs are important for TNFalpha-mediated apoA-I promoter switching., Polymorphisms of the TNF-alpha -308 G > A and -857 C>T (T/T genotype) increase susceptibility to axonal subgroup of Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS). These polymorphisms are also associated with higher TNF-alpha serum concentration in GBS patients., HDAC1 were significantly higher in rheumatoid arthritis than in osteoarthritis synovial tissues, and was upregulated by TNFalpha stimulation, The levels of serum cytokine were correlated with the state of illness., high-expressing TNF -308 and TNF -238 genotypes were independently associated with neutropenia and severity of anaemia, respectively, in a large cohort of treatment naive, de novo myelodysplastic syndrome patients, PKC signal transduction pathway participates in regulating beta-1, 4-GalT-I expression in endothelial cells stimulated by TNF-alpha., The presence of oligoclonal IgM in multiple sclerosis patients associated with a SNP at position -376 of the TNF-alpha promoter., The existing knowledge points towards a relevant role of IL-10 and TNFalpha genotypes in systemic Lupus erythematosus., These results suggest donor TNFalpha-857 CC genotype is related to a higher incidence of grade II-IV aGVHD., The presence of plaque and pro-inflammatory HDL in systemic lupus erythematosus patients causes a small but functionally significant alteration of monocyte atherosclerosis-related transcripts, such as PDGFRbeta and TNFalpha., alpha-Melanocyte-stimulating hormone inhibits tumor necrosis factor alpha-stimulated MUC5AC expression in human nasal epithelial cells, TNF alpha and its soluble receptors appear to be involved in adrenal gland oncogenesis. The peripheral blood concentrations of this cytokines before surgery may be useful for the discrimination between malignant and benign adrenal tumors., Leprosy patients were classified and reactional episodes of the erythema nodosum type or reversal reaction were identified by clinical and histopathological features associated with serum IL-1, TNF-alpha, IL-6, IFN-gamma and IL-10 levels, analysis of interleukin-6, vascular endothelial growth factor, YKL-40, matrix metalloproteinase-3, and total aggrecan in spondyloarthritis patients during 3 years of treatment with TNFalpha inhibitors, genetic polymorphism confers risk to pulmonary tuberculosis, genetic polymorphism is associated with leprosy, we demonstrated a significant association of the relative TNF-alpha/B2M mRNA expression and the relative TGF-beta 1 /B2M mRNA expression in white blood cells of 118 Germans., risk for inflammation-related labile anger may be enhanced in subjects with the A allele in the promoter region for TNFalpha, The findings of this work reveal a significant role for IL-17 in upregulating IVD cell inflammatory mediator release and ICAM-1 and suggest that IFNgamma and TNFalpha act synergistically to elevate an inflammatory phenotype in the presence of IL-17., Study found association between extended LTA, TNF, LST1 and HLA gene haplotypes and rubella vaccine-induced immunity., enhanced attentional and mental rotation performance in A allele carriers supports recent findings that the A allele of this single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) enhances cognitive performance, These results identify the homeobox protein Prx1 as an obligate mediator of TNF inhibition of Osx and differentiation of osteoblast progenitors., Myometrium conversion into leiomyoma and an increase in its mass is accompanied by changes in the expression and contents TNF and TNF RI., Iron and UVA increase MMP-1 activity in dermal fibroblasts not only directly through ERK activation but also by an indirect paracrine loop through TNF-alpha released by normal human epidermal keratinocytes., Regulation of MRP2/ABCC2 and BSEP/ABCB11 expression in sandwich cultured human and rat hepatocytes exposed to inflammatory cytokines TNF-{alpha}, IL-6, and IL-1{beta}., found no significant association between genotype and allele distribution of IL-6, IL-8 and TNF-alpha polymorphism studied and PDB. No association between the clinical and therapeutic characteristics of PDB and the investigated polymorphism were found, The high levels of TNF-alpha in the serum of smokers suggest an imbalance between the proinflammatory and anti-inflammatory factors as a result of tobacco smoke exposure, These data suggest that a low IL-10-expressing and high TNF-alpha-expressing genotype of the host can influence the occurrence and severity of outcome of Eales disease., The mechanism of synergistic activation of NF-kappaB by bacterial fMLP and TNFalpha may be involved in the induction of RelA acetylation, which is regulated by p38 MAPK., The early serum levels of TNF-alpha and IL-6 in ACI markedly increase and are closely correlated with acute cerebral infarction severity., Influence of polyoxidonium on IL-1 beta, TNF-alpha and IL-6 production by mononuclears and monocytes under the dexamethasone effect, Epidermal mRNA expression level of tumor necrosis factor-alpha was significantly up-regulated 6 hr after standardized tape stripping., gene polymorphisms is associated with protection or susceptibility to dengue hemorrhagic fever, higher proportion of TNF-alpha-308 AA genotype (high producer genotype) among OLP patients when compared to healthy controls. TNF-alpha-308AA may play relevant role in susceptibility and severity of OLP in Thai population., The TNF-alpha-308G-->A polymorphism is responsible for susceptibility to ischemic stroke and is associated with high tHcy levels in Koreans., TIMP-1 interaction with alphavbeta3 integrin confers resistance to human osteosarcoma cell line MG-63 against TNF-alpha-induced apoptosis., IL-10 inhibits TNF gene at a level of transcription through a mechanism targeting the stimulation of transcription elongation by cyclin-dependent kinase 9, The TNF-alpha/-308 polymorphism might be used as a biomarker for the assessment of outcome of trauma patients, but the TNF-beta/252 gene polymorphism might not influence the development of complications in patients with major trauma., The results refine the picture of the effects of the TNF-alpha -308G-->A single nucleotide polymorphism on cognitive functions and emphasize the known divergent effects of TNF-alpha on brain functions., TNF-a expression was found to be increased in salivary glands of Sjogren's syndrome patients., There is an interaction between TNF-alpha gene G308A promoter and LEPR gene Lys656Asn polymorphisms, with higher concentrations of leptin in the G308A and A308A genotypes combined with the mutant LEPR genotype., elevated levels of TNFalpha and NF-kappaB inhibit the regenerative potential of satellite cells via epigenetic silencing of the Notch-1 gene, Cooperative role of NF-{kappa}B and poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase 1 (PARP-1) in the TNF-induced inhibition of PHEX expression in osteoblasts., This meta-analysis suggests that TNFA -308GG gene polymorphism is associated with a modest decrease in the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma., The A allele at the -863 locus of the promoter region of the TNF-alpha gene predicts lower HBcAg-inducible TNF-alpha secretion. It is also associated with chronicity of HBV infection., VDUP1 negatively regulates hepatocarcinogenesis by suppressing TNF-alpha-induced NF-kappaB activation., foamy macrophages appeared to have a reduced cytokine secretion and were LPS insensitive only when generated with one of the myelin preparations, TNF-alpha levels are increased in a subset of children with obstructive sleep apnea, particularly among those harboring the TNF-alpha -308G single nucleotide polymorphism., Susceptibility to type 1 diabetes mellitus in the Croatian population is strongly associated with the TNF-alpha -308G>A polymorphism, especially in women., Chronic venous leg ulcers is associated with TNF block alleles within FV16 (e.g., TNF-308A and BAT1intron10 C insertion) or near FV16 in the 8.1AH in Caucasian patients., TNF-alpha enhances the migration of chondrosarcoma cells by increasing alphavbeta3 integrin expression through the MEK/ERK/NF-kappaB signal transduction pathway., PTEN selectively inhibits expression of VCAM-1 but not ICAM-1 through modulation of PI3K/Akt/GSK-3beta/GATA-6 signaling cascade in TNF-alpha-treated endothelial cells, Molecular pathways of spontaneous and TNF-{alpha}-mediated neutrophil apoptosis under intermittent hypoxia., High TNFA levels were associated with larger, poorly differentiated, invasive & advanced-stage tumors, & positive lymph nodes. Its negative impact on survival seems to be enhanced through the interaction with HER-2 Ile655Val SNP., -308 TNFA AA genotype can represent a risk marker for nasopharyngeal carcinoma development, TNF-alpha and -beta polymorphisms are strongly associated with breast cancer in the Dravidian but not in the Indo-European group, The TNF gene polymorphisms investigated here are not related to the development of Parkinson disease in the Italian population., the TNFA -308 A allele may be an important protective factor for breast cancer (BC) in European individuals, but it is not likely to confer susceptibility to BC in worldwide populations, Data show there was an effect of the TNF-alpha genotypes, with the AG and GG genotypes showing greater cytokine release than from the AA genotype., TNF-alpha contributes to the up-regulation of beta1,4-GalT-I mRNA in human fibroblast-like synoviocytes., Tumour necrosis factor haplotypes are associated with sensory neuropathy in Asian and Caucasian human immunodeficiency virus patients., promoter polymorphism may be not associated with acute rejection in liver transplant recipients among Caucasians, TNF-alpha may be a risk factor in Chinese recurrent spontaneous abortion patients., percentage of IL-17-producing CD4 T cells coexpressing tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNFalpha) was significantly increased in synovial fluid, We performed a study of patients with psoriasis and determined HLA class and TNF single nucleotide polymorphisms to demonstrate whether these polymorphisms may be genetic risk for psoriasis., A possible underlying mechanism of the impact of CCR5Delta32 genotype on inflammation driven mortality in dialysis patients could be a reduced Th1 immune response as represented by decreased TNF-alpha levels., Data show that TNF-alpha and osteopontin levels are not different between obese patients with and without obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, but that osteopontin levels increase with fasting insulin, IR, OSAS severity, and daytime sleepiness., Up-regulation of matrix metalloproteinase-9 along with TNF-alpha in the early course of Guillain-Barre syndrome appears to be associated with immune-mediated disease progression resulting from inflammation in the peripheral nervous system., correlated with age, time since the menopause, abdominal circumference, blood pressures levels and the number of positive metabolic syndrome diagnostic criteria, TNF-alpha and carrageenan in combination act to increase NIK phosphorylation, thereby increasing activation of the non-canonical pathway of NF-kappaB activation, IL-25 production is differently regulated by TNF-alpha and TGF-beta1 in the human g, An updated meta-analysis shows that the tumor necrosis factor-alpha -308A genotype is associated with an increased risk for development of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Asian but not Caucasian populations., Lower TNF-alpha synthesis was found in monocytes from infants with respiratory syncytial virus infection., Local but not systemic increase of TNF-alpha in patients with complex regional pain syndromes is indicated, persisting for months after limb trauma., A significant amount of IL-6, TNF-alpha and TGF-beta was spontaneously produced by peripheral blood mononuclear cells from pulmonary TB patients in Gabon, reflecting most probably a systemic, unspecific inflammation., These results suggest that matrix metalloproteinases could be potentially involved in the tissue damage observed in osteoarticular brucellosis., Genetic polymorphisms of tumor necrosis factor-alpha and lymphotoxin-alpha in Chinese patients with non-Hodgkin lymphoma., findings show that BNip3 is transcriptionally and translationally upregulated by TNF, and its expression level determines the sensitivity to necroptosis induced by TNF, In this review, TNFalpha initiates its responses by binding to its receptors; TNFalpha-induced effector responses are mediated by the actions and interactions among the various intracellular signalling mediators in the cell., study found a significant interaction between the TNFalpha -238 polymorphism and vaginal flora in relation to preterm delivery, a novel mechanism for the involvement of DNA-PK in the positive regulation of p50 NF-kappaB to drive VCAM-1 expression., IL-27 production is induced by TNF-alpha in macrophages from synovial fluid of patients with rheumatoid arthritis and from peripheral blood of healthy donors., The results show that TNFalpha gene polymorphisms lead to enhanced production of the respective cytokines when exposed to specific respiratory viruses., High TNF-alpha expression was significantly associated with positive lymph node stage and recurrence of the tumor., Expressions of IL-1beta, TNF-alpha and IgA in specimens of chronic prostatitis were significantly higher than those in non-prostatitis specimens., TNF-alpha regulates both macroautophagy and MHC class II expression and macroautophagy-mediated antigen presentation contributes to the immunological environment of the inflamed human skeletal muscle., The levels of Serum IL-8, CRP and TNF-alpha in coronary heart disease group were significantly higher than those in control group., children with familial hypercholesterolemia are characterized by an inflammatory imbalance between the tumor necrosis factor alpha system and interleukin-10, Positive TNF-alpha staining in breast capsules was localised to fibroblasts, macrophages, and extracellularly close to the prosthesis., TNFA-308G>A allele frequencies in Mexican adolescents at risk for developing obesity-related conditions, Polymorphisms of tumor necrosis factor-alpha is associated with breast cancer., G308A polymorphism of TNF-alpha gene is associated with insulin resistance and histological changes in non alcoholic fatty liver disease patients., TNF-alpha polymorphisms are associated with malignant brain tumors., Our data indicate that the tumor necrosis factor-alpha -1031 T/C polymorphism may be associated with wet age-related macular degeneration in the Taiwan Chinese population., hs-CRP and TNF-alpha, but not TGF-beta, IL-6, IL10 or proBNP may have a role in cardiovascular event risk in patients with atherosclerotic occlusive disease, Human eosinophils exert TNF-alpha and granzyme A-mediated tumoricidal activity toward colon carcinoma cells., TNF-alpha not only induced the p27(kip) expression and cell cycle arrest in the G(0)-G(1) phase, but also enhanced caspase-3 activity and induced apoptosis in SMCs of asymptomatic plaques, Data suggest that CARHSP1 is a TNF-alpha mRNA stability enhancer required for effective TNF-alpha production, demonstrating the importance of both stabilization and destabilization pathways in regulating the TNF-alpha mRNA half-life., The results of the present study indicate an association between polymorphisms in the promoter region of TNF-alpha and hepatitis B virus related disease progression in the Chinese Han population, Data show that the ex vivo NKT cell response is predominantly comprised of the chemokines MIP1-alpha, and MIP1-beta as well as the Th1 cytokines IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha., TNF-alpha -308 G/A polymorphism contributes to susceptibility to asthma., Linkage/association of IFNG and IL-6 alleles with MS was not revealed. Thus, data obtained indicate the participation of TNF gene in MS susceptibility in Russians, Tumor necrosis factor-alpha-secreting CD16+ antigen presenting cells are effectively removed by granulocytapheresis in ulcerative colitis patients., Chronic high TNF-alpha has a slow and progressive neurodegenerative effect in the nigrostriatum in an animal model of Parkinson's disease mediated by chronic expression of a single cytokine., Report no significant association between TNF-alpha G-238A and TNF-alpha G-308A polymorphisms in posttransplantation diabetes mellitus of renal transplant recipients., TNF-alpha polymorphisms, in particular -863C/A, -857C/T, and -238G/A, are significantly associated with type 1 diabetes, Study severely questions the proposal that TNF-alpha is a causative link between adiposity and insulin resistance., The -238A and -308G polymorphisms of the TNF-alpha promoter and 299D/399T polymorphisms of the TLR-4 gene are associated with more pronounced clinical symptoms, higher cytokine and IgE levels, and low PNIF values., TNF-alpha-308 G/A polymorphism is assumed to confer a higher risk for hepatocellular carcinoma, especially in Asian population., Individually expressed HSV-1 R1 (ICP6) shares, with HSV-2 R1, the ability to bind caspase-8 and to protect cells against death receptor-induced apoptosis., TNF-alpha, both alone and in combination with IFN-gamma, inhibits extravillous trophoblast invasion via a mechanism associated with increased trophoblast apoptosis, decreased trophoblast proliferation and/or altered production of active proteases., Clinicians should be alert for signs and symptoms of neuropathy in ankylosing spondylitis, since patients with neuropathies can be safely given anti-TNF-alpha., Increased plasma HMGB1 associated with IFN-alpha may be related to nephritis and thrombocytopenia in systemic lupus erythematosus patients., In Pakistani population the neuregulin 1 and tumor necrosis factor-alpha (-308) genes are strongly associated with schizophrenia., TGFbeta1, TNFalpha and LIF expressions showed increased level in the untreated patients with de novo acute myeloid leukemia., This study showed a double-dissociated effect of the functional TNF-alpha -308G-->A polymorphism on response inhibition and error processing., Cytokine and chemokine responses to selected early secreted antigenic target-6 and culture filtrate protein-10 peptides in tuberculosis., Exposure to non-uniform shear stress and TNF-alpha lead to progressive induction of adhesion molecules and increase in monocytic cell adhesion observed over 0.5-3 h., The results of the present study indicated that TNF-alpha -238G/A, -308G/A, or -376G/A may not be the main risk factor for multiple sclerosis., TNF-alpha concentration was significantly higher in all obese subjects (P<0.001); A higher level of this cytokine was also found in patients with obesity suffering from T2DM., 1/ Polymorphism G-308A of the TNF-alpha gene is more common in children with obesity., These data suggest a novel important biological role for NF-kappaB pathway in TNF-alpha-induced TSLP expression in human airway smooth muscle cells., Common variants of the genes encoding CRP, TNF-, and IL-6 were not significantly associated with the risk of clinical diabetes in postmenopausal women., role of IL-6 combined with TNF-alpha or IL-1 in the induction of acute phase proteins SAA and CRP in chronic inflammatory diseases, TNF-alpha and TNFR in Chagas disease, TNF-alpha regulation of CD38 expression in human airway smooth muscle, intracellular and intercellular cross talk between NGF and TNF, In patients with acute myocardial infarction, TACE expression in peripheral blood mononuclear cells increases with TNF-alpha expression., found no association between the polymorphism and large vessel abnormalities in adults with sickle cell anemia, TNF-alpha may contribute to breast cancer aetiology as a novel link between obesity and increased risk of breast cancer development., Data show there was a significant decrease in Th1 intracellular cytokines IFNgamma, IL-2 and TNFalpha in the blood of culture positive patients compared with culture negative patients., Data support the thesis that TGF-beta is regulated by TNF-alpha., Polymorphism at the -308 position in the TNF-alpha promoter region is associated with shorter gestation and an increased risk of spontaneous extreme preterm birth., TNF-alpha expression in the arterial wall is comparable in primary and secondary lesions. Serum concentrations of TNF-alpha are independent of its arterial wall expression., Meta-analysis, Results suggest maneuvers to diminish IL-6 production in the disc could provide some protection against the adverse effects of IL-1 and TNF-alpha, thus, helping preserve disc composition, structure, and function., IL-1beta and TNF-alpha, induced the expression of IL-34 mRNA via JNK and p44/42 MAPK., Immunohistochemistry of HIV+/PML revealed robust labeling for TNF-alpha and TNFR-1. These data suggest TNF-alpha stimulation of kappaB may contribute to JCV reactivation in HIV+/PML., Myocyte-derived HMGB1 and TNF-alpha work in concert to promote ischemia/reperfusion-induced myocardial apoptosis through JNK activation., TNF-alpha -308*A/G gene polymorphisms are not related to cancer of the pancreatic head., Data show that the number of TNF-alpha and CD68 positive cells in HIZ was significantly higher than that in the annulus fibrosus around HIZ and in the control., TNF-alpha accelerates calcification of human aortic valve interstitial cells by elevating alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activity and ALP gene expression in the calcific aortic valve stenosis group., the implication of H-Ras and NADPH oxidase-generated superoxide production in MMP-13 gene regulation by IL-1beta and TNF-alpha, TWEAK and TNF-alpha cooperate in the induction of apoptosis in primary keratinocytes obtained from patients with atopic dermatitis, the TNF-alpha-induced activation of the ERK/GEF-H1/RhoA pathway in tubular cells is mediated through Src- and TACE-dependent EGFR activation., In psoriatic arthritis the carotid intima-media thickness is higher in subjects on traditional disease modifying antirheumatic drugs than in those on TNF-alpha blockers., Glucose and TNF-alpha increased Egr-1 expressionvia ERK1/2 activation in endothelial cells., Polymorphisms in TNF genes can affect susceptibility to tubal factor infertility or disease severity by contributing to the cytokine profile and host immune responses during C trachomatis infection., TNFalpha-308 GA/AA polymorphism is associated with asthenospermia., TNF-alpha +488 guanine/adenosine variant is an important risk factor for ischemic stroke in South Indians from Andhra Pradesh, whereas MMP-3-1612 5A/6A polymorphism is not associated with stroke in the same population., Report decreased adiponectin and increased IL-6/TNF-alpha/TLR4 in epicardial adipose tissue in coronary artery disease., Data suggest that activated protein C protects endothelial cells by attenuating cell adhesion molecule expression during inflammation, and that APC engages a regulatory crosstalk involving EPCR, ERK1/2, and NF-kappaB that impairs TNF signaling., prevalence of TNF-alpha 1031 allele was lower in autoimmune gastritis than multifocal atrophic gastriris, two SNPs on matrix metallopeptidase 2 gene and one SNP on tumor necrosis factor-alpha gene, are marginally associated with intracranial aneurysm in male- and female-specific manner, challenge with 35-kDa antigen and Mycobacterium leprae cell wall antigen resulted in increased levels of TNF-alpha., Data show that the involvement of a cancer related network of genes whose activity may be heavily regulated by TNF-alpha in prostate tumorigenesis., Results indicate that the primary pro-inflammatory cytokine TNF-alpha regulates the L-selectin surface expression on neutrophils after surgical trauma., IL-1beta-31CC, IL-1beta-511TT genotype, and TNF-alpha-857T carrier may have protective effect against gastric cancer progression., Expression of TNF alpha mRNA and VEGF mRNA shows increasing expression with positive correlation to progression of viral hepatitis to cirrhosis with more positive with cases developed hepatocellular carcinoma., combined effect of TNF-A polymorphisms in haplotype analysis demonstrated additively increased risk of Inflammatory bowel diseases, TNF-alpha and IL-6 have a role in inflammatory stress even after delivery in preeclamptic women, Could neither refute nor verify that individual anti-TNFalpha therapies affect the short-term clinical emergence of cancer., Hypertonic sucrose and NaCl significantly enhanced TNF-alpha release from THP-1 cells upon lipopolysaccharide or phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate stimulation., TNFalpha-duced NF-kappaB activation is attenuated by RIP1 through stabilization of TRAF2., TNF-alpha is a novel target of miR-19a, The TNFA -1031C>T and TNFA -308G>A polymorphisms were strongly associated with the risk of asthma (p = 0.007) in children in the egyptian population. and p = 0.000, respectively), but the TNFB +252A>G polymorphism was not (p = 0, Huatan Tongluo Granule upregulates SOCS3 and downregulates TNFa patients with acute cerebral infarction., TNF-alpha, but not IL-17A, activates NF-kappaB signaling on chemokine CXCL5/endothelial neutrophil-activating peptide 78 (ENA)-78 expression in alveolar type II cells., Report disease activity, and response to/access to TNF-alpha blockers in Irish patients with ankylosing spondylitis., Expressional change of PEDF and TNF-alpha is in relation to angiogenesis of bladder tumor, A systematic review and meta-analysis to investigate the association between effects of TNF-alpha G-308A polymorphism on coronary heart disease (CHD) susceptibility was undertaken., circulating levels of sTNF-R1, but not sTNF-R2, are related to reduced lung volumes and airflow limitation in morbidly obese patients prior to the development of a clinically recognized respiratory disease, Allergic lung inflammation is mediated by soluble tumor necrosis factor (TNF) and attenuated by dominant-negative TNF biologics., TNF-alpha promotes FasL expression through NFAT activation in neuroblastoma cells and this event leads to increased apoptosis through independent caspase-3 activation, Home dampness is a risk factor for asthma and wheeze among children, especially for those with the TNF-308 A allele., A TNF-alpha promoter polymorphism is associated with allergic rhinitis is Pakistani patients., glycogen synthase kinase 3alpha/beta (GSK3alpha/beta) modulates tumor necrosis factor-a (TNF) induced increased lung vascular permeability, TNF-alpha levels linked with pulmonary hemorrhagic implications of leptospirosis, while elevated sTNFR1 and IL-10 levels linked with fatal cases, no association was found between the tumor necrosis factor-alpha -308 G/A polymorphism blood culture-proven sepsis in two large cohorts of very-low-birth-weight infants., The allele TNFalpha*2 of the TNF gene is overrespresented in Polish patients with Lofgren Syndrome.The TNFalpha*2 allele is related with a mild course of pulmonary sarcoidosis in patients without Lofgren's Syndrome., The SNPs analyzed were, The TNF-alpha/IFN-gamma GGTA composite genotype is a risk factor for breast cancer., TNFA-308G/ A, TNFA-238G/A and TNFA-863C/A polymorphisms may be associated with hepatocellular carcinoma among Asians. TNFA-857C/T and TNFA-1031T/C polymorphisms were not related to the risk for hepatocellular carcinoma. [review], In conclusion, cancer-related cachexia and anorexia are not the result of one cytokine, TNF-alpha, by itself and blocking it causes only a minimal change without any statistical significance in cancer patients, 15-deoxy-Delta(12,14)-prostaglandin-J2 and ciglitazone attenuated TNF-alpha-induced MMP-13 expression in synovial fibroblasts primarily through the modulation of NF-kappaB signaling pathways., Both passive and active transgenic TNF-alpha-inhibiting strategies restore the suppressor activity of regulatory T (Treg) cells and induce therapeutic benefits in experimental rheumatoid arthritis., TNF inhibits barrier protein expression, and TNF-alpha antagonists may contribute to clinical improvement in patients with psoriasis by improving barrier protein expression., No significant associations were found between TNFalpha -857C-->T and TNFR2 676T-->G polymorphisms and semen quality. TNFR1 36A allele is associated with increased sperm concentration and motility, supporting the significance of TNFR1 gene in semen quality, TNF-alpha polymorphism is associated with breast cancer., Renal glomerular endothelial cells treated with high glucose and mannose binding lectin complement pathway activation showed increased expression of IL6 and TNFalpha., Multifocal choroiditis with panuveitis (MFCPU) and punctate inner choroidopathy and (PIC) may represent two manifestations of the same disease, given their similar genetic associations with IL10 and TNF loci., TNF-alpha is raised in extrahepatic portal venous obstruction, with minimal hepatic encephalopathy., In mesangial cells n-3 fatty acids inhibit TNF-alpha-stimulated transcription of the MCP-1 gene through interaction of signaling pathways involving ERK and NF-kappaB., The expression of miR-17-3p and miR-106a is regulated by TNFalpha and lipopolysaccharides in HeLa cells., KIR2DS2/KIR2DL2 and HLA-C genotype of rheumatoid arthritis patients may provide predictive information for response to anti-TNF-alpha therapy., expression and stability of TNF-alpha induction due to Pb exposure is mainly regulated through ERK, The association of TNF-alpha G308A and IL-1beta (+3953) C/T polymorphism with myocardial infarction in Turkish population, was studied., Effect of a fermented nutraceutical on thioredoxin level and TNF-alpha signalling in cirrhotic patients., TNF-a participates in the initiating events that culminate in graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) as well as amplifies the disease process once established. (Review), The presence of autoimmune thyroiditis in mixed cryoglobulinemia patients with chronic hepatitis C is associated with high levels of circulating interleukin-6, but not of tumor necrosis factor-alpha., Case Report, Results suggest that the increased activity of TNFalpha, HIF-1alpha and glucocorticoids in obese adipose tissues could alter GHR gene transcription through specific REs and that TNFalpha may be involved in the development of GH resistance., A CD14(+)/CD16(-) subset of highly purified human monocytes express AT(1)R and respond to AngII exposure in vitro by producing IL-6 but not TNF-alpha., An HLA-DRB1*1501 allele and the TNF-alpha G/A polymorphism are associated with the risk of multiple sclerosis in an Iranian population., Data suggest that PGI(2) analogues suppress LPS-induced TNF-alpha expression in THP-1 cells via the IP receptor-cAMP and the MAPK pathways., These results indicated the first evidence that the genetic polymorphisms of IL-1beta and TNF-alpha may be involved in DNA methylation in nonneoplastic human gastric mucosa., This study suggested that TNF-alpha -308GG and G gene polymorphism was associated with a modest decrease in the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma in a Chinese population., Both IL-1beta and TNF-alpha regulate NGAL expression in polymorphonuclear granulocytes of chronic hemodialysis patients., A significantly higher level of IFN-gamma (P = .01), TNF-alpha (P = .0001), and sTNFR-2 (P = .01) was detected in (erosive) oral lichen planus patients before treatment than in controls., results suggest that the polymorphism at position -238 influences susceptibility to Trypanosoma cruzi nfection and that this allele is associated with higher TNF-alpha production in seropositive individuals, These results suggest that optineurin regulates NF-kappaB activation by mediating interaction of CYLD with ubiquitinated RIP thus facilitating deubiquitination of RIP., The results of the present study suggest that, unlike M. eupeus, the toxic manifestations observed following being stung by H. lepturus are associated with increased serum TNF-alpha levels and correlate positively with the clinical severity of the symptoms., LMWHA of approximately 50 kDa did not significantly alter tumor necrosis factor-alpha expression compared to 20-kDa HA., TNFA rs1800629 gene polymorphism is associated with predisposition to cardiovascular complications in patients with rheumatoid arthritis., Monocytes from healthy controls and systemic lupus erythematosus patients, were studied to evaluate the production of TNF-alpha and TGF-beta in response to apoptotic cells., Sustained elevation of serum and/or synovial levels of IL-33 may account for a poor response to TNF inhibitors via persistent Il-1 beta signaling., Constitutive activation of metalloproteinase ADAM10 in mantle cell lymphoma promotes cell growth and activates the TNFalpha/NFkappaB pathway., In some patients with chronic rhinosinusitis and coexisting osteitis TNF-alpha gene expression in bone tissue is increased., The IL-8 -251A/T, IL-12B -1188A/C and TNF-alpha -238A/G polymorphisms may not be associated with susceptibility to TS in the Chinese Han population studied., Tumor necrosis factor-alpha -863 C/A promoter polymorphism affects the inflammatory response after cardiac surgery, In hepatitis C virus-associated glomerulonephritis a significant upregulation of both interferon-gamma-inducible protein and TNF-alpha is mediated specifically by the viral receptor Toll-like receptor 3, among patients with mutant TNF-alpha AA genotype the occurrence of cardiovascular events is significantly higher, Influenza infection significantly increased TNF-alpha release from isolated epithelial cells, sufficient to decrease M receptors in neuroblastoma cells., Extensive DNA lesions stimulated 2 sequential NF-kappaB activation phases, requiring ATM and NEMO/IKK-gamma, women with better response to the dietary intervention showed significantly lower promoter methylation levels of leptin and TNF-alpha than the non-responder group, study demonstrates that IL-22 and TNF-alpha represent a potent, synergistic cytokine combination for cutaneous immunity., TNF-alpha and MMP-9 may play an important role in the pathological mechanism of nasal polyps. TNF-alpha may induce the expression of MMP-9 and promote the migration of eosinophilic granulocytes., capsaicin-mediated IL-6 increase in prostate cancer PC-3 cells is regulated at least in part by TNF-alpha secretion and signaling pathway involving Akt, ERK and PKC-alpha activat, Glucocorticoid-independent repression of tumor necrosis factor (TNF) alpha-stimulated interleukin (IL)-6 expression by the glucocorticoid receptor, Report TNF-alpha 308 polymorphism was negatively associated with breast cancer in Caucasian populations., The data favour the association of the SNP -308 position with the occurrence of coronary heart disease as well as the participation of the occurrence of type 2 diabetes in the causal relation., These data demonstrate that IL-6, but not TNF-alpha, has a key-role in the regulation of plasma YKL-40 levels during inflammation., HIV-1 p17 matrix protein interacts with heparan sulfate side chain of CD44v3, syndecan-2, and syndecan-4 proteoglycans expressed on human activated CD4+ T cells affecting tumor necrosis factor alpha and interleukin 2 production., Findings suggest that the coordinated expression of CCL2 & CCL5 and TNFalpha & IL-1beta may be important for disease course., There was no significant association detected between the TNF 308 G/A polymorphism and risk for type 2 diabetes mellitus., adiponectin, TNF-alpha and leptin gene expression in the epicardial adipose tissue, paracardial adipose tissue and subcutaneous adipose tissue were investigated in metabolic syndrome (MS) with coronary artery disease (CAD) and in non-MS patients without CAD, this meta-analysis indicated that TNF-alpha promoter-308-A/G polymorphism is associated with susceptibility to systemic lupus erythematosus.[meta-analysis], the -238A allele in the promoter region of tumor necrosis factor alpha increased the risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus in Mexican patients, No difference was found by a cross-sectional approach comparing IL-1alpha rs1800587, IL-1beta rs3087258 and TNF-alpha rs1799724 genotypic and allelic frequencies between those affected and not affected by dementia., TNFalpha has a role in graft rejection, and its inhibitors can serve as antirejection agents after intestinal transplantation, Letter, Radiation-triggered tumor necrosis factor (TNF) alpha-NFkappaB cross-signaling favors survival advantage in human neuroblastoma cells, TNF-alpha blockage by infliximab reduces CCL2 and CCR2 levels in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, Maternal and infant TNF-alpha (-308) genotypes are not indicative for an increased risk of preterm birth or the development of PVL in premature newborns., TNF-alpha-308 gene polymorphism is significantly associated with inhibitor development in Chinese Han patients with severe hemophilia A., Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) activates visfatin expression in cultured human coronary arterial endothelial cells. HBO-induced visfatin is mediated by TNF-alpha and at least in part through JNK pathway., Results do not support a major role of TNF promoter gene polymorphism at position - 308 in the susceptibility to systemic lupus erythrematosus in Portuguese Caucasian patients., -16.5 evolutionarily conserved region physically interacts with the CCL2 proximal promoter after TNF-alpha stimulation, Meta-analysis reveals no association between the TNF-alpha-308 polymorphism and susceptibility to Wegener's granulomatosis in Europeans., secreted by activated CD4+ T cells; contributes to spongiosis formation in acute eczematous dermatitis, plumbagin induces apoptosis in colonic cancer cells through TNF-alpha mediated pathway depending on expression of COX-2 expression, CK2 down regulation facilitates TNF-alpha-mediated chondrocyte death through apoptosis and autophagy, No association between G-308A and G-238A TNF-alpha promoter polymorphisms and obesity., Data show that suppression of microglial MMP-2 secretion by M tuberculosis-infected monocytes involves the pro-inflammatory mediators TNF-alpha, p38 MAP kinase and NFkappaB in addition to a novel caspase 8-dependent pathway., The data showed that polymorphisms -863 A and -308 G in the TNF- gene promoter region might be risk factors for hepatitis B virus persistence., H. pylori triggered enhanced TLR-2 and TLR-5 expression and IL-8 and TNF-alpha cytokine secretion in THP-1 cells was induced in a cag pathogenicity island-dependent manner., These data support the role of tumor-derived TNF-alpha expression as an important promoter of tumoral immune escape mechanisms and malignant progression., TNF-alpha -308 G/A polymorphism seems to be associated with POAG (primary open-angle glaucoma) in Turkish population., Donor or recipient TNF-A -308G/A polymorphism and acute rejection of renal allograft, TNF-alpha/AG genotypes were detected as the genes of susceptibility to idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura., Among the TNF polymorphisms only rs1800630 allele was found to be strongly associated with HBV outcome., TNFa increased the motility and invasiveness of prostatic cancer cells, which accompanied an increase in selectin ligands resulted from elevated expression of selected glycosyl- and sulfotransferase genes., Acute psychological stress affects LPS-stimulated IL-6 and TNF-alpha gene expression., TNF-alpha 308AA genotype was associated with a higher risk of Guillain-Barre syndrome in Chinese population, especially to acute motor axonal neuropathy and acute motor sensory axonal neuropathy ., Human interleukin-1 receptor-associated kinase-2 is essential for Toll-like receptor-mediated transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation of tumor necrosis factor alpha., TNF alpha gene polymorphisms play key role in susceptibility to or protection against tuberculosis development in Tunisian, These results indicate that miR-346 controls TNF-alpha synthesis by regulating TTP expression., The G-308A polymorphism of the TNF-alpha gene may be independently associated with hypertension, leptin level and hypercholesterolemia leading to metabolic syndrome independent of Insulin resistance and hyperglycemia., Data suggest that significant association of antiphospholipid antibodies and TNF-alpha might be a marker of severe atherogenic profile., TNFalpha variant polymorphisms and genotypes are determined and their impact on multiple sclerosis risk and disease progression in a Polish population., Elevated serum uric acid levels are correlated with higher O(2)(-) and TNF-alpha production by monocytes in women with pre-eclampsia., association between TNF alpha -308G/A and risk of the 4 most frequent cancers;no significant association between this polymorphism and risk of total 4 cancers but significant association found with breast cancer risk in western population; meta-analysis, The effects of the globular and full-length adiponectin on cytokine production in macrophages derived from Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) patients and control individuals, were examined., TNF-alpha -238 and -308 polymorphisms had not influence on the infection of HCV in Chinese HD patients., The present study demonstrated that TNF-alpha 308AA genotype was associated with a higher risk of colon cancer in the Chinese population., three analysed promoter polymorphisms of TNF-alpha above may not confer susceptibility to Crohn's disease (Meta-analysis), TNF-alpha-308GA is a risk factor for asthma, but cytokine gene variants do not affect asthma control and IgE serum levels., Allele frequencies in TNF-alpha-308 gene polymorphisms may contribute to susceptibility to the development of uveitis in Korean patients with HLA-B27-positive ankylosing spondylitis., Neuronal-glial, astroglial and microglial cell types each respond differently to Abeta42-peptide+tumor necrosis factoralpha-triggered stress in Alzheimer's brain cells., TNF reduces the number and frequency of regulatory CD4+Foxp3+ T cells in children with diabetes type 1 and in vitro treatment with anti-TNF antibody seems to rescue this cell subset from its defective effects, Anti-TNF-alpha antibody (infliximab) therapy for Crohn's disease supports the recovery of eNOS and VEGFR2 protein expression in endothelial cells., The presence of high levels of C3 in rheumatoid arthritis patients may reflect a pro-inflammatory status and represent a negative prognostic factor for anti-TNF therapy., Letter, data demonstrate that PKR is rapidly phosphorylated/activated in response to engagement of IFNgamma or TNFalpha receptors in normal human hematopoietic progenitors, TNF modulates prolonged nuclear factor-E2-related factor 2 (Nrf2)-induced gene expression in human monocytes, which in turn regulates TNF-induced inflammatory responses., The presence of -308A allele of tumor necrosis factor-alpha is not associated with sepsis, septic shock, higher organ dysfunction or mortality in critically ill patients., TNFA-308G/A and -238G/A polymorphisms may contribute to cervical cancer susceptibility., Elevated concentration of circulating TNF-alpha closely correlated with excretion of higher quantities of fats, protein, low excretion of D-xylose and proves its involvement in TI development in COPD patients., Results suggest differential anti-inflammatory activities of sinomenine and Liang Miao San through the suppression of TNF-alpha-activated fibroblast-like synoviocytes by modulating distinct intracellular signaling pathways in rheumatoid arthritis., Data indicate that in fetal term and preterm groups, TNFalpha -238G/A, TNFalpha -308G/A, IL-1alpha 4845G/T, and IL-1beta -511G/T polymorphisms were statistically significant., concentration of IL-1beta, INF-gamma, TNF-alpha, S100beta, AMA-M2 increase, IL-10 decrease were detected in peripheral blood of 25 patients with stroke, Decreased frequency of tumor necrosis factor alpha-238A allele was significant in patients with dengue hemorrhagic fever when compared to healthy controls (p = 0.034)., Sixteen weeks of resistance training, endurance training, or concurrent training in middle-age healthy men did not affect low and moderate IL-6, TNF-alpha, and CRP levels., Our meta-analysis provides strong evidence that the TNF-alpha -308G/A polymorphism is not associated with different forms of glaucoma risk., Cytokine concentrations in amniotic fluid during the mid-trimester did not differ with parity or fetal gender. IL-6, IL-8, and LBP levels appeared stable with gestational week (GW), whereas GW significantly influenced TNF-alpha concentrations., Genotype TNF-alpha-308AA frequency was significantly higher among subclinical and clinical hepatitis E than controls (p=0.03, 0.0007)., TNFA polymorphisms had no association with TNF-alpha and IFN-gamma levels in chronic hepatitis B. However, patients with PD1 -606 AA genotype had lower TNF-alpha and IFN-gamma levels., TNFalpha levels in synovial fluid correlate with pain in the osteoarthritic knee, whereas IL-6 correlates with joint function., Prostaglandin I2 analogs suppress tumor necrosis factor alpha production and the maturation of human monocyte-derived dendritic cells, Tumor necrosis factor-alpha converting enzyme is a key mediator of abdominal aortic aneurysm development, The levels of intracellular TNF-alpha and IFN-gamma in aplastic anemia patients are higher than those in normal controls. Immunosuppressive therapy significantly reduces the expression of intracellular TNF-alpha and IFN-gamma., Erythropoietin can inhibit the expression of IL-6 and TNF-alpha in monocytes., Serum IL-18, IL-12 and TNF-alpha may be involved in the process of hepatic injury of intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy., This meta-analysis indicated that the TNF-308 polymorphism was not associated with the risk of tuberculosis in the total population., Increased levels of annexin-V and decreased levels of TNF-alpha are the result of stabilization via chronic treatment of schizophrenia., The authors show that activation of NF-kappaB induced by TNF favours the invasion of the epithelial cell lines by Trypanosoma cruzi through yet an unidentified mechanism., ppregulated in intestinal tissue in chronic Crohn's disease, A significant per allele odds ratio of 1.34 (95% confidence interval, 1.03-1.75; P = 0.03) was observed for TNFA -308 g>a, implicating an increased disease susceptibility among Caucasian carriers of the rare allele., Polymorphism in the tumor necrosis factor-alpha G/G, G/A, and A/A genotype was significant between Hepatitis C virus patients and healthy controls., Fumigaclavine C attenuated TNFalpha via the TLR4-NFkappaB signaling transduction pathway., study of IL-1 beta, IL-6 and TNF alpha blood dynamics, offers valuable information about the severity of a systemic inflammatory response syndrome in peritonitis., The effect of a cell-permeable superoxide dismutase (Tat-SOD) on TNF-alpha-induced MMP-9 expression in human keratinocyte cells (HaCaT)., Findings suggest that the 308AA genotype of TNF-alpha and TNFRII 196M/R polymorphism are associated with RA susceptibility, while only the 308GG genotype of TNF-alpha is associated with RA severity., In acute coronary syndromes, MRP8 and MRP8/14 complex are specific ligands of TLR4, which induce the release of TNFalpha and probably other pro-inflammatory agents from monocytes, TNF-alpha activates ER signaling in endometrial epithelial cells., TNF-alpha inhibits TTF-1 gene transcription and promoter activity, indicating that transcriptional mechanisms play important roles in the inhibition of TTF-1 levels., the presence of the A allele/AA haplotype in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma individuals might contribute to the higher clinical aggressiveness of malignant disease., increased serum levels dependeding on disease severity in erysipelas patients, Enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli infection of epithelial cells disrupts signalling responses to tumour necrosis factor-alpha., the A allele of the TNF-alpha -308G>A gene polymorphism was associated with high TNF-alpha levels (p=.021), and the hemoglobin F and hemoglobin S haplotypes were correlated with serum levels of IL-8, The results of this study demonstrate the association of the TNF-alpha-308 G allele and GG homozygous genotype with susceptibility to rheumatoid arthritis and the A allele with the presence of erosion in Egyptian patients., TNFalpha can inhibit pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells pyruvate dehydrogenase activity and induce a pulmonary arterial hypertension phenotype., miRNA 146a expression is upregulated in patients with RA and may be a potentially useful marker of disease activity in these patients. Lack of overexpression of miRNA 146a in the presence of increased TNF-alpha in OA requires further investigation., the relationship between the -308G/A, -857C/T and -1031T/C of tumor necrosis factor alpha gene (TNF- alpha), -174G/C and -572C/G of interleukin-6 gene (IL-6) polymorphisms and schizophrenia, Data that TNF-alpha-308G/A polymorphism, but not IL-10 polymorphism, may be one of the many genetic factors for migraine susceptibility in the Turkish population., Report association of anti-CCP positivity and carriage of TNFRII susceptibility variant with anti-TNF-alpha response in rheumatoid arthritis., No significant association was found between the TNF-alpha-238 polymorphism and the risk for cancer., Shear stress regulates expression of death-associated protein kinase in suppressing TNFalpha-induced endothelial apoptosis., ATGL knockdown increased monocyte adhesion to the endothelium through enhanced TNFalpha-induced ICAM-1 expression via activation of NFkappaB and PKC., The severity of Hepatic encephalopathy (grade 1-4) was closely related with cytokine levels, especially TNF-a., Initial exploratory analyses demonstrated that the TNF alpha-308 SNP genotype frequencies were different among spondyloarthritides patients and healthy subjects in Colombia., It is possible that OGG1 and p53 and TNF-alpha proteins together or separately may be involved in pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease, Expressions of VEGF, TNF-alpha, and IL6 were elevated in patients with high altitude pulmonary edema., We found a strong association only between TNF rs1800629 and diffused forms of periodontitis. Data show that GRS is able to discriminate diffused forms of periodontitis from localized ones., TNF-alpha levels correlate with fasting insulin but not with indicators of body composition in Asian Indians. The -308G/A polymorphism of TNF-alpha gene is not associated with differences in the serum levels of TNF-alpha in Asian Indians, the influence of CTLA4 -318C/T and +49A/G polymorphisms on the susceptibility and disease progress of chronic HBV infection may not be effectuated by affecting TNF-alpha and IFN-gamma secretion, Our study has highlighted that an increased level of TNF is related to cell death signaling in the retina, ACEI is effective in downregulating LPS-induced TNF-alpha, I-309, and IP-10, which play important roles in the pathogenesis of inflammation, TNF-alpha-238, -308 gene polymorphisms might have no effect on susceptibility to HCV infection and the virus clearance., The anti-inflammatory effects of bresol might also be a result of the capacity of bresol to modulate the formation of TNFalpha, NO, and COX-2 in monocytes., Data indicate that the plasma TNF-alpha was significantly correlated with the L-Cys/L-Glu ratio., Data indicate TNFalpha is central mediator of clonal expansion (neoplastic cell transformation) in myeloproliferative neoplasms; date are from cultured cells from blood/bone marrow of patients w/ polycythemia vera, thromobocythemia, or myelofibrosis., Results indicated significant individual variations in TNFalpha serum levels of healthy volunteers irrespective of age., report that a combination of functional SNPs within ADA and TNF-alpha genes can influence life-expectancy in a gender-specific manner and that males and females follow different pathways to attain longevity, Our results do not support a major contribution of IL-6 and TNF-alpha gene polymorphisms in the susceptibility to IBirritable bowel syndrome in a Mexican patient population., Differences in protein expression induced by TNFalpha were limited and did not show discriminatory power in a principal component analysis, whereas the profile induced by GM-CSF did, Leukemia patients with the TNF (-308G>A) polymorphism demonstrated disturbed sleep., Results show that cryopreservation of monocytes or iDCs leads to an impaired cytokine response for IL-10, TNF-alpha, IL-12p70 and IL-1beta., Findings confirmed a major role of maternal age in addition to IGF-II, IL-6 and TNF-alpha in Intra-Uterine Growth Restricted (IUGR) pregnancies., No conclusive data were obtained for the TNF-308 polymorphism on cytokine production, and no effect of cytokines or genetic polymorphisms on clinical manifestations of ankylosing spondylitis was observed., Levels of inflammatory cytokine TNF-alpha in patients with major depression are of interest in confirming some aspects of the inflammatory hypothesis of depression., Study suggests that the G allele of G-238A in TNF-alpha gene may be a risk factor for overweight/obesity in the Korean population and that the C allele of C-857T may be a protective factor in relation to the HDL level, Letter/Case Reports, This study reviewed the importance of TNF-alpha in the pathogenesis of systemic lupus erythematosus., FANCD2 deficiency promotes transcriptional activity of the TNF-alpha promoter and induces overproduction of TNF-which then sustains prolonged inflammatory responses, The TNF-alpha -308 polymorphism appears to affect the severity of the disease, however, it does not appear to be important for the susceptibility in the development of Crohn's disease., results reinforce the association between TNF and leprosy and suggest the -308A allele as a marker of disease resistance, especially among Brazilians, TNF-alpha levels determined the clinical outcome in lumbar disc herniation patients after discectomy., Increased expression of TLR4 and TNF-alpha in PBMCs is linked with reduced myocardial perfusion in patients with diabetic cardiomyopathy., Results provide evidence that TNF-alpha is an excellent readout of vaccinia specificity and that other cytokines such as GM-CSF can be used to evaluate the reactivity of CD4+ T cells in response to vaccinia antigens., Survivin but not TNFalpha may have an important role in the development of acute leukemia and it could serve as a significant prognostic mark, By a novel, reversible dynamic mechanism TNF-alpha-induced c-REL/DeltaNp63alpha interactions inactivate tumor suppressor TAp73 function, promoting TNF-alpha resistance & cell survival in cancers with mtTP53., Cytokines tumor necrosis factor-alpha and interferon-gamma induce pancreatic beta-cell apoptosis through STAT1-mediated Bim protein activation., Increased serum TNF-alpha levels are associated with melancholia., in nucleus pulposus, TNF-alpha and IL-1beta regulate SDC4 expression, which plays a key role in pathogenesis of degenerative disc disease by promoting aggrecan degradation by ADAMTS-5., The -857C/T polymorphism was associated with susceptibility to psoriatic arthritis in our population at the individual level (p = 0.03, OR 1.65, 95% CI 1.05-2.57) and in combined haplotypes with the -238G/A and -308G/A SNPs., Results suggest that polymorphisms of the TNF-alpha promoter are not associated with Takayasu arteritis in the Chinese Han population., Suggest that African American HUVECs are more susceptible to the injurious effects of the proinflammatory cytokine, TNF-alpha., Results indicate that four Bifidobacterium bifidum strains showed the highest production of IL-17 as well as a poor secretion of IFNgamma and TNFalpha., There was no significant association between body weight gain & the TNF-alpha -308 G>A polymorphism in each separate schizophrenic second-generation-antipsychotic treatment group or collectively. It is not involved in SGA-induced weight gain., Mycobacterium tuberculosis lipomannan stimulation leads to destabilization of TNF mRNA transcripts and subsequent failure to produce TNF protein., genetic association studies in a population in Republic of Korea, Data show that HLA-B*5701+LTNP displayed a higher expansion ability of Gag and Nef-specific MIP(+) TNF(-) IL-2(+) T cells than HLA-B*5701-LTNP., Data show that the modulation of both TNF-alpha and IL-1beta production by autophagy was induced at the level of gene transcription., PrPC resists TNFalpha apoptosis due to a modest, but statistically significant, cell-specific cytoprotection compared with mock-transfected cells., The presence of -308A TNFalpha is associated with anemia and thrombocytopenia in patients with myelodysplastic syndromes., study replicated the previously reported association between the TNFA -863 SNP and COPD; TNFA -863A allele may confer a protective effect to the susceptibility to the disease in the Spanish population, The TNF-alpha-308G/A polymorphism contributes to the risk ofobstructive sleep apnea, especially in adults., Normal human, skin-derived mast cells (MC) communicate with cutaneous tumor cells. MC released TNF-alpha and histamine increase IL-8 and IL-6 secretion from these tumor cells., No overall association was seen between TNFalpha gene variants and migraine., These data suggest a potential role of accrued changes in DNA methylation in the development of age-related inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis and polymyalgia rheumatica, in which TNF is a pivotal mediator., No significant association of TNF-alpha alleles, genotypes or haplotypes were observed in chronic periodontitis or failing implant patients, results strongly suggest an important role for autocrine TNF-alpha in CD40-mediated potentiation of cisplatin-induced apoptosis in a number of human cancer cells., results suggest that bearing the A allele of the -308 G > A polymorphism of TNF-alpha predisposes to anthropometric measure-sensitive impaired glucose metabolism in older women, TNF-alpha -308G/A polymorphism is associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM2) family history and is a risk factor for DM2, RIP1-dependent programmed necrosis overrides apoptotic processes following Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha (TNFalpha) stimulation in cells lacking TAK1 expression, This study determined if maternal polymorphisms and serum concentrations of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha), interleukin-6 (IL-6), and interleukin-10 (IL-10) were associated with preeclampsia., TNFalpha-307A is associated with an increased risk for the development of cervical cancer in the Posadas population in Argentina., Methylation in TNF-alpha is associated with Crohn's disease., we show that Hck, has a pre-eminent role in LPS/TLR4-induced TNF and IL-6 production., FAT10 plays an important role in mediating the function of TNF-alpha during tumorigenesis by inducing cell cycle deregulation and chromosomal instability., A TNF locus site that interacts with the nuclear matrix and proteins that affect DNA torsional stress is selectively accessible in monocytic cells, Diabetes as whole was strongly associated with elevated levels of IL-6, leptin, CRP and TNF-alpha, whereas worsening of glucose control was positively and linearly associated with high levels of IL-6, and leptin., IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha synergistically enhance NK cell cytotoxicity through NF-kappaB-dependent up-regulation of ICAM-1 expression in target cells, thereby promoting their conjugate formation with NK cells., Data suggest that progesterone receptor-A expression is up-regulated in decidua by TNF-alpha during parturition; thus, TNF-alpha plays important role in regulating progesterone withdrawal in decidua following labor onset., Three isolates, consisting of 2 Nonthaburi and 1 heterogeneous isolate, were found to stimulate high TNF-alpha and MMP-9 production during the early infection period., The HCV patients demonstrated a significant increase in serum TNF-alpha and CXCL-10 as compared to normal controls., TNF-alpha and receptor activator of nuclear factor-kappaB ligand (RANK-L) significantly increase the matrix degradation of human macrophage foam cells in degrading type I collagen, a major component of extracellular matrix in atherosclerotic plaques., The -863A allele of the TNF gene can be used as a genetic marker for SLE susceptibility and was associated with high TNF-alpha production., Systemic lupus erythematosus patients have altered IL-10 and TNF-alpha protein production in peripheral blood mononuclear cells after activation of TLR-2, TLR-4, or TLR-9., paper addresses issue related to potential involvement of TNF/TNFRSF1A signalling in pathophysiology of MS, its relationship to TNF receptor-associated periodic syndrome and possibility of genetic link between both disorders through the R92Q mutation, serum levels of TNF-alpha in Kashin-Beck disease were increased compared with healthy controls, but the increase was not correlated with disease severity., TNF-alpha and IL12B 3'UTR gene polymorphisms may be associated with hepatitis b virus susceptibility and IL-10 gene polymorphisms may be related to the HBV persistence infection in Chinese Han HD patients., The antiinflammatory Harpagophytum procumbens prevented TNFalpha and IL-6 mRNA expression in human monocytes., Heterozygous TNFalpha-308G/A variant may be an important risk factor for metabolic syndrome with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and obesity in males and females, but may have a protective role in coronary artery disease subjects with obesity and T2DM, The results revealed that TNF-alpha elevated in the plasma and left atrial tissue and had positive correlation with LAD in patients of chronic atrial fibrillation . TNF-alpha might involve in the pathogenesis of chronic AF., Study constructed time-course protein protein interaction networks of TNF-alpha-induced regulation of cell cycle in VECs and analyzed their topological properties to reveal the molecular mechanisms underlying TNF-alpha-induced cell cycle processes., Non-metal binding hypoxia mimetics, and hypoxia inhibit TNFalpha-mediated VCAM-1 expression via HIF1a/2a mechanism in endothelial cells., Increased H3 acetylation at TNF-alpha and COX-2 promoter in PBMCs from type 2 diabetics may contribute to the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes through the elevated expressions of TNF-alpha and COX-2., Knockdown of CD9 by siRNA and blockage of CD9 activity by ALB6 in ovarian cancer cells demonstrated that constitutive activation of NF-kappaB is CD9 dependent and that CD9 is involved in anti-apoptosis, no association between TNF-alpha -308G>A polymorphism and liver cirrhosis risk, both in Caucasian and Asian populations., Adipocyte TNF-alpha may play a role in initiation and/or progression of uterine leiomyoma., This meta-analysis suggested that TNF-a gene promoter polymorphism at position -238 but not -308 might be a risk factor for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease., Comparative analysis by group did not show a significant difference in the frequency of the alleles and genotypes between KD with CA vs. KD without CA vs. controls, for both TNF -308 and LTA +252, Suggest that multiple tumors and/or carcinoma in situ development are associated with the IL4-590C/T and TNF-308G/A polymorphisms, and emphasize the effectiveness of the BCG schedule., the genetic variation, that is, tumor necrosis factor alpha-238A is the potent risk factor for the pathogenesis of proliferative diabetic retinopathy, The -675 4G/5G PAI-1 and the -308 TNF-alpha polymorphism variants tested in this study, individually or combined, were not associated with obesity in an Argentinean population., Tumor necrosis factor promoter polymorphism TNF*-857 is a risk allele for psoriatic arthritis independent of the PSORS1 locus., Increased transcript levels of TNF-alpha, TGF-beta, and granzyme B in endomyocardial biopsies correlate with allograft rejection., TNF-alpha genetic polymorphism -308G/A is significantly associated with antituberculosis drug-induced hepatitis., Patient with pigmentation disorders and vitiligo show increased expression of mRNA., eudesmane-type alpha-methylene gamma-lactones and alpha-bromo ketones inhibit multiple steps in the NF-kappaB signaling pathway induced by IL-1alpha and TNF-alpha, IL-27 priming results in enhanced lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced TNF-alpha expression in human primary monocytes., RANKL induced large resorption pits (10,876 +/- 2190mum(2)) whereas TNF-alpha/IL-1 and LIGHT generated smaller pits (respectively 1328 +/- 210 and 1267 +/- 173mum(2))., TNFalpha/LTalpha high-producer haplotypes were significantly higher in Non Hodgkin lymphoma patients and conferred increased risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma., Serum levels of TNF-alpha and IL-1beta in patients with mild preeclampsia were similar to those in the control group., Tumour necrosis factor-alpha expression in segmental colitis associated with diverticulosis down-regulates after treatment., There are differences in polymorphisms at positions -238 and -1031 in patients with moderate to severe psoriasis compared to healthy volunteers, Significant associations between serum levels of TNF-alpha and type I IFN and clinical manifestations exist in a sarcoidosis cohort that differ significantly by self-reported ancestry., Resveratrol reduces TNF-alpha-induced U373MG human glioma cell invasion through regulating NF-kappaB activation and uPA/uPAR expression, TNF-alpha -308 polymorphism may not be a host genetic factor associated with the severity of HCV infection, but may be an independent risk factor for hepatocellular carcinoma., women, with late-onset gestational diabetes hlphaave a cytokine profile composed of high TNF-a and leptin and low adiponectin., Third trimester glycemic mean >/=100 mg/dL was associated with lower maternal blood IL-10 and TNF-alpha concentrations, as well as with imbalanced placental cytokine production, with TNF-alpha predominating over IL-10, These results suggest that increased level of hnRNP-H and PDIA3 expression in Dengue virus infected THP1 cells assist in the viral replication by suppressing the TNF-alpha production., results strongly suggest that VIP synergistically enhances TNF-alpha-stimulated IL-6 and IL-8 synthesis via activating the NF-kappa-B pathway in HK-2 cells, Data show that tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNFalpha) production by peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) is greater in discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE) patients than in patients with other cutaneous forms of lupus and dermatomyositis (DM) or in controls., how IL-10 regulates TNF-alpha production at sites of chronic inflammation, The association of functional single nucleotide polymorphisms of tumor necrosis factor-alfa (TNFA) and TNF receptor 2 (TNFR2) genes in determining the susceptibility to Chagas' disease, is reported., The study results show a functional interaction between Ang II and TNF-alpha and implicate TNF-alpha as a mediator in Ang II long-term pathoadaptive podocyte changes, Defects in the tumor necrosis factor (TNF) cytotoxicity pathway or activation of TNF-dependent NF-kappaB survival genes may contribute to taxane resistance in tumor cells., The TNF-alpha gene -308A/G polymorphism does not appear to play a major role in susceptibility to tardive dyskinesia in patients with schizophrenia in a northern Chinese Han population., these results suggest that epigenetic dysregulation of cellular processes relevant to TNF-alpha-dependent apoptosis may be intimately involved in tumorigenesis in MCF-7 cells., TNF-alpha exposure of human SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma caused a profound increase in CERK activity., The authors draw the conclusion that the TNF-alpha-238A allele may increase the risk of chronic HBV infection in European populations., The authors draw the conclusion that the TNF-alpha-857T allele reduces the risk of chronic hepatitis B virus infection in this Asian population., Increased levels of TNFalpha and decreased levels of receptors in miscarriage villous tissue confirm an excessive placental inflammation in miscarriage patients, IL-33 is a critical regulator/enhancer of TNF-alpha-induced functions in rheumatoid arthritis synovial fibroblast., The decrease in blood dendritic cells (DCs) correlated with high TNF-alpha and IL-8 levels in primary cytomegalovirus infection., IL-17 specifically when combined with TNFalpha has major pro-coagulant and pro-thrombotic effects on vessels., the energetic basis for understanding of TNF-alpha inhibition by antibodies and its unfolding linked with the concentration-dependent activity regulation., These data indicated that daytime sleepiness in mild and moderate Alzheimer patients is associated with elevation of serum TNF-alpha concentrations., Increased frequencies of circulating Th17 cells and Th17-associated cytokines (Il-17, Il-6, TNF-alpha) are correlated to the severity and progression of carotid artery plaques., TNF-alpha inhibits insulin signaling by increased phosphorylation of IRS-1(Ser307) and insulin receptor(Tyr960), and by increasing SOCS3 levels, all of which block normal insulin signal transduction., this is the first study that demonstrates association between TNFalpha 1031 T/C and IL1beta 511 C/T polymorphisms and cerebral palsy in very preterm infants., The results suggest that in human pulmonary microvascular endothelial cells, MAP-kinase-activated kinase 2 regulates TNF-alpha-induced expression of ICAM-1 and IL-8 via tristetraprolin at the mRNA decay level., Patients with 2009 H1N1 virus infection of moderate to high severity, carriage of SNP alleles of the TNF gene was significantly greater than in the control population., study of the role of ceramide and its metabolites in TNF-alpha action, These results show that subjects with -308A and -863C alleles are more vulnerable to the severe form of Japanese encephalitis., Using a choianmionitis model no synergy was seen between Streptococcus agalactiae and Escherichia coli for inducing the secretion of inflammatory factors IL-1beta, TNFalpha or degradative metalloproteinase proMMP-9; thus these two bacteria could initiate different pathways to induce chorioamnioitis., The glucagon-like peptide 1 analog liraglutide reduces TNF-alpha-induced oxidative stress and inflammation in endothelial cells., TNF-alpha modulateds the plasminogen-mediated Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis -enterocyte interaction, reducing the bacterial adhesion to the enterocytes and enhancing migration to the luminal compartment., Postoperative changes in IL-6 and TNF-alpha levels in morbidly obese patients were lower than in non-obese patients., A strong association was found between several single nucleotide polymorphisms in the LTA/LTB/TNFalpha locus and Sjogren syndrome., Positive crosstalk between Tat and TNF-alpha contributes to the anti-adipogenic and proinflammatory effects in human SGBS adipocytes., LPS rapidly upregulates GEF-H1 expression. Activated Rho-associated kinase by GEF-H1 subsequently activates p38 and ERK1/2, thereby increasing IL-6/TNF-alpha expression in endothelial cells., Tumor necrosis factor alpha decreases SHBG production by reducing hepatic HNF-4alpha levels via NF-kappaB activation in HepG2 cells., the results of the present investigation provide evidence for the association between the TNFA polymorphism and obsessive-compulsive disorder in the Brazilian sample, a novel TNF-alpha/HIF-1alpha/VASP axis in which HIF-1alpha acts downstream of TNF-alpha to inhibit VASP expression and modulate the adhesion and proliferation of breast cancer cells, Rosiglitazone inhibited inflammation in COPD through upregulating the expression and activity of PPAR-gamma and inhibiting NF-kappaB and TNF-alpha., data indicate that within microenvironments rich in betac-family cytokines and TNF, eosinophils are a source of proMMP-9 and highlight a previously unrecognized role for synergistic interaction between TNF and betac-family cytokinea, for proMMP-9 synthesis, The present results indicate that a TNF-alpha-mediated down-regulation of CDX2 can be related to suppressed expression of MEP1A during intestinal inflammation., Japanese subjects with the TNF-alpha -857T allele and the adiponectin +276G/G genotype may be more susceptible to insulin resistance and fatty liver., Carotid artery stenting was associated with a significant increase in plasma CRP, IL-6 and TNF-alpha., Serum TNF-alpha level was significantly decreased in methylation group as compared to unmethylaiton group in patients with acute-on-chronic hepatitis B liver failure., exposure to flagellin can increase the expression of TNFalpha that further compromises the intestinal epithelial barrier function, High expression of the IFN-gamma gene may carry a higher risk for acute rheumatic fever in Turkish children, while IL-6, TNF-alpha, and TGF-beta1 may have an impact in mediating some clinical and laboratory manifestations of the disease., These results demonstrate that gastric cancer cell growth is maintained by autonomous TNF-alpha-NF-kappaB and IL-6-STAT3 signalling, and that NRDc and ADAM proteases turn on these signalling cascades by stimulating ectodomain shedding of TNF-alpha., CCN1 promotes the activation of p53 and p38 MAPK, which mediate enhanced cytochrome c release to amplify the cytotoxicity of TNFalpha., The role of the CD200-CD200R axis in bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cell mediated immunosuppression was studied using THP-1 human macrophages., TNF-alpha -308 A-containing genotypes contribute to the susceptibility to pemphigus vulgaris only., Carriers of variant alleles of both IL-10 -1082 and TNFalpha -308 polymorphisms had 4x higher risk for Hashimoto Disease compared to non-carriers, TNF associations with type 1 diabetes are caused by their linkage disequilibrium with specific HLA-DR3-DQ2 haplotypes in the Indian population., TNF-alpha -308G/A, -238G/A polymorphisms are not significantly associated with the risk of recurrent spontaneous abortion in the overall population. (Meta-analysis), Our results suggest the possible role of TNF-alpha in the pathogenesis of type-2 diabetes mellitus, Histamine derived from probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri suppresses TNF via modulation of PKA and ERK signaling, IFN-gamma, a dominant cytokine in intestinal mucosa in active celiac disease, is the most potent inducer of Transglutaminase 2, and synergism with TNF-alpha may contribute to exacerbate the pathogenic mechanism of celiac disease., These data indicate important role of CD44 molecule in breast cancer (BC) pathology; TNF-a differentially modulates the expression of CD44 in BC cells, affecting their in vitro migration, a significant age-modified effect of IL6 and TNF-alpha SNPs, on multiple myeloma risk and therapy outcome., PD-L1 expression in monocytes is regulated by opposing actions of TNF-alpha and TGF-beta. As PD-L1 functions to fine tune lymphocyte activation, dysregulation of cytokines resulting in reduced expression could lead to loss of peripheral T cell tolerance, Epigenetic regulation of tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNFalpha) release in human macrophages by HIV-1 single-stranded RNA (ssRNA) is dependent on TLR8 signaling, Individuals with a TNFA-238 polymorphism are less prone and those with a TNFA-308 polymorphism are more prone to develop irritant contact dermatitis of the hands., IL-4 and IL-33 synergistically elicit the tmTNF-alpha expression on macrophages through the autocrine action of IL-6., TNF-alpha-308G/A and the GNB3 C825T polymorphisms are associated with obesity and Acute Myocardial infarction in the Taiwanese population., Case Report, Moderate alcohol consumption is associated with lower levels of IL-6 and TNF-alpha., Systemic sclerosis fibroblasts participate in the self-perpetuation of inflammation by releasing IL-6, CXCL10, and CCL2 under the influence of IFN-gamma and/or TNF-alpha., There were significant differences in pregnancy-specific distress, IL-6, and TNF-alpha between women who delivered prematurely versus those who delivered at, The TNF-alpha -308G/A single-nucleotide polymorphisms were associated with the susceptibility of Kashin-Beck disease in a Northwest Chinese population., Abnormal tumor necrosis factor alpha secretion is evident downstream of multiple Toll-like receptors, affects all Crohn's disease (CD) phenotypes, and is unrelated to 34 polymorphisms associated with CD by GWAS., This study highlights the role of activated macrophages in regulation of impaired osteogenic activity seen in inflammatory conditions and provides a potential mechanism for autocrine regulation of WNT and BMP signaling mediated by TNFalpha., TNF/CHX increase lysosomal ceramide that is subsequently converted into sphingosine, Enhanced placental expression and specific cellular localization of TNF-alpha are expected to contribute to impaired fetal development in idiopathic fetal growth restriction., our data findings suggest that DAPk1 can mediate the pro-apoptotic activity of TNF-alpha and INF-gamma via the NF-kappaB signaling pathways., Impairment of autophagy leads to disruption of the intestinal epithelial cell layers in TNF-alpha-rich environments., Data suggest that postmenopausal women with metabolic syndrome exhibit higher serum levels of TNFalpha, IL-6, and nitric oxide than control subjects., allelic frequency of G308A polymorphism of TNF-ALPHA is is in accordance with allelic frequencies observed in other populations, Depletion of OLFM4 gene inhibits cell growth and increases sensitization to hydrogen peroxide and tumor necrosis factor-alpha induced-apoptosis in gastric cancer cells., This work confirmed statistically significant link between the occurrence of the polymorphism G-308A in the promoter of the TNF-a gene and deep venous thrombosis (P = 0.02)., Data indicate that in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), IL-6, IL-8 and tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) levels increased with age than in normal individuals, and the levels correlated with plasma beta(2)-microglobulin and with one another., Data suggest that RETN, IL8, ADIPOR2, LEPR, IL6, and TNF alpha may contribute to metabolic phenotypes in pregnant women., In patients with involuntary weight loss TNF-alpha, IL-1beta, and IL-6 are associated with cancer but are not weight loss mediators., results indicate that in the complication-free period the concentration of TNF-alpha significantly increased and continued to increase after retinopathy was established., Our results suggest that miR-144/144* and miR-16 may constitute a part of an integrated response to naturalistic stressors in healthy young adults., Selective induction of cytokine expression indicates that human herpesvirus 5-encoded UL128 is a potent inducer of several inflammatory mediators, including il-6 and TNF-alpha., The TNF-alpha gene -308A/G polymorphism is not associated with acute pancreatitis risk., TNF-alpha gene (TNFA) variants increase risk for multi-organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS) in acute pancreatitis., Serum TNFalpha levels are high in many Systemic lupus erythematosus patients, and we observed a positive correlation between serum TNFalpha and IFNalpha levels., Results show that TNF-alpha gene expression was higher in cells from individual carrying the T allele, suggesting that this genetic marker is associated with functional phenotypes at the gene expression level., Survival of dendritic cells during differentiation and activation depends on autocrine TNF; apoptosis is prevented by the addition of exogenous TNF., TNF inhibitor therapy modestly increased all lipid parameters in rheumatoid arthritis patients., Abrogation of the IL-10/STAT3 pathway restored LPS-induced TNF-alpha production in the presence of suppressive patient plasma., A protective effect of the TNF-308 GA genotype for the ARDS and sepsis mortality outcomes, and an increased risk of ARDS associated with the TNF-863 CA genotype have been demonstrated., The TNF-alpha (-863)A allele polymorphism may be a protective factor in the development of primary open angle glaucoma., suppression of sCD40L or increased production of TNFalpha is required to initiate or maintain remission of Graves' disease, The TNF-alpha induced NF-kappaB was always inhibited no matter how much NEMO was knockdown., Our data suggest that there is a plausible association between the presence of the TNFa-308G/A polymorphism and a higher susceptibility for developing patchy alopecia areata., TNF-alpha levels are lower in IDDM children, correlate only with height and do not depend on the kind of insulin therapy., The inflammatory response of HT-29 on TNF-alpha stimulation was significantly inhibited by pLTA treatment., the release of pro-inflammatory TNF-alpha, MMP-9, and MMP-2 was higher in cells exposed to oxidized high density lipoproteins (HDL) than those exposed to native HDL, IL-17A, specifically when combined with TNFalpha may contribute to the progression of rheumatoid arthritis, notably through their effect on synoviocyte aggressiveness., Monoclonal antibody certolizumab pegol inhibits TNFalpha-dependent leukocyte adhesion and angiogenesis, probably via inhibition of angiogenic adhesion molecule expression and angiogenic chemokine secretion., There were significant increases of the levels of RANTES, tumor necrosis factor alpha, malondialdehyde, and nitric oxide in hepatitis C virus-infected patients compared with the control group., The TNF-alpha G308A gene polymorphism is associated with essential hypertension susceptibility., results suggest that in some focal segmental glomerulosclerosis patients, disruption of the podocyte cytoskeleton and beta3 integrin-mediated podocyte attachment are driven by the TNFalpha pathway., Data show hsp70-2 (+1267A/G) polymorphism was significantly associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), but no association for hsp70-hom (+2437T/C), TNF-alpha (+489G/A) and HMOX-1 (number of GT repeats) polymorphisms were found., This imaging genetic study suggests the TNF genetic variants rs1800629 and rs361525 as biomarkers of hippocampal structure., Data suggest that in women with Hashimoto's thyroiditis no statistically meaningful relation exists between TNF-alpha or osteopontin serum levels in patient groups with/without miscarriage history., A meta-analysis found that the variant genotype of TNF-alpha-308 was not associated with the risk of colorectal cancer., TNF-a serum levels were in the upper normal range within the first 12 h from symptom onset and increased continuously until day six after ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction, TNF-alpha, human - Data suggest that, in post-menarche girls (13-19 years) with endometriosis, peritoneal fluid levels of TNF-alpha A are significantly higher than in control subjects. TNF-alpha is proposed as diagnostic marker of endometriosis., Tumor necrosis factor-alpha pathway plays a critical role in regulating interferon-gamma induced protein-10 production in initial allogeneic human monocyte-endothelial cell interactions., Our preliminary observations suggest that TNF-alpha may induce EMT in RTECs through inducing C3 expression, silencing of endogenous TIFA resulted in attenuation of tumor necrosis factor alpha-mediated downstream signaling, Conclude that the use of 3 g of omega-3 per day caused significant decrease in serum levels of TNF-alpha in the hemodialysis population., The ability of alpha-tocopherol to affect TNF-alpha production by LPS-stimulated PBMCs was influenced by the TNFA -238 polymorphism (P = 0.016)., In the first months of life, breast-milk concentrations of insulin, glucose, IL-6 and TNF-alpha, in addition to leptin, may be bioactive and differentially influence the accrual of fat and lean body mass., finding show polymorphisms in two sites of TNF-alpha gene promoter do not alter the risk of pancreatitis [meta-analysis], TNFalpha and IL-6 were associated with change in pain while standing and change in TNFalpha was positively associated with change in total knee pain and change in pain while standing in knee osteoarthritis., these results do not support the hypothesis that the A allele of G-308A TNF-alpha gene polymorphism is associated either with Alzheimer's disease or type 2 diabetes, The purpose of this study was to investigate the possible association between TNF-alpha levels and defects in the activated protein C (APC) system as a determinant of venous thromboembolism in metastatic colorectal cancer patients., The data showed that patients with TNF-alpha -308 GG polymorphisms are more susceptible to the development of amyloidosis and arthritis., The TNF-alpha-mediated in vitro RPE cell migration mainly requires Akt/mTORC1, but not mTORC2 signaling. The results of this study may lead to indentify novel signaling targets against PVR., Carriage of at least one A allele of the three studied single nucleotide polymorphisms at the promoter region of the TNF-gene is associated with shorter time to development of ventilator-associated pneumonia., monocytes manage the impact of TNF-alpha and type I/II interferons in rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus, Genotype AA for TNF-alpha (rs1800629) may be risk factor due to loss of heterozygosity in case of breast cancer in a Saudi population., A significant association was observed between tumor size >/=100 g and lower expression levels of the BCL2 (P=0.03) and TNF (P=0.05) genes., proinflammatory cytokines, such as IL-1beta and TNF, influence the presence and rhythm of molecular clocks, Effect of myelopeptides on reactive oxygen species generation and IL-1beta and TNF-alpha production by peripheral blood cells, miR-155 modulates TNF-alpha-regulated osteogenic differentiation by targeting SOCS1., The results suggest that genetic polymorphisms in TNF and IL10RA genes may modify the association between blood transfusion and NHL risk., There is no association of TNF-alpha or IL-10 gene polymorphisms with lepromatous leprosy in Mexican mestizos patients from northwest Mexico., META060 inhibited monocyte-endothelial cell interactions and suppressed multiple biomarkers of inflammation in TNF-alpha activated monocytes/endothelial cells., TNF-alpha transcription in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) synovial fluid is modulated by elevated Toll-like receptor (TLR)5 endogenous ligands which contribute to production of joint TNF-alpha, thereby perpetuating RA disease activity., there is no association between TNF-alpha -238, -308 polymorphisms and ankylosing spondylitis susceptibility in the overall population and in the subgroup of Asian and non-Asian descent. (meta-analysis), IL-10 (-1082G/A) and TNF-alpha (-376 G/A) promoter region gene polymorphisms could influence the variability of lactate levels after liver transplantation surgery., The TNF-alpha could enhance cancer-endothelial cell adhesion and fusion through VCAM-1/VLA-4 pathway., Data indicate that heritabilities were moderate for IL-1beta (range, These results indicate that IL-33 has a role in inflammatory skin diseases, in which IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha are present in high levels., production of IL-8 in amnion induced by IL-1alpha and TNF-alpha is enhanced by C2-ceramide, The A allele of TNF-alpha gene at -863C/A locus in GD group (16.73%) was significantly greater than that of the control group (11.79%)., Mucosal TNF-alpha is overexpressed only in symptomatic diverticular disease, while SD1 and bFGF are already overexpressed in asymptomatic diverticulosis., Data indicate that TGF-beta1-509 and TNF-alpha-308 genes polymorphisms are associated with risk of liver cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in patients with chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection infection., the reduction in PPARbeta/delta activity and SIRT1 expression caused by TNF-alpha stimulation through NF-kappaB helps perpetuate the inflammatory process in human adipocytes., Polymorphisms in TNF-alpha were associated with postinfective irritable bowel syndrome., Prevotella intermedia occurred more frequently in carriers positive for AG+AA genotype and A-allele of SNP c.-308G>A. Genetic variants of TNFalpha gene c.-308G>A and c.-238G>A, are associated with periodontal conditions in coronary heart disease., TNF-alpha promoter polymorphisms are associated with the outcome of persistent HBV infection in a northeast Chinese Han population, This meta-analysis shows no association between the A alleles of the TNF -308 A/G or -238 A/G polymorphisms and JIA in Europeans, but that the prevalences of these alleles are ethnicity dependent., These findings provide evidence of altered hippocampal volume and verbal memory difficulties following breast cancer chemotherapy that may be mediated by TNFalpha and IL-6., This study suggests that human TNFalpha may be one of the mediators linking complement activation with procoagulant changes in the xenoendothelium., Polymorphism in the TNF-alpha gene promoter at position -1031 is associated with increased circulating levels of TNF-alpha which is correlated with increased plasma myeloperoxidase activity and protein nitration in Sjogren's syndrome., These results indicated that inactivation of GSK-3beta plays a pivotal role in the TNF-alpha-mediated tumorigenesis of renal cell carcinoma ., TNF-alpha may contribute to cachexia in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease., We report the first association between Behcet's disease and TNF-alpha SNPs in Moroccan patients., PTX3 and TNF-alpha are increased in preeclampsia and are likely involved in the pathogenesis of preeclampsia, Results in patients with chronic gastritis and gastric cancer indicated that there was no difference between the genotypes of TNF-alpha -308 gene polymorphisms., The present study investigated the role of CTLA-4+49 A/G, CTLA-4 (AT)(n) 3'UTR, TNF-alpha-308G/A and TNF-alpha-238G/A polymorphisms as a susceptibility marker for recurrent miscarriage., TNF-alpha elicits the induction of ISG15 and ISG15 conjugates not only via the autocrine stimulation of type I interferon expression, but also through a type I interferon-independent pathway., These experiments identify caspase 4 as a novel regulator of TNF-alpha-induced NF-kappaB signaling that is required for the activation of I-kappaB kinase., IFN-beta and IFN-gamma/TNF-alpha decrease erythrophagocytosis by human monocytes in vitro, and this effect does not apparently require an increase in SIRP-alpha or SHP-1 expression., Compared with the control, the level of expression of the TNF-a gene was not affected by treatments with 0.1 lg/ml of chemically or biologically synthesized Plantaricin A., TNF is able to upregulate LT-beta expression in hepatic cells at the transcriptional level by the binding of NF-kappaB p50/p65 heterodimers and Ets1 to their respective sites in the LT-beta promoter., Data indicate that tumor necrosis factor (-308)*AA is significantly associated with susceptibility to adverse outcome and to longer ventilator duration., Results suggest that IFN-gamma, TNF, and IL-18 are important to the mechanism that restricts Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) growth., increases in TNFa levels (caused by nervous system infection, injury, or disease) transform the physiological actions of the cytokine into deleterious ones., Knock-down of GADD45gamma significantly attenuates TNF-a and IL-6 production in the human monocyte-macrophage THP-1 cell line as well as in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells, These findings suggest that TNFalpha-mediated repression of SRC3 contributes to alveolar macrophage cathelicidin deficiency in severe sarcoidosis despite healthy vitD3 levels., relative gene expression of tumour necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha), interferon-gamma (IFN-gamma) and serum levels of interleukin-17 (IL-17) and IL-23 and their association with SLEDAI (SLE disease activity index) score and organ manifestations in pediatric SLE, Report high serum levels of CXCL9/TNF-alpha/interferon-gamma in patients with mixed cryoglobulinaemia and chronic hepatitis C., Genetic variation near the tumour necrosis factor alpha gene is shown to affect several clinical endpoints including breast induration, telangiectasia and overall toxicity., TNF-alpha and vitamin D pathways may be involved in the susceptibility to and outcome of HBV infection acquired early in life, Prolonged exposure of kidney cells to ochratoxin A, expectable in human kidney due to a normal diet, leads to a marked ERK1/2-dependent upregulation of WISP1 gene expression, which, accompanied by increased ERK1/2- dependent TNF-alpha expression., the levels of adiponectin, hs-CRP, and TNF-alpha were increased for all patients with chronic renal failure (CRF)., TNF-alpha/IL-2 ratio may discriminate active tuberculosis infection from latent tuberculosis in immunocompetent children., lipopolysaccharide activation of a reporter gene under the control of TNF-alpha gene promoter was also markedly decreased in cells treated with cyclophilin B, data suggest there are differential changes in TNFalpha-related markers in the cortex of people with MDD, BD and Sz that may not be related to classical inflammation and may cause changes in different TNFalpha-related signaling pathways, analysis of multiple sclerosis GWAS data in conjunction with the 1000 Genomes Project data, shows genetic evidence that strongly implicates SNP rs1800693 as the causal variant in the TNFRSF1A region; further functional studies show that this MS risk allele directs expression of a novel, soluble form of TNFR1 that can block TNF, Data suggest that mononuclear cells [expressing monoclonal antibody against P-selectin ligand protein] from HIV-infected patients produce more TNFalpha in response to lipopolysaccharide than cells from control subjects or patients under treatment., The -237A variant could represent a minor causal single nucleotide polymorphism that additionally contributes to the HLA-B*5701-mediated 'protective' effect during HIV-1 infection.[, data demonstrate a statistically significant association of TNF-alpha production by mononuclear cells with polymorphic variants of the gene promoter regions -238>A (rs361525) and -857C>T (rs1799724); carriers of -238GG/-308GG/-857CC/-1031NC genotype were characterized by low production of TNF-alpha, Data suggest that plasma levels of TNFalpha and IL6 (interleukin 6) can be controlled by dietary factors; following high-fat meal, both TNFalpha and IL6 significantly increase reaching maximum concentrations 8 hours after meal consumption., Data indicate that concomitant treatment with gp120 reduced the levels of IFN-alpha, IFN-beta, TNF-alpha, IL-6, and IP-10 induced by CpG-A in plasmacytoid dendritic cells., Suggest that sequential treatment with IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha following lamivudine promotes clearance of hepatitis B virus DNA to reduce viral load., TNF-alpha -308 polymorphic variants might be a predisposing factor for acne susceptibility, with no apparent relation to its severity., miR-21 promotes tumorigenesis and key targets of miR-21 in mediating this function were SOD3 and TNFalpha., TNF-induced iNOS activates a p53-dependent pathway of intestinal epithelial cell apoptosis in chronic ulcerative colitis., Acylated and desacyl ghrelin reduce TNF-alpha-induced apoptosis and autophagy in human visceral adipocytes., Etanercept induced a significant decrease in left ventricular mass index. TNFalpha may be an important factor of LV hypertrophy, which may explain the benefit of TNF inhibitors on cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in rheumatoid arthritis., Tumor necrosis factor-alpha levels were significantly higher in patient with hepatic encephalopathy and minimal hepatic encephalopathy as compared to patients without minimal hepatic encephalopathy and healthy controls., There is no significant association between the TNF-alpha -1031T/C and genetic susceptibility to endometriosis. There is a significant association between susceptibility to endometriosis and the combination polymorphisms of TNF-alpha -1031T/C and IL-6 -634C/G., Data suggest that the minor alleles of TNF-alpha promoter polymorphisms may increase primary ovarian insufficiency risk in Korean women., post-chemotherapy increases in TNF-alpha may be playing an important role in the manifestations of cognitive complaints in breast cancer survivors., This study presents a preliminary evidence of association between TNF-alpha polymorphism and SLE susceptibility in the Northeast population from Brazil., Our findings suggest the involvement of some TNFSF/TNFRSF members and oxLDL in the early stages of atherogenesis; this may potentially contribute to the accelerated rate of atherosclerosis observed in individuals with FH., This meta-analysis indicates a role for TNF polymorphisms in irritable bowel syndrome in Asian populations, Investigation of selected cytokine genes suggests that IL2RA and the TNF/LTA locus are risk factors for severe alopecia areata., Leptin, resistin and TNF-alpha levels were found to be higher in systemic sclerosis in contrast to the control group., identified polymorphic markers in TNFalpha, IL10, IL1beta and TGFbeta1 genes to be associated with alcoholic liver disease in the Bengali population, The expression of Snail was inversely associated with E-cadherin in cholangiocarcinoma tissues., Staphylococcus aureus extracellular adherence protein triggers TNFalpha release, promoting attachment to endothelial cells via protein A, TNF-alpha polymorphisms are associated with increased relative risk mainly for systemic lupus erythematosus, particularly in women, while their role for dermatomyositis is less evident., results demonstrate that the inflammatory cytokines TNFalpha and IL24 are direct targets of miR-203 in keratinocytes, Elevation in serum TNF-alpha on post-Subarachnoid hemorrhage days 2 to 3 and global elevation of TNF-alpha over time are associated with poor outcome., The associations between physical disorders and incident depression were significant in the presence of alleles related to higher proinflammatory cytokine production tumor necrosis factor-alpha -850T., the critical role of S5b/PSMD5 in negative regulation of proteasome by TNF-alpha/NFkappaB and provide insights into proteasome inhibition in human disease., TNF-alpha treatment led to intracellular Her-2 cleavage via a caspase-8-dependent signaling pathway in MCF-7 cells defective for NFkappa B activation., TNF-alpha probably contributes to cartilage degradation after trauma by an early induction of MMP1 gene expression., that A(2A)R and TNF-alpha regulate the intrinsic circadian clock in immune cells provides an explanation for both the pathologic changes in circadian rhythms in rheumatoid arthritis and for the adverse circadian effects of methotrexate, such as fatigue., IAP inhibitors and lexatumumab synergistically trigger apoptosis in a RIP1-dependent but TNFalpha-independent manner in RMS cells, This meta-analysis suggests that TNF-alpha238G/A polymorphisms increases the risk of ischemic stroke in Adult, Caucasian, and overall analysis., Tumor necrosis factor alpha -308G>A, -863C>A, -857C>T gene polymorphisms are associated with tuberculosis susceptibility., serum levels of asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA), apelin, and tumor necrosis factor (TNF) in non-obese women with polycystic ovary syndrome, TNFalpha and its soluble alpha receptors are significantly higher in infliximab-treated responders than in nonresponders., PML is an essential regulator of TNFalpha signaling, and together they synergistically regulate cell adhesion by engaging multiple molecular mechanisms., Suggest a role for TNF-alpha in the development of pre-eclampsia., Prolyl hydroxylase 3 (PHD3) modulates catabolic effects of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) on cells of the nucleus pulposus through co-activation of nuclear factor kappaB (NF-kappaB)/p65 signaling., Data suggest that TNFalpha not only increases basal lipolysis, it causes resistance to antilipolytic effects of insulin in subcutaneous abdominal adipocytes; these effects are antagonized by glucocorticoids (here, dexamethasone)., TNFA significantly enhanced the TLR3-dependent induction of MMP-9 in human mesangial cells., No significant association was found between serum TNF concentration or TNF polymorphism and patient response to infliximab inflammatory bowel disease., anti-beta(2)GPI/beta(2)GPI complex induced TF and TNF-alpha expression involving both TLR4/MyD88 and TLR4/TRIF signaling pathways and TLR4 and its adaptors might be molecular targets for therapy of antiphospholipid syndrome, TNFalpha promotes a zinc-dependent survival pathway that includes modulation of gene expression of transcription factors and signaling proteins, This study demonstrated for the first time the lipid rafts participation in a response induced by a beneficial bacterium., Sequential monitoring of serum IL-6, TNF-alpha, and IFN-gamma levels in a CAEBV patient treated by plasma exchange and immunochemotherapy, TNF-alpha blood level changed, significantly after osteopathic manipulation for chronic low back pain., In sera of patients with Parkinson's disease, a differential increase in autoantibody titers to alpha-synuclein is associated with boosted levels of pro-interleukin (IL)-6 and tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha but a decrease in interferon (IFN)-gamma concentration., TNF-alpha 308G>A polymorphism is associated with the risk for juvenile ischemic stroke, whereas it is a protective factor for ischemic stroke in Asians and the adult population., the TNF-alpha -308 AA+GA genotype may be a marker to the tumor-invasive stage of bladder cancer [meta-analysis], There is a significant association of the EGF and the TNF-A polymorphisms with poor survival duration of patients with resectable pancreatic cancer., Data suggest that the TNFalpha expression may be related with disc degeneration and pain in adolescent patients with lumbar disc herniation., Exercise duration is of importance in TNF-alpha regulation in marathon/half-marathon runners., T-lymphocyte activation by drugs in toxic epidermal necrolysis patients may indirectly lead to FasL-mediated keratinocyte apoptosis, via a molecular bridge involving TNF-alpha, IFN-gamma, and iNOS., TGIF1 plays a role in TNF-alpha- and radiation-induced inflammation and it could be a target in limiting this event in the vascular compartment, A meta-analysis indicated that there was no association between TNF-alpha -238/-308 polymorphisms and multiple myeloma susceptibility., high TNF-alpha mRNA levels, characterize patients with nonalcoholic steatohepatitis., Review/Meta-analysis, Exposure of cells to aldosterone for 3 or 5 days increased senescence-associated beta-galactosidase staining, p21 and TNF-alpha mRNA expression., The -308 G/A polymorphism may be a risk factor for oral lichen planus patients without HCV infection and those with mixed ethnicity., Transgenic mice with overexpression of TNF-alpha have significantly pronounced susceptibility to acute kidney injury., There is no association between TNF-alpha rs1800629 polymorphism and the HPV infection, or cervical cancer with HPV infection., The functional TNF gene single nucleotide polymorphisms rs1800629 was strongly associated with susceptibility to severe sepsis, but not with lethality in Chinese Han population., the major TNF-alpha polymorphism (-308) was not associated with clinical sepsis/septic shock in Thais, Beneficial effect of a sturgeon-based bioactive compound on gene expression of tumor necrosis factor-alpha, matrix metalloproteinases and type-10 collagen in human chondrocytes., interaction between CD14 and TNF-alpha single nucleotide polymorphisms influences the survival of critically ill patients, Results showed a trend toward lower LPS-stimulated TNF production by monocytes in individuals with prehypertension in comparison to those with normal blood pressure. This difference disappeared after controlling for BMI., The findings of this study strongly implicated the involvement of TNF-alpha in the pathogenesis of stroke., In Chinese Han ankylosing spondylitis patients, polymorphisms at the -308 and -238 positions of the TNF-alpha gene are unable to predict TNF-alpha-blocker response; however, -857 C/C and -1031 T/T genotypes have the ability to predict good response., Report TNF-alpha levels in patients with differing grade/duration of alopecia areata., The present study showed statistically significant increased risk of prostate cancer among individuals that carried the A allele of TNF-alpha-308 gene (OR = 1.81, 95 % CI 1.00-3.481, p = 0.03)., Passive smoking causes significant rise in plasma TNFa and IL4 with a dose dependent effect, Data from patients with chronic hepatitis B or chronic hepatitis C suggest that there is a significant correlation between serum TNF-alpha levels and liver pathology/fibrosis (Ishak score); no such correlation is found with other cytokines., Data from a longitudinal study suggest that TNF-alpha and FABP4 are significant predictors for glycemic progression (progression from normoglycemia to prediabetes to type 2 diabetes)., Results indicate that both TNF-alpha and IL-10 polymorphisms are associated with the development of dermatomyositis in Bulgarian patients., TNF-alpha up-regulates protein level and cell surface expression of the leptin receptor by stimulating its export via a PKC-dependent mechanism, The production of lipopolysaccharides-induced TNF-alpha, IL-6, and IL-12p40 is increased significantly when miR-187 expression is silenced., -238G>A polymorphism was associated with body fatness in black women. Interactions between -238G>A genotypes and dietary fat intake on serum lipids and adiposity differed depending on dietary fat intake...were not the same in black and white women., These data highlight the principal role of population history in establishing present-day genetic variation at the TNF locus and provide a framework for undertaking ethnographic and disease association studies in Misiones., Ghrelin alone or in combination with TNF-alpha may prove to be a novel indicator of coronary atherosclerosis., TNF-alpha is involved in a series of activities in human umbilical cord blood and cryopreserved mobilized peripheral blood cells, including induction of progenitor activity and negative regulation of expanding clones., There were no significant differences in the serum levels of TNF-alpha between patients with colorectal adenoma and healthy control groups., TNF-alpha was significantly higher in anorexia nervosa patients than controls and was directly related to dehydroascorbic acid level., Myocardial infarction marker levels are influenced by the TNF -308G/A polymorphism., [review] The interaction between CXCL10 and tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) can contribute to sustained inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis., Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction led to significantly lower levels of TNF-alpha in an induced skin blister compared to a control intervention., Report up-regulation of TNF-alpha in hidradenitis suppurativa., Single-base changes in the TNFA and IL6 alleles correlated with occurrance of lung cancers in the Han ethnic group., Using decision tree analysis, we identified presence of bacterial species Tannerella forsythia, Porphyromonas gingivalis, Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans; SNPs TNF -857 and IL-1A -889 as discriminators between periodontitis and non-periodontitis., TNFalpha signals through specialized factories where responsive coding and miRNA genes are transcribed, The G allele of TNFalpha -308 and -238 polymorphisms is associated with high mRNA and soluble expression in knee knee osteoarthritis patients., Data indicate that IL-1beta, TNFalpha and IL-8 seem to be involved in the enhanced release of neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) in systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) subjects., It is suggested that cytokine polymorphisms of TNF-alpha (-238, -308) and IL-1RA (+2018) are associated with the risk of silicosis in the Chinese workers exposed to silica particles., a strong TNFA linkage with classical HLA genes is present, especially for the extended HLA-haplotype HLA-A*01, CSF of patients with meningococcal meningitis contains a neutrophil apoptosis-inhibiting capacity that correlates with TNF-alpha content, TNF-alpha might, at least in part, suppress PPAR-alpha expression through activation of IKK/p50/p105/p65 pathway, Overall, the results of the present study suggest that TNF-alpha causes (1) the release of ACh from A549 cells, (2) the decrease in cholinesterase activity, and (3) the upregulation of M3R expression facilitating the autocrine effects of ACh on M3R., TNF-alpha promoter polymorphisms might not be associated with primary biliary cirrhosis risk., OR revealed statistically significant risk for CHD with respect to IFN-gamma +874 T allele, whereas OR for TNF-beta +252 A/G showed three fold risk in homozygous condition though not significant. No such trend could be observed for TNF-alpha -308 G/A polymorphism., The positive correlation between gene expression level of TNF-alpha and tympanosclerosis could in the future contribute to antiinflammatory, medical treatment of tympanosclerosis., endometriosis is not associated with gene mutations for TNF-alpha at codon 308 G/A, Rheumatic heart disease patients and ethnically matched controls were screened for TNF-alpha(-308)G/A, IL-10(-1082) G/A, IL-6(-174) G/C and a variable number of tandem repeats (VNTRs) polymorphism of the IL-1Ra gene., Report synergistic effect of IL-1beta and TNF-alpha polymorphisms on the H. pylori-related gastric pre-malignant disease., TNF-alpha-308 G/A polymorphism was strongly associated with HLA-A*2, -A*33, -B*58, and -DRB1*03 alleles in Han-nationality lung transplant recipients., These results support the conclusion that functional variants of MIF, INFG, and TFNA genes are not associated with disease susceptibility or hearing loss progression in patients with MD., No significant association was found between TNF-alpha-308G/A polymorphism and the risk for nasopharyngeal carcinoma. [Meta-analysis], The meta-analysis involving 2723 subjects did not detect any association between the TNF -238G/A polymorphism and tuberculosis susceptibility., TNFA -308 polymorphism may contribute to acne susceptibility, as suggested by the protective effect of the G/A phenotype in the males of the Sicilian cohort., Results indicate that the ability to express IL-1beta and TNFalpha is linked to a cell type specific promoter structure, which is established during monocytic but not granulocytic differentiation., TNF-alpha-1031T>C and -238G>A variants are possible genetic risk factors for recurrent spontaneous abortion., TNF-alpha, IL-6, and IL-8 production capacity was significantly decreased in pediatric ICU infants with severe Respiratory Syncytial virus bronchiolitis compared with both floor patients and healthy controls., Low expression of PAF and high expression of TNF-alpha in leukocytospermia affect the sperm motility, which is one of the reasons that leads to infertility., serum IL-10, TNFalpha and TGFbeta differentially associate with dengue disease severity, TNF-308G>A genetic polymorphism is associated with increased risk of parkinsonism in schizophrenic patients., The IL1B gene -5839C > T and IL4R 1902A > G polymorphisms and IL12RB1 -1094A/-641C and TNF -1031 T/-863A/-857 T/-308 G/-238 G haplotypes were associated with malaria susceptibility., Data indicate that the tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNFA) -308G > A promoter polymorphism is associated with joint damage in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA)., The genetic variations in TNF and IL-10 genes work as independent predictors of survival and may play a role in the clinical course of CLL., findings suggest that DUSP14 negatively regulates TNF- or IL-1-induced NF-kappaB activation by dephosphorylating TAK1 at Thr-187, Our findings indicate that TNFalpha and IL-1beta modulate the expression of CCL3 in nucleus pulposis cells by controlling the activation of MAPK, NF-kappaB, and C/EBPbeta signaling., This is the first report demonstrating enhanced production of TNF-alpha in macrophages by treatment with oxysterols which are detected in abundance in atheromatous lesions., This study was aimed at assessing gene expression of TNFA and its two receptors (TNFR1, TNFR2), as well as determining coronary artery calcium score in the context of occurrence of classical risk factors in patients with subclinical atherosclerosis., The G/G genotype of the TNF-alpha -308G/A polymorphism increases insulin levels and insulin resistance in women with gestational diabetes mellitus., Measured the levels of endothelial microparticles (EMPs), IL-6, and TNF-a in patients with Kawasaki disease (KD). EMPs and IL-6 were elevated in KD, the level of TNF-a in KD was not different from disease controls, but higher than healthy controls., Four genes were significantly associated with proliferative vitreoretinopathy, TNF-alpha stimulates tissue repair functions of human pulmonary artery endothelial cells positively via JNK & ERK1/2, & negatively through p38alpha., the direct target of TNF-alpha in the Hs578T breast cancer cell line increases the level of certain pro-apoptotic factors that modulate different cellular networks that direct the cells towards death., promoter single nucleotide polymorphisms of IL-6 (-174 G>C) and TNF-alpha (-238 G>A) genes have been studied to evaluate whether these variants contribute to schizophrenia susceptibility in Indian Bengalee population., TNF-alpha-induced apoptosis of different target cells took place in different phases of cell cycle., Inhibitor of apoptosis proteins (IAPs) and their antagonists regulate spontaneous and tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-induced proinflammatory cytokine and chemokine production, TNF-a-850T and -308A investigated. A higher number of pro-inflammatory cytokine risk alleles were independently associated with both prevalent depression at baseline and persistent depression at one year follow-up., TNFalpha induces the expression of miR-17-92 in RASFs in an NF-kappaB-dependent manner, These results showed that sleep restriction increases the proinflammatory cytokine, GH, and testosterone concentrations after physical exercise but did not affect the cortisol responses., The up-regulation of TNF-alpha transcript and protein levels in individuals with susceptible haplotypes advocates the crucial role of TNF-alpha in autoimmune pathogenesis of vitiligo, data indicate hydroquinone elicits TNF-alpha upregulation via p38 MAPK/PP2A-mediated TTP downregulation, and the TNF-alpha-mediated death pathway is involved in hydroquinone-induced U937 cell death., Presence of TNF-alpha is not a direct indication of inflammatory pathology, since this cytokine was identified in relatively high amounts in subjects without inflammatory pathology., TNF-alpha-mediated upregulation of macroautophagy is associated with increased amyloid precursor protein (APP) expression and intracellular beta-amyloid load in a human rhabdomyosarcoma cell line, in a model of skeletal muscle cells., Allelic and genotypic associations were found for rs16944 (interleukin 1beta), rs1800629 (tumor necrosis factor) and rs909253 (lymphotoxin alpha), in patienets with somatofrom disorders., These results suggest that the TNF2 allele is associated with the more serious forms of the disease in individuals from the Brazilian Amazon but not with a risk for developing rheumatoid arthritis., Regulation of GTP-binding protein (Galphas) expression in human myometrial cells, TNFalpha -238AA/GA genotypes were significantly more common in individuals with prediabetes, had higher TNFalpha, higher progression to diabetes and lower reversal, Human cytomegalovirus infection upregulates placental TNF-alpha and MCP-1 expression with implications for adverse pregnancy outcomes., Particulate debris and coronary aspirate plasma contains more TNFalpha in diabetics when compared to patients without diabetes mellitus., Data suggest that USP4 (ubiquitin specific peptidase 4) down-regulates RIP1 (receptor-interacting serine-threonine kinase 1)-mediated TNFalpha activation and promotes TNFalpha-induced apoptosis via deubiquitination of RIP1 in head/neck carcinoma., Association between TNF-alpha 308 site polymorphisms and delayed encephalopathy after acute carbon monoxide poisoning., TNF-alpha-308G>A polymorphism is associated with the susceptibility to cervical cancer., Plasma TNF alpha level was significantly high in patients with sepsis and septic shock., Studies indicate that interleukin-1 (IL-1), IL-6, IL-17, and tumor necrosis factor are critical for the pathogenesis of inflammation in specific brain disorders., Results suggest that the functional promoter -308 G>A polymorphism in tumor necrosis factor alpha influence the susceptibility and progression of gastric cancer in the Chinese population., Blood IL-6 and TNF-alpha concentrations of 5 subjects estimated from the microchip data were compared with results obtained by the conventional method, good correlations were observed between the methods according to linear regression analysis., Plasma and synovial fluid PDCD5 expression levels are inversely associated with TNF-alpha and disease activity in patients with rheumatoid arthritis., This study showed that the AG genotype of TNF-alpha -308, associated with a high production of cytokines, was significantly decreased in patients with atopic dermatitis., TNFalpha from activated macrophages accentuates epithelial to mesenchymal transition in obliterative bronchiolitis., In the last years, there has been a growing interest in the role that inflammatory cytokines, which sustain the pathogenesis of these diseases, plays in regulating cardiac structure and function, particularly in the progression of chronic heart failure., The highest mean serum IL-4 and TNF-alpha concentrations were observed in children with gastroesophageal reflux secondary to cow's milk allergy and in children in the control group (with cow's milk allergy and/or other food allergy diagnosed before treatment., IL-27 has the potential to amplify airway inflammation via the induction of CXCL10 from HLFs, in combination with TNF-alpha., Higher serum TNFalpha level is independently associated with poorer HRQoL and more severe depressive symptoms in systemic lupus erythematosis patients., TNFalpha signaling is not effectively terminated in fibroblast-like synoviocytes leading to an uncontrolled inflammatory response. Prolonged inflammatory response by FLS induced by TNFalpha may contribute to persistence of synovial inflammation in RA., Gestational diabetes modulates folic acid uptake human syncytiotrophoblast and leptin as well as TNF-alpha downregulate it., these results suggest that nuclear beta-catenin-dependent RB stabilization suppresses TNF-induced apoptosis in caspase-8-positive colon cancer cells., The carriers of genotypes, which are associated with higher TNF-alpha production, demonstrated increased frequency of asthma, higher levels of neutrophil elastase, and decrease of bone density, Assessed the prognostic significance of inflammatory markers (including TNF-alpha and VCAM-1) in chronic heart failure patients. Increased levels of all investigated inflammatory markers were found in CHF patients compared to controls., metal particles induced higher amounts of IL-6 and IL-1 but very low amounts of TNF-alpha. T-lymphocyte activation was evaluated by the quantification of IL-2 and IFN-gamma levels, a relevant role for TNF-alpha in apoptosis of bystander monocytes after infection with E. coli via internalization of TNFR1, the aim of the present study was to assess the association of NFKB1, IL6 and TNF-alpha gene polymorphisms with left ventricular dysfunction in coronary artery disease (CAD) patients., TNF-alpha pre-conditioning increases proliferation, mobilization, and osteogenic differentiation of adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells and up-regulates bone morphogenetic protein-2 (BMP-2) protein level., Despite the up-regulation of HIF-1alpha protein, the transcription of HIF-1 target genes remains low in the presence of tumor necrosis factor (TNF)alpha at normoxia., The -238G > A polymorphism was associated with a twofold risk of bronchopulmonary dysplasia in Egyptian preterm infants., Gene polymorphisms of interleukin-10 and tumor necrosis factor-alpha are associated with contrast-induced nephropathy risk and long-term renal outcome after percutaneous coronary intervention., change in promoter methylation status in chronic periodontal disease suggested that DNA methylation may be an important regulatory mechanism in controlling TNFA transcriptional expression in periodontal disease., genetic variation in TNF-alpha-308G/A may contribute to childhood asthma and wheezing., Inflamed mucosa with spontaneous hemorrhage may suggest increased expression of TNF-alpha mRNA levels in colonic mucosa of ulcerative colitis patients., Idiopathic intermediate uveitis is strongly associated with TNFA-308A and TNFA-238A polymorphisms, Results suggest that HLA-DRB1*07/*15 genotype in combination with tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha polymorphisms influence progression to dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF)., the absolute concentrations of different the Date indicate that the absolute concentrations of different subclasses of immunoglobulin G autoantibodies to tumor necrosis factor in apparently healthy donors were determined., Vesnarinone suppresses NFkappaB activation by inhibiting the VCP-dependent degradation of polyubiquitinated IkappaBalpha, resulting in the suppression of tumor necrosis factor-alpha mRNA expression., The dimer RelB/p50 rather than the p50/p50 complex inhibits TNF production in lipopolysaccharide-stimulated dendritic cells and macrophages., TNF-alpha controls the balance between Treg cells and pathogenic TH17 and TH1 cells in the synovium of individuals with rheumatoid arthritis through FOXP3 dephosphorylation, Novel genetic associations between allelic variants of genes TNF-alpha-238 and PDCD1-7209 with long-term non-progressive HIV-1 infection., study suggests that the TNF-alpha (rs1800629 and rs1800630) genotype is an indicator for the susceptibility of recurrent oral ulceration., Studies indicate that VEGF is a potent angiogenic vasoactive molecule, and TNF-alpha augments angiogenesis through the expression of VEGF and its endothelial receptor (VEGF receptor 2)., Manifesting frequency of the TNF-alpha-308 GA/AA genotype was higher in dilated cardiomy patients than the control group, The peak concentrations of TNF-alpha and IL-6 were shown to be in concordance with the rhythm of melatonin secretion. The circadian rhythm of melatonin secretion and circadian gene expression were altered in the early stages of sepsis, Elderly women with a combination of genotypes associated with an anti-inflammatory profile (low TNF-alpha and IL-6 production, high IL-10 production) showed better physical performance independent of exercise modality, Patients carrying TNF2 allele had significantly higher TNF-alpha/IL-10 ratio compared to falciparum malaria patients carrying TNF1 allele., These findings provide a line of evidence that the effects of TGF-b and TNF-a were partially mediated by microRNAs, and shed light on the complexity of molecular events elicited by TGF-b and TNF-a., TNF serum level is significantly increased in intrauterine growth restriction, variants of the TNFA gene may affect the risk of chronic rhinosinusitis in a clinically well-defined group of CRS patients with nasal polyposis and aspirin sensitivity, in the Hungarian population, suggests that there is no statistical evidence of significant association between the studied TNF-alpha SNPs and duodenal ulcer, results showed high serum levels of IL-17, IL-23 and TNF-alpha among CSU patients which may highlight a functional role of these cytokines in the pathogenesis of this important and common skin disease, This meta-analysis showed that lack of association between TNFalpha rs1800629 polymorphism with schizophrenia., TNF may be a key stimulant to the cells resulting in the release of MPs in malaria infection., Characterized the Mycobacterium tuberculosis -specific immune response and showed that bifunctional IFNgamma(+) TNFalpha(+) CD4(+) T-cells and effector memory phenotype are significantly associated with active TB compared to the latent tuberculosis (LTBI) group., single nucleotide polymorphism in the TNF-alpha(-308) gene was associated with significantly increased seminal caspase-9 and a significantly decreased sperm count, sperm motility, normal sperm morphology, acrosin activity, and seminal alpha-glucosidase., The polymorphisms of TNF-alpha gene is associated with asthma. It modulates the severity of asthma., TNF-alpha level was the same in schizophrenic exacerbation compared to remission. It was lower in patients in both exacerbation and remission compared to controls. In patients on mood stabilizers, TNF-alpha levels increased in remission., there is a strong association between allergic rhinitis risk and polymorphisms of MRPL4 and TNF-alpha genes in the Han Chinese population, the expression of resistin, TNF- alpha , IL-6, and IL-1 beta from human mononuclear cells, might be enhanced by the hyperinsulinemia and hyperleptinemia and possibly by the hyperglycemia in metabolic diseases as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and atherosclerosis., Diabetes-enhanced and prolonged expression of TNF- alpha also contributes to impaired healing., TNF-alpha and NO levels appear to be associated with different clinical forms of tuberculosis and might help to assess prognosis and contribute to a better understanding of underlying immunopathological mechanisms., donors with high TNF production may have increased risk of delayed graft function in their recipients, results of this study showed that no linkage TNF-alpha gene polymorphisms with paranoid schizophrenia in a Polish population., Effect on the induction of IL-6 or TNF by erythropoietin or high-mobility group-box 1 protein (HMGB1) or by necrotic cells, was investigated., TNF-alpha 308 G/A polymorphism is associated with increased risk of cervical cancer., The combination of glutamine and alanine did not influence significantly IL-6 and IL-8 expression in monocytes during endotoxemia, however strongly reduced TNF-alpha production., TGF-beta and TNF-alpha act in concert to activate apoptosis in gastric cancer cell through crosstalk between Smad and JNK signaling pathways., Acrp30, in dose- and time-dependent manner, reduces cytotoxic effects of TNFalpha and/or IL-1ss improving cell viability and decreasing apoptosis. In addition, Acrp30 inhibits NF-kappaB nuclear trans-activation, Serum levels of TNF-alpha were used as a potential intervening variable in atypical antipsychotic-associated metabolic syndrome in bipolar disorder., The -238A allele of TNF-alpha is associated with an increased risk of coronary artery disease., TNF-alpha -308G>A polymorphism is strongly associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus in a Han Chinese population., TNF-alpha-308A and -238A, IL-4-590T, IL-4Ralpha+1902, and IL-1alpha-889C polymorphisms are positively associated with clinically relevant asthma in Italian caucasians., In patients treated with rituximab-CHOP therapy, the TNF-alpha -308 AG/AA genotypes showed a significantly less favorable survival than the GG genotype., No difference is detected between patients with bipolar disorder and the controls for serum TNF-alpha levels., Computational modeling of tuberculous meningitis reveals an important role for tumor necrosis factor-alpha., Data indicate that p38 MAPK and toll-like receptor 2 (TLR2) are required for pLGV440_p5 (ORF5) protein induced tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha), interleukin-1 beta (IL-1beta) and interleukin-8 (IL-8) in human monocyte., The roles of protein phosphatases including MAPK phosphatase-1 (MKP-1) and protein phosphatase type 2A (PP2A) in modulating p38MAPK activation and downstream TNF-alpha expressions in primary human monocyte-derived macrophages, were examined., The frequency of the single-base change polymorphic variants identified in tumor necrosis factor (TNF) gene in patients with type 2 diabetes was investigated, SIRT6 promotes the secretion of tumour necrosis factor-alpha by removing the fatty acyl modification on K19 and K20 of TNF-alpha, NK1R expression is induced in ectopic endometrial tissue by peritoneal TNFalpha., When patients were classified according to sputum IgE levels, it appeared that IL-5, IL-6, IL-17 and TNF-alpha sputum supernatant levels were raised in the "IgE high" asthmatics when compared to "IgE low" asthmatics, The TNFA-857T single nucleotide polymorphism and -1031T/-863C/-857T haplotype along with inheritance of a G allele at TNFA-308, and T allele at TNFA-1031 is associated with a diagnosis of asthma particularly among children and African American subjects, Patients with open angle glaucoma may have higher TNF-alpha levels compared with the control subjects, and the TNF-alpha -308G/A polymorphism is significantly associated with the risks of high-tension glaucoma., Plasma ghrelin levels were increased, and TNF-a and IL-6 were decreased in obstructive sleep apnea patients with and without coronary heart disease., NF-kappaB p65 could be a key mediator of syndecan-4 upregulation by TNF-alpha through two binding sites in the SDC4 promoter, but other NF-kappaB-p65 independent pathways might also be involved through transcriptional elongation., no association of TNF-alpha -238A/G polymorphism with the risk of pneumonia, results can suggest the lack of association between TNF-alpha 308 G/A and TGF-beta1 800 G/A gene polymorphisms with COPD development and airway resistance in Turkish population, TNF-alpha decreases the cellular response to insulin, and has effects on the metabolism of cholesterol and lipoproteins in humans--{REVIEW}, macrophages participate in the repression of SFTPB expression by LPS, and that macrophage-released cytokines (including TNF) regulate the transcription factor CEBPB, TNF-alpha promoter gene polymorphism does not seem to play a role in IBD susceptibility., miR-146a and miR-146b-5p are expressed in human RPE cells in culture and their expression is highly induced by proinflammatory cytokines (IFN-gamma + TNF-alpha + IL-1beta)., 5-FC combined gene therapy with TNF-alpha and CD suicide gene should be an effective treatment on Laryngeal carcinoma., Gene expression of several TNF-alpha dependent apoptotic genes (TNFR1, TNFR2, FLICE, FLIPs) of peripheral blood cells from cohorts of individuals with active tuberculosis or potential exposure to tuberculosis, was investigated., Meta-analysis results indicate that the AA genotype of the -308G/A polymorphism had a 54%-increased risk of upper aerodigestive tract cancer, compared with the G carriers., TNF-alpha may be a promoter for nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) metastasis, hence anti-inflammatory therapy may be of benefit to the prevention of NPC metastasis., The results support the hypothesis that the genetic background of TNFalpha could not be regarded as a prognostic marker for the one-year cardiovascular outcome regarding myocardial infarction, stroke/TIA and cardiovascular death in Caucasians of Central Germany., Carriers of the G-308G promoter variant of TNF alpha gene have a better metabolic response than A-308 obese with a high polyunsaturated fat hypocaloric diet., The aim of the present study was to determine the levels of IL-10 and TNF-alpha, as well as the ratio of TNF-alpha and IL-10 serum levels in patients with chronic hepatitis C and hepatocellular carcinoma., low producer phenotype in combination with il-10 lower producer phenotype is associated with acute kidney injury and death in intensive care unit, TNF-alpha -308G>A polymorphism is an independent risk factor for suicide attempts in major depressive disorder, overexpression of HA-USP14 increased the LPS-, TNFalpha-, or Escherichia coli-induced IL-8 release in human lung epithelial cells., These findings suggest for the first time that TNF-alpha could exert a direct effect on mitochondria via its receptors., Exposure of human coronary artery endothelial cells to constant high glucose induces expression of IL-6, TNF-alpha and ICAM-1, and the production of these proinflammatory cytokines is further enhanced in periodic high glucose., Lonelier healthy adults exposed to acute stress exhibited greater synthesis of tumor necrosis factor-alpha by peripheral blood mononuclear cells stimulated with lipopolysaccharide than their less lonely counterparts., Our results suggest that inflammatory cytokines IL-22 and TNF-alpha may play a key role in the ocular immune response in Behcet's disease., Alleles and genotypes of polymorphisms of IL-18, TNF-alpha and IFN-gamma are associated with a higher risk and severity of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in Brazil., similar to other inflammatory diseases, TNF downregulates klotho through nuclear factor kappa B in temporal lobe epilepsy patients, TNF-alpha-308GA and IL-6 -174CC gene polymorphisms are involved in susceptibility to Graves disease in Turkish population., Children carrying a minor rs1800629 (TNF) or rs1927911 (TLR4) allele may be at a higher risk of allergic rhinitis., Solar simulted radiation-induced TNF-alpha may be involved in the photoaging-induced loss of facial subcutaneous fat., Our findings suggest that genetic variation in IL10 and TNF may also play a role in lymphomagenesis in Asian populations., In Bcap-37 cells, S.aureus exposure could up-regulate the expression of TLR2 at both mRNA and protein levels, increase the production of IL-1beta and TNF-alpha, and stimulate the expression of NF-kappaB., Data indicate that the A allele in the tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) -308 polymorphism could play an important role in the susceptibility to oral lichen planus., Our data reveal a protective role of TWEAK in glucose homeostasis and identify PP2A as a new driver in the modulation of TNF-alpha signaling by sTWEAK., genetic polymorphism of the promoter region is associated with plasma levels and recurrent miscarriage, TNF-alpha and IL-1beta increased the in vitro osteoblastic differentiation of cultured human periosteal-derived cells by enhancing the ALP activity and mineralization process, but not by Runx2 activation., Meta-analysis demonstrates that the TNF-alpha -308 A/G polymorphism confers susceptibility to periodontitis in Brazilian, Asian and Turkish populations., CD8(+) T cells could promote the reendothelialization and inhibit the neointima formation after the artery wire injury, and this effect is at least partly dependent on decreasing TNF-alpha production promoting ECs migration, siRNA can be an effective way to inhibit titanium particle-induced TNF-alpha expression and the activation of downstream pathways such as apoptosis in macrophages., MCF7 cells treated with TNF-alpha demonstrated significantly lower viability than nontreated cells., ata show PE_PGRS 17 might facilitate pathogen survival and disserve the host cell via remodeling the macrophages immune niche largely consisting of inflammatory cyttokines IL-10 and TNF-alpha., Spontaneous IL-1beta and TNF production by HLA-DR(+) cells in CD tissues is restricted to those expressing CD172a., This study provides evidence that the functional TNF-alpha -308 A/G is an important modulator of attentional selection processes in healthy elderly individuals, Enhanced expression of PTTG1 in the psoriatic epidermis may result in aberrant regulation of the cell cycle and impaired differentiation via the interplay between PTTG1 and TNF-alpha., Data indicate that cobalt-alloy particles induce expression of IL-1beta, TNF-alpha and IL-8 via toll-like receptor 4 signaling pathway., TNF-alpha plays an important role in liver cirrhosis and in formation and development of HCC following HBV infection., [review] Current findings in this review regarding epigenetic regulation of cytokine genes important in innate and adaptive immune responses focus upon the TNF/lymphotoxin locus and T helper cell differentiation into Th1, Th2, and Th17 lineages., Persistent HBV infection susceptibility is associated with the TNF-alpha-308G/A gene polymorphism in the Chinese population, whereas HBV clearance is associated with the TNF-alpha-857C/T gene polymorphism., Our preliminary results indicated that G allele at TNF-alpha - 308 was more common in TA patients and controls similar to that in other Indian as well as Japanese population, There are significant differences in the role of different TNF-alpha isoforms in tumor progression and the bioavailability of each isoform may distinctly regulate tumor progression., Data indicate that HMGB1-induced the release of inflammation cytokines including TNF-alpha, IL-8, IL-10, and MCP-1 in bronchial epithelial cells through activating RAGE/JNK/NF-kappaB p65 pathway., Hypoxia-induced c-kit(+) cardiac stem cells activation is mediated by TNF/TNFR2/Lin-28 signaling., The dynamics of STIM1 aggregation and SOCE after exposure to TNF-alpha or IL-13 in ASM cells., Single nucleotide polymorphisms in the TNF-alpha gene promoter region alter the risk of psoriasis vulgaris and or psoriatic arthritis., Data suggest posttranslational mechanism via proteasomal degradation (not NFkappaB [nuclear factor-kappa-B] activation) is involved in suppression of DIO2 (type 2 iodothyronine deiodinase) by TNFalpha (tumor necrosis factor-alpha) in thyroid cells., Patients with influenza-related pneumonia are more frequently homozygous for the G allele of the TNF 308 G/A polymorphism., TNF-alpha-308 A, IL-10-1082 G allele were significantly associated with primary Sjogren's syndrome susceptibility (Review), IL-17 and TNF can affect both the growth and pigment production of melanocytes, which may contribute to the pigmentation changes associated with psoriasis, Immature dendritic cells fail to produce TNF-alpha and fail to mature in response to Cryptococcus gattii, raising the possibility that TNF-alpha might functionally restore defective T cell responses to C. gattii., TNF-alpha-308A allele was observed significantly more frequently in the sarcoidosis patients with Lofgren's syndrome when compared with non-Lofgren's patients, The aim of this study was to determine the salivary concentrations of tumour necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha) and interleukin 6 (IL-6) in patients with premalignant and malignant lesions., Urinary TNF-alpha can be used as a biomarker for the early recognition of ongoing renal damage in patients with posterior urethral valves., CD40-mediated NF-kappaB activation and cell death depend on autocrine TNF-alpha., A fiber-optic particle plasmon resonance sensor is used to quantify TNF-alpha in synovial fluid from osteoarthritis patients., The inhibitory effects of TNF-alpha on Cx43 expression in human corneal fibroblasts are mediated, at least in part, by the JNK signaling pathway, which therefore likely plays a role in corneal inflammation., stabilization of Snail via AKT/GSK-3beta signaling pathway is required for TNFalpha-induced EMT in prostate cancer cells, Data indicate that in response to pancreatitis-associated ascitic fluid (PAAF), overexpression of TNF-alpha and IL-6 mRNA was found in THP-1 cells., genetic polymorphism is associated with end stage renal disease and malnutrition inflammation syndrome in India, Statistically significant differences in infected women (groups 1 and 2) in comparison with uninfected women (group 3) were detected, a correlation between the risk of duodenal ulcer and allele A of gene TNF-alpha in position 308 in the patients, These results suggested that IFN-gamma exhibits anti-angiogenesis effects by regulating the expression of TNF-alpha-induced AmotL1 via NFkappaB in emphysema lungs., Meta-analysis suggests that the A allele of TNF-alpha -308G/A polymorphism might be protective against diabetic nephropathy with ethnic selectivity., Expression of miR-19a was significantly reduced and TNF-alpha was remarkably increased in human colon tissue with ulcerative colitis and miR-19a directly regulated TNF-alpha expression., DNA methylation levels of TNFalpha promoter were associated with some metabolic features and with n-6 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid intake, suggesting a complex nutriepigenomic network in the regulation of this recognized pro-inflammatory marker., the TNFA rs1800629 gene polymorphism is associated with markers of kidney disease severity and distant organ dysfunction among patients with acute kidney injury, p38 MAPK signalling pathway plays a key role in the TNFalpha- and IL-17A-induced expression of S100A8 in cultured human keratinocytes, Tumor necrosis factor-alpha 238 G/A polymorphism was significantly associated with the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma., patients with TNF 2 /TNF 2 genotype or high serum TNF-alpha levels are more likely to have acute rejection, Studies indicate there was a significant association between tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) 857C/T polymorphism and increased risk of gastric cancer in Asians but not in Caucasians., The distribution of TNF-alpha genotypes at -308 (G --> A) were GG 28.07%, GA 66.67% and AA 5.26% in GC patients and GG 33.19%, GA 55.89% and AA 10.92% in control subjects., As for the TNFalpha (-238 G/A) polymorphism, a significant increase of the GG genotype was observed in patients, especially men with second- and third-degree relatives with psoriasis., These data suggest that changes in TNF-alpha identified in the skin of patients with ALS are likely to be related to the disease process and that metabolic alterations of TNF-alpha may take place in the skin of patients with ALS., These results suggest that TNFA might represent a candidate gene contributing to venous thromboembolism pathogenesis in gastrointestinal cancer patients and suggest that venous thromboembolism risk during chemotherapy might be genetically identified., The association of six TNF-alpha, beta gene SNPs with haplotype GACTCG in progressive group is significantly higher than in the stable group and healthy control group., a model in which TNFalpha-induced beta-TrCP1 accumulation promotes SMRT degradation and the subsequent induction of proinflammatory gene expression., IGFBP-3 and TNF-alpha levels were not associated with insulin sensitivity in women with polycystic ovary syndrome., TNF-alpha SNPs may individually or, more likely, jointly affect individual susceptibility to HPV16-associated OSCC, particularly SCCOP and never smokers., TNF-alpha should be considered in the complex pathogenesis of insulin resistance in obese patients who actively smoke, the levels of IL-10, TNF-alpha and IFN-gamma between 14 and 18weeks of gestation may act as potential early biomarkers in the diagnosis of preeclampsia., The results of the study strongly support a link between TNF-alpha polymorphisms and vitiligo in Saudi patients., Decreased expression of the cytokines TNF-alpha and IL-6 may be responsible for the development of a more severe clinical picture in patients with varicella-zoster virus infection., Data indicate that serum highest TNF-alpha and IL-6 and higher ferritin are among those with intense steatosis., The study provides evidence of a positive association between hepatitis virus B clearance and TNF-alpha-308A., Studies indicate that tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) 238 G/A polymorphism is significantly associated with increased risk of gastric cancer, especially in Asians., Tumor Necrosis Factor 308 polymorphism is associated with increased implantation rate during in vitro fertilization treatment., beta-Hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate-free acid attenuated circulating TNF-alpha IP and TNFR1 expression during recovery from resistance exercise., SGLT1 and GLUT5 expression in the plasma membrane is regulated by TNFalpha, leading to alteration on sugar transport, suggesting that TNFalpha could be a physiological local regulator of nutrient absorption in response to an intestinal inflammatory status., Over-expression of GSK3beta rescued osteogenesis in TNF-alpha-stimulated PDLSCs., A significant association of the TNF-alpha rs113325588 single nucleotide polymorphism was observed with spatial memory retention., TNF-alpha gene -308 G/A polymorphism is associated with an increased pneumoconiosis risk., TNF-alpha promoter region SNPs were present in only a minority of patients, and did not correlate with fibrosis severity., In patients with dengue infection there is an association between the TNF-alpha -308A allele and the risk of bleeding., Bioinformatic and deletion studies identified a 5' region of the TSP-1 promoter repressed by NR4A2 and proangiogenic transcription factors, including NF-kappaB and Ets1/2., Sphingosine kinase 1 regulates tumor necrosis factor-mediated RANTES induction through p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase but independently of nuclear factor kappaB activation., co-occurrence of high TNF-alpha and IL-4 levels along with a high ratio of IFN-gamma/IL-10 may increase the susceptibility of HIV-TB co-infected patients to hyper-inflammation and TB relapse, induction and tolerance regulate the immediate early genes encoding interleukin 1beta and tumor necrosis factor alpha, Stimulation with TNF-alpha is sufficient for activation of the NALP1 inflammasome., TNF-alpha 238 G/A polymorphism is significantly associated with increased risk of liver cancer, especially in Asians., Comparison of the inhibition mechanisms of adalimumab and infliximab in treating tumor necrosis factor alpha-associated diseases from a molecular view., This article reviews the TNF-alpha signaling pathway in hepatocarcinogenesis., genetic association studies in population of women in Iran, The functional role of p38 MAPK in regulating TNFalpha release in UV-irradiated melanocyte-derived cells., TNF-alpha -1031CC genotype was a risk factor for CP, and that TNF-alpha -308AA genotype was a risk factor for AgP. But there is a lack of association of TNF-alpha -857C/T and -238G/A polymorphisms with susceptibility to AgP or CP in a Chinese population., TNF-alpha rs1799964 polymorphism is associated with hyperandrogenism in polycystic ovary syndrome., TNF-alpha/TNFR1 signaling promotes gastric tumorigenesis through induction of Noxo1 and Gna14 in tumor cells., Our data argue against a major implication of TNF-alpha in giant cell arteritis pathogenesis., investigation do not substantiates the role of IL-1beta +3954 and TNF-alpha -308 polymorphisms, separately, as risk determinants for aggressive periodontitis in Iranian population, These data indicated that IL-1Ra, IL-6, IL-8, and TNF-alpha were associated with increased risk of OS, in which IL-8 and TNF-alpha may be further correlated with the progression of this disease, TNF-alpha xpression in keratinocytes is increased by zinc oxide nanoparticles, Suggest crucial role of TNF-alpha in endometriotic perotineal fluid-induced embryotoxicity and suggest that TNF-alpha inhibitors may be potential therapeutic agents for treating endometriosis-induced infertility., TNF-alpha rs1800629 polymorphism is associated with increased risk of cervical lesions, especially in Caucasians. [Meta-analysis], Overexpressed TNF- alpha and HGF in microenvironment were related to poor differentiation and microvascular invasion of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)., Data indicate that the substitution levels from G to A and from G to C in the TNF-alpha and IL-6 genes, respectively, were significantly higher in the infertile subjects as compared to that of control group., We found that in this group of patients from Mexico the SNP - 376G> A in TNF shows an association with higher risk for HL., The objective of this study is to investigate the possible role of inflammatory mediators such as IL-6, IL-1beta, and TNF-alpha in Kashin-Beck disease (KBD) children and rats fed with T-2 toxin under a selenium-deficient nutrition., These results suggest that the MKK4/JNK/c-jun signaling pathway mediates TNFalpha-dependent inhibition of apo A-I synthesis, Autocrine TNF-alpha production supports chronic myeloid leukemia stem and progenitor cell survival and enhances their proliferation., TNF (-308A/G, -238A/G, -1031C/T, and -857T/C) polymorphisms are associated with susceptibility to Behcet's disease., TNF-alpha promoter polymorphisms as well as IL-6 gene polymorphisms are associated with chronic idiopathic urticarial in Iranian patients., individuals having a haplotype combination of AA, GG and CA for IL-6, TNF-alpha and IL-10 gene polymorphisms will have higher susceptibility and be at greater risk of developing T2DM., ApoE (E2,E3,E4) polymorphism and the TNF-alpha-308 G > A polymorphism are not associated with renal injury after CPB., This study suggests lack of association of both COCH and TNFA with primary open-angle glaucoma pathogenesis., This study evaluated the prognostic capability for biochemical progression after radical prostatectomy of expression of IL-1, TNF-alpha and related signaling components, in the tumor and surrounding stroma., CD14 promoted tumor cell EMT and invasion through TNF-alpha, whereas knockdown of CD14 expression inhibited gastric cancer cell invasion and EMT., TNF-alpha rs1800629 A/G, NLRP1 rs878329 C/G and NLRP1 rs6502867 C/T polymorphisms were not associated with risk of RA or AS., Tumor necrosis factor-alpha attenuates starvation-induced apoptosis through upregulation of ferritin heavy chain in hepatocellular carcinoma cells., Herpes simplex virus ICP0 protein inhibits tumor necrosis factor alpha-induced NF-kappaB activation by interacting with RelA and NF-kappaB1., CD14 recognizes and binds to Mycoplasma genitalium LAMPs to upregulate TNF-alpha release., This meta-analysis demonstrated that the TNFA -308G>A polymorphism is a risk factor for developing GC, but the associations vary in different ethnic populations., This meta-analysis suggest that the TNF 238 G/A polymorphism and TNF 308 G/A polymorphism was not associated with diabetes mellitus, diabetic retinopathy and diabetic nephropathy., Inflammatory gene polymorphisms were not associated with arterial stiffness., Our findings of association of TNF-alpha-308G>A variant in females with obesity indices suggests a gender-specific role of this polymorphism in obesity. High truncal subcutaneous adiposity is associated with A allele of TNF-alpha-308G>A in this population., palmitic acid can stimulate IL-6, TNF- alpha, and IL-1 beta production and cell proliferation in HaCaT keratinocytes, RhoB controls TNFalpha signaling through the regulation of the TNFR traffic., TNF-alpha is significantly associated with risk of atrial fibrillation occurrence and recurrence after electrical cardioversion or catheter ablation., Trovafloxacin and TNF interact to cause toxicity in a concentration-dependent manner in hepatocytes., the role of miR-181a in adipocyte differentiation by regulation of TNF-alpha, The TNF-alpha and IFN-gamma levels markedly increased in hepatocellular carcinoma development., TNF-alpha-238 polymorphism GG genotype and the G allele could have a promotional effect on the development of non-small cell lung cancer in the group of patients with a second primary cancer., TNF a and EGF were significantly altered in VCP disease as compared to control. No significant differences were observed in IL-4 and IL-6., TNF-alpha modulation of intestinal epithelial tight junction barrier is regulated by ERK1/2 activation of Elk-1., TNF-alpha -308 and -863 polymorphisms may modulate the risk of squamous cell carcinoma of the oropharynx recurrence in patients with HPV16-positive tumors., A meta-analysis indicates that the TNF-alpha-308 G/A polymorphism might lead to an increased risk of silicosis susceptibility, especially for Asians., This is the first evidence of crosstalk between TNF-alpha and ADAMTS-4 in relation to osteoarthritis cartilage degradation., Our results propose that TNF-alpha 308G>A genotype may be a potential genetic marker in hemodialysis patients with AVF thrombosis., Data indicate that the upper 95th percentile reference limit for IL-6, TNF-alpha, and IL17-A was 4.45, 2.53, and 1.93pg/mL, respectively., A relevant relationship exists between epilepsy and systemic inflammation with an increase in TNF-alpha, interleukin (IL)-6, and changes in iron metabolism and regulation., a delayed (incoherent) feed-forward loop together with differential rates of TNFA (fast) and BCL3 (slow) mRNA turnover provide robust, pulsatile expression of TNFalpha, novel biomarkers in colorectal cancer activated through PPARgamma and TNFalpha signaling, Our results support an association between susceptibility to psoriasis and TNF polymorphisms in the Spanish population., The present study showed a significant and independent association between the -863C/A polymorphism of the TNFalpha gene and type 2 diabetes in the Tunisian population., The gender difference in tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) production in human neutrophils stimulated by lipopolysaccharide (LPS) and interferon-gamma (IFN-gamma) was explored by using peripheral blood neutrophils from young men and women., The meta-analysis suggests that TNF-alpha rs1800629 polymorphism is associated with the increased risk of gastric cancer in Caucasians., In diffuse large B-cell lymphoma TNF-alpha expression was associated with poorer overall survival and progression-free survival., TNF-alpha was not significantly associated with development of manic symptoms in depressed patients., The TNF-alpha -857C>T genotype was found to be predictive of clinical response and was more likely to predict long-term survival in Japanese ESCC patients receiving definitive 5-FU/CDDP-based CRT, multiple myeloma patients with advanced aggressive disease had significantly higher levels of IL-6 and TNFalpha than those with multiple myeloma in plateau phase., Both TGF-beta1 and TNF-alpha modulate clinical severity and airflow limitation in an additive manner in COPD., This study demonistrated that the TNF-alpha statistically significant deviations between AD patients and healthy controls concerning TNF-alpha SNP genotype., Our study suggests that an increased TNF-alpha level was associated with narcolepsy in our patients, and that chronic inflammation due to various factors might have led to the increased TNF-alpha levels found in our patients., Gene expression profiling revealed high-mobility group box-1 protein (HMGB1) and TNF-alpha as key regulators of the transcriptional alterations induced by crocidolite and chrysotile., GGA, AGA and GAA haplotypes were more frequent in patients with infectious endocarditis (IE) than in controls, suggesting a predisposition for IE. Additionally, the wild-type GGG haplotype was independently related with death in IE patients., These results suggest that the disturbed TNF system is closely linked with chronic inflammation rather than with insulin resistance in HT, The prognostic values of serum TNF-alpha and SOFA score monitoring in critically ill patients, were compared., Exposure to follicular fluid transiently increased the transcript levels of IL8 and PTGS2, and decreased the expression of SOD2, GPX3, DAB2, and NR3C1. TNF and IL6 levels were also decreased while those of NAMPT were unaffected., These data support a role for TNF-alpha in SLE pathogenesis, and TNF-alpha levels may relate with heritable factors., Individuals with the TNF-alpha-308 G allele and -857 C allele showed better anti-TNF-a treatment responses than those with the TNF-alpha-308 A allele and -857 T allele., The TNF-alpha -308A variant could be a risk factor for the development of type 2 diabetes. [Meta-analysis], TNF-alpha -308 A/G and LT-alpha +252 A/G polymorphisms are associated with susceptibility to sarcoidosis in an European population.[META-ANALYSIS], Our results reveal that -308 TNFA AA individuals are at increased risk of invasive cervical cancer development and the risk is significantly increased for the progression from premalignant lesion to invasive cancer, the frequency of the TNF-alpha genotype was similar in IBS and controls, Plasma advanced glycation end products (AGEs), receptors for AGEs and their correlation with inflammatory markers in middle school-age children., TNF-alpha and VEGF increase with onset of labor and differentially expressed in the RZ and the MZ., TNF mediated response network profiles following lipopolysaccharide exposure., Data indicate that NF-kappaB leads to elevated expression of TNF-alpha sensitizing mediator of IRF3 activation (MITA) induced cell death., These data suggest that Mtb-specific TNF-alpha could be a potential biomarker for the diagnosis of active TB disease., The present meta-analysis identified that carriers of the A allele (AA/GA) of the TNF-alpha -238G/A polymorphism had an increased risk of psoriasis overall, and that there were no significant differences between white and East Asian populations, TNF-alpha increases virus entry and highlights the potential for hepatitis C virus to exploit existing innate immune responses in the liver to promote de novo infection events., This study provides evidence for rs1799724 at the LTA/TNFalpha locus as a susceptibility factor for idiopathic achalasia., TNF-alpha may have a role in severity of diabetic retinopathy and with nephropathy, Taken together, these results suggest that Rothia dentocariosa induces host TNF-alpha production by a TLR2-dependent mechanism., Aqueous humor concentrations of the cytokines (IL-1 alpha, IL-1 beta, IL-6, FasL, and TNF- alpha) in patients with open angle glaucoma, were measured using multiplex bead analysis., DQ B1 but not HLA-DR typing, TNF-alpha levels, HCRTR1 and HCRTR2 were highter in narcolepsy-cataplexy/schizophrenia patients., The modulatory influence of TNFalpha on CX3CR1 expression in hypoxia and CX3CL1/CX3CR1 interaction may serve as a compensatory mechanism to preserve or augment the pro-inflammatory course of intercellular interactions in placental endothelium, TNF-alpha mRNA is significantly overexpressed in acute colonic diverticulitis compared to ileocolonic Crohn's disease., TNF-alpha polymorphisms contribute to sarcopenic obesity susceptibility., study shows that the pathophysiology of familial hypersensitivity (HF) pneumonitis is influenced by HLA genes and particularly a gene-to-gene interaction between TNF-238G homozygous and HLA-DRB1*04 alleles and haplotypes may contribute to the susceptibility to HP in Mexicans, Serum TNF-alpha and IL-6 have predictive value for development of inflammation and fibrosis in patients with AH and can be used as non-invasive markers of fibrosis., Our findings suggest that the coexpression of these two cytokines (serum interleukin-6 (IL-6) and tumor necrosis factor-a (TNF-a) could be used clinically as a useful tumor marker for the extension and the outcome of the disease., the present study suggests a potential protective role of the A allele in the TNF-alpha -863C/A polymorphism against developing COPD in Asians, but no association for the -238G/A polymorphism with COPD risk., genotypes AA-GA of the -308G>A polymorphism in TNF-alpha significantly contribute to breast cancer susceptibility in the analyzed sample from the Mexican population., Review/Meta-analysis, The TNF-alpha/NF-kappaB signalling pathway is required for the initial priming of immunosuppressive function in human MSCs., TNF-alpha is elevated in patients with hip periprosthetic osteolysis compared to matched controls., TNFalpha activation and TASK3 channel activity can promote cellular apoptosis., TNF-alpha and IL-6 gene polymorphisms were associated with endometriosis in Asians. [review], Data indicate a significant increase in the levels of IL-8, TNF-alpha and IL-1R2 in the CSF of both meningitis groups as compared to controls, and the concentrations of IFN-gamma and IL-1 differed significantly only between the mumps group and control., TNF-alpha levels are increased in menstrual effluents from women with chronic endometritis., This study reveals a crucial mechanism of MLKL-mediated TNF-induced necroptosis., It was demonstrated that carnosol inhibited TNF-alpha-induced CAM and chemokine expression in HUVECs. The underlying mechanism may be associated with the blocking of the NF-kappaB and MAPK pathways., TNF-alpha 308 G/A polymorphism is associated with decreased risk of psoriasis, while TNF-alpha 238 G/A is associated with increased risk of psoriasis. (Meta-analysis), The results showed that TNF-alpha, IL-10, ICAM-1and VCAM-1 were 3-fold, 3.7 fold and 2 fold increased between uncomplicated and complicated vivax malaria cases., Association of common polymorphisms in TNFA, NFkB1 and NFKBIA with risk and prognosis of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma in northern Indian population, was investigated., Thus, natural killer cells control uropathogenic Escherichia coli via TNF-alpha production, which uropathogenic Escherichia coli counteracts by hemolysinA-mediated killing of NK natural killer cells., Carriage of the GAG haplotype of TNF is linked with borderline susceptibility to acne vulgaris., TNF maintains osteosarcoma cells in an undifferentiated state, thus promoting osteosarcoma progression., Activation of ADAM17 by PLK2 results in the release of pro-TNFalpha and TNF receptors from the cell surface, and pharmacological inhibition of PLK2 leads to down-regulation of LPS-induced ADAM17-mediated shedding on primary macrophages and dendritic cells., The combination of interleukin-1beta and TNF-alpha leads to decrease of matrix synthesis gene expression such as collagen type II and increase of the degradation gene expression of COX-2 and MMP-3 in cell culture., IL-34 expression in human gingival fibroblasts, stimulated by TNF-alpha and IL-1beta, Body structure and serum concentration of adiponectin and cytokines (IL-6, -10 and TNF-alpha) in rheumatoid arthritis combined with obesity, TNFalpha signals via p66(Shc) to induce E-Selectin, promote leukocyte transmigration and enhance permeability in human endothelial cells., the present study concludes that the upregulation of miR-494 expression by TNF-alpha-mediated inflammation exacerbates insulin resistance., Decreased transcription of the PLA2G4A and COX2 genes in response to cPLA2alpha enzyme inhibition further suggest a self-reinforcing effect of cPLA2alpha inhibition in response to TNF., Diabetic nephropathy (DN) patients have significantly higher serum beta-defensin (HBD)-1 levels than non-DN patients, but there is no difference in HBD-2, interleukin (IL)-6, and tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha profiles., TNFA c.-238A genetic variability in inflammatory signalling is associated with the development of severe bacterial infections in patients with end-stage liver disease., TNF-alpha-induced MMP-9 expression is mediated through a c-Src-dependent PDGFR transactivation., TNF-alpha has a role in regulating natriuretic peptides and aquaporins in human bronchial epithelial cells, TNF alpha has a role in inducing metastasis-related properties and functions in luminal breast tumor cells, Inhibition of NF-kappaB is one of major mechanisms by which beta-caryophyllene oxide enhances TNFalpha-induced apoptosis and suppresses invasion., TNF-alpha-308G/A and -238G/A polymorphisms may contribute to autoimmune liver disease susceptibility. [Meta-analysis], THRIL has a role in regulating TNFalpha expression through its interaction with hnRNPL, Acute coronary syndrome patients with moderate depressive symptoms who had higher TNF-alpha levels had higher levels of platelet microparticles., TNF-alpha and IL-1beta genotypes may be related to susceptibility to H. pylori infection in Indonesian population., The TNF- alpha -863C>A gene polymorphism was associated with the pathogenesis of coronary heart disease while the -1031T>C polymorphism did not show any link with the disease in a Pakistani population., NF-kappaB/TNF-alpha signaling in leukemia-initiating cells contributes to leukemia progression, This study demonstrates, for the first time, that the increased 11beta-HSD1 activity seen in patients with inflammatory arthritis is mediated through TNFalpha., results suggest TNFalpha-308GA gene polymorphism associated with susceptibility to SS., Our results demonstrated the differential gene expression pattern of chemokine receptor CXCR4 in human marrow-derived MSCs stimulated with inflammatory cytokine TNF-alpha., These results demonstrate for the first time that adiponectin inhibits TNFalpha-induced inflammatory response via Cav1-mediated ceramidase recruitment and activation in an AdipoR1-dependent fashion., TNF-alpha 308 G/A polymorphism is associated with cervical intraepithelial neoplasia., TNF and IL-1beta induce dissemination of nontransformed breast epithelial cells and their reseeding at the primary tumor site., TNF-a 308A was moderately associated with an increased risk of colorectal cancer in Western populations, and TNF-a 238A polymorphism was not significantly associated with colorectal cancer risk., involved in myasthenia gravis disease, Review/Meta-analysis, study indicates that the TNFalpha -308G > A and TNFalpha -238G > A would be associated with increased susceptibility to lung cancer but no significant association was found in TNFbeta + 252A > G polymorphism, TNF-alpha induces SOCS-3 protein expression and mRNA stabilization via a TNFR1/JNK1/2, p42/p44 MAPK/Nox2/ROS-dependent HuR signaling in human tracheal smooth muscle cells., TL1A, together with IL-12, IL-15 and IL-18, directly induces the production of IL-6 and TNF-alpha from PLZF leukocytes., TNF and LTA genetic polymorphisms contribute to SLE susceptibility in the Egyptian population and are associated with disease characteristics., Thrombin-activated microglia expression of tumor necrosis factor-a, interleukin-1b and MMP-12 was significantly reduced through contact-dependent and paracrine mechanisms when the HAESCs were co-cultured with microglia cells, conclude that TRIM38 negatively regulates TNFalpha- and IL-1beta-induced signaling by mediating lysosome-dependent degradation of TAB2/3, two critical components in TNFalpha- and IL-1beta-induced signaling pathways, TNF-alpha-induced cPLA2 expression and PGE2 release were mediated through a Jak2/PDGFR/PI3K/Akt/p42/p44 MAPK/Elk-1 pathway in human lung epithelial cells., TNF induces a rapid and transient recruitment of NEMO into punctate structures that are anchored at the cell periphery., half- and full-marathon wheelchair races increased plasma IL-6, but not TNF-alpha and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein, Live lactobacilli strains and their conditioned media effectively inhibited IL-8 production (<14.6 pg/mL) in TNF-alpha-induced Caco-2 cells, TNF-alpha and IFN-gamma induce expression of IL-33, and IL-33 produced by keratinocytes contributes to allergic contact dermatitis., Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha 238G>A gene polymorphisms is associated with the risk of oral cancer., Data indicate that all evaluated cytokines IFN-gamma, TNF-alpha, IL-4, IL-6 and IL-10 were elevated significantly in immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) patients compared to controls., Overexpression of miR-146a results in significant reduction of PTGS2 and enhanced the killing ability of THP-1 cells to intracellular Mycobacterium bovis BCG, and miR-146a negatively regulated TNF-alpha release in feedback manner., Only tumor necrosis factor-alpha and platelet derived growth factor-BB were specifically impacted by the JAK2 V617F status of the PV and ET patients, In vitro studies with IL-1-beta and TNF-alpha challenges, both proinflammatory cytokines resulted in elevated levels of CCL5 in conditioned media (p<0.01), miR-145 regulates adipocyte lipolysis via multiple mechanisms involving increased production and processing of TNF-alpha in adipocytes., the results indicate that in tegumentary leishmaniasis caused by L. braziliensis, IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha are the main cytokines involved in the tissue damage observed in this disease, The findings suggest that TNFalpha-induced apoptosis is dependent on alterations in intracellular ROS generation in human leukemia HL-60 and K562 cells., BRAF inhibition causes decreased CXCL8 secretion from melanoma cells and induce an immune response against the tumor associated with increased IFN-gamma, CCL4, and TNF-alpha., Down-regulation of TIMP3 leads to increase in TACE expression and TNF-alpha production by placental trophoblast cells., TNF-alpha G-308A SNP might modulate glycemic control among type 2 diabetes patients., The -308 G/A polymorphism in the TNF gene contributes to acne vulgaris risk., TNF-alpha and PON promoter methylation levels could be involved in the susceptibility to stroke and obesity outcome, respectively. The dietary intake and body composition may influence this epigenetic regulation in non-stroke patients, TNF-alpha induces the expression of Wnt signaling components through a downregulation of the CDX2 expression that might have a tumor-promoting effect on colon cancer cells., The study suggests the possibility that TNF-alpha -308 gene polymorphism may contribute to the susceptibility of childhood immune thrombocytopenic purpura in Egyptian children., our meta-analysis results indicate that TNF -308 A/G and -857 T/C polymorphisms are involved in the genetic background of type 1 diabetes., The data presented here will serve as a reference for further population and epidemiological studies including these TNF polymorphisms in the Mexican population., serum level predicts herpesvirus-6 reactivation in drug-induced hypersensitivity syndrome, Cell wall associated Rv1808 protein manipulated the host cytokines via MAPK and NF-kappaB signaling pathways., Demonstrate a fundamental role for Tnf and its receptor in circadian modulation by immune stimuli at the level of the suprachiasmatic nucleus biological clock., Fold change of nuclear NF-kappaB determines TNF-induced transcription in single cells., patients with high serum IL-6 or TNF-alpha level demonstrated a significantly higher SOCS-1 methylation, TNF-alpha and IL-6 secreted from keratinocytes enhanced ST8SIA1 expression in melanocytes., TNF-alpha promoter polymorphisms are associated with the risk of recurrence in patients with squamous cell carcinomas of the nonoropharynx, Significant hypomethylation of the TNF-alpha promoter was found in Alzheimer Disease patients' brains but not in their blood., a strong association between the promoter rs1800629 single-nucleotide polymorphism in tumor necrosis factor-alpha and an increased susceptibility to intra-abdominal candidiasis in a homogenous prospective cohort of high-risk surgical ICU patients, Idiopathic large for gestational age-born children have significantly lower TNF-alpha and higher IL-6 levels than appropriate for gestational age-born children. Reduced TNF-alpha levels are associated with increased insulin resistance., Sarcoidosis patients without the TNF-alpha -308A variant allele (GG-genotype) have a three-fold higher response to TNF inhibitors (adalimumab or infliximab), Single-nucleotide polymorphism in tumor necrosis factor-alpha gene promoter is associated with chronic pancreatitis., Data indicate that LRRFIP1 knockdown increased resting TNF mRNA level altered the ncRNA abundance at the LRRFIP1 binding region., SDF-1 induces osteoclastogenesis directly and indirectly via up-regulating RANKL expression in rheumatoid arthritis synovial fibroblasts and CD4+ T cells, and that this is mediated by TNFalpha., TNF-signaling dependence of ASK1-mediated apoptosis in melanoma cells., Exposure resulted in significant downregulation of GDF-5 during both TNF-a exposure (5.83-fold change, p=0.044) and IL-1b exposure (3.38-fold change, p=0.015)., Patients with lipodystrophy had higher expression of TNF-alpha and caspase-3 and lower TGF-beta, compared to the control group., TNF-alpha regulates human eosinophil apoptosis via ligation of TNF-receptor 1 and balance between NF-kappaB and AP-1., The results indicated that TNF-alpha-308 and IL-10-1082 polymorphisms imparted significant risk towards the development of psoriasis., The single-nucleotide polymorphism +489A allele shows a trend of association with the response to psoriatic arthritis treatment with etanercept. The findings suggest a role of the SNP +489A allele in the susceptibility and severity of psoriatic arthritis., The inflammatory cytokine TNFalpha cooperates with Ras in elevating metastasis and turns WT-Ras to a tumor-promoting entity in MCF-7 cells., statistical evidence for the interactions between 1) TNF/LTA SNP rs2229094 and depression symptoms for average pain intensity and duration and 2) IL1B two SNP diplotype and kinesiophobia for average shoulder pain intensity, The TNF-alpha (-308 A/G) polymorphism is associated with cystic fibrosis in Mexican patients., TNF-alpha 308G/A AA/AG genotype increased sarcoidosis risk in Asian and Caucasian ethnicities., Stabilization of Snail by HIF-1alpha and TNF-alpha is required for hypoxia-induced invasion in prostate cancer cells., aim of our study was to assess EXPI among our CD patients by measurement of faecal pancreatic elastase (FE1) and to find potential association of CTLA-4 +49 and TNF-alpha-308 gene polymorphism and EXPI, findings suggest that TNF-alpha -308 SNP is not associated with prostatic carcinoma in Eastern Croatian population, These results suggest that SIX1/alpha5beta1 might be considered as valuable marker for metastatic potential of cervical cancer cells, or a therapeutic target in cervical cancer treatment., vFLIP alone induced expression of the NFkB responsive genes ICAM1 and TNFalpha, inclusion of RTA decreased vFLIP induced ICAM1 and TNFalpha expression., HIV-1 Tat proteins induce neuroglial cells to produce TNF-alpha and interleukin (IL)-1beta., Combat training inducing significant levels of stress, depression and anxiety is accompanied by evidence of increased blood-brain barrier permeability and by increases in systemic pro-inflammatory mediator TNF-alpha., The meta-analysis identified the TNF-alpha-308 "A" allele as a predisposing factor for autoimmune hepatitis, whereas the phenotype "GG" was a protective factor., Data indicate a specific small-molecule TNFalpha inhibitor, which can be potentially used to treat TNFalpha-mediated inflammatory diseases., pretreatment of RAW264.7 cells with gamma-dCGN markedly enhanced LPS-stimulated TNF-alpha secretion, allelic variants in the TNFA and IL1 genes were not only associated with the risk of developing allergic rhinitis, but also affected disease course and severity., presence of SNPs in IL12B, TNFA, and IL1B was significantly associated with asthma, atopy, and severity of asthma., Our results indicated a higher risk of type 2 diabetes and diabetic retinopathy in the background of ADIPOQ TT genotype., These results demonstrate a role for SOCS3 in regulating proinflammatory TNF-alpha signal transduction and reveal a novel immune-modulatory mechanism by which HCV suppresses inflammatory responses, Fetal inflammatory response syndrome cases classified as acute stress presented higher expression of IL-6 and TNF., Review/Meta-analysis, Elevated TNF-alpha serum levels in prostate cancer are associated with shorter time to castration-resistance., TNF-alpha in synovium correlates with disease activity in patients with rheumatoid arthritis treated with infliximab., The present study concludes that there was no genetic endowment of TNF-a (-) 308 G>A polymorphism in the pathogenesis/susceptibility of parthenium dermatitis in the Indian cohort under study., TRAIL-induced apoptosis in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cell lines is enhanced by pharmacological inhibition of glycogen synthase kinase-3 (GSK-3) or by shRNA-mediated depletion of either GSK-3alpha or GSK-3beta., TNF-alpha A allele of rs361525 represents a significant risk indicator for oral soft tissue alterations in patients with Crohn disease., Thus, TNF-alpha appears to be an important mediator of inflammation in patients with poor viral control and early HIV-1 disease progression., E-selectin promoter was highly and specifically acetylated in the confluent monolayer after tumor necrosis factor alpha activation., HIV-1 Tat protein induces PD-L1 expression on dendritic cells through tumor necrosis factor alpha and TLR4 mediated mechanisms., S18886 reduced U46619- or TNF-alpha-induced TF expression., Abrogate TNF-alpha-activated MAPK/AP-1 signaling., TNFalpha immunoreactivity was detected in the glial reaction in the small group of human foetuses exhibiting hydrocephalus that were examined., At a fixed concentration of 10-10 M, FF had significantly higher suppressive effects on interferon (IFN)-gamma, interleukin (IL)-2 and IL-17 release, but not IL-5 or tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha, vs. MF., numbers of lincRNAs regulated was higher due to TNF-alpha compared to IL-6. Interestingly, none of the identified lincRNAs was influenced by both, IL-6 and TNF-alpha, A variation in TNFA that was associated with Subsyndromal depressive symptoms in a sample of breast cancer patients and their family caregivers was confirmed in this sample., We conclude that the upregulation of TNF-alpha and ADAMTS-5, but not ADAMTS-4, may play an important role in degenerative cartilage endplate-induced low back pain., Serum TNF-alpha levels were associated with obesity and body fat content in cSLE., we report results obtained on their effect in suppressing both the TNFa- and the CD40L-induced activation of NF-kappaB in sensor cells that contain an NF-kappaB-inducible SEAP construct., this meta-analysis demonstrates that the TNF-alpha 308G>A polymorphism is associated with RHD susceptibility, and it contributes to the increased risk of RHD., Chromatin immunoprecipitation experiments revealed the presence of the symmetrical dimethylarginine modification catalyzed by PRMT5 associated with the CXCL10 promoter in response to TNF-alpha., the rs1800629 at the tumor necrosis factor alpha gene interacts with MedDiet to influence triglyceride metabolism and inflammation status in MetS subjects, Data indicate that among the 14 studied single nucleotide polymorphism of cytokine genes, only the TNF-alpha-863 (CA+CC) genotypes were significant independent predictors of prolonged overall survival after hepatocellular carcinoma radical surgery resection., TLR costimulation causes oxidative stress with unbalance of proinflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokine production., 1,25D increased the synergistic effect provided by NOD2 and TLR co-activation on interleukin (IL)-10, IL-23, and tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha)., Elevated TNF- alpha in the etanercept treated patients does not appear to be a significant risk factor for the spontaneous development of further autoimmune diseases in our study group., IL-6, TNF-alpha and IL-10 gene polymorphisms all contribute in the association with ST-elevation of myocardial infarction, results suggest that in this experimental model IL-17 and TNF-alpha induced an early alteration of the homeostasis of the inner proliferative layer and of the upper granular layer, as shown by cell proliferation inhibition and occludin expression, PEG-IFN/RBV therapy response to chronic hepatitis C may be associated, at least in part, with host genetic factors, particularly TNF promoter polymorphisms., found strong effects of IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha on relapse risk, these differing by immunomodulatory therapy, season, and serum vitamin D, as well as by genotype., The presence of at least one A allele in TNF-alpha SNP rs1800629 should suggest a closer monitoring in B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia, In lipopolysaccharide-stimulated human neutrophils, GSK-3-alpha inhibitors mimicked the effect of LiCl, by potentiating TNF-alpha release after 4 h, in a concentration-dependent fashion., the prognosis of patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, not otherwise specified can be more accurately identified by evaluating both TNF-alpha and TNFR1 expression., -1beta and TNF-alpha significantly inhibited the expression of chondrogenic-related genes in SDSCs, an effect which was antagonized by knockdown of NF-kappaB and C/EBPbeta., there was no difference between smoking-related COPD and the control group according to TNF alpha-308 gene polymorphism in a Caucasian population, No significant differences were detected between the CML group and healthy controls with respect to the distributions and numbers of genotypes and alleles in TNF-alpha, TGF-beta1, IL-10, and IFN-gamma, TNF-alpha impacts epithelial wound healing in ErbB- and Wnt-dependent pathways while also importantly guiding immune cell attraction and function., TNF-alpha levels of patients with ISS (international staging system ) stage 3 were significantly higher than patients with ISS stage 1 and 2 (P 0.000)., TNF-alpha levels in seminal plasma are correlated with other inflammatory cytokines and sperm quality, suggesting role in regulating inflammation of male reproductive system., these data indicate that the proinflammatory cytokines IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha production seems, in part, to be involved in neurological deleterious effects observed during the development of Alzheimer's disease through NO pathway., HPV-16 E2 may regulate NF-kappaB and STAT3 activation in the presence of TNF-alpha with implications on the survival of HPV-infected cells., Suggest that simultaneous measurement of serum TNF-alpha level, serum anti TNF-alpha concentration, and antibodies against anti TNF-alpha may further help to optimize the therapy in inflammatory bowel disease., High producer haplotype, CAG of TNF-alpha gene associates with enhanced apoptosis of lymphocytes in HIV-1 infected individuals, hence faster progression to AIDS., Methylation increased in PDK4, IL1 B, IL6, and TNF promoters 12 months after gastric bypass., In the first year of the disease, TNF-alpha serum level does not correlate with the severity of inflammation indicators in children with oligoarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis., the CYP1A1 MspI and TNFalpha-308 polymorphisms were associated with COPD susceptibility. Furthermore, of the two polymorphisms, only TNFalpha-308 may exert an interaction with smoking., Report role of TNF-alpha/TNFR1/TNFR2 signaling system in mononuclear cells recovered from peritoneal fluid of women with endometriosis at different stages., The interplay of the adiponectin system, TNFalpha and insulin at a transcriptional level and, their effects on the adipogenic transcription factor PPARgamma, as well as on the activation of main insulin signaling pathways, is reported., Pro-inflammatory SNPs of the IL-8, IL-10 and IL-1beta genes, but not TNF-alpha, were associated with more severe lung disease in cystic fibrosis patients., TNF-alpha 308A allele was significantly associated with higher risk of non-Hodgkin lymphomas, B-cell lymphomas, T-cell lymphomas and diffuse large B-cell lymphomas in Caucasians., Il-6, IL-17, TNF-alpha and VEGF levels were measured in exhaled breath condensate and serum of 15 patients with stage I-IIA non-small cell lung cancer., The HP (2)/HP (2) genotype is associated with elevated serum TNF and IL-6, but not with hsCRP, levels in obese subjects., It is a proinflammatory mediator to cause vascular disease like atherosclerosis., These findings suggest that inflammatory mediators are associated with the development of morning and evening fatigue., TNFalpha in the marrow microenvironment led to RANKL demethylation and re-expression in myeloma cells through DNMT1 repression and upregulation of miR-126-3p and miR-140, both known to repress DNMT1 translation., TNF was not associated with demyelination and secondary neurodegeneration of the optic nerve in optic neuritis in multiple sclerosis patients., associated with IL-32 expression in mucosal but not cutaneous leishmaniasis, Studies indicate that tumor necrosis factors TNF-alpha/TNF-beta and their receptor TNFR1 and TNFR2 play a regulatory role of different immune cells., Data indicate that progranulin (PGRN) possesses multiple other actions in addition to its binding to TNF receptors (TNFR) and the inhibition of TNF-alpha/TNFR interaction., Studied the association of Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF-alpha) Locus-308 variant, TNF-alpha and Interleukin (IL-10) Cytokine with the risk of silicosis and its progress in Indonesian cement factory workers., The TNF-alpha -308G/A AA genotype was associated with increased chronic periodontitis in Asians, non-smoking Asians and Caucasians, and this polymorphism was significantly associated with elevated risk of aggressive periodontitis in Asians and Caucasians., Participants with traumatic brain injury had significantly higher CSF and serum TNFalpha levels than healthy controls. Acute and chronic serum TNFalpha was significantly associated with disinhibition at 6 months post-injury., The contribution of the studied IL-17 F T7488C, TNF-alpha G-308A gene polymorphisms is highly related to the disease phenotype manifestations and peculiar issues associated with therapy volume., The character of the morphological changes of the mucous membrane of the large intestine and the genetic polymorphism of IL-1RA, IL-1B, IL-4 TNFA in patient with irritable bowel syndrome, results suggest that patients carrying a combination of SNPs for TNF-alpha, VEGF-A, and IL-17F of ACGTCT haplotype may have an increased risk of corneal allograft rejection compared with patients carrying other haplotypes, TNF-alpha haplotype TCTGGA was significantly associated with reduced risk of corneal graft rejection and TCTAGA was associated with increased risk of rejection in high-risk corneal transplants, The rs1800629 polymorphism in TNF is a risk factor for asthma. [meta-analysis], Monocyte-derived macrophages from CD patients stimulated with Escherichia coli were shown to release attenuated levels of tumour necrosis factor and interferon-gamma with normal secretion of interleukin-8 (IL-8), IL-10 and IL-6., The study outlines the relationship between NF-kappaB and TNF-alpha and their combined role in the development of the characteristic histopathological changes in psoriasis., TNF-alpha-308 G/A polymorphism is significantly associated with the development of postoperative sepsis and with increased expression of cytokines TNF-alpha, IL-6, and IL-8., These results demonstrated that the h8G12 antibody neutralized the activities of TNF-alpha and RANKL and that it might be a potential candidate for the treatment of inflammatory bone diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA)., Our results suggest that TNF A -308G>A polymorphism is a genetic risk factor for the development of T2DM in Moroccan population. However, meta-analysis showed no significant association detected between TNF A -308G>A polymorphism and risk for T2DM., Circulating TNF-alpha predicts the degree of LV reverse remodeling after CRT and may contribute to the early identification of those patients at higher risk of events after device implantation., together with IL-17 blocks IL-13 activity via IL-13Ralpha2 induction, TNFa release from mononuclear cells after LPS exposure was increased in lean and obese women with PCOS and obese controls compared to lean controls., Pristimerin inhibited the production of TNF-alpha., TNFalpha levels were significantly lower in patients with chronic schizophrenia relative to healthy controls., ratio of lipoxin A4/TNFalpha in the pre-eclampsia groups were significantly decreased compared to the control group, plasma marker of odontogenic inflammation in chronic kidney disease patients, Increased TNF-alpha mRNA expression in peripheral blood leukocytes from breast cancer patients., Results show that intra-articular interleukin 1(IL-1), rather than tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha), plays a critical role in the acute inflammatory phase of joint injury., Tumor necrosis factor alpha has a role in neuroinflammation and excitotoxicity [review], The meta-analysis suggests that TNF-alpha gene 308G>A polymorphism is associated with an increased risk of lung cancer, TNF-alpha mRNA expression did not vary between chronic diverticulitis and Crohn's disease., this study concludes that activation of the NF-kappaB pathway in pancreatic beta-cells leads to rapid intracellular production of the pro-inflammatory TNF-alpha protein through a combination of specific histone covalent modifications and NF-kappaB signaling pathways., Serum levels of TNF-alpha were significantly higher in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus compared to controls., 520 promoters that significantly changed their usage level upon TNF-alpha stimulation; of these, 52% are not annotated. A subset of these has the potential to confer change in protein function due to protein domain exclusion., TNF-alpha induces mitochondrial fission and extracellular release of mitochondria., Results demonstrated that altered peripheral TNF alpha level is associated with psychopathology of chronic schizophrenia, and may play a role in tardive dyskinesia, Cigarette-smoke-induced priming of neutrophils from smokers and non-smokers for increased oxidative burst response is mediated by TNF-alpha, Exposure to prolactin in the culture increased the expression and release of TNF-alpha from CD14(+) monocytes, which was abolished by the PRLR gene silencing or blocking the mitogen activated protein (MAPK) pathway., In Wilson disease(WD) patients, antioxidants are reduced and MDA, cytokines and glutamate are increased which are more marked in symptomatic neurologic WD than asymptomatic patients., p53 and nitric oxide are involved in cytokine-induced apoptosis in Kasumi-1 and Molt-4 Leukemics cells., Estradiol regulates TNF-alpha expression and secretion in ERalpha-positive breast cancer cells., association of TNF-alpha, TNFRSF1A and TNFRSF1B gene polymorphisms with the risk of sporadic breast cancer, TNF-alpha in serum persisted at high levels in elderly HIV-infected patients., Zyxin, which is thought to be essential for tight cell-to-cell junctions, decreased 1.8-fold in TNF-alpha-treated human brain microvascular endothelial cells., Tumor necrosis factor-alpha promoter -308/238 polymorphism association with less severe disease in ankylosing spondylitis is unrelated to serum TNF-alpha and does not predict TNF inhibitor response., Tumor necrosis factor-alpha -308 G>A polymorphism, adherence to Mediterranean diet, and risk of overweight/obesity in young women., The genotype combinations GC/CC/GG/GG and GG/CT/GG/GG, corresponding to the respective polymorphisms DDX39B-22/DDX39B-348/TNF-308/IL6-176, were associated with a decreased or increased risk of complications of vivax malaria , respectively., IL-1beta and TNFalpha prevent IL-2- and TGF-beta1-driven CD8(+) iTregs suppressive function in human T cells., Expression of tumour necrosis factor-alpha and its receptors in Hodgkin lymphoma., It is supposed that gene polymorphisms might influence the transcription and expression levels and the TNF-alpha-1031T/C and TNF-alpha-308G/A polymorphisms were related to TNF-alpha production, These results demonstrate that mucosal expression of PRKCDBP correlated strongly with TNF-alpha expression in UC patients and that infliximab therapy resulted in profound reductions in both PRKCDBP and TNF-alpha., Lp-PLA2 and TNF-alpha are significantly increased in thalassemia children and show strong correlations with carotid intima-media thickness., TNF-mediated induction of an IFN-beta autocrine loop and downstream expression of IFN-stimulated genes (ISGs), including chemokines CXCL9 and CXCL10 that are characteristic of classical macrophage activation., There is an association between clinical and laboratory manifestations of preeclampsia and the TNF-alpha gene G308A (rs1800629) polymorphism., The -87T/C PPARdelta gene polymorphism is closely related to obesity, plasma lipid abnormality, insulin resistance, and TNFalpha in individuals with type 2 diabetes in a Dalian population., TNF-alpha polymorphisms may confer susceptibility to cervical cancer, The detection of basal level of IgM rheumatoid factor, IgM and also certain cytokines can be useful in prognosis of effectiveness of rituximab therapy under rheumatoid arthritis., The study found that the stress-related TNFalpha gene was associated with metabolic syndrome for both Han and Hui ethnic groups., results suggest that the TNF-alpha system might contribute to the pathogenesis of HA, Ob, and IR in PCOS independent of a polymorphism of the TNF-alpha C850T (rs1799724) in our population., IGFBP-3 inhibits TNF-alpha production and TNFR-2 signaling to protect against retinal endothelial cell apoptosis in diabetic retinopathy., Systemic inflammation, as indicated by TNF-alpha inflammatory gene expression in peripheral blood monocytes and by circulating biomarker levels, is associated with impairment in walking time in patients with PAD and intermittent claudication., Signatures related to TNFalpha, IL6, and TGFbeta activation pathways are induced within the first hour of retrodifferentiation of hepatocyte-like cells., Allele C of IL-1 beta +3954 and allele A of TNF-alpha -308 appears to be risk factors for CHP individuals, The TNF-alpha-308A/G polymorphism within the TNF gene is associated with dermatoymyositis susceptibility in a European population., TNFalpha mRNA expression correlates with TNFalpha-857 C/T genotypes in sporadic colon adenocarcinoma tissue., Demonstrate an independent association of higher pulse pressure with higher TNF-alpha, a marker of insulin resistance, and neutrophil count in community-living elderly women., Pressure overload, while enhancing IL-18 and IL-18R expression in hypertrophied and failing hearts, markedly attenuated the level of expression of the endogenous IL-18 antagonist IL-18BP., Nasal lavage VEGF and TNF-alpha levels during a natural cold predict asthma exacerbations., TNF-alpha and TNFRII polymorphisms might be genetic risk factors for cervical cancer in Tunisian population., Tumor necrosis factor-alpha functions as a paracrine oncogenic signal in glioblastoma., Expression of TNF-alpha and CD44 is implicated in poor prognosis, cancer cell invasion, metastasis and resistance to the sunitinib treatment in clear cell renal cell carcinomas., Studied the relationship between TNF-836 C/A and IFN-gamma-1616 C/T polymorphism and susceptibility to severe malaria in pregnant women., The TNF-alpha-308 G/A polymorphism may contribute to susceptibility to gastric cancer in Caucasians., Significant associations of genetic variants in TNFA and IL6 with the risk for autoimmune thyroid disease., No significant associations of TNF-alpha level with frailty were observed in elderly men., The results showed that the expression of SP and CGRP was significantly enhanced in the neurogenic SMSCs in response to IL-1beta, IL-6 and TNF-alpha, and the effect was remarkably inhibited by HA., These results show that intermediate monocytes are increased in frequency soon after infection; express CCR2, which would promote their migration into the lesions; and, owing to their production of TNF, can enhance the inflammatory response., TNFalpha plus cycloheximide-induced apoptosis is dependent on alterations in cytosolic concentration of calcium [Ca(2+)]c and ROS generation in human histiocytic U937 cells., the TNF-alpha -308G> A polymorphism does not contribute to breast cancer risk in the overall population., Elevated expression of TLR2 is a key requisite for IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha mediated caspase 8 up-regulation, Elevated serum TNFa was associated with increased ovarian cancer risk., Data indicate that the haplotype GGC (-238G/-308G/-857C) of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) promoter was significantly associated with a decreased susceptibility of primary immune thrombocytopenia (ITP), especially in males., MT1-MMP/Akt signaling axis is a key modifier for TNF-alpha-induced signaling pathways for modulation of procoagulant activity and apoptosis of endothelial cells., Data indicate a significant interaction exists between TNFA diplotype (rs361525/rs1800629) and immunoglobulin heavy chain (IGH) enhancer HS1.2 2/2 genotype., An association between stroke and TNF-alpha -308A allele has been suggested. Our results have confirmed the protective role of HBA deletion against stroke and CVD., results indicate that Tannerella forsythia karilysin modulates the host immune response through regulation of TNF-alpha secretion, and should therefore be considered as a new virulence factor of T. forsythia, B. serrata extract also caused dose dependent increase in caspase-3 activity, TNF-alpha level, and IL-6 level which was higher (P < 0.001) with DOX (1 muM)., TNF-alpha augments invasion of Porphyromonas gingivalis in human gingival epithelial cells through increment of ICAM-1 and activation of Rab5., this study thus identifies the TNF-alpha CCC haplotype as a protective factor against systemic lupus erythematosus in South Indians., Our study suggested that the TNF-alpha- 308G/A polymorphism contributed to the susceptibility to the risk of OSAS. Additional well-designed large studies are needed to validate our findings., Hepatitis C virus genotype G1 and IL-6 and TNF-alpha polymorphisms have a clinically relevant influence on serum pro-inflammatory cytokine profile in hepatitis C patients., A meta-analysis indicated that the TNF-alpha -308 G/A polymorphism was significantly associated with the risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma., specific homeostatic link between vagal tone and TNF-alpha in Crohn's disease and epinephrine in irritable bowel syndrome, present data did not find any significant association of interleukin-10 and TNF-alpha polymorphisms with cytomegalovirus infection, Our findings suggest the putative role of TNF-alpha -1031 polymorphism in the development of pNET and IPMN, whereas the -308 polymorphism seems to be overrepresented among IPMN cases and -238 polymorphism among PDAC cases., The TNF-alpha-308G/A polymorphism contributes to the risk of obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome., Inflammation of the fetal side of the placenta was associated with elevated fetal TNF-alpha at delivery., Transient TNF regulates the self-renewing capacity of stem-like label-retaining cells in sphere and skin equivalent models of melanoma, TNF was suppressed in tumour and IFNG was suppressed in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) of patients with colorectal cancer, Serum and salivary TNF-alpha was increased in oral squamous cell carcinoma subjects compared to healthy control and premalignant disease group., The study showed a high incidence of strains with increased virulence, possessing cagA, vacAs1 and iceA1 genes in symptomatic children with H. pylori infection., TNFR1 has a role in mediating TNF-alpha-induced tumour lymphangiogenesis and metastasis by modulating VEGF-C-VEGFR3 signalling, TNFR2 and IL-12 signaling, which support one another, enables slanDCs to enhance NK-cell function through mTNF-alpha, thereby regulating immune responses., rs1799964 of TNF-alpha may participate in the pathogenesis of PCOS in Chinese women, TNFalpha(-308A>G) impacted fertilization, embryo implantation and pregnancy rates. Combined VEGF+405.GG and TNFalpha-308.AG or AA genotype was associated with high implantation potential; VEGF+405.CC and TNFalpha-308. VEGF+405.CC and TNFalpha-308.GG with low., Findings suggest that the presence of higher expressing variants of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) and interferon-gamma (IFN-gamma) in anemia (AA) patient genotypes could be related to clinical parameters, disease severity and therapy outcomes., The TNF-alpha G-A-G haplotype was associated with increased risk of hand osteoarthritis., the TNF -308 G-allele can be associated with Tourette syndrome., TNF-alpha inhibits the proliferative ability of EPCs., results show that U373 cells produce and secrete CRYAB via exosomes and that stimulation with IL-1beta and TNF-alpha significantly increase the levels of CRYAB in not only the cells but also in the secreted exosomes, The aim of this study was to investigate whether polymorphisms of TNF-alpha (rs1800630, rs1800629) and TNFR1 (rs767455) were associated with susceptibility to and clinical outcome of rheumatoid arthritis in Chinese Han population., Increase of TNF-alpha and decrease of IL-10 may have an important role in psychopathology of schizophrenia., Findings suggest that rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients taking tumor necrosis factor TNF-alpha antagonist are associated with a lower risk of cancer., bFGF, SD1 and TNF-alpha are significantly reduced in Crohn's disease patients in deep remission under treatment with anti-TNFalpha, likely as an expression of optimal control of inflammation., Data indicate that GATA1 transcription factor is downregulated in ribosomal protein S19 (RPS19)-deficient cells through upregulation of TNF-alpha and p38 MAPK., The role of the TNF-alpha -238G/A polymorphism in idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy(IDCM) is still unclear., These results indicate that U(L)26 expression is sufficient to block TNF-alpha-induced NF-kappaB nuclear translocation and IkappaB degradation., This study has shown an association between vitiligo and two cytokine gene polymorphisms. he most interesting findingt was the significantly increased risk of vitiligo in the concomitant presence of IL-10 square with times sign1082 G and TNF-a square with times sign308A alleles, Tropical endomyocardial fibrosis patients have elevated plasma levels of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines, especially TNFA, IL-4, and IL-10, which were significantly higher than those in healthy subjects., These findings suggest that TNF-alpha fosters a HGF/MET pro-invasive paracrine loop in tumors., The phosphorylation of Smac at the Nterminal serine 6 residue is functionally linked to Smac release during TNFalphainduced apoptosis., TNF-alpha polymorphism induces inflammation and ulcerogenesis., TNF-alpha -308G/A and IL-8 -251T/A were significantly associated with Alzheimer disease and IL-1beta +3953C/T with late-life depression, while the significance of these associations was lost after Bonferroni correction., ur results show that SNPs rs9371601 and rs3093664 in the SYNE1 and TNF genes respectively, are associated with menstrual migraine., Our data suggest that TNF-a-857 T allele is closely associated with development of hepatocellular carcinoma in hepatitis B virus-associated liver cirrhosis patients., The combination of type interferon-alpha, interferon-beta, TNF-alpha, and cell surface receptor engagement with dendritic cells enables NK cells to overcome immune evasion by dengue virus., level of secretion by peripheral blood mononuclear cells depends on the form of mycobacterial peptidoglycan-derived muramyl-dipeptide, TNF-alpha level in HCV-infected patients was significantly higher than in the controls, Positive associations were observed between TNFalpha methylation and blood levels of LDL-C , TC/HDL-C and LDL-C/HDL-C in a population of obese subjects., Data show that intracellular levels of tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha and transforming growth factor (TGF)-beta1 in CD34(+) cells treated with vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (VIP) were increased by 50.70 and 43.46%, respectively., TNFA-308G>A (rs1800629) and TNFA-1031T>C (rs1799964) are not risk factors for either peptic ulcer or H. pylori infection development in the Polish population., We postulate TNF-alpha and IL-6 play a key role in the systemic inflammatory response in CDI, and the plasma TNF-alpha level seems to act as a major factor of poor prognosis in patients infected with Clostridium difficile, Unravelling human trypanotolerance, Increased expression of SOCS3 may serve to perpetuate "inflammation" by promoting TNF-alpha production and limiting epithelial repair in response to commensal microflora., These data define a novel link between DAPK and HSF1 and highlight a positive-feedback loop in DAPK regulation under mild inflammatory stress conditions in colorectal tumors., Low IL-10/TNFalpha ratio in coronary artery disease patients was associated with poor prognosis., TNF produced in high level during Cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) contributes to MMP-9 production. These observations emphasize the role of monocytes, TNF and MMP-9 in the pathogenesis of Leishmania braziliensis infection., TNF-alpha-G308A polymorphism, in this meta-analysis, was found to be associated with an increased risk of knee osteoarthritis., We detected an increased presence of genetic polymorphisms in the TNFA gene of patients with cardiac involvement. However, the role and the clinical application of these findings need further exploration., Extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK) and nuclear factor-kappa B (NF-kappaB) pathways are activated by TNF-alpha in leiomyoma., TNF-alpha -308 G > A polymorphism was associated with increased hepatocellular carcinoma risk in a Han Chinese population., Tumor necrosis factor alpha gene promoter polymorphisms and its serum levels are risk factors for migraine in Egyptians., Data indicate the role of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNFalpha) in the Th17 cell differentiation in rheumatoid arthritis through interleukin-6 (IL-6) and interleukin-1 beta (IL-1beta) production., Our study validates the association of the TNF-alpha 238G/A SNP allelic variant with the development of HIV- lipodystrophy via the modulation of TNF-alpha production., These findings strongly suggest that HSP20 might decrease the IKK-alpha protein level and that it down-regulates the TNF-alpha-stimulated intracellular signaling in HCC, thus resulting in the suppression of HCC progression., EphrinA1 plays an important role in the TNF-alpha-mediated adhesion of monocytes to endothelial cells., There were no significant differences in the distribution of IL-10 and IFN-gamma genotypes between different groups of control and oral precancerous lesions patients but the IL-6, TGF-beta1, and TNF-alpha gene polymorphisms may have a significant association., Data suggest that the tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha)/ transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta)/indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) axis may represent a new mechanism contributing to the development of tolerance in IVIg-treated patients., Data indicate low mortality in patients with higher removed amount of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) by continuous veno-venous hemodiafiltration., These results suggest that XT-1 expression is refractory to the disease process and to inhibition by inflammatory cytokines and that signaling through AP-1, Sp1, and Sp3 is important in the maintenance of XT-1 levels in NP cells., the evidences in the current study demonstrated that TNF-alpha is a potential regulator of miRNAs which may regulate mitochondrial functions and neuronal cell death, having important implication in pathogenesis of PD., Our results are negative with respect to the impact of 308 TNFalpha polymorphism on the risk of ischemic stroke in Caucasians living in Poland., IFNG poises a distal enhancer in the TNF/LT locus by chromatin remodeling and IRF1 recruitment, which then drives enhanced TNF gene expression in response to a secondary toll-like receptor stimulus., autonomous TNF/TNFR2 signaling is attenuated by TNF inhibitors that directly target Th17 cells in psoriasis, TNF-alpha-308G>A polymorphism is associated with the coronary artery disease in the Pakistani population., In patients of spinal tuberculosis, poor outcome is associated with higher pro-inflammatory serum TNFA and IFNG, and CSF MMP9 levels, and a lower anti-inflammatory serum IL-10 level, The present study indicates that the inflammatory cytokine, TNF-alpha, partially functions through the NFkappaB signaling pathway to upregulate CXCR4 expression to foster neuroblastoma cell metastasis, results provide evidence for a genetic basis of the premature immunosenescence of rheumatoid arthritis patients and highlight its potential role in clinical outcome after TNFalpha blockade, TNF-alpha induced apoptosis of gastric cancer cells via accelerated degradation of the inhibitor of apoptosis family members, CIAP2, XIAP, and survivin., B cell derived IL-10, IL-6 and TNF-alpha are down-regulated in MG, irrespective of different antibody productions. Ineffective cytokine production by B cells may be a susceptibility factor in dysregulation of autoimmune Aab production., We conclude that the TNF-alpha (-238) G/A polymorphism was significantly associated with OSCC however TNF-alpha (-308) G/A polymorphism was not associated in OSCC patients., Results show that IL-10-1082 gene and the GA 308 genotype of the TNF-alpha gene were found to be susceptibility genes for gastric cancer., The expression of TNF-alpha and CXCL9 in blood samples stimulated with a bacterial antigen distinguishes active tuberculosis patients from latent disease carriers and healthy controls., IL-6 and TNF-alpha in neonatal and adult blood is regulated by LPS and LTA in a pathway that involves MAPK and NFKB, The microRNA181(a,b, c and d) family negatively regulates TNF-alpha mRNA stability and induces immunoparalysis., sex-specific effect of body mass index (BMI) on insulin resistance is paralleled by a similar sex-specific effect of BMI on TNF-alpha expression., Our findings provided evidence for a role of TNFalpha in the effects of sleep deprivation on psychomotor vigilance performance., study concludes that genotypic variants of TNF (rs1800629) are a likely contributor to perinatal HIV transmission, treatment of transfected cells with tumour necrosis factor (TNF), interleukin (IL)-1beta and IL-10 exerted variable effects on TNF-R1 ectodomain cleavage., donors carrying the B*58, IL-6, TNF-alpha, and IL-1beta are involved in systemic lupus erythematosus in Indian patients, The mRNA levels of Homer1, IL-1beta, and TNF-alpha in coronary artery disease patients were significantly higher than those in the control group, but not Homer2 and Homer3., TNFbeta G/G genotype is a risk factor for hepatocellular carcinoma, and it has an additive effect with chronic hepatitis B or C infection., Tumor eradication and antitumor immune responses mediated by Ad5/3-d24-hTNFa offer a new potential drug candidate for cancer therapy., The present pilot study suggests the possible association of TNFalpha -238G/A and -863C/A polymorphism with dilated cardiomyopathy of viral aetiology., TIP60 interacted with H3K4me3 in response to TNF-alpha signaling., High levels of TNF-alpha expression could be an independent diagnostic indicator of colorectal cancer., The data conclude that IL-6 plays an important role in the pathogenesis of Vt-T1D patients and is likely to gain favour as a therapeutic target in these patients., No significant associations were identified between the TNFalpha 857 polymorphism and dyspeptic symptoms, including amongst the various subtypes analyzed., E2-mediated potentiation of TNF-alpha-induced NF-kappaB activation increases viability and survival in SiHa (human cervical cancer) cells., Data suggest that neoalbaconol-induced necroptosis include receptor interacting serine/threonine kinase 1-dependent expression of tumor necrosis factor alpha and receptor interacting serine/threonine kinase 3-dependent generation of reactive oxygen species., In patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus, urinary, but not serum, TNF-alpha levels are associated with the presence and severity of microalbuminuria., Homozygous TNF-alpha (-308 G > A) SNP is significantly associated with CRF and ESRD, and may be a predictor for development of the disease., IL-17 induced changes in Langerhans cells (LC), while the combination with TNF-alpha seems to have a strong chemo-attractant effect on epidermal LCs., Study presents data in support of a TNFalpha-induced priming mechanism, mostly independent of NF-kappaB binding and/or elongating RNA polymerases, leading to a plastic network of interactions that affects DNA accessibility over large domains., Bad is dispensable for TNF-mediated cell death., The TNF-alpha -308 G/A polymorphism is a risk factor for cervical cancer, particularly in stages III and IV., A 2.9 A crystal structure of the M21/hTNFalpha complex reveals the peptide bound to a hTNFalpha dimer at a normally buried epitope in the trimer interface overlapping the binding site of a previously discovered small molecule ligand (SPD304), These results confirm the important role of TNF-a in the pathogenesis of nail psoriasis and may suggest that anti-TNF agents could be more beneficial in psoriatic nail disease than agents targeting IL-12/23 p40 or IL-17 ., IL-6 induction is potentiated by endogenous TNFalpha, which prolongs the synthesis of the IkappaBzeta co-activator and sustains C/EBPbeta recruitment and histone acetylation at IL-6 regulatory regions., TNF-alpha or IGF1 modulate the miRNA biogenesis of some miRNAs via MAPK/ERK signalling., Results show no significant association was found between TNF-alpha (-308 G/A) and IL-1beta (-511 C/T) polymorphisms and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) risk in the overall population or subgroup analysis under all genetic models; results indicate that the IL-6 (-174 G/C) polymorphism likely conveys a protective effect against PCOS.[Meta-analysis], an independent association of the -308G>A polymorphism in the TNF gene with PDR in Caucasian Brazilians with type 2 diabetes. This finding suggests that TNF is a potential susceptibility gene for PDR., genetic polymorphism in the promoter region may be predictive of leprosy outcome in Brazilian patients, results of this study revealed an association between TNF-alpha (-308) allele 2 frequency and aggressive periodontitis patients with clinical attachment level 4mm in the population studied, the TNF-alpha -308 A/G polymorphism may represent a significant risk factor for AD in East Asians but not in the European or Middle Eastern populations, high-glucose environment reduces the expression of TM and TLR4 in keratinocytes possibly through the action of TNF-alpha, and recombinant sTM can increase the TLR4 expression and promote wound healing under diabetic condition, In systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis, variation in genes implicated in disease pathology is associated with serum IL-6 or TNFalpha concentration., Mycoplasma genitalium LAMP negatively regulate TNF-alpha and IL-1beta secretion by inducing HO-1 expression in placental trophoblast cells., ACE Insertion/Deletion and TNF-a G-308A were not associated with anemia., miR-509 has a critical role in brain metastasis of breast cancer by modulating the RhoC-TNF-alpha network, HMGB1 Binds to Lipoteichoic Acid and Enhances TNF-alpha and IL-6 Production through HMGB1-Mediated Transfer of Lipoteichoic Acid to CD14 and TLR2., Our studies indicate that the TNF-alpha-308 G/A polymorphism may be a DRB1*03, meta-analysis suggests that TNFA -308A/G and -857C/T polymorphisms are risk factors for asthma, TNF-alpha (-308) GG, IL-10 (-819) TT, IL-10 (-1082) GG and IL1R (+1970) CC genotypes are found to be predominant (p=0.01, p=0.02, p=0.0001 and p=0.001, respectively) in both tuberculoid as well as lepromatous leprosy patients., HFE down-regulation was mediated by both CD4 and CD8 T lymphocytes, through production of soluble mediators, namely TNF and IFN-gamma., high levels of IL-33 and a high IL-33/soluble ST2 ratio correlates with elevated levels of IFN-gamma, TNF-alpha and IL-17alpha as well as IL-5, demonstrating that IL-33 has pleiotropic effects., -863C/A polymorphism might be protective whereas -1031T/C may be associated with increased risk for diabetic nephropathy in subjects with T2 Diabetes mellitus from North India., A positive feedback loop involving sSema4D/IL-6 and TNFalpha/ADAMTS-4 may contribute to the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis., genetic polymorphism is associated with an increased risk of diisocyanate-induced asthma, transmembrane TNF-alpha functions as an insulin sensitizer via forward signaling., Children with moderate-to severe asthma had higher plasma TNF-alpha concentrations and increased mRNA expression of TNF-alpha and other genes downstream of TNF-alpha activation and binding, including NFKB1., Our study supports the role of TNF-alpha polymorphisms in predicting the response to anti-TNF-alpha agents., interleukin-10 and tumour necrosis factor-alpha play an important role in chronic Chagas disease cardiomyopathy., TNF-alphaG-308A polymorphism has a significant effect on insulin resistance., No significant difference is observed in genotype frequency of TNF-alpha in the patient group compared with control group while IL-1a-889 C/T polymorphism may be associated with diabetic nephropathy., Combinations of cytokine gene network polymorphic markers as potential predictors of myocardial infarction, The result of this meta-analysis suggests that TNF-alpha G308A polymorphism may be associated with the increased risk of Alzheimer's disease in Chinese and decreased risk of Alzheimer's disease in northern European populations., results obtained in vitro for helper lymphocytes of healthy individuals seem to mimic the regulatory effect of TNFalpha on the expression of ZNF334 in the cells of RA patients, TNF-alpha was weakly expressed in Schwann cells, confirming that a lower level of this cytokine is involved in the proliferation of Schwann cells, collagen I induces TNF- alpha production, which is crucial for the activation and function of DCs, through down-regulation of IRF4, and implicates the importance in development of anti- TNF-alpha therapeutics for several inflammatory diseases., Trovafloxacin-induced liver injury results from ERK and ATR activation in hepatocytes initiated by interaction of TNF-alpha signaling with drug-induced replication stress., This study found that the mRNA and protein levels of TNF-alpha and IL-6, but not IL-1beta, were significantly increased in lymphocytes or plasma of schizophrenia patients compared with normal control subjects., TNFalpha signaling causes redistribution of NF-kappaB and FoxA1 binding sites across the genome, creates latent ERalpha binding sites that underlie altered patterns of gene expression and clinically relevant cellular responses., SNP (rs28445017) and an associated haplotype in the TNF block associated with the pain intensity in black Southern Africans with HIV-associated Sensory Neuropathy, genetic polymorphism is associated with asthma induced by specific olive-pollen allergens, elevated serum levels in patients with Behcet's disease, Arg972 IRS-1 enhances TNF-alpha-induced apoptosis in osteoblasts from rheumatoid arthritis patients., increased levels in systemic lupus erythematosus serum inhibits the migration mesenchymal stem cells, Maternal serum TNF-alpha concentration testing within 6 hours from PPROM between 30+0 and 36+6 weeks of gestation did not identify patients more likely to develop maternal infection and whose infant was at risk of neonatal infection after delivery, TNF-alpha induced vascular leak syndrome in a transgenic mouse model., In autoimmune uveitis patients, the mature phenotype and function of CD1c(+) myeloid dendritic cells were regulated by TNFalpha via a p38 MAPK-dependent pathway., Studies indicate that long non-coding RNA MALAT1 regulates glucose-induced up-regulation of inflammatory mediators tumour necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha) and interleukin 6 (IL-6) through activation of serum amyloid antigen 3 (SAA3)., The Circulating Levels of Selenium, Zinc, Midkine, Some Inflammatory Cytokines, and Angiogenic Factors in Mitral Chordae Tendineae Rupture., serum level associated with severity of alcoholic fatty liver disease, Studied correlation between a patient group with retinopathy of prematurity and a control group in terms of TNF-alpha (G308A) gene and GSTP1 (Ilel05Val) gene polymorphism., Real-life remission rates of ulcerative colitis under anti-TNFalpha are overall low, but some patients have a clear long-term benefit., genetic association studies in a population of black women in South Africa, Levels of anti-CCP and CRP are associated with increased cIMT and cardiovascular risk supporting a clinical role of the measurement of cIMT in RA in predicting and preventing cardiovascular events., analysis of TNF-alpha expression in tonsil cancer, this study demonstrates a statistically significant association between the TNF-a -308 G/A and IL-6 -174 G/C polymorphism and IDCM in a Pakistani population., This study identified that TNF-alpha -850C/T associated with Vascular Dementia., juvenile idiopathic arthritis patients carrying the TNF-alpha -308 GA/AA and -238 GA genotypes are associated with a worse prognosis and with a lower response to anti-TNF-alpha drugs., Genetic association studies show that IL-6, TNF-alpha and SDF-1 SNPs not only controlled serum cytokine levels but also affected various risk factors of diabetic foot ulcer., there is a relationship between the heterozygous genotype G/A -308 TNFa and clinically relevant microbiological disorders in patients with irritable bowel syndrome., Our data suggest that genetic variants in CLU and TNF-alpha genes do not play a major role in the development of PEXS and PEXG in the South Indian population., Dengue patients treated with doxycycline showed lower mortality which may be associated with a reduction in IL-6/TNF levels., The use of lornoxicam at the onset of acute pancreatitis decreased TLR2 and TLR4 expression and the production of proinflammatory cytokine TNF-alpha, thereby reducing the risk of systemic complications and mortality., H2S inhibited the production of interleukin-6 (IL-6) and tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) in a concentration-dependent manner; it was most effective at the two highest concentrations used., Report TNF-alpha levels in synovial fluid from rheumatoid arthritis patients., Serum tumor necrosis factor-alpha level and uterine artery Doppler indices at 11-13 weeks' gestation for preeclampsia screening in low-risk pregnancies, Hormone and Cytokine Responses to Repeated Endotoxin Exposures-No Evidence of Endotoxin Tolerance After 5 Weeks in Humans., Meta-analysis suggests that the TNF-alpha -308 GNA polymorphism may contribute to the risk of bone marrow failure syndrome, particularly among Caucasian and aplastic anemia patients.[Review], The proinflammatory cytokine TNF-alpha together with hypoxia is a strong inducer of cell fusion in human breast cancer cells., Plasma omentin level and omentin/resistin ratio were decreased, whereas the resistin and TNF-alpha levels and TNF-alpha/omentin ratio were increased in BD patients., miR-494 is a novel regulator of HNPC apoptosis induced by TNF-alpha, TNF genotype -308GA was found to be associated only with non-severe type of acute alcohol-related pancreatitis., TNF-alpha G308A polymorphism was not associated with an increased risk of preterm birth., Our findings indicate that genotype AA of tumor necrosis factor-alpha 308G>A may contribute to the pathogenesis of acne., Plasma TNF is significantly increased in hypertensive patients with impaired glucose tolerance compared to hypertensive patients without impaired glucose tolerance and controls., Levels of circulating progenitor cells in juvenile idiopathic arthritis are increased by anti TNF-alpha therapy., Results show an association of MnSOD Ala16Val genetic polymorphism with asthma in a Serbian population and suggest a protective role of the MnSOD 16Ala allele., Coronin 1A depletion protects endothelial cells from TNFalpha-induced apoptosis by modulating p38beta expression and activation., Dkk-1 production was strongly induced by TNF in the inflamed arthritic joint. TNF was higher in synovial fluid of rheumatoid arthritis patients than spondyloarthritis patients., TNFA Producing Innate Lymphoid Cells producing pro-inflammatory cytokines are significantly increased in the inflamed mucosa of active celiac disease patients., results suggest that IL-18 -137C/G, TNF-308 G/A and IFNgamma +874 A/T SNPs were associated to more severe liver injury in chronic hepatitis B infection (HBV); TNF -308*A allele and TNF -308 AA genotype could play a role in the susceptibility to HBV infection, Only the TNF-alpha (308A) SNP appears to be significantly associated with OSAHS. The impact of cytokine gene polymorphisms on phenotypic expression of inflammation in OSAHS is likely to be complex., Crohn disease patients had decreased median expression of TNF in non-inflamed colonic mucosa., TNF-a induced MMP1/3 expression, which was abrogated by C/EBPb knockdown or p38 MAPK inhibition., tumor necrosis factor-alpha has multiple roles in fracture healing [review], The stronger TNF-alpha responses in young males compared to females may be partly associated with male-specific down-regulation of ADCY7 and ADCY9., In mothers and daughters concordant for HLA-B27-positive ankylosing spondylitis daughters had a more prominent effect achieving faster complete disease remission using TNF-alpha inhibitors., Novel role of TNFalpha in inducing inflammatory stress response in human microvascular endothelial cells through Akt- and P38 MAPK-mediated expression of TSP-1, independent of NFkappaB signaling., Linkage disequilibrium exists between TNF rs1800629 and HLA-DRB1 and HLA-DQB1 alleles in a Brazilian type-1 diabetes population., Data show that metal nanoparticles AgNPs and AuNPs modified PMA/PHA/LPS induced cytokines IL-2, IL-6, and TNF-alpha production in Jurkat and U937 leukemic cells., This meta-analysis showed no association between the A alleles of the TNF-alpha -308 A/G or -238 A/G polymorphisms and glaucoma., The TNF-alpha G-308A polymorphism is unlikely to play an important role in the development of metabolic syndrome., Data indicate that the evaluated biomarkers aminoterminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP), tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) and Galectin-3 do not contribute to early detection of cardiotoxicity after treatment with anthracyclines., polymorphisms affecting tumor necrosis factor may affect treatment response to tumor necrosis factor inhibitors in psoriatic arthritis patients, variations in the genes governing the levels of constitutive and inducible TNF-alpha and TNF RII might be an important risk factor, which could explain the variable outcomes of hepatitis B virus infection., analysis of the decrease in CRP level without changes in TNF-alpha or IL-6 concentrations after the low-calorie diet and balneological treatment, The TNF-a (-238G/A and -308G/A) gene polymorphisms may not be a susceptible predictor of ischemic stroke in Chinese populations., The combination of high TNF-alpha and high IL-6 ascites levels at primary surgery predicts worse PFS in patients with advanced EOC., TNFalpha-308 A allele and A/A genotype were positively associated to erosive RA. G allele and GG genotype of the TNFalpha-308 were protectors., High Concentrations of TNF-alpha Induce Cell Death during Interactions between Human Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells., Blood TNFalpha level is associated with the prevalence and severity of chronic kidney disease(CKD), independent from established CKD risk factors., It was established that direct correlation relationship exists between occurrence of bone fractures, coronary atherosclerosis and level of TNF-a., Parkin acts as a crucial molecule causing cell cycle arrest in G2/M, thereby suppressing tumor cell growth in TNF-alpha-treated HeLa cells., Blood TNF alpha concentrations were 4-fold higher at all-time points in Type 1 diabetes, when compared with control., IL-10 disrupts the Brd4-docking sites to inhibit lipopolysaccharide-induced CXCL8 and TNF-alpha expression in monocytes., Isorhamnetin could suppress TNF-alpha-induced apoptosis and inflammation by blocking NF-kappaB and AP-1 signaling in endothelial cells., Our results indicated that miR-130a played an important role in regulating the expression of TNF-alpha in human chondrocytes, TNF-alpha-308G/A polymorphism was associated with expression level of TNF-alpha and served as an genetic-susceptibility factor for diabetic nephropathy, We concluded that the onset of steroid-induced osteonecrosis of the femoral head was influenced by TNF-alpha genotype and hypoxia history, High levels of furin, TNF-alpha and TGF-beta2 may be the reason of proceeding decidualization, placentation, and prevention from abortion, in spite of terminating the fetal life., TNF-alpha amplifies DNaseI expression in renal tubular cells in lupus nephritis., Our study found that TNF-alpha expression may play a vital role in peritoneal metastasis of gastric cancer, while IL-1B expression might not be correlated with peritoneal metastasis, both classic and mitochondria-targeted antioxidants inhibited the TNF-induced NFkappaB-dependent activation of endothelium., MIP-1beta, TNF-alpha and fractalkine are expressed in plasma, which reflects the levels of several pro-atherogenic cytokines in plaque tissue, A better nutritional status with improvement in BMI and weight is positive predictor for improved growth and bone mineralization in pediatric Crohn's disease patients treated with TNF-alpha antagonists., TNFA-308G/A was not associated with presence of immune thrombocytopenia., no marked association between TNF-alpha-308G/A gene polymorphism and HIV-1 susceptibility (Meta-Analysis), serum zinc levels may be inversely related to inflammatory markers (IL-6, TNF-alpha, and CRP), Silencing of PADI4 attenuates the TNF-alpha-induced osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells., Paracrine signaling by TNF-alpha secreted from a small subpopulation of "high-secreting" cells was necessary, but not sufficient, for the secretion of large amounts of IL-6 and IL-10 by the cell population., differentiation inhibition and apoptosis in cementoblasts induced by TNF-alpha were partially dependent on p53 activity, our findings provide evidence for an association of TNF-a857 C/T, IL-8-845 T/C, and IL-10-592 C/A with a higher risk of gastric cancer ., Compared to the wild type genotype (TT), malaria rates were increased in the TNF -1031CC genotype but decreased in those with the TNF(-308)AA genotype. These associations were weaker when analysing first episodes of malaria., In donors significantly lower levels of IL-6, TNF-alpha, HGF, and TGF-beta were detected in portal blood compared to hepatic vein In patients with cirrhosis there were no significant differences of IL-6, TNF-alpha, and TGF-beta levels between portal and hepatic veins, The AA genotype of -308 G/A locus of TNF-alpha gene was a risk factor for osteosarcoma in Chinese Han population., TNF -308G>A polymorphism may act as a genetic susceptibility factor for migraine among non-Caucasians., Diallyl disulfide down regulates TNFalpha invoked CCL2 production primarily through reduction of IKKepsilon and phosphorylated-ERK, thereby impairing MAPK/ERK, and NFkappaB pathway signaling, IL10 -1082A > G, -819 T > C, -592A > C polymorphisms and phased haplotypes have not revealed a prognostic value for breast cancer., TNFA gene variants are associated with JSLE and could be used as a genetic marker for susceptibility to JSLE., Studied and identified feature genes associated with the TNF rs1800629 A allele in trauma patients using gene expression profiling data., The data of this study support that TNF-alpha single-nucleotide polymorphisms play a role in the pathogenesis of febrile seizures., These results indicated that b-arr1 regulated ER stress/PUMA-induced mucosal epithelial apoptosis through suppression of the TNF-a/p65/iNOS signaling pathway activation and that b-arr1 is a potential therapeutic target for Portal hypertensive gastropathy., Our results indicated a potential role of the A allele of the TNF-alpha +489 G/A polymorphism in increasing COPD risk in Asians, but not in Caucasians. Additional studies will be necessary to verify this conclusion, TNF-alpha -238 A/G polymorphism was associated with RA susceptibility, and the TNF-alpha -308 A/G polymorphism may be a significant risk factor for vitiligo in Middle Eastern populations., Logistic regression analyses demonstrated that TNF-alpha and the three ZFP36 gene polymorphisms were not independently associated with obstructive sleep apnea., TNF-alpha, VEGF, and MMP-3 might directly participate in the differentiation of fibroblasts into osteoblasts in ankylosing spondylitis., TNF-alpha-induced ASK1-p38/JNK pathway is an important mediator of cytokine synthesis and enhanced expression of adhesion molecules in rheumatoid arthritis and is inhibited by thymoquinone., Probiotic intervention with B. breve strains has shown a positive effect on decreasing the production of pro-inflammatory cytokine TNF-alpha in children with celiac disease on gluten-free diet., TNF-alpha may have potential for strengthening the differentiation and apoptosis of acute promyelocytic leukemia cells induced by ATRA, TNF-alpha might play a distinct role in the progression of TNBC, especially in distant tumour metastasis of TNBC., There are genetic variants in the TNF promoter associated with increased risk of COPD secondary to smoking and with a higher GOLD grade in the Mexican Mestizo population., these results indicate that in HCFs, activation of NF-kappaB by c-Src-mediated transactivation of EGFR/PI3K/Akt cascade is required for TNF-alpha-induced VCAM-1 expression., TNF-alpha (-308 G > A) and IL-1beta (-511 C < T) polymorphisms that lead to increased production of TNF-alpha and IL-1beta appear to be risk for development of brain abscess in North Indian population, TNF-alpha/rs1799724 and CXCL12/rs266085 polymorphisms are associated with cervical cancer, The data suggest that TNFA (-857) C/T and IL-1A (-889) C/T polymorphisms are not associated with susceptibility to aggressive periodontitis in this Romanian population, Pathogenesis of intracranial aneurysm is mediated by proinflammatory cytokine TNFA and IFNG and through stochastic regulation of IL10 and TGFB1 by comorbid factors., The data suggests that Lipoarabinomannan-induced IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha could be used as biomarkers of protective immunity., The TNF-dependent mechanism requires cell surface expression of TNFR1, as this is blocked by TNFR1-specific dAb., Serum levels of VEGF, IL-17, IL-10 and TNF-alpha were reduced in the pre-eclamptic pregnant women when compared with their normotensive peers, TNF-alpha Production by Peripheral Blood Monocytes in Multiple Sclerosis Patients and Healthy Controls, TNF activates Mule by inducing the dissociation of Mule from its inhibitor ARF. Inhibition of Mule phosphorylation by silencing Syk prevents this, thereby inhibiting Mule E3 ligase activity and TNF-induced JNK activation and cell death., TNF-alpha (-308G/A), TNF-beta (+252A/G) and IL-10 (-1082G/A, -819C/T and -592C/A) polymorphisms are associated with the susceptibility of oral lichen planus., Transmembrane TNF-alpha expressed on leukemia stem cells and leukemia cells correlates with poor risk stratification and adverse clinical parameters., TNF-alpha -238G/A polymorphism plays a role in the risk of ischemic stroke in Asian adults only. No role was found for -308G/A, -857C/T, -1031T/C, -244G/A, -367G/A, -646G/A, -806C/T, -863C/A, and +448G/A in the risk of ischemic stroke. Review., Downregulation of STAT3 phosphorylation enhances tumoricidal effect of IL-15-activated dendritic cell against doxorubicin-resistant lymphoma and leukemia via TNF-alpha., our data suggest that p65/c-Jun-mediated DNA looping is involved in TNF-alpha-induced MMP-9 up-regulation and that the recruitment of p300 or HDAC1 to NFkappaB and AP-1 binding sites modifies the level of DNA looping., The delta TNFalpha value representing the optimal cut-off for the prediction of mortality was 1522 pg/mL (24 months) with a sensitivity of 49.3% (95% confidence interval 37.2-61.4%) and specificity of 81.5% (95% confidence interval 61.9-93.6%)., RTD-1 reduced the secretion of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha), interleukin (IL)-1beta, and IL-8 in lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-stimulated human blood monocytes and THP-1 macrophages, It is demonstrated that IL-1beta is crucial in the development of blood-induced joint damage, whereas TNFalpha is not., Researchers may redirect their studies in the future by double activating of the proinflammatory molecule TNF-a and the immune cells in order to obtain an antitumoral response in metastatic melanoma, In human failing myocardium, where TNF-alpha expression is upregulated, K8/K18 were also ectopically expressed, Chronic gastroduodenitis is accompanied by the increase of IL-2 and TNF-alpha concentration thus reflecting the activity of apoptotic processes, Study results have demonstrated, that of all investigated polymorphic variants of genes IL4 (C-590T), IL4RA (150V), TNF (G-308A) and SLC11A1 (D543N) in patients with chronic liver diseases of various etiology, TNF-alpha-308G/A polymorphism is associated with obstructive Sleep Apnea., Collectively, miR-19a played an important role in mediating EMT and metastatic behavior in CRC., For the SNP TNF -308G > A, a higher prevalence of the heterozygote in the control group and the homozygote for the wild type allele in the bacterial meningitis group was observed, suggesting a possible protective role against the disease., SIRT1 is involved in B[a]P-induced transformation associated with activation of the TNF-alpha/beta-catenin axis and is as a potential therapeutic target for lung cancer, PI3K/AKT and MAPK signaling pathways are important in regulation of TNF-alpha production in cervical mucosal epithelial cell infected with Trichomonas vaginalis., TNF-CCL2 paracrine loop is induced in response to androgen deprivation and might account for some forms of prostate cancer therapy resistance., microRNA-136 expression was remarkably increased by TNF-alpha, which activated NF-kappaB to bind to the DNA-promoter region controlling microRNA-136 expression which in turn alters NFIA expression., The TNF-alpha -857T/C polymorphism was found to be associated with pulmonary tuberculosis susceptibility in the Asian population. [Meta-analysis], fibroblasts stimulated with the fibrocyte-secreted inflammatory signal tumor necrosis factor-alpha secrete the small leucine-rich proteoglycan lumican., The inflammatory cytokine TNF-a can modulate the activity of the mechanosensitive ion channels TRPA1 and TRPV4 in odontoblasts via the p38 MAPK pathway but has differential effects on their expression., MTBRa activates TLR2/ERK signalings to induce TNF-alpha and elicit MMP-1 and MMP-9 in human PMCs, which are associated with effusion volume and pleural fibrosis and may contribute to pathogenesis of TBP., Study investigated the effect of excess TNF-alpha on monocytes in the blood and found that blood monocytes from the coronary heart disease (CHD) patients had the potential to directly form cholesteryl ester-laden cells under the in vitro incubation with oxidized LDL. Data show that excess TNF-alpha in the blood is the primary trigger for the development of atherosclerosis and CHD., Data suggest that promoter activity and expression of miRNA let-7 (microRNA lethal-7) gene cluster in skeletal muscle satellite cells are up-regulated in response to glucose, TNFa (tumor necrosis factor-alpha), and caffeine (but not insulin)., Patients with better muscle function had the highest concentration of CK, IL-1, and TNF-a compared with less muscle function, In CAD patients levels of TNF-alpha were higher, but IL-6 were not, and these cytokines might be flush out by lymphatic route, higher baseline levels in patients with autoimmune inner ear disease, The IL28B single-nucleotide polymorphisms rs12979860 and rs8099917, but not TNF-alpha single-nucleotide polymorphism rs1800629, are associated with the clinical outcome of Andes virus-induced disease., Results suggest that the (-G308A) polymorphism of the TNF-alpha gene may be one of the factors that prevents the regression of the degree and pattern of PPF in the Brazilian population., susceptibility of rheumatoid arthritis was increased in patients with TNF-alpha-308 G allele, especially in the female carrier of genotypes; TNF-alpha-308 A allele may play a positive role in reduction of the disease risk in males, results suggest that the AA and AG polymorphism of TNFA -308G/A genotypes associated with hepatocellular Carcinoma risk in Taiwan, particularly among males, smokers and alcohol drinkers., rs2158177 polymorphism of the IL-13 gene is associated with asthma in ethnic Han Chinese from Qingdao. No association has been found between polymorphisms of TNF-alpha gene with susceptibility to asthma., The results show an association between FcgRIIa, TNF-alpha and IL-6 gene single nucleotide polymorphisms and symptom persistence in Dengue patients., Elevated levels of plasma TNF-alpha and IFN-gamma and the association of IFN-gamma +874 A/A genotype SNP in LN, HIV-PN and OPN suggests a common involvement of these cytokines in susceptibility/pathogenesis of peripheral neuropathy, provides novel insights on downregulation of ABCB1 expression by TNF-mediated repression of NF-kappaB signaling., though the TNF-alpha-308G/A polymorphism may not be correlated with the susceptibility to Kazakh's esophageal squamous cell carcinoma in Xinjiang, patients who carry A allele tend to poorly differentiated and lymph node metastasis., The mRNA expression of RORC, TNF-alpha and IL-6 was significantly high in CC patients, The release of extracellular vesicles was triggered by TNFA from BEAS-2b cells.TNFA-triggered extracellular vesicles contained TNFR1 and TRADD., CYP2C8-derived epoxyeicosatrienoic acids prevented TNF-alpha-induced HUVECs apoptosis via inhibition of oxidative stress associated with the Nrf2 signaling., Study confirms the involvement of HLA class III (HSP70, RAGE, TNF) in Alzheimer's Disease, TNF-alpha(-193) (G/A) allele has a protective function against gastric cancer by developing ulcer, Given that matriptase-1 participates in terminal KC differentiation, its absence in psoriatic skin lesions indicates that this contributes to the barrier disturbances in this disease., Patients with occupational allergic dermatoses showed significantly higher frequency of polymorphic variants of cytokine genes IL4 C589T, IL10 C819T, IL10 G1082A, IL10 C592A, and TNF G308A in comparison with the population control., HDAC3 knockdown or HDAC3 inhibition was associated with simultaneous upregulation of the expression of miR130a and downregulation of the expression of TNF1alpha in peripheral blood mononuclear cells., Adenine also attenuated NF-kappaB targeting of gene expression in a dose-dependent manner and decreased monocyte adhesion to HUVECs following tumor necrosis factor (TNF-alpha) treatment., vitiation of the exaggerated release of TNF-alpha may be an important therapeutic strategy in preserving cerebral integrity and function during and following a cerebral ischaemic attack, DUSP1 overexpression and inhibition of MAPKs prevented IL1B-induced expression of ZFP36, this was associated with increased TNF mRNA expression at 6 h, an effect that was predominantly due to elevated transcription., The genetic polymorphism of TNF-alpha does not seem to be associated with asthma in Pakistani population., role of rs1799964 T variant allele in development of acute injury in rectal cancer patients treated with chemoradiotherapy, LPS significantly increased the supernatant TNF-alpha and IL-6 concentrations and reduced TH protein expression in PC12 cells, while silencing Nogo-A could block these effects, No association between TNF-alpha genotype and infertility was observed., the -1031C allele of the TNFA polymorphism confers protection for the development of Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS); the T/C genotype carriers had higher TNF-alpha serum levels compared to the T/T genotype in ACS; the -1031T>C TNFA polymorphism was associated with dyslipidemia in ACS in a Western Mexican population, No association was found with the rs361525 TNF-alpha polymorphism with airway secretions in COPD patients with alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency., the TNF-alpha rs1799724 C>T polymorphism is associated with CD susceptibility, while the TNF-alpha rs1800629 G>A polymorphism appeared to have no correlation with the susceptibility to CD., Involvement of LARP4 as a target of TNF-alpha-TTP regulation provides a clue as to how its functional activity may be used in a physiologic pathway., The TNF-238 GA genotype was associated with an increased risk of disease severity, the TNF-alpha 308G/A polymorphism was significantly associated with urogenital cancer risk, particularly in the Caucasian and hospital-based populations., our findings suggest that TNF-alpha rs1800629 allele A possibly influences CD susceptibility in DQ2-positive patients, and TNF-alpha rs1800629 allele G may be considered an additional risk marker for CD susceptibility in DQ8-positive patients., Data suggest that PCSK9 is involved in regulation of lipid metabolism in hepatocytes by proinflammatory cytokine TNFalpha; induction of lipogenesis and insulin resistance in liver (as seen in obesity) involves up-regulation of both PCSK9 and SOCS3., this meta-analysis suggests that the TNF-alpha-308G/A polymorphism may not be associated with vitiligo risk., These experiments suggested that MxB does not contribute to the HIV-1 restriction observed in IFN-alpha-treated human cells., This study suggested that the TNF-alpha G308A polymorphism may be associated with the susceptibility of DLBCL in a Chinese population, Encapsulated HSP70 inhibited neutrophil apoptosis by 65% as compared to the effect of nonencapsulated HSP70; TNF-alpha production by the promonocytic THP-1 cells was similarly inhibited by the non-encapsulated and encapsulated HSP70, TNF-induced apoptosis is determined by a conserved linear sequence that corresponds to that within Peptides 12 and 13., Sera TNF-alpha levels are increased in SLE patients with mood and anxiety disorders. In SLE, sera TNF-alpha levels are independently associated with mood disorders. The etiology of mood disorders is still debated in systemic lupus erythematosus., Data show that serum pentraxin-3, nitric oxide (NO) and and tumour necrosis factor-alpha (TNFalpha) were significantly increased in alcoholic cirrhosis patients compared to controls., Our data imply that at sites of tissue damage, when inflammatory mediators are present, for example in lungs of COPD patients, MSCs become more potent inducers of repair, in addition to their well-known immune-modulatory properties., Following TNF-converting enzyme-mediated ectodomain shedding of TNF type I receptor (TNFR1), the membrane-bound TNFR1 C-terminal fragment is subsequently cleaved by gamma-secretase to generate a cytosolic TNFR1 intracellular domain., B cells from relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis patients produce TNFa and IL6, and present MBP85-99 peptide, Resveratrol could potentially exacerbate or promote allergic inflammation by enhancing IgE-dependent TNF production from mast cells in human skin., Data suggest that MIRN-33a-5p is highly induced by TNFa and BMP-2 in bone marrow stromal cells; anti-osteogenic TNFa down-regulates SATB2 expression indirectly; pro-osteogenic BMP-2 up-regulates SATB2 expression directly., Effects of the New Generation Synthetic Reconstituted Surfactant CHF5633 on Pro- and Anti-Inflammatory Cytokine Expression in Native and LPS-Stimulated Adult CD14+ Monocytes., TNFA -308G>A and -1031 T>C polymorphisms may be protective factors against H. pylori infection, and -863C>A may be a risk factor, especially in Asian populations (Meta-Analysis), The results of the study suggest that the levels of apelin, TNF-alpha and elastase-1 are important diagnostic markers of CP in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus., These results suggest that Porphyromonas gingivalis outer membrane vesicles outer membrane vesicles., These findings thereby provide new mechanistic insight into the regulation of TXNIP and beta-cell biology and reveal novel links between proinflammatory cytokines, carbohydrate response element binding protein-mediated transcription, and microRNA signaling., Our results suggested that TNF-alpha may be an ideal biomarker for diagnosing the 3 forms of TB presentation, while the other factors (IL-6, IP-10, MCP-1, and IFN-gamma) can potentially facilitate differential diagnosis for the 3 TB presentation types, The helical structure of TNF-alpha mutants 308G/A and 863C/A may have a positive effect on the removal of hepatitis B virus., A transcription-independent effect of tumor necrosis factor alpha on RNA splicing, mediated by Spt5., We obtained data on association between carriage of A allele of polymorphic marker G(-238)A of TNF gene and unfavorable prognosis in patients with CHF and inpraired left ventricular systolic function, The results showed a highly significant difference between bacterial meningitis case and control readings of TNF-alpha in cerebrospinal fluid., In periodontitis, TLR2 gene hyperexpression was accompanied by the reduction of expression of anti-microbial peptide HBD-2, as well as in an increase of production of TNF-alpha and TGF-beta by epithelial cells of periodontium mucosa., that consumption of star fruit juice at 100g twice daily for one month can significantly depress the pro-inflammation cytokines, These findings can help to provide a better understanding of the effect of long-term usage of anti-VEGF agents in the treatment of retinal degenerative and vitreoretinopathy diseases., autophagy plays a key role in TiAl6V4 particle-induced osteolysis by promoting TNF-alpha expression, Inhibition of IRE1 modifies effect of glucose deprivation on the expression of TNFalpha-related genes in glioma cells., Significant differences in distribution of genotypes and alleles of genes IL-10 and TNF-alpha in the group of patients with periodontitis and comparison group were not detected., findings provide evidence for the asymmetric arginine dimethylation of RelA and unveil a unique mechanism controlling TNFalpha/NF-kappaB signaling., Dynorphin 1-17 and Its N-Terminal Biotransformation Fragments Modulate Lipopolysaccharide-Stimulated Nuclear Factor-kappa B Nuclear Translocation, Interleukin-1beta and Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha, These data determined that TNF-alpha(-308) polymorphisms can influence the chronicity of hepatitis B and C infections., The frequency of TNF-308 GA genotype was higher in Age-related macular degeneration patients than in the controls, while the TNF-308 capital A, CyrillicA minor genotype has proved protective against the disease., Effect of tumor necrosis factor-alpha and the importance of its gene polymorphism on the progression of chronic hepatitis C (CHC) and ulcerative colitis (UC).,
OMIM_DISEASE Migraine without aura, susceptibility to, Asthma, susceptibility to, Malaria, cerebral, susceptibility to, Dementia, vascular, susceptibility to, Septic shock, susceptibility to,
SP_COMMENT disease:Cachexia accompanies a variety of diseases, including cancer and infection, and is characterized by general ill health and malnutrition., disease:Genetic variations in TNF are associated with susceptibility to hepatitis B virus infection (HBV infection) [MIM:610424]. Approximately one third of all cases of cirrhosis and half of all cases of hepatocellular carcinoma can be attributed to chronic HBV infection. HBV infection may result in subclinical or asymptomatic infection, acute self-limited hepatitis, or fulminant hepatitis requiring liver transplantation., disease:Genetic variations in TNF are associated with susceptibility to psoriatic arthritis [MIM:607507]. Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory dermatosis that affects approximately 2% of the population. It is characterized by red, scaly skin lesions that are usually found on the scalp, elbows, and knees, and may be associated with severe arthritis. Psoriatic arthritis has been defined as an inflammatory arthritis usually without any rheumatoid factor in serum (seronegative arthritis) associated with psoriasis., function:Cytokine that binds to TNFRSF1A/TNFR1 and TNFRSF1B/TNFBR. It is mainly secreted by macrophages and can induce cell death of certain tumor cell lines. It is potent pyrogen causing fever by direct action or by stimulation of interleukin-1 secretion and is implicated in the induction of cachexia, Under certain conditions it can stimulate cell proliferation and induce cell differentiation., online information:The Singapore human mutation and polymorphism database, online information:Tumor necrosis factor alpha entry, PTM:O-glycosylated; glycans contain galactose, N-acetylgalactosamine and N-acetylneuraminic acid., PTM:The membrane form, but not the soluble form, is phosphorylated on serine residues. Dephosphorylation of the membrane form occurs by binding to soluble TNFRSF1A/TNFR1., PTM:The soluble form derives from the membrane form by proteolytic processing., similarity:Belongs to the tumor necrosis factor family., subunit:Homotrimer.,