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transcription factor AP-4(TFAP4) transcription factor AP-4(TFAP4) Related Genes Homo sapiens
GENERIF_SUMMARY Docking studies showed that the ATF4 DpSGIXXpSXE motif fits the binding pocket of beta-TrCP through an S-turning conformation., Activator protein-4 expression was associated with the expression of matrix metalloproteinase-9 and vascular endothelial growth factor in the advanced colorectal cancer., c-MYC directly regulates the expression of AP4 via CACGTG motifs in the first intron of the AP4 gene., AP-4 participates in a transcriptional-regulating complex at the HDM2-P2 promoter in response to DNA damage., Overexpression of AP-4 is associated with gastric carcinoma., in serum- or IGF-1-stimulated breast cancer MCF-7 cells, JNK induces SHP1 expression through the binding of AP-4 and RFX-1 transcription factors to the epithelial tissue-specific SHP1 promoter., The expression of AP-4 was silenced by the siRNAs transfection., findings provide evidence that a high expression level of AP-4 serves as a biomarker for poor prognosis for hepatocellular carcinoma, Elevated AP4 expression in primary colorectal cancer (CRC) significantly correlated with liver metastasis and poor patient survival. Findings imply AP4 as a new regulator of epithelial-mesenchymal transition that contributes to metastatic processes in CRC, Senescence caused by AP4-deficiency was prevented by depletion of p16 and/or p21, demonstrating that these factors mediate senescence caused by AP4 loss., the 16 SNP variants studied in the genes encoding the four units of AP-4 do not have a major role in overall CP, but SNP rs1217401 of AP4B1 is significantly associated with the risk of CP as a sequela of neonatal HIE in the Chinese population., betaTrCP-dependent degradation of TFAP4 is required for the fidelity of mitotic division, results indicate that AP4 is a central mediator and coordinator of cell cycle progression,
SP_COMMENT function:Transcription factor that activates both viral and cellular genes by binding to the symmetrical DNA sequence 5'-CAGCTG-3'., similarity:Contains 1 basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) domain., subunit:Efficient DNA binding requires dimerization with another bHLH protein. Homodimer.,