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related RAS viral (r-ras) oncogene homolog(RRAS) related RAS viral (r-ras) oncogene homolog(RRAS) Related Genes Homo sapiens
CYTOBAND 19q13.3-qter,
GENERIF_SUMMARY study of the potential contribution in generating of estrogen-independence in MCF-7 cells, R-Ras promotes focal adhesion formation by signaling to FAK and p130(Cas) through a novel mechanism that differs from but synergizes with the alpha2beta1 integrin., the oncogene R-Ras promotes tumor growth of cervical epithelial cells and increases their migration potential over collagen through a pathway that involves PI 3-K., activation of R-Ras promotes the formation of focal adhesions and a spread cell shape, Plexin-B1 mediates Sema4D-induced repulsive axon guidance signaling by acting as a GTPase activating protein for R-Ras, R-Ras plays a key role in cell migration by locally regulating the switch from Rac to Rho activity after membrane protrusion and adhesion, GPCRs rapidly activate R-Ras; R-Ras activation by the GPCRs is apparently directly induced by cyclic AMP-regulated Epac proteins; and activated R-Ras specifically controls GPCR-mediated phospholipase D stimulation, These findings show that R-Ras activity mediates inhibition of insulin signaling associated with suppression of estrogen action, implicating this GTPase in a growth-inhibitory mechanism associated with antiestrogen treatment of breast cancer., R-Ras and ILK have roles upstream of GSK-3beta in the regulation of neuronal polarity, Notch1 ligand, Delta-like ligand-4, stimulates R-Ras-dependent alpha 5 beta 1 integrin-mediated adhesion, demonstrating the physiological relevance of this pathway., results map the functional elements in the R-ras promoter sequence and suggest that the GABP may be critical for transcription of R-ras and for maintenance of normal blood vessel functions through the regulation of this gene, TCF8 activates R-Ras, another class of angiogenic regulator, to suppress angiogenesis by a mechanism other than a transcriptional attenuator., the monomeric intracellular plexin-B1 binds R-Ras but not H-Ras. These findings suggest that the monomeric form of the intracellular region is primed for GAP activity and extend a model for plexin activation., Sema3E acts on plexin D1 to initiate a two-pronged mechanism involving R-Ras inactivation and Arf6 stimulation, which affect the status of activation of integrins and their intracellular trafficking, respectively., data support a model in which R-Ras functionally associates with FLNa and thereby regulates integrin-dependent migration, Data suggest that the RRAS gene is an important regulatory module in the pathogenesis of biliary atresia (BA), which may serve as a novel prognostic marker for BA., Maintaining endothelial barrier function is dependent upon active R-Ras and association between R-Ras and FLNa., These findings identify R-Ras as a critical regulator of vessel integrity and function during tumor vascularization., These data suggest that pharmacological inhibition of RRAS signaling may confer therapeutic benefit in Huntington's disease., A polymorphism linked to RRAS, SCAF1, IRF3 and BCL2L12 genes is associated with cirrhosis in hepatitis C virus carriers., Contradicting the positive association reported in previous studies, our results indicate that R-Ras activation may negatively regulate the transformation of breast epithelial cells., Evidence is provided of a functional link between RRAS and MAPK signalling and reveal an unpredicted role of enhanced RRAS function in human disease., Patients with gemistocytic astrocytomas with an RRAS deletion tend to have shorter survival rates than those without deletion., phosphorylation of ORP3 controls its association with VAPA. Furthermore, ORP3-VAPA complexes stimulate R-Ras signaling., Girdin regulates the trafficking of VE-cadherin in synergy with R-Ras., RRAS is a key regulator of miR-34/449 promotion of actin network formation during multiciliogenesis., Suggest that R-Ras regulates angiogenic activities of endothelial cells in part via inhibition of the p38MAPK-HSP27 axis of VEGF signaling.,
SP_COMMENT function:Regulates the organization of the actin cytoskeleton., similarity:Belongs to the small GTPase superfamily. Ras family., subcellular location:Inner surface of plasma membrane possibly with attachment requiring acylation of the C-terminal cysteine (By similarity with RAS)., subunit:Interacts with PLCE1.,