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phospholipase C gamma 2(PLCG2) phospholipase C gamma 2(PLCG2) Related Genes Homo sapiens
CYTOBAND 16q24.1,
GENERIF_SUMMARY collagen receptor glycoprotein VI and alphaIIbbeta3 trigger distinct patterns of receptor signalling in platelets, leading to tyrosine phosphorylation of PLCgamma2 (integrin alphaiibbeta3), Two tyrosine residues in regulating the activity of PLCgamma2, full-length cDNA for human PLCgamma2 and expressed it in E. coli using the expression vector pT5T, PLCG2 has a signaling role in platelet glycoprotein Ib alpha calcium flux and cytoskeletal reorganization, in gastric cancer, protein translocation of PLCgamma2 and PKCalpha is critical event in the process of apoptosis induction., PLC-gamma2 is phosphorylated on Y753, Y759, and Y1217 in response to engagement of the B-cell receptor, The PLCgamma2 is present in the majority of mediastinal B cell lymphomas., PLC-gamma1 and PLC-gamma2 both regulate the functions of ITAM-containing receptors, whereas only PLC-gamma2 regulates the function of DAP10-coupled receptors., novel mechanism of PLCgamma(2) activation by Rac GTPases involving neither protein tyrosine phosphorylation nor PI3K-mediated generation of PtdInsP(3), observations suggest a model in which TFII-I suppresses agonist-induced calcium entry by competing with TRPC3 for binding to phospholipase C-gamma, intracellular mediators and pathways activated by leptin downstream of JAK2 were found to include phosphatidylinositol-3 kinase, phospholipase Cgamma2 and protein kinase C, as well as the p38 MAP kinase-phospholipase A(2) axis., Plasmacytoid dendritic cells express a signalosome consisting of Lyn, Syk, Btk, Slp65 (Blnk) and PLCgamma2. Triggering CD303 leads to tyrosine phosphorylation of Syk, Slp65, PLCgamma2 & cytoskeletal proteins., rac regulates its effector phospholipase Cgamma2 through interaction with a split pleckstrin homology domain, Data show that RTX treatment results in a time-dependent inhibition of the BCR-signaling cascade involving Lyn, Syk, PLC gamma 2, Akt, and ERK, and calcium mobilization., SYK, together with phospholipase Cgamma2, may serve as potential biomarkers to predict dasatinib therapeutic response in patients., Data show that bile acid reflux present in patients with BE may increase reactive oxygen species production and cell proliferation via activation of PI-PLCgamma2, ERK2 MAP kinase, and NADPH oxidase NOX5-S, thereby contributing to the development of EA., Rac2 binding in the absence of lipid surfaces was not able to activate phospholipase C gamma 2., Data indicate a role for PLCgamma2 and Ca(2+) signaling through the modulation of MEK/ERK in IL3/GM-csf stimulated human hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells., Genomic deletions in PLCG2 cause gain of PLCgamma(2) function, leading to signaling abnormalities in multiple leukocyte subsets and a phenotype encompassing both excessive and deficient immune function., PLCgamma2 participates in T cell receptor (TCR) signal transduction and plays a role in T cell selection in a transgenic mouse model., Overexpression of the altered p.Ser707Tyr protein and ex vivo experiments using affected individuals' leukocytes showed clearly enhanced PLCgamma2 activity., Associations between treatment response and Lyn, Syk, PLCgamma2 and ERK were not found., BANK1 and BLK have roles in B-cell signaling through phospholipase C gamma 2, Single-nucleotide polymorphisms in PLCG2 gene is associated with breast cancer risk after menopausal hormone replacement therapy., down-regulation of PLCgamma2-beta-catenin pathway occurs in mice and humans and leads to myeloid-derived suppressor cells-mediated tumor expansion., early Ca(2+) fluxing provides feed-forward signal amplification by promoting anchoring of the PLCgamma2 C2 domain to phospho-SLP65., The relationship between upstream tyrosine kinase SYK and its target, PLCgamma2, is maximally predictive and sufficient to distinguish chronic lymphocytic leukemia from healthy controls., amarogentin prevents platelet activation through the inhibition of PLC gamma2-PKC cascade and MAPK pathway, identified three distinct mutations in PLCgamma2 in two patients resistant to ibrutinib, Data show that phospholipase Cgamma2 (PLCgamma2) is strongly expressed in B cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma and especially in a large subset of Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL)., The autoinhibitory C-terminal SH2 domain of phospholipase C-gamma2 stabilizes B cell receptor signalosome assembly., PLCG2 missense mutation is a risk factor in the development of steroid sensitive nephrotic syndrome in childhood., Characterization of the effect of missense point-mutation at R665W in PLCG2 on signaling mechanisms of ibrutinib resistance in chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells.,
OMIM_DISEASE Familial cold autoinflammatory syndrome 3, Autoinflammation, antibody deficiency, and immune dysregulation syndrome,
SP_COMMENT catalytic activity:1-phosphatidyl-1D-myo-inositol 4,5-bisphosphate + H(2)O = 1D-myo-inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate + diacylglycerol., cofactor:Calcium., function:The production of the second messenger molecules diacylglycerol (DAG) and inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate (IP3) is mediated by activated phosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase C enzymes. It is a crucial enzyme in transmembrane signaling., PTM:Phosphorylated on tyrosine residues; upon ligand-induced activation of a variety of growth factor receptors and immune system receptors. Increases phospholipase activity., similarity:Contains 1 C2 domain., similarity:Contains 1 PH domain., similarity:Contains 1 PI-PLC X-box domain., similarity:Contains 1 PI-PLC Y-box domain., similarity:Contains 1 SH3 domain., similarity:Contains 2 SH2 domains.,