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integrin subunit alpha 5(ITGA5) integrin subunit alpha 5(ITGA5) Related Genes Homo sapiens
CYTOBAND 12q11-q13,
GENERIF_SUMMARY alternative pathway of pro-alpha(v) processing involving MT1-MMP, The PDZ domain of TIP-2/GIPC interacts with the C-terminus of the integrin alpha5 and alpha6 subunits., role in mediating adhesion and migration of activated cycling CD34+ hematopoietic progenitor cells onto fibronectin, Integrin activation involves a conformational change in the alpha 1 helix of the beta subunit A-domain, results suggest that the inadequate trophoblastic invasion, induced by antiphospholipid antibodies, can be the result of decreased alpha1 integrin and VE-cadherin and increased alpha5 integrin and E-cadherin expression in the trophoblast, Central role of alpha5beta1 integrin in vascular development in mouse embryos and embryoid bodies., TGF-beta1-stimulated osteoblasts require intracellular calcium signaling for enhanced alpha5 integrin expression, The alpha5beta1 integrin provides matrix survival signals for normal and osteoarthritic human articular chondrocytes in vitro., results suggest that engagement of the alpha 5 beta 1 integrin promotes an NF-kappa B-dependent program of gene expression that coordinately regulates angiogenesis and inflammation, Expression of focal adhesion kinase and alpha5 and beta1 integrins in carcinomas and its clinical significance., B. pertussis FHA up-regulates ICAM-1 expression on respiratory epithelial cells through interaction of its RGD site with host cell VLA-5 integrin, and that PT impairs this response, Elevated expression of IL-8 (and not PTHrP) by MDA-MET cells is a phenotypic change that may be related to their enhanced ability to metastasize to the skeleton., integrin alpha5beta1 extracellular domain controls rhoA activity, Alterations in alpha5beta1 levels induced by TGF-beta are mediated at least in part through the induction of CTGF in glomerular mesangium, thymidine phosphorylase and 2-deoxyribose-induced focal adhesion kinase phosphorylation was blocked by the antibodies to integrins alpha 5 beta 1 and alpha v beta 3, directly linking their migration and signaling components, endostatin competes with fibronectin/RGD cyclic peptide to bind alpha 5 beta 1 integrin, identification of binding site in gamma C-domain of fibrinogen, alpha 5 beta 1 and alpha v beta 3 are both important but cell-specific fibrillin-1 receptors, VEGFR-1 secreted by endothelial cells interacts with the alpha 5 beta 1 integrin, visualized the head region of integrin alpha 5 beta 1 in an inactive (Ca2+-occupied) state, and in complex with a fragment of fibronectin containing the RGD and synergy recognition sequences, The structural conformation of this protein, complexed wigh integrin beta1, complexed with fibronectin, is examined., Disulfide bonding patterns of the integrin alpha 5 chain are demonstrated; new insights into a second bond between the heavy and light chains of alpha 5 are described., Hox D3 coordinately regulates the expression of integrin alpha5beta1 and integrin alphavbeta3 during angiogenesis in vivo., Integrin alpha5beta1 and ADAM-17 interact in vitro and co-localize in migrating HeLa cells, beta1,4-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase III inhibits the function of alpha5beta1 integrin, Role of alpha4, alpha5, and alphav integrin receptors--which are central to mediating interactions with these domains of FN--in regulating ssquamous cell carcinoma migration., findings identify Glu-Pg as an adhesive ligand for integrins alphaMbeta2 and alpha5beta1 and suggest that alpha5beta1 may participate in the binding of soluble Glu-Pg and assist in its activation., The marked decrease in integrin alpha5beta1 expressions was unique to aneurysmal aortic tissues and correlated to a decrease in density of smooth muscle cells, results indicate a new interaction partner for the alpha(v)beta(3) integrin, the TGFbetaIIR, in which TGFbeta1-induced responses are potentiated in the presence alpha(v)beta(3) ligands, Data show that squamous cell carcinoma cells escape suspension-induced, p53-mediated anoikis by forming multicellular aggregates that use fibronectin survival signals mediated by integrin alpha(v) and focal adhesion kinase., integrin alpha5beta1 participates in the activation of both VEGFR-3 and its downstream PI3 kinase/Akt signaling pathway, which is essential for fibronectin-mediated lymphatic endothelial cell survival and proliferation., The integrin, alpha 5 was expressed by prostate cancer cells in vitro and by prostate tumors in vivo, and their expression was elevated at sites of bone metastasis compared to original prostate tumor., Insulin-like growth factor I controls adhesion strength mediated by alpha5beta1 integrins in tumor cells, Direct binding and regulation of alpha5beta1 by uPAR implies a modified "bent" integrin conformation can function in an alternative activation state with this and possibly other cis-acting membrane ligands., Alpha5beta1 integrin is required for up-regulation of IL-1 beta-dependent airway smooth muscle secretory responses by fibronectin., the alpha5 integrin subunit has a role in the induction of apoptosis triggered by FGFR2 activation in osteoblasts, and a Cbl-dependent mechanism is involved in the coordinated regulation of cell apoptosis induced by alpha5 integrin degradation, Alpha5beta1-mediated adhesion of Ntera2 neuronal cells to fibronectin decreased apoptosis in response to serum withdrawal., integrin alpha5/beta1 exerts its tumor suppressor-like activity in colon cancer cells by inhibiting HER-2 signaling, findings suggest that only some P. aeruginosa strains can target Fn and their natural receptors alpha5beta1 integrins for adherence to A549 cells, alpha3, alpha5, and alpha6 beta1 integrins are expressed in ductal cells at 8 weeks, before glucagon- and insulin-immunoreactive cells bud off in fetal pancrea., ITGA5 mediates engraftment of GCSF-mobilized stem cells., integrin alphavbeta6, alphavbeta3, alphavbeta5, alpha5beta1 and alpha9beta1 binding to osteopontin is controlled by specific structural motifs that are recognized by extracellular proteases, The integrin receptors of tenascin (TN) and fibronectin (FN) may be involved in cell processes such as growth, adhesion, migration and apoptosis., CCN2/CTGF enhances chondrocyte adhesion to FN through direct interaction of its C-terminal CT domain with FN, and alpha5beta1 is involved in this adhesion., urokinase plasminogen receptor domain III controls a functional association with alpha5beta1 integrin and tumor growth, one mechanism by which IGFBP2 activates IGFBP2-induced cell mobility is through its interaction with integrin alpha5 and this interaction is specifically mediated through the RGD domain on IGFBP2, binding of CXCL12 to its receptor leads to enhanced expression of alpha5 and beta3 integrins, Alpha5beta1 (VLA-5) integrin is a major galectin-1-glycosylated counterreceptor involved in immune developmental synapse formation., This is the first report of direct binding of a Mycobacterium tuberculosis molecule to a receptor on human T cells resulting in a change in CD4+ T cell function, the internalization of AAV2 in mammalian cells might follow a "click-to-fit" mechanism that involves the cooperative binding of heparan sulfate and alpha5beta1 integrin by the AAV2 capsids, activities for cell spreading and migration for the alpha5 subunit carrying only three potential N-glycosylation sites (3-5 sites) on the beta-propeller were comparable with those of the wild type, integrin alpha5beta1 plays a pivotal role in the hypotonic stress-induced but not in the lysophosphatidic acid-induced responses, These findings suggest that interaction with fibronectin through integrin alpha5 plays an important role in human extravillous trophoblast invasion., surface micron-scale topography modulates alpha(5)beta(1) integrin binding and FAK activation, CEA-mediated signaling involves clustering of CEA and co-clustering and activation of the alpha5beta1 and associated specific signaling elements on the internal surfaces of membrane microdomains, integrins alpha5beta1 and alphaV are inhibited by lebectin and lebecetin snake venom lectins, Interaction of alpha-toxin with alpha5beta1-integrin and overproduction of TNF-alpha may contribute to destruction of epithelial cells during S. aureus infection., Modulation of cell adhesion is a normal physiological action of PTHrP, mediated by increasing integrin gene transcription., This study identified the beta1 integrins on primary smooth muscle cells that fibulin-5 interacts with, and showed that failure of fibulin-5 to activate these receptors limits cell spreading, migration and proliferation., OPN plays a crucial role for tumor growth and angiogenesis of human lung cancer cells in vivo by interacting with alphavbeta3 integrin., Integrin alpha5beta1 is critical for the chondrocyte hypertrophic differentiation induced by GTP-bound transglutaminase 2, and this induction is ligand dependent., findings suggest possible participation of alpha5beta1 integrin in the mechanism of local invasion of ameloblastomas, KGF increased integrin alpha(5) expression by phosphorylating C/EBP-beta, There is low expression of the proteins and mRNA of ME491/CD63 and integrin alpha5 in ovarian cancer. The lower the pathological differentiation is, the more significant the loss of expression is and the more likely metastasis is., Protein expression of ITGA5 decreased at labour and expression of these molecules was also observed in primary cultured human uterine SMCs., Notch1 ligand, Delta-like ligand-4, stimulates R-Ras-dependent alpha 5 beta 1 integrin-mediated adhesion, demonstrating the physiological relevance of this pathway., Through interactions with alpha5beta1 integrin and thrombospondin, CD47/IAP may modulate chondrocyte responses to mechanical signals. (Integrin, alpha5beta1), Integrin alpha5 subunit plays a significant role in TGF-beta1-induced fibronectin deposition on human airway smooth muscle., analysis of important residues within the central turn motifs present in the cytoplasmic tails of integrin alphaIIb and alphaV subunits, data identify PAI1 as a novel regulator of fibronectin matrix assembly, and indicate that this regulation occurs through a previously undescribed crosstalk between the alphavbeta5 and alpha5beta1 integrins, This is the first time to report that alpha1,3FucT-VII can regulate the mRNA expression of integrin., Both integrins, v3 and v5, are involved in the glioma cell radioresistance through the integrin-linked kinase (ILK) and the small GTPase RhoB, at least by regulating the radiation-induced mitotic cell death., SPARC-mediated mobilization of adipose stromal (stem) cells through its effect on alpha5beta1 integrin complex provides a functional basis for the regulation of white adipose tissue body composition by SPARC., Oxidized LDL impairs angiogenic properties of endothelial progenitor cells at sub-apoptotic levels by downregulation of E-selectin and integrin alphavbeta5, both substantial mediators of EPC-endothelial cell, The ability of alpha5 beta1 integrin to interact with soluble fibronectin may thus drive the cell-matrix adhesion and cytoskeletal organization required for a contractile, fibroblast-like morphology., Generated high throughput platform to examine interactions of type I collagen receptor alpha(2)beta(1) and fibronectin receptor alpha(5)beta(1) with peptide ligands to evaluate the effects of integrin cross-talk on adhesive responses., EGF cooperates with alpha(5)beta(1) integrin signaling to induce EMT in cervical cancer cells via up-regulated Snail, Extracellular Cyr61 interacts with alpha(5), alpha(6), and beta(1) integrins, Data suggest that alpha5beta1 intergrin controls invasion ability of MCF-7/ADR breast carcinoma cells by regulating expression of MMP-2, which involves PI-3K and Erk1/2 protein kinase signaling., These results suggest that alpha5 gene expression is likely dictated by subtle alterations in the nuclear ratio of TFs that either repress (NFI) or activate (Sp1 and AP-1) alpha5 transcription in corneal epithelial cells., GnT-V is expressed in human extravillous trophoblast and is involved in regulating trophoblast invasion through modifications of the oligosaccharide chains of alpha5beta1 integrin., The phenotypic changes observed after caveolin-1 modulation were mediated by alpha(5)beta(1) integrins., TM4SF5 facilitates angiogenesis of neighboring endothelial cells through VEGF induction, mediated by cooperation between TM4SF5 and integrin alpha(5) of epithelial cells, findings show that alpha(5)beta(1) integrin switches between relaxed and tensioned states in response to myosin II-generated cytoskeletal force, An N-glycosylation site on the beta-propeller domain of the integrin alpha5 subunit plays key roles in both its function and site-specific modification by beta1,4-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase III., This work demonstrates a novel role for FAK in integrin activation and the time-dependent generation of cell-extracellular matrix forces., Regulation of urokinase receptor function and pericellular proteolysis by the integrin alpha(5)beta(1)., Alpha5beta1-integrin controls ebolavirus entry by regulating endosomal cathepsins, inhibition of the alpha5beta1 integrin reduces lymphangiogenesis in inflamed airways after M. pulmonis infection, The most potent CysLT(1) ligand, LTD(4), rapidly and significantly up-regulated alpha(4)beta(1) and alpha(5)beta(1) integrin-dependent adhesion of both primitive and committed hematopoietic progenitor cells, Erythroid differentiation stimulated by hemin was greatly enhanced when K562 cells were induced to adhere to Fibronectin by activating VLA-5 with TNIIIA2, a peptide derived from tenascin-C., H. pylori induces the expression of integrin alpha(5) and beta(1) and adhesion of the cells to fibronectin through PAR2 which is induced and may be activated by trypsin in H. pylori-infected gastric epithelial cells., These results suggest that alpha(5)-integrin up-regulation induced by E-cadherin loss under hypoxia has a crucial role in regulating the migration of extravillous trophoblast cells., heparan sulfate and alpha5beta1 integrin are required for the localization of endostatin in endothelial cell lipid rafts, Results describe the measurement of the force-dependent lifetimes of single bonds between a fibronectin fragment and an integrin alpha(5)beta(1)-Fc fusion protein or membrane alpha(5)beta(1)., Results assess uterine receptivity in women with unexplained infertility using beta1 integrin molecules VLA-4, -5, and -6 within endometrial tissue in comparison with fertile women., Integrin alpha5beta1 controls invasion of the studied cells via regulation of MMP-2 collagenase expression which can occur either through signaling pathways involving PI-3K, Akt, and Erk protein kinases and the c-Jun., Induction of alpha5-integrin expression is a key determinant by which inhibitors of TGFbeta type-I receptor kinase and VEGF synergistically promote angiogenesis., upregulated expression in lung adenocarcinoma cells following bacterial infection, new homology model of human integrin alpha5beta1 supports an important function for D3-A3 loop residues Trp157 and Ala158 in the binding of antagonists., VAMP2 mediates the trafficking of alpha5beta1 integrin to the plasma membrane and VAMP2-dependent integrin trafficking is critical in cell adhesion, migration and survival., These findings not only reveal that ITGA5 is required for osteoblast differentiation of adult human mesenchymal stromal cells (hMSCs) but also provide a targeted strategy using ITGA5 agonists to promote the osteogenic capacity of hMSCs., differentiated placental multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells may contribute to blood vessel formation, and this activity depends on integrin alpha(5)beta(1), Macroscopic currents from HEK 293 cells expressing murine BK channel alpha-subunits (mSlo) are acutely potentiated following alpha5beta1 integrin activation., This study demonstrates that an important antiinflammatory aspect of glucocorticoids is regulating the expression and function of alpha5 integrin., 17beta-estradiol enhances alpha(5) integrin subunit gene expression through ERalpha-Sp1 interaction and reduces cell motility and invasion of ERalpha-positive breast cancer cells., these data suggest that hypoxia promotes oral squamous cell carcinoma cell invasion that is elicited by HIF-1alpha-dependent alpha5 integrin and fibronectin induction., TMPRSS4 induces invasion and epithelial-mesenchymal transition through upregulation of integrin alpha5., Interleukin-8 (CXCL8) stimulates trophoblast cell migration and invasion by increasing levels of integrins alpha5 and beta1, Transfection of the alpha1,2-fucosyltransferase gene into ovarian carcinoma-derived cells brought about elevated expression of integrin alpha5beta1 with Le(Y)., Integrin alpha5 serves as a key mediator of Src and ErbB2-survival signaling in low adhesion states, which are necessary to block the pro-anoikis mediator Bim., EGF may influence proliferative vitreoretinopathy by promoting integrin-alpha(5) expression and subsequent proliferation and migration of retinal pigment epithelial cells., in the presence of alphavbeta3-integrin Rac1 is not required for tumor angiogenesis, upon serum starvation, alpha(5)beta(1) integrin engagement could regulate specific pro-survival functions through the activation of GSK3beta, Crosstalk between T cells and bronchial fibroblasts obtained from asthmatic subjects involves CD40L/alpha 5 beta 1 interaction., Interaction between IGFBP2 and integrin alpha5 accelerates cell adhesion, and this, in turn, enhances JNK-mediated glioma cell migration., Data demonstrate that tumor necrosis factor (TNF)alpha activates the integrin alpha(5)beta(1) without altering total expression levels of beta(1) integrin on human umbilical vein endothelial cells., Downregulation of ITGA5 is associated with multiple myeloma., Findings indicated the diverse roles of ITGA5 expression in breast cancer cells., The expression levels of integrins alpha5, beta1 and beta3 predicted overall survival and disease free survival in early stage non-small cell lung cancer patients, in migrating cells, a fraction of the endocytosed fibronectin receptor, alpha 5 beta 1 integrin, is sorted into multivesicular endosomes together with fibronectin and degraded in lysosomes, The interplay between alpha5-integrin and sFn contributes significantly to tissue cohesion and, depending on their level of expression, can mediate a shift from liquid to elastic behavior., We propose that alpha(5)beta(1) integrin, which is associated with cholesterol-rich microdomains at the host cell surface, is required for NOD1 recognition of peptidoglycan and subsequent induction of NF-kappaB-dependent responses to H. pylori., Lewis y can influence the biological behavior of a tumor cell as an important composition of integrins alpha5 and beta1 by some signal pathway, such as promoting cell adhesion and migration., fibronectin promotes ovarian cancer invasion and metastasis through an alpha(5)beta(1)-integrin/c-Met/FAK/Src-dependent signaling pathway., investigation of role of ITGA5 in cancer, Engagement of alpha5beta1-integrin by fibronectin acutely enhances Cav1.2 calcium channel current in human embryonic kidney cells (HEK293-T) expressing Cav1.2., RNA interference-mediated knockdown of CD49e (alpha5 integrin chain) in human thymic epithelial cells modulates the expression of multiple genes and decreases thymocyte adhesion., Integrin 5 1 facilitates cancer cell invasion through enhanced contractile forces, In cultured intervertebral disc cells, fibronectin fragment increased the expression of MMP9,MMP13m alpha 5 and beta1 integrin via the alpha5beta1 integrin receptor., Our findings suggest a novel mechanism by which an EGFR-Src-Arg-cortactin pathway mediates functional maturation of invadopodia and breast cancer cell invasion, IGF-I enhances the migration of chondrosarcoma cells by increasing alpha5beta1 integrin expression through the IGF-I receptor/PI3K/Akt/NF-kappaB signal transduction pathway., S100A4 protects gastric cancer cells from anoikis by regulation of alphav and alpha5 integrin expression, which sheds a novel light for the role of S100A4 in cancer metastasis, Data show that cagL-Y58E59 H. pylori infection predisposed an upward shift in integrin alpha5beta1 in the corpus, leading to more severe corpus chronic inflammation., Mesenchymal stem cell migration is regulated by fibronectin through alpha5beta1-integrin-mediated activation of PDGFR-beta and potentiation of PDGF-BB signals., Streptococcus pyogenes M49 plasminogen/plasmin binding facilitates keratinocyte invasion via integrin-integrin-linked kinase (ILK) pathways and protects from macrophage killing, The expression of the alpha5 gene in human uveal melanoma cell lines, was characterized., elevated levels of perlecan domain V have a role in brain repair post stroke via VEGF and brain endothelial cell alpha5beta1 integrin, Integrin alpha5beta1 might involves the abnormal proliferation and migration of A549 cells through mediating ERK signal transduction pathway., The endoproteolytic cleavage of alphav subunits is necessary for alphavbeta5/beta6 integrin to control alpha2beta1 function and could thus play an essential role in colon cancer cell migration., Data suggest that colorectal cancer (CRC)-derived integrin alphavbeta6 is involved in the establishment of tumor immune tolerance in local tissues., growth defects in mesenchymal stromal cells in myelodysplastic syndromes were significantly correlated with decreases in CD44 adhesion molecules and CD49e., study here indicated that integrin alphaVbeta3 had lower affinity when the ADMIDAS was mutated, WASH and Arp2/3 regulates integrin alpha5beta1-mediated invasive cell migration., Rv2468c engaged integrin VLA-5 (alpha5beta1) on CD4+ T cells through its FN-like RGD motif GRDGSPK., alphaVbeta3-integrin relocalizes nectin1 to lipid rafts, independently of herpes simplex virus 1., ZEB2 was found to activate integrin alpha5 and vimentin promoters by interacting with and activating transcription factor Sp1, suggesting that cooperation between ZEB2 and Sp1 represents a novel mechanism of mesenchymal gene activation during epithelial-mesenchymal transition, uPAR is an essential component of the network through which VEGF controls integrin redistribution and endothelial cell migration., HMGB-1 enhances the migration of chondrosarcoma cells by increasing alpha5beta1 integrin expression through the RAGE receptor/PI3K/Akt/c-Jun/AP-1 signal transduction pathway., crystal structure of the alpha5beta1 integrin headpiece fragment bound by an allosteric inhibitory antibody was determined at a 2.9-A resolution both in the absence and presence of a ligand peptide containing the Arg-Gly-Asp (RGD) sequence, describe the generation of sCD154 mutants that lost their ability to bind CD40 or alphaIIbbeta3 and show that CD154 residues involved in its binding to CD40 or alphaIIbbeta3 are distinct from those implicated in its interaction to alpha5beta1, Clinically relevant role for TbetaRIII in regulating integrin alpha5 localization, reveal a novel crosstalk mechanism between the integrin and TGF-beta superfamily signaling pathways., show further that MYC represses transcription of both subunits of alphavbeta3 integrin, and that exogenous expression of beta3 integrin in human breast cancer cells, betaig-h3 co-localized with integrin alpha5beta1 to enhance the invasion of U87 cells, and that calpain-2, is involved in this process, acting as a downstream molecule., Specific adhesion of megakaryoblasts to fibronectin via both alpha5- and alpha4-integrin molecules and phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate (PMA) is essential for pro-platelet-like formation of megakaryocytes., Data indicate the role of CYR61 and alpha(V)beta5 integrin as proteins that cooperate to mediate cancer cell migration., Host cell kinases, alpha5 and beta1 integrins, and Rac1 signalling on the microtubule cytoskeleton are important for non-typable Haemophilus influenzae invasion of respiratory epithelial cells., Periostin had preferential binding to cholangiocarcinoma cells via ITGalpha5beta1 and blocking this receptor by either neutralizing antibody or siRNA could attenuate Periostin-induced invasion., PKCalpha constitutes a crucial component of the integrin alphav-mediated pathway(s) that promote p53 relocalization and melanoma survival., Tauroursodeoxycholic acid induces in perfused rat liver and human HepG2 cells the rapid appearance of the active conformation of the beta subunit of alpha5beta1 integrins, followed by an activating phosphorylation of extracellular signal-regulated kinases., Endoglin-mediated fibronectin/alpha5beta1 integrin and TGF-beta1 pathway crosstalk switched the respone to TGF-beta1 from a promoter to a suppressor of migration, inhibiting TGF-beta1-mediated apoptosis, and partially mediating developmental angiogenesis in vivo., Co-expression of c-Met and Integrin alpha5beta1 has mechanical significance in the early stages of human gastric cardia adenocarcinoma., EGF regulates alpha5beta1 integrin activation state in cancer cell lines through the p90RSK-dependent phosphorylation of filamin A., miR-148b controls malignancy by coordinating a novel pathway involving over 130 genes and, in particular, it directly targets players of the integrin signaling, such as ITGA5, ROCK1, PIK3CA/p110alpha, and NRAS, as well as CSF1, High Integrin alpha5beta1 expression is associated with metastasis of colorectal cancer., Data indicate that CD9 acts as scaffold and assembles a ternary JAM-A-CD9-alphavbeta3 integrin complex from which JAM-A is released upon bFGF stimulation., Mechanical regulation of alpha5beta1 integrin-ligand interactions in a molecular mechanism for cell adhesion strengthening by cyclic forces., Calreticulin, integrin-alpha5, and TGF-beta1 expression was increased in atrial tissue in patients with AF and was related to AF type, suggesting that calreticulin is involved in the pathogenesis of AF in VHD patients., The level of miR-92a expression was significantly inversely correlated with ITGA5 expression in various cancer cells., These findings support a direct role for Survivin in melanoma metastasis, which requires alpha5 integrin and suggest that inhibitors of alpha5 integrin may be useful in combating this process, Data indicate that nuclear integrin alphav monomer in T4-exposed cells, but not integrin beta3, bound to promoters of specific genes that have important roles in cancer cells., MIA protein is present in non-segmental vitiligo skin and may cause the detachment of melanocytes; its target is integrin alpha5beta1, which determines the breaking and/or weakening of connections among melanocytes and basal membrane, the identification of ITGA5 -E2/3 splice variant as potential novel adverse prognostic marker for low-risk AML, We conclude that an OSMR/TGM2/integrin-alpha5beta1/fibronectin pathway is of biological significance in cervical squamous cell carcinoma, loss of BRM epigenetically induces C/EBPbeta transcription, which then directly induces alpha5 integrin transcription to promote the malignant behavior of mammary epithelial cells, 17-beta-estradiol modulates connexins and integrins as well as ER-beta expression induced by high frequency electromagnetic fields., Integrin alpha5beta1 overexpression is associated with lymph node metastasis and vascular invasion in cervical cancer., our results identify a novel regulatory pathway involving the interplay between ZO-1, alpha5-integrin and PKCepsilon in the late stages of mammalian cell division., High integrin alphaVbeta6 expression is associated with liver metastasis in colorectal cancer., Herpes simplex virus gH/gL sufficed to elicit type I IFN and NF-kappaB activation via alphavbeta3 integrin in epithelial and neuronal cell lines., these results establish that GP IIb/IIIa and alphavbeta3 integrins are essential mediators of shear flow-induced cancer cell mechanotransduction, Integrin alpha5-FAK signaling pathway controls the proliferation of bladder smooth muscle cells in response to cyclic hydrodynamic pressure., The alpha5beta1-integrin promotes angiogenesis and associates with lymph node metastasis, vascular invasion and poor prognosis of gastric cancer, Data show the molecular model of the complex of activated protein C (APC) with alphaVbeta3 integrin obtained by protein-protein docking approach., Data indicate that in dedifferentiating chondrocytes, alpha5beta1 integrin was found to be involved in the induction of type I (COL1A1) and type III procollagen (COL3A1) expression., RhoC facilitates tumor cell invasion and promotes subsequent metastasis, in part, by enhancing integrin alpha5beta1 trafficking, We have demonstrated for the first time a new molecular pathway that connects TMPRSS4 and integrin alpha5 through miR-205 to regulate cancer cell invasion and metastasis, Overexpression of integrin alpha v is closely associated with metastasis and progression of nasopharyngeal carcinoma., ANGPTL2 expression in OS cell lines correlated with increased tumor metastasis and decreased animal survival by promoting tumor cell intravasation mediated by the integrin alpha5beta1, p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase, and matrix metalloproteinases, phenotype of mice with alpha5-erythroid deletions was similar to controls, especially after stress. These outcomes seem to reconcile divergent prior views on the role of alpha5-integrin in erythropoiesis., CCN2 and inflammatory cytokines form a functional negative feedback loop in NP cells involving interleukin-1beta through alpha5beta1 and alphaVbeta3 integrins that may be important in the pathogenesis of disc disease, alpha5beta1 and alphav integrins are essential for cell-cell fusion and hMPV infection., The use of inhibitors to prevent their phosphorylation or ectopic overexpression of dominant-negative IkappaBalpha perturbed ET-1-induced integrin alphaV and integrin beta1 expression., Data indicate that alpha5beta1 integrin is recruited to lipid rafts through interactions with urokinase-type plasminogen activator receptor (uPAR)., In the presence of both 9-cis-retinoic acid and troglitazone, cell surface alpha5 subunit expression was restored to levels comparable to vehicle treatment alone., Suggest that alpha5beta1-mediated cross-talk between fibronectin and oxLDL regulates inflammation in early atherogenesis and that therapeutics that inhibit alpha5 integrins may reduce inflammation without adversely affecting plaque structure., When bound to Y. enterocolitica invasin, alpha5beta1 integrins on intestinal epithelial cells trigger interleukin (IL)-18 secretion through activation of the NLRP3 inflammasome., Data show that thyroid hormones induce mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) via integrin alphavbeta3 in bone marrow-derived cells from multiple myeloma (MM)., demonstrate that alpha5 integrin turnover is dependent on fibronectin matrix assembly, Results show that LOXL2 is highly expressed and involved in clear cell renal cell carcinoma progression by regulating the levels of integrins a5 and b1., Synergy of uPAR mRNA and integrin alpha5beta1 interaction may result in abnormal signal transduction in liver cells and ultimately liver cell abnormal clonal hyperplasia and malignant transformation., Data indicate that no anti-tumor activity was observed in anti-alpha5beta1 integrin monoclonal antibody PF-04605412 treatment., Dynamic catch of a Thy-1-integrin alpha5beta1+syndecan-4 trimolecular complex explains extraordinary cancer cell adhesion to the vascular endothelium., angiopoietin-2 Gln362 mediates migration of tumor and endothelial cells through association with alpha5beta1 integrin, Mesodermal expression of integrin alpha5beta1 regulates neural crest development and cardiovascular morphogenesis., Data indicate that influenza A virus H1N1 infection activated alphavbeta6 integrin-dependent transforming growth factor beta (TGFbeta) activity in immortalized bronchial epithelial cells (iHBEC)., PAI-1 inhibits activation of VEGFR-2 by VEGF by disrupting a vitronectin-dependent proangiogenic binding interaction involving alphaVbeta3 and VEGFR-2, Data indicate that alpha5 integrin (ITGA5) is a functional target of miroRNA miR-26a-induced anoikis in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cells., Twist1 and AP-1 cooperatively upregulate integrin alpha5 expression to induce invasion and the epithelial-mesenchymal transition.Twist1 expression positively correlates with integrin alpha5 expression in human colorectal cancers., we detected higher activity of AKT (p = 0.011) and FAK (p = 0.054), higher integrin alpha5 expression (p = 0.052) and lower PTEN expression in primary cells from patients with bone metastasis compared to nonmetastasizing cells., alpha5beta1 and alphavbeta3 each mediate actin cytoskeletal remodeling in response to stiffening or cyclic stretching of the extracellular matrix., Integrin alpha5beta1 was expressed on ligamentum flavum fibroblasts., Data show that a small molecule inhibitor of the MYC transcription factor can be an effective anticancer agent when delivered using a integrin alphavbeta3 and VLA-4-targeted nanotherapy approach., Data suggest that Entamoeba histolytica-macrophage contact triggers recruitment of alpha5beta1 integrin (ITGA5/ITGB1) and NLRP3 into intercellular junction, where ITGA5/ITGB1 undergoes activation by cysteine protease on parasite surface., IGFBP-2 enhances endothelial progenitor cell adhesion to HUVECs via Integrin alpha5beta1. The RGD motif in the IGFBP-2 C-domain is required for interaction with integrin alpha5beta1., Integrin alphanubeta6-mediated MMP-9 secretion facilitates pericellular matrix degradation at high cell density, promoting invasive growth of colonic neoplasms., Data show that the fold changes of very late antigen 5 VLA-5 (integrin alpha-5 beta-1) in CD14+ monocytes were higher than those observed for THP-1 cells., Data suggest that the binding, but not the internalization of photoreceptor outer segments (POS) confers protective effects on retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) cells through the alphavbeta5 integrin/focal adhesion kinase (FAK)/PGC-1alpha pathway., Suggest alpha5beta1/Arp2/Arp3/FHOD3 pathway reprograms the actin cytoskeleton to promote invasive migration and local invasion in vivo., Collagens considerably suppressed alpha5 gene expression in CECs, suggesting that during wound, Data suggest that reduced ability of AnxA6-expressing cells to migrate is associated with decreased cell surface expression of integrins alphaVbeta3 and alpha5beta1., Genetic and Immunohistochemical Expression of Integrins ITGAV, ITGA6, and ITGA3 As Prognostic Factor for Colorectal Cancer, The present study has revealed an integrin- and membrane lipid raft-dependent mechanotransduction mechanism by which atheroprone flow causes endothelial dysfunction., integrin alpha5 might play important roles in the progression of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma, knockdown of PTTG1 increased expression of integrin alpha 4 (ITGA4), ITGA5, and integrin beta 1 (ITGB1); otherwise, RhoA expression was significantly decreased,
SP_COMMENT function:Integrin alpha-5/beta-1 is a receptor for fibronectin and fibrinogen. It recognizes the sequence R-G-D in its ligands. In case of HIV-1 infection, the interaction with extracellular viral Tat protein seems to enhance angiogenesis in Kaposi's sarcoma lesions., similarity:Belongs to the integrin alpha chain family., similarity:Contains 7 FG-GAP repeats., subunit:Heterodimer of an alpha and a beta subunit. The alpha subunit is composed of an heavy and a light chain linked by a disulfide bond. Alpha-5 associates with beta-1. Interacts with HPS5 and NISCH. Interacts with HIV-1 Tat. Interacts with RAB21.,