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integrin subunit alpha 2(ITGA2) integrin subunit alpha 2(ITGA2) Related Genes Homo sapiens
CYTOBAND 5q23-q31,
GENERIF_SUMMARY Bromodeoxyuridine induces integrin expression at transcriptional (alpha2 subunit) and post-transcriptional (beta1 subunit) levels, and alters the adhesive properties of two human lung tumour cell lines., Reduction in integrin alpha 2 is related to changes seen during immortalization and malignant progression, The C807T polymorphism of integrin alpha2 gene in Suzhou Han population was different from that observed in other populations., Trimucytin, a collagen-like snake venom protein, activates platelets independent of I-domain within alpha2 subunit of alpha2beta1 integrin., the rGPIa/IIa-collagen interaction dominates the adhesion of rGPIa/IIa-Ib alpha-liposomes to the collagen surface at low shear rates; the rGPIa/IIa-collagen and rGPIb alpha-VWF interactions synergistically support liposome adhesion at high shear rates., Data report the identification of signaling pathways required for suppression of integrin alpha2beta1 function by c-erbB2., initial adhesion of endometrial cells to mesothelium is not mediated by alpha(2)beta(1)integrin, findings demonstrate that E-cadherin can interact with alpha2beta1 and suggest that heterotypic interactions between E-cadherin and integrins may be more common than originally thought, role of the GP Ia C807T/G873A polymorphism as a risk factor for thrombosis in Behcet disease, R-Ras promotes focal adhesion formation by signaling to FAK and p130(Cas) through a novel mechanism that differs from but synergizes with the alpha2beta1 integrin., genetic variation of platelet glycoprotein Ia may play a particularly important role during the advanced stages of diabetic retinopathy, twins developed ischaemic strokes and were shown to be homozygous for the alpha2 807T allele, linkage with extracellular signal-regulated kinase is functionally linked in highly malignant autocrine transforming growth factor-alpha-driven colon cancer cells, Data show that NADPH oxidase activation production of reactive oxygen species are involved in the increase of alpha2beta1-integrin plasma membrane expression in Caco-2 cells stimulated with type IV collagen., role of polymorphisms in cardiovascular thrombotic disease [review], signaling through both constitutively expressed alpha2 integrin and Matrigel-induced alpha3 integrin expression is required to acquire a differentiated phenotype in Caco-2 cells., capillary morphogenesis requires endothelial alpha2beta1 integrin engagement of a single type I collagen integrin-binding site, possibly signaling via p38 MAPK and focal adhesion disassembly/FAK inactivation., adhesion to the alpha2beta1-specific peptide was disulfide-exchange dependent and protein disulfide isomerase (PDI) mediated in platelets, results of a case-control study involving 180 stroke patients and 172 controls do not support a role for the integrin alpha2 C807T and GPVI Q317L polymorphisms in the development of first-ever ischemic stroke, Monkey rotavirus binding to alpha2beta1 integrin requires the alpha2 I domain and is facilitated by the homologous beta1 subunit., role in inhibiting Fas-mediated apoptosis in T-lymphocytes, There were significant differences in the distribution of T and C alleles between myocardial infarction and control groups., human platelet deposition on collagen depends on the concerted interplay of several receptors, results suggest that matrix metalloproteinase-1 can stimulate dephosphorylation of Akt protein and neuronal death through a non-proteolytic mechanism that involves changes in integrin alpha2beta1 signaling, Since the platelet alpha2 C807T gene polymorphism is associated with alpha2beta1 receptor density on the platelet surface, the level of alpha2beta1 on platelets may be an additional factor affecting Glanzmann's thromboasthenia clinical expression., virus attachment to alpha(2) integrin on the cell surface was found to result in integrin clustering, which can give rise to signaling and facilitate the initiation of the viral entry, VEGF-A induced alpha1 & alpha2 integrins, promoting lymphatic endothelial tube formation & haptotactic migration. Lineage-specific integrin receptor expression contribute to the distinct dynamics of wound-associated angiogenesis & lymphangiogenesis., alpha2beta1 integrin has a role in endorepellin-induced endothelial cell disassembly of actin cytoskeleton and focal adhesions, alpha2beta1 integrin and GPVI regulate stress fiber formation in megakarocytes, the primary actin structures needed for cell contraction, alpha2beta1 integrin and CD44/CSPG receptor binding on human melanoma cell activation has been evaluated herein using triple-helical peptide ligands incorporating collagen peptides., ILK regulates alpha 2 beta 1 in HEL cells, is activated in platelets and associates with beta 1-integrins, the interaction of platelet GP Ib with VWF mediates the activation of alpha2beta1, increasing its affinity for collagen, Data demonstrate that type I collagen synergistically enhances platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF)-induced smooth muscle cell proliferation through Src-dependent crosstalk between the alpha2beta1 integrin and the PDGF receptor beta., alpha2807TT genotype of the platelet membrane integrin alpha2beta1 is associated with premature onset of early fetal loss. It appears that this risk factor does not induce the pathomechanism, but modulates the course of fetal loss, Data show that the recombinant Scl protein p176 promotes adhesion and spreading of human lung fibroblast cells through an alpha2beta1 integrin-mediated interaction., Alpha2beta1 integrin is required for up-regulation of IL-1 beta-dependent airway smooth muscle secretory responses by fibronectin; while alpha2beta1 is also an important transducer for type I collagen., Binds to vimentin, but this association is lost after prolonged adhesion of endothelial cells to collagen., individual effect of each polymorphism located either in the coding or promoter sequence of the alpha2 gene may act in combination to modulate variations in platelets alpha2beta1 receptor density, analysis of platelet glycoprotein I(b)alpha and integrin alpha2beta1 polymorphisms in diverse populations, platelet membrane integrins alpha IIb(beta)3 (HPA-1b/Pl) and alpha2(beta)1 (alpha807TT) polymorphisms may have a role in premature myocardial infarction, analysis of binding between collagen type III and integrins alpha1beta1 and alpha2beta1, the signaling network involving Smad-dependent TGFbeta, PKCdelta, and integrin alpha2beta1/alpha3beta1, regulates cell spreading, motility, and invasion of the SNU16mAd gastric carcinoma cell variant, alpha2beta1 and signaling via autocrine mediators facilitate and amplify the GPVI procoagulant activity of fibrillar and non-fibrillar collagens, Integrin alpha-2 gene polymorphisms is associated with breast cancer, Outside-in signaling through integrin alpha2beta1 triggered inside-out activation of integrin alphaIIbbeta3 and promoted fibrinogen binding. (alpha2beta1 AND integrin alphaIIbbeta3, Our results did not show the causative relationship between the existence of platelets GP Ia mutations and venous system thrombosis in the women in labor., Results suggest that loss of E-cadherin function is linked to regulation of cell-cell and cell-matrix adhesion, based in part on cell surface expression of alpha2, alpha3 and beta1 integrins., The Platelet surface integrin, alpha 2-collagen interaction is an early step associated with platelet adhesion and activation and plays an important role in arterial thrombosis., Common polymorphism (C807/T807), affecting the GPIa gene expression, in the development of oral cancer., malignant phenotype of pancreatic cancer on type I collagen is mediated specifically by the alpha2beta1 integrin, the Pro33 isoform of purified integrin alphaIIbbeta3 has increased fibrinogen and prothrombin binding, Genetic polymorphism C807T of platelet glycoprotein Ia increases the risk for premature myocardial infarction. It is also an independent predictor for the release of sCD40L during acute MI and persists 1 year after event., Acquisition of multiple antitumor drugs was accompanied by a drastically reduced expression of alpha2beta1 in the adenocarcinoma cells., This meta-analysis does not support an association between the C807T polymorphism of ITAG2 gene and stroke., The ectopic expression of TM4SF5 in Cos7 cells reduced integrin signaling under serum-containing conditions, but increased integrin signaling upon serum-free replating on substrates., extracellular matrix fragments produced by apoptotic EC initiate a state of resistance to apoptosis in fibroblasts via an alpha2beta1 integrin/SFK (Src and Fyn)/phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K)-dependent pathway, Cell attachment was significantly inhibited by function-blocking anti-alpha2 (56%) and -beta1 (98%) integrin antibodies., Results show that alpha2beta1 integrin signalling enhances cyclooxygenase-2 expression in intestinal epithelial cells., Our findings support the view that C807T polymorphism of the GPla gene is not a significant risk factor for CAD, either alone or in combination with other major cardiovascular risk factors., results demonstrate differential modes of regulation of Dok1 and Dok2 in platelets, and raise the possibility that Dok2 plays an important role in integrin outside-in signaling through a physical and functional interaction with integrin alphaIIbbeta3, C807T/G873A polymorphisms, but not T837C, are associated with higher platelet reactivity and residual platelet activity after treatment with anti-platelet agents, glycoprotein Ia 807C/T and 873G/A dimorphisms were not shown as risk factors for VTE, activated EGF receptor transiently modulates integrin alpha2 cell surface expression and stimulates integrin alpha2 trafficking via caveolae/raft-mediated endocytosis, pancretic cancer cells attach to 3D type I collagen scaffolds in an alpha2beta1-specific manner, Adhesion of breast cancer cells through the VLA integrins alpha2beta1 and alpha5beta1 was significantly reduced by an apoptosis-inducing natural triterpenoid, dehydrothyrsiferol (DT), when studied on low amounts of extracellular matrix., both the gpIb-VWF interaction and the integrin alpha(2)beta(1)-collagen interaction contribute to platelet adhesion under high shear stress; integrin alpha(II)beta(1) makes a greater contribution to adhesion to type I collagen because less VWF is bound, study indicates that the GPIa 807 C/T polymorphism does not represent a risk factor for Buerger's disease itself, but could be associated with premature onset of this disorder in predisposed individuals, findings suggest an important role of integrin alpha2beta1, alpha3beta1, and alpha5beta1 in the architectural characteristics of ameloblastomas and adenomatoid odentogenic tumor, genetic variability within ITGA2 may confer risk for ischemic stroke independent of conventional risk factors., LOX-1 is important for ADP-stimulated inside-out activation of platelet alpha(IIb)beta(3) and alpha(2)beta(1) integrins, There is no indication that the presence of 807C/T polymorphism is present in platelet glycoprotein Ia gene and a risk factor for retinal vein occlusion., CD44+alpha2beta1+ cell population is enriched in tumor-initiatin prostate cancer cells, thrombopoietin-induced in vitro differentiation of primary human cord blood mononuclear cells into megakaryocytes, we observed rapid, progressive CpG methylation of ITGA1, but not PELO or ITGA2., analysis of Src and C-terminal Src kinase interactions in integrin alphaIIbbeta3-mediated signaling to the cytoskeleton, Our results do not support an independent association between the 807C/T polymorphism and stroke of undetermined etiology., The result suggested that cytoskeleton was a possible mechanical sensor to centrifugal stimuli, and the cytoskeleton regulation to centrifugal loading was in an extracellular matrix-dependent and integrin-mediated manner., Polymorphisms in human platelet alloantigen (HPA)-1 and HPA-3 (GPIIb/IIIa), HPA-2 (GPIb/IX), HPA-4 (GPIIIa) and HPA-5 (GPIa/IIa) were found to be associated with the symptoms and recurrence of ischemic stroke., Platelet membrane glycoprotein Ia variations may have an important impact on aspirin resistance., Initiation of the signal requires two collagen receptors, alpha2beta1 integrin and discoidin domain receptor (DDR). Each receptor propagates signals through separate pathways that converge to up-regulate N-cadherin., induction of decorin expression in angiogenic, as opposed to quiescent, endothelial cells promotes a motile phenotype in an interstitial collagen I-rich environment by both signaling through IGF-IR and influencing alpha2beta1 integrin activity, collagen and a jararhagin-derived disintegrin peptide competitively bind to the integrin alpha2-I domain, alpha2beta1 integrin clustering defines its own entry pathway that is Pak1 dependent but clathrin and caveolin independent and that is able to sort cargo to caveosomes, The data suggest that phosphoenolpyruvate -dependent decrease of collagen biosynthesis in cultured human skin fibroblasts may undergo through depression of alpha(2)beta(1) integrin and IGF-IR signaling., Integrin alpha2beta1 may promote migration and invasion of neuroblastoma cells., These results indicate that NSP4 interaction with integrin alpha1 and alpha2 is an important component of enterotoxin function and rotavirus pathogenesis, further distinguishing this viral virulence factor from other microbial enterotoxins., 807C/T polymorphism of glycoprotein Ia (GPIa) gene were associated with higher risk of ischaemic stroke in atrial fibrillation, Generated high throughput platform to examine interactions of type I collagen receptor alpha(2)beta(1) and fibronectin receptor alpha(5)beta(1) with peptide ligands to evaluate the effects of integrin cross-talk on adhesive responses., SEMA3A suppression of tumor cell migration is dependent on alpha2beta1, the expression of which is stimulated in breast tumor cells by an autocrine SEMA3A pathway., analysis of distinct roles of beta1 metal ion-dependent adhesion site (MIDAS), adjacent to MIDAS (ADMIDAS), and ligand-associated metal-binding site (LIMBS) cation-binding sites in ligand recognition by integrin alpha2beta1, high-affinity binding for alpha2beta1 can control the overall platelet-adhesive activity of native collagens., ITGA2 807C>T polymorphism may be associated with reduced colorectal cancer risk., NO targets activation-dependent adhesion mediated by alpha(2)beta(1), possibly by reducing bioavailability of platelet-derived ADP, but has no effect on activation-independent adhesion mediated by GPVI, analysis of a prokaryotic Scl1 collagen sequence motif that mediates binding to human collagen receptors, integrins alpha2beta1 and alpha11beta1, The increase in human platelet antigen, HPA-5b allelic frequency in Hepatitis C infection may indicate a possible association between HCV infection and HPAs., alpha2beta1 integrin acquired core3 O-glycans in cells expressing core3 synthase with decreased maturation of beta1 integrin, leading to decreased levels of the alpha2beta1 integrin complex, alpha(2)-, alpha(3)-, and beta(1)-integrins and E-cadherin expression in normal human lung and bronchopulmonary sequestration and congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation were evaluated using Western blot and immunohistochemistry., Increased expression of integrin alpha2 and the increased response to TGF-beta1 of hereditary gingival fibromatosis (HGF) fibroblasts may be related to the excessive collagen deposition in HGF patients., Nox1 knockdown led to a loss of directional migration which takes place through a RhoA-dependent alpha2/alpha3 integrin switch., nucleotide substitution at position 2235 induces a Q716H amino acid change in the GPIa mature protein that causes Fetal/neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia., alpha2-integrin expression and Rho kinase activity are regulated by protein kinase signaling cascades upon activation of alpha7 nicotinic receptor, A GPVI-independent signaling role of alpha2beta1 in response to collagen stimulation., Altogether these data suggest that integrins alpha2 and alpha v beta 3 do not play a major role in the rotavirus entry process., a central role for alpha2beta1 integrin in experimental and developmental angiogenesis, AsialoGM1 and integrin alpha2beta1 mediate prostate cancer progression., genetic polymorphisms in ITGA2 and P2RY1 combine with plasma VWF, In a Croatian population, the HPA-5 allele frequencies are 5a-0.895 and 5b-0.105., TM4SF5 in hepatocytes negatively regulates integrin alpha2 function via an interaction between the extracellular loop 2 of TM4SF5 and integrin alpha2 during cell spreading on and migration through collagen I environment, SHP-1 coprecipitates with integrin alpha2. A novel functional interaction between the integrin alpha2 subunit and SHP-1 is described., TGF-beta-mediated up-regulation of the expression of the integrin subunits alpha(2) and alpha(6) is mainly mediated in MSC by Smad2., in its entry strategy human echovirus 1 seems to rely on the activation of signalling pathways that are dependent on alpha2beta1 clustering, but do not require the conformational regulation of the receptor, Collagen type I inhibits the secretion of IL-8 by human neutrophils in a selective manner and this effect is mediated by the interaction of collagen with integrin alpha2beta1., provide the first proof that talin binding is sufficient to activate and extend membrane-embedded integrin alphaIIbbeta3, thereby resolving numerous controversies and enabling molecular analysis of reconstructed integrin signaling., Data suggest that integrin alpha(2)beta(1), glycoprotein Ib and vWf interactions with collagen I and III contribute to platelet adhesion under high shear flow., the 807T allele of GP Ia and the PlA2 allele of GP IIIa, and specially its combination confer an additional risk for development of carotid atherosclerosis and arterial thrombosis in type 2 diabetes, Prostaglandin E2 enhances the migration of chondrosarcoma cells by increasing alpha2beta1 integrin expression through the EP1/PLC/PKCalpha/c-Src/NF-kappaB signal transduction pathway., Polymorphisms in the alpha2 gene of integrin alpha2beta1 in patients with von Willebrand disease could significantly impact platelet function., Measurement of thrombus height after specific receptor blockade or use of altered proportions of peptides indicates a signaling rather than adhesive role for glycoprotein VI, and primarily adhesive roles for both alpha(2)beta(1) and the VWF axis, Androgens increased INT alpha1 and alpha2 subunits in tubuloepithelial cells and in healthy labial salivary glands., Single-nucleotide polymorphism in ITGA2 is associated with coronary atherosclerosis., a mutation in alphaIIbbeta3 integrin may have a role in Glanzmann thrombasthenia [case report], The syndecan- and alpha2beta1 integrin-binding peptides synergistically affect cells and accelerate cell adhesion., alpha2beta1 integrin may be a major regulatory molecule in Th17 cell functions., The extracellular matrix rigidity affects the osteogenic outcome of mesenchymal stem cells through mechanotransduction events that are mediated by alpha(2)-integrin., Domain V of perlecan, a known alpha2 integrin ligand, inhibits brain amyloid-beta neurotoxicity in an alpha2 integrin-dependent manner., Results suggest a novel mechanism for pathogen entry into host cells as well as a new function for C1q- alpha2beta1 integrin interactions., alpha2beta1 integrin functionally inhibits breast tumor metastasis, and alpha2 expression may serve as an important biomarker of metastatic potential and patient survival, Polymorphisms in IL5RA, LPL, ITGA2 and NOS3 genes were independently associated with ischemic stroke in Chinese diabetic population., molecular forces of the alpha2beta1 integrin-collagen interaction, Expression of laminin beta1 and integrin alpha2 is elevated in the anterior temporal neocortex tissue from patients with intractable epilepsy., in endothelial cells, ligation of alpha2beta1 and alpha6beta1 integrins induces the Notch pathway, and we disclose a novel role of basement membrane proteins in the processes controlling tip vs stalk cell selection, Single nucleotide polymorphisms of integrin alpha-2 gene is not associated with colorectal cancer., PHLDA1 expression marks the putative epithelial stem cells, downregulates ITGA2 and ITGA6, and contributes to intestinal tumorigenesis, endorepellin requires both the alpha2beta1 integrin and VEGFR2 for its angiostatic activity, Findings do not support the influence of the IRGA2807T allele in the development of retinopathy in type 2 diabetes., A vicinal thiol-containing population of alphaIIbbeta3 provides redox sensitive sites for regulation of alphaIIbbeta3., Integrin alpha2beta1 might play a more crucial role in maintaining the mechanical creep properties of the collagen matrix than does integrin alpha1beta1., data suggest that extracellular membrane-bound CAIV, but not cytosolic CAII, augments transport activity of MCT2 in a non-catalytic manner, possibly by facilitating a proton pathway other than His-88, Blocking the alpha(2)beta(1) receptor on human mesenchymal stem cells also resulted in a reduction of cell adhesion on both types of collagen-like peptide surfaces., Rapid initiation of collagen-induced platelet aggregation may be associated with the platelet membrane GPIa T807 allele, which may be important in unstable angina pectoris pathogenesis., Data suggest that the ITGA2 gene C807T polymorphism may be associated with an increased risk of gastric cancer, differentiation and invasion of gastric cancer., CDKN2A, GATA3, CREBBP, ITGA2, NBL1 and TGM4 were down-regulated in the prostate carcinoma glands compared to the corresponding normal glands, Single-nucleotide polymorphisms in ITAG2 is associated with chronic kidney disease in Type 2 diabetes., Under convertase inhibition, alpha2beta1 engagement led to enhanced phosphorylation of both FAK (focal adhesion kinase) and MAPK (mitogen-activated protein kinase)., The disturbance of alpha2beta1 mediated interactions to collagen I results in a tremendous reduction of hMSC numbers owing to mitochondrial leakage accompanied by Bcl-2-associated X protein upregulation., Analysis of the data led to the elucidation of a new molecular mechanism by which SPARC promotes cathepsin B-mediated melanoma invasiveness using collagen I and alpha2beta1 integrins as mediators., Platelet alphaIIbeta3 and alpha2beta1 levels were measured by flow cytometry in 320 acute coronary syndrome patients and 128 normal subjects and compared with MPV, platelet count, ITGA2 rs1126643, and ITGB3 rs5918 alleles., Inflammation can up-regulate the expressions of Integrin alpha2beta1 and CD133 in benign prostatic hyperplasia tissue., Platelets bearing even one minor allele of integrin alpha2 534K show attenuated adhesion to decorin but not to collagen I., a novel virus- and clustering-specific pathway that diverts alpha2beta1 integrin from its normal endo/exocytic traffic to a nonrecycling, calpain-dependent degradative endosomal route, study identified integrin alpha1/beta1 and alpha2/beta1 heterodimer as a new candidate IgA1 receptor in human mesangial cells, This evidence indicates that host cell ITGA2 might be involved in interacting with Cryptosporidium during infection., Data suggest that monoclonal antibody J19 is a potentially powerful tool for both studies on alpha(4)beta(7) activation mechanism and development of novel therapeutics targeting the activated lymphocyte expressing high affinity alpha(4)beta(7)., Development of transgenic cloned pig models of skin inflammation by DNA transposon-directed ectopic expression of human beta1 and alpha2 integrin., Patients with idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss had a higher prevalence of the 807T thrombophilic polymorphism of ITGA2. There was a significant correlation between the 807TT homozygous genotype and a low probability of recovery., Collagen receptors alpha(1)beta(1) and alpha(2)beta(1) integrins are involved in transmigration of peripheral blood eosinophils, but not mononuclear cells through human microvascular endothelial cells monolayer, Integrin alpha2 is identified to be a novel EZH2 target by chromatin immunoprecipitation and short hairpin RNA analysis., Interaction between integrin alpha2beta1 and collagen type I takes place prior to collagen receptor activation., findings suggest that there is no role of GPIa C807T polymorphisms in the development of young first-ever ischemic stroke in Chinese Han Population, study proves that flavocetin-A, which has long been known as a GPIb inhibitor, efficiently targets alpha2beta1 integrin and thus blocks collagen-induced platelet activation, data demonstrate that alpha2beta1 protein was elevated in PCa skeletal metastases compared to either PCa primary lesions or soft tissue metastases suggesting that alpha2beta1 contributes to the selective metastasis to the bone., An integrin alpha2 C807T polymorphism is associated with an increased risk of P. vivax-induced severe thrombocytopenia., Discoidin domain receptors promote alpha1beta1- and alpha2beta1-integrin mediated cell adhesion to collagen by enhancing integrin activation., HPA-5 typing discrepancy reveals an Ile503Leu substitution in platelet GPIa (alpha2 integrin)., PRL-3 plays a critical role in ovarian cancer tumorigenicity and maintaining the malignant phenotype. PRL-3 may inhibit c-fos transcriptional regulation of integrin alpha2 signaling., show that human PSG1 binds alphaIIbbeta3 and inhibits the platelet - fibrinogen interaction. Unexpectedly, however, the KGD is not critical as multiple PSG1 domains independently bind and inhibit alphaIIbbeta3 function, results suggest integrin alpha2 promotes osteoblast proliferation, study reports a functional and structural characterisation of the alpha2 I domain E318W mutant; E318W I domain A interacts with 2 collagen chains similar to wild-type I domain (high-affinity mode; E318W I domain B makes favorable interactions with only one collagen chain (low-affinity mode), Integrin alpha2 beta1 and EGFR cooperatively promote higher invasiveness of ionizing radiation - survived lung cancer cells, mediated in part by the PI3K/Akt signaling pathway, and might serve as alternative targets in combination with radiotherapy., alpha2beta1 integrin is expressed on synovial Th17 cells from RA patients. Its ligation with collagen costimulated IL-17 production by polarized Th17 cells by enhancing the expression of RORc through ERK & PI3K/AKT., Integrin alpha2beta1 and integrin alpha3beta1 suppress anoikis in undifferentiated cells., The Integrin alpha2 2 gene C807T polymorphism may be a susceptible predictor of the risk of ischemic stroke., glycoprotein Ia C807T polymorphism is associated with idiopathic sudden hearing loss., Usage of internal N-acetylneuraminic acids and alpha2beta1 integrin by Wa rotavirus was at least partially additive., ITGA2 +807 gene polymorphism is not associated with susceptibility to CsA-induced GO., These results reveal betaig-h3 enhances the metastasis potentials of human osteosarcoma cells via integrin alpha2beta1-mediated PI3K/AKT signal pathways., The alphaII b tail sequences distal of GFFKR participate in talin-mediated inside-out alphaII b beta3 activation through its steric clashes with beta3 -bound talin, It plays a role in regulation of leukocyte migration to a site of inflammation., The alpha2beta1 integrin mediates T-acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell migration through collagen in ERK and p38 MAPKs-dependent manner, Molecular modeling indicated that galactosylation occurred on the periphery of alpha2beta1 integrin interaction with alpha1(IV)382-393 but right in the middle of alpha3beta1 integrin interaction with alpha1(IV)531-543, ITGA2 is downregulated 39-fold by silencing of laeverin in trophoblasts, reducing cell migration and invasion., diabetic retinopathy is associated with ITGA2 and ITGB3 PlA1/A2 polymorphisms (Meta-Analysis), alpha2beta1 integrin gene expression levels were increased significantly in keloid fibroblasts under tension compared to normal fibroblasts under tension. Knockdown of Integrin A2B1 reduced cell proliferation in fibroblasts under tension., Carbohydrate-to-carbohydrate interactions between alpha2,3-linked sialic acids on alpha2 integrin subunits and asialo-GM1 underlie the bone metastatic behaviour of LNCAP-derivative C4-2B prostate cancer cells., A highly bone metastatic RANKL-overexpressing prostate cancer cell line, LNCaP(RANKL)used as a model to study increased adhesion of prostate cancer (PCa) cells to collagens and found 3-D suspension culture and in vivo PCa tumor growth restore AR through downregulation of AP-4, enhancing integrin alpha2 expression and adhesion to ColI which is rich in bone matrices., This study shows that osteoblastic differentiation is improved on 3D scaffolds with submicron-scale texture and is mediated by integrin alpha2beta1., EZH2-silenced cells the signaling activity of the de-repressed ITGalpha2 is able to increase cofilin phosphorylation, which in turn reduces cell migration., CD34 and CD49b are cell surface markers that can be used to enrich a subpopulation of leiomyoma cells possessing stem/progenitor cell properties., Polymorphism of HPA- 5 is probably a risk factor for carotid atherosclerosis complicating T2DM., HRG binds to alpha2 integrin through low-affinity interactions in a heparin sulfate-independent manner, thereby blocking endothelial cells adhesion to collagen I., Current review discusses the mechanisms by which integrin is activated and subsequently deactivated by focusing on its structure-function relationship, Epigenetic silencing of ITGA2 by MiR-373 promotes cell migration in breast cancer., The Glycoprotein Ia C807T polymorphism might be a risk factor for the development and relapse of Acute Coronary Syndrome, blockade of alpha2beta1 integrin with a neutralizing mAb inhibited IL-7-induced bone loss and osteoclast numbers by reducing Th17 cell numbers in the bone marrow, Integrin alpha 2 and alpha 4 Yxxphi motifs interact with the endocytic clathrin adaptor, AP2 complex., PFL-mediated downregulation of integrin and EGFR contributes to the inhibition of tumor growth in vitro and in vivo. This novel anti-cancer mechanism of PFL suggests that this lectin would be useful as an anti-cancer drug or an adjuvant for other drugs., Data indicate that in recurrent spontaneous abortion patients, the expression levels of CD49b and LAG-3 (CD223) on CD14(+) mononuclear cells and the plasma level of transforming growth factor beta (TGF-beta) decreased obviously compared with normal females.,
OMIM_DISEASE Glycoprotein Ia deficiency,
SP_COMMENT domain:The integrin I-domain (insert) is a VWFA domain. Integrins with I-domains do not undergo protease cleavage., function:Integrin alpha-2/beta-1 is a receptor for laminin, collagen, collagen C-propeptides, fibronectin and E-cadherin. It recognizes the proline-hydroxylated sequence G-F-P-G-E-R in collagen. It is responsible for adhesion of platelets and other cells to collagens, modulation of collagen and collagenase gene expression, force generation and organization of newly synthesized extracellular matrix., polymorphism:Position 534 is associated with platelet-specific alloantigen HPA-5 (Br). HPA-5A/Br(a) has Lys-534 and HPA-5B/Br(b) has Glu-534. HPA-5B is involved in neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia (NAIT or NATP). The Lys-534-Glu polymorphism may play a role in coronary artery disease (CAD)., similarity:Belongs to the integrin alpha chain family., similarity:Contains 1 VWFA domain., similarity:Contains 7 FG-GAP repeats., subunit:Heterodimer of an alpha and a beta subunit. Alpha-2 associates with beta-1. Interacts with HPS5 and RAB21. Binds to human echoviruses 1 and 8 capsid proteins and acts as a receptor for these viruses. Interacts (via ITAG2 I-domain) with rotavirus A VP4; this interaction only occurs in rotavirus integrin-dependent strains, for which ITGA2 acts as a receptor.,