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interleukin 12B(IL12B) interleukin 12B(IL12B) Related Genes Homo sapiens
CYTOBAND 5q31.1-q33.1,
GENERIF_SUMMARY inherited interleukin-12 deficiency, Heparins (unfractionated heparin, UFH and low molecular weight heparin certoparin) had no effect on the release of IL-1ra, IL-10, and IL-12p40 from neutrophils or peripheral blood mononuclear cells., STATE OF ART REVIEW. Malignant B-cells from follicular and marginal zone lymphomas expressed IL-12 p35 and p40 transcripts, whereas only p35 mRNA was detected in mantle cell lymphoma., The IL12B gene does not confer susceptibility to coeliac disease, results suggest that LPS stimulates the pituitary gland directly in vivo to increase IL-12 p40 gene expression, DISCUSSION FORUM, Leishmania priming of human dendritic cells for CD40 ligand-induced interleukin-12p40 secretion is strain and species dependent, The purified lipoprotein, Lpk, from Mycobacterium leprae, was found to induce production of interleukin-12 in human peripheral blood monocytes, results suggest that impaired IL-12 production in HIV-infected myeloid cells occurs, in part, via disruption of IL-12 p40 gene expression in a manner that requires cellular infection, ATPgammaS potentiated the IL-12p40 release induced by TNF-alpha. This potentiation was observed as long as the IL-12p40 concentration under agonist stimulation remained below a threshold value close to 10 ng/ml; inhibition was observed above this value., IL12B promoter heterozygosity contributes to asthma severity rather than susceptibility per se., possible role of IL-12 and tissue antioxidants in development and progression of chronic sinusitis, role of CD28 and IL-12/IL-15 signaling impairment in T cell proliferative deficiency during senescence, IL12B SNP is associated with susceptibility to atopic dermatitis and psoriasis vulgaris, presumably by affecting the Th1/Th2 balance., IL-12 expression in PMN of SLE patients was less prominent than that of the normal controls., A key mechanism in the pathogenesis of MS is the increased expression of CD86 and CD40L and the increased production of IL12 during disease progression., Interleukin-10 induction of endothelial nitric-oxide synthase expression attenuates CD40-mediated interleukin-12 synthesis in human endothelial cells., Diesel exhaust particles seem to inhibit the production of IL-12 p40 in lipopolysaccharide activated monocytes as a model for lung macrophages, These two potentially important candidate gene single nucleotide polymorphisms are not associated with susceptibility to idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis., IL-12B 3'untranslated region has no effect or has a negligible effect on human susceptibility to tuberculosis., The IL12B TaqI gene polymorphisms do not appear to be involved in susceptibility to celiac disease, interleukin-12 p40 transcription and NF-kappaB activation are inhibited by nitric oxide in macrophages and dendritic cells, Data show that reverse signaling via 4-1BB-ligand enhanced interleukin-12beta mRNA and the secretion of IL-12 p70 in various antigen-presenting cells, including monocytes., identify erythroid Kruppel-like factor as a transcription factor in macrophages able to regulate IL-12 p40 transcription depending on the cellular activation status, no evidence to support the presence of a heterozygote effect of the IL12B promoter polymorphism on the level of asthma in early childhood or adulthood, Frequencies of the various genotypes for the promoter region of the gene encoding IL-12p40 (IL12B) did not differ between psoriasis patients and controls., The polymorphism of IL12B (1188A/C) appears to have some influence on the outcome of hepatitis c virus infection., association between IL12B intron 2 polymorphism and tuberculosis and between specific IL12B haplotypes and TB found in Hong Kong Chinese population, We found a strong association between the IL12B_4237 and IL12B_6402 polymorphisms and an asthma-severity phenotype in whites., Decreased LPS-induced IL-12(p70) and IL-10 responses were associated with the TLR4 (Asp299Gly) polymorphism and independently with asthma, especially atopic asthma in school-age children, interleukin 12 and interferon gamma are involved in inhibition of cytotrophoblastic cell invasion, No association of IL12B polymorphisms and self-limited HCV infection could be demonstrated., p300 is involved in the transcriptional regulation of IL-12 p40, and IL-12 p40 is one of the target genes of p300, A direct role for IL12B in susceptibility to inflammatory bowel disease is unlikely., study shows that PBMCs of patients with advanced gastric cancer show poor production of TNF and IL-12p40 in response to stimulation with tumor cells in vitro & this unresponsiveness is associated in some patients with diminished IRAK-1 expression in vivo, Heterozygosity of a polymorphism in the 3'untranslated region of the IL12B gene was associated with a delayed disease in late-onset diabetics., The IL12B 1188 (A-->C) gene polymorphism is not involved in defining the genetic basis of the susceptibility to and final outcome of peptic ulcer disease., synthesis in RAW264.7 cells is induced by IRF-8, reversible histone acetylation/deacetylation modification plays an important role in the transcriptional regulation of IL-12, chronically infected patients were significantly more likely than those with resolved HCV infection to be homozygous for the IL-12B 3'-UTR A allele, IL12B gene polymorphisms may affect the final steps of gastric carcinogenesis in H pylori infected subjects., The IL-12B 3'UTR A-C polymorphism would be considered as a supplementary risk factor for Type 1 diabetes in conjunction with HLA haplotypes., The pro-inflammatory nature of hResistin was further evident from the ability of this protein to induce the nuclear translocation of NF-kappaB transcription factor as seen from electrophoretic mobility shift assays., Our results provide evidence for anti-bacterial host response toward Th1-immunity mediated by IL-12B in patients with Adamantiades-Behcet's disease (ABD), and the possible insight into the genetic susceptibility that is independent of HLA background., Among cytokines affecting T helper type 1 (Th1)-Th2 balance, the levels of IL-12 p40 and its autoantibody are specifically elevated in patients with myasthenia gravis complicated by thymoma., The 1188A/C exchange in the IL12B gene is associated with Th1-mediated infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and salmonellosis, Increased concentrations of p40 subunit of IL-12/IL-23 in follicles containing oocytes suggest an important role of this cytokine in reproduction., The association of IL-12p40 A1188C polymorphism with the outcome of HCV infection is reported., Th1-type cell and related cytokines might play an important role in the pathogenesis of HT and GD., IL12B and IL23R genes play a fundamental role in psoriasis pathogenesis., upon activation with anti-CD3 and anti-CD28 antibodies, only 25% of the CD4+ T cells from HIV-1 patients showed an increase in the IL-12beta2 when compared with 50% in healthy controls, Polymorphic variants in the IL12B gene is associated with leprosy and tuberculosis, IL-12B-3'UTR polymorphism may contribute to silicosis severity rather than to susceptibility, IL-12p40-transgenic C57BL/6 mice characterized by overexpression of p40 show increased levels of serum IL-12p80 and enhanced disease susceptibility., mRNA levels of IL12 subunit p40 in active SLE patients was significantly higher compared with those in the inactive SLE patients, downregulation of TLR2 and decreased production of interleukin-12 p40 and tumour necrosis factor-alpha following Mycobacterium avium or lipoteichoic acid stimulation may contribute to host susceptibility to nontuberculous mycobacterial lung disease, IL-12 may have a role in progression of the colorectal adenoma-carcinoma sequence, Sequence variants in the genes for the interleukin-23 receptor (IL23R) and its ligand (IL12B) confer protection against psoriasis., IL12B 3' UTR C allele was present at significantly higher frequency in cardiomyopathic as compared to asymptomatic. Results suggest that IL12B 3' UTR gene polymorphisms may influence the susceptibility to develop Chagasic cardiomyopathy., Engagement of gC1qR on dendritic cells by hepatitis C virus core protein limits the induction of Th1 responses by inhibiting TLR-induced IL-12 production and may contribute to viral persistence., four variants (rs11209026, rs7517847, rs1343151, rs10889677) of IL-23R and the A1188C polymorphism (rs3212227) of IL-12B are unlikely to be major contributors to the pathogenesis of myocardial infarction, IL -10 (-1082 G/A) and IL -12B 3'UTR (Taq I) (A/C) gene polymorphisms were not associated either with susceptibility or resistance to pulmonary tuberculosis in the south Indian population., results here show that IL-23 is elevated in children with malarial anemia, and that IL-10 and IL-12 appear to have important regulatory effects on IL-23 production during childhood malaria, polymorphism associated with early onset psoriasis, A heightened, perhaps persistent, activational state of IL-12(p40)/Stat4 signaling may be present in active Chinese ulcerative colitis (UC) patients, and possibly involved in chronic inflammation in UC., no strong evidence was present in this study to support a role for the IL12B/IL23R psoriasis-associated SNPs in multiple sclerosis susceptibility; the potential role of other, unlinked SNPs in these genes with a very modest influence cannot be excluded, Homozygosity of high producer IL-12p40 genotype IL-12Bpro-11 and -GG had the highest genetic risk of silicosis development in Bulgarian miners., Association of interleukin-6, interleukin-12, and interleukin-10 gene polymorphisms with essential hypertension in Tatars from Russia, an increased expression of IL-12 p40, IL-12 p35 and IL-23 p19 mRNA was observed in bone marrow mononuclear cells and peripheral blood mononuclear cells of patients with aplastic anemia compared with the corresponding one in normal controls., Polymorphisms of the IL12B and IL23R genes are associated with psoriasis., IL-12 p40 mRNA levels were significantly up-regulated in PHA-activated PBMCs., NK cells require in vivo priming with IL-12/23 to acquire their full spectrum of functional reactivity, while T cells are dependent upon IL-12/23 signals for the differentiation and/or the maintenance of CD56(+) effector memory T cells, IL12B polymorphisms IVS2 -912GG genotype and IVS2 -912G, Single nucleotide polymorphism in IL12B is associated with inflammatory bowel disease., The IL12B promoter polymorphism was associated with susceptibility to cerebral malaria., This study characterized the genetic variation in IL12B in 215 individuals belonging to 34 families and evaluated linkage and association of parasitemia with IL12B polymorphisms and haplotypes., IL-12 p40 3'UTR 1188 A/C polymorphism is associated with greater susceptibility to lepromatous leprosy in patients from western Mexico, interleukin 12B (IL12B) variants are not associated with rheumatoid arthritis., These results implicate IL-12 and IL-27 in regulating human macrophages, and IL-27 derived from macrophages during infection impedes control of Mycobacterium tuberculosis growth., interleukin-12 has a role in the killing activity of lymphocytes on Hela cells, Genotypical variations of the IL-12B (40) gene have not been investigated for schizophrenic patients yet.We examined polymorphic variants of IL-12B (p40)., study demonstrates that oxidative stress induced by soluble cigarette smoke components potently inhibits the production of IL-12 and IL-23 by maturing dendritic cells, results demonstrate that IL-12 improves the cytotoxicity of NK cells in an NKG2D-dependent manner and augments the expression of cytotoxic effector molecules, Polymorphisms in the IL12B promoter region associate with two different clinical courses of steroid-sensitive childhood nephrotic syndrome., Data suggest that the structure of interleukin-23 reveals the molecular basis of p40 subunit sharing with interleukin-12., results demonstrated that the production of IL-10 from PBMC depended on both -1082A*G in IL10 and +16974A*C in IL12B polymorphisms, IL-12 promotes disease development in acute inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy., variants are not specific risk factors for arthritis, but relevant for susceptibility to psoriasis in general, in the presence of IL-18, cutaneous lupus erythematosus keratinocytes failed to express IL-12, Serum levels of p40 IL-12/23 may not be considered as a biologic tool of disease activity assessment in spondyloarthropathy (SpA) patients. Mean levels of synovial p40 IL12/23 were higher in SpA patients compared to osteoarthritis patients., Variation within IL23R and IL12B is associated with susceptibility to both psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, These findings suggest that IL12A rs568408 and IL12B rs3212227 may individually and jointly contribute to the risk of cervical cancer and may modify cervical cancer risk associated with parity., The IL-12/23p40 gene -6415CTCTAA/GC polymorphism is involved in cytokine production potential by affecting Sp1-mediated transcription activity., Expanded catalog of genetic loci implicated in psoriasis susceptibility., Strong replication for two known susceptibility loci MHC and IL12B in psoriasis., genetic variants at position +16974 are associated with susceptibility to chronic periodontitis [in Taiwan], Bioactive forms of IL-12 and IL-23 are highly expressed in various DC and macrophage subsets and their marked in situ production suggest that both cytokines have crucial pathogenic role in psoriasis., In asthmatic patients, the effects of the IL-12B polymorphism on asthma, allergic rhinitis, familial asthma, eosinophilia and total IgE levels, are controversial., IL12B polymorphisms were found to be both positively (susceptible) and negatively (protective) associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Macedonians., IL12B 3'UTR polymorphism does not affect graft survival, delayed graft function or acute rejection, but it has impact on the occurrence of cytomegalovirus infection after kidney transplantation., p40(2) participates in the pathogenesis of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis and that neutralization of p40(2) may be beneficial in multiple sclerosis patients, Reduced IL-12p40 and IL-10 production of monocyte-derived dendritic cells generated from HIV infected patients who were receiving receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy or are therapy naive is reported., Polymorphismin the interleukin-12-3' untranslated region is associated with glioma., This is the first study to provide an evidence for the association of IL-12beta (1188A/C) gene polymorphism with the risk of cervical cancer., analysis of the link between the evolutionary conservation of Vpr and its ability to suppress IL-12 secretion by DC, data suggest that although IL23R contributes to Rheumatoid Arthritis aetiology, its effect is seemingly not the same as that reported in Crohn's disease., Higher serum levels of IL-10 and IL-12 in HBeAg-positive patients are correlated with early, spontaneous HBeAg seroconversion, Polymorphisms in IL12B were not associated with the development of colorectal carcinoma but IL-12p40 serum levels were associated with disease progression., present the analysis of a set of single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) within and flanking the IL12B gene; no SNP showed individually significant association in the population as a whole., The existence of a significant association between the [IL12B promoter allele] CTCTAA allele and susceptibility to cerebral malaria was confirmed in Southeast Asian population, which was previously reported in African populations., Studies indicate that modulation of TH-17 cell function and/or differentiation has proceeded to the greatest extent with monoclonal antibodies to IL-12 p40., Susceptibility to tuberculous infection is associated with AC genotype of the polymorphic region A-1188C in the IL12 gene., Data show that that 4-trifluoromethyl-celecoxib can inhibit secretion but not transcription of IL-12 (p35/p40) and IL-23 (p40/p19 heterodimers), and that this is associated with HERP function in the endoplasmic reticulum., IL- 18 and IL-12p40 polymorphisms may have some effect on the onset age and deterioration of glycemic control in Turkish patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus., increased production by PBMC isolated from systemic lupus erythematosus patients, IL-2, IL-10 and IL-12B are regulated by 1alpha,25(OH)2D3, TL1A increased cytotoxicity of IL-12/IL-18-activated NK cells against target cells dependent on NK activation for lysis and could function in vivo as a key co-activator of NK cytotoxicity., Data show that exosomes inhibited the expression of JAK3 and phosphorylation of STAT5 in high doses in T-cells, but not JAK2, while EXO/IL-12 had much less attenuated reduction of the expression of p-STAT5., genotypic and haplotypic variation at IL12Bpro and IL12B 3' UTR in this population influences susceptibility to severe malaria and functional changes in circulating IL-12p40 and IFN-gamma levels., results indicate JNK1 negatively and JNK2 positively regulates IL-12 synthesis induced by LPS in THP-1 macrophages; PI3K p110beta affects JNK1 activity, but not JNK2 activity, as induced by LPS, resulting in positive regulation of IL-12 p40 production, Describe the successful construction, characterization and production of the heterodimeric immunocytokine F8-IL12. Engineered tumor-targeting heterodimeric immunocytokine F8-IL12 using different combinations of the two subunits (p35 and p40)., Early treatment of multiple sclerosis with IFN-beta1b may stabilize clinical disease by attenuating level of Il-12p40., The observed discordance in periodontal breakdown in the studied monozygotic twin population may be related to the relatively low levels of IL-12p40 secretion after ex vivo stimulation of whole-blood cell cultures., The allelic as well as genotypic frequencies of interleukin-12B gene polymorphisms did not significantly differ between HIV-1/AIDS patients and negative healthy controls., Genotype-22 of IL12Bpro was predominantly combined with genotype-AA of a single nucleotide polymorphism in 3'UTR among systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) patients and this combination elevates the risk of SLE., inhibits acute myeloid leukemia cell growth, Findings in this study suggest that adiponectin, IL-12p70, and IL-13 may play a role in the pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis., Single-stranded RNA induced Interleukin-12 production in myeloid dendritic cells., Our study confirms the association of IL-12B with psoriasis and reveals that the G allele of rs6887695 of IL-12B and the A-A haplotype of rs11465817-rs1343152 of IL-23R confer an increased risk of psoriasis in the Chinese Han population., Established breast tumor cell lines expressed IL-12p40 transcripts and protein and IL-12p35 transcripts., semiquinone glucoside derivative dose dependent study showed approximately similar level of induction in IL-12p40, IL-12p35, IL-23p19 and RelA proteins expression at all tested concentration (30-90 microg/ml) compared to control, Results showed that the alleles of +1188 region of IL-12 and alleles of +874 of IFN-gamma were also not associated with serum level of cytokines in HBV patients., In men with autoimmune thyroid disease, a common variant located upstream of the IL12B coding region may influence whether patients present with Graves' disease or Hashimoto's disease., We identified significant combined effects between MHC and LCE, MHC and IL12B on the risk of psoriasis in Chinese population., DNA copy number variation of IL12B gene is associated with systemic lupus erythematosus., The molecular mechanism of transcriptional regulation of the IL-12B gene by 1alpha,25(OH)(2)D(3) in lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-treated human monocytes (THP-1), was examined., C57BL/6 mice transgenic for colitis-prone SJL/J mouse p40 variant synthesize significantly more IL-12p70 upon lipopolysaccharide challenge and are more prone to develop colonic inflammation than are C57BL/6 mice transgenic for the C57BL/6-p40 variant., Genetic variation in IL12B, a highly relevant candidate gene, is a risk factor for pulmonary tuberculosis in populations of African ancestry., promoter site polymorphisms associated with ulcerative colitis, Data show that MMP-2-conditioned dendritic cells primed naive CD4(+) T cells to differentiate into an inflammatory T(H)2 phenotype through OX40L expression and inhibition of IL-12p70 production., The IL-8 -251A/T, IL-12B -1188A/C and TNF-alpha -238A/G polymorphisms may not be associated with susceptibility to TS in the Chinese Han population studied., There was no significant association between the allele and genotype frequency of the 3' UTR 1188 A/C polymorphism in the IL- 12p40 gene in 66 lepromatous leprosy patients., These results suggest that the SNPs in IL-12A rs568404 and IL-12B rs3212227 may individually and jointly contribute to the risk of asthma in a Chinese population., mTOR pathway controls IL-12/IL-10 modulation by L. donovani in monocyte-dervied macrophages., IL-12p40 +1188 A/C polymorphism is associated with nasopharyngeal cancer risk and tumor extension, Tim-3 is constitutively expressed on human resting CD14(+) monocyte/macrophages (M/M(O)) and functions as a cap to block IL-12., IL-12 and IL-23 were found to be abundantly expressed by macrophages infiltrating papillary and reticular dermis of hidradenitis suppurativa lesional skin, Serum IL-18, IL-12 and TNF-alpha may be involved in the process of hepatic injury of intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy., The individual contributions of these cytokines to specific pathologies require investigation and clinical evaluation of the role of IL-12- and IL-23-specific inhibitors., IFN-beta mediates suppression of IL-12p40 in human dendritic cells following infection with virulent Francisella tularensis., Glucan increases IL-12 production through NADPH oxidase-unrelated mechanisms., The rs3212227 is a marker of susceptibility to SMA in children with acute disease, but does not appear to mediate functional changes in IL-12 production or longitudinal outcomes during the acquisition of naturally-acquired malarial immunity., Results show that cryopreservation of monocytes or iDCs leads to an impaired cytokine response for IL-10, TNF-alpha, IL-12p70 and IL-1beta., IL-12 subunit p40 and IL-10 serum levels were associated with progression of colorectal cancer., IL12 pathway highlights the interplay between innate and acquired immunity., Gene-gene interactions of IL-12A rs2243115 and IL-12B rs3212227 may contribute to brain tumor susceptibility., Data show that the IL-12B A1188C genotype is associated with the development and disease severity of ankylosing spondylitis., TNF-alpha and IL12B 3'UTR gene polymorphisms may be associated with hepatitis b virus susceptibility and IL-10 gene polymorphisms may be related to the HBV persistence infection in Chinese Han HD patients., Polymorphisms in IL10 and IL12B that result in low production of proinflammatory cytokines are associated with persistent fungemia in candidemia patients., Pooled analysis corroborated the effect on multiple sclerosis predisposition of three genes, IL-12B and its +1188 polymorphism may play a prominent role in the pathogenesis of Type 2 diabete, evaluated presence of polymorphisms at 874 (T/A) IFNG and 1188 (A/C) IL-12B genes in cervical smears from healthy women and women, HPV positive, with CIN lesions and cervical cancer; for IL-12B gene, there was significant difference in genotype and allele distribution between groups; AA genotype and A allele were less frequent in the group with low-grade cervical lesions, recombinant human interleukin-12 is a potent mitigator of acute radiation injury in mice and non-human primates, MCP1 SNPs and pulmonary tuberculosis in cohorts from West Africa, the USA and Argentina show a lack of association or epistasis with IL12B polymorphisms, The IL12B SNP rs6887695 modulates the susceptibility and the phenotype of inflammatory bowel disease, although the effect on inflammatory bowel disease susceptibilty is less pronounced than that of IL23R gene variants., Microbial keratitis were less likely to occur in wearers with the nonmutated IL-6 haplotype; wearers carrying an IL-12B SNP had an increased risk of sterile keratitis compared with controls., variation in the IL12B gene, but not IL12A, partly explains inter-individual differences in disease susceptibility and severity, Genotyped IL12A and IL12B polymorphisms in four hundred-five patients with cervical cancer and four hundred fifty unrelated Showed that the IL12B polymorphism may be a genetic risk factor for cervical cancer., It was concluded that IL12B gene polymorphisms were not associated with sex bias in Graves' disease and do not confer susceptibility to Graves' disease in the Chinese population., Interleukin-27 and interleukin-12 augment activation of distinct cord blood natural killer cells responses via STAT3 pathways., these results might imply that higher levels of IL-12 p40predispose to breast cancer, Study indicated IL12B SNP rs6887695 (GG genotype) as a risk factor for psoriasis., Data indicate that IL-12B gene rs3212227 CC/AC and IL-12Rbeta1 gene 378 GG/GC genotypes, which associated with decreased IL-12p40 level, may contribute to esophageal cancer susceptibility., Autoimmune diseases appear to cluster in two groups that either show strong associations with the Th1/Th17 pathway (IL12B and IL23R) or the Th1/IL-35 pathway ( polymorphisms in the IL12A gene region). Review, Development of anti-HBs in HD patients is associated with gene polymorphisms of interleukins involved in the Th1 system., Results show significant interactions between BMI and two SNPs in the IL12B gene and also the association between a polymorphism in IL12B and psoriasis risk may be modified by measure of overall and central adiposity., The mRNA levels of p40, IL-20 and IL-21 at baseline may serve as potential predictors of treatment response to ustekinumab in psoriasis., Data show that SNP of IL-12B gene was associated with significantly increased overall risk of cancers, however, the SNPs of IL-12A gene did not appear to have an influence on cancer susceptibility., A parent-of-origin effect in inflammatory bowel diseases was observed for single nucleotide polymorphisms in IL12B, PRDM1, and IL10., This study investigates gene expression of interleukin (IL)-12-related (IL-12A, IL-12B, IL-23A) cytokine and IL-10 in stimulated monocytes from colorectal cancer (CRC) patients., IL-12B rs3212227 polymorphism probably is associated with a high risk of cancer. [Meta-analysis], These findings suggest that the IL-12A and IL-12B independently and jointly be involved in the susceptibility to intracranial aneurysm., The production of lipopolysaccharides-induced TNF-alpha, IL-6, and IL-12p40 is increased significantly when miR-187 expression is silenced., There is a strong association between rs6887595 (IL12B) and psoriatic arthritis., Results with IL-6 and IL-12p40 are in accordance with the hypothesis that the IL-17/IL-23 pathway has a suppressive role in cervical cancer., Our study reveals the important role of IL12/IL18-mediated transcriptional regulation of IFN-gamma production in leprosy., susceptibility to T1DM in Croatians is not strongly associated with IL-18-137/-607 and IL-12B polymorphisms. These SNPs are associated with the higher risk of earlier disease development and might be implicated in the effectiveness of glycemic control., The dual commitment of IRF3 and IRF5 in the regulation of the Il12b enhancer and promoter is unique and may have implications for understanding the evolution of this gene., IL12B SNPs and copy number variation in IL23R gene associated with susceptibility to leprosy., Silencing the SOCS1 and IL12 genes enhances dendritic cell-mediated anti-laryngocarcinoma immunity., review/Meta-analysis, The p40 subunit of interleukin (IL)-12 promotes stabilization and export of the p35 subunit, The psoriasis IL12B risk haplotype leads to increased IL12B mRNA expression in interferon-gamma conditioned monocytes., IL-18 gene polymorphism contributes to bladder cancer risk whereas IL-12 is protective in a North Indian population., IL-12p40 deficiency has high but incomplete penetrance, with 33.3% of genetically affected relatives of index cases showing no symptoms of mendelian susceptibility to mycobacterial disease. However, prognosis is poor, with mortality rates of up to 28.6%., The IL-8 -251T/A and IL-12B 1188A/C polymorphisms may be relevant host susceptibility factors for the development of gout., Increasing IL-4 and IL-12p40 production by bronchoalveolar lavage cells are biomarkers for Acid-fast bacillus in sputum of patients who present with radiographically advanced tuberculosis., SNP rs2288831 in the IL12B gene as a susceptible variation for Crohn's disease., SNP in IL12B promoter is associated with asthma and decreased IL12B transcription., IL-12B rs3212227 A variant was associated with higher levels of serum IL-12p40 and could possibly contribute to an inherited predisposition to brucellosis., Data indicate that the Interleukin-12B single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) confers a susceptibility to HCV infection in a sex-dependent way in Egyptians., IL-31 induces pro-inflammatory effects in activated human macrophages via STAT-1 and 5 phosphorylation. Interleukin-31-induced ERK 1/2 activation contributes to the underlying mechanism of Th1 cytokine IL-12 suppression in macrophages., IL12B variation is associated with need and time to early surgery in Crohn's disease., Data show that IFN-gamma induced the production of IL-12/23p40 and IL-23p19 mRNA as well as IL-12p40 and IL-23 proteins positively regulated by the p38 mitogen-activated protein kinases (MAPKs) in monocytes isolated through anti-CD14 microbeads., TGF-beta1 blockade and IL-12p70 production augments antitumor immunity in tumor and dendritic cell fusions., An increased IL12p40 level characterizes the cerebrospinal fluid of mulitple sclerosis patients, Data indicate that IL-12 increased after surgery in 38 of 52 cases., Poor nutritional status and frailty in subjects over 75 years were associated with decreased IL-12p70 and IL-23 production., Collectively, our data indicate that lipids secreted by adipocytes are able to modulate the phenotype of macrophages by inhibiting IL-12p40 secretion., IL12B and HLA-B*52, genetic polymorphisms are associated with psoriasis risk in Europeans, Advanced cancer patients had similar numbers of circulating myDC to cancer-free patients and healthy individuals, and secreted similar levels of IL-1beta, IL-6, IL-10, IL-12 and IL-23. However, myDC from some patients failed to secrete the Th1-cytokine IL-12, Single nucleotide polymorphism in the IL12B is associated with psoriasis., serum IL-12p40 levels associate with the risk of osteosarcoma and are regulated by IL-12B rs3212227 polymorphism., A meta-analysis indicates that the IL-12B +1188 A/C polymorphism could play a protective role in the development of cancer., Founder effect mutation in IL12B gene is responsible for Mendelian susceptibility to mycobacterial disease., IL12BCGT haplotype carriers presented lower parasitemia levels, Data indicate that carriers of variations in the IL6, IL12B and absence of HLA-Cw6 as having decreased risk for psoriasis., The IL-12A rs568408 and IL-12B rs3212227 polymorphisms were analyzed in relation to anti-hepatitis B antigens development in 602 hemodialysis patients., genetic polymorphism is associated with progression of hepatitis B to hepartocellular carcinoma in India, A meta-analysis suggests that the C allele of the IL12B 3' UTR may act as a tuberculosis risk factor in Caucasians but not in Asians or in Africans., Presence of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis, rs2241880 (ATG16L1) and rs10045431 (IL12B) were found to be significantly associated with Crohn's disease., The risk of gastric cardiac adenocarcinoma associated with the IL12B rs3212227 T > G polymorphism was evident among Chinese female patients and Chinese patients who never smoked or consumed alcoholic drinks., IL12B gene SNPs were found to not be associated with multiple sclerosis susceptibility in a Chinese southern population., A review of both experimental and human data that supports the hypothesis of a key pathogenic role of IL-23/Th17 axis in psoriasis., presence of SNPs in IL12B, TNFA, and IL1B was significantly associated with asthma, atopy, and severity of asthma., These results show that IL-15 and IL-12 combination has the ability to expand the selective depletion of invariant natural killer T cells in vitro in HIV-infected individuals., ingestion of apoptotic cells by DCs leads to increased expression of IL-12p35 and Ebi3 without affecting IL-12p40., balance of IL-23 vs IL-12/IL-27 signals into CD4(+) effector T cells determines whether tissue inflammation is perpetuated or resolves, L. major, but not L. donovani, induces expression of IRF2, IRF7, and IFIT5, implicating the regulation of type I IFN-associated signaling pathways as mediating factors toward the production of IL-12., Genetic variations of IL-12B, IL-12Rbeta1, IL-12Rbeta2 in Behcet's disease and VKH syndrome., natural killer cells interact with mesenchymal stem cells for enhanced IL-12/IL-18-induced interferon-gamma secretion, preoperative serum concentration of IL-12p40 cytokine is a good prognostic marker for survival of patients with colorectal cancer, genetic variation at IL12B, IL23R and IL23A has an influence not only on the risk for psoriasis but also on disease severity and type 2 diabetes mellitus, Data indicate that IL-23 p19, IL-23 p40 (IL-12 p40) and IL-23 receptor (IL-23R) were cytoplasmic/membranous over-expressed in colorectal cancer and normal tissues, but were reduced in lymph node metastases., These data indicate that type II Toxoplasma gondii GRA15II induction of CD40 promotes parasite immunity through the production of IL-12., We investigated the relations of three potentially functional single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in IL-12A (rs2243115 and rs568408) and IL-12B (rs3212227) with late-onset Alzheimer's disease., There was no statistical significance between IL12B, IL16, and IL18 (rs187238) gene polymorphisms and kidney graft outcome after transplantation., IL-12 and IL-10 seem to be affected by various modes of tobacco exposure and inflammation also affects median survival of cancer patients., Data show that dsFvalpha gene and interleukin 12 (IL-12) gene were successfully expressed in the supernatant of transfected cells., IL-12p40 response to in vitro stimulation in patients with Mendelian susceptibility to mycobacterial disease was below normal levels., Medroxyprogesterone acetate differentially regulates interleukin (IL)-12 and IL-10 in a human ectocervical epithelial cell line in a glucocorticoid receptor (GR)-dependent manner, Interleukin-12B gene polymorphisms are associated with the risk of bladder cancer., Replicating the association of single-nucleotide polymorphisms in the TNFAIP3, IL12B and IL23R genes with psoriasis vulgaris, in subjects from different ethnic backgrounds, underlines their importance in the pathogenesis of the disease., The present meta-analysis suggests that the IL-12B+1188A/C polymorphism is a low-penetrant risk factor for HCC development, especially among Asians, Data suggest that the IL-12p40 single nucleotide polymorphism rs3212227 is not associated with the risk of plaque psoriasis in Mestizo population in western Mexico., our results reveal that circulating concentrations of IL-8 and IL-12 increase along with important vascular threatening traits as fasting serum glucose and VLDL-c, respectively, No significant association was observed between rs2243115 in IL-12A and RA, the secretion of IL-1alpha, IL-1beta, IL-12b, and CCL4 occurs during gelatinase degranulation, a process controlled by STX3., DN was associated with enhanced Th1 response and suppression of Th2 responses which might be due to inreased levels of IL-12 and decreased levels of IL-33 cytokines respectively., IL-12 can induce monocytic tumor cells directional differentiation into macrophage-like cells., Compared with the IL-12B-AA genotype, CC and combined CC/AC genotypes were associated with a significant decreased risk of Hepatitis C virus infection in Chinese hemodialysis patients., These results confirm the important role of TNF-a in the pathogenesis of nail psoriasis and may suggest that anti-TNF agents could be more beneficial in psoriatic nail disease than agents targeting IL-12/23 p40 or IL-17 ., Based on these results, we believe that the increased levels of IL-12p40 and IL-16 are associated with an ongoing inflammatory response in obese individuals and could lead to the development of disease conditions related to obesity., Expression of IL12p40 was elevated both at mRNA and protein levels in IBD patients. Findings show that IL12p40 signaling had a key impact on the functions of human CD4+ T cells., IL12B genetic polymorphism may contribute to melanoma susceptibility and prognosis., mTORC2 regulates lipopolysaccharides-induced expression of IL-12 and IL-23 in human dendritic cells., Linkage disequilibrium of polymorphisms is reported in the IL-12 gene in patients with HCV infection and contributes to the understanding of patient genotype and expected production of IL-12, responding to infection., While Takayasu arteritis (TAK) patients with ulcerative colitis (UC) displayed a high frequency of the risk allele rs6871626 compared with TAK patients without UC, the difference was not significant., Findings suggest that the interleukin 12B (IL-12B) and interleukin 10 (IL-10)-592 genotypes were distributed homogenously across all major ethnic groups, including Malays, Chinese, and Indians., Peripheral blood mononuclear cells from severe asthmatic children release lower amounts of IL-12 and IL-4 after LPS stimulation., The IL23R polymorphisms rs10889677, rs7517847, and the IL12B polymorphism rs3212227 are not associated with multiple sclerosis risk., Findings demonstrate that IL-12 is increased significantly in chronic hepatitis B patients and that viral protein HBx induces IL-12 expression in hepatocytes through the activation of the PI3K/Akt pathway., 8 SNPs (rs10045431, rs11167764, rs3212227, rs6556412, rs6556416, rs6871626, rs6887695 and rs7709212) were genotyped in Han ankylosing spondylitis patients and controls. rs6871626 may be associated AS susceptibility and activity., Gene-gene interaction analysis showed that subjects carrying the IL-12A rs568408AG/AA and IL-12B rs3212227AA genotypes had a 2.40-fold increased risk of CRC (OR = 2.40; 95 % CI, 1.14-5.07), Human IL-21+IFN-gamma+CD4+ T cells in nasal polyps are regulated by IL-12., No association was observed for IL-12B and IFN-gamma polymorphisms between the rheumatoid arthritis patients and controls., the IL-12B rs3212227 AC and AC+CC genotypes are associated with rheumatoid arthritis risk in older patients,rheumatoid factor positive patients and anti-cyclic peptide antibodies negative patients, IL-12 immunomodulation delays the onset of lethal peritoneal disease of ovarian cancer., variant IL-12p40 1188C/A genotype was AA (72.92%), AC (23.96%), and CC (3.13%%) in patients as compared to 65%, 30%, and 5%, respectively, in controls., IL12Brs3212227 and IFNgammars2069705 variants were associated with a decreased risk of invasive aspergillosis., These observations indicate a HDAC1-mediated IL-12B gene expression suppression by live, virulent Mycobacterium tuberculosis to subvert the immune system to survive and replicate in the host., High serum IL-12 levels associated with increased densities of peritumoral CD8(+) T cells, intraepithelial CD3(+) T cells and intratumoral neutrophils, while high serum CCL4 levels associated with increased densities of peritumoral CD68(+) cells,
OMIM_DISEASE Immunodeficiency 29, mycobacteriosis,
SP_COMMENT disease:Defects in IL12B are a cause of mendelian susceptibility to mycobacterial disease (MSMD) [MIM:209950]; also known as familial disseminated atypical mycobacterial infection. This rare condition confers predisposition to illness caused by moderately virulent mycobacterial species, such as Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) vaccine and environmental non-tuberculous mycobacteria, and by the more virulent Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Other microorganisms rarely cause severe clinical disease in individuals with susceptibility to mycobacterial infections, with the exception of Salmonella which infects less than 50% of these individuals. The pathogenic mechanism underlying MSMD is the impairment of interferon-gamma mediated immunity, whose severity determines the clinical outcome. Some patients die of overwhelming mycobacterial disease with lepromatous-like lesions in early childhood, whereas others develop, later in life, disseminated but curable infections with tuberculoid granulomas. MSMD is a genetically heterogeneous disease with autosomal recessive, autosomal dominant or X-linked inheritance., function:Associates with IL23A to form the IL-23 interleukin, an heterodimeric cytokine which functions in innate and adaptive immunity. IL-23 may constitute with IL-17 an acute response to infection in peripheral tissues. IL-23 binds to an heterodimeric receptor complex composed of IL12RB1 and IL23R, activates the Jak-Stat signaling cascade, stimulates memory rather than naive T-cells and promotes production of proinflammatory cytokines. IL-23 induces autoimmune inflammation and thus may be responsible for autoimmune inflammatory diseases and may be important for tumorigenesis., function:Cytokine that can act as a growth factor for activated T and NK cells, enhance the lytic activity of NK/lymphokine-activated killer cells, and stimulate the production of IFN-gamma by resting PBMC., online information:IL12B mutation db, PTM:Known to be C-mannosylated in the recombinant protein; it is not yet known for sure if the wild-type protein is also modified., similarity:Belongs to the type I cytokine receptor family. Type 3 subfamily., similarity:Contains 1 fibronectin type-III domain., similarity:Contains 1 Ig-like C2-type (immunoglobulin-like) domain., subunit:Heterodimer with IL12A; disulfide-linked. The heterodimer is known as interleukin IL-12. Heterodimer with IL23A; disulfide-linked. The heterodimer is known as interleukin IL-23. Also secreted as a monomer.,