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glypican 1(GPC1) glypican 1(GPC1) Related Genes Homo sapiens
CYTOBAND 2q35-q37,
GENERIF_SUMMARY Augmented synthesis and differential localization of heparan sulfate proteoglycans in Duchenne muscular dystrophy., S-nitrosylation and Copper-dependent autocleavage of glypican 1, inhibition of Gpc-1 expression abrogates spermine uptake and intracellular delivery; ascorbate released NO, which degraded heparan sulfate side chains and liberated the bound spermine, glypican-1 is required for efficient TGF-beta1 signaling in pancreatic cancer cells, syndecan-1 and glypican-1 have roles in progression of ovarian cancer, glypican 1 (GPC1) is deleted in both reported patients suffering from Albright hereditary osteodystrophy-like (AHO-like) syndrome, altered HSPGs contribute to enhanced signaling of FGF-2 via FGFR1c in gliomas with glypican-1 playing a significant role in this mitogenic pathway, Enhanced GPC1 expression correlates with BMP and activin receptors in pancreatic cancer., cancer cell- and host-derived GPC1 are crucial for full mitogenic, angiogenic, and metastatic potential of cancer cells, Glypican-3 can be especially useful in the identification of poorly differentiated hepatocellular carcinoma., study concludes that Abeta can modulate the cellular expression of agrin and glypican-1, which may contribute to the accumulation of these heparan sulfate proteoglycans in Alzheimer's disease lesions, The N-unsubstituted glucosamine residues are formed during biosynthesis of glypican-1 and the content increased upon inhibition of polyamine synthesis., High glucose can decrease the expression of core protein Sydecan-1 and Glypican-1 in cultured human renal glomerular endothelial cells., Mutagenesis and enzymatic cleavage indicated that the potential N-glycosylation sites are invariably occupied., Crystal structure of N-glycosylated human glypican-1 core protein shows the structure of two loops evolutionarily conserved in vertebrate glypican-1, We now report that human primary suture mesenchymal cells coexpress GPC1 and GPC3 on the cell surface and release them into the media, DNA from 4 HPV positive and 4 HPV negative fresh frozen primary HNSCC were subject to comprehensive genome-wide methylation profiling.Pathway analysis of 1168 methylated genes showed 8 signal transduction pathways (GPC1) of which 62% are hypermethylated., GPC1 and FGFR1 are targets for regulation of their gene expression by miR-149., differences in expression among different subtypes of ameloblastomas, GPC1(+) crExos were detected in the serum of patients with pancreatic cancer with absolute specificity and sensitivity, distinguishing healthy subjects and patients with a benign pancreatic disease in patients with early-and late-stage pancreatic cancer., The C terminus is shown to be highly flexible in solution, but it orients the core protein transverse to the membrane, directing a surface evolutionarily conserved in Gpc1 orthologs toward the membrane, where it may interact with signaling molecules, Data show that notum and glypican-1 and glypican-3 gene expression during colorectal cancer (CRC) development and present evidence to suggest them as potential new biomarkers of CRC pathogenesis.,
SP_COMMENT function:Cell surface proteoglycan that bears heparan sulfate., PTM:This cell-associated glypican is further processed to give rise to a medium-released species., similarity:Belongs to the glypican family.,