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AKT serine/threonine kinase 1(AKT1) AKT serine/threonine kinase 1(AKT1) Related Genes Homo sapiens
CYTOBAND 14q32.32, 14q32.32|14q32.32,
GENERIF_SUMMARY Binding of CTMP to PKBalpha reduces its activity by inhibiting phosphorylation on serine 473 and threonine 308., regulated in platelets by collage receptor glycoprotein VI, Absence of mutations in the pleckstrin homology (PH) domain of protein kinase B (PKB/Akt) in malignant melanoma., Immunohistochemical localization of phosphorylated AKT/PKB in multiple myeloma cells., Akt enhances Mdm2-mediated ubiquitination and degradation of p53., Identification of 14-3-3zeta as a protein kinase B/Akt substrate., Phosphorylation of HDM2 by Akt, and protein binding, IGF-I protects the cells from apoptosis by blocking the activation of caspases, which may be responsible for the loss of FAK and Akt., Akt promotes cell-cycle progression through the mechanisms of phosphorylation-dependent 14-3-3 binding to p27(Kip1) and cytoplasmic localization., AKT activation delays radiation-induced apoptosis, allowing the DNA repair mechanism more time to remove cyclobutane thymine dimers, Different cellular localization, translocation, and insulin-induced phosphorylation of PKBalpha in HepG2 cells and hepatocytes, This study shows that activation of Akt by pervanadate or serum is associated with tyrosine phosphorylation of Akt., 3' phosphoinositide lipid-dependent translocation of PKB to the plasma membrane promotes serine 473 phosphorylation, which is, in turn, necessary for PDK1-mediated phosphorylation of threonine 308 and, consequentially, full PKB activation., determination of high-resolution structure of the pleckstrin homology domain of bound to phosphatidylinositol (3,4,5)-trisphosphate, connective tissue growth factor induced fibronectin production, cell migration, and cytoskeletal rearrangement are associated with recruitment of Src and phosphorylation of p42/44 MAPK and protein kinase B, These data indicate that Akt may contribute to tumor-cell proliferation by phosphorylation and cytosolic retention of p27(kip1), thus relieving CDK2 from p27-induced inhibition., Data show that activation of protein kinase B (PKB)/Akt, contributes to resistance to antiproliferative signals and breast cancer progression in part by impairing the nuclear import and action of p27., Data show that cytoplasmic relocalization of p27(kip1), secondary to Akt-mediated phosphorylation, inactivates the growth inhibitory properties of p27(kip1) and sustains the proliferation of breast cancer cells., PECAM-1 involvement through Akt/PKB activation in starvation-induced transendothelial migration of CD34+CD14+ circulating precursors, data demonstrate that Rho/ROCK pathway negatively regulates eNOS phosphorylation through inhibition of protein kinase B (PKB), whereas it downregulates eNOS expression independent of PKB, chemotherapeutic drugs exhibited their cytotoxic effects in part by down-regulating Akt signaling following TRADD expression, We conclude that normal HERG function in HEK293 cells requires basal activity of PKB. Our data represent the first evidence that PKB phosphorylation regulates K(+) channels., Decreased phosphorylation of protein kinase B and erk1/erk2 in neutrophils from patients with myelodysplastic syndrome, This protein protects HL60 leukemia cells from TRAIL-induced apoptosis through a mechanism involving NF-kappaB activation and cFLIP(L) up-regulation., Increased phosphorylation of this protein was observed in A431 clonal variants., The protein kinase Akt induces epithelial mesenchymal transition and promotes enhanced motility and invasiveness of squamous cell carcinoma lines., activation of Notch1 signaling mediates p53 function in HPV16 E6 and E7 cell transformation via phosphatidylinositol(PI3K)-PKB/Akt pathway, Akt is activated by adrenomedullin, AKT1 is regulated by JIP1, results suggest that TRB3 promotes glucose output from liver under fasting conditions by binding to and interfering with Akt phosphorylation in response to residual insulin signaling, Akt regulates basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor-coactivator complex formation and activity during neuronal differentiation, phosphorylation by Akt regulates the antiapoptotic function of PED/PEA-15 at least in part by controlling the stability of PED/PEA-15, There are clear indications of a cross-talk between PKB and important signaling molecules downstream of the T cell receptor that modulate the thresholds of thymocyte selection and T cell activation., Akt has a pivotal role in the regulation of endometrial cancer cell survival through the up-regulation of a specific inhibitor of apoptosis protein, PI3K/Akt is essential for protecting human keratinocytes against UV-induced apoptosis, whereas NF-kappaB pathway provides little, if any, protective role, The activity of p38 MAP Kinase is regulated by AKT1 in neoplasms., AKT is upregulated in prostate cancer and that expression is correlated with tumor progression, protein kinase B/AKT mediates regulation of survivin levels by integrins, AKT and MCAM are reciprocally regulated., Data show that inhibition of protein kinase B (PKB) involves atypical protein kinase C zeta, which physically interacts with PKB in unstimulated cells., dysregulation of the phosphoinositol-3-kinase/Akt pathway causes Lhermitte-Duclos disease, AKT1 activation disrupts breast acinar architecture and enhances proliferation in an mTOR-dependent manner., HER2/neu predominantly uses Akt to suppress RARE binding activity, which may be one mechanism by which HER2/neu induces ATRA resistance in breast cancer cells, Gi, but not Gq or G12/13, signaling pathways are required for activation of Akt in platelets, AKT has a role in CXCL16 signaling that induces cell-cell adhesion and aortic smooth muscle cell proliferation, There is a down regulation of the serine/threonine kinase, Akt/PKB, concurrent with elevated endogenous GSK3beta kinase activity in familial Alzheimer's disease beta-amyloid precursor protein expressing cells., the role of Akt on cell survival is mediated by XIAP, we propose that an increased expression level of the HMGA2 protein is closely associated with the malignant phenotype in the pancreatic exocrine system., demonstration of a specific role for S1P3 in S1P-induced Akt activation, results suggest that matrix metalloproteinase-1 can stimulate dephosphorylation of Akt protein and neuronal death through a non-proteolytic mechanism that involves changes in integrin alpha2beta1 signaling, Akt negatively regulates the cell aging of endothelial cells via a p53/p21-dependent pathway., Data show that respiratory syncytial virus stimulates sphingosine kinase activity in lung epithelial cells, leading to activation of antiapoptotic sphingosine 1-phosphate and subsequently activation of Akt and extracellular signal-related kinase., Ft1 protein interacts directly with PKB, enhancing the phosphorylation of both of its regulatory sites by promoting its interaction with the upstream kinase PDK1, role for Ins(1,3,4,5,6)P5 as a specific inhibitor of the PI 3-K/Akt signalling pathway, that may sensitize cancer cells to the action of commonly used anticancer drugs, important role for nuclear activation of Akt 1 in thyroid cancer progression, Thus a physiological concentration of insulin stimulated Akt-1 & Akt-2 phosphorylation in human skeletal muscle in the absence of hyperglycemia, but Akt-2 expression is impaired in muscle of obese patients with atypical diabetes with severe hyperglycemia., These results suggest that short-term exposure to TNF-alpha augments insulin effects through protein kinase B-alpha and glycogen synthase kinase-3 beta, whereas long-term exposure causes insulin resistance in HepG2 cells., Expression of constitutively active PKB alpha abrogates dexamethasone stimulation of hPDK4 promoter activity., ET-1 enhances the ability of lung fibroblasts to contract extracellular matrix through the Akt/phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3-kinase) pathway to induce de novo protein synthesis of proteins that contribute to a contractile phenotype., Results report that a novel AMPK catalytic subunit family member, ARK5, plays a key role in tumor malignancy downstream of Akt., The positive regulatory role of constitutively active PKB on TCR responsiveness, subsequent T cell division, and effector function is linked to a negative regulatory mechanism on the nuclear accumulation/shuttling of NFAT and NF-kappa B proteins., activated Akt and Akt2 have roles in progression of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, estradiol may exert part of its proliferative and antiapoptotic effects by a nongenomic manner through the Akt signaling pathway., Overexpressed recombinant human AKT participates in the settings of endothelial dysfunction in SHR rats by impaired membrane localization suggesting that AKT is involved in endothelium dysfunction in hypertension., Data suggest that the expansion of AKT-driven prostate epithelial cells requires mTOR-dependent survival signaling and activation of hypoxia inducible factor (HIF)-1 alpha., T cells from hAKT1 transgenic mice had an elevated production of IFN-gamma at baseline that was maintained during sepsis, while IL-4 had little change., High cell density blocks EGF-dependent cell cycle progression by inhibiting EGF signaling at the level of EGF-dependent Akt activation rather than at the level of EGFR activation., Akt and P70S6K phosphorylation and Gadd45 levels are modulated by GPx-1 in tumor cells, Akt1 pathway is persistently activated in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma, Akt is required and sufficient to mediate Ang1-induced EC survival in response to growth factor depletion. Blocking Akt function abolishes angiopoietin 1 (Ang1), mediated EC survival, and activating Akt rescues a Tie2 blockade-induced EC apoptosis, Genetic distributions of 5 single nucleotide polymorphisms studied did not deviate from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium in patient and control groups., The mechanism of insulin receptor substrate-2, protein kinase B, and anti-apoptotic PKB substrate control of beta-cell growth and survival, and whether these may be targeted therapeutically to delay the onset of type 2 diabetes are reviewed., in primary cultures, Akt selectively phosphorylates tau at S214 rather than T212 so tau S214 may participate in Akt-mediated anti-apoptotic signaling., These results establish a role for FOXN1 in initiation of terminal differentiation and implicate Akt in subsequent events., In Goto-Kakizaki rat soleus muscle, chronic administration of antioxidant alpha -lipoic-acid partly ameliorated the diabetes-related deficit in glucose metabolism including the enzymes Akt/PKB and PI-3 kinase., cAMP-mediated apoptosis was largely independent of protein kinase A (PKA) and exchange protein directly activated by cAMP (EPAC), but associated with inhibition of the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K)/AKT pathway, Sp1 has a role in Akt-mediated induction of VEGF expression through an HIF-1-independent mechanism, TNF-alpha, IL-10, and IL-6 production in Kupffer cells following LPS or lipoteichoic acid stimulation may create a basis for understanding how the balance between pro- and antiinflammatory cytokines is regulated in the liver following bacterial infections, The rapid activation of PI3K-Akt/PKB-mTOR-p70(S6K) cascade by T3 provides a new molecular mechanism for thyroid hormone action, demonstrated that TRAIL mediates the recruitment of PI-3K/Akt and NF-B/IB pathways in leukaemic cells, namely Jurkat T cells, Akt kinase activity can be inhibited by a peptide spanning the betaA strand of the proto-oncogene TCL1, Data provide evidence that Akt plays a central role in the anti-apoptotic effect of estrogen in vascular endothelial cells., evidence of a functional interplay among integrin receptors, PKCepsilon, and protein kinase B (PKB/Akt) in recurrent CWR-R1 prostate cancer cells, Phosphorylated form of Akt-1 is most likely involved in the progression of prostate cancer and is an excellent biomarker for biochemical recurrence., The AKT1 is a susceptibility gene for Japanese schizophrenia., R-Ras plays a key role in cell migration by locally regulating the switch from Rac to Rho activity after membrane protrusion and adhesion, REVIEW, shows that breast tumor kinase interacts with protein kinase B/Akt, a serine/threonine kinase involved in cell growth and survival, protein kinase B/Akt phosphorylation is stimulated by mechanical stretch in epidermal cells via angiotensin II type 1 receptor and epidermal growth factor receptor, Resistin induces HASMC proliferation through both ERK 1/2 and Akt signaling pathways., PKB/Akt activation in response to insulin or ionizing radiation is mediated through ATM, Akt1 regulates the cell division cycle., there is a negative feedback loop in apoptosis involving E2F and AKT, These data suggest that amiloride sensitizes both tumor cells to TRAIL-induced apoptosis by promoting Akt dephosphorylation and caspase-8 activation via the intracellular acidification., GSK3 and PKB/Akt have roles in the integrin-mediated regulation of PTHrP, IL-6 and IL-8 in pancreatic cancer, Gab1 tyrosine phosphorylation is stimulated by flow shear stress to mediate protein kinase B and endothelial nitric-oxide synthase activation in endothelial cells, Akt kinase plays important survival function in T lymphocytes, which involves the regulation of FasL expression and consequent apoptotic signaling., activation of the PI3K/Akt pathway identified as an anti-inflammatory signal that may contribute to the establishment of Salmonella typhimurium in the intestine, Pim-2 and Akt-1 are critical components of overlapping but independent pathways, either of which is sufficient to promote the growth and survival of nontransformed hematopoietic cells, AKT and IL-15 may be important in extranodal NK/T-cell lymphoma tumor survival, results show show that target of rapamycin (TOR) kinase and its associated protein rictor are necessary for AKT/PKB Ser473 phosphorylation and that a reduction in rictor or mammalian TOR (mTOR) expression inhibited an Akt/PKB effector, there is a phosphorylation-regulated complex formation of Grb10 with 14-3-3 and Akt, S6 kinase 1 is essential for the control of muscle cytoplasmic volume by Akt and mTOR, S1P inhibits male germ cell apoptosis independently of its receptors, possibly by inhibiting the transcription factor NF-kappaB and Akt phosphorylation, persistent activation of PI3K results in Akt-dependent sequestration of FoxO1 outside the nucleus of T cells interacting with APCs; this compartmentalization process can affect T cell growth after Ag recognition, ArgBP2gamma is a physiological substrate of Akt, functions as an adaptor for Akt and PAK1, and plays a role in Akt/PAK1 cell survival pathway, EGF and hypoxia induce CXCR4 in non-small cell lung cancer, a process regulated by the PI3-kinase/PTEN/AKT/mTOR signaling pathway and activation of HIF-1alpha, activated Akt is positively correlated with the protein expression of the transcription/translation factor Y-box binding protein-1 (YB-1) in primary breast cancer; activated Akt binds to and phosphorylates the YB-1 cold shock domain at Ser102, arfaptin 2 phosphorylation at Ser260 by Akt inhibits PolyQ-huntingtin-induced toxicity by rescuing proteasome impairment, C1 domain-containing phosphatase and TENsin homologue (C1-TEN) appears to be a novel intracellular phosphatase that negatively regulates the Akt/Protein kinase B signaling cascade, Akt activation, but not ERK1/2 activation, is required for SDF-1alpha-induced migration of epitheloid carcinoma cells, transcriptional induction of HO-1 gene expression by AEBSF is mediated via activation of a PKB, p38 MAPK signaling pathway, insulin induces GATA2 phosphorylation on serine 401 in a PI-3K/Akt-dependent manner, impairing GATA2 translocation to the nucleus and its DNA binding activity, In postmortem extracts from human brain, Akt is down-regulated by a caspase-3 cleavage, establishing a progressive alteration of Akt during pathological progression of Huntington's disease., Differential involvement of protein kinase pathways in regulating apoptosis induction by different forms of selenium in prostate tumor cells., However, muscle glycogen availability appears to contribute to regulation of the Akt pathway, which may influence cellular growth and adaptation in response to resistance exercise in a low-glycogen state., Tumor sections frmo colorectal cancer patients showed elevated expression levels of AKT1, correlating with enhanced cytoplasmic/nuclear expression of beta-catenin., Thus, Akt1 contains a functional NES and mutation of the NES results in nuclear-predominant Akt1 activation that is sufficient to induce migration., matrix-derived mechanical forces sensed by beta1 integrin are capable of modulating ILK activity which regulates fibroblast viability via an Akt-dependent mechanism, JIP1 and JIP3, have a cross-talk that leads to the regulation of the ASK1-SEK1-JNK signal during glucose deprivation; cross-talk between JIP3 and JIP1 is mediated through SEK1-JNK2 and Akt1., PKB mediates c-erbB2-induced epithelial beta1 integrin conformational inactivation through Rho-independent F-actin rerrangements., Cyr61 expression provides cytoprotection in hyperoxia-induced pulmonary epithelial cell death and that this effect was in part mediated via the Akt signaling pathway, in breast cancer patients, Akt activation is associated with tumour proliferation and poor prognosis, particularly in the subset of patients with ErbB2-overexpressing tumours, Erythropoietin stimulated Akt phosphorylation in a dose-dependent manner (1-100 U/ml)., RET/PTC is able to phosphorylate the Y315 residue of PKB, an event that results in maximal activation of PKB for RET/PTC-induced thyroid tumorigenesis., Altogether, our data demonstrate that Akt1 participates in a negative regulatory feedback loop by interacting with the JIP1 scaffold protein., suggests that AKT plays a role in the activation of prosurvival pathways in HTLV-1-transformed cells, possibly through NF-kappaB activation and inhibition of p53 transcription activity, activation of Akt/PKB survival pathway is caused by PDGF, activation of SREBP-1 by Akt leads to the induction of key enzymes of the cholesterol and fatty acid biosynthesis pathways, and thus membrane lipid biosynthesis, Study demonstrated that phosphorylated-Akt-negative and PTEN-positive expression was a predictor of survival for patients with advanced endometrial carcinoma., PKC412 suppresses Akt kinase activation and induces apoptosis in myeloma cell lines, The replication of association of variants in the AKT1 gene in a family sample with similar ethnical background as in the original study adds further evidence for involvement of AKT1 in development of schizophrenic disorders., activation of mTOR by Akt-mediated cellular energy and inhibition of AMPK is the predominant pathway by which Akt activates mTOR in vivo, demonstrates that attenuation of the PI3K-Akt pathway in tumors lacking TSC2 contributes to their benign nature, overexpression of NBS1 is an oncogenic event that contributes to transformation through the activation of PI3-kinase/Akt, in platelets glucose transport through GLUT3 is regulated by changes in surface expression and affinity modulation, which are both under control of PKB, findings demonstrate that Akt/PKB activation was significantly elevated in cases of primary breast carcinoma with HER2/neu overexpression, Semaphorin 4D/plexin-B1 induces endothelial cell migration through the activation of PYK2, Src, and the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-Akt pathway, Introduction of a pH1 vector producing shRNA (short hairpin RNA) that targets p110beta abolished PIA [N6-(2-phenylisopropyl)adenosine]-induced Akt activation, T-cad overexpression in vascular endothelial cells protects against stress-induced apoptosis through activation of the PI3K/Akt/mTOR survival signal pathway and concomitant suppression of the p38 MAPK proapoptotic pathway, exogenous CXCL12 induced Akt1 phosphorylation is indispensable for proMMP-9 secretion, migration, and invasion of prostate cancer cells., PARP inhibition-induced Akt activation is dominantly responsible for the cytoprotection in oxidative stress, AKT1-targeting ribozymes effective in downregulation of the isozyme and in sensitizing cells to anticancer chemotherapeutic agents, PI3K-Akt signaling has a role in pulmonary metastatic nodule formation of osteosarcoma, NF-kappaB1, and not c-Rel, is the critical signaling molecule downstream of the PI3K-PTEN-PKB signaling axis that regulates lymphocyte homeostasis., results presented in this paper provide the first direct evidence that PI3K-mediated Akt activation in adenovirus-infected corneal cells may contribute to viral pathogenesis by the prolongation of cell viability, AKT1 is a direct target gene of Stat3 and contributes to Stat3 anti-apoptotic function, Akt phosphorylation of acinus on serine 422 and 573 results in its resistance to caspase cleavage in the nucleus and the inhibition of acinus-dependent chromatin condensation., Caveolin-1 is more expressed in cancer tissues than normal colon and related with Akt-1, not with Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor expression in colorectal cancer tissues, which suggests that signaling for caveolin-1 affects Akt-1 activation., Akt was rapidly phosphorylated by glimepiride and antisense oligonucleotides directed to Akt completely inhibited glimepiride-induced NO production. These data demonstrate that glimepiride induces NO production in HCAECs by activating PI3-kinase and Akt., Novel role for Akt phosphorylation in regulating the late stages of exocytosis and suggest which is achieved byphosphorylation of cysteine string protein on serine 10., There is constitutive activation of Akt in the majority of primary human lymphomas and hematopoietic cell lines which support its proposed key role in lymphoma cell survival., CKIepsilon-induced down-regulation of PI3K/Akt signaling through PTEN leads to amplified sensitivity to apoptosis., XIAP expression in colorectal cancer is regulated by hepatocyte growth factor/C-met pathway via Akt signaling, Ser(87) of Bim(EL) is an important regulatory site that is targeted by Akt to attenuate the pro-apoptotic function of Bim(EL), thereby promoting cell survival, Ang II increases albumin endocytosis through an AT(2) receptor mediated by activation of PKB in the plasma membrane, which depends on the basal activity of the phosphatidyl-inositol 3-kinase., In this study, we provide evidence for isoform-specific positive and negative roles for Akt1 and -2 in regulating growth factor-stimulated phenotypes in breast epithelial cells, Akt activation may be involved in cell survival and extracellular matrix remodelling in human endometrium and decidua., Protein kinase B signaling pathways mediate CD36 expression in response to oxidized low density lipoprotein (oxLDL)., Results suggest that the antiapoptotic effects of erythropoietin in neuronal cells require the combinatorial activation of multiple signaling pathways, including STAT5, AKT, and potentially MAP kinase., Data report that cepharanthine induces apoptosis in HuH-7 cells through activation of JNK1/2 and the downregulation of Akt., Activation of Rac by heregulin beta1 is mediated not only by ErbB3 and ErbB2 but also by transactivation of EGFR, and it is independent of ErbB4., Both activation of JNK and inhibition of Akt play a role in translocation of Nur77 from the nucleus to the cytoplasm., Data suggest that endothelial activation of Akt suppresses lesion formation via increased NO production, preservation of functional endothelial layer, and suppression of inflammatory and proliferative changes in the vascular wall., data show that inhibition of PI3K/protein kinase B (PKB) increased endostatin-induced apoptosis, and that endostatin-induced cell death is physiologically linked to PKB-mediated cell survival through caspase-8., hAR is a direct target of LEF-1/TCF transcriptional regulation in PCa cells; expression of the hAR protein is suppressed by a degradation pathway regulated by cross-talk of Wnt, Akt, and PP2A, acute UV exposure downregulates TSP1 expression via PI3K-Akt activation in human keratinocytes, CARMA1 complex is required for induction of NF-kappaB by Akt, Akt plays a modulatory role in NF-kappaB induction, 14-3-3sigma stabilizes p27 Kip1 by inhibiting the activity of PKB/Akt, reactive oxygen species generated by Nox4, at least in part, transmit cell survival signals through the AKT-ASK1 pathway in pancreatic cancer cells and their depletion leads to apoptosis., Overexpression of TSC2 rescues the migration phenotype of myr-Akt1-expressing tumor cells, and high levels of TSC2 in breast cancer patients correlate with increased metastasis and reduced survival., The activation and regulation of Akt and NF-kappa B in prostatic cancer cell line 1-LN are reported., Akt regulates its kinase activity through autophosphorylation, VCP is an essential target of Akt signaling, These results indicate that tryptase can activate PI3K-PKB pathway and enhance IL-8 expression., BAF155 and potentially INI1 are substrates for Akt phosphorylation, The data support the significance of regulated Rac signaling in mediating Schwann cell-axon interaction and suggest that controlling Rac activity as a possible therapy for schwannomas., Findings did not confirm the association of AKT1 SNP2/3/4 TCG haplotype with the risk of schizophrenia, but showed the evidence of association with a different haplotype, AKT1 five-SNP AGCAG haplotype, with the risk of schizophrenia in Iranian population., angiostatins K1-3, K1-4 and K1-4.5 mediate anti-angiogenesis in a process involvingp53, FasL, AKT and mRNA deregulation, It was found that an active process mediates AKT nuclear translocation as shown by fusing AKT with GFP3 protein., PI3K/AKT, MAPK/ERK and NFkappabeta signalling have roles in the maintenance of human embryonic stem cell pluripotency and viability, These results suggest a critical role for the CS amplitude and the balance between Rac and Rho in mechanochemical regulation of lung EC barrier., C5b-9 regulation of the cell cycle activation in aortic endothelial cells through Akt pathway is dependent on inactivation of FOXO1, Overexpression of dominant-active Akt1 restored HIF-1alpha expression, The O-GlcNAc-modification on Akt1 may play a role in Akt1 nuclear localization., LRRC4 plays a major role in suppressing U251 cell proliferation by regulating the extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK)/Akt/NF-kappaBp65, STAT3, and JNK2/c-Jun pathways., results demonstrate that PI3-K/Akt pathway is activated constitutively in Burkitt's lymphoma cell line, P3HR-1; it promotes cell growth and the lytic cycle cascade of Epstein-Barr virus downstream of ZEBRA, Data show that inorganic phosphate controls cell growth by activating ERK1/2 cascades and by facilitating the translocation of Mnk1 from cytosol into nucleus through an Akt-mediated MEK pathway., PYK2 mediates anti-apoptotic AKT signaling in response to benzo[a]pyrene diol epoxide in mammary epithelial cells, AKT1 play an important role in tumor growth by inducing angiogenesis and by increasing HIF-1alpha and VEGF expression. This work provides a better understanding of the molecular mechanism of human cancer induced by the activation of PI3K signaling., PKCepsilon activates Akt via DNA-PK to mediate its antiapoptotic function, Acidic pH exposure protects HEMEC through induction of Hsps and activation of MAPK and PI3 kinase pathway., The functional response of mesangial cells to treatment with CTGF was associated with the phosphorylation of Akt/protein kinase B (PKB) and resultant phosphorylation of a number of Akt/PKB substrates, including FKHR and p27(Kip-1)., Akt activation was detected at very early, prenecrotic stages of disease pathogenesis, and maximal activation was observed during peak stages of muscle hypertrophy., The Akt expression pathway is marker of outcome in glioblastoma., Akt-and CREB-mediated prostate cancer cell proliferation is inhibited by Nexrutine, a Phellodendron amurense extract, Results describe the roles of MEK1/ERK and AKT/PKB pathways on the effects of granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF) and M-CSF on tumor progression of lung cancer., Akt overactivation prevents the nuclear translocation of ERK1/2 and the AngII-induced proliferation through interaction with and stabilization of endogenous PEA-15., In vitro, LY294002 can inhibit protein expression of PKB in SACC-83 cells and SACC-LM cells., Inhibition of AKT1 is sufficient to affect cell migration, invasion, and proliferation., HO-1 and Akt exert codependent cytoprotective effects against oxidative stress-induced apoptosis in human aortic smooth muscle cells., SHIP2 substitutes for PTEN in the acute regulation of PKB in PC3 cells but not other prostate cell lines, where PTEN may share this role with further PIP3-degrading mechanisms., Hsp90 inhibition transiently activates Src kinase and promotes Src-dependent p85 PI3K and Akt and Erk activation, The phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K)/Akt pathway is commonly activated in cancer; therefore, we investigated its role in hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha (HIF-1alpha) regulation., Akt regulates nuclear/cytoplasmic localization of tuberin., P-Akt expression also provides a potential mechanistic link between these pediatric tumors and adult malignancies., Leptin stimulates proliferation and inhibits apoptosis in colon cancer cells. This effect involves JAK2, PI3 kinase and JNK and activation of the oncogenic transcription factors signal transducer and activator of transcription, We demonstrate, for the first time in human skeletal muscle, that the regulation of Akt and its downstream signalling pathways GSK-3beta, mTOR and Foxo1 are associated with both the skeletal muscle hypertrophy and atrophy processes., histone deacetylase inhibitors not only inhibit deacetylase activity but also stimulate active NF-kappaB transcription and cell survival through signaling pathways involving Akt and increased p300 acetyltransferase activity, AKT-induced BAD phosphorylation and its subsequent cytoplasmic sequestration by 14-3-3zeta is a major mechanism responsible for the postponement of UVB-induced apoptosis in human keratinocytes., Akt in thyroid tumorigenesis., Cross-talk between AKT and estrogen receptor beta-mediated transcription pathways may represent an important aspect that may influence breast cancer response to endocrine therapy., Results reveal that the SIN1-rictor-mTOR function in Akt-Ser473 phosphorylation is required for TORC2 function in cell survival but is dispensable for TORC1 function., Data show that UVB irradiation increases PTEN/Akt phosphorylation in dermal fibroblasts, and inhibition of PTEN and activation of Akt by phosphorylation are involved in UVB-induced MMP-1 and -3 secretions through upregulation of AP-1 activity., The cAMP-stimulated inverse ROS response in granulocytes from type 1 and type 2 diabetic patients may be due to a change in signaling pathways from cAMP/protein kinase A to PKB., These data suggest that IGF-1R and PKCdelta are required to stimulate PKB phosphorylation in response to BMOV in HepG2 cells., The data suggest that in response to hydrogen peroxide, two pathways are activated in Jurkat T lymphocytes that converge to result in the phosphorylation of Akt on S473 and T308., This study fails to support reduced signaling of the AKT-GSK3beta molecular cascade in schizophrenia., Akt activity decreases dramatically during the course of neutrophil death., analysis of the LLKIL motif in CXCR2, which is required for full IL-8 ligand-induced activation of Erk, Akt, and chemotaxis in HL60 cells, We showed Akt activation to significantly correlate with HER2 overexpression or LOH at the PTEN gene locus while inversely correlating with the PR expression., vascular endothelial growth factor expression is induced through the glucocorticoid receptor-related phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt and beta-catenin/T-cell factor-dependent pathway in human endothelial cells, Akt1 and Akt2 have opposing roles in Rac/Pak signaling and cell migration, impaired cell cycle and death sensitivity, are explained by a specific defective activation of Akt that impairs the expression of Survivin, AKT prevents VEGF during internl ribosome entry site activity in myeloma cells during mTOR inhibition., the primary signaling pathway for LPC-dependent dendrite formation in human melanocytes involves the activation of PKCzeta and PKCzeta phosphorylation is Rac dependent, using akt1, the evidence is supported that akt signalling plays a significant role in the chemoresistant phenotype in glioma, In organotypic culture, AKT mediates changes related to cell shape and size with an expansion of the differentiated compartment., Mice transfected with human AKT1 modified with myristoylation show increases in the susceptibility of these mice to the induction of mammary tumors of epithelial origin by the carcinogen DMBA., S6K1 regulates GSK3 under conditions of mTOR-dependent feedback inhibition of Akt, chemoattractant-stimulated superoxide production can be amplified by a positive feedback loop in which p67(phox) targets Vav1-mediated Rac activation, Luteolin inhibits IGF-1R/AKT signaling, these results provideing a new insight into the mechanisms that luteolin inhibits testicular cancer cells., phosphorylation is a mechanism for regulation of insulin receptor substrate-1/2, Akt, and ERK1/2, These data identify actin as a new functional target of Akt signaling., Akt activation is not associated with differences in survival or smoking status in bronchioalveolar carcinoma., The current data suggest that, following exposure to zinc, the sequential activation of Akt and GSK-3beta plays an important role directing hippocampal neural precursor cell death., Novel c-Akt-regulated genes contributing to Scatter factor-mediated antineoplastic drug resistance., TGF-beta1 co-ordinately and independently activates the FAK and AKT protein kinase pathways to confer an anoikis-resistant phenotype to myofibroblasts., inhibition of ITD/Flt3 activity did not prevent the phosphorylation of ERK, STAT5 or Akt in some primary AML cells. In parallel, in these cells, Flt3 and ERK or Akt cooperate to regulate cell survival, These data reveals for the first time that PDK1 and PKB may differentially activate NF-kappaB, and that TPCK may subserve a useful anti-inflammatory function by inhibiting IKKbeta., These results indicate that increased hexosamine biosynthetic pathway flux in human astroglial cells results in a rapid, short-term phosphorylation of Akt that is likely a result of increased endoplasmic reticulum stress., Results show that coculture with ECs enhances VSMC adhesion and spreading by up-regulating beta(1)-integrin expression and activating the PI3K/Akt pathway. Interaction between ECs and VSMCs serves a role in vascular homeostasis and remodeling., Akt1 is a critical regulator of dendritic cell (DC) lifespan, and its manipulation in DCs can improve the clinical efficacy of DC-based tumor vaccines, A novel function of the AKT pathway is demonstrated in prostate cancer progression; constitutively active AKT promotes neuroendocrine differentiation and dominant negative AKT inhibits it., Myxoma virus (MV) M-T5 host range protein is functionally interchangeable with the host PIKE-A protein and that the activation of host Akt by either M-T5 or PIKE-A is critical for the permissiveness of cancer cells for MV., VEGF-A, STAT5 and AKT are downregulated in acute myeloid leukemia blasts of patients treated with SU5416, Treatment with oleandrin facilitated nuclear translocation of FKHR in human, but not murine cells by dephosphorylating Akt., hypoxia-mediated suppression of Akt may induce caspase-mediated IRS-1 cleavage, In sum, using a quantitative approach to study Akt activation identified ligand-dependent limits for the use of T308 or S473 as proxies for kinase activity., PI3K/Akt activation may lead to the development of chemoresistance in AML blasts through a mechanism involving a p53-dependent suppression of MRP1 expression., These data indicate that the aberrant expression of PTEN contributes to the activation of the PI3kinase/Akt pathway and its transcription factor mediators in glioma., protein kinase B, LKB1, and AMP-activated protein kinase have roles in activation of lipoprotein lipase by glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide in adipocytes, Akt2 was unable to induce CREB phosphorylation at Ser-133 in vivo and CREB target gene expression., Akt/Bad pathway generates a progressive resistance to apoptosis, at a time HTLV-I genes expression is silenced., These results indicate that resveratrol seems to exert its growth-inhibitory/apoptotic effect on the breast cancer cell line MCF7 via the Akt-caspase-9 pathway., These results demonstrate that hypoxic condition-and high cell density-induced expression of Redd1 is mediated by coactivation of Sp1 and HIF-1alpha downstream of the PI3K/Akt signaling pathway., siRNA constructs of AKT1 may effectively down-regulate the expression of AKT1 and reverse the resistant phenotype of gastric cancer cells, results delineate a novel force-activated inside-out Src/PI3K/FAK/Akt pathway by which cancer cells regulate their own adhesion., The data suggest that aberrant activation of PI3K/Akt pathway plays an extensive role in thyroid tumorigenesis, particularly in FTC and ATC, and promotes progression of BTA to FTC and to ATC as the genetic alterations of this pathway accumulate., Akt thus serves as a molecular switch that increases angiogenesis and the generation of superoxide, fostering more aggressive tumor behavior., This study demonstrates a cachexia-associated loss of Akt-dependent signalling in human skeletal muscle with decreased activity of regulators of protein synthesis and a disinhibition of protein degradation., Par6alpha-mediated inhibition of insulin-dependent glycogen synthesis in C2C12 cells depends on the direct interaction of Par6alpha with aPKC and on aPKC-mediated T34 phosphorylation of Akt1., Our findings suggest HMGA1 promotes anoikis resistance through a PI3-K/Akt-dependent mechanism., We conclude, therefore, that estrogen opens BK(Ca) channels in HCASMC by stimulating nNOS via a transduction sequence involving PI3-kinase and Akt., advances in the understanding of TCL1-Akt functional interaction in order to clarify the biological action of the proto-oncogene TCL1 family {review], Elevated and highly expressed levels in both laarge B-cell lymphoma and Hodgkin lymphoma., study provides at best weak support for the hypothesis that AKT1 is a susceptibility gene for schizophrenia, Mechanism to selectively terminate Akt-signaling pathways through the differential inactivation of specific Akt isoforms by specific PHLPP isoforms., It was demonstrated that activation of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K) and Akt1 facilitated the nuclear translocation of Akt1, but the phosphorylation at threonine 308 and serine 473 was not prerequisite., These results indicate that the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt/FoxO1 pathway participates in Ang II suppression of hSR-BI/CLA-1 expression and suggests that the endothelial receptor for hSR-BI/CLA-1 is downregulated by the renin-angiotensin system., receptor and nonreceptor PTKs have roles in modulating H2O2-induced ERK1/2 and PKB signaling [review], These findings implicate Akt in upstream events leading to BRCA1 nuclear localization and function., Fak/Src signaling to the PI3-K/Akt-1 and MEK/Erk pathways undergoes a differentiation state-specific uncoupling in enterocytes., KGF triggers negative feedback between ERK1/2 and AKT pathways to regulate cell proliferation/differention., These results indicated that the activation of CXCR4 and its signaling pathways (MEK1/2 and Akt) are essential for CXCL12-induced cholangiocarcinoma cell invasion., NF-kappa-B inhibition enhances CASP3 degradation of Akt1 and apoptosis in response to campothecin., PI3K/ILK/Akt/NF-kappaB axis is a promising target for therapeutic intervention in renal cell carcinoma., Lipid raft cholesterol regulates apoptotic cell death in prostate cancer cells through EGFR-mediated Akt and ERK pathways., IGF-1 rescue of AR toxicity is diminished by alanine substitutions at the Akt consensus site, PKB/Akt inhibits ceramide-induced apoptosis in neuroblastoma cells by blocking AIF translocation., Proinvasive activity of BMP7 through SMAD4/src-independent and ERK/Rac/JNK-dependent signaling pathways in colon cancer cells is reported., vascular endothelial growth factor by Akt and mammalian target of rapamycin inhibitors in cell lines derived from childhood solid tumors, Results show a a significant correlation between the EGFR L858R mutation and the expression of p-Akt and suggest that the activation of Akt is dependent on EGFR mutation pattern., In normal human skin, phospho-Akt appeared in the basal epidermal layer, but in psoriasis, phospho-Akt expression was low in the epidermis., EGFR/Akt pathway mitigated G2/M arrest in human HaCaT keratinocytes and normal human keratinocytes treated with low doses of UVA irradiation., Data show that Chlamydia trachomatis activates Rac and promotes its interaction with WAVE2 and Abi-1 to activate the Arp2/3 complex resulting in the induction of actin cytoskeletal rearrangements that are required for invasion., Activation and phosphorylation of the extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1/2 and AKT pathways are involved in cervical adenocarcinoma metastases to pelvic lymph nodes., Rho inactivation allows the activity of Rac to become dominant leading to stimulation of the phosphoinositide 3-kinase/Akt/IkappaB kinase/nuclear factor-kappaB prosurvival pathway., The AKT signaling pathway was directly involved in the effects induced by siRNA targeting LMP1., Incubation in the presence of Remnant lipoproteins (TG-rich lipoproteins )for 48 h induced the proliferation of prostate cancer PC-3 cells more significantly than prostate cancer LNCaP cells and human prostate stromal cells, there is a link between Akt activation, repair of DNA damage, and radioresistance in glioblastoma, Effects of endurance exercise training on insulin signaling and AKT in human skeletal muscle, IGF-1 regulates ether-a-go-go channel activity in breast neoplasms, via an Akt pathway to promote cell proliferation., Tiam1-deficient lymphomas showed increased Rac activity, suggesting that the lack of Tiam1 is compensated by alternative Rac-activating mechanisms that lead to increased progression of PI3-kinase-induced T-lymphomas., 3,3'-diindolylmethane -induced cell growth inhibition and apoptosis induction are partly mediated through the regulation of Akt/FOXO3a/GSK-3beta/beta-catenin/AR signaling, Reduced activation of NF-kappaB via impaired PI3K/Akt activation under increased TNF-alpha levels could result in increased apoptosis of vitiliginous keratinocytes., Akt1 is cleaved in vitro at the caspase-3 consensus site DQDD(456; Resistance to cleavage at site DAKE(398) (within the kinase domain) in response to phosphorylation suggests a possible mechanism by which the anti-apoptotic role of Akt1 is regulated., PKB/Akt may regulate specific cellular responses to growth factors such as insulin under adverse conditions such as hypoxia, Gastrointestinal stromal tumor secondary KIT mutations can be associated with KIT hyperactivation and imatinib resistance, in which AKT PI3-kinase is a crucial survival pathway., Phosphorylated Akt activity is associated with invasive ductal carcinoma of the breast., Results suggest that aberrant activation of PI3K-Akt pathway may contribute to increased cell invasiveness and facilitate prostate cancer progression., mTOR regulates the phosphorylation and activation of Akt in endothelial cells and a major effect of mTOR inhibition in endothelial cells is to suppress Akt-inducible pro-survival signals, P-Rex1 links mTOR signaling to Rac activation and cell migration, LA's ability to inhibit apoptosis and proliferation of ECs could beneficially affect endothelial dysfunction, which precedes manifestation of late diabetic vascular complications., peripherin is a novel substrate for Akt in vivo and its phosphorylation may play a role in motor nerve regeneration, Akt/PKB interacts with the histone H3 methyltransferase SETDB1 and coordinates to silence gene expression., analysis of calcium/calmodulin binding to the pleckstrin homology domain of AKT1, IGF-I and insulin promoted the growth of human acute myeloid leukemia blasts in vitro and activated the phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K)/Akt and the extracellular signal-regulated kinase (Erk) pathways, Chromogranin A can increase prostatic cancer cell survival through AKT up-regulatoin., Induction of apoptosis through the inhibition of Akt signaling pathway is one of the anti-proliferative mechanisms of DHEA in certain tumors., CD44-induced cell migration is dependent on its complex formation with Lyn and its consequent regulation of AKT phosphorylation in colon cancer cells., The inhibition of Akt and S6K1 phosphorylation by PRR5 knock down correlates with reduction in the expression level of platelet-derived growth factor receptor beta (PDGFRbeta)., These results demonstrate that "pure" isoprenoids and genistein differentially impact cap-dependent translation in tumor cell lines., loss of PTEN expression, together with increased Akt phosphorylation, contributes to progression and recurrence of prostate cancer, activation of the PI3K-Akt pathway during liver oncogenesis may be at least partially responsible for the elimination of HBV replication from tumor cells, E17K mutation activates AKT1 by means of pathological localization to the plasma membrane, stimulates downstream signalling, transforms cells and induces leukaemia in mice; this mechanism indicates a direct role of AKT1 in human cancer, In the absence of EGF, p38MAPK-activated AKT is necessary for HER-2 overexpressing human breast cancer cells to survive and to form colonies in soft agar., CTMP induces translocation of Akt to the membrane and thereby increases the level of Akt phosphorylation. As a result, CTMP enhances various cellular activities that are principally mediated by the PI3-kinase/Akt pathway., a subpopulation of Akt is cholesterol sensitive and the oncogenic effects conferred by myristoylation arise, in part, from the tendency of the membrane-targeted form of the protein to reside in cholesterol-rich membrane microdomains, IKK alpha controls mTOR kinase activity in Akt-active, PTEN-null prostate cancer cells, with less involvement by IKK beta, AKT amplification and the mTOR/p70S6K1 pathway play an important role in human lung cancer cells acquiring CDDP resistance, Phosphoinositide 3-kinase-independent non-genomic signals transit from the androgen receptor to Akt1 in membrane raft microdomains, BCR/ABL-Y177 plays an essential role in Ras and Akt activation and in human hematopoietic progenitor transformation in chronic myelogenous leukemia, NGF stimulates endothelial cell invasion and cord formation by augmenting MMP-2 via the PI3K/Akt signaling pathway and AP-2 transcription factor, which may be responsible for triggering angiogenesis., PTEN dominantly inhibits Akt activation, the coexistence of high levels of the PTEN protein with enhanced Akt activation suggests the existence of novel mechanisms which attenuate PTEN, prolonged Akt activation is an important signaling pathway for breast cancer cells expressing CXCR4 and is necessary for CXCL12-dependent cell migration, Expression analysis of additional genes, AKT1, NOG and its antagonist BMP4, which interact downstream to FGFR1, demonstrated expression differences between primary rhabdomyosarcoma tumors and normal skeletal muscles, Activation of AKT may play an important role in the development of diffuse large B cell lymphoma. It is closely related to the control of cell cycle and proliferation, but is not associated with apoptosis., activation of PRPK is mediated by another kinase, Akt/PKB, which phosphorylates PRPK at Ser250, These results suggested that PKB enhanced DNMT1 stability and maintained DNA methylation and chromatin structure, which might contribute to cancer cell growth., Overexpression of Akt1 upregulates glycogen synthase activity and phosphorylation of mTOR in IRS-1 knockdown HepG2 cells.(, Activation of AKT, possibly through the PI3K-AKT pathway, is an important component of ASCC tumorigenesis that contributes to MDM2 and TP53 accumulation in the nucleus., The role of P-AKT in multidrug resistance of gastric cancer cells and the possible underlying mechanisms are here investigated, Akt blocks MstI-triggered FOXO3 nuclear translocation by phosphorylating MstI, promoting cell survival., down-regulation of Akt induced cytotoxicity of WM cells in the bone marrow microenvironment and inhibited migration and adhesion in vitro., Concluded that Wnt5a is a natural ligand of Fzd3 that triggers the PI3K/Akt signal and promotes adhesion of human dermal fibroblasts., Cutaneous human papillomaviruses down-regulate AKT1., Activation of PKB is associated with astrocytic tumor pathogenesis and progression, Use of resveratrol or inhibition of Akt phosphorylation may represent an important therapeutic approach in combination with conventional therapies for the treatment of prostate cancer., We found significantly decreased RNA levels in prefrontal cortex of schizophrenic individuals, consistent with reduced AKT1 protein levels reported in schizophrenic brain., the AKT1 PH domain and hinge region as functional domains which jointly permit AKT1 translocation and phosphorylation in response to extracellular pressure, Inhibition of PI3K signaling by PTEN inhibits tumor angiogenesis and growth. AKT is the downstream target of PI3K in controlling angiogenesis and tumor growth., IGF-1 activates the IGF receptor/IRS/PI3K/PKB pathway, and that PI3Kalpha is essential for the potentiatory effect of IGF-1 on platelet responses, plexin-B1 promotes endothelial cell motility through RhoA and ROK by regulating the integrin-dependent signaling networks that result in the activation of PI3K and Akt, Akt inhibition primes TRAIL-resistant cells to TRAIL-induced apoptosis., Platelet PAR-1/PAR-4 stimulation causes rapid Akt phosphorylation downstream of PLC, whereas with continuous stimulation, ADP and PI3K are required for maintaining Akt phosphorylation., important novel role for PKB in regulation of cell fate choices during hematopoietic lineage commitment, Triple-negative breast cancers are characterized by increased phosphorylation of Akt kinase, PKB[alpha] and/or PKB[gamma] and not PKB[beta] alone are involved in gemcitabine resistance mechanisms., Constitutive Akt activation is required for EGF to prevent neuroendocrine differentiation of prostate cancer cells., VEGF regulates angiopoietin-Tie2 signaling by inducing proteolytic cleavage and shedding of Tie2 via a novel PI3K/Akt-dependent pathway., Enhanced angiotensin converting enzyme 2 regulates the insulin/Akt signalling pathway by blockade of macrophage migration inhibitory factor expression., findings suggest that cigarette smoking is associated with the formation of LDL subfraction L5, which inhibits endothelial progenitor cell differentiation by impairing Akt phosphorylation via the LOX-1 receptor, Akt1 and Akt2 mediate GPIb-IX signaling via the cGMP-dependent signaling pathway., HER-2/neu transcriptionally activates Jab1 expression via the AKT/beta-catenin pathway in breast cancer cells., AKT1 is a susceptibility gene for schizophrenia in the Chinese population and may play no major role in the therapeutic response to antipsychotics or in chlorpromazine-induced extrapyramidal syndrome., A novel point mutation (E17K) in the pleckstrin homology domain (PHD) of the AKT1 gene in human cancers was discussed., High levels of p-AKT expression occurred independently of the presence of PTEN or PIK3CA mutations in endometrial cancer., pleiotrophin potentiates cardiomyocyte cell death, at least partially, through inhibition of AKT signaling, The activation of AKT and NF-kappaB, but not STAT3, significantly contributes to the progression of breast cancer., Akt and Mcl-1 are major components of a survival pathway that can be activated in CLL B cells by antigen stimulation., Mst1 and its caspase cleavage products are direct inhibitors of Akt, p53 is an indispensable component of cellular signaling system which is regulated by caveolin-1 expression, involving Akt activation and increase in cyclin D1, thereby promoting proliferation of breast cancer cells., hypoxia could inhibit the SDF-1-dependent migration of HL-60 via blocking of Akt activation., modulation of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt/GSK3beta signaling cascades can be beneficial for protecting or facilitating recovery from cellular LeTx intoxication in cells that depend on basal MEK1 activity for proliferation., Akt1 is a crucial regulator of osteoblasts and osteoclasts by promoting their differentiation and survival to maintain bone mass and turnover, Parainfluenza virus 5 V protein interacts with Akt, a serine/threonine kinase, also known as protein kinase B., BCL2 functions as an activator of the AKT signaling pathway in pancreatic cancer., Impaired insulin signaling through Akt and AS160 in part explains insulin resistance at the molecular level in skeletal muscle in polycystic ovary syndrome., PI3-K/Akt pathways have a dual role in both survival and cell death processes depending on the stimulus., results indicate that shRNA targeting of tNOX inhibits the growth of cervical cancer cells, and reduces cell migration via a decrease in the membrane association of Rac., Our data suggest a crucial role of Ki-Ras, Pim-1 is a crucial facet of cardioprotection downstream of Akt, Levels of phospho-Akt are decreased in Caki cells overexpressing Par-4. inactivation of Akt is important in cellular pathways affected by Par-4., AKT1 inhibitors counteract the bacterial manipulation of host signalling processes, thus controlling intracellular growth of bacteria, a key regulatory role of the Akt/mTOR pathway in the generation of the effects of As(2)O(3), The results from this investigation show that GBS both requires and activates the PI3K/Akt host-cell signalling pathway during invasion of epithelial cells., No mutations in AKT1 pleckstrin homology domain were identified, making this mutation an unlikely cause of PI3K/AKT pathway activation in acute myeloid leukaemia, betaenin can be involved in polyphenol mediated down regulation of AKT1., Chorionic gonadotropin promotes trophoblast invasion and migration through activation of ERK and AKT signaling involving their downstream effector MMP-2., These data provide the first evidence that IL-18 and FN stimulate each other's expression, Altogether these results highlight an intertwined role for specific Akt isoforms and XIAP in chemoresistance of uterine cancer cells., Loss of PTEN gene expression is one of the important factors of p-Akt high expression in myelodysplastic syndrome., Signal transduction pathways underlying the enhanced cell migration reveal that the IGF-I-IGFBP-VN complex stimulates a transient activation of the ERK/MAPK signaling pathway and a sustained activation of the phosphatidylinositide 3-kinase/AKT pathway., The activation of the protein kinase B (Akt) signaling cascade by carbon nanoparticles was investigated with regard to its relevance for proliferation., support the role of Notch and Akt in breast cancer progression, CD28 costimulation activates AKT to phosphorylate NF90 at Ser647 and phosphorylation triggers NF90 to relocate to the cytoplasm and stabilize IL-2 mRNA., Hsp27 inhibits oxidative stress-induced H9c2 damage and inhibition of ROS generation and the augmentation of Akt activation may be involved in the protective signaling., in most primary brain tumors, AKT is activated by molecular mechanisms other than oncogenic G49A mutations of AKT1, RIG1 plays a role in IFN-gamma-mediated therapy by downregulating p185 and its downstream PI3K/Akt/mTOR/VEGF-signaling pathway, These results suggest that 0.05 Gy of ionizing radiation stimulates cell proliferation through the transient activation of Raf and Akt in CCD-18 Lu cells., The overexpression may be a powerful prognostic marker for predicting disease free and overall survival of breast cancer patients., Rac signaling to cyclin D1 is a crucial pro-proliferative effect of E-cadherin-mediated cell-cell adhesion, PI-3K/Akt signaling pathway participates in P2Y receptor-stimulated prostate cancer invasion by enhancing cell motility, rather than up-regulating MMP-2 and MMP-9 activities., Treatment of cells with arsenite also induced significant activation of PI-3K and Akt, which was responsible for the anchorage-independent cell growth induced by arsenite exposure., t-Darpp promotes cancer cell survival by up-regulation of Bcl2 through Akt-dependent mechanism., miR-214 induces cell survival and cisplatin resistance primarily through targeting the PTEN/Akt pathway., These results suggest that caffeine has a cytoprotective effect due to the activation of the PI3K/Akt pathways in SH-SY5Y cells., The subcellular localization of DNMT1 can be altered by the addition of IL-6, and this process is greatly enhanced by phosphorylation of the DNMT1 nuclear localization signal (NLS) by PKB/AKT., The phosphorylation pattern and kinase activity of each Akt isoform were compared in primary myotubes from healthy control participants and type 2 diabetic patients., Poliovirus simultaneously activates the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K)/Akt survival signaling pathway in these cells, limiting the extent of JNK activation and thereby cell death., These findings revealed that TNF-alpha induced VCAM-1 expression via multiple signaling pathways., PTEN restores drug sensitivity to cisplatin in human ovarian cancer cell line C13K with multidrug-resistance by decreasing the expression of p-Akt., Human sarcopenia reveals an increase in SOCS-3 and myostatin and a reduced efficiency of Akt phosphorylation., the activities of AMP-activated protein kinase, protein kinase B, and mammalian target of rapamycin by limiting energy availability with 2-deoxyglucose, Conclude that PI(3,4,5)P3 and PI(3,4)P2 have distinct roles in determining PKB phosphorylation and activity., These data provide evidence that, although AKT1 mutations are apparently rare in lung cancer (1.9%), the oncogenic properties of E17K-AKT1 may contribute to the development of a fraction of lung carcinoma with squamous histotype (5.5%)., The results suggest that CKIepsilon is a new positive regulator of the Akt pathway. Here we propose that, rather than inhibiting PTEN function, CKIepsilon positively regulates Akt possibly by inhibiting Protein Phosphatase 2A (PP2A)., the Akt/Girdin signalling pathway is essential in VEGF-mediated postneonatal angiogenesis, the alpha6beta4 integrin strongly influence Akt phosphorylation through ErbB-3 protein regulation, TNF-alpha overrides the G2/M checkpoint in keratinocytes and allows for some cells containing unrepaired cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers to enter the cell cycle. TNF-alpha seems to be dependent on PI3K-Akt activation., The effect of IL-2 on angiogenesis and tube formation was mediated by Reactive Oxygen Species and Akt., Girdin has an important role in tumor progression with aberrant activation of the Akt signaling pathway, PKC epsilon mediates TRAIL resistance by Akt-mediated phosphorylation of Hdm2 resulting in suppression of p53 expression and downregulation of Bid in breast cancer cells, These findings indicate that v-Crk controls cell migration and membrane dynamics by activating Rac in CAS-deficient mouse embryo fibroblasts., In dermal fibroblasts, Akt has dual profibrotic effects, increasing collagen synthesis and decreasing degradation by MMP1 downregulation. Systemic sclerosis fibroblasts were more sensitive to Akt inhibition, with respect to collagen and MMP1 production., A potential role for increased phosphorylated Akt [in carcinogenesis] may relate to the dose and time of nicotine use [and] an alkaline environment, the activities of specific elements of the PI3K signaling pathway, including Akt, are necessary for the synergistic induction of MMP-1 and MMP-13 and the cartilage breakdown stimulated by IL-1 and oncostatin M, isosilybin B treatment enhances the formation of complex between Akt, Mdm2 and AR, which promotes phosphorylation-dependent AR ubiquitination and its degradation by proteasome, VprBP depletion abolished the in vivo interaction of Merlin and Roc1-Cullin4A-DDB1, which resulted in Merlin stabilization and inhibited ERK and Rac activation, Akt and mTOR activation have distinct functional relevance in mantle cell lymphoma, Active AKT and mTOR, were present in all adenomas, carcinomas, and in normal colorectal mucosa., cAMP inhibits cell migration by interfering with Rac-induced lamellipodium formation, The Akt isoforms are required for the HGF-stimulated invasive growth of human salivary gland cancer cells., post-translational modification by nitrotyrosylation does not control Akt in systemic sclerosis platelets, stabilization of MDMX by Akt may be an alternative mechanism by which Akt up-regulates MDM2 protein levels and exerts its oncogenic effects on p53 in tumor cells, Results identify a molecular mechanism by which activated FGFR2 recruits Cbl in raft micro-domains to trigger PI3K ubiquitination and proteasome degradation, and reveal a role for PI3K/Akt in the control of osteoblast survival by FGFR2 signaling., Despite the confirmed oncogenic function of the AKT1 E17K, the rare incidences of the mutation suggest that it may not play a crucial role in the development of the most common types of human cancers., The PI3K/Akt/mTOR signaling pathway is implicated in the development of cervical cancer., The data presented here suggest the involvement of AKT1 in protection of PD through many possible mechanisms involving different signaling pathways that could be potential therapeutic targets in the future., Bortezomib -sensitive and -resistant MCL cell lines showed comparable activation of the AKT pathway, Our data indicate a novel role for Akt in supporting the progression of human melanomas, chlorophyllin exerts antioxidant effect by inducing HO-1 and NQO1 expression mediated by PI3K/Akt and Nrf2, Prognostic and/or predictive role of Akt phosphorylation in breast, prostate and non-small cell lung cancer. Review., AKT1 pleckstrin homology domain (E17K) mutations do not play a roles in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and acute myeloid leukaemia, the TSC1-TSC2 complex inhibits mTORC1 and activates mTORC2, which through different mechanisms promotes Akt activation, AKT is activated in an ataxia telangiectasia and Rad3-related-dependent manner in response to temozolomide and confers protection against drug-induced cell growth inhibition., in VSMCs exposed to hyperglycemia, IGF-I stimulation of Shc facilitates the transfer of Grb2 to p85 resulting in enhanced PI3K activation and AKT phosphorylation leading to enhanced cell proliferation and migration, activation of Akt during preoperative chemotherapy for esophageal cancer correlates with poor prognosis, Cav-1 increases the basal and TGF-beta1-induced expression of type I procollagen by regulating two opposite signaling pathways, tetrandrine induces G(1) arrest and apoptosis through PI3K/kip1/AKT/GSK3beta pathway, Activin A may mediate ovarian oncogenesis by activating Akt and repressing GSK to stimulate cellular proliferation., This study provides a direct link between the growth factor signaling pathways regulated by PI3 kinase/Akt and MAP kinases with Myc-mediated transcription., Transforming growth factor beta induces apoptosis through repressing the phosphoinositide 3-kinase/AKT/survivin pathway in colon cancer cells., The interplay between cancer cell-derived clusterin and IGF-1 may dictate the outcome of cell growth and dormancy during tumorigenic progression., Akt and its downstream targets FoxO3a and GSK3 regulate a survival pathway in VSMCs and that their deregulation due to a reduction of IGF1R signaling may promote apoptosis in atherosclerosis., High NG2/MPG expression correlated with multidrug resistance mediated by increased activation of alpha3beta1 integrin/PI3K signaling and their downstream targets, promoting cell survival, High expression of PI3K and Akt are involved in proliferation, malignant transformation, invasion and metastasis of cervical carcinoma., ADAM17 mediates the EGFR/AKT/cyclin D1 pathway and cell cycle progression to the S phase induced by UVA radiation, deregulated PKB/AKT stabilizes Mcl-1 expression in a mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR)-dependent pathway, Although Akt activation leads to GSK-3beta phosphorylation and the subsequent expression of beta-catenin, activation of this pathway by 1-azakenpaullone was insufficient to stimulate the motile phenotype in cytotrophoblasts., Cdk5 phosphorylates PIKE-A and stimulates its GTPase activity, which activates nuclear Akt and promotes glioblastoma cell migration and invasion., results demonstrate that an insulin or TNF response that uses Akt-dependent signaling activates IKKalpha to induce mTOR activity, whereas a TNF response that does not involve Akt activates IKKbeta to activate mTOR, 7-ketocholesterol-induced apoptosis has a role in phospholipidosis and down-regulation of the PI3-K/PDK-1/Akt signalling pathway, AKT1 has a role in modulating human prefrontal-striatal structure and function and the mechanism of this effect may be coupled to dopaminergic signaling and relevant to the expression of psychosis, GILZ is a mediator of glucocorticoid killing, and is regulated by PI3-kinase/AKT., AKT1E17K mutation likely displays a unique tissue-specific pattern in human cancer., A signaling cascade for the regulation of p53 in response to ionizing radiation was proposed that involves activation of DNA-PK and Akt/PKB and inactivation of GSK-3 and Mdm2., Shorter overall survival in primary melanoma was associated with the presence of ulceration and BRAF exon 15 mutations, as well as the absence of nuclear activation of Akt and of cytoplasmic activation of ERK., Osteoblast-derived BMP-2 act through Akt and ERK, which in turn activates IKK alpha/beta and NF-kappaB, resulting in the activations of beta1 and beta 3 integrins and contributing the migration of prostate cancer cells., The mTOR-associated protein Raptor is required for the ability of Akt to induce NF-kappaB activity., Akt inactivation in breast cancer causes negative regulation of INK4a/ARF-independent cell cycle progression by Mel-18, LMP1 triggers the PI3K/Akt pathway to inactivate FOXO3a and decrease DDB1, which can lead to repression of DNA repair and may contribute to genomic instability in human epithelial cells, The percentage of positive cells for TKTL1 and p-Akt was significantly correlated in glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) and other astrocytic gliomas (AGs, grades II and III)., strongly activated in HTLV-1 infected T cell lines derived from HAM/TSP patients., Nuclear Akt phosphorylates Aly on threonine-219, which is required for its interaction with Akt., hnRNP A1 has a role in mediating rapamycin-induced alterations of cyclin D1 and c-myc IRES activity in an Akt-dependent manner and provide the first direct link between Akt and the regulation of IRES activity, These results indicate that FSH increases the expression of VEGF by upregulating the expression of survivin, which is activated by the PI3K/AKT signaling pathway., Alterations to the Akt signaling pathway and nuclear export determine the stability of AIB1 and nuclear content of this coactivator., HDL has endothelial barrier promoting activities, which are attributable to its S1P component and signaling through the S1P1/Akt pathway., CCL2 protects prostate cancer PC3 cells from autophagic death via the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt/survivin pathway, Akt and AMPK have roles in the pathway of hydrogen peroxide-activated endothelial nitric-oxide synthase phosphorylation and function, Akt-mediated phosphorylation modulates eNOS uncoupling and greatly increases O(2)* generation from the enzyme at low Ca(2+) concentrations, and PKCalpha-mediated phosphorylation alters the sensitivity of the enzyme to other negative regulatory signals., Datas show that transforming growth factor beta engages TACE and ErbB3 to activate phosphatidylinositol-3 kinase/Akt in ErbB2-overexpressing breast cancer and desensitizes cells to trastuzumab., AKT1 does not play a significant role in clinical and functional manifestations in patients with schizophrenia who receive risperidone treatment., analysis of Akt-dependent and Akt-independent multiple myeloma subgroups, Authors observed a significant increase in AKT phosphorylation in depressed ventral tegmental area postmortem samples from depressed patients, without a change in total AKT levels., the PI3K/Akt pathway is involved in MDR in lymphoma cell lines and PI3K/Akt inhibition correlates down-regulation of NF-kappaB activity and inhibition Pgp function., The effect of AKT1 on DNA-dependent protein kinase catalytic subunit (DNA-PKcs) activity and DNA-dsb repair in irradiated non-small cell lung cancer cell lines A549 and H460, was analysed., eIF4E knockdown is not associated with Akt activation., The lack of Par-4 dramatically enhances Ras-induced lung carcinoma formation in vivo, acting as a negative regulator of Akt activation., results show that the mutation E17K/AKT1 was not detected in the pleckstrin homology domain of AKT1 of the investigated cases. We conclude that this mutation is not a major event in B-cell-derived lymphoid leukaemias, endocrine hormone insulin contributes to VEGF release in skin wounds through an Akt1-and 4E-BP1- mediated posttranscriptional mechanism in keratinocytes, Data demonstrate need for autophagy-mediated degradation of toxic, mutated arginine vasopressin C98X peptides, and suggest that, in the presence of mis-folded proteins, the stimulation of Akt signalling counteracts autophagy and precipitates cell death., PIK3CA mutations, in comparison with PTEN loss and AKT1 mutations, were associated with significantly less and inconsistent activation of AKT and of downstream PI3K/AKT signaling in tumors and cell lines, PAK1-specific paxillin phosphorylation at Ser(273) is critically involved in the positive-feedback regulation of the Rac-PAK1 pathway., The role of PI3K/Akt activity and DNA-PKcs on XRCC1 expression/stabilization, was studied., FASN and activated AKT pathway may be a potential target for therapeutic intervention for the treatment of papillary thyroid carcinomas., results suggest that both Transketolase-like enzyme 1 (TKTL1) and p-Akt protein play an important role in the progression of cervical neoplasia, isoflavone-induced inhibition of cell proliferation and induction of apoptosis are partly mediated through the regulation of the Akt/FOXO3a/GSK-3beta/AR signaling network., Tissue kallikrein decreased GSK-3beta activity via the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-Akt pathway and enhanced VEGF and VEGFR-2 expression in endothelial cells., analysis of differential Akt regulation in plasma membrane microdomains, endosomal activation of the PI3K/AKT signaling pathway in response to Gbetagamma trafficking, via its interaction with Rab11, is a relevant step in the mechanism controlling cell survival and proliferation, Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-delta agonist enhances vasculogenesis by regulating endothelial progenitor cells through genomic and nongenomic activations of the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt pathway, DIDS-sensitive Cl- channels play a key role in the Low-density lipoprotein-induced cell proliferation of human aortic smooth muscle cells via the activation of Erk1/2 and PI3K/Akt and the upregulation of Egr-1., data demonstrate a unique role for Akt in inhibiting TR3 functions that are not related to transcriptional activity but that correlate with the regulation of its mitochondrial association, in breast DCIS patients, strong cytoplasmic and/or nuclear immunoexpression was revealed in 17 cases for NRGalpha, 13 cases for p-AKT, and nuclear immunoexpression with p-MAPK was found in 17 cases., Fstl1 is a secreted muscle protein or myokine that can function to promote endothelial cell function and stimulates revascularization in response to ischemic insult through its ability to activate Akt-eNOS signaling, These results suggest that the BMP-2 acts through PI3K/Akt, which in turn activates IKKalpha/beta and NF-kappaB, resulting in the activations of beta1 integrin and contributing the migration of human chondrosarcoma cells., These results reveal a primary role of Akt in shaping intracellular Ca2+ homeostasis, that may underlie its protective role against some proapoptotic stimuli., Direct inhibition of Akt may represent a therapeutic strategy for breast and other cancers., rac regulates its effector phospholipase Cgamma2 through interaction with a split pleckstrin homology domain, Gate control for cell polarization can explain how Rac can be employed for both PI3K-dependent and -independent signaling pathways coexisting in the same cell., no aberrant SSCP pattern in exon 2 of the AKT1 gene was found, indicating that there were no E17K mutations of the AKT1 gene in these samples of gastrointestinal and liver cancers in the Korean patients, anti-apoptotic functions of cFLIPs may be attributed to inhibit oxaliplatin-induced apoptosis through the sustained XIAP protein level and Akt activation., These findings demonstrate that HAPO induces endothelial cell proliferation through the PI-3K/Akt pathway., Inhibition of PI3-K/Akt induces a 40% decrease of cyclin D1 half-life as a result of accumulation of the dephosphorylated/active form of GSK-3beta within the nucleus, where it can phosphorylate cyclin D1 on Thr286 thereby promoting its nuclear export., Confocal imaging of fluorescently labeled ZEBOV indicated that inhibition of PI3K, Akt, or Rac1 disrupted normal uptake of virus particles into cells and resulted in aberrant accumulation of virus into a cytosolic compartment, Glycine-extended gastrin induced signalling involves a JAK2/PI3-kinase/Akt/NF-kappaB sequence leading to COX-2 transcription., study found significantly increased nuclear but also cytoplasmic p-Akt expression in renal cell carcinoma subtypes, there are two parallel cell-survival pathways in prostate cancer cells, These findings demonstrate that PI3K/Akt signaling is a key regulator in terminal chondrocyte differentiation in both embryonic and adult chondrogenesis., H. pylori infection of gastric epithelial cells induced phosphorylation of Akt at Ser 473 and Thr 308., AKT1 (E17K) G-->A mutation was not detected in any of the pancreatic cancer tissue samples nor in any cell line DNA; results indicate that the AKT1 (E17K) mutation may not play a significant role in pancreatic cancer, COX-2 promotes colon tumor progression, but not initiation, and it does so, in part, by activating EGFR and Akt signaling pathways, Suppression of LKB1 expression led to apoptosis in three cell lines in which Akt is constitutively active but not in two cell lines without Akt activation., PTH induction of apoptosis is mediated by translocation of mitochondria to the perinuclear region, dephosphorylation of Akt, dephosphorylation of Bad and its movement to the mitochondria, release of cytochrome c and Smac/Diablo, activating casp3., an activating mutation of AKT1 found in prostate cancer, populations enriched for cancer stem cells are preferentially sensitive to an inhibitor of Akt, a prominent cell survival and invasion signaling node, activation of the Akt-mTOR-p70S6K pathway plays a significant role in HCC progression by promoting neoangiogenesis., Activated Akt seems to characterize well-differentiated invasive squamous laryngeal carcinomas, loss of E-cadherin and activation of beta-catenin correlated with high grade carcinomas., HuR is a direct transcription target of NF-kappaB; its activation in gastric cancer cell lines depends on phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/AKT signaling. HuR activation by this pathway has proliferative and antiapoptotic effects on gastric cancer cells., AKT was expressed in 83.3% of ameloblastomas, showing high expression of the p-thr(308)AKT and p-ser(473) AKT forms in 93.3% and 56.6% of cases, respectively., nuclear factor kappaB is inhibited through an AKT-independent pathway by liposome-encapsulated curcumin suppresses growth of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma in vitro and in xenografts, Complement C1q chemoattracts human dendritic cells and enhances migration of mature dendritic cells to CCL19 via activation of AKT and MAPK pathways.(, AKT1 polymorphisms and haplotypes were not significantly associated with TD. However, we detected a significant interaction between rs6275 of DRD2 and rs3730358 of AKT1, These results suggest a unique role of AKT in modulating estrogen signaling in ERalpha-positive breast cancers and highlights how extracellular signal activated kinases can change the landscape of transcription factor binding to the genome., there was a significant inverse correlation between nuclear pAkt and apoptotic index and between cytoplasmatic and nuclear pAkt and patient survival., These data demonstrate that integrin/EGFR cross-talk is required for expression of Egr-1 through a novel regulatory cascade involving the activation of the PI3K/Akt/Forkhead pathway., SEMA3B is a potential tumor suppressor that induces apoptosis in SEMA3B-inactivated tumor cells through the Np-1 receptor by inactivating the Akt signaling pathway., the Akt signalling pathway is inhibited by NO-sulindac, which inhibits the hypoxia response of PC-3 prostate cancer cells, DEP-1 is a positive regulator of VEGF-mediated Src and Akt activation and endothelial cell survival., PTEN upregulation is responsible for Pfn1-dependent attenuation of AKT activation in MDA-MB-231 cells., These data indicate that skeletal muscle is a source of FGF21 and that its expression is regulated by a phosphatidylinosistol 3-kinase (PI3-kinase)/Akt1 signaling pathway-dependent mechanism., Following down-regulation of MR-1, the phosphorylations of MLC2, focal adhesion kinase (FAK), and Akt were dramatically decreased, HMGB1 induced the activation of p38MAPK, ERK1/2 and Akt., In vitro studies reveal that the E17K mutation of ATK1 PH domain dramatically increases the affinity for the constitutive plasma membrane lipid PI(4,5)P(2), In human melanoma cells, MFG-E8 knockdown attenuated Akt and Twist signaling and thereby compromised tumor cell survival, EMT, and invasive ability, these results indicate the importance of C. burnetii modulation of host signaling and demonstrate a critical role for Akt and Erk1/2 in successful intracellular parasitism and maintenance of host cell viability., Scleroderma serum-induced EPC apoptosis is mediated chiefly by the Akt-FOXO3a-Bim pathway, which may account, at least in part, for the decreased circulating EPC levels in scleroderma patients., VacA activates the PI3K/Akt signaling pathway, resulting in phosphorylation and inhibition of GSK3beta, and subsequent translocation ofbeta-catenin to the nucleus, consistent with effects of VacA on beta-catenin-regulated transcriptional activity., Results indicated that the JNK and Akt pathways and inhibition of NF-kappaB activity were key regulators of apoptosis in response to withaferin A in human leukemia U937 cells., AKT1 inhibits homologous recombination by inducing cytoplasmic retention of BRCA1 and RAD51., Altered insulin activation of the PI3K/Akt but not the MAPK pathway precedes and may contribute to development of whole-body insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes in men with low birth weight., NGF induces Mac-2BP expression via the PI3K/Akt/NF-kappaB pathway., RGS13 overexpression inhibited CXCL12-evoked Ca(2+) mobilization, Akt phosphorylation and chemotaxis., mTORC2 and Akt facilitate CD40-inducible expression of VEGF in endothelial cells, ILK overexpression during liver oncogenesis and cirrhosis correlates with activation of Akt but not with other conventional ILK targets, glioma cells enhance EPC angiogenesis via VEGFR-2, not VEGFR-1, mediated by the MMP-9, Akt and ERK signal pathways, The association and altered regulation of IRS proteins by Ad5E1A contribute to the adenovirus-transformed phenotype and modulates viral infection in an Akt-dependent manner., IGFBP-7 can regulate glioma cell migration through the AKT-ERK pathway, thereby playing an important role in glioma growth and migration, ZAP70 expression levels in B cells give an estimate of the proliferative potential and the associated protein kinase B availability., Akt signals are involved in decoy receptor 3 expression in PANC-1 human pancreatic epithelioid carcinoma cells., AKT1 exerts its effect on verbal learning and memory via neural networks involving prefrontal cortex., Vitamin D3-triggered differentiation of human myeloid leukemia cells depends on downregulation of Akt, which dissociates from Raf1 and activates MAPK signaling., These data demonstrated that cell adhesion-mediated PI3K/Akt activation could be one of the important mechanisms of resistance to genotoxin-induced cell death in differentiated epithelial cells., PI3K/Akt/mdm2 signalling pathway can be activated by doxorubicin and suppress apoptosis by promoting phosphorylation of mdm2 in a gastric cancer cell line., Overexpression of P-AKT and NF-kappaB p65 were involved in the carcinogenesis and metastasis of ovarian cancer., Coexpression with active Akt1 increased the phosphorylation of Ser397 and thereby SGK1 kinase activity. SGK1 activation was further augmented by coexpression with the protein kinase WNK1 (with no lysine kinase 1)., The phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/akt cassette regulates purine nucleotide synthesis., We confirmed the partial responsibility of p-Akt activation in invasion of some bladder cancer cell lines expressing N-cadherin or p-EGFR, results suggest that CCL5 acts through PI3K/Akt, which in turn activates IKKalpha/beta and NF-kappaB, resulting in the activation of alphavbeta3 integrin and contributing to the migration of human lung cancer cells, an important role of PKC-delta and PI3K/Akt1,2 pathways in activating mTOR as an endogenous modulator to ensure a tight regulation of NF-kappaB signaling of ICAM-1 expression in endothelial cells., the c-Src-Rac1-p38 MAPK pathway is required for activation of Akt in response to radiation and plays a cytoprotective role against radiation in human cancer cells, Promoter hypermethylation of CST6 is associated with aberrant AKT1 activation in epithelial cells, as well as the disabled INNP4B regulator resulting from the suppression by cancer associated fibroblasts., inhibition of the PI3K-AKT-mTOR pathway potently increases sensitivity of melanoma cells to chemotherapy, Id-1 is a novel PTEN inhibitor that could activate the Akt pathway and its downstream effectors, the Wnt/TCF pathway and p27(Kip1) phosphorylation, Notch-1 may be mediated through regulating the expression of cell cycle regulatory proteins cyclin D1, CDK2 and p21 and the activity of Akt signaling, the prosurvival effect of NADPH oxidase inhibitor parabutoporin depends on activation of protein kinase B/Akt via lipid raft signaling., Akt/mTOR-dependent translation of HIF-1alpha plays a critical role in the postirradiation up-regulation of intratumoral HIF-1 activity in response to radiation-induced alterations of glucose and oxygen availability in a solid tumor., the pathway of apoptin-induced apoptosis and show that it essentially depends on abnormal phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3-kinase)/Akt activation, resulting in the activation of the cyclin-dependent kinase CDK2, KAI1/CD82 decreased the metastatic phenotype of H1299 lung carcinoma cells by down-regulating Rac1 expression through the PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway., These results suggest the anti-inflammatory activity of platonin is a result of reduced NF-kappaB activity due to inhibition of Akt and IKKbeta., Overexpression of Akt1 inhibits invasive migration of various breast cancer cell lines, but silencing of Akt1 using siRNA enhances migration. In fibroblasts, however, AKT1 enhances migration. Review., Akt may induce anti-apoptotic signals at least in part through the regulation of the amount and activity of Bcl-w., Protein kinase B (pAkt) and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) were the insulin-responsive intermediates in proliferating endothelial cells (ECs)., the PTEN/PI3K/Akt pathways are critical for prostate cancer stem-like cell maintenance, ligation of ApoER2 by APC signals via Dab1 phosphorylation and subsequent activation of PI3K and Akt and inactivation of GSK3beta, thereby contributing to APC's beneficial effects on cells., pneumococci exploit the vitronectin-alphavbeta3-integrin complex as a cellular receptor for invasion and this integrin-mediated internalization requires the cooperation between the host signalling molecules ILK, PI3K and Akt., Data suggest that overexpression of Akt1 and Mdm2 may be related to esophageal carcinogenesis, and that Akt expression regulates Mdm2 expression, which may in turn regulate the function of wild-type p53., AKT1 pleckstrin homology domain mutation appear to be rare in Japanese gastrointestinal and liver cancer patients., Tubulin acetylation stimulates the binding and the signaling function of the kinase Akt/PKB., Trends suggested down-modulation of cyclooxygenase-2 and Ki-67 in some tissues, increased pAKT-Ser473 expression, and an inverse relationship between PGE(2) and BCL2 expression., AKT activation has a role in hypoxia-increased prostate epithelial cell resistance to receptor-mediated apoptosis, These results suggest a role for PTEN in normal adult brain and that the PTEN/Akt pathway may be involved in neuronal survival or plasticity after ischemic injury., the specificity of DNA-PK action as a Ser-473 kinase for PKB in DNA repair signaling., S100B interacts with Src kinase, thereby stimulating the PI3K/Akt and PI3K/RhoA pathways., PTEN, PTEN/p-AKT and PTEN/p-mTOR have roles in extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma, E-cadh is predominantly expressed at cell-cell contacts and its functionality is necessary and sufficient for the activation of the PI3K/AKT pathway, the level of phosphorylation on Thr308, but not on Ser473, was significantly correlated with high-risk karyotype in AML, the Thyroid hormone beta1 receptor mediates the T3 upregulation of protein synthesis and cell size, together with the cell proliferation and survival, playing a crucial role in the T3 regulation of the PI3K/Akt pathway., genetic variations in AKT1 were associated with survival in esophageal cancer, Phosphorylation of AKT and mTOR is correlated with anaplastic lymphoma kinase expression in anaplastic large cell lymphoma., EGFR signals to mTOR through PKC and independently of Akt in glioma, Phosphorylated AKT as well as activated mTOR and its down-stream effector S6K were strongly expressed in cystic epithelia of autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease., Endometrial stathmin is linked to HIF-1alpha protein accumulation and VEGF expression through the PI3K/Akt signaling pathway and may be involved in regeneration of the endometrium during the menstrual cycle in human uterine cells., ET-1 and TGF-beta1 independently promote fibroblast resistance to apoptosis through signaling pathways involving PI3K/AKT., the PPARgamma-dependent PI3K/Akt pathway has a role in telmisartan-induced proliferation of human endothelial progenitor cells, KiSS1 metastasis suppressor gene product induces suppression of tyrosine kinase receptor signaling to Akt, tumor necrosis factor family ligand expression, and apoptosis., Study identifies PHLDA3 as a p53 target gene that encodes a PH domain-only protein and finds that PHLDA3 competes with the PH domain of Akt for binding of membrane lipids, inhibiting Akt translocation to the cellular membrane and activation., The phosphorylation of Akt induced by the loss of PTEN took part in the tumorigenesis and development of endometrial carcinoma., These results suggest that one mechanism of the apoptotic activity of magnolol involves its effect on epidermal growth factor receptor-mediated EGFR/PI3K/Akt signaling transduction pathways., Constitutively active myristoylated Akt overexpression produces an opposite effect to insulin/insulin-like growth factor-1 stimulation by inhibiting secretion of amyloid precursor protein (APP) and APP metabolites in multiple cell lines., beta-arrestin2 inhibits opioid-induced breast cancer cell death through Akt and caspase-8 pathways., VEGF-A signalling acts on tumour cells as a stimulator of the AKT/mTOR pathway., These results show that Akt/PKB overexpression would be suggestive of malignant progression and invasive regrowth of diffuse astrocytoma, and it can serve as a novel prognostic marker for this tumour., Leptin exerts an anti-apoptotic effect on human dendritic cells via the PI3K-Akt signaling pathway., EGFR activation by H pylori infection has an antiapoptotic effect in gastric epithelial cells that appears to involve Akt signaling and Bcl family members., Bcr-Abl represses the expression of PHLPP1 and PHLPP2 and continuously activates Akt1, -2, and -3 via phosphorylation on Ser-473, resulting in the proliferation of CML cells, bortezomib overcame TRAIL resistance at clinically achievable concentrations in hepatocellular carcinoma cells, and this effect is mediated at least partly via inhibition of the PI3K/Akt pathway, beta-arrestins and c-Src are implicated in the activation of Akt in response to ghrelin through the GHS-R1a, cell Ca2(+) plays a fundamental role in wound healing even without PL, p38 and ERK1/2 are essential for PL effects but are also activated by wounding, increased phosphorylation of huntingtin via calcineurin inhibition, rather than via Akt induction or activation, is the likely mechanism by which RCAN1-1L may be protective against mutant huntingtin., Akt/protein kinase B (PKB) interacts with and directly phosphorylates Skp2., Akt1 phosphorylates Skp2 at Ser 72, which is required to disrupt the interaction between Cdh1 and Skp2., loss of PTEN as well as other genetic alterations that result in constitutive activation of Akt/mTORC1 signaling may contribute to the development of sporadic chordomas., PI3K/Akt mediates phosphorylation of the pro-apoptotic Bcl-2 family member Bax, Akt-mediated transactivation of the S1P1 receptor in caveolin-enriched microdomains regulates endothelial barrier enhancement by oxidized phospholipids., The results suggest that the PI3K/Akt-dependent signaling pathways serve to regulate hypoxia-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition of hepatocellular carcinoma cells., Insulin attenuates the insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I)-Akt pathway, not IGF-I-extracellularly regulated kinase pathway, in luteinized granulosa cells with an increase in PTEN., Data showed that tumor-associated matrices induced PI3K and beta1-integrin dependent Akt/PKB activity in MDA-MB-231 cells., A functional polymorphism that impairs the activity of PHLPP2 and correlates with elevated Akt phosphorylation and increased PKC levels, was identified., periostin promoted the survival of A549 non-small-cell lung cancer cells under hypoxic microenvironment via activation of Akt/PKB pathway, TNFalpha facilitates the reduction of FLIP(L) protein, which is dependent on the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt signaling., the AKT1 E17K mutation is rare in prostate adenocarcinomas, esophageal squamous cell carcinomas, laryngeal squamous cell carcinomas, urothelial carcinomas, hepatoblastomas, gastrointestinal stromal tumors and malignant meningiomas, AKT activity is downregulated when Tsc1/Tsc2 function is reduced., IL-6 functions in a cytoprotective manner, in part, by suppressing Bax translocation and dimerization through PI3K/Akt-mediated Bax phosphorylation., Akt1 activation alone was sufficient to induce G(1)/S checkpoint bypass, AKT1 E17K mutation was searched in 26 total RNA samples obtained from 26 patients known to have urothelial carcinoma., The intracellular concentration of TAL1 is regulated by TGF-beta, which triggers its polyubiquitylation & degradation by the proteasome. This is mediated by AKT1, which phosphorylates TAL1 at threonine 90., EP2 and EP4 receptor inhibition induces apoptosis of human endometriotic cells through suppression of ERK1/2, AKT, NFkappaB, and beta-catenin pathways and activation of intrinsic apoptotic mechanisms, ILK is inhibited by QLT0267, which, when combined with docetaxel, reduces P-AKT and alters F-actin architecture, uMtCK in prostate neoplasm cells (LNCaP) contributes to overproduction of reactive oxygen species, activation of Akt signaling pathway and more aggressive phenotypes including androgen independence development., Results show that high levels of Akt-1, assessed by quantum dots, deconvolution imaging, and image analysis, are associated with a higher risk of biochemical recurrence and prostate cancer-specific death., complete concordance of PIK3CA and AKT1 mutations in matched samples of invasive and in situ tumor indicates that these mutations occur early in breast cancer development, Mutation E17K/AKT1 was not detected in the 24 samples of retinoblastoma analyzed. K-RAS mutations were identified in two samples. There were no mutations in any of the other genes analyzed., dysregulation of the phosphoinositide 3-kinase/Akt/PTEN pathway is relevant to the prognosis in node-negative breast carcinoma, Our results suggest that up-regulation of AKT1 and 4EBP1 in eutopic endometrium may be associated with the pathogenesis of endometriosis., Findings indicate that AP-1 has an important function in pancreatic cancer cells and provide evidence for a previously unknown Akt-mediated mechanism of c-Jun activation., PTEN modulated VEGF-mediated signaling and affected tumor angiogenesis through PI3K/Akt/VEGF/eNOS pathway., Results show that blockade of Akt/HIF-1alpha/PDGF-BB autocrine signaling could enhance the chemosensitivity of liver cancer cells and tumorigenic hepatic progenitor cells under hypoxic conditions and thus provide an effective therapeutic strategy for HCC., A significant difference in the immunoexpression for p-Akt was observed when squamous cell carcinoma samples were compared with normal and dysplasic epithelial groups., Apoptotic body engulfment by hepatic stellate cells promotes their survival by the JAK/STAT and Akt/NF-kappaB-dependent pathways., mutations of PTEN, PI3K, or AKT were identified in 47.7% of 44 cases of T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia, In glioblastoma multiforme, oncogenic deregulation of the PI3K pathway does not involve somatic mutations in the coding region of AKT1., The constitutive activation of the PI3K-Akt pathway in Fanconi anaemia cells upregulates the expression of IL-1beta., Results show that this unique and specific bacterial entry process is dependent on the cooperation and activation of Rho family GTPase Cdc42, PI3K, and Akt., EGFR activity inhibition abrogates anoikis resistance in cancer cells through a loss of Fak-Src interactions and down-activation of Src/MEK/Erk and PI3-K/Akt-1, Results identify PACS-2 as an essential TRAIL effector, and show that Akt cooperates with 14-3-3 to regulate the homeostatic and apoptotic properties of PACS-2 that mediate TRAIL action., ROS-driven Akt dephosphorylation at Ser-473 is involved in 4-HPR-mediated apoptosis in NB4 cells., Findings show that PKIB and PKA-C kinase can have critical functions of aggressive phenotype of PCs through Akt phosphorylation and that they should be a promising molecular target for PC treatment., Data show that blockade of endothelial cell-derived IL-6, CXCL8, or EGF by gene silencing or neutralizing antibodies inhibited phosphorylation of STAT3, Akt, and ERK in tumor cells, respectively., Absence of PIK3CA/AKT1 mutations in one specimen may not reflect the status at other sites because these mutations arise during progression., angiogenic effects of A549 conditioned culture media are largely mediated through activation of the PI3K-Akt in endothelial cells, and that the Akt1 is crucial in this process., Activation of the AKT/mTOR signaling pathway plays an important role in the development of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, and is closely related to the low or non-expression of bcl-6., Two AKT1 (E17K) mutations in the endometrial cancer tissue samples and no mutations in the cell lines., PTEN/Akt/beta-catenin signaling pathway plays an importatn role in regulation of normal and malignant mammary stem/progenitor cell populations., Resutls show that the IS formation induced antiapoptotic signaling events, including activation of the kinase Akt1 and localization of NF-kappaB and FOXO1 to the nucleus and cytoplasm., a novel role of PI3K/Akt in fibrogenesis of human lung fibroblasts and its regulation by ROS, which could be exploited for the treatment of pulmonary fibrosis and related disorders., Data indicate that PI3K inhibitor, LY294002, almost completely blocked Lf(Fe(3+))-induced Akt activation, and prevented the cytoplasmic localization of p27(kip1)., PP2Cgamma is a novel regulator of p21(Cip1/WAF1) protein stability via the Akt signaling pathway., Results provide evidence for the potential application of roscovitine/wormannin combination in clinical cancer treatment by repressing PI3K/Akt pathway., Data suggest that decreased habituation of arousal, NRG1-induced AKT phosphorylation, and anxiety are related to delusional ideation in the general population., Studies indicate inhibition of the PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway is not only a potential first-line therapeutic strategy in ovarian cancer but also could be used in recurrent disease as a means of reversing acquired chemotherapy resistance., loss of stromal Cav-1 is predictive of elevated levels of epithelial Cav-1 and epithelial Akt-activation and is associated with advanced prostate cancer., Data show that the DNA-binding activities of c-Myc to the hTERT promoter were decreased in butein-treated cells, and reatment with butein also suppressed the activation of Akt, thereby inhibiting hTERT phosphorylation and translocation into the nucleus, commitment of cell transformation by Aurora-A is determined by at least co-activation of Akt/mTOR pathway, Results demonstrated that the inhibition of spontaneous B cell apoptosis by CpG DNA was correlated to up-regulation of Bcl-xL, IAP and down-regulation of p53 and caspase 3 mediated through PI3K/AKT signaling., Results suggested that PTEN/AKT pathway was involved in trichostatin A induced cell growth inhibition and apoptosis of oral squamous cell carcinoma cells., Findings show that PI3K inhibition diminished hepatoblastoma cell growth being accompanied by reduced AKT and GSK-3beta phosphorylation., Data show that IGFBP-3 is regulated by the PI3-kinase/AKT and MAPK/ERK1/2 pathways., Akt, activated downstream from ERK 1/2, was required for TGF-beta1-induced ZEBRA expression and enabled Smad3, a mediator of TGF-beta1 signaling, to be acetylated by direct interaction with the co-activator CREB-binding protein, Interaction of Akt-phosphorylated SRPK2 with 14-3-3 mediates cell cycle and cell death in neurons., Data show that inhibition of TACE activity or expression enhanced the cell surface TbetaRI levels and TGF-beta-induced Smad3 and Akt activation., TLR4 was expressed in colorectal cancer(CRC) cells and LPS treatment increased Akt phosphorylation of TLR4-positive CRCs in a time-dependent manner, OPN enhances angiogenesis directly through PI3K/AKT- and ERK-mediated pathways with VEGF acting as a positive feedback signal., Data show that aberrant expression of ErbB2, ErbB3 and ErbB4 in the two resistant cell lines, suggesting the existence of an autocrine loop leading to constitutive activation of MAPK and PI3K/Akt survival pathways., Data suggest an interaction between COX-2 enzymatic activity and PI3Kinase/AKT signaling pathway in EOC., SHIP gene can inhibit K562 cell proliferation and promote cell apoptosis via inactivating PI3K/Akt pathway., Results predict that other functions shared by Akt and NHE1, including cell growth and survival, might be regulated by increased H(+) efflux., In THP-1 cells, corticotropin-releasing factor activates the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt and ERK1/2 pathways., ILK mediated pressure-stimulated adhesion through regulating phosphorylation of AKT and FAK., The Akt pathway is involved in peptidoglycan-induced interleukin-6 production in rheumatoid arthritis synovial fibroblasts., Data show that with SF1126 treatment, caspase 3 and PARP proteins were cleaved, survivin was down-regulated, and inhibition of PI3-kinase was confirmed by reduced phosphorylation of Akt., RUNX1 may play a critical role in chemotherapy response in acute megakaryocytic leukemia by regulating the PI3-kinase/Akt pathway., Our results demonstrated that shRNA targeting COX-2, Akt1 and PIK3R1 downregulates their expression significantly in a sequence-specific manner, exerting proliferation and invasion inhibition effects on SGC7901 and U251 cells, suppression of the PI3 kinase/Akt pathway is correlated with the development of BMP2 resistance and invasion in BMP2-induced EMT in colon cancer., Aberrant overexpression of microRNAs activate AKT signaling via down-regulation of tumor suppressors in natural killer-cell lymphoma/leukemia., Chronic moderate hypoxia induces macrophage activation via the Akt and beta-catenin pathways, providing new insight into the pathogenesis of inflammatory diseases., pAkt regulates expression for proliferation, survival and invasion of breast cancer cells, The results indicate that serum activates Akt and ERK pathways earlier than XIAP expression., Expression of pAkt, GLUT1 and TKTL1 were higher in breast cancer and DCIS than in normal tissue., Study has shown that EGCG protects A549 cells from apoptosis induced by serum deprivation via Akt activation and this protective effect may limit the clinical use of EGCG in treating and preventing NSCLC., Results demonstrated the augmented adjuvant anti-tumor effects of AC-CF not only through down regulation of MDR-1 expression but also through a COX-2 dependent apoptosis pathway, involving down-regulation of COX-2 and p-AKT and up-regulation of PARP-1., zinc deficiency differentially modulated the Akt-Mdm2-p53 signaling axis in normal prostate cells vs. the Akt-p21 signaling axis in malignant prostate cells., Wortmannin can inhibit the proliferation and induce apoptosis of K562 leukemia cells possibly by down-regulating Akt and NF-kappaB., Data show that p53-independent curcumin-induced apoptosis in ovarian carcinoma cells involves p38 MAPK activation, ablation of Akt signaling, and reduced expression of the antiapoptotic proteins Bcl-2 and survivin., Studies indicate that drugs are effective in targeting essential molecular pathways of BRAF, PTEN, Akt and mammalian target of rapamycin., YadA and invasin of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis both trigger signal transduction pathways during integrin-mediated phagocytosis into epithelial cells, which lead to the activation of Akt, PLC-gamma1, PKCalpha and -beta downstream of PI3 kinase., This study not only reveals a role of CRT in motility promotion and anoikis resistance in ESCC cells, but also identifies CRT as an upstream regulator in the CRT-STAT3-CTTN-Akt pathway., PI3Kbeta plays an essential role in GPVI-mediated platelet aggregation and Akt activation, Chronic lymphocytic leukemia clones consistently contain activated Akt which plays a pivotal role in maintaining cell survival., TRAF6 was found to be direct E3 ligase for Akt & essential for Akt ubiquitination, membrane recruitment & phosphorylation upon growth-factor stimulation; cancer-associated Akt mutant displayed increase Akt ubiquitination, Results show that ceramide is a necessary and sufficient intermediate mediating the inhibition of the AKT/eNOS signaling pathway by palmitate in endothelial cells., Results indicate that AMPK is crucial in apoptosis induced by curcumin and further that the pAkt-AMPK-COX-2 cascade or AMPK-pAkt-COX-2 pathway is important in cell proliferation, Results suggest that genistein could inhibit cell growth by inhibiting AKT phosphorylation, ERK1/2 activity and activating p38 MAPK., Exposure of cultured human renal proximal tubular cells to high glucose increased Akt and pMAPK phosphorylation coinciding with increased apoptosis., Selective inhibition of AKT renders normally resistant first-trimester trophoblast cells sensitive to FAS-mediated apoptosis by regulating XIAP expression., These results identify nNOS as a target gene of a novel RA/PI3K/Akt/DAX1-dependent pathway in human neuroblastoma cells, Cell cycle regulators, AKT, p53, and MAPK, as therapeutic targets for MONCPT to induce cell cycle G2/M arrest in the context of anticancer therapy., Data showed that 9 tumor samples had strong expression of P-Akt and 5/9 had P-MAPK, and none of them had EGFR expression., Data show that the N-t-boc-Daidzein induced apoptosis is characterized by caspase activation, XIAP and AKT degradation., No AKT1 E17K mutation was found among 86 Chinese Philadelphia-positive CML patients, suggesting that the pre-existence of this mutation has little role in CML., In the striatum, reduced levels of PHLPP1 can contribute to maintain high levels of activated Akt that may delay cell death and allow the recovery of neuronal viability after mutant huntingtin silencing, Inhibition of apoptosis by GIP is mediated via a key pathway involving Akt-dependent inhibition of apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 1, which subsequently prevents the pro-apoptotic actions of p38 MAPK and JNK., Diabetic monocytes show increased migratory capacity in response to GSK-3beta inhibition., These findings demonstrate that excretions/secretions directly induces human microvascular endothelial cells-1 cell migration and this event is partially mediated by the activation of AKT1., The over-expression of AKT accompanied by the loss of PTEN involves carcinogenesis and development of colon carcinoma., Data show that gene silencing of Ob-R with Ob-R siRNA in EOC cells resulted in down regulation of phospho-AKT and its down stream targets., RACK1, partly by inhibiting Src, promotes mitochondrial cell death and blocks Akt-mediated cell survival., Testosterone induces ERK and Akt phosphorylation via the membrane-initiated signaling pathways mediated by ER-alpha36, suggesting a possible involvement of ER-alpha 36 in testosterone carcinogenesis., The authors report that M-T5 can bind Akt and the host SCF complex (via Skp1) simultaneously in myxoma virus-infected cells., findings indicate DNA dependent protein kinase as an important enzyme maintaining the quiescent endothelial phenotype by actively inhibiting Akt thus restraining endothelial cell proliferation preventing excessive growth., in multivariate analyses, none of the phospho-Akt levels appeared to be independent predictors of breast cancer recurrence or death, demonstrate a key role for beta-TrCP in controlling the level of PHLPP1, and activation of Akt negatively regulates this degradation process., SYUIQ-5 induces autophagy in nasopharyngeal cancer cells which may be related to SYUIQ-5-mediated p-Akt down-regulation and FOXO3a nuclear translocation., Data show that B[a]PDE increases cyclin D1 expression, and activate the PI3-kinase/Akt/MAPK- and p70s6k pathway in Beas-2B bronchial epithelial cells., Data show that stimulation of HIF-1alpha transcription by the ND6 mutation was mediated by overproduction of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and subsequent activation of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K)-Akt and protein kinase C (PKC) signaling pathways., Data show an enhanced activation of AKT1 when E17K and E49K mutations are in tandem suggests that they can co-operate., Results suggest that Akt confers resistance, in part, by modulating CDDP-induced, p53-dependent FLIP ubiquitination., Data show that everolimus/RAD001 significantly inhibits cell viability in a dose- and time-dependent fashion, and diminishes phosphorylation of Akt downstream targets, mTOR and p70S6K, in human medullary thyroid carcinoma cells., LRP1 mediates anti-apoptotic function in neurons by regulating insulin receptor and the Akt survival pathway, Data show that Akt inhibitors inhibited Akt phosphorylation activity., Data show that mutated GPC3 lacking the GPI anchoring domain (sGPC3) significantly inhibited the in vivo growth, blocked Wnt signaling and Erk1/2 and Akt phosphorylation in tumors., EGF receptor up-regulated the expression of MT1-MMP and down-regulated the synthesis of MMP-2 through the mitogen-activated protein kinase/extracellular signal-regulated kinase pathway., induction of EMT is controlled by microRNAs whose abundance depends on the balance between Akt1 and Akt2 rather than on the overall activity of Akt, the PDX1 C terminus has a role in mediating the effects of glucose, which modulates PDX1 stability via the AKT-GSK3 axis, BMP-2 promotes motility and invasion of gastric cancer cells by activating the PI-3 kinase/Akt signal pathway., Together, these results suggest that TNFalpha induced oxidative stress affects Akt activation to regulate actin organization and growth of glioma cells., OPN promotes prostate cancer cell progression processes by activating the Akt/beta-catenin pathway. The OPN/Akt pathway is required for the stabilization of beta-catenin. Nuclear beta-catenin activates the TCF/LEF family of transcription factors., Data shows the AKT1 E17K mutation in 4% of endometrial carcinomas. The presence of double AKT1/ PTEN mutants is in accord with the hypothesis that in EC more than one hit is required to completely activate the PI3K pathway., Data show that RNA silencing of choline kinase in HeLa cells completely abrogates the high concentration of phosphocholine, which in turn decreases phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidic acid and signaling through the MAPK and PI3K/AKT pathways., The lytic replication of gamma-2 herpesvirus was enhanced by inhibiting the PI3K-Akt pathway., Akt modulates TGF-beta signaling by temporarily adjusting the levels of two TGF-beta pathway negative regulators, Ski and Smad7, germ line genetic variations in the PI3K-AKT-mTOR pathway may have roles as bladder cancer susceptibility factors, baicalein not only inhibited IL-6-mediated phosphorylation of signaling proteins, such as Jak, STAT3, MAPK, and Akt, but also inhibited the expression of their target genes, such as bcl-xl., AKT activation is crucial for PTEN suppression in surviving cells following ultraviolet B irradiation., the Akt phosphorylation and inactivation of its downstream target, BAD may play a role in survival of breast cancer cell, anthocyanins isolated from Vitis coignetiae Pulliat induce apoptosis might at least in part through activating p38-MAPK and suppressing Akt in human colon cancer HCT-116 cells., Suppression of Akt1 expression by small interference RNA inhibits SGC7901 cell growth in vitro and in vivo, Epigallocatechin gallate decreases ET-1 expression and secretion from endothelial cells, in part, via Akt- and AMPK-stimulated FOXO1 regulation of the ET-1 promoter., Wnt-3A may activate canonical Wnt signaling and PI3K/AKT through distinct receptors., Oscillatory shear stress induces osteoblast-like cell proliferation through activation of alpha(v)beta(3) and beta(1) integrins and synergistic interactions of FAK and Shc with PI3K, leading to the modulation of ERK and Akt/mTOR/p70S6K pathways., increasing Hsp70 levels combined with inhibiting its ATPase function may serve to dramatically reduce Akt levels and facilitate cell death in certain types of cancer, Aurora-A, via activating Akt, stimulated nuclear factor-kappaB signaling pathway to promote cancer cell survival., The key signaling molecules in the PI3K signaling cascade, the abnormalities known to occur in thyroid cancer, and the potential for therapeutic targeting of PI3K pathway members are discussed., two-thirds of papillomas are driven by mutations in the PI3CA/AKT pathway, Data show that DAB2IP is a potent growth inhibitor by inducing G(0)/G(1) cell cycle arrest and is proapoptotic in response to stress, and that DAB2IP can suppress the PI3K-Akt pathway and enhance ASK1 activation leading to cell apoptosis., Elevated expression of p53-R175H mutant may exert gain-of-function activity to activate the EGFR/PI3K/AKT pathway and thus may contribute to the invasive phenotype in endometrial cancer., Data suggest that the targeting of Akt by T. cruzi could be an important mechanism that underlies the long-term survival of infected cells., Data reveal PTPN2, PTPRJ and PTEN as potent regulators of Akt signalling which contribute to ameliorating the consequences of oncogenic K-Ras activity., Rac activation by mechanical forces is rapid, direct and does not depend on Src activation, p-Akt and COX-2 are expressed in gastric adenocarcinomas, Data show 5-HT can induce activation of two interrelated signaling pathways, Erk1/2 and PI3K/Akt to induce proliferation, migration, and differentiation., The allele, genotype, and haplotype analyses in this study and the meta-analysis do not support an association between AKT1 and schizophrenia., These results established a novel pathway that consists of proto-oncogene c-Akt, COX-2 and Mcl-1 for acquired apoptosis resistance in lung cancer cells., These results indicate that forskolin (FSK) does not activate the Akt-mTOR pathway in human skeletal muscle; however, these results suggest that FSK may inhibit the actions of insulin on this pathway., Data show that the cleavage of MST1 is inhibited by the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt pathway., wtSHIP gene can down-regulate Akt phosphorylation and up-regulate cell cycle related proteins in K562 cells., hypoxia switches glucose depletion-induced necrosis to apoptosis and ERK1/2 and PI3K-Akt exert anti-necrotic and pro-apoptotic activities in the cell death, respectively, ICAM-3 enhances the migratory and invasive potential of human non-small cell lung cancer cells by inducing MMP-2 and MMP-9 via Akt and CREB, Data show that RTX treatment results in a time-dependent inhibition of the BCR-signaling cascade involving Lyn, Syk, PLC gamma 2, Akt, and ERK, and calcium mobilization., Data show that suppression of PUMA through the phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K)/protein kinase B (AKT)/p53 axis in the intestinal stem cells as a novel molecular mechanism of growth factor-mediated intestinal radioprotection., glutamate signaling mediated by AMPA receptor induces U-87MG human malignant glioblastoma cell line proliferation via EGFR-phospho-Akt pathway., Increased expression of Lewis y antigen plays an important role in promoting cell proliferation through activating PI3K/Akt signaling pathway in ovarian carcinoma-derived RMG-I cells., Data suggest that in Caco-2 cells, PP2A and the cAMP pathway act in concert to inactivate the AKT survival pathway in PTH-induced intestinal cell apoptosis., Leptin plays an important role in papillary thyroid carcinoma pathogenesis through PI3K/AKT pathway via Ob-R and is a potential prognostic marker associated with an aggressive phenotype and poor disease-free survival., VEGF increases the phosphorylation and activation of ERK and Akt within CD4+CD45RO+ T cells, identified Akt1 as a new signaling component of the amino-Nogo pathway. Akt1 phosphorylation is decreased by amino-Nogo, Heat shock protein 70 (Hsc70) plays a significant role in vascular endothelial cells via the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt pathway., Akt1 was located in the cytoplasm of human cell lines., findings suggest that CCL2 hyperactivates mTORC1 through simultaneous regulation of both AMPK and Akt pathways and reveals a new network that promotes prostate cancer, PI3K/AKT mutations may not play a major role in multiple myeloma., Data showed that curcumin decreases HCV gene expression via suppression of the Akt-SREBP-1 activation, not by NF-kappaB pathway., These findings demonstrate the importance of cross-talk between the PI3K/Akt and beta-catenin pathways, Studies indicate that the PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway plays a critical role in breast cancer development and resistance to traditional anti-tumor strategy., TRPV6 was stimulated by protein kinase B PKB/Akt., From our data, we proposed that Choline kinase plays a key role in regulating Akt(ser473) phosphorylation, thereby promoting cell survival and proliferation, in human epithelial cells, shrinkage-induced activation of Akt1 is involved in the regulatory volume increase (RVI) process and apoptotic inhibition of RVI is caused by inhibition of Akt activation, which results from ROS-mediated activation of ASK1., Expression of a constitutively activated STAT3 mutant or myristoylated AKT partially blocked the effects of sunitinib in these tumor cells., the integrity of lipid rafts is required for the activity of Akt and cell survival in epidermal cancers, the activation of the Akt pathway signalling is closely correlated with shear-induced VSMC reorientation., Patients with ulcerative colitis higher PTEN expression and lower AKT expression than those with colorectal cancer, but lower PTEN and higher Akt expressions than in normal tissue., Data show that PF-2341066 reduced HGF-stimulated phosphorylation of c-Met in the tyrosine kinase domain as well as phosphorylation of the downstream signaling effectors, Akt and Erks., The cancer-associated Akt mutant recently identified in a subset of human cancers displays enhanced Akt ubiquitination, in turn contributing to Akt hyperactivation, suggesting a potential role of Akt ubiquitination in cancers., Data show that PI3K activation and PIP3 production lead to recruitment of the PKB/beta-arrestin/PDE4 complex to the membrane via the PKB PH domain, resulting in degradation of the TCR-induced cAMP pool and allowing full T-cell activation to proceed., Data show T117/T384 as Akt phosphorylation sites in MST2, and mutation of these sites inhibited MST2 binding to Raf-1 but enhanced binding to RASSF1A, accentuating downstream c-jun N-Terminal Kinase and p38 MAPK signaling and promoting apoptosis., The PI3K/Akt pathway may play an inhibitory role in inflammatory mediators-induced human vascular smooth muscle cell calcification through regulating alkaline phosphatase expression., PGE(2)-induced CYP1B1 expression is mediated by ligand-independent activation of the ERalpha pathway as a result of the activation of ERK, Akt, and PKA in breast cancer cells., Enhanced MCP-1 release by keloid CD14+ cells augments fibroblast proliferation via Akt pathway in keloids., mutations in critical genes within the PI3-kinase (PI3K) pathway are not functionally equivalent, and that other cooperative genetic events may be necessary to achieve oncogenic PI3K pathway activation in cancers that contain the AKT1 E17K mutation., In breast cancer AKT3 amplifications and AKT1 and AKT2 deletions were seen by FISH; AKT1 amplification was identified in prostatic carcinomas, Caffeine confers radiosensitization of PTEN-deficient malignant glioma cells by enhancing ionizing radiation-induced G1 arrest and negatively regulating Akt phosphorylation, Phosphorylated Akt expression is augmented in peripheral blood lymphocytes of both Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease patients., Data show that the expression of tenascin-C is induced in immune myeloid cells, and its synthesis is transcriptionally regulated and requires the specific activation of AKT/PI3K and NF-kappaB signaling pathways., Results represent the first indication that Akt isoforms regulate intermediate filament protein expression and support the hypothesis that IFs are involved in PI3K/Akt pathway., Data show that distinct phosphatases dephosphorylate conserved AKT motifs within the FOXO family and that PP2A is entwined in a dynamic interplay with AKT and 14-3-3 to directly regulate FOXO3a subcellular localization and transcriptional activation., the AKT pathway has a role in microRNA expression of human U251 glioblastoma cells, Adhesion of ST6Gal I-mediated human colon cancer cells to fibronectin contributes to cell survival by integrin beta1-mediated paxillin and AKT activation., Expression of Par-4 sensitizes Caki cells to TRAIL via modulation of multiple targets, including DR5, Bcl-2, Akt, and NF-kappaB., Demographic and clinical characteristics and AKT1 single markers and haplotypes, but not AKTIP polymorphisms or interactions between AKT1 and AKTIP, are associated with increased risk for suicidal behavior in bipolar patients., Data show that AKT1 and AKT2 appeared to regulate growth through FOXO proteins, but not through either GSK3beta or mTOR, and in contrast, inactivation of PDPK1 affected GSK3beta and mTOR activation., Results indicate that AKT1 polymorphisms are associated with susceptibility to pulmonary TB., the PTEN/AKT pathway has a role as a target of CsA in epidermal keratinocytes, suggesting a previously unknown mechanism in CsA-enhanced skin carcinogenesis, There is an intensive relationship between pAKT and CD44v6 expression in breast cancer tissues., AKT1-SNP4 A/A genotype seems to be a candidate biomarker of primary resistance in non-small lung cancer patient treated with gefitinib., The authors observed that extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK) activation promotes viral fusion via ezrin-mediated cytoskeletal rearrangements, whereas AKT1 attenuates fusion by promoting phosphorylation of F protein of Sendai virus., Data from functional molecular imaging demonstrated that beta-parvin plays a regulatory role in the ILK-mediated Akt (also called protein kinase B) signaling cascades, suggesting that beta-parvin might be a crucial modulator of cell survival., Characterizing the expression of PTEN, AKT and pS6 Ser235/236 might be a useful predictive tool for deciding whether to use mTOR inhibitors to treat conjunctiva melanomas., coordinated regulation of IGF-1/AKT/mTOR pathways and the endosomal compartment by the p53 pathway integrates the molecular, cellular, and systemic levels of activities in response to stress [review], PP-1 ( PP-1alpha or PP-1beta ) acts as a major phosphatase to dephosphorylate AKT1 at Thr-450 and thus modulate its functions in regulating gene expression, cell survival and differentiation., We evaluated the presence of mutations in PIK3CA, AKT1, AKT2, AKT3, PTEN, and PDPK1 genes in 83 papillary thyroid carcinomas, In rheumatoid arthritis fibroblast like synovial cells phosphorylation of Akt protects against Fas-induced apoptosis through inhibition of Bid cleavage., Liver X Receptor activation downregulates AKT survival signaling in lipid rafts and induces apoptosis of prostate cancer cells., The radiosensitivity shown in H460 cells may be due to the higher expression of PTEN through p53 signaling pathway., In dermal fibroblasts, CCN2 is required for the induction of MMP1 following Akt inhibition. CCN2 induces MMP1 expression via an Erk1/2 and Ets1-dependent pathway., A sliding window procedure showed a five-SNP haplotype (TCGAG) to be associated with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and a four-SNP haplotype (TCGA) with the combined sample, showing involvement of AKT1 in both schizophrenia and bipolar disorder., IL-24 has a role in sensitizing melanoma cells to erlotinib through modulation of the Apaf-1 and Akt signaling pathways, ErbB/PI3K/Akt/NF-kappaB signalling in the progression of prostate cancer, subcellular localization of activated AKT is dependent on TCL1B expression in estrogen receptor- and progesterone receptor-expressing breast cancer, ste20-like kinase MST2 is regulated by the IGF1-Akt pathway, Hypoxia enhances BMP-2 expression in osteoblasts by an HIF-1alpha-dependent mechanism involving the activation of ILK/Akt and mTOR pathways., Data define a new model of integrin beta4-dependent PKB/Akt and ERK1/2 activation demonstrating the keratin filament as a structure necessary in signal transmission., Data show that PTPN11 mutations causing Leopard syndrome (LS) facilitate EGF-induced PI3K/AKT/GSK-3beta stimulation through impaired GAB1 dephosphorylation, resulting in deregulation of a novel signaling pathway that could be involved in LS pathology., These results suggest that Akt plays a major role in Na(+)/K(+)-ATPase intracellular translocation and thus in alveolar fluid reabsorption., Ack1 mediated AKT/PKB tyrosine 176 phosphorylation regulates its activation, the NIC-Akt-Mfn signaling cascade identifies a pathway regulating cell-survival, independent of canonical functions associated with NIC activity, Myricetin inhibits Akt survival signaling and induces Bad-mediated apoptosis in a low dose ultraviolet (UV)-B-irradiated HaCaT human immortalized keratinocytes, Thermo-chemotherapy has a stronger inhibitory effect than chemotherapy alone in lung tumor cell growth, probably through induction of ROS production and subsequent inhibition of Akt pathway activation and Caspase pathway-induced cancer cell apoptosis., Data support a model by which AKT is a major switch involved in regulating hypoxia-induced cell death., AR mediates EGF- and bFGF-induced colon cancer cell proliferation by activating or expressing G(1)-S phase proteins such as E2F-1, cdks, and cyclins through the reactive oxygen species/phosphoinositide 3-kinase/AKT pathway., IRSp53 and spinophilin regulate localized Rac activation by T-lymphocyte invasion and metastasis protein 1, PDK1 with AKT1 is sufficient for pathway activation independent of membrane localization and phosphatidylinositol 3 kinase, Co-expression of Pc2 and Akt1 results in both phosphorylation and ubiquitylation of CtBP1, thereby targeting CtBP1 for degradation., Syrbactin class proteasome inhibitor-induced apoptosis and autophagy occurs in association with p53 accumulation and Akt/PKB activation in neuroblastoma., Impaired AKT-related intracellular signaling is partly related to the developed illness and cannot fully be explained by the genetic background of schizophrenia., Hepatocyte growth factor protects hepatoblastoma cells from chemotherapy-induced apoptosis by AKT activation, NF-kappaB and Akt inhibition by an antibody-avidin fusion protein sensitizes malignant B-cells to cisplatin-induced apoptosis, CNK1 promotes oncogenic signalling through Akt in breast cancer cell lines and tumours., HtrA1 has a role in promoting anoikis by attenuating activation of EGFR/AKT pathway that may contribute to its metastasis suppression capacity, In HER2-positive breast cancer, basal co-expression of PTEN and p-Akt might identify those patients who are more likely to benefit from trastuzumab-based therapies., Data describe the role of the IGF-IR in bladder cancer and show that it required the activation of the Akt and MAPK pathways as well as IGF-I-induced Akt- and MAPK-dependent phosphorylation of paxillin., Studies indicate that three different isoforms Akt1, Akt2, and Akt3 have distinct expression patterns and functions., PKB phosphorylates one of the anti-apoptotic proteins--transcription factor Twist-1 at Ser42., Ovarian cancer ascites induces FAK and Akt activation in an alphavbeta5 integrin-dependent pathway, which confers protection from TRAIL-induced cell death and caspase activation., The E17K substitution in AKT1 is rare in prostate cancer., pAkt may have a role in progression of glioblastoma, FoxOs inhibit mTORC1 and activate Akt by inducing the expression of Sestrin3 and Rictor, Single-nucleotide polymorphisms, including Asp54Gly, of the ADCYAP1 gene are unlikely to play a sizeable role in the genetic susceptibility to schizophrenia., Inhibition of Akt may have beneficial therapeutic effects in malignant breast cancers., inactivation of functional PTEN and the consequent activation of the Akt pathway prevents TRAIL-induced apoptosis, leading to TRAIL resistance, The present results provide further evidence to support the AKT1 association with schizophrenia., Recent advances in understanding the physiological functions of Ack1 signaling in normal cells and the consequences of its hyperactivation in various cancers, are discussed., Angiotensin II increased Akt phosphorylation and PI3K activity in cultured hypertrophic scar fibroblasts in a dose- and time-dependent manner., upregulation of PTEN by hUCBSC in glioma cells downregulated Akt and PI3K signaling pathway molecules. This resulted in the inhibition of migration as well as wound healing property of the glioma cells, Overexpression of ss-arrestin 2 decreased the percentage of apoptosis and caspase-3 activation and attenuated resveratrol-reduced levels of p-Akt and p-GSK3ss., These findings suggest that angiotensin II plays a role in the growth of angiotensin II type I receptor-positive breast cancer cells through PI3-kinase/Akt pathway activation., The better prognosis of patients with MS neuroblastomas compared with classical neuroblastomas was secondary to spontaneous tumour regression mediated by higher levels of apoptosis associated with low activation of AKT., Akt1 phosphorylates palladin, inducing cytoskeletal reorganization and inhibiting the migration of breast cancer cells., Endogenous MADD is phosphorylated at three highly conserved sites by Akt, and only the phosphorylated MADD can directly interact with the TRAIL receptor DR4 thereby preventing Fas-associated death domain recruitment., PI3K-PKB-mTOR signaling plays a crucial role in the development of functional CD34-derived myeloid Dendritic cells, significantly decreased cell viability and increased apoptosis in human neuroblastoma cell line in association with down-regulation of p-ERK1/2, p-Akt, p-STAT3 survival pathways., These results suggest that PI3K/Akt inhibits endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced apoptosis in HEK293 cells, at least in part, by promoting GRP78 protein stability., Direct sequencing analysis of endometrial DNA analysis did not reveal any activating somatic mutations in either PI3KCA or AKT1 gene, indicating that these mutations are rarely associated with endometriosis in South Indian women., these studies suggest that FUT4 regulates A431 cell growth through controlling cell cycle progression via MAPK and PI3K/Akt signaling pathways., Data demonstrate that PI3K/Akt pathway regulates the expression of DNMT3B at transcriptional and post-transcriptional levels, which is particularly important to understand the effects of PI3K/Akt and DNMT3B on hepatocarcinogenesis., The inhibitory effect of the GHRH antagonist JMR-132 on proliferation is due, in part, to an interference with the EGFR-Akt pathway in ovarian cancer cells., Data suggest that the induction of apoptosis by tanshinone I in leukemia cells is mainly related to the disruption of Deltapsim, inactivation of PI3k/Akt signaling pathway, upregulation of Bax expression, and the activation of caspase-3., Glutamine, leucine and proline increase Akt phosphorylation in HepG2 cells., Decreased expression of PTEN together with overexpression of PI3K and AKT contribute to gastric cancer progression., NFKB/p65 is a downstream target of Akt., E prostanoid (EP) 2 and EP3 have roles in cAMP/protein kinase A- and PI3-K/Akt-dependent NF-kappaB activation during shear-induced interleukin-6 synthesis in chondrocytes, Genetic and functional interactions between COMT and AKT1 may provide novel insights into pathogenesis of schizophrenia and other ErbB-associated human diseases such as cancer., miR-22 acts to fine-tune the dynamics of PTEN/AKT/FoxO1 pathway., Role of germ line genetic variations in the PI3K-AKT-mTOR pathway genes as predictors of bladder cancer metastasis and invasiveness., Nifedipine inhibits vascular smooth muscle dedifferentiation by suppressing Akt signaling, thereby preventing neointimal thickening., AKT pathways are involved in the tumorigenesis of CD133 positive colon cancer cells., IQGAP1 is a scaffold that facilitates mTOR and Akt interaction., PTEN/Akt and MAP kinase signaling pathways are regulated by the ubiquitin ligase activators Ndfip1 and Ndfip2, These findings cannot exclude the hypothesis of involvement of Akt and MAPK signalling pathways in pathogenesis of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis., TNFalpha promotes the interaction of N-terminally truncated RXRalpha with the p85alpha subunit of PI3K, activating PI3K/AKT signaling in cancer cell lines and primary tumors., Impaired cell cycle regulation by AKT contributes to the distinct growth phenotype of preadipocytes in visceral fat of obese subjects., Activation of the PI3K/AKT signalling pathway in non-melanoma skin cancer is not mediated by oncogenic PIK3CA and AKT1 hotspot mutations., PDCD4 regulates TRAIL sensitivity in gastric cancer cells by inhibiting the PI3K/Akt signaling pathway., Akt has a pivotal role in EGFR-mediated cell migration, PKB activity was found to be required for induction of adhesion to bone marrow-derived stromal cells and detrimental for migration of umbilical cord blood-derived CD34(+) hematopoietic progenitors., Aberrantly expressed UCH-L1 boosts signaling through the Akt pathway by downregulating the antagonistic phosphatase PHLPP1, an event that requires its de-ubiquitinase activity, The activated PI3K/Akt/COX-2 signal transduction pathway was found to be the main cause for decline in radiosensitivity in HeLa cells., These results demonstrate that down-regulation of PI3K/Akt pathway with specific cleavage of HSP90 to 45 KDa modulates the pro-apoptotic effects of deoxycholate in gastric cells., analysis of a novel Gi, P2Y-independent signaling pathway mediating Akt phosphorylation in response to thrombin receptors, M2PK has a role in preventing, and pAkt has a role in enhancing progression of breast cancer, P21-activated kinase 1 stimulates colon cancer cell growth and migration/invasion via ERK- and AKT-dependent pathways., Phosphorylation of deleted in liver cancer 1 (DLC1) and DLC2 by Akt at the conserved residue points to a common regulatory mechanism of the DLC tumor suppressor family., mechanisms behind the P2X7-dependent depletion of nuclear phosphorylated Akt, Akt activation is a common event in pediatric malignant gliomas., Collectively, these data suggested that, in oral epithelial cells, the herpes simplex virus 1-induced PI3K/Akt activation was involved in the regulation of apoptosis blockage and viral gene expression., Studies indicate that targeting the deregulated PI3K/PTEN-Akt signaling axis has currently emerged as one of the major tenets in anticancer drug development., Our findings not only provided the first evidence that Akt1 is a direct target of miRNA but also demonstrated that miR-149* is a pro-apoptotic miRNA by repressing the expression of Akt1 and E2F1., Findings reveal a novel mechanism for recruitment of PDK1 to the SHPS-1 signaling complex, which is required for IGF-I-stimulated AKT Thr(308) phosphorylation and inhibition of apoptosis., Down-regulation of the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF)-Akt-Bcl2 antiapoptotic signaling pathway in the autistic brain could be one of the underlying mechanisms responsible for the pathogenesis of autism., Nuclear p-AKT expression together with stage and grade constitute independent prognostic factors for tumour progression and cancer-specific survival., Data indicate that stathmin is a target of the PI3K/Akt pathway in cervical cancer cells., FOXO3a is in a constant inactive state due to its cytoplasmic localization, and that neither PI3K/Akt nor extra-signal-regulated kinase-specific inhibition resulted in its nuclear translocation., demonstrate that alphaVbeta3 ligation results in sustained increases of PI3 kinase/Akt-dependent binding of transcription factor NF-kappaB to DNA., ADAM17-mediated activation of Lyn/Akt maintains the viability of U937 cells and that suppression of the pathway is responsible for PILP-1-induced apoptosis., AKT activation controls cell survival to ionizing radiation by phosphorylating CLK2, revealing an important regulatory mechanism required for promoting cell survival., SGK3 is not required for insulin-induced PFK-2 activation and that this effect is likely mediated by PKBalpha., Overexpression of Akt1 inhibits cell proliferation and motility in MDA-MB-231 cells through isoform-specific mechanisms., Data show that formylpeptides induce sequential activation of AKT, ERK1/2, and PLD, which represents a novel signaling pathway., Phosphorylated Akt1 (protein kinase B) expression is associated with a favourable prognosis in pancreatic cancer, Data show that DLBS1425 significantly reduced phosphoinositide-3 (PI3)-kinase/protein kinase B (AKT) signalling by reducing PI3K transcript level and subsequent reduction in AKT phosphorylation., Celastrol inhibits the proliferation and induced the apoptosis of HL-60 cells which may be related with down-regulation of p-Act and cyclin D1 expressions., Beta-arrestin-1 is involved in a distinct signalling mechanism linking the endothelin-1 /ET A receptor axis to phosphoinositide 3-kinase /integrin-linked kinase /Akt in HEY ovarian cancer cells., Data show that blockade of amphiregulin suppressed the activities of EGFR, HER3, and Akt and the expression of amphiregulin itself., Data indicate that high ErbB2 expression enhances cholangiocarcinoma invasion, motility and proliferation via the AKT/p70S6K pathway., Vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 1 contributes to Escherichia coli K1 invasion of human brain microvascular endothelial cells through the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt signaling pathway., lymph node metastasis and poor survival in invasive ductal breast carcinoma are linked to an uncoupling of the Akt-FOXO3a signaling axis, Rhabdomyosarcoma pathogenesis involves increased IGF1R expression that enhances AKT and Bcl-x(L)-mediated cell survival., The levels of total Akt and phosphorylated Akt (active Akt) are increased in E6-AP overexpressing prostate gland and LNCaP cells suggesting that E6-AP regulates the PI3K-Akt signaling pathway., Rac activation by dedicator of cytokinesis (DOCK)180 regulates cardiovascular development by acting downstream of chemokine receptor CXCR4., Data show that exposure of postmitotic neurons to caffeine leads to changes in tau phosphorylation concomitantly with downregulation of Akt signaling., the present study shows total p-AKT overexpression to be more frequent in metastases than in primary renal cell carcinomas, COX-2 is constitutively expressed in osteoblasts in the dynamic bone growth area, which facilitates osteoblast proliferation via PTEN/Akt/p27(Kip1) signaling., AKT1 activation induces soft-tissue sarcoma cell motility and invasiveness at least partially through a novel interaction with the intermediate filament vimentin, C. jejuni activates a PI3K/Akt-dependent anti-inflammatory pathway in human intestinal epithelial cells., PTEN selectively inhibits expression of VCAM-1 but not ICAM-1 through modulation of PI3K/Akt/GSK-3beta/GATA-6 signaling cascade in TNF-alpha-treated endothelial cells, Functional characterization of a haplotype in the AKT1 gene associated with glucose homeostasis and metabolic syndrome.(, The interactions between the pleckstrin-homology and kinase domains mediate binding of the inhibitor to AKT1., TSH suppression does not affect Akt phosphorylation in benign human thyroid nodules., We observed epistasis between NRG1 (rs10503929; Thr286/289/294Met) and its receptor ERBB4 (rs1026882; likelihood ratio test P = .035); a 3-way interaction with these 2 SNPs and AKT1 (rs2494734) was also observed., This perspective highlights recent advances using in vivo studies that reveal how AKT signaling supports tumor formation., annexin 2 regulates endothelial morphogenesis through an adherens junction-mediated pathway upstream of Akt., we confirmed the important roles of Akt and Mre11 during the process of DNA double-strand break repair in cancer cells treated with ionizing radiation, Akt signaling pathway activity increased diffusively in skeletal muscle of myotonic dystrophy patients., expression of a pseudophosphorylated NEP variant (Ser6Asp) abrogates the inhibitory effect of NEP on insulin/insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) stimulated activation of Akt, cIAP2 upregulated by E6 via EGFR/PI3K/AKT cascades may contribute to cisplatin resistance, revealing that the EGFR or PI3K inhibitor combined with cisplatin may improve the chemotherapeutic efficacy in HPV-infected lung cancer., Alkylation of PTEN by alpha,beta-enals/enones and interference with its restraint of cellular PKB/Akt signaling may accentuate hyperplastic and neoplastic disorders associated with chronic inflammation, oxidative stress, or aging., DynAP promotes activation of Akt in cancer cells., VSV M protein inactivates the cellular Akt signaling pathway., the transforming AKT1 E17K mutation may be present at a lower frequency than initially suggested, even in NSCLC with squamous cell carcinoma histology, the PI3K/Akt signaling pathway might originate in part with Tat-induced activation of NADPH oxidase and long terminal repeat transactivation, Data suggest that the PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway may contribute to maintenance of quiescence of cancer stem cells., Constitutive activation of EGFR/Akt/mTOR pathway was present in defined subset of nonsmall cell lung carcinomas., There is a mutual suppressive interaction between AMPK and Akt., the PI3K/AKT signaling pathway is aberrantly active and plays a critical role for the cell cycle progression in human pleural mesothelioma cells., Data suggest that DLX5 plays a significant role in the pathogenesis of some ovarian cancers by enhancing IRS-2-AKT signaling., Findings show that oncogenic factors activating the phosphoinositide 3-kinase/Akt pathway can regulate alternative splicing of Casp9 via a coordinated mechanism involving the phosphorylation of SRp30a., these results implicate the Akt1 isoform in regulating hippocampal neuroplasticity and cognition and in contributing to the etiology of schizophrenia, Plexin-B1 expression correlates with malignant phenotypes of serous ovarian tumors, probably via phosphorylation of AKT at Ser473, Study shows that the H1 12 kb AKT1 haplotype is significantly associated with higher fasting serum glucose levels, and an increased risk for developing metabolic syndrome., Akt and autophagy cooperate to promote survival of drug-resistant glioma., Dopamine acting through its D(2) receptor, inhibits IGF-I-induced proliferation of gastric adenocarcinoma cells by up-regulating KLF4, a negative regulator of the cell cycle through down regulation of IGF-IR and AKT phosphorylation., COX-2 activation is associated with Akt phosphorylation and poor survival in ER-negative, HER2-positive breast cancer, Omentin inhibits osteoblast differentiation of calcifying vascular smooth muscle cells through the PI3K/Akt pathway, Calcium-induced apoptosis in bladder cancer cells is delayed by HER1 receptor activation involving the Akt and PLCgamma signalling pathways., Expressions of Akt1, Akt2 and PI3K were decreased in ovarian epithelial cancer cells transduced with PTEN., Common genetic variation in PTEN, PIK3CA, AKT1, MLH1, or MSH2 was not statistically significantly associated with endometrial cancer., Akt play an important role in cross-linking IL-4 priming, SCF signaling, and IgE-dependent activation of mature human mast cells., Recent development of anticancer therapeutics targeting Akt., Activation of the PI3K/AKT in addition to MAPK/ERK signaling pathways may underlie biological aggressiveness in pilocytic astrocytoma (PA). Specifically, it may mediate the increased proliferative activity observed in histologically anaplastic PA., Up-regulation of p22(phox) represents a novel pro-survival mechanism through which growth factors and Akt inhibit apoptosis in PaCa cells., Confocal microscopy analysis revealed that menin regulates AKT1 in part by reducing the translocation of AKT1 from the cytoplasm to the plasma membrane., INPP4B functions as a tumor suppressor by negatively regulating normal and malignant mammary epithelial cell proliferation through regulation of the PI3K/Akt signaling pathway, Lower expression of PTEN protein and higher expression of P-AKT protein may play an important role in leukemia pathogenesis., Amino acids activate mammalian target of rapamycin complex 2 (mTORC2) via PI3K/Akt signaling., Findings support a role for the AKT-dependent regulation of AIP4/Itch activity in mediating the differential cyclin D1 and c-MYC transcriptional responses to rapamycin., Mcl-1 and pAKT scores were directly correlated during various stages of colon carcinogenesis., Akt requires glucose metabolism to suppress puma expression and prevent apoptosis of leukemic T cells., Data show that the combined use of resveratrol and rapamycin resulted in modest additive inhibitory effects on the growth of breast cancer cells, mainly through suppressing rapamycin-induced AKT activation., Among many putative PTEN- and PIP(3)-dependent events, phosphorylation of PKB substrates is the key downstream regulator of cell polarity, Phosphorylation of Akt at Ser-473 was enhanced by overexpression of PINK1, and the Akt activation was crucial for protection of SH-SY5Y cells from various cytotoxic agents, including oxidative stress, Heat shock protein 90 maintains the tumour-like character of rheumatoid synovial cells by stabilizing integrin-linked kinase, extracellular signal-regulated kinase and protein kinase B., Results suggest that low magnitude stretch can induce cPLA(2) phosphorylation through the MEK/ERK and PI3K-Akt pathways, independently., Activity of the Akt pathway is greatly decreased following downregulation of urokinase plasminogen activator receptor, leading to induction of papillary thyroid carcinoma cell senescence., A novel binding interaction for Akt1 and focal adhesion kinase (FAK) makes them therapeutic targets for prevention of cancer cell adhesion and, eventually, cancer metastasis., the Ang1/Tie2 signal potentiates basal Notch signal controlling vascular quiescence by up-regulating Dll4 through AKT-mediated activation of beta-catenin., RACK1 regulates VEGF/Flt1-mediated cell migration via activation of a PI3K/Akt pathway., Here, the authors show that VP11/12 is required for virus-induced activation of PI3K-Akt signaling in herpes simplex virus 1-infected Jurkat T cells and primary fibroblasts., Studies indicate that SKP2 works in concert with Akt to induce FOXO1 ubiquitination and proteasome degradation., Results indicate that activation of Akt is involved in Brca1-deficiency mediated tumorigenesis and that the mTOR pathway can be used as a novel target for treatment of Brca1-deficient cancers., PPAR-gamma ligands inhibit human myofibroblast differentiation of normal and idiopathic pulmonary fibrotic (IPF) fibroblasts, by blocking Akt phosphorylation at Ser473 by a PPAR-gamma-independent mechanism., we detected a significant correlation between p28(GANK) expression and p-AKT levels in a cohort of hepatocellular carcinoma biopsies, and the combination of these two parameters is a more powerful predictor of poor prognosis., Data show that the effects of PI3K-Akt signalling on IL-10 responses were mediated at least in part by GSK3., AKT is critical for transmitting the double strand break signal to ERK., Autophagy and Akt promote survival in glioma., Akt-dependent mechanisms of interference with motility/invasion of human glioblastoma cells, Data show that activation of beta-catenin and Akt pathways are required for the sustention of EMT-associated stem cell-like traits., studies showed that phosphatidylinositol-3 kinase (PI3K)/Akt/nuclear factor-kappaB signalling pathway was involved in chronic myeloid leukaemia pathogenesis, For long-lasting T cell immunity, after ligation by OX40 ligand, OX40 assembles a signaling complex containing the adapter tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factor 2 (TRAF2) as well as PKB and its upstream activator, phosphoinositide 3-kinase., Dependence of Evi1-expressing leukemic cells on AKT/mTOR signaling provides the first example of targeted therapeutic modalities that suppress the leukemogenic activity of Evi1., PI3K/AKT/mTOR signalling pathway activation is a common event in high-risk neuroblastoma., Leucine deprivation was associated with Akt phosphorylation in breast cancer cell lines., The interaction between ERalpha and Akt plays a crucial role in the regulation of proliferative activity in postmenopausal endometrium., the loss of E-cadherin itself may contribute to dysregulated PI3K/Akt signaling through its effects on PTEN., Results demonstrate that PP1-mediated inhibition of the key anti-apoptotic protein, Akt, plays an important role in SPH-mediated apoptosis in Jurkat cells., The phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt signaling pathway is activated by VEGF and plays a critical role in the angiogenesis of chronic subdural hematoma., Studies indicate that CNK1-driven proliferation relies on Akt-dependent phosphorylation and inactivation of FoxO proteins., mTOR complex 2 targets Akt for proteasomal degradation via phosphorylation at the hydrophobic motif, The regulation of AKT1 would represent a fine transitory system for controlling homologous recombination and maintaining genomic integrity., These findings indicated that up-regulation of pAkt contributed to elevated AT1R expression in castration resistant prostate cancer., Loss of Desmocollin2 promotes cell proliferation and enables tumor growth in vivo through the activation of Akt/beta-catenin signaling., Data suggest that irradiation causes RFP2 overexpression, which enhances ionizing radiation-induced apoptosis by increasing p53 stability and decreasing AKT kinase activity through MDM2 and AKT degradation., the basis for enhanced activity of mTOR inhibitors in non-Hodgkin's lymphomas may be the lack of compensatory activation of AKT and eIF4E phosphorylation in lymphoma cells, Selective activation of Akt1 through mTORC2 and P-Rex1 regulates cancer cell migration, invasion and metastasis., in response to cellular stress, GSK-3beta restrains mTORC2-Akt signaling by specifically phosphorylating rictor, thereby balancing the activities of GSK-3beta and Akt, two opposing players in glucose metabolism, PI3K-activating hormones inhibit ROMK by enhancing its endocytosis via a mechanism that involves phosphorylation of WNK1 by Akt1 and SGK1., Expression of AKT was associated with lymph node metastasis of gastric carcinoma. Overall 5-year survival rate was significantly higher in patients with AKT expression., Ghrelin activated and phosphorylate extracellular signal-regulated protein kinase (ERK)1/2 and Akt., Data indicate that Akt inhibitor may potentiate the apoptotic effect of trichostatin A on ovarian carcinoma cell lines by increasing the activation of the caspase-8-dependent pathway., Data show that PrLZ elevated the phosphorylation of Akt and Stat3 and upregulated Bcl-2 expression., Knockdown of SIRT1 abolished GR-induced p16 repression as well as Akt/p70S6K1 activation implying that SIRT1 may affect p16 repression through direct deacetylation effects and indirect regulation of Akt/p70S6K1 signaling., Wnt/beta-catenin signaling regulates MAPK and Akt1 expression and growth of hepatocellular carcinoma cells., Co-occurrence of MYC amplification and PI3K-pathway alteration was observed, raising the possibility that these two lesions cooperate in prostate cancer progression., Studies indicate that Akt phosphorylates acetylated-FoxO and then phosphorylated FoxO interacts with 14-3-3 proteins in the nucleus, which in turn results in cytoplasmic retention of FoxO., Temozolomide induced c-Myc-mediated apoptosis via Akt signalling in MGMT expressing glioblastoma cells, Results show the mechanism by which EZH2 regulates BRCA1 expression and genomic stability mediated by the PI3K/Akt-1 pathway., 148 Penile squamous cell carcinoma were microarrayed and immunostained for phosphorylated EGFR (pEGFR), HER2, HER3, HER4, phosphorylated Akt (pAkt), Akt1 and PTEN proteins., Single nucleotide polymorphisms in AKT gene is not associated with colorectal cancer., Single nucleotide polymorphisms in AKT1 is associated with prostate cancer., analysis of the roles of Akt1 and Akt2 in cancer [review], these results indicate that pharbin is an important negative regulator of IGF-1/PI3K/Akt signalling and protein synthesis., Regrowth of axons within the adult nigrostriatal projection, when prominently affected in Parkinson's disease, can be induced by activation of Akt transgene signaling in surviving endogenous dopaminergic neurons by viral vector transduction., Studies indicate that FoxOs have emerged as an important effector arm of PI3K/Akt signaling by driving multiple apoptotic gene expression., Studies indicate that the inhibition of mTORC1 by FOXO could lead to the activation of Akt via the inhibition of the negative feedback loop driven by mTORC1 and S6K1., Data suggest that the PI3K/Akt signal transduction pathway is involved in the regulation and release of pro-inflammatory cytokines such as TNF-alpha and plays an important role in the development and progression of ulcerative colitis., PRMT1-mediated methylation of BAD inhibits phosphorylation by Akt., An in-situ proximity ligation assay revealed a physical interaction between GRP78 and AKT at the plasma membrane of cells following induction of ER stress, CCL5 signaling induces GLI2 through a PI3K-AKT-IkappaBalpha-p65 pathway and requires GLI2 transcriptional activity to modulate IL-6 expression and Ig secretion in vitro and in vivo, the phosphorylation status of hnRNP A1 serine 199 regulates the AKT-dependent sensitivity of cells to rapamycin and functionally links IRES-transacting factor annealing activity to cellular responses to mTOR complex 1 inhibition., Mislocalization of the E3 ligase, beta-transducin repeat-containing protein 1 (beta-TrCP1), in the pleckstrin homology domain leucine-rich repeat protein phosphatase 1 (PHLPP1) and Akt., Age-dependent accumulation of soluble amyloid beta oligomers reverses the neuroprotective effect of soluble amyloid precursor protein-alpha by modulating phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt-GSK-3beta pathway in Alzheimer mouse model., IkappaB kinase epsilon and TANK-binding kinase 1 activate AKT by direct phosphorylation., Akt ubiquitination could be chemically exploited to effectively facilitate its deactivation, thus identifying an avenue for pharmacological intervention in Akt signaling., findings suggest that relative to the normal myometrium, there is indeed dysregulation of the P13K-Akt-mTOR pathway in uterine smooth muscle tumors, The knockdown of STEAP4 inhibits insulin-stimulated glucose transport and GLUT4 translocation via the attenuated phosphorylation of Akt, independent of the effects of EEA1., capsaicin-mediated IL-6 increase in prostate cancer PC-3 cells is regulated at least in part by TNF-alpha secretion and signaling pathway involving Akt, ERK and PKC-alpha activat, Parkinson's disease, induced by alpha-synuclein mutation, is evoked by deregulation of the AKT-signaling cascade., Myotubularin regulates Akt-dependent survival signaling via phosphatidylinositol 3-phosphate., Data show that the Ras/PI3K/Akt pathway can account for Fyn over-expression in cancers., A detachment-induced and PI3K/Akt-mediated resistance to apoptotic effects of TRAIL, is demonstrated., Nuclear translocation of epidermal growth factor receptor by Akt-dependent phosphorylation enhances breast cancer-resistant protein expression in gefitinib-resistant cells., The raft-associated but not total membrane Akt determines its cellular functions., Data show that hepatocyte growth factor inhibits anoikis of pancreatic carcinoma cells through phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase pathway in which activation of Akt may be involved., Moreover, sustained PI3K/Akt signalling in Aspergillus fumigatus infected cells is an important determinant to resist apoptosis., loss of Akt1 or Akt2 decreased proliferation of Pten wild-type astrocytes, whereas combined loss of multiple isoforms was needed to inhibit proliferation of Pten-null astrocytes, Results suggest that prosurvival PTEN-Akt signalling is impaired in the diseased diabetic myocardium., knockdown of mTOR did not alter or only slightly reduced Akt (ser473) phosphorylation in phosphatase and tensin homolog deleted from chromosome 10 (PTEN)-null (LNCaP and MDA-MB-468 cells) and PTEN-positive (DU 145 and MDA-MB-231) cells, elevated Id1 expression was observed in lung cancer cell lines as well as lung cancer tissues. Id1 overexpression increased cell proliferation while Id1 knockdown decreased cell proliferation, mostly through Akt-related pathway, Studies indicate that in addition to the direct control of FOXO by PKB, a number of proteins are controlled separately by PKB and FOXO giving rise to antagonistic control., Findings show that the oncogenic PI3K/Akt signalling pathway participates in maintaining cells in a type II phenotype by excluding CD95 from lipid rafts., An Akt-dependent increase in canonical Wnt signaling and a decrease in sclerostin protein levels are involved in strontium ranelate-induced osteogenic effects in human osteoblasts., Glucose deprivation resulted in activation of AMPK and inhibition of Akt phosphorylation, Transcriptional activation of the Akt1/PKB pathway indicates that it is involved in lumbar disc degeneration., COX2-dependent and independent activation of CK2alpha-Akt/uPA signal is mainly involved in urothelial carcinoma cell survival, mTORC2 is the kinase that phosphorylates Akt Ser(473) in human platelets but that this phosphorylation is dispensable for Thr(308) phosphorylation and Akt1 activity., Acute manipulation of eccentric exercise velocity does not seem to differently influence intracellular hypertrophy signaling through the Akt/mTORCI/p70S6K pathway., three AKT phosphorylation-site-recognition motifs present on FoxO3, which are required for FoxO3 phosphorylation, are dispensable for AKT binding, suggesting that AKT has a docking point on FoxO3 distinct from the phosphorylation-recognition motifs, Data demonstrate that DNA double-strand breaks activate signaling that promotes a PI3K-independent pathway of AKT phosphorylation that is dependent on MRE11-ATM-RNF168 signaling., Insulin inhibits amyloid-beta42-induced intracellular reactive oxygen species generation via Akt activation., mindin serves as a novel mediator that protects against cardiac hypertrophy and the transition to heart failure by blocking AKT/GSK3beta and TGF-beta1-Smad signalling., AKT signaling helps ABCA12 deficient keratinocytes to survive during the keratinization process., Insulin signaling plays a significant role in protecting against Toll-like receptor (TLR)3-mediated apoptosis of human bronchial epithelial cells via phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt and ERK-MAP kinase pathways., Results identify unique sites of PTEN and Akt regulation by means of S-nitrosylation, resulting in an "on-off" pattern of control of Akt/PI3K signaling., Data show that LRRK2 directly phosphorylates Akt1, a central molecule involved in signal transduction for cell survival and prevention of apoptosis., Data show that THBS1 was highly expressed at RNA and protein levels in LBW-ECFCs, and silencing THBS1 restored the angiogenic properties of LBW-ECFCs by increasing AKT phosphorylation., findings suggest that decreased B55alpha expression in AML is at least partially responsible for increased AKT signaling in AML and suggests that therapeutic targeting of PP2A could counteract this, A cell penetrating peptide derived from azurin inhibits angiogenesis and tumor growth by inhibiting phosphorylation of VEGFR-2, FAK and Akt., a potential role for curcumin in treating tendon inflammation through modulation of NF-kappaB signaling, which involves PI-3K/Akt and the tendon-specific transcription factor scleraxis in tenocytes., In the presence of glucose, activated Akt prevented Loss of Mcl-1 expression & protected cells from growth factor deprivation-induced apoptosis. Mcl-1 associated with & inhibited the proapoptotic protein Bim, contributing to cell survival., Studies indicate that PI3K can phosphorylate and convert phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate (PIP2) to phosphatidylinositol 3,4,5-trisphosphate (PIP3) that leads to activation of AKT., autophagy contributes to the anti-apoptotic function of the PML-RARalpha protein through inhibiting the Akt/mTOR pathway, Angiopoietin-2, an angiogenic regulator, promotes initial growth and survival of breast cancer metastases to the lung through the integrin-linked kinase (ILK)-AKT1,2-B cell lymphoma 2 (Bcl-2) pathway., SPARC has a cell-autonomous survival activity, which requires Akt-dependent regulation of p53, Metastases in most subcellular compartments showed comparable and stronger expression for pAKT, pmTOR, and PTEN than primary renal cell carcinomas (PRCCs)., Knockdown of Scribble (Scrib) results in redistribution of PHLPP1 from the membrane to the cytoplasm and an increase in Akt phosphorylation., Dual function of protein kinase C (PKC) in TPA-induced MnSOD expression, Activation of the PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway correlates with tumour progression and reduced survival in patients with urothelial carcinoma of the urinary bladder., Studies indictet that the mammalian FoxO family consists of FoxO1, 3, 4 and 6 and are regulated by by AKT and 14-3-3 proteins., Administration of a Toll-like receptor (TLR)-2 ligand attenuates focal cerebral perfusion injury via a transgenic TLR2- and phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt-dependent mechanism., TGF-beta1 undergo a switch into mesenchymal cells and PI3K/Akt and MAPK/Erk1/2 signaling pathways serve to regulate TGF-beta1-induced epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition of A549 cells., Results indicate that the Hsp90 inhibitor, PF-4942847, is a candidate for clinical development in TNBC by targeting multiple signaling pathways, and the AKT degradation in PBLs may serve as a biomarker in clinical development., mTOR/AKT inhibition by temsirolimus decreased endometriotic cell proliferation both in vitro and in vivo in a mouse model of deep infiltrating endometriosis, beta-catenin/Tcf-4 binds to the potential binding sites in the gene promoter of AKT1., AKT1 and AKT2 both contribute to cell survival, albeit via different mechanisms; the effects on cell growth and migration are predominantly regulated by AKT1, These results suggest that 18beta-glycyrrhetinic acid induces apoptosis in human breast carcinoma MCF-7 cells via caspase activation and modulation of Akt/FOXO3a/Bim pathway., In contrast to previously published results, our data do not support the hypothesis of genetic variants in AKT1 confering protection against Parkinson's disease., Exogenous H(2)O(2) triggers two parallel independent pathways, one leading to autophagy and autophagy-dependent apoptosis, the other to transient Akt phosphorylation., Clusterin induces matrix metalloproteinase-9 expression via ERK1/2 and PI3K/Akt/NF-kappaB pathways in monocytes/macrophages., Matrix-dependent regulation of AKT in Hepsin-overexpressing PC3 prostate cancer cells., Data suggest that cancer cells appear to continuously flux between symmetric and asymmetric division depending on the precise state of their AKT signaling network., Gq protein-induced apoptosis is mediated by AKT kinase inhibition that leads to protein kinase C-induced c-Jun N-terminal kinase activation, Akt phosphorylation at Thr308 and Ser473 is required for CHIP-mediated ubiquitination of the kinase., The correlation between expression of pEGFR and pAKT is indicative of activation of the PI3-K/AKT pathway through phosphorylation of EGFR in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma., Data indicate that co-administration perifosine with paclitaxel in ovarian cancer cells led to the inhibition of AKT, and a striking increase in the activation of pro-apoptosis pathways, including caspase 3, JNK1 and AMPKalpha1., The deacetylase SIRT1 promotes membrane localization and activation of Akt and PDK1 during tumorigenesis and cardiac hypertrophy., Monoamine oxidase A (MAO A) is induced following valproic acid (VPA) administration and MAO A is a novel target for VPA via Akt/FoxO1 signaling pathway., Cannabis use before onset of psychosis may have long-lasting effects on measures of sustained attention, even in the absence of current use, contingent on AKT1 rs2494732 genotype., Akt activity enhances the osteogenic function of Osterix, at least in part, through protein stabilization and that BMP-2 regulates the osteogenic function of Osterix, at least in part, through Akt., Our data demonstrate that Akt1 and notably Akt3 regulate proliferation, survival, migration and epidermal growth factor-mediated signal transduction in non small cell lung cancer-derived disseminated tumor cells, cigarette smoke induces cytotoxicity, partly through Akt degradation via the ubiquitin-proteasome system, in which TTC3 acts as a ubiquitin ligase for active Akt., This study suggested that the AKT1 affects risk for schizophrenia and accompanying cognitive deficits, at least in part through specific genetic interactions related to brain neuroplasticity and development, The Proteus syndrome is caused by a somatic activating mutation in AKT1, proving the hypothesis of somatic mosaicism and implicating activation of the PI3K-AKT pathway in the characteristic clinical findings of this disorder., Paracrine factors from normal endometrial stromal cells can inhibit hormone-stimulated cell proliferation in Ishikawa cells by regulating cell survival and apoptosis through PI3K/AKt/Survivin signaling, SHP-1 antagonizes the action of receptor and non-receptor-tyrosine kinases on GIV and down-regulates the phospho-GIV-PI3K-Akt axis of signaling., our results suggest that ULK1 may act as a major node for regulation by multiple kinases including AMPK and Akt that play both stimulatory and inhibitory roles in regulating autophagy., Overexpression of DJ-1 decreased the expression of PTEN, promoted the activation of Akt., Were associated with an increase in AKT., absence of mutations in AKT1, PTEN, and RAS genes in the present study is in accordance with previous studies confirming that these genes are rarely mutated in oral squamouos cell carcinoma, mda-9/syntenin, a positive regulator of cancer metastasis, regulates the activation of Akt (also known as protein kinase B) by facilitating ILK adaptor function during adhesion to type I collagen (COL-I) in human breast cancer cells., For a Treg enhancing strategy to be successful in the treatment of autoimmune inflammation, resistance because of PKB/c-akt hyperactivation should be targeted as well., activation of Akt may cause apoptosis resistance, contributing to the overall mechanism of nickel carcinogenesis., Immunoblotting showed a high degree of Akt and mTOR phosphorylation in tumor samples compared with that in non-neoplastic tissue, our results indicate that ERK1/2, Akt, and cav-1 are involved in the regulatory mechanisms of PPAR-mediated protection against HIV-1-induced MMP-9 expression in brain endothelial cells, AKT1 polymorphisms are associated with early stage non-small cell lung cancer., Akt phosphorylation event occurs at a residue (Thr33) located at the interface where the norovirus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase finger and thumb domains interact and decreases de novo activity of the polymerase., The N-cadherin in prostate cancer cell mediates cell-cell adhesion and regulates MCP-1 expression via the PI3K/Akt signaling pathway., our study reveals a novel link between NF-kappaB and PI3K/Akt and establishes c-FLIP as an important regulator of FasL-mediated cell death., Targeting cap-dependent translation blocks converging survival signals by AKT and PIM 1, 2 kinases in lymphoma, Akt fine-tunes NF-kappaB-dependent gene expression during T cell activation., we here show that PD-1 signaling in cord blood T cells facilitates their differentiation into induced functional FOXP3+ Treg cells through a mechanism involving reduced PKB signaling., Ectopic Akt-1 expression induces resistance of MCF-7 cells to tamoxifen., CREG plays a critical role in protecting the vascular endothelium from apoptosis, and the protective effort of CREG against ECs apoptosis is through the activation of the VEGF/PI3K/AKT signaling pathway, essential role of membrane microdomain compartmentalization in enabling PI3K/Akt signaling., The E-box binding factors Max/Mnt, MITF, and USF1 act coordinately with FoxO to regulate expression of proapoptotic and cell cycle control genes by phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt/glycogen synthase kinase 3 signaling., Aberrant expressions of p-AKT1 and p-MTOR in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma were associated with a favorable prognosis, possibly in a PTEN-independent manner., Chemokine CXCL12 uses CXCR4 and a signaling core formed by bifunctional Akt, ERK1/2, and mTORC1 proteins to control chemotaxis and survival simultaneously in mature dendritic cells., show that the kinase AKT regulates ribosome biogenesis at multiple levels to promote ribosomal RNA (rRNA) synthesis, Protein kinase B is shown to modulate PGC1alpha activity and, hence, hepatitis B virus transcription and replication in a cell line-specific manner., Report cooperative effects of Akt-1 and Raf-1 on the induction of cellular senescence in doxorubicin or tamoxifen treated breast cancer cells., Study found that low levels of AKT activity associated with elevated levels of FOXOs are required to maintain the function and immature state of leukemia-initiating cells (LICs)., FGF2 and EGF affect the motor neuron fate decision in human fetal neural stem cells differently through a fine tuning of the PI3K/AKT/GSK3beta pathway., Complex I defects could promote tumorigenesis through induction of oxidative stress and activation of AKT pathway., Beta-HPV 5 and 8 E6 degrade p300 in a proteasomal-dependent, E6AP-independent manner. E6 competes with AKT for binding to p300., a model in which Akt can be phosphorylated at Ser-473 and activated in the absence of mTORC2 by mechanisms that depend on removal of the PH domain from the kinase domain., Syk drives EBV+ B cell lymphoma survival through PI3K/Akt activation, which prevents the HtrA2-dependent loss of XIAP. Syk, Akt, and XIAP antagonists may present potential new therapeutic strategies for PTLD, IKBKE protein activates Akt independent of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/PDK1/mTORC2 and the pleckstrin homology domain to sustain malignant transformation., Phospho-ERK and AKT status, but not KRAS mutation status, are associated with outcomes in rectal cancer treated with chemoradiotherapy, findings demonstrate that Akt is a downstream signalling component of TGF-beta-mediated biglycan core protein synthesis but not glycosaminoglycan chain hyperelongation in vascular smooth muscle, dissociation of PRAS40 from insulin-stimulated 4E-BP protein binding to mTORC1 and enhanced mTORC1 substrate binding results from Akt and mTORC1 activation and makes little or no contribution to mTORC1 signaling, We sought to determine if ezrin, KBA.62, p-Akt, CD166, and nestin, may be helpful in distinguishing melanoma from nevi and atypical melanocytic lesions, Data illustrated the importance of Akt1 in mammary epithelial cell proliferation, as well as in the regulation of Btn1a1 and subsequent expression of ss-casein., Loss of Akt1 evokes epithelial-mesenchymal transition by autocrine regulation of transforming growth factor-beta1, CREG induces endothelial cell migration by activating the integrin-linked kinase/AKT/mTOR/VEGF(165) signaling pathway., PIK3CA mutations in pancreatic Intraductal tubulopapillary neoplasms were associated with strong expression of phosphorylated AKT, These findings, representing the first genomewide search for variants influencing human protein phosphorylation, provide useful information about the PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway., Akt activation plays a critical role in enabling Arsenic-transformed human bronchial epithelial cell migration and invasion by promoting ZEB1 and ZEB2 expression., Overexpression of MUC1 enhances proangiogenic activity of non-small-cell lung cancer cells through activation of Akt and extracellular signal-regulated kinase pathways., EGFR-AKT-Smad signaling promotes formation of glioma stem-like cells and tumor angiogenesis by ID3-driven cytokine induction., findings establish that Shh signaling promotes the metastasis of gastric cancer through activation of the PI3K/Akt pathway, which leads to mesenchymal transition and MMP-9 activation, High and low phospho-ERK and phospho-AKT expression shows a trend toward worse overall survival in patients with high expression of phospho-AKT., Akt/mTOR might be effective targets to overcome the resistance to IGF-1R mAbs in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma and non-small cell lung carcinomas., IKKbeta induced AKT activity, whereas IKKbeta-driven NF-kappaB transcription was required for GLUT1 surface localization downstream of AKT., These data suggest the existence of a negative feedback loop involving Akt/PKB that might act as a sensor to modulate TBP-1 levels in proliferating cells., Findings suggest that large HBsAg (LHBs) promotes tumorigenesis of hepatoma cells by triggering a PKCalpha/Raf1 to Src/PI3K/Akt signaling pathway, revealing novel insights into the underlying mechanisms of HBV-associated hepatocarcinogenesis., Fascin may regulate functions of human hepatic stellate cells (HSCs) through the FAK-phosphoinositide 3-kinase-Akt pathway., Endothelial cell-induced Akt phosphorylation is abrogated in primary but not metastatic human head and neck squamous cell carcinoma stem cells., Discoverery of a novel reverse regulation within the traditional PTEN/AKT signaling pathway, whereby AKT induces GATA2 with consequent decreased PTEN transcription in breast cancer., AMPK, Akt and mTOR pathways have roles in resveratrol-enhanced prostate cancer cell response to ionizing radiation, Data present a novel pathway for the regulation of Ca(2+) signaling and PASMC proliferation involving activation of Akt/mTOR and upregulation of STIM1/Orai1., analysis of resistance of Akt kinase and PP2A to dephosphorylation through ATP-dependent conformational plasticity, Study confirms the contribution of loss of PTEN expression in Akt phosphorylation and spontaneous apoptosis suppression in the specimens of oral cancer., spheroid dispersion was at least partly dependent upon AKT activity, These results suggest that the Nrf2/ARE/Jun/Akt/Erk pathway plays an important role in the regulation of icariside-mediated antioxidant effects in HepG2 cells., CXCL12, on binding CXCR7, induced phosphorylation of extra cellular regulated protein kinases (ERK 1/2) and Akt., In endometriotic stromal cells, overactivation of the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/AKT signaling pathway contributes to the reduced expression of the decidua-specific gene, IGFBP1, potentially through reduced levels of nuclear FOXO1., multiple-site acetylation of Rictor signals for increased activation of mTORC2, providing a critical link between nutrient-sensitive deacetylases and mTORC2 signaling to Akt, Notch activation could stimulate beta-catenin and NF-kappaB signaling through AKT activation in glioma cells. Notch activation-stimulated beta-catenin and NF-kappaB signaling synergistically promote the migratory and invasive properties of glioma cells., results provide a first rationale and justification for targeting the ETV6/RUNX1 fusion gene and the PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway therapeutically, analysis of AKT signaling pathway activated by HIN-1 methylation in non-small cell lung cancer, Proliferation of human IVD cells is regulated by exogenous and autocrine growth factors mainly via the MEK/ERK and PI-3K/Akt pathways., The prognostic impact of Akt (Akt1) phosphorylated at threonine308 and serine473, Akt2, Akt3, PI3K and PTEN, alone and in coexpression with ER and PgR in non-gastrointestinal stromal tumor soft tissue sarcomas., inhibition of miR-17 approximately 92 expression suppressed the PI3K/AKT pathway and inhibited tumor growth in a xenograft MCL mouse model, Radiotherapy can increase the levels of AKT in nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) cells that are associated with NPC metastasis and increase in mortality., Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR)-mediated positive feedback of protein-tyrosine phosphatase epsilon (PTPepsilon) on ERK1/2 and AKT protein pathways is required for survival of human breast cancer cells., DNA-PK inhibition might prevent platinum-induced AKT activation without interfering with normal glucose homeostasis, an unwanted toxicity of direct AKT inhibitors., The addition of RTK inhibitors can prevent this reactivation of AKT signaling and cause profound cell death and tumor regression in vivo., BDNF promotes EGF-induced proliferation and migration of neural stem/progenitor cells through the PI3K/Akt pathway., The AKT1 rs2498801 genotype significantly increased risk of endometrial cancer., Genetic variant of AKT1 might be associated with attentional deficits and brain morphological vulnerability in patients with schizophrenia., The elevation of ENTPD5 activity therefore protects AKT-active cancer cells from protein-overloading-induced endoplasmic reticulum stress and the resulting growth arrest and apoptosis., Using knockdown of AKT & STAT3, studied the effects of IL-17/AKT signaling in HCC, resulting in IL-6 production, which in turn activated JAK2/STAT3 signaling and subsequently up-regulated its downstream targets IL-8, MMP2, and VEGF., cell survival role for CaM KK operating through AKT and BAD in LNCaP prostate cancer cells, VEGF-A stimulation of lymphatic endothelial cells leads to the phosphorylation of VEGFR2 (Tyr 951, 1054, 1059, 1175, and 1214) which subsequently triggers PKC dependent phosphorylation of ERK1/2 and PI3-K dependent phosphorylation of Akt., Akt activation is a mechanism of chemotherapeutic resistance in B-pre ALL and suggest that Akt can be a therapeutic target for the treatment of relapsed or refractory pediatric B-pre ALL., unrecognized cell-autonomous function of TORC1 and TORC2 in the up-regulation of PTEN, which prevents phosphorylation of Akt and may shield against the development of malignancy in TSC patients, Data suggest that wild-type PTEN gene transfection might increase drug sensitivity or reverse drug resistance via inhibiting the PI3K/Akt pathway and regulating downstream molecules of the cell signaling transduction pathway in K562/ADM cells., Analysis of Akt1 gene TRR methylation showed decreased methylation level in bladder cancer than normal., 14-3-3sigma regulation by p53 mediates a chemotherapy response to 5-fluorouracil in MCF-7 breast cancer cells via Akt inactivation., Results describe the selective loss of Akt activity, in vivo, due to oxidative modification of Akt and provide mechanistic insight into oxidative stress-induced down-regulation of cell survival pathway in mouse midbrain following exposure to MPTP., RET mutations may have a role in medullary thyroid carcinoma, while BRAF, AKT1, and CTNNB1 do not; the role of HRAS, KRAS, and NRAS mutations are not determined, PGE(2)/EP4/p-Akt has a role in Snail signaling and conferring cell survival advantage, AKT protein kinase has a role in gastric cancer [review], Results show a novel anti-inflammatory role for the PI3K/Akt signaling pathway in microglia, and show that Ad-IRF3 suppressed proinflammatory genes and enhanced anti-inflammatory genes., VE-cadherin outside-in signaling controls locally Rac activity stimulated by barrier protective agonists., AIB1 plays an important role in proliferation and chemoresistance of cholangiocarcinoma through simultaneous activation of Akt and Nrf2 pathways., The results showed that loss of RUNX3 expression enhanced the Akt1-mediated signaling pathway. The RUNX3-mediated inhibition of Akt1 caused beta-catenin protein degradation and then cyclin D1 downregulation., miR-7 functions as a tumor suppressor and plays a substantial role in inhibiting the tumorigenesis and reversing the metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma through the PI3K/Akt/mTOR-signaling pathway in vitro and in vivo., miR-122 as an amplifier of the antiapoptotic Akt/p53 circuit, identification of AKT as being one important downstream component of activated BMP signalling on epithelial ovarian cancer spheroid pathobiology, which may have important implications on the metastatic potential of this malignancy, NAMPT rs1319501 minor allele associates with increased MI risk in young women. In young men a protective effect of the AKT1 rs3730358 minor allele was suggested, possibly related to an attenuated inflammation, Epstein-Barr virus latent membrane protein-1 protects B-cell lymphoma from rituximab-induced apoptosis through miR-155-mediated Akt activation and up-regulation of Mcl-1, Leptin-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition in breast cancer cells requires beta-catenin activation via Akt/GSK3- and MTA1/Wnt1 protein-dependent pathways., Cyclin G1 overexpression enhanced Akt activation through interaction with p85 (regulatory subunit of phosphoinositide 3-kinase), The findings of this study supported the view that AKT1 genetic variants are shared by both BPD and SCZ., Protein Kinase B/Akt is a target of alpha1-adrenoceptor-blocker therapy, which has been unknown to date., UCA1 regulated cell cycle through CREB via PI3K-AKT dependent pathway in bladder cancer., pAKT expression, as examined by immunohistochemistry, is an independent prognostic factor for peripheral T-cell lymphoma (PTCL)., data suggest that lamin A/C proteins are positively involved in malignant behavior of PC cells through the PI3K/AKT/PTEN pathway. Lamin A/C may represent a new oncogenic factor and a novel therapeutic target for PC, Results suggest that oncogenic co-operation between HBx and Akt may be important for cell proliferation, abrogation of apoptosis and tumorigenic transformation of cells., EphB3 suppresses non-small-cell lung cancer metastasis via a PP2A/RACK1/Akt signalling complex, Akt1 regulates the interferon response through phosphorylation of the transcriptional repressor EMSY, A subset of ovarian cancers exhibits AKT pathway activation and is sensitive to selective AKT inhibition., PHF20 is a substrate of Akt and plays a role in Akt cell survival/growth signaling, melatonin inhibits cell proliferation and induces apoptosis in MDA-MB-361 breast cancer cells in vitro by simultaneously suppressing the COX-2/PGE2, p300/NF-kappaB, and PI3K/Akt/signaling and activating the Apaf-1/caspase-dependent apoptotic pathway., Endometrial carcinoma patients with loss of PTEN and p-AKT positivity have a favorable prognosis., synemin positively regulates glioblastoma cell proliferation by helping sequester PP2A away from Akt, thereby favoring Akt activation., Akt/mTOR is a key signaling component through which c-Met protects multiple myeloma cells from chemotherapy-induced growth inhibition and apoptosis., Studies suggest that the effects of PHLPP1 deletion on prostate carcinogenesis may be explained by the strong dependence of prostate cancer on phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K)/Akt signalling., Overexpression of mu-opioid receptor has a possible direct affect on Akt and mTOR activation and lung cancer progression., API-1 reduces c-FLIP and enhances TRAIL-induced apoptosis independent of its Akt-inhibitory activity, Data indicate that the mechanisms of action of ON 01910.Na invloved PI3K/AKT inhibition and induction of oxidative stress response., This review summarizes the regulation and potential function(s) of PRAS40 in the complex Akt- and mTOR-signaling network in health and disease, PI3K/AKT pathway increased the activity of cystathionine gamma-lyase gene promoter via Sp1., The relationship between expression and genetic alterations of the components of the PI3K/AKT pathway in non-small cell lung cancer, was investigated., Merkel cell carcinoma samples were analyzed for activating PIK3CA and AKT1 mutations., These findings reveal a previously unknown regulatory mechanism for nuclear import of hTERT through a bipartite nuclear localization signal mediated by Akt phosphorylation., PTEN protein phosphatase activity correlates with control of gene expression and invasion, a tumor-suppressing phenotype, but not with AKT activity., GUCY2C opposes systemic genotoxic tumorigenesis by regulating AKT-dependent intestinal barrier integrity, analysis of expression of EGFR, pAkt, NF-kappaB and MIC-1 in prostate cancer stem cells and their progenies, analysis of the role of RICTOR in beta1 integrin-mediated cell survival and how receptor-specific mechanisms regulate phosphorylation of AKT at Ser473, Differential expression of MUC5AC involves crosstalk between interleukin-1beta and Akt, whereby the trefoil factor family peptide TFF3 activates Akt by phosphorylation of EGFR., Flavopiridol induces phosphorylation of AKT-Ser473 in human T98G glioblastoma cell line., USP46-mediated stabilization of PHLPP and the subsequent inhibition of Akt., decreased PBMC AKT1 expression is a stable trait in recent onset, male schizophrenia patients, JNK-potentiated Akt/FoxO3a and JNK-mediated c-Jun pathways co-operatively trigger Puma expression, which determines the threshold for overcoming chemoresistance in ovarian cancer cells., PDPN expression in human glioblastoma multiforme is caused by loss of PTEN function and activation of the PI3K-AKT-AP-1 signaling pathway, accompanied by epigenetic regulation of PDPN promoter activity, Signaling through the PI3K (phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase)-Akt-mTOR (mammalian target of rapamycin) pathway was necessary and sufficient for the increase in p57Kip2, Akt was found to directly interact with MULAN and to be ubiquitinated by MULAN in vitro and in vivo., we have analyzed the prevalence of somatic mutations in the FGFR3, PIK3CA, AKT1, KRAS, HRAS, and BRAF genes in bladder cancers, a novel USP1-PHLPP1-Akt signaling axis, and decreased USP1 level in lung cancer cells may play an important role in lung cancer progress., Akt1 drives progression in early breast cancers., We have demonstrated that vincristine resistance mediated by CD40 activation was induced by an increased expression of MRP1 by AKT signaling in human multiple myeloma cell lines., Overexpression of hyaluronan-binding protein 1 (HABP1/p32/gC1qR) in HepG2 cells leads to increased hyaluronan synthesis and cell proliferation by up-regulation of cyclin D1 in AKT-dependent pathway., Positive correlations are found between p-AKT, p-GSK3beta and beta-catenin in epithelial ovarian carcinoma. The activation of beta-catenin is possibly correlated with inactivation of p-GSK3beta that binds to p-AKT., TLR3 induces the apoptotic cell death of salivary gland epithelial cells (SGECs) via the PI3K-Akt signaling pathway., Data indicate a functional link between the Notch1 and PI3K/Akt pathways in clear cell renal cell carcinoma (CCRCC)., miR-93 can directly target PTEN, and participates in the regulation of the AKT signaling pathway, Targeting PI3 kinase/AKT/mTOR signaling in cancer., study concludes that Akt2 is indispensable for the regulation of preadipocyte and adipocyte number, whereas Akt1 and Akt2 are equally important for the regulation of insulin-stimulated metabolic pathways in adipocytes., The Akt signaling is as an inhibitor of Oct4 and Nanog expression and an activator for PHF19 expression, The PI3K/AKT pathway can be an important signaling pathway for the survival of BRCA1-defective breast cancer cells., CYLD negatively regulates TGFb1 signalling via deubiquitinating Akt., AKT mutations are associated with pediatric T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia., Findings suggest that dysadherin might contribute to breast cancer progression through AKT activation., Integrin beta1 mediates vaccinia virus entry through activation of PI3K/Akt signaling., Data demonstrated that in myoepithelial cells, expression of E17K inhibited growth, migration, and protein synthesis compared with wild-type AKT1. In luminal cells, E17K enhanced cell survival and migration, possibly offering a selective advantage., PARG knockdown, concomitant with inhibition of PARP, suppressed the metastatic potency of colon carcinoma cells by activation of PI3K/Akt signaling pathway., The results of this study genetic modulation of DRD2-AKT1-related prefrontal-subcortical circuits could at least in part influence cognitive dysfunction in psychosis and its treatment., The result indicated that Protein kinase B was involved in knee osteoarthritic progression, along with the increase of cell apoptosis., AKT1-GLI3-VMP1 pathway mediates KRAS oncogene-induced autophagy in cancer cells., Changes in the proportion of circulating VEGFR2- and pAkt- positive cells may be a potential pharmacodynamic marker of the efficacy of antiangiogenic agents, and could prove valuable in determining drug dosage and administration schedule, Cysteine-rich protein Cyr61 activates interleukin (IL)-6 production via the integrin alphavbeta5/Akt/NF-kappaB signaling pathway in rheumatoid arthritis., The existence of a specific activity of Akt on IP3R type III, was leading to channel inhibition, diminished Ca2+ transfer to mitochondria and protection from apoptosis., Mutation of this amino acid led to increased ERBB receptor activation and upregulation of the ERBB3/PI3K/AKT signaling pathway, which was no longer responsive to MEK inhibition, Data indicate that Akt expression was up-regulated with high glucose and insulin in both cell lines, whereas PLCgamma expression was enhanced in colon cancer cells only., Expression of pAkt and mTOR expression is more significantly associated with adenocarcinoma than squamous cell carcinomaof the lung, CXCL8 and CXCR1 are involved in the pathogenesis of endometriosis by up-regulating proliferation and growth and restricting apoptosis in endometrial stromal cells by activating the PTEN/Akt pathway and mediating the expression of survivin and Bcl-2, Protein kinase G and focal adhesion kinase converge on Src/Akt/beta-catenin signaling module in osteoblast mechanotransduction., Results establish SPARC as an effector of AKT-PTEN-mediated inhibition of proliferation in neuroblastoma in vitro and in vivo., PTPN22 promotes survival of antigen-stimulated CLL cells by selectively activating AKT., CD133 negatively regulates tumorigenicity via AKT pathway in synovial sarcoma., We further identify the activation of the PI3K/AKT signal pathway by T3 as an underlying mechanism for the enhanced conversion to cell pluripotency in this model., This study identified one functionally meaningful genetic variant within the Akt signaling pathway that is associated with both lymphocyte count and composition alterations during natalizumab treatment in Multiple sclerosis, AKT activation plays a crucial role in neutrophil-like differentiated HL-60 cell polarization, FKBP5 as a selection biomarker for gemcitabine and Akt inhibitors in treatment of pancreatic cancer., Src, Akt, NF-kappaB, BCL-2 and c-IAP1 may be involved in an anti-apoptotic effect in patients with BCR-ABL positive and BCR-ABL negative acute lymphoblastic leukemia., Chronic modulation of AMP-Kinase, Akt and mTOR pathways by ionizing radiation., miR-26b and miR-128 as central regulators of pituitary somatomammotrophic tumor growth through activation of the PTEN-AKT pathway., Data suggest that phosphoinositide-3-kinase/Akt and mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) pathway signaling differentially regulate phospho-Mst1-Thr-120/Thr-183., Overexpression of human Akt1 enhances adipogenesis and leads to lipoma formation in zebrafish., integrin maintains pro-survival signaling via continuous activation of AKT, LEDGF gene silencing impairs the tumorigenicity of prostate cancer DU145 cells by abating the expression of Hsp27 and activation of the Akt/ERK signaling pathway, Angiosarcoma (AS) is characterized by a complex pattern of alterations of the TP53 and PIK3CA/AKT/mTOR pathways that does not depend on MYC amplification status., This study demonstrates a central role for HuR in Akt signaling and reveals a mechanism by which modest changes in HuR levels below or above normal may be amplified, potentially resulting in cell death or cellular transformation., The interaction between HGF and c-Met increases OPN expression in human osteoblasts via the PI3K, Akt, c-Src, c-Jun, and AP-1 signaling pathway., expression levels of EGFR, pAkt, and PTEN differ between oropharyngeal and oral cavity cancer and it may be attributed to HPV-related molecular pathogenesis, levels of EphB4, mTOR and Akt were distinctly lower than those in other groups. It was concluded that suppression of EphB4 may inhibit the growth of ovarian cancer cells by downregulation of the PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway., Data indicate that maintained AKT1 expression correlated with low copy number, an increased frequency of integration and increased HPV16 E7 expression., analysis of regulation of AKT and GSK-3beta by O-GlcNAcylation in various types of cells, Mucinous breast carcinomas lack AKT1 mutations., Blocking individual branches in epidermal growth factor (EGF) signaling leads to Akt activation and plays a major role in EGF- induced alternative splicing., the regulation of HT-29 proliferation is mediated by cPLA(2)alpha-dependent PGE(2) production. PGE(2)via EP induces CREB phosphorylation by the PKA pathway and regulates beta-catenin and cyclin D1 cellular localization by PKB/Akt pathway., Selective effects of PD-1 on Akt and Ras pathways regulate molecular components of the cell cycle and inhibit T cell proliferation., amplification of AKT1 and/or AKT2 and high-level polysomy were found in 16% of total lung carcinoma cases, and this defined subset was characterized by the overexpression/activation of Akt, reciprocal to EGFR aberrations., Data indicate that erufosine caused dose-dependent decreases in the phosphorylation of PI3K (p85), Akt (PKB) at Thr 308 and cRaf in both MCF-7 and MDA-MB 231 cell lines., The resultant cells with concurrent NF-kappaB and Akt blockade were significantly more sensitive to cisplatin-induced cell death in vitro., These data support a strong biological-link between NFkB and the PI3-kinase/AKT pathway in the modulation of anti-apoptotic effects in primary effusion lymphoma cells., AKT regulation of the mesenchymal stem cell differentiation, 24 h of exposure to simulated microgravity promotes angiogenesis among HUVEC-C and this process is mediated through the PI3K-Akt-eNOS signal pathway, these data define an inhibitory role for both AKT1 and AKT2 in prostate cancer migration and invasion and highlight the cell type-specific actions of AKT kinases in the regulation of cell motility., The association between single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of PTEN/AKT/mTOR genes and prostate cancer (PCa) in Chinese population, was examined., AKT1 rs2494732 contributes to susceptibility to the psychotogenic effect of cannabis., Which includes inhibition of tyrosine kinase activity of AKT and ERK1/2, suppression of NF-kappaB protein expression., Epstein-Barr virus latent membrane protein-2A induces ITAM/Syk- and Akt-dependent epithelial migration through alphav-integrin membrane translocation, Data provide information for developing new therapeutics targeting PI3K/Akt/mTOR signaling pathway in autoimmune diseases like psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis., This study is the first to prove the significance of Akt kinase isoform, activity and compartmentalization for the prediction of response to trastuzumab-based therapy in patients with HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer., Data suggest that targeting Hedgehog (Hh) pathway alone or in combination with PI3K/AKT pathway could be a novel therapeutic option in treating endocrine-resistant breast cancer., AZ7328 inhibited proliferation and AKT substrate phosphorylation in a concentration-dependent manner., MLS-2438 inhibits viability and induces apoptosis of human melanoma cells associated with inhibition of STAT3 and Akt signaling., RhoC GTPase is a substrate for Akt1 and its phosphorylation is absolutely essential for inflammatory breast cancer cell invasion., Akt1 plays a key role in monocrotophos-induced apoptosis in human umbilical cord blood stem cells., AKT1 rs2494752 polymorphism is associated with treatment response in advanced non-small cell lung cancer., Grape proanthocyanidin inhibit pancreatic cancer cell growth in vitro and in vivo through induction of apoptosis and by targeting the PI3K/Akt pathway, association of the transmembrane domain of CD154 in lipid rafts is necessary for CD154-mediated Akt and p38 activation with consequent enhancement of IL-2 production, ADAMTS9 acts as a functional tumor suppressor in gastric cancer through inhibiting oncogenic AKT/mTOR signaling pathway, Hyperphosphorylation of Tau induced by naturally secreted amyloid-beta at nanomolar concentrations is modulated by insulin-dependent Akt-GSK3beta signaling pathway., These observations demonstrate ERK and Akt activation induced by Dyrk1A in the brain of hyperhomocysteinemic mice., XB130 is a substrate of multiple protein tyrosine kinases, and it can regulate cell proliferation and survival through modulating selected down-stream signals of PI3K/Akt pathway, AKT1 fails to replicate as a longevity-associated gene in Danish and German nonagenarians and centenarians., ASPP 049 from C. comosa induced osteoblastic cell proliferation and differentiation through ERalpha-, Akt-, and GSK-3beta-dependent activation of beta-catenin signaling., Data indicate that KRAS, BRAF, PIK3CA, and AKT1 mutations can be rapidly and accurately detected for cancer diagnosis., Lunasin inhibited alphaVbeta3 integrin-mediated proinflammatory markers and downregulated Akt-mediated NF-kappaB pathways through interaction with alphaVbeta3 integrin., Inhibition of EGFR-AKT axis results in the suppression of ovarian tumors in vitro and in preclinical mouse model, Akt phosphorylation was down-regulated in OA chondrocytes after the strain, and was up-regulated after transfection of p53R2., tumors with high TIMP-1 and NOS2 behave more aggressively by mechanisms that favor Akt pathway activation, These results indicated that moscatilin inhibited MDA-MB-231 cell migration via Akt- and Twist-dependent pathways; this finding was consistent with moscatilin's antimetastatic activity in vivo., Results indicate that CIB1 is uniquely positioned to regulate PI3K/AKT and MEK/ERK signaling and that simultaneous disruption of these pathways synergistically induces a nuclear GAPDH-dependent cell death., Data suggest that sustained hyperinsulinemia (prolonged infusion of insulin) without amino acid supply does not stimulate synthesis of mitochondrial proteins or ATP production in skeletal muscle; phosphorylation of c-Akt (but not mTOR) is stimulated., PKB-mediated PHF20 phosphorylation led to an inhibition of p53 induction following UV treatment, leading to the reduction of p21 transcriptional activity., CXCL12/CXCR4 protein signaling axis induces sonic hedgehog expression in pancreatic cancer cells via extracellular regulated kinase- and Akt kinase-mediated activation of nuclear factor kappaB, EGFR and downstream genetic alterations in KRAS/BRAF and PI3K/AKT pathways have roles in colorectal cancer and treatment [review], The results suggest that inactivation of IKKalpha, followed by Akt and FOXO1 phosphorylation and caspase-3 activation, contributes to zerumbone-induced GBM cell apoptosis., Data suggest that parthenolide may be mediated not only by the inhibition of NF-kappaB but also by the inhibition of Akt signalling and the activation of apoptotic proteins., in embryonal carcinoma cells, unphosphorylated Oct4 bound to the AKT1 promoter and repressed its transcription. Phosphorylation of Oct4 by Akt resulted in dissociation of Oct4 from the AKT1 promoter, which activated AKT1 transcription and promoted cell survival, Glycogen synthase kinase-3beta (GSK-3beta) is inactivated by recombinant human Hsp70-induced Akt activation., Results suggest that AKT is activated by hypoxia in an EGFR-independent way in tumors., AKT activation is associated with the pathogenesis of myelodysplastic syndromes with excess of blasts and evolution to leukaemia., These findings suggest that Rac is an important regulator in establishing the inflammatory microenvironment that is initiated in the human airway upon exposure to rhinovirus., Substantial decrease of heat shock protein (Hsp)90 client Akt signaling pathway is observed after Hsp72/73 depletion in cultured myeloma cells., Lactotransferrin acts as a tumor suppressor in nasopharyngeal carcinoma by repressing AKT through multiple mechanisms., PI3K/Akt signaling is utilized by alphaIIb-mediated outside-in signaling to activate platelets., Data suggest that insulin secretion is controlled by two different mTOR complexes (mTORC1; mTORC2) acting through c-Akt; data provide evidence for antagonistic effects of raptor and rictor on insulin secretion by modulating activity of c-Akt., Akt phosphorylates the transcriptional repressor bmi1 to block its effects on the tumor-suppressing ink4a-arf locus., HCV transiently activates the PI3K-AKT pathway to facilitate its entry, Expression of survivin modulated by sodium valproate is under the regulation of AKT., PI3K/AKT/mTOR signalling components appear to be differentially implicated in urothelial tumorigenesis and, with the exception of p85aPI3K, are unrelated to the PIK3CA or AKT1 mutational status., Akt-mediated phosphorylation of Beclin 1 functions in autophagy inhibition, oncogenesis, and the formation of an autophagy-inhibitory Beclin 1/14-3-3/vimentin intermediate filament complex., AKT1 and MAPK1 expressions were upregulated in SLE patients and correlated with Th17, Treg, TGFB)-2, and Th2-(interleukin (IL)-5)-related genes., Study indicates that FLT3-CBL interaction sites and the AKT pathway as critical mediators of transformation by oncogenic CBL mutants., Phospho-Akt immunoreactivity in prostate cancer shows a relationship to disease severity and outcome, Ki67 and phosphorylated EGFR expression, The AKT1 somatic mutants are constitutively active, leading to oncogenic signaling., In cancer cells in vitro or in vivo, RhoB functions as a tumor suppressor that restricts EGF receptor (EGFR) cell surface occupancy as well as Akt signaling, Data show that miR-7 inhibits the effects of TLR9 signaling on lung cancer cells through regulation of the PIK3R3/Akt pathway., FAIM modulates IGF-1-induced Akt activation and IRF4 expression and has a role in multiple myeloma cell survival, Patients with steatosis had decreased phosphorylation of the insulin kinase AKT1, mediating insulin receptor signaling, and the transcription factor FOXO1., Analyzed the effects of dual inhibition of mTOR and AKT on the proliferation of HCC cell lines & measured feedback activation of each AKT isoforms after mTOR inhibition in HCC cell lines and enzymatic activity in primary samples from HCC patients., These data suggested hepatitis C virus inhibited the AKT-TSC-MTORC1 pathway via endoplasmic reticulum stress, resulting in autophagy., Also induced phosphorylation of Akt., Data show that a photodynamic therapy (PDT) dose-dependent upregulation of CRP gene, as well as of PTX3 and ficolin 1 genes in lung tumor A549 cells, and indicate critical role played by PI3K/Akt/AP-1 pathway., A new cell cycle regulatory pathway was identified ain which the miR-302-367 cluster directly down-regulated both cyclin D1 and AKT1 and indirectly up-regulated p27Kip1 and p21Cip1, leading to the suppression of cervical cancer cell proliferation., the present observations show that PKB in conjunction with PIKfyve activates Kir2.1 channels., Activation of GABA(B) receptors significantly inhibits Akt/GSK-3 signaling in a beta-arrestin-dependent pathway., In conclusion, authors have found that the varicella-zoster virus ORF12 protein activates the PI3K/Akt pathway to regulate cell cycle progression., Akt1 may inhibit autophagy by decreasing UVRAG expression, which also sensitizes cancer cells to UV irradiation., Chronic low-dose radiation increases the levels of AKT and acinus proteins via NF-kappaB activation, Complexing of beta1 integrin the 70-kDa with CDCP1 fragment induced intracellular phosphorylation signaling, involving focal adhesion kinase-1 (FAK) and PI3 kinase (PI3K)-dependent Akt activation, Report shows that ROS levels in PC3 cells are constitutively maintained by DUOX 1 and 2 enzymes, and these ROS positively regulate AKT signalling through inactivating phosphatases, leading to increased resistance to apoptosis., results demonstrate that MTA1 plays an important role in controlling the malignant transformation of prostate cancer cells through the p-AKT/E-cadherin pathway, GPR30 mediates the nontranscriptional effect of estrogen on the activation of PI3K/Akt pathway in endometrial cancer cells., pAkt expression significantly correlates with HER2 expression and with a poor prognosis in gastric cancer., Findings indicate driver mutations in AKT1, and extend the number and type of mutations that activate the PI3-kinase pathway in human breast cancers., Our observations suggest that PIK3CA and AKT1 are CS susceptibility genes., Data indicate that the PTEN loss and activation of AKT signaling pathway contributed to erlotinib resistance in EGFR-mutant non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) cell line H1650., a new mechanism by which eNOS translocation to mitochondria is regulated by the phosphorylation of eNOS at Ser(617) and Ser(1179) by Akt1 and that this is enhanced when Akt1 becomes nitrated at Tyr(350)., Linoleic acid induces opening of connexin26 hemichannels through a PI3K/Akt/Ca(2+)-dependent pathway, Coincided with the activation of the PI3K/AKT pathway., Inhibition of Akt prevented the antiautophagic effect of long exposure to smoking compounds, indicating that smoking-induced late activation of Akt prevents autophagy., resveratrol's anti-tumor actions in prostate cancer could be explained, in part, through inhibition of Akt/miR-21 signaling pathway, Inhibition of AKT activity by MK-2206 blocks GRP78 expression in endometrial cancer (EC) cells. SiRNA studies also revealed that knockdown of GRP78 reduces but does not abrogate AKT activity, demonstrating that GRP78 is required for optimal AKT activity., Data suggest mechanisms of carcinogenesis by heavy metals involve increased activation of signaling pathways involving phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/c-AKT, mTOR (mechanistic target of rapamycin), and EGRF (epidermal growth factor receptor). [REVIEW], Cytoplasmic Skp2 is overexpressed with p-Akt1 in invasive breast carcinomas., AKT isoforms 1 and 3 promote basal as well as EGF-induced trophoblast migration., SLIT2 suppresses colon tumor metastasis, and it exerts its suppressive activity against colorectal cancer metastasis by restraining AKT-GSK3beta signaling., In the context of oxidative stress, p-AKT facilitated apoptosis by inducing pVHL function in prostate cells., sEcad contributes to skin carcinogenesis via association with the HER/IGF-1R-family of receptors and subsequent activation of the MAPK and PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathways., We found that AKT activation in serum-deprived conditions is not common among lung cancer cell lines and correlates with activating mutation in either EGFR or PIK3CA, loss of PTEN, or amplification of ERBB2, Phosphorylated Akt and VEGF-A are involved in angiogenesis of gastric adenocarcinoma, and Akt activation may contribute to angiogenesis via VEGF-A upregulation., Glioma is formed by active Akt1 alone and promoted by active Rac1 in transgenic zebrafish., A subset of meningiomas lacking NF2 alterations harbored recurrent oncogenic mutations in AKT1 (p.Glu17Lys) and SMO (p.Trp535Leu) and exhibited immunohistochemical evidence of activation of these pathways., the present study demonstrated that Src plays a biologically significant role in tumor proliferation and apoptosis and enhances the cytotoxic effect of temozolomide through AKT supression in glioma., The stimulatory effect of follicle stimulating hormone on Cyp19 and AKT depends on IGF-I and on the expression and activation of the IGF-IR., The expression of phosphorylated AKT was determined by ScanScope XT and ACIS III and compared with the manual analysis by two observers., Meningioma mutations in TRAF7 commonly occurred with a recurrent mutation (K409Q) in KLF4, a transcription factor known for its role in inducing pluripotency, or with AKT1, a mutation known to activate the PI3K pathway., The rate of PIK3CA mutations in this series of micropapillary carcinomas is similar to invasive ductal carcinomas; however, there may be an enrichment of AKT1 mutations., kinase-independent function of PI3Kgamma could directly inhibit GSK-3 function by preventing the PP2A-PPMT-1 interaction and that this inhibition of GSK-3 was independent of Akt., the phosphorylation/activation of Akt was significantly suppressed by EESB treatment, whereas that of p53 was enhanced. These results suggest that EESB could effectively induce G1/S arrest in human colon carcinoma cells, Studies indicate that DISC1 and AKT were invlved in the regulation of GSK3beta and Wnt signaling paathway., found that Gata1 mutations protect MKs from activated AKT-induced apoptosis, Increased endothelial microparticles in mitral valve disease impair mitral valve endothelial cell function by inhibiting the Akt/eNOS-HSP90 signaling pathway., 14-3-3 negatively regulates the RGC downstream of the PI3-kinase/Akt signaling pathway, Runx2 is a novel and important downstream mediator of the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K)/Akt pathway that is linked to metastatic properties of breast cancer cells., down regulation of fibroblast growth factor receptor 3 (FGFR3) and PI3K/Akt signaling mechanisms leading to inhibition of cell proliferation and induction of molecular mechanisms of apopto, neuroprotective effects of angiogenin, Studies indicate tht Akt dysregulation is associated with several diseases including infertility and ovarian cancer., Results indicate that the induction of MCP-2/CCL8 by mycobacteria is dependent on the activation of TLR2/PI3K/Akt signaling pathway., RFP-mediated ubiquitination of PTEN modulates its effect on AKT activation., These data suggest that HER2/Akt is an important negative regulator of p57 (Kip2), and that p57 restoration in HER2-overexpressing cells can reduce breast tumor growth., astrocytes coexpressing c-Myc and Akt were tumorigenic when implanted into the brain of immunocompetent C57BL/6 mice, The correlation between T stage of gastric cancer and the higher expression of CD40, VEGF, AKT, and PI3K, along with lower S100 expression in DC, may provide insights into future targets for more effective immunotherapy for cancer., Akt phosphorylation at S404 targets the precursor prelamin A for degradation. Akt also regulates Lmna transcription., Results show that Akt regulates acetyltransferase activity through CBP phosphorylation, which may contribute to tumorigenesis., In conclusion, our study highlights the potential importance of Akt as a signaling factor in leukemia survival, We further showed that SGT1 could regulate Akt signaling pathway by modulating Akt ser473 phosphorylation status., This study supports immune dysfunction and pathways involving AKT1 in the aetiopathophysiology of schizophrenia and their response to antipsychotic medication., Data indicate that tumor regression was seen in three of five patients with BRAF-mutated, low pAKT melanomas., the activation of the calcium/CaM/Akt pathway resulting from stimulation of overexpressed PDGF receptor-beta may contribute to the survival and tumorigenicity of MPNST cells., amino acids stimulate Fru-2,6-P2 synthesis by Akt-dependent PFKFB2 phosphorylation and activation and show how signaling and metabolism are inextricably linked., These results imply that, in glioblastoma cells, constitutive Akt signaling drives RIO kinase overexpression, which creates a feedforward loop that promotes and maintains oncogenic Akt activity through stimulation of mTor signaling, Expression of phosphorylated Akt in cholesteatoma was significantly increased compared to normal external ear canal. In cholesteatoma, a significant positive association was observed between p-EGFR and p-Akt expression, and between p-Akt and NF-kappaB., sorafenib reduced the stability of the Mcl-1 protein by enhancing its ubiquitination and degradation by the proteasome via the AKT/GSK3beta and the ERK pathways., In a manner that depended on the level of phosphorylated AKT1/2 protein., 15-LO-1/15-HETE pathway prevents hepatocellular carcinoma cells from apoptosis and promotes hepatocellular carcinoma progression via a specific intracellular signaling pathway centered by the interaction of Akt with heat shock protein 90, The activated Akt is the upstream signaling regulating hPMS2 expression, stability and nuclear localization., Characterization of heparanase-induced phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-AKT activation and its integrin dependence., Findings indicate a role for Akt in viral entry, link Akt and calcium signaling, and suggest a new target for HSV treatment and suppression., Results suggest that AIB1 promotes BC cell proliferation through the AKT pathway and E2F1. Furthermore, AIB1 overexpression predicts tumour progression in patients with non-muscle-invasive BC., Data indicate that binding affinities for the PH domains of Akt and PHLPP1 were greater than for other PH domain-containing proteins, which may underlie the preferential recruitment of these proteins to membranes containing tocopherols., By activating the Akt pathway, glutathione may prevent free fatty acids-induced human brain vascular endothelial cells (HBVECs)damage, oxidative stress, and apoptosis., Data indicate that CHI3L1 expression was positively correlated with high level of p-Akt, but inversely correlated with expression of E-cadherin in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) tissues., hyperactivated ERK and/or AKT signaling pathways promoted MED1 overexpression in prostate cancer cells., These data support a potential role for AKT overexpression and the JAK2/STAT3 pathway in the development of cisplatin drug resistance in human gastric cancer cells., miRNA-200c inhibited Akt signaling through its effects on E-cadherin and PTEN, resulting in the inhibition of doxorubicin resistance in breast cancer cells., Data suggest that 17 beta-estradiol enhances the the glucose uptake, activates PI3K/Akt signaling pathway, leading to translocation of glucose transporter 4 to the plasma membrane in an ERalpha-dependent manner., AIF-1 can protect rheumatoid arthritis fibroblast-like synoviocytes from apoptosis induced by NO by upregulating the expression of p-Akt and p-BAD., AKT is essential for enabling EMT in response to upregulation of Snail and Slug., The hypoxia-related activation of AKT could explain the resistance to various treatments including chemotherapy and radiotherapy., These results implied that nicotinamide might be a potential therapeutic agent for human pancreatic cancer treatment through downregulating SIRT1, K-Ras and P-Akt expression., APG dramatically reduced Nrf2 expression at both the messenger RNA and protein levels through downregulation of PI3K/Akt pathway., Deptor is induced by the Baf60c-Six4 transcriptional complex and mediates activation of Akt and glycolytic metabolism by Baf60c in a cell-autonomous manner, AKT1 and AKT2 have non-redundant roles in the regulation of prostate cancer cell proliferation and migration., The findings presented in this study demonstrate a novel role for PTEN and Akt in controlling centrosome composition and integrity during mitosis., GLI1 contributes to the survival of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) cells and that this effect occurs in part through promotion of the transcription of AKT genes., Data indicate that the chimeric protein is a direct inhibitor of GSK3beta in a Akt phosphorylation-dependent manner., It is a key player in cell-growth signaling in a number of lymphoid malignancies, we showed that the synergism between HIV-1 Nef and Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus IL-6 in the promotion of angiogenesis and oncogenesis depends on the AKT signaling pathway, Data indicate that fucoxanthin and siphonaxanthin down-regulate the phosphorylation of FGF-2-mediated intracellular signaling proteins ERK1/2 and Akt., results suggest that c-Src suppression by PP2 or siRNAs may regulate the progression of cell cycle through AKT/GSK3beta and ERK1/2 pathways, Results show that stromal cell-derived factor-1 (SDF-1) enhanced ovarian cancer cell invasion through alphavbeta6 integrin-mediated urokinase-type plasminogen activator (uPA) expression via the p38 MAPK and PI3 K/Akt pathway., Data indicate that the PI3K/Akt pathway plays an important role in the regulation of telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT) activity in response to histone deacetylases (HDACs) inhibitor., Results indicate that ADAM17 is upregulated by hypoxia and contributes to hypoxia-induced cisplatin resistance via EGFR/PI3K/Akt pathway., the PI3K/AKT/mTOR signaling pathway, which was overactivated in APA and IHA compared with normal zona glomerulosa, may mediate aldosterone hypersecretion and participate in the development of PA., Akt inhibition promoted glucose uptake in both cell lines, suggesting that Akt inhibition may increase glucose uptake by detaching HK2 from the mitochondria., The AKT/S6K signaling pathway participates in atrial fibrosis and atrial fibrillation in patients with rheumatic mitral valve disease., SNPs within the AKT1 gene are not associated with increased risk for testicular germ cell tumors., our results suggest that CAPE suppresses phosphoinositide 3-kinase/AKT/XIAP pathway leading to apoptosis in melanoma tumor cells in vitro and in vivo., Data show that macrophages on gastric and colorectal cancer cells migration through epidermal growth factor receptor and phosphorylation of Akt, c-Src and ERK1/2, and led to an increase of RhoA and Cdc42 activity., Akt1 enhances CA916798 expression through mTOR pathway., AIMP1 peptide promotes the proliferation of BMMSCs by activating the beta-catenin/TCF complex via FGFR2-mediated activation of Akt, which leads to an increase in mesenchymal stem cells in peripheral blood., These findings indicate that bFGF could rapidly activate the protein kinase B activities, enhance the expression of survivin and the proliferation of hepatocellular carcinoma cells via the PI3K pathway., Pre-treatment of the system with Akt inhibitor IV, Bisindolylmaleimide (PKC inhibitor) and src inhibitor I resulted in a significant decrease of the GLP-1 induced angiogenesis, These findings for the first time define H2O2 as a signaling molecule that modulate Smad3 linker phosphorylation., Signalling pathways regulating muscle mass in ageing skeletal muscle involve roles in the IGF1-Akt-mTOR-FoxO pathway., Ttreatment with Wit A resulted in inhibition of TGFbetainduced phosphorylation of Akt., These results strongly suggest that DEX protects podocytes by stabilizing the expression and subcellular distribution of CD2AP and by maintaining the expression of phosphor-activated Akt and GSK3beta, The existence of an autocrine loop in the IGF-1R/Akt pathway., Data reveal that Erbin is a negative regulator of AKT activation and suggest that Erbin may play a role in breast cancer progression., activation of AKT plays a role in contactin-1-mediated downregulation of E-cadherin., A downregulation of FASN effectively inhibits the activity of "HER2-PI3K/Akt axis" and alters the malignant phenotype in colorectal cancer cells., report that Mps1/AKT and B-Raf(WT)/ERK signaling form an auto-regulatory negative feedback loop in melanoma cells, We also examined 61 of our cases for the presence of PIK3CA, AKT1, PTEN and K-RAS mutations., the latter evident by a reduction in PI3K subunit p100beta levels and decreased phosphorylated Akt, Cancer associated E17K mutation causes rapid conformational drift in AKT1 pleckstrin homology (PH) domain., Specific inhibition of Akt activation increased HIV-1 Env-dependent cell death of CCR5+ CD4 T cells., The PI3K/Akt inhibitor LY294002 can enhance chemosensitivity of human gastric cancer to VCR., This study reveled that no association between AKT1 gene variants and schizophrenia., The activated serine/threonine kinase Akt/protein kinase B phosphorylated BTK on two sites prior to 14-3-3 zeta binding., Data indicate that AKT promotes EGFR recycling by phosphorylating and activating PIKfyve., results demonstrated that VEGF enhanced the expression of MRP1, and the PI3K/Akt signaling pathway and SP1 may be involved in this modulation, Data suggest over-expression of microRNA-133a in breast cancer cells results in suppression of phosphorylation of Akt (p-Akt) and inhibition of p-Akt nuclear translocation; this involves down-regulation of epidermal growth factor receptor expression., results suggest that Notch1 can regulate PP2A dephosphorylation of critical cellular regulators including AKT, AMPKalpha, and p70S6K, IL-6 upregulates PON1 gene expression through an AKT/NF-kappaB signaling axis in human hepatocyte-derived HepG2 cell line., Our results integrated TGF-beta1 signals to SKP2 via Akt1 and c-Myc during epithelial-mesenchymal transition., Increased AKT activation is associated with cervical clear cell carcinoma., Etoposide-induced multinucleation in HepG2 cells is dependent on the catalytic activity of Akt. The Akt/PTEN cellular axis is a major determinant of etoposide resistance in these cells., These results suggest that the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt signaling pathway plays an important role in beta1 integrin-mediated internalization of Staphylococcus aureus by alveolar epithelial cells., Results show that Endostar may inhibit the endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) proliferation by reducing the expression of p-protein kinase B., Data indicate that Erk1/2 and Akt activation were increased in CCA tissues when compared with their normal adjacent tissue., Expression of cytoplasmic survivin with activation of the PI3K/Akt pathway identifies a group of acute myeloid leukemia patients with excellent outcome., Data indicate that increased activation of PI3K/AKT signaling was observed in the cholangiocarcinoma (CCA) tissues, and suggest that inhibition of PI3K and mTOR activity by the inhibitor NVP-BEZ235 has anti-cancer activity against CCA., Data indicate that nicotinamide N-methyltransferase (NNMT) positively correlated with protein kinase B (pAkt) expression and was independent adverse prognosticators of patient survival., results indicate that PTEN loss defines a PI3K/AKT-dependent GCB DLBCL subtype that is addicted to PI3K and MYC signaling and suggest that pharmacologic inhibition of PI3K might represent a promising therapeutic approach in these lymphomas, these findings present a novel mechanism of ROS-regulated apoptosis and autophagy that involves Akt-mTOR signaling in prostate cancer cells with mutant p53 exposed to DHA., inhibition of protein biosynthesis induced phosphorylation/activation of AKT and led to phosphorylation of AKT target substrates., mTOR complex 2-Akt signaling at mitochondria-associated endoplasmic reticulum membranes (MAM) regulates mitochondrial physiology., frequent PIK3CA mutations in patients with high-risk HNSCC confined predominantly to the oropharyngeal and sinonasal subsites; for the first time, mutation in AKT1 has been identified in HNSCC, Telomere damage and reduced TPP1 dimerization as a result of Akt inhibition was also accompanied by diminished recruitment of TPP1 and POT1 to the telomeres., evidence suggests that many processes attributed to the Akt pathway in myelination depend, at least partly, on mTOR signalling, This study shows that PI3K inhibitors only transiently inhibit AKT which limits their antitumor activities., Increases in phosphate AKT1 levels in the spheroid cells., Polyethylene glycated leukemia inhibitory factor antagonist inhibits human blastocyst implantation and triggers apoptosis by down-regulating embryonic AKT1., In Proteus syndrome, cerebriform connective tissue nevi in dermis and epidermal nevi in epidermis are associated with AKT1 mutation., Among 30 breast tumors, 10(33%) had BCSCs with AKT1, HRAS, or PIK3CA mutations. A single mutation was detected in AKT1.Tumors in which BCSCs have defects in PI3K/Akt signaling are significantly more likely to manifest nodal metastases., SUMOylation of Akt is associated with cell growth and tumorigenesis, Increase in the expression of AKT was associated with colorectal carcinoma., AKT1 E17K is a bona fide oncogene in a human luminal breast cancer context. Distinct PI3K pathway mutations confer differential sensitivity to drugs targeting the pathway at different points and by distinct mechanisms., epigenetic downregulation of RUNX3 can induce docetaxel resistance in human lung adenocarcinoma cells by activating AKT signaling., Hyperactivation of the Akt pathway in Teff cells from children with lupus nephritis is associated with reduced induction of TRAF6 and up-regulation of OX40, which may cause Teff cell resistance to Treg cell-mediated suppression., These findings suggest that oxidative stress might be associated with AKT activation and hTERT induction and might confer a high-risk status for gastric carcinogenesis., Junctional localization of Akt-1 correlates with regions of high unidirectional shear stress whereas a perinuclear localization correlates with areas of disturbed flow in endothelial cells., activation of RAF1-MEK1-ERK/AKT axis may determine the resistance of non-small cell lung cancer cell lines bearing wild type EGFR to erlotinib, detected and measured all three AKT isoforms 1, 2 and 3 to enable the study of the multiple and variable roles that these isoforms play in AKT breast tumorigenesis, Bcr-Abl activates AURKA and AURKB in chronic myeloid leukemia cells via AKT signaling., Data suggest that a combination of gamma-secretase inhibitor GSI application and 532 nm low-power laser irradiation (LLI) can increase cell proliferation via Akt activation., concurrent expression of AKT and hTERT at high levels in gastric canceris associated with a poor prognosis., Adiponectin inhibits neutrophil apoptosis via activation of AMP kinase, PKB and ERK 1/2 MAP kinase., Data indicate that ZNF703 overexpression in MCF-7 breast cancer cells activated the Akt/mTOR signaling pathway, downregulated ERalpha, and reduced the antitumor effect of tamoxifen., Protumorigenic actions of S100A2 involve regulation of PI3/Akt signaling and functional interaction with Smad3., Activation of AKT signaling promotes epithelial-mesenchymal transition and tumor growth in colorectal cancer cells., Data indicate that PYK2 N-terminal domain interacting receptor 1 (Nir1) could induce epithelial-mesenchymal transition by stabilising Snail via the PI3K/Akt/GSK3beta/Snail signalling pathway through binding to CCL18., a new role of AKT in the MM promotion of osteoclast formation and bone osteolysis through, at least in part, the ATF4-dependent up-regulation of RANK expression in osteoclast precursors., The role of Akt1 as a regulator of alternative splicing and cell cycle progression found that SUMOylation of Akt is required for the activity of this kinase in these different cellular processes., PCN-mediated oxidative stress activates the EGFR-PI3K-AKT/MEK1/2-ERK1/2 MAP kinase signaling pathway, leading to nuclear NRF2 translocation and ARE responsiveness in pulmonary epithelial cells., results suggest that variation at tagSNP rs3730358 in the AKT1 gene conferred an increased association to develop late onset depression., Continuous FLX treatment after neurogenesis elevated the survival rate of differentiated neural cells probably by enhanced induction of Akt1 phosphorylation, overexpression of 4EBP1, p70S6K, Akt1 or Akt2 could promote the Coxsackievirus B3-induced apoptosis., AKT1 is cardioprotective to the heart by supporting its physiological growth and function., Studied the cytotoxic effect of NO donors on ovarian cancer cell lines, as well as their effect on posttranslational modification of STAT3 and AKT proteins in these cells., Orai3 constitutes a native store-operated calcium entry pathway in non small cell lung adenocarcinoma that controls cell proliferation and cell cycle progression, likely via Akt pathway., Loss of cavin-3 promotes Akt signaling through suppression of EGR1 and PTEN, suggesting that the changes in AKT/BCL2 signaling molecules might mediate growth and anti-apoptosis processes at least in part, thus increasing the survival potential of Congenital Giant Nevi melanocytes and maintaining their integrity, Akt can switch the TopBP1 function from checkpoint activation to transcriptional regulation by regulating its quaternary structure., The Notch1 is not only down regulated the Shh pathway, but also inhibited recombinant Shh mediated erythropoiesis., We observed strong up-regulation of SFRP1 expression in all meningiomas with AKT1E17K mutation, angiotensin II signaling in human preadipose cells involves an ERK1,2-dependent attenuation of Akt activity, The AKT cascade is induced in breast epithelial and tumor cells following exposure to heavy metals in cigarette smoke., The expression of miR-33a on TGF-beta1-induced hepatic stellate cell activation may be modulated via the activation of PI3K/Akt pathway., Induced apoptosis mainly via the PI3K/AKT pathway., The AKT/mTOR signaling pathway is highly activated in ALK + ALCL patients and targeting the AKT/mTOR signaling pathway might confer a great therapeutic potential in ALCL., A novel AKT1/NF-kappaB/Notch1/PTEN axis has an important role in the development of chemoresistance in gastric cancer., Its signal plays a crucial role in tumor genesis and tumor progression by promoting cell proliferation and inhibiting apoptosis., DHA not only displaced several raft-associated onco-proteins, including EGFR, Hsp90, Akt, and Src, from the rafts but also decreased total levels of those proteins via multiple pathways, including the proteasomal and lysosomal pathways, Increased APN may contribute to hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) at least in part through its activation of AKT signalling and may serve as a prognostic factor in HCC, Found progressive loss of PTEN and increase in EGFR, TGF-alpha, P-AKT expression from benign samples to non small cell lung cancer. Changes were correlated to differentiation extent of cancer tissue, metastasis of lymph nodes and histological classification., This study identified a set of biomarkers of Akt inhibition that can be used in the clinical setting to assess target engagement., Results found that DRR expression leads to elevated AKT activation by recruiting AKT to focal adhesios in a manner dependent on SRC-family kinases (SFKs) and cell adhesion., Inhibition of AKT decreased the phosphorylation level of MDM2., These findings suggested that inhibition of VCP could suppress osteosarcoma cells invasion and migration through down-regulating AKT/NF-kB signaling pathway., TRAF4 attenuation impaired glucose metabolism by inhibiting expression of Glut1 and HK2 mediated by the Akt pathway., Data show that modin directly inhibited TWIST1 expression, upregulated E-cadherin, and inhibited TWIST1-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) by inhibiting the beta-catenin and Akt pathways., ROR2 is an epigenetically inactivated tumor suppressor gene that antagonizes both beta-catenin and AKT signaling in multiple various carcinomas., we investigated the effect of S(+)-ibuprofen on neuroblastoma cell lines, focusing on the expression of the MYCN, MYC, AKT, p53 proteins and the favorable neuroblastoma genes in vitro as biomarkers of malignancy, In a Chinese cohort, no significant difference was found between osteosarcoma patients and controls in the genotype of AKT rs6973569. However, after stratified analysis, the genotype AA of AKT rs6973569 carried a higher risk of osteosarcoma metastasis., These results imply that curcumin inhibits Ab-induced tau hyperphosphorylation involving PTEN/Akt/GSK-3b pathway., FOXO1 inhibits cisplatin-induced apoptosis in gastric cancer cells via activating PI3K/Akt pathway, These findings suggest that Bcl-xl overexpression exerts an anti-apoptotic and protective effect on EC function. The Akt/eNOS signaling pathway is probably involved in these processes., Data indicate that miltefosine and erufosine induced dephosphorylation of Akt and phosphorylation of JNK in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma cell line., ERK, AKT, and GSK-3beta have roles in boldine-induced cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in T24 human bladder cancer cell line, HIV-1 Tat-mediated induction of CCL5 in astrocytes involves NF-kappaB, AP-1, C/EBPalpha and C/EBPgamma transcription factors and JAK, PI3K/Akt and p38 MAPK signaling pathways, Cur-NPs upregulated the protein expression levels of Bad and downregulated the protein expression level of p-Akt in U2OS cells, Experimental validation indicate that AKT1, AKT2 and AKT3 proteins may all be novel unfavorable prognostic factors for patients with hepatocellular carcinoma., Inhibition of miR-223 was found to maintain the undifferentiated state of hESCs, while addition of miR-223 induced differentiation. Furthermore, these effects were found to be likely dependent on IGF-1R/Akt signaling, Data indicate that phospholipase D2 (PLD2) promotes autophagy through regulation of Akt in glioblastoma cells., Estrogen receptor and PI3K/Akt signaling pathway involvement in S-(-)equol-induced activation of Nrf2/ARE in endothelial cells., Akt activation by ODC+COX-2 over-expression., Chromogranin A and its fragments regulate metastatic small intestinal neuroendocrine neoplasm proliferation via the AKT pathway., A novel AKT1 mutant amplifies an adaptive melanoma response to BRAF inhibition., Findings show that PPP1R1B-STARD3 fusion transcript has a key role in subsets of gastric cancers through the activation of PI3K/AKT signaling., The PDGFRbeta-AKT pathway plays a critical role in the development of cisplatin resistance in testicular tumoral cells., The activation level of the EEF1A2/PI3K/AKT/mTOR/MDM4 axis significantly influences the survival probability of hepatocellular carcinoma patients., Expression of AKT, 4EBP1, PTEN, mTOR was assessed in 19 gastrointestinal Kaposi sarcoma biopsies by immunohistochemistry (17 patients)., downregulation of Rap2a promoted glioma migration and invasion, and raised the phosphorylation level of AKT, miR-221/222 confers radioresistance in glioblastoma cells through activating Akt independent of PTEN status., These data suggest a dual role for Akt1 in tumor cell migration and invasion and highlight the cell type-specific actions of Akt1 kinases in the regulation of cell motility., These data support a model in which activated Akt enhances rRNA synthesis both by preventing TIF-IA degradation and phosphorylating CK2alpha, which in turn phosphorylates TIF-IA., Data suggest that AKT1 phosphorylation in response to insulin signaling is upregulated in isolated monocytes (but not in isolated T-cells) and is independent of insulin resistance of subject (that is, same in normal, prediabetes, or diabetes type 2)., Although Akt supports survival of melanocytes, autophagy inhibition specifically targeted the metastatic melanoma cells, thus indicating a stage-specific requirement for Akt and autophagic flux, throughout melanoma progression., Dengue virus 2 subgenomic RNA induces apoptosis through the Bcl-2-mediated PI3k/Akt signaling pathway., in a defined subset of bone and soft tissue tumors, including benign tumors, Akt was frequently overexpressed and activated, and AKT1/2 copy number was increased, Data suggest that the ribosomal S6 kinase , AKT/beta-catenin/Snail signaling pathway is mechanistically associated with cancer stem cell-like properties and epithelial-mesenchymal transition features of A549/CDDP cells, and thus, this pathway could be a novel target for the treatment of NSCLC., Akt signaling controls growth and chemical-induced apoptosis in Hepatocellular carcinoma and p-AKT may be a potential target for therapeutic interventions in Hepatocellular carcinoma patients., Endogenous or exogenous PGD2 induces CRTH2-dependent apoptosis in human differentiated osteoclasts; beta-arrestin-1, ERK1/2, and Akt, but not IKK2/NF-kappaB are probably implicated in the signaling pathways., Our data suggest that Akt/Ezrin Tyr353/NF-kappaB pathway regulates EGF-induced EMT and metastasis inTSCC, and Ezrin may serve as a therapeutic target to reverse EMT in tongue cancers and prevent TSCC progression, blocking PI3K/Akt signaling pathway by LY294002 or Akt siRNA could remarkably inhibit the PAK1 activation and cell invasion, Akt/mTOR was activated in 50% of the cases of Solitary fibrous tumors and was associated with receptor tyrosine kinases, which were phosphorylated at different rates. The Akt-mTOR pathway may be involved in the tumorigenesis of Solitary fibrous tumors., Ghrelin promotes intestinal epithelial cell proliferation through PI3K/Akt pathway and EGFR trans-activation both converging to ERK 1/2 phosphorylation., The findings from our study suggest the existence of a positive feedback regulation between Akt phosphorylation and FASN expression and that this loop may play an important role in the malignant phenotype of osteosarcoma cells., of mTORC1 signaling to 4E-BP1 requires the coordinated activity of two tumor suppressors, p53 and p63. In contrast, suppression of S6K1 and ribosomal protein S6 phosphorylation by DNA damage is Akt-dependent., MicroRNA-10b promotes nucleus pulposus cell proliferation through RhoC-Akt pathway by targeting HOXD10 in intervetebral disc degeneration., CHIP-modulated AKT/FoxO/Bim signaling pathway induces apoptosis resistance in breast cancer., augmentation of proinflammatory chemokines CXCL1/2, by potentiating NF-kappaB activation through EGFR-transactivated Akt, contributes to CXCR2-driven ovarian cancer progression, Data indicate that AKT inhibitor MK-2206 plus carboplatin and paclitaxel, docetaxel, or erlotinib was well-tolerated, with early evidence of antitumor activity., 1) NHE3 basal activity is regulated by a signaling complex that is controlled by sequential effects of two kinases, Akt and GSK-3, which act on a Ser cluster in the same NHE3 C-terminal domain that binds ezrin, The suppression of K-ras expression by siRNA interfered with this synergism and inhibited both EGFR and Akt activity in A549 cells., EGCG inhibited growth by affecting the cell cycle and induced apoptosis in different HCC cells by downregulating PI3K/AKT activity, These findings establish that lysosomal accumulation of Akt and Phafin2 is a critical step in the induction of autophagy via an interaction with phosphatidylinositol 3 phosphate., Platelet-derived growth factor-C (PDGF-C) induces anti-apoptotic effects on macrophages through Akt and Bad phosphorylation., these findings suggest that MHY-449 induces apoptosis via downregulation of the Akt/FoxO1 and activation of ERK in androgen-independent, p53-null and PTEN-negative PC3 human prostate cancer cells., AFP can promote the proliferation of hepatoma cells via activation of PI3K/Akt signaling pathway., Data reveal a mechanism by which BRAF(V600E) and PI3K signaling cooperate to regulate melanoma proliferation through AKT-independent effects on protein translation., Data show that sangivamycin induced the apoptosis of primary effusion lymphoma (PEL) cells by activating caspase-7 and -9 and suppressed the phosphorylation of Erk1/2 and Akt, thus inhibiting activation of the proteins., AKT also associated with a nuclear sirtuin, Sirt1; however, inhibition of PI3K resulted in dissociation from Sirt1 and increased association with Sirt2., Akt is a molecular switch that regulates the NETosis-apoptosis axis, IWS1, an RNA processing regulator, is phosphorylated by Akt3 and Akt1 at Ser720/Thr721 in lung cancer, mutations may confer resistance to epidermal growth factor receptor-tyrosine kinase inhibitors in lung adenocarcinoma patients, molecular or pharmacologic inhibition of the Lyn-PI3K/AKT pathway, markedly increased the sensitivity of the otherwise chemoresistant Cbl mutant-JMML cells to chemotherapeutic agents currently used in the treatment of JMML patients, Altogether, our study uncovered the existence of a novel Akt-HSF-1 signaling axis that leads to Slug upregulation and EMT, and potentially contributes to progression of HER2-positive breast cancer, miR-375 negatively regulates the expression of 3-phosphoinositide-dependent protein kinase 1 (PDK1) by directly targeting the 3'UTR of the PDK1 transcript, throught Akt signaling pathway., When we tested the effects of a panel of signal transduction modifiers on the signal transduction pathways of MDA in oxLDL-treated HCAECs, we found that MDA-induced cytotoxicity was mediated partly through the Akt pathway., Studied the expression of phosphatidylinositol 3 kinase (PI3-K), protein kinase B (PKB) and glycogen synthase kinase 3 beta (GSK-3 beta) in skeletal muscle tissue of gestational diabetes mellitus patients., phosphorylating the T-loop Akt residue Thr(308) by PDK1 requires Raptor of the mTORC1 complex as a platform or scaffold protein., AKT-induced uptake of [(18)F]FDG was found to be HIF-1alpha independent in breast cancer cell lines., Modulation of AKT by type II TGFbeta receptor interacting protein (TRIP)-1-mediated enhancement of AKT phosphorylation is the implicated pathway., Data indicate that phosphorylation of Carma1 down-stream of TCR/CD28-dependent NF-kappaB induction is regulated in part by Akt., Mechanistically, we found that protein kinase B (PKB, also known as Akt) signaling pathway was a functional link in TrkB-induced anoikis suppression in CRC cells., conclude that downregulation of BIM represents a key survival signal downstream of oncogenic MYC and PI3K-AKT signaling in treatment-resistantT-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia, results of the experiments showed that hCGbeta action leads to the increase in ERK and AKT kinases phosphorylation in cancer cells and indicate that these biological effects can be achieved independently of human chorionic gonadotropin presence, Reduces phosphorylation of AKT., Data show the expression of N-myc downstream-regulated gene 2 (NDRG2) is frequently downregulated in adult T-cell leukaemia-lymphoma, resulting in enhanced phosphorylation of PTEN and activation of the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K)-AKT pathway., Selective inhibition of mTORC1 leads to hyperactivation of the AKT/GSK-3beta pathway, inducing E-cadherin repressor complexes and epithelial mesenchymal transition., suggest that BMP-2 exerts an inhibitory effect on the growth and migration of hepatocellular carcinoma cells, possibly via a blockade of PI3K/AKT signaling, Phosphorylated Akt plays an important role in regulating the expression level of cyclin B1 by interacting with AR and increasing the transcriptional activity of AR., Data indicate that MK-2206 at maximum tolerated doses only modest decreases in proto-oncogene c-Akt (AKT)., The Akt/mTOR pathway is activated by TGFbetaRII through Kv2.1 regulation by GDF15 in cerebellar granule cells., Authors showed that the PI3K/Akt pathway negatively regulated the expression of DAF on the epithelial cell surface and thus inhibited the adhesion of Dr(+) E. coli to epithelial cells., results provide a significant insight into the potential anticarcinogenic action of DNAzyme against AKT1 which might be used as a valuable therapy to leukemia, Data suggest that the expression of ATP-binding cassette sub-family G member 2 (ABCG2) and the side population may be regulated by phosphatase and tensin homologue deleted on chromosome -10 (PTEN) through the PI3K/Akt pathway., Data indicate the potential of miR-21 and the PTEN/Akt pathway as therapeutic targets in intervertebral disc degeneration., Data suggest that activation/phosphorylation/post-translational protein processing of Akt plays activ role in establishment of ectopic endometrial tissues as in endometriosis; phosphorylation of Akt at serine-473 appears to be involved., Our data indicate that activation of the PI3K/AKT pathway evidenced on the protein level might be a valuable prognostic marker to stratify patients for their risk of tumour recurrence., Suggest the combination of AKT, mTORC1 and/or MEK inhibitors would be a promising therapeutic strategy for liver cancer treatment., Data shows that the existence of an alternative promoter driving the expression of the unique AKT1m transcript may provide a mechanism by which the levels of AKT1 can be temporally and spatially regulated at particular physiological states such as cancer., In resistance to oxidative stress cells, Akt expression is decreased but its phosphorylation enhanced compared with MCF-7 breast cancer cells., P2Y2 receptor fails to repress IL-6 expression by valve interstitial cells through Akt in calcific aortic valve disease., genetic variants in the PTEN, AKT1, MDM2 and p53 tumor suppressor-oncoprotein network may play roles in mediating the susceptibility to NPC in Chinese populations, these data provide evidence in support of a significant role for HGF-induced c-Met/PI3k/Akt signaling and NADPH oxidase activation in lamellipodia formation and motility of lung endothelial cells., Low expression of phospho-AKT is associated with renal carcinoma., The present experiments demonstrated a critical role for the GPRC6A-ERK1/2 and PI3K/Akt signaling pathway in arginine-mediated fibroblast survival., The data indicate that PI3Kgamma has a critical role in cAMP-mediated inflammatory hypernociception and analgesic signalling via mu-opioid receptors and PI3K/Akt in neuronal cells., miR-9500 repressed tumorigenesis and metastasis by targeting Akt1., Low protein expression of p-Akt308 was associated with improved DFS and OS among patients treated with hormonal therapy following adjuvant chemotherapy. Coexpression of EGFR and p-mTOR was associated with worse OS., Our results showed that although PKB/Akt was not associated with survival in NSCLC patients, it may be a potential therapeutic target for NSCLC, In this review, we discuss the emerging evidence for a functional relationship between the IGF-I/PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway and ASDs, as well as a possible role of this signaling pathway in the diagnosis and treatment of ASDs. [review], CaMK4-dependent activation of AKT/mTOR and CREM-alpha underlies autoimmunity-associated Th17 imbalance., AKT activation upregulates GATA-1 and FOXO3 transcriptional pathways with resulting inhibition of apoptosis, modulation of cell cycle, and enhanced maturation of erythroid cells., the ErbB3/4 ligand heregulin (HRG) reduced both ErbB2 and ErbB3 mRNA and protein levels in human breast cancer cell lines., these results suggest that betaarrestin1 regulates rasgrf2 gene expression and Rac activation to affect membrane protrusion and cell migration and invasion., These data suggest that embelin can inhibit pancreatic cancer growth, angiogenesis and metastasis by suppressing Akt and Shh pathways, and can be developed for the treatment and/or prevention of pancreatic cancer., We examined the response of 80 samples of primary cells from acute myeloid leukemia patients to selective inhibitors of the phosphatidylinositol 3 kinase (PI3K)/Akt/mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) axis., Pretreatment of T24 cells with the antioxidant N-acetylcysteine (NAC) significantly inhibited activation of caspase-3 and MAPK-p38 and prevented inactivation of Akt and Bcl-2, Data show that the crosstalk between the Rb-AKT-signaling pathways forms this switch by controlling the overlapping functions of FoxO3a and FoxM1 transcription factors in cultured fibroblasts., SUMO induces the activation of AKT, whereas, conversely, down-modulation of the SUMO machinery diminishes AKT activation and cell proliferation., Findings indicate that dual phosphorylation of PRAS40 by Akt and mTORC1 promotes formation of a nuclear-specific PRAS40- and RPL11-containing complex distinct from mTORC1 that inhibits the RPL11-HDM2-p53 pathway., The results have provided evidence for clinical investigation of GDC0068, a novel ATP-competitive pan-Akt inhibitor, as the second-line treatment after the failure of sorafenib-medicated molecular targeted therapy for advanced HCC, Data indicate PI3K/Akt signaling as an essential pathway regulating the distribution of nucleolin., This effect correlated with depletion of principle proteins of the Akt/mTOR and MAPK survival and proliferation pathways., The survival of CSF1R(pos) cells requires active AKT (v-akt murine thymoma viral oncogene homolog 1) signaling, which contributed to increased levels of nuclear, transcriptionally competent beta-catenin., PAR4-P2Y12 association supports arrestin-mediated sustained signaling to Akt., Protein expression of PI3K, Akt and survivin were significantly associated with the development, progression and metastasis of gastric cancer and may have value as diagnostic and prognostic markers in gastric cancer, AKTi combined with BRAFi-based therapy may benefit patients with tumors harboring BRAF mutations and particularly PTEN deletions or AKT mutations., Aberrant activation of the PI3K/Akt/mTOR axis acts in parallel to RCAN1 in phosphorylating tau, in DS and DS/AD., The GG allele in the 3' side of AKT1 is closely related to clinical outcomes of gastric cancer., proteomic view to characterize the effect of chitosan nanoparticle to hepatic cells, TEIF is a downstream effector in EGF/PI3K/Akt signaling., CK2-dependent phosphorylation is therefore a crucial event which, discriminating between Akt1 and Akt2, can account for different substrate specificities., Fundamental role of the PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway., Data show that salvianolic acid B protects endothelial progenitor cells against oxidative stress by modulating Akt/mTOR/4EBP1, p38 MAPK/ATF2, and ERK1/2 signaling pathways., QSN-10c dose-dependently suppressed the phosphorylation of AKT., Data demonstrate that p34SEI-1 induces the activation of either AKT or ILK signaling on HER2/neu expression status., Furthermore, we confirmed that these phenotypic changes are associated with the inactivation of AKT and ERK. Our findings suggest that PTK7 has different oncogenic roles in organs and target tumors., Results suggest that cyclin A2 overexpression may drive cancer by promoting AKT-dependent proliferation and survival., Hyperactivation of Akt/mTOR and deficiency in tuberin increased the oxidative DNA damage in kidney cancer patients with diabetes., A high-fat medium containing 100 muM of palmitate stimulates proliferation in PNT1A cells by decreasing the activation of AMPK and increasing activation of AKT after longer exposure time., After overexpression and knockdown of XIAP, the AKT, pAKT, JNK2 and GSK3beta levels were determined in periodontal ligament cells., Silencing miR-21 in radioresistant NSCLC A549 cells sensitized them to IR by inhibiting cell proliferation and enhancing cell apoptosis through inhibition of PI3K/Akt signaling pathway., These findings suggest that BMP9 can inhibit the proliferation and metastasis of SK-BR-3 cells via inactivating ERK1/2 and PI3K/AKT signaling pathways., FAM3A plays crucial roles in the regulation of glucose and lipid metabolism in the liver, where it activates the PI3K-Akt signaling pathway by way of a Ca(2+) /CaM-dependent mechanism, phenotype variations that were believed to have the highest impact in AKT1 gene, AKT-mTOR pathway is a novel component of oncogene induced DNA damage response in immortalized 'normal-like' breast cells and its suppression may contribute to growth arrest and arrest of the breast tumorigenesis, Results of Western blotting demonstrated that the combined treatment-induced A375 cells growth inhibition was achieved by triggering reactive oxygen species-mediated DNA damage involving inactivation of AKT and MAPKs., besides HIF-1alpha, several other pathways, including PI3K/Akt, may be involved in the response to hypoxia of immature and, more specifically, of mature DC to sustain their trafficking and functions within hypoxic microenvironments., During free radical stress, hUCBC paracrine factors activate myocyte Akt, which increases myocyte viability by decreasing activation of death-promoting protein kinases JNK and p38., Dual MAPK and PI3K/Akt inhibition was detected., demonstrate that ShcA-dependent activation of AKT, but not the RAS/MAPK pathway, induces VEGF production by bolstering VEGF mRNA translation, The effect of N-(3-oxododecanoyl)-L-homoserine lactone on mucin 3 and Akt expression in differentiated and undifferentiated Caco 2 cells is reported., Data show that overexpression of miRNA-181c in A-172 glioblastoma cells inhibited matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP9) expression by inhibiting Akt phosphorylation, but not phosphorylation of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) receptor., Correlation between PDZK1, Cdc37, Akt and breast cancer malignancy, the important role of Akt during the process of invasion and metastasis in esophageal squamous cell cancer, MCP-1 was shown to have a role in activation of the ER1 by phosphorylating Ser167 via the PI3K/Akt/mTORC1 signaling pathway, IL-10 apparently inhibits fibrosis by activating AKT and STAT3 phosphorylation downstream of the IL-10 receptor, Further experiments demonstrated that phosphatidylinositide 3-kinases/protein kinase B/mammalian target of rapamycin/p70S6 kinase (PI3K/AKT/mTOR/p70S6K) and extracellular regulated protein kinases (ERK)., Data indicate that the CD166/AKT axis modulates tumorigenesis via promotion of phosphorylation and facilitation of degradation, ubiquitination and cytosolic accumulation of FOXO proteins in liver cancer cells., Data indicate that upregulation of TRPM cation channel TRPM8 promoted epithelial-mesenchymal transition of breast cancer cells via activating c-akt protein/glycogen synthase kinase 3 beta (GSK-3beta) pathway., Data indicate that Src kinase participates in the regulation of apoptosis through Src/PI-3 K/Akt signaling pathway in Hep-2 cell line., Down-regulate NF-kappaB, Akt and MAPK/JNK/p38/ERK pathways., By reducing MMP-2/-9 expression via AKT/mTOR and ROS/ERK1/2 pathways., Curcumin inhibits the invasion of thyroid cancer cells via down-regulation of PI3K/Akt signaling pathway., miR-185 inhibits Hepatocellular carcinoma cell growth by targeting DNMT1, leading to PTEN induction and Akt inhibition., signaling via the Akt/eNOS axis is causally linked with impaired outgrowth endothelial cells-mediated vascular repair in South Asian men., our results demonstrate that activation of the PI3K/Akt/mTOR/p70S6K signaling pathway is involved in S100A4-induced viability, migration, upregulation of VEGF and downregulation of E-cadherin in CRC cells., Findings suggest that inhibition of H19 long non-coding RNA (LncRNAH19) and miR-675 expression can promote migration and invasion of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cells via AKT/GSK-3beta/Cdc25A signaling pathway., EGFL7 enhances EGFR-AKT signaling, epithelial-mesenchymal transition, and metastasis of gastric cancer cells., miR-29c plays an important role in the progression of bladder cancer and induces anti-proliferative effects at least in part by inhibiting the AKT-PI3K pathway., Data show that doxazosin inhibited the phosphorylation of VEGF receptor-2 (VEGFR-2) Akt and mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR), and hypoxia-inducible factor 1 (HIF-1alpha) expression., Data indicate that malic enzyme 2 knockdown impacts phosphatidylinositol 3-kinases/proto-oncogene protein akt (PI3K/AKT) signaling., These results indicate that constitutive Akt1 activity disrupts the normal blood vessel growth and maturation., PI4KIIIbeta likely plays a role in breast oncogenesis and that cooperation between Rab11a and PI4KIIIbeta represents a novel Akt activation pathway., Data indicate that AKT control TRAIL resistance of cancer cells through downregulation of interferon stimulated gene 12a (ISG12a) by MicroRNA-942 (miR-942)., Akt1 phosphorylates TKT on Thr382, markedly enhancing enzyme activity., data strongly suggest that increased PI3K/AKT-mediated metastatic invasiveness in CaP is associated with FOXO4 loss, and that mechanisms to induce FOXO4 re-expression might suppress CaP metastatic aggressiveness., study demonstrated that AuNPs significantly inhibited VEGF165-induced HUVEC migration and tube formation by affecting the cell surface ultrastructure, cytoskeleton and might have inhibited angiogenesis via the Akt pathway., Data show that downstream of Akt protein, IkappaB kinase alpha (IKKalpha) directly phosphorylates mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) to drive mTORC1 activation., OSU-53 activated Foxo3a through two Akt-dependent pathways, Different targeted therapies may be necessary for Triple-negative breast cancer that involves activation of PIK3CA and AKT1 ., naringenin is capable of inhibiting bladder cancer cell migration through the downregulation of the AKT and MMP2 pathways, Rapamycin inhibition of mTOR results in feedback activation of AKT., results reveal a correlation between p-Akt and p-caspase-9 expression in gastric and colorectal cancers, the role of Akt in the regulation of MUC5AC production, Results show that phosphorylation of Sox2 by AKT1 at T118 blocks K119 methylation by Set7 and stabilizes Sox2., Studies indicate the importance of the EGFR/PI3K/PTEN/Akt/mTORC1/GSK-3 pathway in breast cancer., the results demonstrate that REDD1 acts not only as a repressor of mTORC1 but also as a constant modulator of the phosphorylation of Akt in response to growth factors and nutrients., results indicated rs1130214 and rs3803300 were related to OSCC susceptibility in Chinese Han Population. rs3730358 might be associated with progression-free survival time of OSCC patients, mode of action for calycopterin in our study provides strong support that inhibition of PI3K/Akt and activation of MAPKs are pivotal in G2/M cell cycle arrest, phosphorylation of DCBLD2 Y750 recruited TRAF6, leading to increased TRAF6 E3 ubiquitin ligase activity and subsequent activation of AKT, thereby enhancing EGFR-driven tumorigenesis, Vulnerability to acute psychomotor impairments induced by cannabis depends on variation in AKT1., sensitivity of lung cancer cells to miR-153 is determined by its endogenous miR-153 level, we have found that the PI3Ka/b isoforms and AKT are involved in the downstream mechanisms leading to actin polymerization, ATP secretion and aggregation of human platelets stimulated by 2-AG., MDM2-mediated degradation of SIRT6 phosphorylated by AKT1 has a role in promoting tumorigenesis and trastuzumab resistance in breast cancer, activating effect of PI3K inhibitor on IL-1beta release was mediated mainly by the enhancement of the intracellular IL-1beta and caspase-1 content release to the extracellular medium and not by increasing the corresponding mRNA and protein expression levels, this is the first study to demonstrate that bFGF can induce EMT via AKT/GSK-3beta/Snail signaling pathway in prostate cancer cells., Germline SNPs in the PI3 K-AKT-mTOR pathway were associated with breast cancer., Studied conditions that increase the sensitivity of cancer cells to MK-2206. and found reduction by salinomycin of Akt and downregulation of pAkt, pGSk3beta, pTSC2, and p4EBP1 by cotreatment with MK-2206., Collectively, these data reveal that activation of the PI3K/Akt pathway limits JNK-mediated apoptosis by phosphorylating and inactivating ASK1 during human enterovirus 71 infection., IK-induced ROS generation regulates cell growth inhibition and it induces apoptosis through caspasedependent and -independent pathways via modulation of PI3K/AKT signaling in SK-MEL-2 cells, It is anticipated that through an improved understanding of the biology of the PI3K/Akt pathway in prostate cancer, relevant biomarkers and rationale combination therapies will optimize targeting of this pathway, miR-29b functions as a tumor suppressor in TSCC, and the miR-29b/Sp1/PTEN/AKT axis might represent a potential therapeutic target for TSCC intervention, Due to the Akt activation, PTEN loss may play an important role in prostate cancer by promoting cancer stemness through a mechanism that involves enhanced NF-kappaB signaling., Studies indicate that the PI3K/PTEN/Akt/mTOR pathway is in the pathogenesis of malignancies and development of resistance to anticancer therapies, and inhibitors are a promising therapeutic option., Data indicate that microRNA miR-181b could activate HSCs, at least in part, via tensin homologs deleted on chromosome 10 (PTEN)/Akt proto-oncogene protein pathway., ANXA2 is involved in gastric cancer multi-drug-resistance (MDR) through regulating p38MAPK and AKT pathways as well as certain MDR factors, RBP2 promotes HIF-1alpha-VEGF-induced angiogenesis of non-small cell lung cancer via the Akt pathway., MT1-MMP/Akt signaling axis is a key modifier for TNF-alpha-induced signaling pathways for modulation of procoagulant activity and apoptosis of endothelial cells., AKT isoform-specific knock down combined with quantitative phosphoproteomics provided a powerful strategy to unravel AKT isoform-specific signaling, Immunohistochemistry analyses show that the cell signalling proteins AKT1 and ERK1/2 shuffled from the nucleus to the cytoplasm with tumour progression in breast cancer., These observations support the notion that loss of TRIB3 is associated with a more aggressive phenotype in various types of tumors by enhancing the activity of the mTORC2/AKT/FOXO axis., Data indicate that proto-oncogene c-Akt (AKT1) is directly involved in miR-99a-mediated tumor suppression., Authors show that MNK regulates SRPK via mTOR and AKT., Data show that IL-27 on IFN-gamma mediated autophagy perpetuates by simultaneous induction of kinases mTOR via JAK/PI3 K/Akt cascade and increment in myeloid cell leukemia sequence 1 (Mcl-1) level through PI3 K pathway., gastric circulating tumor cells exhibited remarkable epithelial-mesenchymal transition process, and p-Akt/miR200s signaling regulates, In this review we present a state of art review on various classes of small molecule inhibitors selectively involving PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway and their clinical potential in this disease, The OHPg/PR-B dependent induction of PTEN causes the down-regulation of PI3K/AKT signal, switching on the autophagy process, Thymosin beta4 induces invasion and migration of human colorectal cancer cells through the ILK/AKT/beta-catenin signaling pathway., In conclusion, the present study indicates that C5a may promote the proliferation of breast cancer cells through Akt1 activation of the RGC-32 gene., Data suggest that three isoforms of the serine/threonine protein kinase Akt (Akt1, Akt2, Akt3) regulate cell survival, cell growth, cell proliferation, and cell metabolism in breast cancer cells. [REVIEW], Akt1 polymorphisms are associated with cachexia development in pancreatic cancer patients., AKT will be destabilized by administration of the HSP90 inhibitor 17-allylamino-geldanamycin., High AKT1 expression is associated with lymph node metastasis of non-small cell lung cancer., The individual contribution of each Akt isoform in p120 RasGAP fragment N-mediated cell protection against Fas ligand induced cell death, was investigated., Phosphorylation of cortactin by AKT1 is important for mutant PI3K-enhanced cell migration and invasion., Akt1 and Akt2 are involved in albumin endocytosis, and phosphorylation of Dab2 by Akt induces albumin endocytosis in proximal tubule epithelial cells., Impaired EPCs proliferation could be reversed by BBR via the PI3K/AKT/eNOS signaling pathway., Increased ACK1 tyrosine phosphorylation correlated with upregulated PDGFR-beta activity and AKT activation., RI represents an important predictor of progression in patients with CRC and suppresses proliferation and metastasis in CRC cells through inhibiting PI3K/AkT pathway., MicroRNA-141 and microRNA-146b-5p have a role in inhibiting the prometastatic mesenchymal characteristics through the RNA-binding protein AUF1 targeting the transcription factor ZEB1 and the protein kinase AKT, In this review, a basic overview of the role of AKT in normal and malignant tissues is provided, along with an in-depth discussion of its role in gastric cancer and its potential as a target for therapy., Data indicate that lanthionine synthetase C-like 2 (LanCL2) depletion sensitizes cells to apoptosis through down-regulating serine/threonine protein kinase Akt phosphorylation., High AKT is associated with hepatocellular carcinoma., Combination of ibrutinib with ABT-199, PI3Kgamma-induced VEGF expression was reduced when the human tocopherol-associated protein 1 (hTAP1/SEC14L2) was overexpressed suggesting formation of an inactive PI3Kgamma/hTAP1 heterodimer., Most notably, WWP1 downregulation both inactivated PTEN-Akt signaling pathway in MKN-45 and AGS cells. our findings suggest that WWP1 acts as an oncogenic factor and should be considered as a novel interfering molecular target for gastric carcinoma, RSV induced apoptosis in ovarian cancer cells by impairing glucose uptake, a process involving Akt-regulated plasma membrane GLUT1 trafficking., CrkL knockdown markedly suppressed the phosphorylated ERK (p-ERK) as well as the phosphorylated AKT (p-AKT) (p < 0.001) compared with control or TGF-b1 alone., The phosphoinositide 3-kinase/Akt signaling pathway was activated in cells overexpressing Sox2., Data show that the induction of resveratrol-dependent autophagy is mediated via the mechanistic target of Akt proto-oncogene protein/rapamycin complex 1 (mTORC1)/S6 kinase 1 (S6K1) signaling pathway., Data indicate that quercetin induces apoptosis via phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase PI3k/Akt pathways, suggesting quercetin has potential to be used as an anti-tumor agent against human cervix cancer., we showed that ovarian cancer cells activate Akt phosphorylation in endothelial cells inducing resistance to bevacizumab leading to an autocrine loop based on FGF2 secretion., Results indicate that orexin-A significantly enhanced the expression of 3beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (3beta-HSD) and the production of cortisol, and increased the phosphorylation of AKT protein in the NCI-H295R adrenocortical cells., Importantly, the AKT1/MYC status was independent of Gleason grade and pathologic staging. Our findings show how prostate tumors undergo a metabolic reprogramming that reflects their molecular phenotypes, Results indicate that proto-oncogene protein c-Akt inhibition contributed to cell death., Moreover, the up-regulation of Axl was induced by TGF-beta1, further activated phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K)/Akt and PAK1 translocation, and resulted in greater cell motility, invasion, and chemoresistance in vitro and in vivo, Children with lupus nephritis have enhanced Akt-dependent migratory capacity of Th17 cells., Peptide-based TCL1-interphase mimics were potent in steric AKT antagonization., Authors show that the transcription factor hepatocyte nuclear factor 4alpha (HNF4alpha) is a target of HBx-regulated AKT, and link HNF4alpha to HBx-regulated AKT modulation of hepatitis B virus transcription and replication., CXCR7 siRNA efficaciously suppressed CCL19-induced AKT., We conclude that cPLA2alpha is required for sustaining AKT phosphorylation at Ser473 and cell proliferation in colorectal cancer cells with PI3K mutation, A decrease in the expression of Akt., Results suggest that Mst1 regulates proliferation of glioma cells via AKT/mTOR signaling pathway, In colorectal cancer patient the AKT gene expression is up regulated and its a good indicator for the prognosis, These results suggest that the PKC pathway and PDGFR/EGFR transactivation pathway play important roles in HCA2-mediated Akt activation., Mechanistic investigations uncovered opposing functions for different Akt isoforms in this regulation, where Akt1 promotes and Akt3 inhibits vascular tumor growth., Data indicate that phosphorylation status of proto-oncogene c-AKT(Ser473) serves as a biomarker to identify advanced head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) patients at high risk for radiotherapy treatment failure., Finally, a strong association between the expression of EEF1A2, phosphorylated AKT and MDM4 was observed in human HCC samples. Strong activation of the EEF1A2/PI3K/AKT/mTOR/MDM4 signaling pathway was observed in HCC patients., Nck1 depletion induces activation of the PI3K/Akt pathway by attenuating PTP1B protein expression, The PTEN/AKT signaling axis was defined as a critical pathway regulated by betaIII-tubulin in NSCLC cells., Akt, through its downstream targets, mTORC1 and hence autophagy, negatively regulates cholesterol efflux to apoA-I., The results have demonstrated that ATO synergized with sorafenib to inhibit the proliferation and promote the apoptosis of HCC cells by diminishing the increased activation of Akt by sorafenib., The activity of wedelolactone on osteoclasts and breast cancer-mediated osteoclastogenesis was associated with the inhibition of Akt/mammalian target of the rapamycin signaling pathway (mTOR)., Re-expression of miR-149 significantly inhibited HCC cell proliferation and tumorigenicity by regulating AKT1/mTOR pathway., MALAT1 might suppress the tumor growth and metastasis via PI3K/AKT signaling pathway., These results indicated that 1-BT inhibited gastric cancer cells proliferation and migration through the Akt pathway, which has the potential clinical significance in the prevention and treatment of gastric cancer, Centipedegrass extract induces apoptosis through the activation of caspases and the downregulation of PI3K/Akt and MAPK phosphorylation in leukemia cells., CD138 myeloma cell-directed cross-talk with BMSCs (bone marrow stromal cells) and reveal that CD138 myeloma cells regulate multiple myeloma-BMSC stiffness through SDF-1/CXCR4/AKT signaling., certain Akt/mTOR/4E-BP1 pathway signals could be novel therapeutic targets for Merkel cell carcinomas regardless of Merkel cell polyomavirus infection status, We also report that the extra-genomic effects elicited by both ligands, leading to recruitment of active Akt to chromatin, are essential for phosphorylation of serine 10 in histone H3 by IKKa, the role of PLC and PI3K/Akt/mTOR signal transduction pathways in pathophysiology., pharmacologic activation of Akt in Tregs can induce Glut1, overcoming the effects of Foxp3. Together, these results illustrate the molecular basis behind differential glucose metabolism in Tregs., Data indicate that ibrutinib significantly reduced PI3K-Akt activity in cardiac cells., Upregulation of the AKT-pathway seems to be one reason for poor radioresponse, PCAF-mediated Akt1 acetylation enhanced Akt1 phosphorylation., GLUT1 may be part of an AKT1-dependent mechanism allowing cells to survive in low levels of glucose, signalings can reciprocally and positively regulate each other, leading to enhanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) cell proliferation and survival., Through the inhibition of AKT/ NF-kappaB/ mTOR signaling pathway., Data reveal that AKT is frequently activated in ovarian clear cell carcinoma., functional studies reveal that the Akt-mTOR signaling pathway, a major negative regulator of autophagy, is inhibited by oxamate., Findings establish that the convergence of 2 distinct Ras effector pathways on mammalian target of rapamycin signaling maintains neurofibromatosis type 1 mouse optic glioma growth., self-renewal versus differentiation of human ESCs (hESCs) in response to Wnt signaling is predominantly determined by a two-layer regulatory circuit involving beta-catenin, E-cadherin, PI3K/Akt, and Slug in a time-dependent manner., AKT1 polymorphisms correlate with overall survival in patients with head and neck squamous cell cancer treated with radiotherapy., results broaden the current view of AKT function and have important implications for the development of AKT inhibitors for cancer, Trimetazidine protects human UC-MSCs from H/SD-induced apoptosis via the Akt pathway and may therefore be a potentially useful therapeutic adjunct for transplanting MSCs into damaged heart after myocardial infarction, Attenuation of the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt signaling pathway by Porphyromonas gingivalis gingipains RgpA, RgpB, and Kgp., BTG3 binds and suppresses AKT, a kinase frequently deregulated in cancers., the expression of Aven is regulated by the Akt signaling pathway through cathepsin D activity, which contributes to the sensitivity of cancer cells to chemotherapeutic agents., Phosphorylated Akt overexpression is an adverse prognostic factor for breast cancer., Activation of the Akt/mTOR signaling pathway induces cardiac fibrosis and hypertrophy., eIF2alphaP acts as a molecular switch that dictates either cell survival or death by activated Akt in response to oxidative stress., Treatment of LNCaP cells with obacunone and OG resulted in dose-dependent changes in expression of proteins responsible for the induction of programmed cell death through the intrinsic pathway and down-regulation of Akt, Suppressed expression of miR-637 and increased Akt1 protein levels were correlated with unfavorable progression and poor prognosis, respectively, and a negative relationship between the miR-637 expression and Akt1 protein levels was observed in gliomas, we will summarize the current knowledge about the role of PAM ( PI3K/AKT/mTOR) signaling in medulloblastoma and discuss the strategies that are currently being evaluated with targeted agents against this pathway., BMCC1 negatively regulates phosphorylation pathway of AKT, resulted in apoptosis and the BNIP2 homology region of BMCC1 interacts with BCL2., Emerging concepts such as the role of the PI3K/AKT/TWIST pathway in the regulation of the E-cadherin expression will be highlighted, since it seems to be consistently involved in cells EMT, knockdown of PTX3 suppressed tumor proliferation and invasion of lung adenocarcinoma cells, followed by decreased expression of p-AKT, p-NF-kappa B, PCNA, and MMP-9, Aktmediated phosphorylation of Oct4A or its homolog protein was associated with the proliferation of stemlike cancer cells., This study demonstrated down-regulation of the Akt/mTOR pathway, specifically via p70S6K/eIF4B, in idiopathic autism., LGR4 promotes tumorigenesis of prostate cancer via PI3K/Akt signaling pathway., our results unveil a functional cross-talk between YB-1, DeltaNp63alpha and the PI3K/AKT pathway critically governing survival of squamous carcinoma cells., Pharmacological and genetic analyzes using receptor subtype blocking and RNA interference approaches revealed that this effect selectively depended on b2-AR signaling involving the regulation of AKT, we made the first demonstration that dysregulation of PAFR and the positive regulatory loop between PAFR and pAKT contribute to malignant progression of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma, Our findings afford new insights into the role played by YB-1 in the TGF-beta1 signaling pathway., Data show that serine/threonine kinase LKB1 and proto-oncogene protein Akt are targets of neddylation, suggesting the post-translational modification (PTM) as a potential therapeutic target during liver tumor management and treatment., identified the PI3K/Akt pathway, the cell-cycle regulator Wee1 kinase, and protein kinase C (PKC) as prospective regulatory nodes of neuronal excitability through modulation of the FGF14, MACC1 overexpression predicted worse prognosis after liver resection, which was attributed to the repression of HCC cell apoptosis via a molecular mechanism in which MACC1 accelerated the activation of the HGF/c-MET/PI3K/AKT pathway, miR-21 is a key regulator of fibrogenic epithelial-mesenchymal transition in hepatocytes via PTEN/Akt pathway., this study is the first to demonstrate that HG treatment of A549 human lung epithelial cells promotes tumor cell invasion and increases metastasis-associated protein expression by up-regulating HO-1 expression via ROS or the TGF-1/PI3K/Akt signaling, miR-494-3p inhibitor could prevent migration, invasion, proliferation, and promote apotosis in gliomas through PTEN/AKT pathway., the AKT/miR-199a-5p/CAV1 pathway is identified as a regulator of innate immunity, which is dysfunctional in cystic fibrosis macrophages contributing to lung hyper-inflammation., Akt and phosphoinositide 3-kinase pathway activation plays role in suppressing apoptosis of non-small cell lung cancer cells., SOCS3 negatively regulates proliferation and angiogenesis of NCI-H446 cells and that HIF-1alpha is required in this process. The results also suggested a suppressive role of SOCS3 in Akt signaling, but not STAT3 signaling to block HIF-1alpha expression, C23 protein meditates bone morphogenetic protein-2-mediated epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition via up-regulation of Erk1/Erk2 and Akt in gastric cancer., Our results suggest that celecoxib-mediated upregulation of Cbl-b is responsible, at least in part, for the additive antitumor effect of celecoxib and rapamycin via inhibition of rapamycin-induced Akt activation., RASSF4 promotes EV71 replication and the production of viral progeny to accelerate the inhibition of the phosphorylation of AKT., Breast cancer patients with co-heightened EGFR/AKT1 gene copy numbers had a worse outcome than those with only high EGFR gene copy numbers., REIVEW, AKT1 E17K mutation in advanced colorectal carcinoma is associated with mucinous morphology, PIK3CA wild-type status, and concurrent RAS/RAF mutations with similar pattern to PIK3CA exon 21 mutants., Imp2 regulates the activity of IGF2, which further activates PI3K/Akt signaling., The results of this study showed that AKT1 and mTOR in the pathophysiology of Bipolar disorder and support the relevance of blood mRNA expression., The schweinfurthin class of compounds as a novel approach to modulate oncogenic mTOR/AKT signaling for cancer treatment., Experimental data showed upregulation of the selected EGFR cascade( Akt, nuclear factor kappa B p50 ) stromal expression of EGFR, and nuclear localization of COX-2 in metaplastic gland cells of laryngeal cancer tissue sample, Results show that a new mechanism of oncogenesis is attributed to p68 by upregulation of AKT and consequent nuclear exclusion and degradation of tumor suppressor FOXO3a., Forced activation of Akt and knockdown of FOXO3, p15(INK4b) and p27(KIP1) effectively inhibited hSKP senescence., AKT is activated after imatinib secondary resistance in gastrointestinal stromal tumors., the results of the present study demonstrated that SET was associated with paclitaxel resistance in MCF-7/PTX cells, and that paeonol reversed paclitaxel resistance in MCF-7/PTX cells by downregulating the activity of the SET/PP2A/Akt pathway., mTORC1 regulates cell adhesion through S6K1 and 4E-BP1 pathways, but mTORC2 regulates cell adhesion via Akt-independent mechanism, These results demonstrate that endometrial carcinoma stromal cells stimulate epithelial cell proliferation via the HGF/c-Met/Akt signaling pathway., Overexpression of NDRG1 inhibits human glioma proliferation and invasion via phosphoinositide 3-kinase/AKT pathways., A higher SUVmax on 18F-FDG PET is associated with elevated tumor levels of pAkt and pS6 protein and with aggressive behavior and metastatic potential of RCC, as well as with early relapse following radical nephrectomy and shorter overall survival., Interferon-alpha inhibits CD4 T cell responses to interleukin-7 and interleukin-2 and selectively interferes with Akt signaling., TG-interacting factor transcriptionally induced by AKT/FOXO3A is a negative regulator that antagonizes arsenic trioxide-induced cancer cell apoptosis., Study did not observe significant association of SNPs rs1130214 from AKT1 gene with schizophrenia in Pakistani samples, the results of the present study demonstrated that the acquired taxol resistance of ovarian cancer cells was associated with ROS-dependent upregulation in the expression of Tyro3 RTK and the subsequent activation of Akt., AKT mutation is associated with breast cancer., CD133 and DNA-PK regulate MDR1 via the PI3K- or Akt-NF-kappaB pathway in multidrug-resistant glioblastoma cells., IRS2 phosphorylation is cell cycle-regulated and that Plk1 phosphorylation of IRS2 prevents premature mitotic exit via AKT inactivation., Together, these data suggest that GRh2 may suppress GBM migration through inhibiting Akt-mediated MMP13 activation., In summary, our results indicated that wogonin induced apoptosis and ER stress in HL-60 cells, which was mediated by the inhibition of the PI3K-AKT signaling pathway., IL-32 stimulation promotes the invasion and motility of osteosarcoma cells, possibly via the activation of AKT and the upregulation of MMP-13 expression., suppression of Akt1 expression in human RCC ACHN cells using shRNA technology significantly enhanced the sensitivity of these cells to sorafenib both in vitro and in vivo through the regulation of molecules associated with apoptosis., Survivin, via AKT and VEGF, seems to play an important role in oral melanoma and could represent an important prognostic marker of melanoma progression., Our findings support the de-regulation of the PI3K/Akt/mTOR and MAPK signaling pathways in type I endometrial carcinomas suggesting involvement of these pivotal pathways in endometrial carcinogenesis., PTCL patients with high p-AKT expression showed aggressive clinical courses with significantly worse OS and PFS and a poor chemotherapy response rate, we demonstrated here the inhibitory effect of CACP on the growth of H22 cells in vitro and in vivo, which may be through, at least partly, repression of PTTG1 and then followed by the inactivation of P13/Akt and activation of p38 MARK signaling pathways, Overexpression of Cav-1 is related to poor prognosis in NPC patients, which correlated with Akt signaling pathway. Abrogation of Akt signaling by shRNA-mediated knockdown of Cav-1 decreased malignant properties of tumor cells, adult human Sertoli cells assumed similar morphological features, stable global gene expression profiles and numerous proteins, and activation of AKT and SMAD1/5 during long-period culture., We find that at least 34 % of the downregulated AKT module genes are either mediators of apoptosis or have tumor suppressor functions, inhibition of AKT/FoxO3a signaling may contribute to H1-mediated PUMA induction, suggesting that inhibition of AKT/FoxO3a signaling result in PUMA expression in response to p53-independent cytotoxic effects of H1., To increased E-cadherin expression and decreased Akt phosphorylation., KLF5 loss enhances tumor angiogenesis by attenuating PI3K/AKT signaling and subsequent accumulation of HIF1alpha in PTEN deficient prostate tumors., RGS1 suppresses CXCL12-mediated migration and AKT activation in cultured human plasmacytoma cells and plasmablasts., Data show that microRNA miR-21 plays an oncogenic role in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) by modulating the PI3-Kinase/AKT protein/mTOR protein/forkhead box O1 protein (FOXO1) pathway at multiple levels resulting in strong prognostic implication., Data show that microRNA miR-451 target tuberous sclerosis 1 (TSC1) gene and activates the PI3-kinase/Akt protein/mTOR protein signaling in multiple myeloma (MM) Side population (SP) cells., MicroRNA-302a suppresses tumor cell proliferation by inhibiting AKT in prostate cancer., SMYD2-mediated methylation negatively regulates PTEN tumor suppressor activity and results in activation of the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-AKT pathway., Myristoylated AKT1 was incompatible with mouse hematopoietic stem cell proliferation driven by both STAT5 and Fms-related tyrosine kinase 3-internal tandem duplication, which triggered cell cycle block and apoptosis., Data indicate that combining the CDK inhibitor dinaciclib with the pan-AKT inhibitor MK-2206 showed promising therapeutic results in pancreatic cancer murine model., Low expression of PTEN in clearcell renal cell carcinoma contributes to chemoresistance through activating the Akt/HDM2 signaling pathway., These results demonstrated that miR-133a improves the cardiac function and fibrosis through inhibiting Akt in heart failure rats., these results identify mediators of hypoxia-induced p53-dependent apoptosis and suggest AKT inhibition may improve radiotherapy response in p53-deficient tumors., treatment with butein significantly increased reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation and reduced the phosphorylation of PI3K, AKT and mTOR expression, which contributes to the inhibition of the tumor growth of cervical cancer, ACh-induced activation of EGFR/PI3K/AKT pathway and subsequent IL-8 upregulation may be one of the important mechanisms of M3R function., These results show that insulin attenuates arsenic-induced neurite outgrowth impairment possibly via activation of PI3K/Akt/SIRT1 signaling, and arsenic may exert neurite outgrowth inhibition through a mechanism involving reduction of the same molecules., STAT3 (signal transducer and activator of transcription 3)-induced control of AKT1 transcription was functional in ALK+ ALCL and blocking of STAT3 and AP-1 signaling synergistically affected cell proliferation, ET-1 may induce fibrosis in dermal fibroblasts through Akt signals., Akt1 phosphorylates NCT at Ser437, significantly reducing NCT stability. Akt1 functions as a negative regulator of the gamma-secretase activity through phosphorylation and degradation of NCT., a model that CD166 regulates MCAM through a signaling flow from activation of PI3K/AKT and c-Raf/MEK/ERK signaling to the inhibition of potential MCAM ubiquitin E3 ligases, betaTrCP and Smurf1., results demonstrate that XBP1 mRNA splicing plays an important role in maintaining the function of bone marrow-derived macrophages and provide new insight into the study and treatment of atherosclerosis, Expression of active Akt1 in endothelial cells inhibited angiogenesis; hemiphosphorylated Akt1 with reduced kinase activity had intermediate inhibitory effect. Suppressed Akt activity increased endothelial MAP kinase signaling and angiogenesis, The overexpression of MCP1 in HNC cells may partially induce EMT through the AKT pathway. A high cellular expression of MCP1 was associated with pathological neck metastases., The intracellular localization of Akt plays an important role in breast cancer stem-like cells., this study provides the evidence of Rab31 overexpression in HCC, and Rab31 is potentially used as a novel biomarker of poor prognosis in patients with HCC. PI3K/AKT/Bcl-2/BAX axis was involved in Rab31-promoting HCC progression., DAPK2-induced apoptosis is negatively regulated by Akt and 14-3-3 proteins., IQGAP1 and its two isoforms regulate the actin-cytoskeleton alone and with their binding partners, Rac and Cdc42, thereby controlling diverse cellular processes, such as cell migration and adhesion. (Review), Data show that cytoplasmic cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p27 is preferentially observed in primary non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) with activated proto-oncogene proteins c-akt1 and predicts poor survival., p53 attenuates AKT signaling by modulating membrane phospholipid composition, Loss of PIPKIgamma or its focal adhesion-targeting variant, PIPKIgammai2, impaired PI3K/Akt activation upon stimulation with growth factors or extracellular matrix proteins in different tumor cells., a correlation between TRAP1 and AKT expression is found in vivo in human colorectal tumours. These results provide new insights into TRAP1 role in the regulation of cell migration in cancer cells, tumour progression and metastatic mechanisms., These results showed that deguelin possessed antitumor effect by targeting Akt in dual axis such as EGFR and IGF1R signaling pathways and suggested that it provides an applicable therapeutic strategy for HNSCC patients., Berberine reverses drug resistance by sensitizing human ovarian cancer cells to cisplatin through miR-93/PTEN/Akt signaling pathway., SMAD3 and AKT phosphorylation was enhanced during the culture of human SSCs, MicroRNA-374b Suppresses Proliferation and Promotes Apoptosis in T-cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma by Repressing AKT1 and Wnt-16, Our data show that combined targeting of MEK and PI3K-AKT with mTOR is a better option than single agents alone for KRAS mutant NSCLC, thus opening the possibility of a beneficial treatment strategy in the future., p120RasGAP shields Akt from deactivating phosphatases in FGF1 signaling, but loses this ability once cleaved by caspase-3., Data show that activation of EphB2 receptor kinase arrests tau protein hyperphosphorylation through phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K)/Akt protein-mediated glycogen synthase kinase-3beta (GSK-3beta) inhibition., SHIP2 inhibition was accompanied by an increased Akt and FOXO-1 phosphorylation, whereas overexpression of the wild-type SHIP2 gene had the opposite effects, Data show that significantly better overall survival was observed in patients with coexistence of high epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) expression and low p-Akt proto-oncogene protein expression., Doxo-induced apoptosis has a role in inhibiting hepatocellular carcinoma by targeting Madcam1 and AKT and blocking protein translation initiation, Our results establish that Fyn can arrest SW-induced apoptosis via the activity of Akt and its effective phosphorylation in 293T cells., These data suggest that the rs2498794 polymorphism of the AKT1 gene is associated with a long smoking duration and may be involved in the predisposition to cancer when the smoking duration is short or the cigarettes per day is rate low., This study incriminates somatic mutations of AKT1 as a major event in the pathogenesis of Juvenile Granulosa Cell Tumors., CRISPR-Cas9n-mediated knockout and reconstitution studies establish that dynamin-1 is activated by Akt/GSK3beta signaling in H1299 non-small lung cancer cells., The AKT1 isoform plays a dominant role in the survival and chemoresistance of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia cells., Genetic deletion and pharmacological inhibition of Akt1 isoform attenuates bladder cancer cell proliferation, motility and invasion, Data show that immunoglobulin-like transcript 4 (ILT4) increases the expression of the co-inhibitory molecule B7-H3 through PI3K/AKT/mTOR signalling., These observations suggest that not only ERK1/2 but also Akt activity is essential to maintain Ets-1 in an active state., Girdin regulates the migration and invasion of glioma cells via the PI3K-Akt signaling pathway., 8bromo7methoxychrysin induces apoptosis and reverses drug resistance by regulating Akt/FOXO3a pathway in cisplatinsensitive and resistant ovarian cancer cells., Data show that hypoxia-inducible factor 1, alpha subunit (HIF-1alpha) is activated via an proto-oncogene protein Akt/mTOR protein signaling pathway in LCC2 and LCC9 breast cancer cells., Akt/mTORC1 signaling and glucose metabolism is inhibited by halofuginone treatment of colorectal cancer, Pygo2 is a common node downstream of oncogenic Wnt and Akt signaling pathways., A3G inactivated PTEN by binding to the C2 tensin-type and PDZ domains, thereby inducing anoikis resistance through Akt activation, Study suggested that AKT1 rs2498786 polymorphism in insulin signaling pathway may be associated with Alzheimer's disease risk and different genotypes may affect levels of protein expression, Membrane attack complexes activate noncanonical NF-kappaB by forming a novel Akt(+)NIK(+) signalosome on Rab5(+) endosomes., Reciprocal positive regulation between Cx26 and PI3K/Akt pathway confers acquired gefitinib resistance in non-small-cell lung carcinoma cells by promoting epithelial mesenchymal transition via a gap-junctional communication-independent manner., Loss of protein tyrosine phosphatase, non-receptor type 2 is associated with activation of AKT and tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer, These findings indicate that rhTIMP-1 promotes clonogenic expansion and survival in human progenitors via the activation of the CD63/PI3K/pAkt signaling pathway, These data suggest that the p53(R248) mutant endows ovarian cancer cells with increased adhesiveness and that integrin beta4 and Akt signalling are associated with the mutation-enhanced ovarian cancer-mesothelial cell adhesion., Inactivated Sendai virus induces apoptosis and autophagy via the PI3K/Akt/mTOR/p70S6K pathway in human non-small cell lung cancer cells., Aschantin inhibited epidermal growth factor (EGF)-induced full activation of Akt by phosphorylation at Ser473/Thr308, resulting in inhibition of the mTORC2/Akt and Akt/mTORC1/p70S6K signaling pathways and activation of GSK3b, Molecular dynamic simulation results of AKT1 in different states unraveled the mechanism of allosteric regulation of Akt1 phosphorylation by ATP on the conformational level, and elucidated the function of a disease-related mutant and its rescue., EBP1 participates in the regulation of intestinal inflammation via mediating Akt signaling pathway., CD82 regulated BCL2L12 expression via STAT5A and AKT signaling and stimulated proliferation and engrafting of leukemia cells., we demonstrated that the inactivation of the RHOC/AKT/MAPK pathway was involved in the tumor-suppressive functions of HOXD10 in cholangiocellular carcinoma ., Combined PI3K/Akt and Hsp90 targeting synergistically suppresses essential functions of alloreactive T cells and increases Tregs., Findings indicate inositol polyphosphate 5-phosphatase PIPP (INPP5J) as a suppressor of oncogenic phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K)/AKT signaling in breast cancer., LF triggered CREB1 phosphorylation in IL-1beta-induced Human articular chondrocytes apoptosis through AKT1 signaling., results uncover Akt as a key regulator of NPC1 degradation and link NPC1 to cancer cell proliferation and migration., miR-542-3p acts as a negative regulator in astrocytoma progression and that miR-542-3p down-regulation contributes to aberrant activation of AKT signaling, Data show that small molecule NSC156529 inhibits the interaction of endogenous serine/threonine kinase AKT (AKT1) and 3-phosphoinositide dependent protein kinase-1 (PDPK1) proteins., Over-expressed TWIST associates with markers of epithelial mesenchymal transition and predicts poor prognosis in breast cancers via ERK and AKT activation., Difference between alleles frequency of SNP1, SNP2, SNP3 of patients with endometrial cancer and controls was not significant. SNPs (rs72715985), (rs2494750), and (rs74090038) of Akt1 gene are not associated with endometrial cancer in Iranian subjects., Data show that leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF) signaling promote chemoresistance in cholangiocarcinoma by up-regulating myeloid cell factor-1 (Mcl-1) via phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K)/c-akt protein (AKT)-dependent pathway., DNAJB6a reduces AKT signaling, and DNAJB6 expression in cancer cells reduces their proliferation and growth of xenograft esophageal squamous cell tumors in mice., Data suggest that a dietary component, EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate) found in green tea, activates c-Akt and MAPK signaling in colon cancer cells., Data show that interleukin-8 (IL8) was a direct target of microRNA miR-203, and reduced miR-203 promoted nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) cell radioresistance by activating IL8/AKT (akt proto-oncogene protein) signaling., These data suggest that the AKT and ERK/p38 MAPK pathways are involved in the synergistic effects of butein and cisplatin., These results suggest that Akt1 functions as a critical oncogene in human oral squamous cell carcinoma, AKT rs1130233 polymorphisms were associated with increased gastric cancer risk in males and increased atrophic gastritis risk., AKT3 has a role in prostate cancer proliferation through regulation of Akt, B-Raf, and TSC1/TSC2, AKT1 but not AKT2 protects islet cells from apoptosis and drives proliferation., Activation of AKT1 is associated with poor prognosis in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma., Furthermore, we demonstrated that high-LET carbon ions stimulated the unfolded protein response (UPR) and mediated autophagy via the UPR-eIF2alpha-CHOP-Akt signaling axis., these data suggest that DHA-induced apoptosis and autophagy in non-small cell lung cancer cells are associated with AMPK activation and PI3K/Akt inhibition, which in turn lead to suppression of mTOR, Data show that tumors with proto-oncogene protein c-akt (AKT1 E17K) mutations are rational therapeutic targets for AKT inhibitors., Data show that rapamycin-insensitive companion of mTOR protein (RICTOR) plays a central role in phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K)/proto-oncogene protein c-akt (AKT) pathway in melanocytes and its deregulation could be involved in melanoma development., Differentially expressed genes involved in cytokine and hormone signaling and cell division-related processes were found in juvenile granulosa cell tumors bearing AKT1 mutations., Data show that long ncRNAs MALAT1 silencing downregulated the expression of the microRNA miR-22-3p target gene CXCR2 and AKT pathway., PP-1 and Akt have roles in AR-v7 protein expression and activities when AR is functionally blocked, GCN5 Potentiates Glioma Proliferation and Invasion via STAT3 and AKT Signaling Pathways, hepatic insulin resistance in human obesity is, Overexpression of PI3K-p110alpha is associated with progression of uterine cervical neoplasia, and the expression of pAkt and DJ-1 is positively correlated with PI3K-p110alpha expression in this process., Down-regulation of AKT is associated with osteoporosis., The CaM-binding interface in Akt(pleckstrin homology domain) was mapped to two loops adjacent to the PI(3,4,5)P3 binding site, which represents a CaM-binding motif and suggests a synergistic relationship between CaM and PI(3,4,5)P3 upon Akt activation., 29b lowers postoperative IOP and sustains the function of filtering bleb. It inhibits the proliferation of fibroblasts and reduces collagen deposition by repressing the PI3K/Akt/Sp1 pathway in rabbits subjected to GFS., These results suggested that fucosterol executed its protective effects against CoCl2 induced cytotoxicity and inflammation by the inhibition of hypoxia inducible factor through PI3K/Akt pathway., our findings indicate that TSN inhibits growth and induces apoptosis in CRC cells through suppression of AKT/GSK-3b/b-catenin pathway, suggesting that TSN may have potential for use in CRC treatment, Data show that both serine/threonine phosphatases PHLPP and dephosphorylated the physiological substrates of Akt1 and Akt3 with similar efficiencies., Akt and PKA phosphorylated KLHL3 at S433, and phosphorylation of KLHL3 by PKA inhibited WNK4 degradation., critical pathophysiologic event in the evolution of HER2-amplified cancers is the loss of the input signals that normally drive TORC2 signaling, repositioning it under Akt dependency, and fundamentally altering the role of HER3, Lower hydrogen sulfide is associated with cardiovascular mortality, which involves PKCBII/Akt pathway in chronic hemodialysis patients., Co-administration of the mTORC1/TORC2 inhibitor INK128 and the Bcl-2/Bcl-xL antagonist ABT-737 kills human myeloid leukemia cells through Mcl-1 down-regulation and AKT inactivation., RICTOR/MTORC2-AKT can integrate convergent hormonal and metabolic signals to provide coordinated and sensitive regulation of hepatic FOXO1-target gene expression., etoposidestimulated Akt is translocated into the mitochondria, thereby possibly enhancing its interaction with Smac and promoting apoptosis in HeLa cells., Data show that RNA silencing of CCN family member 1 protein (CCN1) inhibits umbilical vein endothelial cell (HUVEC) proliferation under hypoxic conditions by inhibiting phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K)/AKT protein signaling., c-kit promotes the survival/growth and migration of human CPCs cultured ex vivo via the activation of PI3K and MAPK pathways, Dephosphorylation of PDK-1 and the resulting changes to Akt phosphorylation is one of the mechanisms by which infection with Helicobacter pylori alter the balance between apoptosis and cell proliferation., This review focuses on recent advances in understanding of the roles of Akt and SGK1 in the regulation of renal tubular transport., Data show that puquitinib mesylate (XC-302) induced autophagy in nasopharyngeal cancer cells CNE-2 by promoting cell autophagy and inhibits the phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase (PI3K)/AKT protein/TOR serine-threonine kinases (mTOR) signaling pathway., PI3K-Akt-GSK3beta signaling pathway is required for SIRT1 induction by ER stress., Data suggest that the overexpression of microRNA miR16 inhibits the proliferation, invasion and metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma cells associated with the, Together, these results demonstrate that escin protects RPE cells from oxidative stress possibly through activating AKT-Nrf2 signaling., Data indicate the role of tropomyosin-related kinase-B (TrkB) in activation of the interleukin-6/Janus kinase 2/STAT3 transcription factor and PI3 kinase/c-AKT proto-oncogene protein pathway in breast cancer., High AKT expression is associated with cancer., Akt-mediated phosphorylation of USP14 at Ser432, which normally blocks its catalytic site in the inactive conformation, activates its deubiquitinating activity in vitro and in cells., Findings indicate the role of CMTM7 protein in the regulation of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR)-AKT proto-oncogene protein signaling in tumor cells, and as a molecule related to Rab5 GTP-binding protein activation., new insight concerning the intracellular networks of the PI3K/AKT and MAPK signaling cascades for regulating T. gondii-induced IL-23 and IL-12 secretion in human monocytic cells., These data suggest that targeting the IL-8/AKT1 signaling pathway and DNMT1 may provide a potential therapeutic approach for blocking NPC metastasis., Down-regulation of microRNA-155 attenuates retinal neovascularization via the PI3K/Akt pathway., In human colon cancer cells, Akt1 binds focal adhesion kinase via the Akt1 kinase domain independently of the pleckstrin homology domain, Notch 1, pAkt and Bcl-2 proteins have roles in radioresistance of tumor cells, Thus, GWL is a human oncoprotein that promotes the hyperactivation of AKT via the degradation of its phosphatase, PHLPP, in human malignancies., MiR-185 acts as a tumor suppressor by targeting AKT1 in non-small cell lung cancer cells., Our data collectively indicate that miR-409-3p functions as a tumor suppressor in BC through downregulating Akt1., miR-23b acts as a suppressor of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in diabetic nephropathy through repressing PI3K-AKT signaling pathway by targeting HMGA2 and thus alleviating the disease., Activated Akt signalling pathway mediates Sema4A-PlexinD1- enhanced collagen contraction in human lung fibroblasts., One of the mechanisms was TF3 inactivated Akt/mTOR/p70S6K/4E-BP1 pathway and Akt/c-Myc pathway, Acetaldehyde treatment led to a significant decrease in the levels of activated Akt and cyclic AMP-responsive element binding protein (CREB)., this study demonstrated that JC induced the apoptosis of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cells by activating Akt/Foxo signaling pathway and increasing intracellular ROS levels., The cross-talk between SP1 and p65, and the positive feedback regulatory loop of PI3-K/Akt signaling by EP4 contribute to the overall responses of solamargine in this process, Akt2, but not Akt1, colocalizes in the nucleus with lamin B in the nuclear envelope., Taken together, in current study, we found a novel tumor suppressor, DDX10, is epigenetic silenced by miR-155-5p in ovarian cancer, and the down-regulated expression pattern of DDX10 promotes ovarian cancer proliferation through Akt/NF-kappaB pathway., These data suggest that CBX8 modulates SIPS through the RB-E2F1 pathway in CML cells and provide important insight into its application in CML treatment., Data show that 14-3-3beta protein augmented the expression of matrix metalloproteinasea MMP2 and MMP9 through PI3 kinase/Akt protein/NF-kappaappa B pathway, thereby enhancing the invasiveness of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cells., Taken together, these results show that CHAF1A contributes to the proliferation of glioblastoma cells and may be developed as a de novo drug target and prognosis biomarker of glioblastoma., Data suggest that regulation of Bax stability and transport between cytosol and mitochondria is more tightly regulated by Bcl-xL/BCL2L1 when Bax has been phosphorylated at Ser184 by AKT1; experiments involved expression in haploid yeast strains., Our study demonstrates that CSE/H2S system is regulated by miR-216a, and regulates ABCA1-mediated cholesterol efflux and cholesterol levels through the PI3K/AKT pathway., The data provide the first evidence that SJP protects SH-SY5Y cells against 6-OHDA toxicity possibly by inhibiting MAPK and NF-kappaB and activating PI3K/Akt signaling pathways., Our results demonstrated the pro-inflammatory and angiogenic effects of PlGF on HIMECs in IBD through activation of PI3K/Akt signaling pathway. PlGF/PI3K/Akt signaling may serve as a potential therapeutic target for IBD., Mefloquine acts on gastric cancer cells via suppressing PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway., Our data suggested a potential role of Rab11-FIP2 in tumor progression and provided novel insights into the mechanism of how Rab11-FIP2 positively regulated cell migration and invasion in CRC cells., effects. Further studies indicated that PRKCI knockdown-mediated autophagy was associated with the inactivation of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase alpha/AKT-mammalian target of rapamycin (PIK3CA/AKT-MTOR) signaling., Therefore, we identified a tumorigenic role of Id-1 in OS and suggested a potential therapeutic target for OS patients., Based on the collective findings, we suggest that vIRF2 acts as an activator in PI3K/Akt pathway., These results suggested that MiR-486 mediated the hypoxia-induced angiogenic activity and promoted the proliferation and survival of BM-MSCs through regulating PTEN-PI3K/AKT signaling., KCNN4 inhibition differentially regulates migration of intestinal epithelial cells in inflamed vs. non-inflamed conditions in a PI3K/Akt-mediated manner., The findings indicate that succinate-GPR91 signaling may be involved in right ventricular hypertrophy via PI3K/Akt signaling in vivo and in vitro., Akt1 and Akt2 activated both SREBP-1 and SREBP-2, whereas Akt3 upregulated SREBP-1 to enhance hepatitis C virus translation., AKT1E17K induces hyperplasia of mouse lung epithelium in vivo and cooperates with urethane to induce the fully malignant phenotype, expression of Akt and mTOR protein was enhanced in the endurance exercise group, whereas only the level of mTOR was elevated following Resistance training., Akt phosphorylates MAZ at Thr385, and the phosphorylated MAZ is released from the p53 promoter, leading to transcriptional activation of p53., These results suggest that exposure to nicotine might negatively impact the apoptotic potential of chemotherapeutic drugs and that alpha5-nAChR/AKT signaling plays a key role in the anti-apoptotic activity of nicotine induced by cisplatin., Data suggest that claudin-18 suppresses the abnormal proliferation and motility of lung epithelial cells mediated by inhibition of phosphorylation of pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase isoform 1 (PDK1) and proto-oncogene protein c-akt (Akt)., mediates mitophagy thus contributing to alveolar macrophage apoptosis resistance and pulmonary fibrosis, Studies indicate key feedback loops involved in the cross-talk among the insulin-proto-oncogene protein c-akt (AKT) and MAPK/ERK signaling pathways., The Asian-American variant of human papillomavirus type 16 exhibits higher activation of MAPK and PI3K/AKT signaling pathways, transformation, migration and invasion of primary human keratinocytes., The Akt pathway controls endothelial Jagged1 expression and, thereby, Notch signalling regulating VSMC maintenance., Our study demonstrates that the IGF1R/p110b/AKT/mTOR axis confers resistance to BYL719 in PIK3CA mutant breast cancers., this study highlights the molecular basis for posttranslational modifications of Gata3 that control the regulation of IFNgamma expression in memory Th2 cells., Akt has a role in several key steps of peripheral nervous system myelination, including axon wrapping and myelin sheath thickness., the RRM2/AKT/NF-kappaB signaling pathway is essential for tumor invasiveness in gastric cancer cells,
OMIM_DISEASE Breast cancer, somatic, Colorectal cancer, somatic, Ovarian cancer, somatic, Proteus syndrome, somatic, Schizophrenia, susceptibility to, Cowden syndrome 6,
SP_COMMENT catalytic activity:ATP + a protein = ADP + a phosphoprotein., disease:Defects in AKT1 are associated with breast cancer (BC) [MIM:114480]. BC is an extremely common malignancy, affecting one in eight women during their lifetime., disease:Defects in AKT1 are associated with colorectal cancer (CRC) [MIM:114500]., disease:Defects in AKT1 are associated with susceptibility to ovarian cancer [MIM:604370]; also called susceptibility to familial breast-ovarian cancer type 1 (BROVCA1)., domain:Binding of the PH domain to the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase alpha (PI(3)K) results in its targeting to the plasma membrane., domain:The AGC-kinase C-terminal mediates interaction with THEM4., enzyme regulation:Three specific sites, one in the kinase domain (Thr-308) and the two other ones in the C-terminal regulatory region (Ser-473 and Tyr-474), need to be phosphorylated for its full activation., function:General protein kinase capable of phosphorylating several known proteins. Phosphorylates TBC1D4. Signals downstream of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI(3)K) to mediate the effects of various growth factors such as platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF), epidermal growth factor (EGF), insulin and insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I). Plays a role in glucose transport by mediating insulin-induced translocation of the GLUT4 glucose transporter to the cell surface. Mediates the antiapoptotic effects of IGF-I. Mediates insulin-stimulated protein synthesis, partly by playing a role in both insulin-induced phosphorylation of 4E-BP1 and in insulin-induced activation of p70 S6 kinase. Promotes glycogen synthesis by mediating the insulin-induced activation of glycogen synthase., PTM:Phosphorylation on Thr-308, Ser-473 and Tyr-474 is required for full activity. Ser-473 phosphorylation by the Rictor-mTor complex favors Thr-308 phosphorylation by PDPK1. Ser-473 phosphorylation is enhanced by interaction with AGAP2 isoform 2 (PIKE-A). Ser-473 phosphorylation is enhanced in focal cortical dysplasias with Taylor-type balloon cells., similarity:Belongs to the protein kinase superfamily., similarity:Belongs to the protein kinase superfamily. AGC Ser/Thr protein kinase family. RAC subfamily., similarity:Contains 1 AGC-kinase C-terminal domain., similarity:Contains 1 PH domain., similarity:Contains 1 protein kinase domain., subcellular location:Nucleus after activation by integrin-linked protein kinase 1 (ILK1). Nuclear translocation is enhanced by interaction with TCL1A., subunit:Interacts with AGAP2 isoform 2 (PIKE-A) in the presence of guanine nucleotides. The C-terminus interacts with CCDC88A/GRDN and THEM4. Interacts with AKTIP. Interacts (via PH domain) with MTCP1, TCL1A AND TCL1B. Interacts with CDKN1B; the interaction phosphorylates CDKN1B promoting 14-3-3 binding and cell-cycle progression., tissue specificity:In all human cell types so far analyzed.,
AKT serine/threonine kinase 2(AKT2) AKT serine/threonine kinase 2(AKT2) Related Genes Homo sapiens
CYTOBAND 19q13.1-q13.2,
GENERIF_SUMMARY evidence that Akt2 is transcriptionally regulated by MyoD and activates MyoD-myocyte enhancer binding factor-2 (MEF2) transactivation activity, role in inhibiting JNK through activation of NF kappa B pathway in human epithelial cells, In renal tubular epithelial cell, Akt phosphorylation is up-regulated in an effort to minimize cell death., Activation of AKT consequent to binding of albumin by CLL cells blocks chlorambucil- and radiation-induced apoptosis., a new mechanism for androgen-mediated prostate cancer cell survival and establish FKHR as nuclear target for both AKT-dependent and -independent survival signals in prostate cancer cells., Results describe the structure of an inactive and unliganded Akt2 kinase domain, and several features that distinguish it from other kinases., data indicate that AKT2 mediates PI3-K-dependent effects on adhesion, motility, invasion, and metastasis in vivo, These results indicate that PI3k/Akt pathway is involved in the signaling cascade of glioma cells required to induce cell migration., results show that a defect in the ability of insulin to activate Akt-2 and -3 may explain the impaired insulin-stimulated glucose transport in insulin resistance, AKT2 sensitizes A2780S and cisplatin-resistant A2780CP cells to cisplatin-induced apoptosis through regulation of the ASK1/JNK/p38 pathway., both p70S6K and Akt are activated in the majority of human papillary cancer cells., Akt regulates basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor-coactivator complex formation and activity during neuronal differentiation, Akt2 phosphorylates MLK3, which results in the disassembly of the JNK complex bound to POSH and down-regulation of the JNK signaling pathway, Akt2 may be an important regulator of both Xiap and p53 contents in ovarian cancer after CDDP challenge., Our data suggest that Akt is an endogenous inhibitor during TRAIL-mediated synovial cell apoptotic pathway., Findings suggest that Akt2 is a novel independent predictor for the development and progression of hepatocellular carcinoma ., Lipid rafts(LR) may play important role in determining function of PI 3-K/Akt2 signaling, including stimulation of intestinal Na absorption. LR-associated Akt2 may be involved in enterocyte differentiation., data suggest that upstream perturbations of the PI3K/AKT pathway contribute to frequent activation of AKT2 in pancreatic cancer, which may contribute to the pathogenesis of this highly aggressive form of human malignancy, Thus a physiological concentration of insulin stimulated Akt-1 & Akt-2 phosphorylation in human skeletal muscle in the absence of hyperglycemia, but Akt-2 expression is impaired in muscle of obese patients with atypical diabetes with severe hyperglycemia., activated Akt and Akt2 have roles in progression of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, These results suggest that cross-talk between the PKB and caspase-8 pathways may regulate the balance between cell survival and cell death in ECV304., a mutation in AKT2 in a family showing autosomal dominant inheritance of severe insulin resistance and diabetes mellitus is described; the mutant kinase in cultured cells disrupted insulin signaling and inhibited the function of coexpressed, wild-type AKT, Akt2 is a critical kinase that regulates ezrin phosphorylation and activation, AKT2 plays an important role in glioma cell motility and invasion, Kinetic analysis of GST-AKT2 demonstrates that phosphorylation of Thr309 in the activation loop of the kinase is largely responsible for observed reduction in Km & for a subsequent 150-fold increase in the catalytic efficiency (k(cat)/Km) of the enzyme., in breast cancer patients, Akt activation is associated with tumour proliferation and poor prognosis, particularly in the subset of patients with ErbB2-overexpressing tumours, In this study, we provide evidence for isoform-specific positive and negative roles for Akt1 and -2 in regulating growth factor-stimulated phenotypes in breast epithelial cells, results suggest that AKT pathway may play an important role in the development and progression of gliomas, These data show that specific interaction of the Akt2 isoform with p21 is key to its negative effect on normal cell cycle progression., Akt1 and Akt2 have opposing roles in Rac/Pak signaling and cell migration, Akt1 induces CREB phosphorylation at Ser-133 and CREB target gene expression., Sequencing of the entire coding region and splice junctions of AKT2 and the relationship of genetic variations in the gene with multiple metabolic diseases is reported., Twist as a positive transcriptional regulator of AKT2 expression; Twist-AKT2 signaling is involved in promoting invasive ability and survival of breast cancer cells., Changes in tissue pressure during inflammation may regulate macrophage phagocytosis by activation of PI-3K, which activates Akt2, mTOR, and p70S6K., the PI3K/AKT/mTOR signaling pathway is involved in regulation of SphK1, with AKT2 playing a key role in PDGF-induced SphK1 expression, Two variants in 5' regulatory region of Akt2 gene are associated and may modulate susceptibility to insulin resistance and related metabolic abnormalities., AKT2 up-regulation is characteristic of skin squamous cell carcinoma and coincident AKT2 activation through serine phosphorylation correlates with malignancy., Pressure did not stimulate translocation of AKT2 to the plasma membrane., PKB[alpha] and/or PKB[gamma] and not PKB[beta] alone are involved in gemcitabine resistance mechanisms., Akt2 is required for rapamycin-induced vascular smooth muscle cell differentiation, whereas Akt1 appears to oppose contractile protein expression., Akt1 and Akt2 mediate GPIb-IX signaling via the cGMP-dependent signaling pathway., a key regulatory role of the Akt/mTOR pathway in the generation of the effects of As(2)O(3), Functional convergence of Twist and AKT2 underscores the importance of this signaling pathway in tumor development and progression., Dlx5 can act as an oncogene by cooperating with Akt2 to promote lymphomagenesis, Results suggest that Akt2 directly mediates EGF-induced chemotactic signaling pathways through PKCzeta and its expression is critical during the extravasation of circulating cancer cells., Polymorphisms in two components of the insulin signaling pathway, AKT2 and GSK3B, are associated with polycystic ovary syndrome., Akt2 down-regulation sensitizes ovarian cancer cells to paclitaxel-induced apoptosis, and inhibits survivin expression, an important role of PKC-delta and PI3K/Akt1,2 pathways in activating mTOR as an endogenous modulator to ensure a tight regulation of NF-kappaB signaling of ICAM-1 expression in endothelial cells., the consequence of PTEN loss and Akt2 overexpression function synergistically to promote metastasis, mtDNA depletion prevents detachment-induced apoptosis (anoikis) and promotes migratory capabilities onto basement membrane proteins through upregulation of p85 and p110 phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K) subunits, which results in Akt2 activation, Akt2 up-regulates beta1 integrins & promotes adhesion & invasion of breast cancer cells in vitro & also metastasis in vivo. It opposes Akt1. Review., genetic variations in akt2 were associated with survival in esophageal cancer, Akt2 plays an essential role in both CSF-1- and chemokine-induced chemotaxis of macrophages., Bcr-Abl represses the expression of PHLPP1 and PHLPP2 and continuously activates Akt1, -2, and -3 via phosphorylation on Ser-473, resulting in the proliferation of CML cells, Findings indicate that AP-1 has an important function in pancreatic cancer cells and provide evidence for a previously unknown Akt-mediated mechanism of c-Jun activation., The positive rate of AKT2 protein expression in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma was significantly higher than that in peri-cancer tissue and normal laryngeal epithelium, and was correlated with tumor site, lymph node metastasis and clinical stage., mTOR/Akt2 is required for optimal PPARgamma activation. Patients who receive SESs during concomitant RSG treatment may be at risk for delayed stent healing., induction of EMT is controlled by microRNAs whose abundance depends on the balance between Akt1 and Akt2 rather than on the overall activity of Akt, Taken together, these results showed that, in addition to the MAPK pathway previously reported being a downstream target of stimulated Grm1, AKT2 is another downstream target in Grm1 mediated melanocyte transformation., These findings provide further evidence of the importance of mediators of the growth factor signaling in ER regulation, introducing the Akt2/FoxO3a axis as a pursuable target in therapy for ER-positive breast cancer., Akt2 was located in the mitochondria of human cell lines., Plasmin triggers chemotaxis of monocyte-derived dendritic cells through an Akt2-dependent pathway and promotes a T-helper type-1 response., By using yeast two-hybrid systems with full-length human Akt2 as bait, we found a stable interaction between the tetratricopeptide (TPR) repeat domain 3 (TTC3) and Akt; finding could underlie important clinical manifestations of Down syndrome., In breast cancer AKT3 amplifications and AKT1 and AKT2 deletions were seen by FISH, Results represent the first indication that Akt isoforms regulate intermediate filament protein expression and support the hypothesis that IFs are involved in PI3K/Akt pathway., Akt2 may play a critical role in the development of gliomas and present a potential therapeutic target for malignant gliomas, Data show that AKT1 and AKT2 appeared to regulate growth through FOXO proteins, but not through either GSK3beta or mTOR, and in contrast, inactivation of PDPK1 affected GSK3beta and mTOR activation., Our data suggest that Akt2 and Akt3 play an important role in the viability of human malignant glioma cells., We evaluated the presence of mutations in PIK3CA, AKT1, AKT2, AKT3, PTEN, and PDPK1 genes in 83 papillary thyroid carcinomas, AKT2 mutation coexisted with EGFR and PIK3CA mutations was associated with lung cancer., Studies indicate that three different isoforms Akt1, Akt2, and Akt3 have distinct expression patterns and functions., MYCN contributes to tumorigenesis, in part, by repressing miR-184, leading to increased levels of AKT2, a direct target of miR-184, AKT2 expression is associated with more advanced and especially aggressive gliomas and critical for cell survival and invasion., SGK3 is not required for insulin-induced PFK-2 activation and that this effect is likely mediated by PKBalpha., The expression levels and activities of exogenous Akt1 and Akt2 are almost identical, Akt2 exerted a greater inhibitory effect on both proliferation and cell migration., The positive expression of p-AKT2 in lung adenocarcinoma was higher than that in lung squamous carcinomas., Akt signaling regulates the stability of palladin, Expressions of Akt1, Akt2 and PI3K were decreased in ovarian epithelial cancer cells transduced with PTEN., Advanced glycation end products of BSA can induce endothelial-to-mesenchymal transition of cultured human and monkey endothelial cells and AKT2 may play a role in this process., Data suggest that Akt2/B23 functions as an oncogenic unit to drive tumorigenesis of A549 lung cancer cells., Akt2 augments cell proliferation by facilitating cell cycle progression through the upregulation of the cell cycle engine, and protects a cell from pathological autophagy by modulating mitochondrial homeostasis., analysis of the roles of Akt1 and Akt2 in cancer [review], loss of Akt1 or Akt2 decreased proliferation of Pten wild-type astrocytes, whereas combined loss of multiple isoforms was needed to inhibit proliferation of Pten-null astrocytes, The Akt2 gene is not a major cause of diabetes in a non-obese Chinese Han population characterized by insulin resistance., Transcriptional activation of the Akt2 pathway indicates that it is involved in lumbar disc degeneration., Data suggest a regulation pathway of B-cell-lymphoma-2 (Bcl-2) by cisplatin, via the activation of PKC and Akt2, which has impact on resistance to cisplatin-induced apoptosis in endometrial cancer cells., High AKT2 is associated with glioma progression., Angiopoietin-2, an angiogenic regulator, promotes initial growth and survival of breast cancer metastases to the lung through the integrin-linked kinase (ILK)-AKT1,2-B cell lymphoma 2 (Bcl-2) pathway., AKT1 and AKT2 both contribute to cell survival, albeit via different mechanisms; the effects on cell growth and migration are predominantly regulated by AKT1, This study revealed a novel mechanism of Akt2 regulation by ErbB2 in prostate cancer cells., 3 unrelated children with unexplained, recurrent and severe fasting hypoglycemia and asymmetrical growth were found to carry the same de novo mutation, p.Glu17Lys, in AKT2, in 2 cases as heterozygotes and in 1 case in mosaic form, Akt2 kinase suppresses glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH)-mediated apoptosis in ovarian cancer cells via phosphorylating GAPDH at threonine 237 and decreasing its nuclear translocation, analysis of resistance of Akt kinase and PP2A to dephosphorylation through ATP-dependent conformational plasticity, The prognostic impact of Akt (Akt1) phosphorylated at threonine308 and serine473, Akt2, Akt3, PI3K and PTEN, alone and in coexpression with ER and PgR in non-gastrointestinal stromal tumor soft tissue sarcomas., Unexpected roles of Akt2 in transcriptional control and phosphorylation of Thr45 in histone H3 as a new epigenetic mark related to Snail1 and Akt2 action., Akt2 is a negative regulator of NFAT activation through its ability to inhibit calcium mobilization from the endoplasmic reticulum., study concludes that Akt2 is indispensable for the regulation of preadipocyte and adipocyte number, whereas Akt1 and Akt2 are equally important for the regulation of insulin-stimulated metabolic pathways in adipocytes, Although there is an association of PI3 kinase signaling and chemoresistance in advanced ovarian cancer, there is no clear evidence that this is driven specifically by AKT2 mutations., amplification of AKT1 and/or AKT2 and high-level polysomy were found in 16% of total lung carcinoma cases, and this defined subset was characterized by the overexpression/activation of Akt, reciprocal to EGFR aberrations., In transfected HEK2 cells, basal activity of Akt2 regulates DAT cell surface expression., these data define an inhibitory role for both AKT1 and AKT2 in prostate cancer migration and invasion and highlight the cell type-specific actions of AKT kinases in the regulation of cell motility., An Akt2/PKBbeta-targeted siRNA inhibited the 8-Cl-cAMP- and AICAR-mediated phosphorylation of AMPK and p38 MAPK., CD40L-provoked signaling results in the production of several cytokines. Among these, IL-6 expression is mediated through Akt and NF-kappaB pathways., In cultured human aortic vascular smooth muscle cells, AKT2 inhibited the expression of MMP-9 and stimulated the expression of TIMP-1 by preventing the binding of transcription factor forkhead box protein O1 to the MMP-9 and TIMP-1 promoters., Data indicate that the prognostic value of Akt2 increases with higher oestrogen receptor (ER) expression, motivating further mechanistic studies on the role of Akt2 in ER+ breast cancer., Data suggest that although COOH-terminal dephosphorylation is likely necessary for glycogen synthase (GS) activation, Akt2-dependent NH2-terminal dephosphorylation is the site for "fine-tuning" insulin-mediated GS activation in skeletal muscle., Insulin signaling via Akt2 switches plakophilin 1 function from stabilizing cell adhesion to promoting cell proliferation., In a manner that depended on the level of phosphorylated AKT1/2 protein., Akt2 regulates metastatic potential in neuroblastoma., AKT1 and AKT2 have non-redundant roles in the regulation of prostate cancer cell proliferation and migration., Depletion of both Akt2 and ASAH1 is much more potent than depleting each alone at inhibiting neoplastic cell viability/proliferation and invasion., Findings suggest an important role of Gli1 as a tumor suppressor in neuroblastoma, and offer a mechanism by which AKT2 regulates the subcellular localization, and in turn, inhibits the tumor-suppressive function of Gli1 in neuroblastoma., detected and measured all three AKT isoforms 1, 2 and 3 to enable the study of the multiple and variable roles that these isoforms play in AKT breast tumorigenesis, overexpression of 4EBP1, p70S6K, Akt1 or Akt2 could promote the Coxsackievirus B3-induced apoptosis., AKT2 is closely linked to Type II diabetes and the implications of various types of mutations are discussed, results disclose a new function of Akt2 and identify a potential therapeutic target for preserving glomerular function in CKD, Akt2 downregulation favors limbal keratinocyte stem cell maintenance as a result of a gain of FOXO functions., Knockdown of RPS7 resulted in increased expression of P85alpha, P110alpha, and AKT2., Experimental validation indicate that AKT1, AKT2 and AKT3 proteins may all be novel unfavorable prognostic factors for patients with hepatocellular carcinoma., in a defined subset of bone and soft tissue tumors, including benign tumors, Akt was frequently overexpressed and activated, and AKT1/2 copy number was increased, Results show that miR-302b inhibits hepatocellular carcinoma cell proliferation and growth in vitro and in vivo by targeting AKT2., AA induces Akt2 activation and invasion in MDA-MB-231 cells. Akt2 activation requires the activity of Src, EGFR, and PIK3, whereas migration and invasion require Akt, PI3K, EGFR and metalloproteinases activity., AKT2 inhibition reduced heterotypic aggregation of neutrophils and platelets isolated from sickle cell disease patients, suggesting that AKT2 is important for neutrophil recruitment and neutrophil-platelet interactions., AKT2 may play an important role in the development of meningioma. High AKT2 labeling index indicates higher grade of meningioma, and therefore AKT2 may be a useful molecular marker for predicting the prognosis of meningioma., We examined the response of 80 samples of primary cells from acute myeloid leukemia patients to selective inhibitors of the phosphatidylinositol 3 kinase (PI3K)/Akt/mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) axis., CK2-dependent phosphorylation is therefore a crucial event which, discriminating between Akt1 and Akt2, can account for different substrate specificities., SchA-FAK-p85 complex subsequently selectively recruited and activated Akt2, not Akt1, The specific role of AKT2 in tumor maintenance provides a rationale for the development of isoform-specific inhibitors for patients with PTEN-deficient cancers., Findings suggest that adding chloroquine to EGF receptor (EGFR) and AKT2 inhibition has the potential to improve tumor responses in EGFR M+ non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)., Findings indicate that miR-137 is a valuable biomarker for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) prognosis and the forkhead box D3 (FoxD3)/miR-137/AKT2 regulatory network plays an important role in HCC progression., Role of the guanine nucleotide exchange factor in Akt2-mediated plasma membrane translocation of GLUT4 in insulin-stimulated skeletal muscle., Knockdown of Akt2 using siRNAs or the PI3K inhibitor Ly294002 inhibited TGF-beta1-induced phosphorylation of GSK3beta and expression of Snail1, the biological effect of Akt2 in colorectal cancer cells, AKT isoform-specific knock down combined with quantitative phosphoproteomics provided a powerful strategy to unravel AKT isoform-specific signaling, Mutations in genes such as AKT2, CCNA1, MAP3K4, and TGFBR1, were associated significantly with Epstein-Barr-positive gastric tumors, compared with EBV-negative tumors., Data suggest that three isoforms of the serine/threonine protein kinase Akt (Akt1, Akt2, Akt3) regulate cell survival, cell growth, cell proliferation, and cell metabolism in breast cancer cells. [REVIEW], The individual contribution of each Akt isoform in p120 RasGAP fragment N-mediated cell protection against Fas ligand induced cell death, was investigated., Akt1 and Akt2 are involved in albumin endocytosis, and phosphorylation of Dab2 by Akt induces albumin endocytosis in proximal tubule epithelial cells., MiR-194 deregulation contributes to colorectal carcinogenesis via reducing the expression AKT2., let-7b/g inhibited AKT2 expression by directly binding to its 3'UTR, reduced p-AKT (S473) activation and suppressed expression of the downstream effector pS6., Our study uncovers a novel molecular mechanism by which AEG-1 augments glioma progression and offers a rationale to block AEG-1-Akt2 signaling function as a novel GBM treatment., findings suggested that AKT2 may be one of the targets of miR29s in gastric cancer, The results indicate that BCAM-AKT2 expression is a new mechanism of AKT2 kinase activation in high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma., PIK3CA and AKT2 mutations occurred at low frequency in gastric cancer., miR-615-5p inhibits pancreatic cancer cell proliferation, migration, and invasion by targeting AKT2, we assayed expression of myosin II.. this assay is a powerful predictor of the use of ZEB2/Akt2 as a marker for tumor progression in serous ovarian cancers., QSAR based docking studies identify marine algal callophycin A as inhibitor of protein kinase B beta., Up-regulation of AKT2 was associated with chemoresistance in renal cell carcinoma., miR-137 which is frequently down-regulated in gastric cancer is potentially involved in gastric cancer tumorigenesis and metastasis by regulating AKT2 related signal pathways, miR-612 directly suppressed AKT2, which in turn inhibited the downstream epithelial-mesenchymal transition-related signaling pathway., the correlation between RLN2 and p-AKT or RLN2 and p-ERK1/2 expression was investigated., Combined PI3K/Akt and Hsp90 targeting synergistically suppresses essential functions of alloreactive T cells and increases Tregs., AKT1 but not AKT2 protects islet cells from apoptosis and drives proliferation., High constitutive Akt2 activity in U937 promonocytes, These studies identify Akt2 as a critical kinase that regulates radixin phosphorylation and leads to Mrp-2 translocation and function., High AKT2 expression is associated with ovarian cancer., Active, phosphorylated Akt2 translocates to the nucleus in Notch-expressing cells, resulting in GSK-3beta inactivation in this compartment., Akt1 and Akt2 activated both SREBP-1 and SREBP-2, whereas Akt3 upregulated SREBP-1 to enhance hepatitis C virus translation., controls endothelial Jagged1 expression and, thereby, Notch signalling regulating VSMC maintenance.,
OMIM_DISEASE Diabetes mellitus, type II, Hypoinsulinemic hypoglycemia with hemihypertrophy,
SP_COMMENT catalytic activity:ATP + a protein = ADP + a phosphoprotein., disease:Alterations of AKT2 may contribute to the pathogenesis of ovarian carcinomas., enzyme regulation:Two specific sites, one in the kinase domain (Thr-309) and the other in the C-terminal regulatory region (Ser-474), need to be phosphorylated for its full activation., function:General protein kinase capable of phosphorylating several known proteins., similarity:Belongs to the protein kinase superfamily., similarity:Belongs to the protein kinase superfamily. AGC Ser/Thr protein kinase family. RAC subfamily., similarity:Contains 1 AGC-kinase C-terminal domain., similarity:Contains 1 PH domain., similarity:Contains 1 protein kinase domain., subunit:Interacts (via PH domain) with MTCP1, TCL1A AND TCL1B., tissue specificity:In all human cell types so far analyzed.,
AKT serine/threonine kinase 3(AKT3) AKT serine/threonine kinase 3(AKT3) Related Genes Homo sapiens
CYTOBAND 1q43-q44,
GENERIF_SUMMARY results show that a defect in the ability of insulin to activate Akt-2 and -3 may explain the impaired insulin-stimulated glucose transport in insulin resistance, The regulation by Akt3 was found to be due to two specific regions in the Fra-1 regulatory sequence which match Sp1 consensus sites, The above results indicate that PKB-Ser-473 and FAK-Tyr phosphorylation stimulated by TGF-beta1 are both dependent on cell adhesion., Targeted reduction of Akt3 activity with siRNA or by expressing active PTEN protein stimulated apoptotic signaling, which reduced cell survival by increasing apoptosis rates thereby inhibiting melanoma tumor development., Dysregulation of the PI 3-K/AKT/PTEN pathway may contribute to early head neck squamous cell carcinoma tumorigenesis., Rac1, PI3 kinase, and Akt3 have roles in an anti-apoptotic pathway triggered by ALS2 that antagonizes SOD1 mutant-induced motoneuronal cell death, activation of Akt signaling results in progression from adaptive to maladaptive cardiac hypertrophy, in breast cancer patients, Akt activation is associated with tumour proliferation and poor prognosis, particularly in the subset of patients with ErbB2-overexpressing tumours, AKT3 is highly expressed in 19 of 92 primary ovarian tumors, consistent with AKT3 playing a key role in the genesis of at least one subset of ovarian cancers., AKT3 represents an excellent candidate for developmental human MIC and ACC, and we suggest that haploinsufficiency causes both postnatal MIC and ACC., PKB[alpha] and/or PKB[gamma] and not PKB[beta] alone are involved in gemcitabine resistance mechanisms., Akt3 and mutant V600E B-Raf cooperate to promote early melanoma development., the first report of AKT mutations in melanoma, and the initial identification of an AKT3 mutation in any human cancer lineage, Bcr-Abl represses the expression of PHLPP1 and PHLPP2 and continuously activates Akt1, -2, and -3 via phosphorylation on Ser-473, resulting in the proliferation of CML cells, Findings indicate that AP-1 has an important function in pancreatic cancer cells and provide evidence for a previously unknown Akt-mediated mechanism of c-Jun activation., Akt3 was located in the nucleus and nuclear membrane of human cell lines., In breast cancer AKT3 amplifications and AKT1 and AKT2 deletions were seen by FISH, Our data suggest that Akt2 and Akt3 play an important role in the viability of human malignant glioma cells, We evaluated the presence of mutations in PIK3CA, AKT1, AKT2, AKT3, PTEN, and PDPK1 genes in 83 papillary thyroid carcinomas, Studies indicate that three different isoforms Akt1, Akt2, and Akt3 have distinct expression patterns and functions., Mutant B-RAF melanoma cells ectopically expressing a constitutively activated form of Akt3 or endogenously expressing mutant Akt3 were protected from apoptosis induced by B-RAF knockdown or PLX4720 treatment., No AKT3 E17K mutation was detected in the 73 squamous cell carcinomas of the lung, Expression of matrix metalloproteinase-13 is controlled by IL-13 via PI3K/Akt3 and PKC-delta in normal human dermal fibroblasts., These findings suggest an important role for Akt3 in the regulation of RCAS1 and VEGF secretion in ovarian cancer cells., We did not find any mutation in the GNAQ, AKT3, and PIK3R1 genes in various types of thyroid cancer., Akt3 was required for anchorage-independent growth of transformed astrocytes and human glioma cells, Transcriptional activation of the Akt3 pathway indicates that it is involved in lumbar disc degeneration., Our data demonstrate that Akt1 and notably Akt3 regulate proliferation, survival, migration and EGF-mediated signal transduction in NSCLC-derived DTC, Akt3 plays an important and distinct role in platelet activation and in thrombosis., The prognostic impact of Akt (Akt1) phosphorylated at threonine308 and serine473, Akt2, Akt3, PI3K and PTEN, alone and in coexpression with ER and PgR in non-gastrointestinal stromal tumor soft tissue sarcomas., Resveratrol down-regulates the protein cyclin D1 and, in a concentration dependent manner, the phosphorylation levels of protein kinase B and glycogen synthase kinase-3beta in OVCAR-3 ovarian cancer cells., In hepatocellular carcinoma miR-519d is up-regulated by p53 and DNA hypomethylation and targets CDKN1A/p21, PTEN, AKT3 and TIMP2., This study identifies a trisomy on chromosome 1q, which encompasses AKT3, and a separate activating AKT3 somatic mutation in patients with the developmental brain disorder hemimegalencephaly., Exome sequencing and mass spectrometry analysis in paired brain-blood samples from individuals with hemimegalencephaly (20 cases) identified de novo somatic mutations in 30% of affected individuals in the PIK3CA, AKT3 and MTOR genes., identified mutations in AKT3, PIK3R2 and PIK3CA in 11 unrelated families with megalencephaly-capillary malformation and megalencephaly-polymicrogyria-polydactyly-hydrocephalus syndromes, AKT3, ANGPTL4, eNOS3, and VEGFA associations with high altitude sickness in Han and Tibetan Chinese at the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau., AKT isoforms 1 and 3 promote basal as well as EGF-induced trophoblast migration., Akt3 coimmunoprecipitates with Ago2., Duplication of AKT3 causes macrocephaly., Induction of transgenic Akt3 constitutively activates pathways for survival by counteracting motor neuronal degeneration in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis., detected and measured all three AKT isoforms 1, 2 and 3 to enable the study of the multiple and variable roles that these isoforms play in AKT breast tumorigenesis, Various AKT3 mutations are important in neurological disorders, such as microcephaly, hemimegalencephaly, and megalencephaly syndromes, Our study revealed AKT-3 amplification and deletions in 11% (9/82) and 13% (11/82) of triple-negative breast cancers, respectively., Experimental validation indicate that AKT1, AKT2 and AKT3 proteins may all be novel unfavorable prognostic factors for patients with hepatocellular carcinoma., targeting Akt3 and downstream signaling may be an effective approach to inhibit growth of triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC0., IWS1, an RNA processing regulator, is phosphorylated by Akt3 and Akt1 at Ser720/Thr721 in lung cancer, Inactivation of AKT3 in ErbB2+/ERalpha- breast cancer cells results in decreased expression of ErbB2 and ErbB3, but increased expression of ERalpha., miR-489 inhibited cisplatin resistance and cell growth, and promotes apoptosis by suppressing Akt3 expression., miR-145 suppresses thyroid cancer growth and metastasis and targets AKT3, Akt3 is a negative regulator of IGFBP-3 protein., Knockdown of AKT3 and/or PI3KCA genes in T98G cells led to a significant reduction in cell viability, the accumulation of subG1-phase cells and, a reduced fraction of cells in the S and G2/M phases., These findings indicate that AKT3 upregulation may cause focal malformations of cortical development., The PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway is distinguishable in SCLC genomic alterations. Therefore, a sequencing-based comprehensive analysis could stratify SCLC patients by potential therapeutic targets., Data suggest that three isoforms of the serine/threonine protein kinase Akt (Akt1, Akt2, Akt3) regulate cell survival, cell growth, cell proliferation, and cell metabolism in breast cancer cells. [REVIEW], The individual contribution of each Akt isoform in p120 RasGAP fragment N-mediated cell protection against Fas ligand induced cell death, was investigated., MiR-22 induces EPC senescence by downregulating AKT3 expression., Mechanistic investigations uncovered opposing functions for different Akt isoforms in this regulation, where Akt1 promotes and Akt3 inhibits vascular tumor growth., A 1q44 deletion involving only AKT3 in a boy and his father, is reported., AKT3, PI3KCA, and VEGFR2 silencing reduces the invasiveness of glioblastoma multiforme T98G cells., findings identify PI3K/AKT pathway mutations as an important cause of epileptogenic brain malformations and establish megalencephaly, hemimegalencephaly, and focal cortical dysplasia as part of a single pathogenic spectrum., Akt3-expressing human glioblastoma cells had enhanced activation of DNA repair proteins, leading to increased DNA repair and subsequent resistance to radiation and temozolomide., miR-582-5p regulated the progression of hepatocellular carcinoma through directly inhibiting the expression of CDK1 and AKT3, and indirectly inhibiting the expression of cyclinD1, Flot-2 exerts a pro-neoplastic role in NPC and is involved in tumor progression and metastasis. Moreover, Flot-2 exerts its role through NF-kappaB and PI3K/Akt3 signaling., mirn424 has a role in inhibiting Akt3/E2F3 axis and tumor growth in hepatocellular carcinoma, AKT3 has a role in prostate cancer proliferation through regulation of Akt, B-Raf, and TSC1/TSC2, Data show that both serine/threonine phosphatases PHLPP and dephosphorylated the physiological substrates of Akt1 and Akt3 with similar efficiencies., High AKT3 expression is associated with ovarian cancer., These findings suggest a central AKT-FOXG1-reelin signaling pathway in focal malformations of cortical development and support pathway inhibitors as potential treatments or therapies for some forms of focal epilepsy., Downregulation of AKT3 increases migration and metastasis in triple negative breast cancer cells by upregulating S100A4., Akt1 and Akt2 activated both SREBP-1 and SREBP-2, whereas Akt3 upregulated SREBP-1 to enhance hepatitis C virus translation.,
OMIM_DISEASE Megalencephaly-polymicrogyria-polydactyly-hydrocephalus syndrome 2,
SP_COMMENT catalytic activity:ATP + a protein = ADP + a phosphoprotein., domain:Binding of the PH domain to the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase alpha (PI(3)K) results in its targeting to the plasma membrane., enzyme regulation:Two specific sites, one in the kinase domain (Thr-305) and the other in the C-terminal regulatory region (Ser-472), need to be phosphorylated for its full activation., function:IGF-1 leads to the activation of AKT3, which may play a role in regulating cell survival. Capable of phosphorylating several known proteins. Truncated isoform 2/PKB gamma 1 without the second serine phosphorylation site could still be stimulated but to a lesser extent., PTM:Phosphorylated upon DNA damage, probably by ATM or ATR., similarity:Belongs to the protein kinase superfamily., similarity:Belongs to the protein kinase superfamily. AGC Ser/Thr protein kinase family. RAC subfamily., similarity:Contains 1 AGC-kinase C-terminal domain., similarity:Contains 1 PH domain., similarity:Contains 1 protein kinase domain., subcellular location:Membrane-associated after cell stimulation leading to its translocation., subunit:Interacts (via PH domain) with TCL1A; this enhances AKT3 phosphorylation and activation., tissue specificity:In adult tissues, it is highly expressed in brain, lung and kidney, but weakly in heart, testis and liver. In fetal tissues, it is highly expressed in heart, liver and brain and not at all in kidney.,