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catenin beta 1(CTNNB1) catenin beta 1(CTNNB1) Related Genes Homo sapiens
GENERIF_SUMMARY Loss of beta-catenin may result in the disruption of the function of the cell-cell adhesion complex, which may cause weak cell-cell adhesion and confer invasive properties on a tumor., aardvark gene product, Abnormal beta-catenin gene expression with invasiveness of primary hepatocellular carcinoma in China., Beta-catenin might be related to the occurrence and development of kidney tumor., Proof for the regulated phosphorylation of the Ser/Thr residues of beta-catenin by Wnt signaling., No germline mutations of CTNNB1 have been identified nor linkage to chromosome 3p21 been demonstrated in 8 subjects with Birt-Hogg-Dube syndrome, suggesting that CTNNB1 should be excluded as a candidate gene for BHD., Immunohistochemistry of cyclin D1 and beta-catenin, and mutational analysis of exon 3 of beta-catenin gene in parathyroid adenomas, Expression and prognostic roles of beta-catenin in hepatocellular carcinoma, The minimal necessary components of the androgen receptor and beta-catenin required for binding nuclear accumulation of beta-catenin nuclear import appears to be the DNA/ligand binding regions and the Armadillo repeats of beta-catenin, increased expression predicts favorable prognosis in resected nonsmall cell lung carcinoma, findings indicate that alterations of beta-catenin are frequent in cancer of the uterine cervix and suggest that they may play an important role in the development of these tumors, mutations rare in ulcerative colitis-related colorectal carcinomas, CTNNB1 signaling plays a critical role in the development of a significant fraction of prostate cancers., One out of 62 melanoma cell lines was found to carry a mutation in exon 3 of the beta-catenin gene indicating that aberration of the Wnt-1/wingless pathway through activation of beta-catenin is a rare event, results imply that claudin-1 is involved in the beta-catenin-Tcf/LEF signaling pathway, Activation of AXIN2 expression by beta-catenin-T cell factor, ErbB-beta-catenin complexes are associated with human infiltrating ductal breast and murine mammary tumor virus (MMTV)-Wnt-1 and MMTV-c-Neu transgenic carcinomas, nuclear beta-catenin expression significantly related to ulcerative growth of colorectal cancer, beta-catenin plays a role in endometrial carcinogenesis, particularly in endometrioid carcinomas, Arg(96) mutant has a dominant-negative effect on GSK-3beta-dependent phosphorylation of beta-catenin and targeting of beta-catenin for degradation requires prior priming through phosphorylation of Ser(45), Protein kinase CK2 dependent phosphorylation of the E2 ubiquitin conjugating enzyme UBC3B induces its interaction with beta-TRCp and enhances beta-catenin degradation [UBC3B], results indicate selection for APC genotypes that are likely to retain some activity in downregulating beta-catenin signaling, wnt3a-beta catenin signaling regulates LEF-1 gene expression, targeted inactivation reveals effects of beta-catenin mutation, Mutation in exon 3 of the beta-catenin gene was found in 2 of the 20 endometrial cancer samples; however, it was not found in the 25 endometrial hyperplasias or the 20 associated hyperplasias., Molecular genetic analysis of malignant melanomas for aberrations of the WNT signaling pathway genes CTNNB1, APC, ICAT and BTRC., Anticancer-drug-induced apoptotic cell death in leukemia cells is associated with proteolysis of beta-catenin. beta-Catenin plays a role in promoting Jurkat survival., Regulation of leukemic cell adhesion, proliferation, and survival by beta-catenin., oxidative stress induces tyrosine phosphorylation and cellular redistribution of occludin-ZO-1 and E-cadherin-beta-catenin complexes by a tyrosine-kinase-dependent mechanism, Nr-CAM is the gene most extensively induced by beta catenin, data support the notion that upregulation of cyclin D1 and Fra-1 in human colorectal adenocarcinomas is driven by abnormally expressed beta-catenin; however, the regulation of c-myc expression in colorectal tumors appears to be more complex, Role of Wnt pathway in medulloblastoma oncogenesis, Restoration of E-cadherin/beta-catenin expression in pancreatic cancer cells inhibits growth by induction of apoptosis., Beta catenin induced human melanoma growth requires the downstream target Microphthalmia-associated transcription factor., Presenilin couples beta-catenin phosphorylation through two sequential kinase activities independent of the Wnt-regulated Axin/CK1alpha complex., beta-catenin, which participates in the Wnt signaling pathway, might play a more important role in the formation of hepatic adenoma than in that of focal nodular hyperplasia., found a pattern of beta-catenin immunostaining in typical carcinoid tumors of the appendix that was different from the pattern seen in non-appendiceal carcinoid tumors, beta-catenin plays an important role in oncogenesis through the crossregulation of NF-kappa B in breast and colonic neoplasms, abnormal expression of beta-catenin in gastric carcinoma and survival, The aberrant expression of beta-catenin protein was statistically correlated to the lymph node metastasis in esophageal cancer., These results suggest that the TAK1-NLK MAPK cascade is activated by the noncanonical Wnt-5a/Ca(2+) pathway and antagonizes canonical Wnt/beta-catenin signaling., beta-catenin, p53 and PCNA may play important roles in the carcinogenesis of colorectal adenoma., Expression of e-cadherin and beta-catenin in human esophageal squamous cell carcinoma, Abnormal E-cadherin and alpha-catenin and beta-catenin in pancreatic carcinoma tissues. Abnormal E-cadherin and alpha-catenin with differentiation, lymph node and liver metastases. Aberrant beta-catenin with lymph node and liver metastases., CKI epsilon-dependent phosphorylation of Dvl enhances the formation of a complex of Dvl-1 with Frat-1 and this complex leads to the activation of Wnt-3a-induced accumulation of beta-catenin, In human pilomatricoma, the frequency of beta-catenin gene mutations was remarkably low (30%),in Exon 3 of the beta-catenin gene ., matrix metalloproteinase-2 and 9 and membrane-type 1 matrix metalloproteinase mRNA expression in endometriosis was higher than in normal endometrium whereas E-cadherin, alpha- and beta-catenin mRNA expression was not suppressed in endometriosis, Data show that beta-catenin is overexpressed in Kaposi sarcoma and primary effusion lymphoma, and that this overexpression is regulated by the Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (KSHV) latency-associated nuclear antigen LANA., Mutations of beta-catenin, as well as overexpression of beta-catenin and the Tcf-4 gene, independently activate the Wnt pathway in HCC, with the target gene most likely to be C-myc., Data indicate that the rate of nuclear export of adenomatous polyposis coli protein (APC), rather than its nuclear import or steady-state levels, determines the transcriptional activity of beta-catenin., Pulse-labeled beta-catenin replaces the beta-catenin bound to the cell surface prebiotinylated E-cadherin immediately after synthesis or arrives at the plasma membrane in a complex with the E-cadherin precursor., The MUC1/beta-catenin interaction occurs in primary tumors, & is dramatically increased in metastatic lesions., dysregulation of beta-catenin may contribute to pancreatic duct adenocarcinoma progression through distinct mechanisms, These results indicate that the altered expression of beta-catenin, but not cyclin D1, in hepatocellular carcinoma may play an important role in tumor progression by stimulating tumor cell proliferation., Aberrant beta-catenin expression may play an important role in the histologic differentiation and tumor staging of mucoepidermoid carcinoma., There is a possible role of progesterone in regulation of beta-catenin expression in endometrial tumors. Nuclear beta-catenin accumulation, like gene abnormalities, is associated with the alteration of tumor morphology due to progesterone., Data show that beta-catenin and poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase are cleaved during rhodostomin-induced apoptosis, indicating that cell detachment is a prerequisite for apoptosis., CTNNB1 mutations were found in 2/19 adenomas without APC mutation., Data show that both UBF1 and UBF2 activate RNA polymerase II-regulated, beta-catenin-responsive promoters., beta-catenin is degraded via a retinoid X receptor-mediated pathway, When colon cancer cells with high beta-catenin levels were treated with beta-catenin antisense ODNs, VEGF-A expression was reduced by more than 50%. There is a close link between beta-catenin signaling & VEGF-A expression regulation in colon cancer., CTNNB is ubiquinated at specific lysines by the F-box protein beta-TrCP1., types of mutations in sinonasal NK/T cell lymphoma in northeast district of China, In nasopharyngeal cancer, methylation of promoter is a major cause of down-regulation of E-cadherin which may finally lead to detachment and metastasis of neoplastic cells., a role for beta-catenin in the control of cell cycle and apoptosis at G2/M, Mutations of CTNNB1 may not be a factor in tumorigenesis of cervical cancer, in breast and lung tumor cells, MDA-7 protein expression modulates cell-cell adhesion and intracellular signaling via coordinate regulation of the beta-catenin and PI3K pathways, model of the interactions between beta-catenin and hedgehog signaling in the epidermis in which SHH promotes proliferation of progenitors of the hair lineages whereas IHH stimulates proliferation of sebocyte precursors, IpaC interacts with beta-catenin and destabilizes the cadherin-mediated cell adhesion complex., provides support that E-cadherin induction by WNT/beta-catenin signaling is an evolutionarily conserved pathway operative in lung cancer cells and that loss of expression may be important in lung cancer development or progression, Results report a new noncanonical pathway through which Wnt-5a antagonizes the canonical Wnt pathway by promoting the degradation of beta-catenin., Overexpression of beta-catenin is associated with hepatocellular carcinoma, our data indicate that inactivation of beta-catenin by a 3p21.3 homozygous deletion might be a crucial event in the development of the mesothelioma NCI-H28 cells., interaction with the co-activator, p300, underlies the trans-repression of beta-catenin signaling by nuclear receptors and their ligands, Increased expression of beta-catenin is associated with ovarian epithelial cell transformation and in tumour progression, the beta-catenin pathway is activated by histamine, Beta-catenin gene mutations are a peculiar feature of skin tumors with matrical differentiation and correlate with a pattern of intense and diffuse beta-catenin nuclear expression., We conclude, therefore, that two major components of cell-cell interaction synergistically regulate cell cycle progression in HEK293 cells by regulating p21 expression in a beta-catenin/TCF-dependent manner., beta-catenin interferes with transforming growth factor-beta-mediated growth arrest by inducing the expression of BAMBI, FAM associates with E-cadherin and beta-catenin during trafficking to the plasma membrane, beta-catenin binds to MUC1 and has a role in T cell receptor signaling, beta-catenin has a role in progression of colorectal neoplasms, beta-catenin phosphorylation/degradation is regulated by CDK2, alpha-catenin and alpha-catulin have distinct activities that downregulate, respectively, beta-catenin and Ras signals converging on the cyclin D1 promoter, p53-mediated reduction in beta-catenin involves enhanced phosphorylation of beta-catenin on key NH(2)-terminal serines., Cyr61 activated the beta-catenin/TCF4 complex, which promoted the expression of c-myc and the latter induced expression of p53, Wnt signaling pathway associated with beta-catenin regulation in breast cancer tissue, MUC1 and beta-catenin have a role in progression and invasiveness of colorectal carcinomas, Beta-catenin simultaneously induces activation of the p53-p21WAF1 pathway and overexpression of cyclin D1 during tumor cell differentiation, High nuclear expression of beta-catenin is correlated with locally advanced colorectal cancer, Translocalization of beta-catenin is associated with invasion in gastric cancer, CTNNB strongly increased activity of the eN/Nt5 promoter and this increase depended on the presence of TCF-1; demonstrated a link between Wnt signaling and the regulation of eN and ADA, which control the metabolism of adenosine, E-cadherin-mediated cell adhesion is required for keratinocyte-mediated control of melanocytic cells, which can override proliferative activity of beta-catenin., beta-catenin/TCF transcriptional activity is blocked by Cdx1 and Cdx2, which then inhibits colon cancer cell proliferation, LECT2, which encodes a protein with chemotactic properties for human neutrophils, is a direct target gene of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in the liver., beta-catenin nuclear accumulation plays a role in Dukes' D human colorectal cancers, beta-catenin is downregulated by H2O2 which negatively modulates the Wnt signal pathway, abnormal immunhistochemical E-cadherin and beta-catenin expression is associated with changes in pit pattern in invasive colorectal neoplasms, there is cross-talk between Wnt and estrogen signaling pathways via functional interaction between beta-catenin and ERalpha, In HT29 and HCT116 colorectal cancer cells, beta-catenin/TCF transcriptional activity is inhibited by AP-2alpha due to formation of AP-2alpha/APC/beta-catenin complex., terminal tail is responsible for discerning among binding of factors to the armadillo domain, negative immunoreactivity of beta-catenin in serous carcinomas and the presence of residual tumor seem to be useful markers in selecting patients likely to have an unfavorable course, Lower levels of nuclear beta-catenin is associated with prostate cancer progression, beta-catenin is targeted to adhesive or transcriptional complexes, depending on its molecular form, The beta-catenin, the main system of adherens junction, present in the tight junctions in HepG2 cells., IGF-I modulates androgen signaling through beta-catenin, beta-catenin accumulates in the nucleus of epithelial cells of juvenile polyps, The interaction and functional cooperation between FHL2, CITED4, and CTNNB were studied., identify selective beta-catenin binding hot spots of Tcf4, E-cadherin, and APC, beta-catenin plays a central role in mesenchymal cells during the healing process, and is an appealing therapeutic target for disorders of wound healing., Loss of expression of E-cadherin and beta-catenin may play an important role in the progression of pulmonary adenocarcinoma., Induction of the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway by LiCl also elevated PPARgamma levels and induced PPARgamma-dependent reporter and endogenous target genes., Alterations in beta-catenin and PTEN genes, as well as MSI, are frequent in low-stage ovarian carcinomas of endometrioid type that have a favorable prognosis., Together, we suggest that quercetin is an excellent inhibitor of beta-catenin/Tcf signaling in SW480 cell lines, and the reduced beta-catenin/Tcf transcriptional activity is due to the decreased nuclear beta-catenin and Tcf-4 proteins., Suppression of beta-catenin expression by small interfering RNA decreased the apoptotic response to TGF-beta., Here, we generated a fusion in which XWnt8 was fused to the N-terminus of LRP6 and show it synergizes with both Fz4 and Fz5 to potently transactivate beta-catenin-dependent Wnt signaling, ubiquitin-independent degradation of alpha-catenin regulates beta-catenin signaling and maintenance of the differentiated phenotype of articular chondrocytes, All 61 meningothelial meningiomas, 10 of 12 invasive meningiomas, and 3 of 5 anaplastic meningiomas were positive for both ECAD and beta-catenin, while these were both negative in all of the fibrous meningiomas., Beta-catenin stabilization because of either beta-catenin or AXIN I mutation might be a late event for malignant progression rather than an early genetic event involving the initiation of HCC development., LEF-1 expression is regulated through PITX2, LEF-1 and beta-catenin direct physical interactions, In conclusion, prolonged CPB time entails neutrophil-mediated decrease in MVEC beta-catenin expression, and thus may be an important trigger for BBB disruption., Findings suggest that phospho-beta-catenin accumulation in Alzheimer's disease might result from impaired proteasome function., crosstalk between the beta-catenin and NF-kappaB signaling pathways is an important regulator of intestinal inflammation, data indicate that altered expression of beta-catenin may play an important role in oral cancer progression through increased proliferation and invasiveness under epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) activation but not mutation or cyclin D1 expression, TCF4 expression mediated by beta-catenin/p300 may be important for initial steps during trans-differentiation of endometrial carcinoma cells., Gas2DN can increase the activity of calpain and induce degradation of stabilized/mutated beta-catenin, The beta-catenin expression in hepatocellular carcinoma cells was heterogeneous among types of hepatitis viral infection, Lysophosphatidic acid induced colon cancer cell proliferation requires the beta-catenin signaling pathway., The regulation of GLCE expression by 2 cis-acting elements of the beta-catenin-TCF4 complex located in the enhancer region of the promoter are reported., Tumor sections frmo colorectal cancer patients showed elevated expression levels of AKT1, correlating with enhanced cytoplasmic/nuclear expression of beta-catenin., Wnt/beta-catenin signalling pathway is activated in most of gastric cancers, which may play pivotal roles either in gastric cancer formation or in tumour invasion and dissemination, cyclooxygenase-2/PGE2 may exert pro-oncogenic actions through stimulating the beta-catenin/T cell factor-mediated transcription, which plays critical roles in colorectal carcinogenesis, results demonstrate a role for beta-catenin in regulating FOXO function that is particularly important under conditions of oxidative stress, significantly reduced rates of lymph-node metastases were observed in beta-catenin-positive T1 and T2 squamous cell carcinomas of the mouth floor, analysis of conformation of the oncogenic protein beta-catenin containing the phosphorylated motif DpSGXXpS bound to the beta-TrCP protein, ADAM10 has a role in E-cadherin shedding and epithelial cell-cell adhesion, migration, and beta-catenin translocation, The presence of activated beta-catenin and c-myc in the epidermis of chronic wounds may serve as a molecular marker of impaired healing, Transendothelial migration is compromised in melanoma cells expressing a dominant-negative form of beta-catenin, thus supporting a regulatory role of beta-catenin signaling in this process., beta-Catenin transgenic mice show an in vivo hepatotrophic effect secondary to increased basal hepatocyte proliferation, Both cell surface reduction and intranuclear accumulation of beta-catenin were detected in intestinal metaplasia, nuclear beta-catenin is a rare phenomenon in colorectal SRCC, but the involvement of it may indicate a worse prognosis with shorter survival than colorectal SRCC without nuclear beta-catenin expression, results suggest that the Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway plays dual functions in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) development, Splice variants of CTNNB1 ands downstream targets were used as markers for neoplastic progression of esophageal cancer., Overexpression of Pin1 and beta-catenin may be closely related with the development and/or progression of colorectal carcinoma and further supports that Pin1 overexpression might contribute to the upregulation of beta-catenin., cadherins mediate both the association of PS1 and beta-catenin and the effects of PS1 on the cellular levels of beta-catenin, Altered beta-catenin distribution in gastric cancer may result from the imbalance of E-cadherin production and Wnt expression, which confers on gastric cancer cells more aggressive behaviors., The expression of beta-catenin, p63 and CD34 in the course of androgenetic alopecia is reported., The cytoplasmic accumulation of beta-catenin is a common characteristic of oral SCC, but is not closely associated with mutational alterations in the APC, beta-catenin and Axin1 genes., PKA inhibits the ubiquitination of beta-catenin by phosphorylating beta-catenin, thereby causing beta-catenin to accumulate and the Wnt signaling pathway to be activated., TIS7, a negative regulator of transcriptional activity, represses expression of OPN and beta-catenin/Tcf-4 target genes, Data suggest a beta-catenin-dependent, stage-specific role for Notch1 signaling in promoting the progression of primary melanoma., Beta-catenin may be an important modulator of angiogenesis and myocyte regeneration, The positive inter-regulation between beta-cat/Tcf-4 signaling and ET-1 signaling potentiates proliferation and survival of prostate cancer (CaP) cells, thereby representing a novel mechanism that contributes to CaP progression., results suggest an established Wnt signaling pathway in most gastric cancers, a close correlation of beta-catenin/TCF4-mediated signaling with tumor dissemination, and the unlikelihood of a direct effect of activated Wnt signaling on CD44 expression, Results showed that inhibition of PI-3 kinase with wortmannin was accompanied by a considerably reduced expression of beta-catenin., Wnt-1, beta-catenin and APC expressions were related to the differentiation of oral squamous cell carcinoma., These results indicate that CIP4 is critical for beta-catenin-mediated cell-cell adhesion., CoCoA uses different combinations of functional domains in its synergistic coactivator function with beta-catenin or GRIP1, APC and K-ras, but not CTNNB1 mutations have roles in regulation of expression of hMLH1 in sporadic colorectal carcinomas, The data suggest a novel role for tyrosine phosphorylation of N-cadherin by Src family kinases in the regulation of beta-catenin association during transendothelial migration of melanoma cells., beta-catenin mutation and its nuclear localization are frequent causes of Wnt signaling pathway activation suggesting that beta-catenin activation mutations contribute to tumorigenesis of pilomatricomas, colon cancer cells retain significant amounts of LEF-1 induced nuclear beta-catenin compared to LEF-1 transfected normal epithelial cells; beta-Catenin binds directly to CRM1 & overexpression of CRM1 reduces nuclear beta-catenin-mediated transactivation, sulindac sulfone can modulate the APC/beta-catenin pathway in vitro but its efficacy is dependent upon the mutational status of APC and beta-catenin, In esophageal adenocarcinomas, nuclear translocation of beta-catenin was observed regardless of the expression of APC., High Pin1 expression in primary prostate cancer markedly inhibits the beta-catenin interaction with androgen receptor., Expressed Bcr is able to bind the transcription factor Tcf1 to disrupt the Tcf1/beta-catenin complex. Phosphorylation of Bcr by the tyrosine kinase pp60(src) can lead to dissociation of the transcriptionally inactive Bcr/Tcf1 complex, These results unravel a novel pathway in the control of beta-catenin cellular transport and strongly suggest that SYT-SSX2 contributes to tumor development, in part through beta-catenin signaling, Immunohistological examination of nuclear accumulation of beta-catenin may be useful for diagnosing malignant immunohistological examination of nuclear accumulation of beta-catenin may thus be useful for diagnosing malignant PLTs., Phospho-beta-catenin may have a different involvement in invasive breast carcinomas, according to its subcellular distribution., analysis of a novel, noncanonical mechanism of modulation of beta-catenin signaling through direct phosphorylation of beta-catenin by PKA, promoting its interaction with CREB-binding protein, beta-catenin is activated by HBxAg, in part, through the upregulated expression of the HBxAg effector URG11; URG11 stimulates the beta-catenin promoter and hepatocellular growth and survival, Nuclear localization of beta-catenin, an indirect evidence of deregulated Wnt signaling pathway, was observed in 5 (19%) small intestinal adenocarcinomas and 36 (71%) colorectal adenocarcinomas., the cross talk of KLF4 and beta-catenin plays a critical role in homeostasis of the normal intestine as well as in tumorigenesis of colorectal cancers., active CKIepsilon generation may induce a negative feedback loop by phosphorylation of sites on LRP5/6 that modulate axin binding and hence beta-catenin degradation, the MED12 interface within Mediator is a new component in the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway, PCP-2 may play an important role in the maintenance of epithelial integrity, and a loss of its regulatory function may be an alternative mechanism for activating beta-catenin signaling., BMP-2 antagonizes Wnt-3a signaling in osteoblast progenitors by promoting an interaction between Smad1 and Dvl-1 that restricts beta-catenin activation, The results indicate that estrogen plus overexpressed ERalpha induce LoVo cell apoptosis might mediate through the increase of hTNF-alpha gene expression, which in turn activate caspase-8, -9 and caspase-3 and lead to the DNA fragmentation and apoptosis., GR can bind beta-catenin in vitro, suggesting that GC and Wnt signaling pathways are linked directly through their effectors, variations in beta-catenin protein levels were dependent on post-transcriptional mechanisms involving the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway only in leukemic cells, Results suggest that alternative splicing and AU-rich elements can act together in regulating beta-catenin mRNA stability and thereby provide a step of controlling the cellular beta-catenin concentration., beta-catenin is regulated via epsilon-cleavage of N-cadherin, STMN2 is required for maintaining the anchorage-independent growth state of beta-catenin/TCF-activated hepatoma cells, histone deacetylase inhibitor sodium butyrate induces G1/S phase arrest in E1A + Ras-transformed cells through down-regulation of E2F1 activity and stabilization of beta-catenin, These data indicate that the intracellular amounts of HIC1 protein can modulate the level of the transcriptional stimulation of the genes regulated by canonical Wnt/beta-catenin signaling., When beta-catenin is activated in transgenic En1 expressing cells, it induces Dermo1 expression in all cells of the En1 domain and disrupts muscle gene expression., the central region of APC is unstructured in the absence of beta-catenin and Axin; beta-catenin may interact with each of the APC 15aa and 20aa repeats independently, Wnt/beta-catenin activation was observed in 65% of pancreatic adenocarcinomas, independently of beta-catenin gene mutations in most tumors, beta-catenin level depends on the way and level of Wnt pathway activation, Splice forms of crucial genes of the Wnt-pathway, beta-Catenin, LRP5, GSK3beta, Axin-1 and CtBP1 are expressed in human colorectal tissue., beta-catenin might be involved in the Hh signaling pathway via enhancement of the transcriptional activity of GLI, APC regulates beta-catenin phosphorylation and ubiquitination by distinct domains and by separate molecular mechanisms, In conclusion, the canonical Wnt/beta-catenin pathway enhanced monocyte-endothelial cell adhesion without changing expression levels of adhesion molecules., Comparative analysis of nuclear and membrane/cytoplasmic beta-catenin can predict local tumor infiltration., These data indicate that somatic mutations affecting APC and CTNNB1 do not play a major role in the pathogenesis of sporadic ependymomas., Reduced membranous expression of beta-catenin was associated with metastasis in salivary adenoid cystic carcinoma, There was no statistical significance for beta-catenin expression between the invasive group and noninvasive group in pituitary adenoma., in vivo modulation of PRA1 may be involved in TCF/beta-catenin signaling, as well as cellular proliferation and tumorigenesis, These data indicate that changes in Wnt expression per se are unlikely to be the cause of the observed dysregulation of beta-catenin expression in DD., These findings suggest that the participation of beta-catenin in adhesion and signaling may represent a novel mechanism through which gonadotropins may regulate the cellular fate of human ovarian surface epithelial cells., Data suggest that intact 654 and 670 tyrosine residues in beta-catenin are crucial in HGF-mediated Met-beta-catenin dissociation, beta-catenin translocation, activation and mitogenesis., A functional crosstalk between hepatocyte growth factor receptor (MET) and beta-catenin signaling sustains and increases colorectal carcinoma cell invasive properties., vascular endothelial growth factor expression is induced through the glucocorticoid receptor-related phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt and beta-catenin/T-cell factor-dependent pathway in human endothelial cells, Data show that P68 RNA helicase mediates platelet-derived growth factor-induced epithelial mesenchymal transition by displacing Axin from beta-catenin., Exposure of colon cancer cells to nitric oxide unraveled a so-far-unidentified mechanism of beta-catenin regulation., These data reveal a potentially important role for transcriptionally active beta-catenin in the regulation of Rad6B gene expression, and link aberrant beta-catenin signaling with transcriptional deregulation of Rad6B and breast cancer development., crystallographic analysis of how beta-catenin, BCL9, BCL9-2 and Tcf4 interact, Alterations in adenomatous polyposis coli/beta-catenin pathway and cyclin D1 dysregulation may contribute to pathogenesis of pleuropulmonary desmoid tumors and solitary fibrous tumors., Beta-catenin relieves I-mfa-mediated suppression of LEF-1 in mammalian cells., Wnt/beta-catenin signaling may contribute to colorectal carcinogenesis by reducing the level of the E2F4 cell cycle repressor via an antisense mechanism, COX-2 and beta-Catenin may have roles in regulating intracellular Survivin levels in mouse and human colon cancer, The Pin1 and beta-catenin signalling pathways were activated in salivary adenoid cystic carcinoma., Wnt/beta-catenin signaling has a role in neurodevelopment as well as in neurodegenerative diseases [review], beta-catenin may have a role in progression of colorectal neoplasms to metastatic liver lesions, CTNNB1 mutation is a later event in Wilms tumourigenesis. CTNNB1 mutations might be associated with rhabdomyogenesis, accumulation of beta-catenin in colorectal cancer is related to chromosomal instability, mutations in the CTNNB1 gene most frequently coexisted with mutations in the PTEN gene (7/9, 77.8%)., N-cadherin and beta-catenin play role in cell migration via PDGF-Rbeta-mediated signaling through the scaffolding molecule NHERF2, Up-regulates prolactin expression using the distal promoter., GSK3beta-dependent protein degradation was switched between Hath1 and beta-catenin by Wnt signaling, leading to the dramatic alteration of cell status between proliferation and differentiation in colon cancer, the recruitment of PI3K to the E-cadherin/beta-catenin/p120-catenin complex via beta-catenin at the plasma membrane is required for calcium-induced phospholipase C-gamma1 activation and, ultimately, keratinocyte differentiation, PS/gamma-secretase-mediated cleavage of LAR controls LAR-beta-catenin interaction, suggesting an essential role for PS/gamma-secretase in the regulation of LAR signaling, No evidence of mutations in parathyroid adenomas., Glis2 functions as a negative modulator of beta-catenin/TCF-mediated transcription., Decreased beta-catenin expression is associated with advanced gallbladder cancers, CTNNB1 was expressed strongly on the cuboidal cell membranes and cytoplasm in both tumor types, but to a lesser extent in the polygonal cells, localizing mainly in the cytoplasm., CTNNB1 protein mutation/expression in hepatocellualr carcinoma and their significance are reported., Interaction of MUCI with CTNNB modulates cyclin D1 in H. pylori-induced stomach neoplasms., Data show that E-cadherin/beta-catenin-based adherens junctions are dispensable for tight junction formation and apical lumen biogenesis but not for apical lumen remodeling., racial factor may not be related to the occurrence of mismatch repair defects and CTNNB1 mutations in our multi-racial patient cohort., inhibition of beta-catenin and in effect c-myc expression through activation of PPARgamma may help prostate cancer cells to restore several characteristics of normal prostate cells phenotype, Loss of beta-catenin expression is a strong and independent predictor of an unfavorable outcome in patients with endometrial carcinoma., Nuclear beta-catenin expression was significantly greater in Multiple colorectal adenoma patients' tumours than in sporadic adenomas., Characterization of endogenous CDHE-CTNNB complexes with ELISA represents a dramatic improvement over other assays., findings show that WTX, a protein encoded by a gene mutated in Wilms tumors, forms a complex with beta-catenin, AXIN1, beta-TrCP2 and APC; data provide a possible mechanistic explanation for the tumor suppressor activity of WTX, hepatocellular carcinomas (HCC) with extensive methylation harbor frequent beta-catenin mutations; HCCs with high levels of chromosomal instability are associated with p53 mutations, suggesting presence of two independent pathways for pathogenesis of HCC, OxPAPC promoted novel interactions between focal adhesion and adherens junction complexes via paxillin and beta-catenin association, which was critically dependent on Rac and Cdc42 activities., 3,3'-diindolylmethane -induced cell growth inhibition and apoptosis induction are partly mediated through the regulation of Akt/FOXO3a/GSK-3beta/beta-catenin/AR signaling, methylation may play important role in progression and metastasis of small bowel carcinoid tumors, Bilateral Wilms tumours showed loss of the wild type WT1 allele (loss of heterozygosity (LOH)) and a tumour specific mutation in catenin beta1 (CTNNB1)., there are somatic mutations of APC & beta-catenin genes in desmoid-type fibromatosis & abnormalities in Wnt signal pathway; these abnormalities may result in aberrant cell proliferation & apoptosis, which may be important in tumorigenesis & progression, we explored the implication of three proteins (E-cadherin, a- and b-catenins) that form the cadherin-catenin complex, a receptorial structure strictly involved in tumoral vascular invasion and embolization in this biologic event, Transgenic mice express stabilized beta-catenin, which augments IL-7 receptor signaling in thymocytes during positive selection and promotes development of single-positive CD8 antigen-expressing thymocytes., Specification of enteroendocrine but not Paneth cells occurs independently of Wnt signals by conditional deletion of beta-catenin transgene in immature cells expressing the transcription factor, neurogenin 3., Blockade of Wnt3a stimulation of IP(5) generation blocks beta-catenin accumulation, TGF-beta is a modulator of beta-Catenin levels in tumoral fibroblasts and non-tumoral fibroblasts, despite the oncogenic mutations already present in this gene in tumoral fibroblasts of desmoid tumors., Ajuba promoted GSK-3beta-mediated phosphorylation of beta-catenin by reinforcing the association between beta-catenin and GSK-3beta., These observations unravel the interplay between beta-catenin and Rac1 that is initiated by T-Ag and results in stabilization of beta-catenin and its presence in cell membrane ruffles., Fascin is a novel target of beta-catenin-TCF signaling and is expressed at the invasive front of human colon cancer, Elevated expression of cell-cycle regulators p16(INK4A), p21(CIP1), and cytoplasmic/nuclear beta-catenin correlated with increased colorectal cancers risk, as did elevated expression of survivin and human telomerase reverse transcriptase., E-cadherin and beta-catenin have roles in progression of Epstein-Barr virus-associated gastric carcinoma, We show that a fraction of N-cadherin in a complex with catenins is associated with cholesterol/sphingolipid-rich membrane microdomains in aggressive melanoma cells in vitro and experimental melanomas in vivo., Beta-catenin transgene signaling plays a role in the proliferation of neural progenitor cells in the subventricular zone of adult mouse brain., Beta-catenin may have an important role in the development of malignancy and in the determination of biological features of keratoacanthoma and squamous cell carcinoma of the skin., study found that Wnt/beta-catenin pathway is involved in the genesis of pulmonary sclerosing haemangioma (PSH), but mutation of exon 3 of the beta-catenin gene rarely contributes to the activation of the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway in PSH, Cytoplasmic beta-catenin is associated with COX-2 overexpression, supporting the role of cytoplasmic beta-catenin in stabilizing PTGS2 (COX-2) mRNA., Mutation-specific restriction enzyme digestion was used to detect CTNNB1 mutations in desmoid-type fibromatosis., Deregulated beta-catenin signaling may occur in high-risk neuroblastomas without MYCN amplification resulting in transactivation of MYC and other target genes to induce an aggressive phenotype., MUC1 may affect cancer cell migration by increasing E-cadherin/beta-catenin complex formation and restoring E-cadherin membrane localization, Re-expression of E-cadherin in HT29(US) cells restored the ability of caveolin-1 to down-regulate beta-catenin-Tcf/Lef-dependent transcription and survivin expression, as seen in HT29(ATCC) cells., FLT3 activation induces beta-catenin tyrosine phosphorylation and nuclear localization., Beta-Catenin was co-immunoprecipitated with ERalpha, indicating that these two proteins form a new signaling complex and transcription factor., REVIEW of studies pointing to molecular mechanisms that govern the integration between cell-cell adhesion and gene expression, as reflected in the switches between these two functions of beta-catenin in colon cancer cells, Activating mutations of exon 3 of the beta-catenin gene are frequent in adrenocortical adenomas., Data indicate that Sox4 and 17 can act as both antagonists and agonists of beta-catenin/TCF activity, and this mechanism may regulate Wnt signaling responses in many developmental and disease contexts., immunohistochemistry for b-catenin may be a powerful tool for detecting those adenomas with an increased risk for malinancy., This paper focuses on changes in E-cadherin (CDH1), adenomatous polyposis coli (APC), and beta-catenin (CTNNB1) in 50 tumors of the central nervous system, The Wnt/beta-catenin signaling transduction pathway is activated with aberrant expression of Wnt1 in hepatocellular carcinoma cell line HepG2., HER-2/neu transcriptionally activates Jab1 expression via the AKT/beta-catenin pathway in breast cancer cells., The ectopic expression rate of beta-catenin was significantly higher in colorectal carcinoma, colorectal adenoma with malignancy, and colorectal adenoma than in normal colorectal mucosa., The expression of beta-catenin is related with treatment outcome, Durin-Salmon stage and ISS stage of multiple myeloma, and is positively correlated to serum levels of LDH and beta2-MG., Beta-catenin is overexpressed in hepatocellular carcinoma, but its overexpression has no correlation to gene mutation at GSK-3beta phosphorylation sites in exon 3., Endogenous KIT and beta-catenin were found to associate in mast cell leukemia cells, and in vitro kinase assay demonstrated that active KIT phosphorylates tyrosine residues of beta-catenin directly., The reciprocal crosstalk between beta-catenin/Tcf pathway and NF-kappaB signaling in hMSCs is mediated through the regulation of lzts2 expression., Sporadic desmoids are usually associated with somatic mutations in codons 41 or 45 of exon 3 of beta-catenin (CTNNB1)., Overexpression of beta-catenin in leukemia cells indicates that the Wnt signaling transduction pathway may be aberrantly activated in leukemia., The beta-catenin gene in blast crisis of chronic myeloid leukemia patients is expressed higher than that in chronic phase and accelerated phase of CML, and its expression level is correlated with the level of bcr/abl expression., Suggest beta-catenin deregulation is involved in sporadic hepatoblastoma and also suggests that mismatch repair defects and p53 mutations contribute to this rare liver cancer., Beta-catenin activation through mutation does not occur in CML., functional significance of combined dysregulation of PKD1 and E-cadherin in prostate cancer; their effect on cell growth is mediated by beta-catenin., removal of N-glycans on E-cadherin resulted in elevated tyrosine phosphorylation level of beta-catenin and reduced beta- and alpha-catenins at adherens junctions, analysis of Epstein-Barr virus, beta-catenin, and E-cadherin in gastric carcinomas, Genome-scale chromosomal copy number alteration profiles and mutational statuses of p53 and beta-catenin in 87 hepatocellular carcinoma tumors were clarified., Topo IIalpha interacts with beta-catenin/T-cell factor-4 as a novel transcriptional co-activator in colorectal neoplasms., These data show activation of the Wnt/beta-catenin-signalling pathway in uveal melanoma and suggest that components of this pathway might be useful prognostic markers as well as attractive therapeutic targets to treat this disease., Results describe a specific intracellular pathway involving the activation of PP1cgamma to mediate the effects of confluence-induced beta-catenin dephosphorylation., EpCAM is a Wnt-beta-catenin signaling target gene, KCC3 down-regulates E-cadherin/beta-catenin complex formation by inhibiting transcription of E-cadherin gene and accelerating proteosome-dependent degradation of beta-catenin protein, membranous overexpression of E-cadherin and beta-catenin are associated with the metastatic prostate cancer cells in bone and the high frequency of expression suggests their involvement in the intercellular adhesion of the metastatic cells in bone, an internally truncated LRP5 receptor is strongly implicated in deregulated activation of the WNT/beta-catenin signaling pathway in hyperparathyroid tumors, Wnt/beta-catenin pathyway is activated by epigenetic inactivation of Dkk3, thereby promoting the growth of lung cancer cells, betaenin can be involved in polyphenol mediated down regulation of AKT1., These observations assign to the tumor suppressor Fhit an unexpected role in the regulation of beta-catenin-mediated gene transcription., Overexpression of beta-catenin in leukemia cells indicates that it might be aberrantly activated in acute leukemia, accelerated or blastic phase of CML., Beta-catenin mutations do not contribute to cardiac fibroma pathogenesis., beta-catenin as a component of the intercentrosomal linker and define a new function for beta-catenin as a key regulator of mitotic centrosome separation., shRNAs targeted against beta-catenin could have a gene silencing effect and block the WNT signaling pathway. They could inhibit cell growth, increase apoptosis, and induce cell cycle arrest in human colon cancer cell lines., FGF9 mutant tumors showed normal membranous beta-catenin expression and the absence of mutation in the beta-catenin gene, Wnt signalling induced the interaction between beta-catenin and TBL1-TBLR1, as well as their binding to Wnt target genes. Importantly, the recruitment of TBL1-TBLR1 and beta-catenin to Wnt target-gene promoters was mutually dependent on each other., data indicate that beta-catenin signaling is an intrinsic molecular pathway restricting HIV replication in PBMCs, the importance of beta-catenin in the immortalization process of HPCs, from its dispensable role in their maintenance., Over-expression of beta-catenin was sufficient to suppress the differentiation and mineralization of DPSCs., GSK-3beta enters the nucleus, forms a complex with beta-catenin and lowers the levels of beta-catenin/TCF-dependent transcription in a mechanism that involves GSK-3beta-Axin binding, the pathway including S100A7/psoriasin and beta-catenin signaling has a role in tumor progression of squamous cell carcinoma of oral cavity, These data indicate that the differential crosstalk between beta-catenin/Tcf and NF-kappaB pathway in various cancer cells resulted from the differences in the regulation of NF-kappaB-induced lzts2 expression., Vpu leads to the depression of both total and beta-catenin-associated E-cadherin levels through beta-TrCP-dependent stabilization of the transcriptional repressor Snail., PTPRK influences transactivating activity of beta-catenin in non-tumoral and neoplastic cells by regulating the balance between signaling and adhesive beta-catenin, thus providing biochemical basis for the hypothesis of PTPRK as a tumor suppressor gene., Correlation between beta-catenin mutations and expression of Wnt-signaling target genes in hepatocellular carcinoma., Mutations in CTNNB1, APC, AXIN1, and AXIN2 are not implicated in nuclear accumulation of beta-catenin, and the expression of cyclin D1 is accelerated independently of beta-catenin in ameloblastomas., beta-catenin and/or CDX2 immunolabeling may have diagnostic usefulness in the evaluation of serrated polyps, Data suggest the Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway may be associated with ethanol-induced osteonecrosis., Increased MMP-2 and -9 and altered beta-catenin may play a role in the pathogenesis of endometriosis., Overexpression of Myc stimulated sebocyte differentiation, whereas overexpression of beta-catenin stimulated involucrin and cornifin expression., The results indicated that HBx induction in the CCL13-HBx stable cell line downregulated Wnt-3/beta-catenin expression and suppressed cell growth by repressing cell proliferation or triggering cell apoptosis., WT1 and WTX mutations occur with similar frequency, that they partially overlap in Wilms tumors, and that mutations in WT1, WTX, and CTNNB1 underlie the genetic basis of about one-third of Wilms tumors, study examined the presence of mutations in TP53 at codon 249 (Ser-249, considered as a hallmark of mutagenesis by aflatoxin) and in CTNNB1 in circulating free DNA of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma or chronic liver disease from Alexandria, Egypt, Combination treatment of As(2)O(3) and bortezomib can reduce beta-catenin level in myeloma cell lines., levels in colon carcinomas were not statistically different from levels in adjacent normal mucosa and were not correlated with tumor, nodes, and metastases stage, a beta-catenin-RET kinase pathway is a critical contributor to the development and metastasis of thyroid carcinoma, Beta-catenin co-immunoprecipitated with Hsp27B1 in breast cancer biopsy samples. Beta-catenin was coexpressed in the same tumor areas & in the same tumor cells that expressed Hsp27., Nuclear beta-catenin expression correlating with the grade of IEN in polyps and carcinomas supports its role in colorectal carcinogenesis., Mutations of CTNNB1 were observed in cases of gastric cancer., Crystal structure of a full-length beta-catenin., the expression manner of PTEN, beta-catenin, and p53 immunocytochemistry was observed in the normal endometrium (proliferative, secretory, and atrophic, and endometrial glandular and stromal breakdown[beta-catenin], nuclear beta-catenin immunostaining can serve as a sensitive immunohistochemical marker for the diagnosis of endometrial stromal tumors, CHD8 is an ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling factor that regulates beta-catenin target genes, a frizzled module in cell surface collagen 18 inhibits Wnt/beta-catenin signaling, Mutations in CTNNB1 are associated with melanoma, beta-catenin signalling is essential in sustaining the cancer stem cell phenotype, Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma suppresses colonic epithelial cell turnover and colon carcinogenesis through inhibition of the beta-catenin/T cell factor pathway., study of correlation between mutations & expression of E-cadherin, beta-catenin, occludin & claudin & complexity of colon carcinoma growth; perturbed expression & distribution of these proteins was found, but could not be linked to complexity of growth, Beta-catenin mutations in adenomas associated with pigmented nodular adrenocortical disease, further implicating Wnt-beta-catenin signalling in tumorigenesis linked to bilateral adrenal hyperplasias., These results support a functional role for beta-catenin during proliferation of human islet-derived precursor cells (hIPCs) and suggest that activated beta-catenin signalling may also be important during hIPC derivation from islets., Determination of role nuclear pore complex in regulating TCF4/beta cateninin mediated Wnt signaling., study showed that the beta-catenin signal transduction pathway was upregulated by chronic alcohol abuse, There is a functional role for the long cytoplasmic domain of CEACAM1 in regulation of beta-catenin activity., Combined increased p53 and reduced membranous beta-catenin protein expression indicated a very poor prognosis in patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma., SOX2 and beta-catenin act in synergy in the transcription regulation of CCND1 in breast cancer cells, A loss of nuclear beta-catenin is the most consistent feature in prostate cancer rather than absolute levels of expression, Beta-catenin induced through the Wnt receptor complex was significantly more competent transcriptionally than overexpressed beta-catenin, both in cultured cells and in early Xenopus embryos., three WT1 subtypes were correlated with WT1, IGF2, and CTNNB1 genetics, In focal nodular hyperplasia, increased activation of the beta-catenin pathway was found restricted to enlarged perivenous areas, Our study proved that beta-catenin protein levels are negatively associated with myeloma cells' sensitivity to Bortezomib., aberrant beta-catenin expression may play an important role for the pathogenesis of epithelial odontogenic tumors, Report nuclear targeting of beta-catenin and p120ctn during thrombin-induced endothelial barrier dysfunction., These experiments suggest that in breast cancer cells, the expression of ZBP1 and the expression of beta-catenin are coordinately regulated., These results indicate that localized decrease of beta-catenin contributes to the spatial pattern of differentiation in hESC colonies., Epigenetic repression of DACT3 leads to aberrant Wnt-beta-catenin signaling in colorectal cancer cells., This is the first report demonstrating an association between nuclear beta-catenin accumulation and target gene activation in adamantinomatous craniopharyngiomas, Aberrant accumulation of beta-catenin is very common in parathyroid tumors, and is caused by stabilizing homozygous mutation in 7.3% of Swedish patients., findings suggest that hepatitis B virus X protein (HBx) negatively regulated proliferation of CCL13-HBx-stable cells via the GSK-3beta/beta-catenin cascade, Core-fucosylated E-cadherin regulated nuclear beta-catenin accumulation in lung cancer cells., Wnt/beta-catenin signaling mediates the differentiation of osteochondral progenitor cells during fracture repair., CTLA-4 is a direct target of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling and is expressed in human melanoma tumors, This study reveals for the first time that alpha-catenin is a key regulator of beta-catenin transcriptional activity and that the status of alpha-catenin expression in tumor tissues might have prognostic value for Src targeted therapy, 14-3-3epsilon and 14-3-3zeta are identified as Cby-binding partners., We define a novel modification of beta-catenin that regulates its nuclear localization and transcriptional function., MCC is a nuclear, beta-catenin-interacting protein that can act as a potential tumor suppressor in the serrated colorectal cancer pathway by inhibiting Wnt/beta-catenin signal transduction., Overexpression of a beta-catenin mutant and depletion of SFRP1 using siRNA synergistically upregulated TCF/LEF transcriptional activity., rather than being translocated to the nucleus for regulating the target gene transcription, Smad7-stabilized-beta-catenin is shunted to the E-cadherin complex to modulate cell-cell adhesion., HIF-1alpha was found to inactivate the Wnt signaling by binding to hARD1 or beta-catenin, which may contribute to the hypoxia-induced growth arrest of tumor cells., WNT3 and DKK1 regulate distinct internalization pathways of LRP6 to tune the activation of beta catenin signaling., Nuclear beta-catenin expression provides additional information in predicting patient outcome in advanced colorectal cancer., Slit-2-overexpressing breast cancer cells exhibit tumor suppressor capabilities through the novel mechanism of beta-catenin modulation., beta-catenin acts together with Lef-1 to influence DeltaNp63 promoter activity and protein expression, The Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway may have a role in megakaryocytopoiesis in polycythemia vera and essential thrombocythemia., SMRT and NCoR have important roles in the regulation of beta-catenin-TCF4-mediated gene transcription, Polycystin-1 C-terminal tail co-localizes with and binds to beta-catenin in the nucleus., There are somatic mutations of the APC and beta-catenin genes in aggressive fibromatosis., The occurrence as an additional hit of a CTNNB1 somatic mutation is associated with larger or more aggressive adrenocortical tumors., FHL2-beta-catenin interaction potentiates beta-catenin nuclear translocation and TCF/LEF transcription, resulting in increased Runx2 and alkaline phosphatase expression, which was inhibited by the Wnt inhibitor DKK1., Decreased immunoexpression of beta-catenin and E-cadherin in serous ovarian tumors may be helpful in identifying the cases of higher metastatic potential and infiltration ability., erbin acts as a negative regulator of beta-catenin/T-cell-factor-dependent gene expression. An erbin mutant with a deletion of the N-terminal leucine-rich repeat allows the PDZ domain of erbin to increase beta-catenin/T-cell-factor-dependent transcription, beta-catenin expression was significantly related to E-cadherin and MMP-7 expression, the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway contributes to carcinogenesis and cancer cell survival by driving expression of OPG, loss of expression is related to bone metastasis in prostate cancer, Knock-down of beta-catenin gene may decrease the proliferation, survival, and clonogenicity in Jurkat cells and K562 cells., Data suggest that deregulation of Wnt/ beta-catenin signaling by WTX gene mutation may be a rare event in the pathogenesis of colorectal, gastric, and hepatocellular carcinomas., The abnormal expression of E-cadherin and beta-catenin were closely related with differentiation, clinical stage, metastasis in laryngeal carcinoma., 33 (52%) of 64 mantle cell lymphoma tumors showed nuclear localization of beta-catenin, which significantly correlated with the expression of the phosphorylated/inactive form of GSK3beta, Snail and Slug promote formation of beta-catenin-T-cell factor (TCF)-4 transcription complexes that bind to the promoter of the TGF-beta3 gene to increase its transcription., The pVHL tumour suppressor and the Wnt tumorigenesis pathway are therefore directly linked through Jade-1., No mutations were detected in adenomatous polyposis coli protein or beta-catenin in pulmonary artery sarcoma., Activated Akt seems to characterize well-differentiated invasive squamous laryngeal carcinomas, loss of E-cadherin and activation of beta-catenin correlated with high grade carcinomas., CTNNB1 mutations are highly common in desmoid tumors., Reduced expression of E-cadherin/catenin complex in hepatocellular carcinomas., In hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), there is a negative correlation between the positive expression of p130Cas and the normal expression of E-cadherin/beta-catenin. p130Cas plays important roles in the invasion, metastasis and prognosis of HCC., There is no predictive value of nuclear beta-catenin in colorectal cancer outcomes., High-level beta-catenin staining is seen in deep "adult-type" fibromatoses occurring in children. beta-catenin is not expressed in other common pediatric fibroblastic and myofibroblastic lesions, Knockdown by siRNA in human U251 glioma cells inhibited cell proliferation and invasive ability, and induced apoptotic cell death, the combined pattern of positive KL-6 expression and decreased membranous beta-catenin expression by colorectal carcinoma is a useful biomarker for distinguishing a subgroup of patients with a worse prognosis., Beta-catenin overexpression in Dupuytren's disease is unrelated to disease recurrence., No mutations were found in the GSK-3beta phosphorylation sites on exon 3 of beta-catenin gene in this group of patients with the MRKH syndrome., No mutations are observed in the CTNNB1 gene in any of of sporadic colorectal tumors in this study., Dkk3 is a negative regulator of beta-catenin and its downregulation contributes to an activation of the beta-catenin signaling pathway, novel role of beta-catenin in endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress-mediated growth inhibition and a new proapoptotic mechanism triggered by beta-catenin on inhibition of PKC isoforms, nuclear translocation of beta-catenin was found in 1 of 4 cases of adult Wilms' tumor; none had a beta-catenin gene mutation; nuclear translocation of beta-catenin & mutation of beta-catenin gene were found in 53% & 15.8% of pediatric Wilms' tumors, Consequences of modulation of PAR1 and PAR2 expression and function on cytotrophoblast invasion and beta-catenin stabilization, were examined., the AURKA/GSK-3beta interaction is important in regulating beta-catenin, The SCF(beta-TrCP) binding site created by phosphorylation of beta-catenin is highly vulnerable to protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) and must be protected by the adenomatous polyposis coli (APC) tumor suppressor protein., analysis of Wnt/beta-catenin and Myc signaling in liver cancer, overexpression of SRF in colorectal carcinoma cells is associated with modulation of E-cadherin/beta-catenin expression and may play an important role in colorectal cancer metastasis., alterations in beta-catenin/E-cadherin complex play a critical role in spindle and/or corded (SPICO) cells' features, Data describe alterations of myocardial intercellular and cell-matrix contacts in hypertrophic tissue, and show intracellular translocation of beta-catenin, alpha-actinin and chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan 6 in both an animal model and in LVH patients., Together with glucocorticoid receptor , beta-catenin could thus be co-transported from the nucleus in a calreticulin-dependent way, In Alzheimer's disease, amyloid-beta toxicity may downregulate the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway., Hepatocellular cancers that harbor missense mutations in exon-3 of CTNNB1 exhibit, histologically, a more aggressive phenotype., Data suggest that integrin alpha3beta1 is a critical coordinator of epithelial-mesenchyme transition signaling pathways involving beta-catenin and pSmad2., These findings suggest that disruption of the peripheral intestinal circadian clock may be intimately involved in beta-catenin induced intestinal epithelial neoplastic transformation in both mouse and man., Ret/ptc1 cross talks with Met at transcriptional and signaling levels and promotes beta-catenin transcriptional activity to drive thyrocyte neoplastic transformation., The reduced immunoexpression of beta-catenin in the membrane may be related to the high degree of cell indifferentiation in cases of oral squamous cell carcinoma with high scores., reduced expression of beta-catenin and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma play a key role in aggressive colorectal cancer behavior., BCL-W may function as a downstream effector of inappropriate WNT/beta-catenin signalling., The results regarding beta-catenin expression obtained in our study confirm the previous findings that nuclear accumulation of this protein plays a crucial role in the pathogenesis of aggressive fibromatosis., Enforced expression of stabilized beta-catenin transgene by pre-T cell receptor (TCR) signals downstream of the pre-TCR is sufficient to mediate TCR beta-selection including sustained expression of early growth response (Egr) genes in developing T-cells., The main role for transgenic beta-catenin during T cell maturation is at the initial stages, and not the terminal stages, of T cell receptor beta-chain selection, when CD4+CD8+ double-positive cells are normally being generated., process of adipogenesis is affected by a dynamic link between complexes of emerin and lamins A/C at the nuclear envelope and nucleocytoplasmic distribution of beta-catenin, to influence cellular plasticity and differentiation., GnRH regulation of Jun transcription requires a functional interaction between TCF/LEF and beta-catenin., Mutations in CTNNB1 gene is associated with Wilms tumor., There was increased expression of E-cadherin and beta-catenin in the eutopic and ectopic endometrium in adenomyosis., Zbed3 is a novel Axin-binding protein that is involved in Wnt/beta-catenin signaling modulation., These findings suggest that WNT3A can mediate transcriptional changes in melanoma cells in a manner reminiscent of the known role of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in normal melanocyte development., there was a nonsignifcant tendency to worst prognosis for beta-catenin positive patients with ovarian cancer, E-cadherin, beta-catenin, and ZEB1 have roles in malignant progression of cancer [review], Beta-catenin mediates soft tissue contracture in clubfoot., Cell membrane localization of beta-catenin was correlated with E-cadherin expression in leukemia cells., Tight junction proteins claudin-1, claudin-3, claudin-4, and the adherens junction protein beta-catenin are overexpressed in colorectal carcinoma., data confirm and extend previous observations that CTNNB1-mutated tumours represent a distinct molecular subgroup of medulloblastomas with favourable outcome, there is no evidence of beta-catenin mutation in the genesis of rhabdomyosarcoma, Activation of the canonical Wingless (Wnt) signaling pathway by a stabilizing mutation of beta-catenin targeted exclusively to thymic epithelial cells changes the initial commitment of endodermal epithelia to a thymic cell fate., the cadherin-bound pool of beta-catenin, internalized together with E-cadherin, accumulates at the perinuclear endocytic recycling compartment upon AJ dissociation, and can be translocated into the cell nucleus upon Wnt pathway activation, A novel regulatory mechanism whereby turnover of both endogenous and overexpressed H-Ras protein is controlled by beta-TrCP-mediated ubiquitylation, proteasomal degradation and the Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway, is reported., Data show that Wnt-5a stimulation of breast epithelial cells leads to increased cell-cell adhesion, and that Wnt-5a/casein kinase Ialpha (CKIalpha)-specific phosphorylation of beta-catenin leads to increased complex formation of beta-catenin/E-cadherin., By reducing COX-2 expression, caveolin-1 interrupts a feedback amplification loop involving PGE(2)-induced signaling events linked to beta-catenin/Tcf/Lef-dependent transcription of tumor survival genes including cox-2 itself and survivin., Both dysplastic and nondysplastic ACF have altered beta-catenin expression and play a role in colon tumorigenesis., Our results implicate the potential importance of Pitx2 as a beta-catenin downstream modulator in hair growth control., data suggest that Dkk-1 stimulates the release of beta-catenin from cell membrane and facilitates cell migration which accompanies degradation of beta-catenin/E-cadherin, Cadherin-11 mRNA and protein levels are regulated by the activity of GSK3beta and a significant degree of this regulation is exerted by the GSK3 target, beta-catenin, at the level of the cadherin-11 3'UTR, Collagen type I may influence the expression of E-cadherin and beta-catenin in carcinoma ex-pleomorphic adenoma., accumulation of cytoplasm beta-catenin was increased in hepatocellular carcinoma., in stage IIA colon cancer, 4 distinct patterns of nuclear beta-catenin expression were identified that are correlated with different cancer-specific & disease-free survival, Endostatin induces autophagy in endothelial cells by modulating Beclin 1 and beta-catenin levels, DKK1, alone or combined with beta-catenin, is a novel prognostic predictor for hepatocellular carcinoma patients., These results demonstrate a mechanism of sphingosine 1-phosphate-induced endothelial barrier enhancement via beta-catenin-linked adherens junction and focal adhesion interaction., nuclear beta-catenin staining level might be associated with tumor recurrence in Giant cell tumor of bone., Aberrant activation of hedgehog pathway may play important roles in endometrial cancer through beta-catenin nuclear accumulation., Coexpression of HSP60 and nuclear beta-catenin predicts a worse prognosis of metastatic head and neck cancer patients., beta-catenin mRNA expression level in AML patients was significantly higher than that in benign blood disease patients, but no statistical difference was found among the various subgroups of AML., suppression of beta-catenin signaling by PCDH24 leads to contact inhibition, Report mutations in exon 3 of the CTNNB1 gene (beta-catenin gene) in cutaneous adnexal tumors., changes in the Akt/beta-catenin pathway play key roles in the regulation of E-cadherin through the transactivation of the Slug gene in uterine carcinosarcomas., Downregulation of E-cadherin and diffuse membranous beta-catenin expression suggest a dysregulation of the E-cadherin/beta-catenin complex in Merkel cell carcinoma., Activation of Wnt/beta-catenin signalling pathway induces chemoresistance to IFN-alpha/5-FU therapy., EP2 and EP4 receptor inhibition induces apoptosis of human endometriotic cells through suppression of ERK1/2, AKT, NFkappaB, and beta-catenin pathways and activation of intrinsic apoptotic mechanisms, Data suggest that URG11 contributes to gastric cancer growth and metastasis at least partially through activation of beta-catenin signalling pathway., RNA samples from 21 neuroblastoma showed a highly significant FZD1 and/or MDR1 overexpression after treatment, underlining a role for FZD1-mediated Wnt/beta-catenin pathway in clinical chemoresistance., APPL proteins exert their stimulatory effects on beta-catenin/TCF-dependent transcription by decreasing the activity of a Reptin-containing repressive complex, TCF and beta-catenin binding plays important roles in HCCR-1 oncogene expression., Quercetin inhibits human SW480 colon cancer growth in association with inhibition of cyclin D1 and survivin expression through Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway., APC, E-cadherin, beta-catenin and cyclin D1 may play important roles in tumorigenesis of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma(ESCC)., Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway may be activated abnormally in some nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) patients. beta-catenin may be a prognostic factor of NPC., p53 overexpression, NF-kappaB positivity, and beta-catenin loss were predictive factors of adverse clinical outcomes in appendiceal mucinous adenocarcinomas., These data suggest that repression of ZBP1 by blocking beta-catenin binding at the ZBP1 promoter deregulates its associated mRNAs, leading to the phenotypic changes of breast cancers., Overexpression of beta-catenin is responsible for the development of portal hypertension during liver cirrhosis., Expression of CTNNB1 and its mechanism of delocalization in intestinal-type early gastric cancer based on mucin expression is reported., This study suggests that NKX2-5 modulates the beta-catenin and GATA4 transcriptional activities in developing human cardiac myocytes., Hypoxia seems to be responsible for accumulation of beta-catenin in the nucleus which is accompanied by a more invasive phenotype of tumour cells, Cten is a novel nuclear partner of beta-catenin, and has an oncogenic activity in colon cancers., PTEN/Akt/beta-catenin signaling pathway has an important role in regulation of normal and malignant mammary stem/progenitor cell populations., Molecular interaction be demonstrated between PPARgamma and beta-Catenin both in breast cancer cell lines and tissue samples., Results show that activating BRAF somatic mutations may be occasionally found in advanced adrenocortical carcinomas, while CTNNB1 activating mutations are early and common events in adrenal tumorigenesis., CCAR1 is a novel component of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling that plays an important role in transcriptional regulation by beta-catenin., The presence of nuclear beta-catenin and high content of mmp-9 in the tumor were associated with abnormal accumulation of laminin in the cytoplasm. These changes were characteristic of colorectal cancer with high invasive metastatic potential., CTNNB1 and BRAF mutations may have roles in the cribriform-morular variant of papillary thyroid carcinoma, UCH L1 up-regulates its expression by activation of the oncogenic beta-catenin/TCF signaling, Type-1 Collagen differentially alters beta-catenin accumulation in primary Dupuytren's Disease cord and adjacent palmar fascia cells., The results suggest that PR55 alpha specifically regulates PP2A-mediated beta-catenin dephosphorylation and plays an essential role in Wnt signaling., Daxx functions as a positive coregulator in modulating the beta-catenin/TCF4-dependent transcriptional potential via TCF4 interaction., Results suggest a role of COP9 signalosome (CSN)-mediated deneddylation in the formation of the beta-catenin-degrading supercomplex and the protection of complex-bound adenomatous polyposis coli via CSN-associated USP15., These results indicate that the mutation of exon 3 of the CTNNB1 gene in brain tumours may be a rare event and yet may be required for a small subset of human metastatic brain tumours., The down-regulation of miR-122a mediated by aberrant APC/beta-catenin signaling is important to the pathogenesis of gastrointestinal cancers., Data show that no mutations were detected in PIK3CA and CTNNB1/beta-catenin hotspot sequences., osteopontin nd beta-catenin are useful in differentiating small cell lung carcinomas and non-small cell lung carcinomas, Data suggest that E-cadherin-based cell-cell adhesion limits Wnt signals by promoting the activity of a junction-localized beta-catenin phosphodestruction complex, which may be relevant to tissue morphogenesis and cell fate decisions during development., Ectopic expression of either Wnt1 or stabilized beta-catenin in vitro induced the transcription factor Snail and suppressed nephrin expression, leading to podocyte dysfunction, VEGF leads to a Rac1-mediated generation of ROS, which, in turn, elevates the tyrosine phosphorylation of VE-cadherin and beta-catenin, ultimately regulating adherens junction integrity., Down regulation of axin expression and up regulation of beta-catenin were detected in neuroepithelial brain tumors, Several genetic polymorphisms in beta-catenin correlated with hepatitis B virus-related hepatocellular carcinoma., the tyrosine phosphorylation of arm12 is a key marker of cadherin dysfunction and the 4G7 antibody may be useful in screening for a beta-catenin phosphorylation ligand or tyrosine kinases., Chronic moderate hypoxia induces macrophage activation via the Akt and beta-catenin pathways, providing new insight into the pathogenesis of inflammatory diseases., Down reglation of beta-catenin is associated with rhabdomyosarcoma., A novel functional link between beta-catenin and Aurora kinase A, underscoring a critical role of these pathways in multiple myeloma disease progression., Nuclear expression of beta-catenin was also negative in all cases, while positive cytoplasmic beta-catenin expression was observed in approximately half of the patients leiomyosarcomas, statistically significant correlation between expression of beta-catenin and 14-3-3sigma, prohibitin, and nm23-H1. Results presented might provide potential protein markers to elucidate mechanism of beta-catenin-mediated biology for ESCC., Mutations in CTNNB1 protein is associated with Colorectal Carcinoma., Beta-catenin and TCF4 activate the human StarD7 gene interacting with its promoter region through Wnt/beta-catenin signalling., Data show that PGK1 regulates the expression of CXCR4 and beta-catenin at the mRNA and protein levels, Data suggest that through regucalcin and L-gulonolactone oxidase expression, beta-catenin regulates vitamin C biosynthesis in liver., CDK5-splicing variant might also be a negative regulator of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway., Results suggest that Herba Epimedii flavonoids affect osteogenic differentiation, which plausibly functions via the BMP and Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathways., miR-200a appears to act as a multifunctional tumor suppressor miRNA in meningiomas through effects on the E-cadherin and Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathways., Overexpression of CD24 in hepatocellular carcinoma was associated with invasiveness and metastatic potential, high tumor proliferation status, and activation of the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway., PPP(S/T)P motif phosphorylation of the free LRP6 intracellular domain is not required to activate the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway and attenuate GSK3beta activity, HCV NS5A protein directly interacts with endogenous beta-catenin and colocalizes with beta-catenin in the cytoplasm., DHFR is a novel modulator of beta-catenin and GSK3 signaling, Increased beta-catenin expression is associated with hepatocellular carcinoma., HMGA1 is involved in proliferation and gastric tumor formation via the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway., Beta-catenin nuclear labeling is a common feature of sessile serrated adenomas and correlates with early neoplastic progression after BRAF activation., Studies indicate that MAML1 functions as a coactivator for the tumor suppressor p53, MEF2C, beta-catenin and Notch signaling., In parathyroid carcinomas, adenomas, & atypical adenomas, and 130 adenomas, CTNNB expression was heterogeneous, suggesting that the Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway is not involved in the development of parathyroid carcinomas and adenomas., Activated embryonal development-related wnt1/beta-catenin pathway might take part in the oncogenesis and growth of neural crest-derived neuroblastoma., Biphasic aspect of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling with strong decrease up to 40 h after stretch induction, is important for anabolic effects of mechanical stretch on bone., SALL4 plays a critical role in the pathogenesis of MDS by causing the aberrant activation of the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway., Data show that elevated Snail expression by Pdcd4 knockdown leads to downregulation of E-cadherin resulting in activating beta-catenin/Tcf-dependent transcription., Catabolic role of LRP5 may be mediated by Wnt/beta-catenin pathway in human osteoarthritis., Molecular markers such as beta-catenin and mitotic count could aid in defining a better grading system for ovarian endometrioid carcinoma., Beta-catenin is involved in alterations in mitochondrial activity in non-transformed intestinal epithelial and colon cancer cells., NS5A mediates activation of beta-catenin in a phosphoinositide-3 kinase-dependent fashion., OPN promotes prostate cancer cell progression processes by activating the Akt/beta-catenin pathway. The OPN/Akt pathway is required for the stabilization of beta-catenin. Nuclear beta-catenin activates the TCF/LEF family of transcription factors., Wnt2/beta-catenin signaling pathway is constitutively activated in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) cells, indicating that Wnt2/beta-catenin pathway plays an essential role in carcinogenesis of the esophagus., Wnt/beta-catenin signaling induces expression of an RNA-binding protein, CRD-BP, which in turn binds and stabilizes GLI1 mRNA, causing an elevation of GLI1 expression and transcriptional activity, among endometrial stromal tumors and related sarcomas, undifferentiated endometrial sarcomas featuring uniform nuclei were characterized by frequent coincident expression of beta-catenin and cyclin D1., Analysis of association of CTNNb1 genes with bone mineral density in a Slovenian population, beta-Catenin and Cyclin D1 increased in gliomas may be precipitate the tumorigenesis of glioma., Hypermethylation of APC promoter 1A, instead of mutations involving APC and beta-catenin, contributes to moderate activation of Wnt signalling in a subset of serrated adenomas ., The combination of the upregulation of vimentin and aberrant expression of E-cadherin/beta-catenin complexes at the tumour invasive front may provide a useful prognostic marker in oral squamous cell carcinoma., A direct correlation between positive Her2 expression and abnormal beta-catenin expression exists in human breast carcinoma., the beta-catenin-dependent Wnt pathway is integrated with integrin signaling through the adaptor molecule Grb2, ZEB2 and CTNNB1 are the functional downstream targets of miR-200a and they play distinct roles in regulating nasopharyngeal carcinoma development., These findings unravel the molecular basis through which a combinatorial action of Cby and 14-3-3 proteins controls the dynamic nuclear-cytoplasmic trafficking of beta-catenin., The EGFR-ERK-CK2-mediated phosphorylation of alpha-catenin promotes beta-catenin transactivation and tumor cell invasion., The effect of transient stimulation of the canonical Wnt pathway in the differentiation potential of Lin(-)CD34(+) CD1a(-) human thymic progenitors, was analyzed., Mutations in the human naked cuticle homolog NKD1 found in colorectal cancer alter Wnt/Dvl/beta-catenin signaling, Nuclear factor-kappaB pathway was involved in beta-catenin knockdown-induced apoptosis. Attenuation of beta-catenin by shRNA caused suppressed cell proliferation and apoptosis, suggesting that beta-catenin may be a target for therapy of gastric cancer., Studies indicate that almost all solid-pseudopapillary neoplasms harbor mutations in the beta-catenin gene., Data suggest that a distinct chromatin architecture coordinated by beta-catenin/TCF-bound Wnt responsive enhancers accompanies transcriptional activation of MYC gene expression., Data show that binding of beta-catenin to the 15R of APC is necessary and sufficient to target beta-catenin for degradation., Data suggest that the RNAi adenovirus specific to GSK-3beta may partly protect HUVECs from apoptosis induced by FFAs, probably through the up-regulation of the Wnt/beta-catenin signal pathway., suppression of MUC1 by miR-145 causes a reduction of beta-catenin as well as the oncogenic cadherin 11, Data show that TRPC4 co-precipitated with the junctional proteins beta-catenin and VE-cadherin., These data suggest that activation of beta-catenin signaling causes dedifferentiation to malignant, immature hepatocyte progenitors and facilitates recurrence of human hepatocellular carcinoma after orthotopic liver transplantation., EWS/FLI1 inhibits both DKK-1 expression as well as beta-catenin/TCF-dependent transcription, which could contribute to progression of tumours of the Ewing family., Functional genetic study has demonstrated that haploinsufficiency of LKB1 could up-regulate the Wnt-signaling pathway through a liberalization of GSK-3 beta, PTK6 associates with nuclear and cytoplasmic beta-catenin and inhibits beta-catenin- and T-cell factor (TCF)-mediated transcription., These findings demonstrate the importance of cross-talk between the PI3K/Akt and beta-catenin pathways in medulloblastoma, Data show that actin bundle formation and subsequent linkage between actin bundles and VE-cadherin through alpha- and beta-catenins are important for the stabilization of VE-cadherin at the cell-cell contacts in cAMP-Epac-Rap1 signal-activated cells., The results indicate that developmentof an invasive carcinoma from an intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasms of pancreas (IPMN) is associated with a decrease in tumor cells expressing E-cadherin and beta-catenin and higher proliferative activity., Tuberin-null cells become nonadherent and invasive and these nonadherent cells express cleaved forms of beta-catenin., a low beta-catenin membrane minus cytoplasmic expression score is associated with an adverse outcome in breast cancer., idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis fibroblasts constitutively expressed increased basal levels of SPARC, plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 (PAI-1), and active beta-catenin compared with control cells, Wnt/beta-catenin signaling plays an important role in lung cancer stem cell properties, and it also regulates OCT-4, a lung cancer stem cell marker., Abnormal expression of beta-catenin and overexpression of Glut-1 may be the early events in tumorigenesis of endometrioid adenocarcinoma., an interaction between beta-catenin and vinculin is crucial for stabilizing E-cadherin at the cell surface, LRP10 may interfere with the formation of the beta-catenin/TCF complex and/or its binding to target DNA in the nucleus, and that the extracellular domain of LRP10 is critical for inhibition of the canonical Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway., Smad3 prevents beta-catenin degradation and facilitates beta-catenin nuclear translocation in chondrocytes, E-cadherin and beta-catenin are differently expressed and distributed in prostate cancer cell lines with different characteristics of epithelial-mesenchymal transition., Axin downregulates TCF-4 transcription via beta-catenin and independently of p53., Results identify a key role for LPP3 in orchestrating PTEN-mediated beta-catenin/LEF-1 signaling in EC migration, cell-cell adhesion, and formation of branching point structures., Data show that expression of CK1epsilon is able to promote oncogenic transformation of human cells in a beta-catenin-dependent manner., A combination of low beta-catenin and high p53 expression in primary colorectal cancers may be a prognostic factor in predicting the progression of the disease, the occurrence of metastasis, and a more severe outcome., The canonical Wnt-signaling proteins LRP6 and Dvl2 and Dvl3 are involved in the regulation of beta-catenin., Reduced expression of beta-catenin was associated with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma., beta-catenin may play an important role in carcinogenesis and progression of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma., The results suggest that up-regulation of Lgr5 expression, especially in female patients, may play an important role in colorectal carcinogenesis, probably through the WNT/beta-catenin pathway, but not involve the progression of the colorectal carcinomas., Wild-type beta-catenin seems to be an interesting prognostic marker that might be useful in the therapeutic management of extra-abdominal fibromatosis., may serve as biomarker for detection of colorectal carcinomas in colitis-associated carcinogenesis, Beta-catenin amino-terminal mutations are not observed or very rare and therefore are not the underlying mechanism of activated Wnt signaling in chronic myeloid leukemia, HDAC7 interacts with beta-catenin keeping endothelial cells in a low proliferation stage., Loss of CYLD instigates tumor growth in human cylindromatosis through a mechanism in which hyperubiquitination of polymerized Dvl drives enhancement of Wnt3/beta-catenin responses., Knockdown of HDPR1 gene enhanced the invasive ability of lung cancer cells, which was dependent on p120ctn and independent of beta-catenin, Increased nuclear expression of localized pbeta-catenin-S552 is associated with atypical lymphoid hyperplasia and extranodal marginal zone lymphoma., These results suggest that beta-catenin play an inhibitory role for dendrite formation through the modulation of PKCzeta and PKCdelta., Loss of p53, rather than beta-catenin overexpression, induces survivin-mediated resistance to apoptosis in an esophageal cancer cell line., EGFR signaling regulates beta-catenin localization and stability, target gene expression, and tumor progression in oral cancer., Dishevelled-KSRP complex operates in Wnt regulation of beta-catenin, functioning post-transcriptionally upon CTNNB1 mRNA stability., These results argue that beta-catenin activation is a crucial step during ocular surface squamous neoplasia pathogenesis., Mutation in CTNNB1 gene prove that the observed hepatocarcinoma is a true recurrence after liver transplantation., PKG inhibits TCF signaling in colon cancer cells by blocking beta-catenin expression and activating FOXO4., Results indicate that Wnt/beta-catenin signaling regulates the activity of salivary gland stem/progenitor cells during postnatal development and regeneration upstream of the Hh pathway., Expression of beta-catenin was positively correlated with the expression of ER-beta in desmoid-type fibromatosis., Collagen type I contributes to invasion and metastasis by regulating beta-catenin tyrosine phosphorylation and nuclear translocation to promote migration and proliferation of gastric carcinoma cells., Data indicate that Wnt/beta-catenin activation is an important feature of basal-like breast cancers and is predictive of worse overall survival., activation of Galphaq weakened the kinase activity of GSK-3beta and enhanced cellular accumulation of beta-Catenin., Downregulation of Wnt/beta-catenin transgene signaling in vivo may be a cause of neurodegenerative disease related to an anxiety response., the Hippo pathway restricts Wnt/beta-Catenin signaling by promoting an interaction between TAZ and DVL in the cytoplasm, Evidence that phosphorylation at T41/S45 can be spatially separated from phosphorylations at S33/37/T41 suggests that these phosphorylations may not always be coupled, raising the possibility that phosphorylation at S45 serves a distinct nuclear function., Activated beta-catenin is associated with Peutz-Jeghers syndrome polyps., Mesenchymal stem cells increased VE-cadherin levels and enhanced recruitment of both VE-cadherin and beta-catenin to the plasma membrane., GSK3beta modulates the cellular response to radiation in a beta-catenin-dependent mechanism, A minimal promoter for intestinal cell kinase contains functional sites for beta-catenin/TCF7L2 and FOXA., beta-Catenin in hepatocellular carcinoma is activated by hypoxia and contributes to hypoxia-induced metastatic potential, Reduced of beta-catenin negative expression relates to dedifferentiation and progression of nonsmall cell lung cancer, Overexpression of Wnt1/beta-catenin might predict the clinicopathologic stage and prognosis of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) and the level of Wnt1/beta-catenin mRNA was conversely correlated with lymph node metastasis and advanced disease., beta-Trcp plays a key role in the cross-talk between JAK/STAT and Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in leukemia cells, miR-17-5p plays an important role in breast cancer cell invasion and migration by suppressing HBP1 and subsequent activation of Wnt/beta-catenin, Data show that the putative Wnt/beta-catenin targets Sonic hedgehog and JAG2 control beta-catenin signaling in the adult tongue epithelium, a function that is partially lost in lingual squamous cell carcinoma., CDK8 expression in colorectal cancer was independently associated with beta catenin activation., These results uncouple different APC functions and show that GSK3 beta/CKI phosphorylation regulates APC clusters and cell migration independently of cell-cell adhesion and beta-catenin transcriptional activity., Plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 is a transcriptional target of the canonical pathway of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling, The abnormal expression of beta-catenin may be a useful marker in distinguishing benign endometrial hyperplasia from endometrial intraepithelial neoplasia, The E-cadherin-catenin complex is the factor indicative of metastasis and disease progression in gastric cancer., The study objective was to assess changes in the expressions of E-cadherin and alpha-, beta- and gamma-catenin proteins in pancreatic duct carcinoma in correlation with clinicopathological parameters, lymph node involvement and distant metastases., Data report a new pathological mechanism by which mutant huntingtin specifically interferes with the degradation of beta-catenin., No difference in nuclear beta-catenin signal intensity was found, which may be caused by an alteration in Wnt pathway in microsatellite stable sporadic tumors by unknown mechanisms leading to lower TCF-3, 4 protein expression., CGRP in osteoblasts activates the Wnt pathway by inhibiting GSK-3b through PKA signaling, leading to b-catenin nuclear translocation, and inhibition of apoptosis., CTNNB1 mutations were significantly more frequent in Colorectal Neoplasms, Hereditary Nonpolyposis., Meisoindigo can affect the Wnt signal pathway through inhibiting GSK-3beta expression and down-regulating beta-catenin and c-MYC protein expression, which play an important role in the treatment for chronic myeloid leukemia., Increasing beta-catenin expression in the cytoplasm was associated with improved survival for colorectal cancer cases on both univariate (P = 0.003) and multivariate (P = 0.01) analysis., PI3K-Akt signaling cooperates with Wnt to increase beta-catenin signaling in intestinal epithelial and stem cells during colitis., Results present a differential effect of cytoplasmic and nuclear beta-catenin on MT1-MMP activity in non-cancer cells versus cancer cells., E-cadherin gene promoter hypermethylation was associated with low or absent expression of E-cadherin. Loss of E-cadherin protein may contribute to aberrant localization of beta-catenin., Periplocin from Cortex periplocae inhibits cell growth and down-regulates survivin and c-myc expression in colon cancer via beta catenin., Data show that epigenetic disruption of WNT5A would contribute directly to the aberrant activation of WNT/beta-catenin signaling during ESCC pathogenesis., The promoters for 640 genes were found to be bound by beta-catenin, many of which are known schizophrenia, autism spectrum disorder,and bipolar disorder candidates, including CACNA1B, NRNG, SNAP29, FGFR1, PCDH9, and nine others., These results identify TRPM4 as an important, unanticipated regulator of the beta-catenin pathway, where aberrant signaling is frequently associated with cancer., Data demonstrate that beta-catenin is critical in inducing CD4 expression on mature CD8(+) T cells, suggesting that it is a common pathway for CD4 upregulation among thymocytes and mature CD8(+) T cells., Reduced expression of beta-catenin is associated with bronchioloalveolar carcinoma., The activation of the beta-catenin signaling pathway correlates with the characteristics of epithelial-mesenchymal transition potency of invasiveness and proliferation in a prostate cancer cell line., Knocking down beta-catenin not only inhibits the Wnt/beta-catenin signal transduction pathway in lung adenocarcinoma A549 cells but also decreases cell proliferation, clone formation and migration capacity., FoxM1 is required for reannealing of endothelial adherens junctions in order to form a restrictive endothelial barrier through transcriptional control of beta-catenin expression., Studies have identified a Gas2/calpain-dependent mechanism by which ICSBP influences beta-catenin activity in myeloid leukemia., beta-catenin nuclear expression is a common feature in fibromatoses and in the stromal component of phyllodes tumours, but may also be observed in metaplastic breast carcinomas., Nuclear beta-catenin upregulation is associated with invasive cell populations of breast cancer., Data show that NGX6 could suppress the translocation of beta-catenin from nucleus and cytoplasm to plasma membrane, inhibit the activity of TCF4 transcript factor, and down-regulate the expression of Wnt-direct-targeted genes., Mutations of beta-catenin and phosphorylation is associated with colon cancer., Beta-catenin is required for centrosome amplification., Beta-catenin overexpression in the progression of CML, consistent high level of beta-catenin or a positive transformation may indicate a poor response to imatinib., In human urothelial cell carcinoma, there was a significant correlation between high levels of beta-catenin and pAKT (and low levels of PTEN)., These results suggest that CD82 and CD9 down-regulate the Wnt signaling pathway through the exosomal discharge of beta-catenin., Expression of beta-catenin is elevated in rheumatoid arthritis fibroblast-like synoviocytes, not only in vitro but also in vivo., Mutational analysis of the beta Catenin gene in synovial sarcomas, The expression of DNMT1 was correlated with the cytoplasmic expression of beta-catenin in lung cancer., SFRP-1 and the SFRP-like molecule V3Nter can inhibit tumor growth of beta-catenin-activated tumor cells in vivo, beta-catenin expression is upregulated rapidly after T cell receptor (TCR) stimulation., Data provide evidence for an autocrine regulatory loop involving transcriptional upregulation of WNT11 by ERRalpha and beta-cat that influences the migratory capacity of cancer cells., Progressive re-population of Ctnnb1 knockout livers with wild-type hepatocytes was seen in aged mice with a pre-cirrhotic phenotype., Data show that E-cadherin and alpha-catenin were predominantly expressed in the cell membranes, whereas beta- and gamma-catenin were found both in the cell membrane and cytoplasm., claudin-1 has anti-apoptotic effects, and is involved in the regulation of the expression and subcellular localization of beta-catenin and E-cadherin in MCF-7, but not T47 D cells, The Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway might participate in hepatocellular carcinoma genesis and development through regulating GSK3beta, Smad3 and TERT., The results reveal that knock-down of the beta-catenin gene decreases expression and nuclear translocation of beta-catenin protein in colon cancer HT-29 cells and suppresses the expression of the beta-catenin-dependent genes cyclin D1 and c-myc., Activating mutations of CTNNB1 is associated with a group of aggressive adrenocortical cancers., Low frequency of CTNNB1 mutation is associated with hepatitis B virus-associated hepatocellular carcinoma., study shows decorin blocks several biological activities mediated by Met signaling axis; these effects were mediated by downregulation of noncanonical beta-catenin levels; Myc was downregulated by decorin; phosphorylation of Myc at threonine 58 was induced, ID3 plays a role as an apoptosis inducer in response to X-ray irradiation via the regulation of endogenous beta-catenin level., By integrating androgen, IGF-I and beta-catenin signaling pathways, these data reveal that androgen-induced PSA expression requires activation of androgen receptor., VLDLR II may have a role in lymph node and distant metastasis in gastric and breast cancer patients, and has a potential link with beta-catenin signaling pathway, anterior primitive streak cells induced by the activation of beta-catenin with Noggin differentiate into functional cardiomyocytes when cultured in suspension with BMP4 and fibroblast growth factor 2, The present results demonstrate that beta-catenin and p65subunit bind to the cyclin D1 promoter, but only beta-catenin is capable of activating transcription., High beta Catenin cytoplasmic expression is associated with lymph node metastasis and in invasive ductal breast carcinomas, Prescence of of APOEepsilon4 allele and MAPT H2 haplotype in frontotemporal lobar degeneration had a significant influence on the expression of synaptophysin and SNAP-25, beta-catenin/Wnt pathway activation is preferentially found in triple-negative/basal-like breast carcinomas, is associated with poor clinical outcome and is unlikely to be driven by CTNNB1 mutations in breast cancer., Data show that protein and mRNAs of E- and N-cadherin and beta-catenin were higher in early gestation compared to of the end, and that expression of these factors was higher during lung development than in the adult human lung., activation of the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway, which could be explained by activating mutations of CTNNB1 in 70% of adrenocortical adenomas, Data show that the Wnt/beta-catenin/TCF pathway is activated in aging human mammary artery cells, but fails to induce the proliferation of aging vascular cells., Loss of membranous/ cytoplasmic beta-catenin expression is associated with invasion in diffuse-type gastric carcinomas., The expression rate of beta-catenin increased in osteosarcoma, and is correlated with metastasis., Beta-catenin nuclear location could be considered as a paraneoplastic pattern which is considerably tumor-related., Sox4 stimulates ss-catenin activity through induction of CK2., Beta-catenin-independent WNT signaling is associated with basal-like breast cancer and brain metastasis., beta-catenin expressed in nuclei/cytoplasm increases cyclinD1 protein expression, which invokes pterygial cell proliferation., TGF-beta1 inhibition of proinflammatory RANTES expression is mediated by beta-catenin-triggered blockade of NF-kappaB signaling, beta-catenin tyrosine phosphorylation among tumors was variably increased, despite the increased amount of total beta-catenin in tumors, Mutations in exon 3 of the CTNNB1 gene are not associated to metastatic process to the brain., Overexpression of nuclear beta-catenin at the invasive front in colorectal cancer is strongly associated with liver metastasis, EZH2 expression-mediated downregulation of DNA damage repair leads to accumulation of recurrent RAF1 gene amplification in breast tumor initiating cells (BTICs), which activates p-ERK-beta-catenin signaling to promote BTIC expansion., Ganodermanontriol, a lanostanoid triterpene from Ganoderma lucidum, suppresses growth of colon cancer cells through ss-catenin signaling., beta-catenin plays important roles in the growth, metastasis, and prognosis of hepatocellular carcinoma, Cytoplasmic beta-catenin in nasopharyngeal carcinoma may impair cell-cell adhesion, promoting invasive behavior and a metastatic tumor phenotype., Our comprehensive mutation scanning did not identify any Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC) causing mutations., the aim of this study was to investigate the prognosis and clinicopathologic roles of beta-catenin, Wnt1, Smad4, Hoxa9, and Bmi-1 in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma, Data show that activation of beta-catenin and Akt pathways are required for the sustention of EMT-associated stem cell-like traits., role of beta-catenin/Tcf4/survivin signaling in determining the fate of human corneal epithelial stem cells in different media, found that E-cadherin negatively regulates tumor cell growth, in part, by positively regulating PTEN expression via beta-catenin-mediated Egr1 regulation, thus influencing PI3K/Akt signaling, R-spondin1 is upregulated during critical stages of early human ovary development and may function as a tissue-specific amplifier of beta-catenin signaling to oppose testis determination., serves as an effector of mechanical signals in periodontal ligament cells, beta-catenin is not localised in the nucleus in human ovarian granulosa cell tumours and normal ovarian follicles and ovarian stroma, A novel mechanism in which PIPKIgamma expression and catalytic activity enhance beta-catenin nuclear translocation and expression of its target genes to promote tumorigenic phenotypes., data indicate that DEK expression stimulates the growth, stem cell character and motility of breast cancer cells, and that DEK-dependent cellular invasion occurs at least in part via beta-catenin activation, Mutations in exon 3 of the beta-catenin gene, particularly the S45F mutation, may represent risk factors for recurrence of aggressive fibromatosis in pediatric patients, Loss of Desmocollin2 promotes cell proliferation and enables tumor growth in vivo through the activation of Akt/beta-catenin signaling., overexpression of cyclin D1 in rectosigmoid cancers may be more complicated than purely upregulation by beta-catenin, High CTNNB1 is associated with non-small cell lung cancer after surgery., beta-catenin expression was suppressed by cyclin-dependent kinase 8 interference in the gastric adenocarcinoma cell lines., Data suggest that SDF-1 down-regulates the E-cadherin/beta-catenin complex expression in HT29 cells by decreasing mRNA synthesis and increasing beta-catenin phosphorylation., RNAi directly against beta-catenin markedly decreased beta-catenin gene expression and inhibited cellular proliferation as reflected in the reduced growth of tongue cancer cells both in vitro and in nude mice., Data suggest that beta-catenin signaling regulates the timing of differentiation in RPCs by inhibiting premature differentiation of them partly through the regulation of Id3 expression., Anaphylatoxin C3a and C5a can induce mRNA and protein expression of beta-catenin in renal tubular epithelial cells, which could be blocked by C3aRA and C5aRA., Nuclear localization of beta-catenin was observed in a very small subset of basal epithelial cells only at the limbus. Activation of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling increased the proliferation and colony-forming efficiency of primary human LSCs., Beta-Catenin was capable of inhibiting the transcriptional activity of NR4A orphan nuclear receptors in U2-OS cells by a mechanism that involved the ligand-binding domain of NR4A orphan nuclear receptors., Ras mutation cooperates with beta-catenin activation to drive bladder tumourigenesis., Induction of beta-catenin by the suppression of signal regulatory protein alpha1 in K562 cells, C-terminal phosphorylation of beta-catenin on Ser-552 and Ser-675 is linked with canonical Wnt signaling, a feed-forward loop consisting of ROS, caspases activation and beta-catenin degradation induces epidermal cell death, This review highlights the role of the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway as a host factor that represses HIV replication in multiple targets, especially those relevant to HIV in the central nervous system., the TGF-beta and p120-associated noncanonical beta-catenin pathways are important in pelvic lymph node metastasis in early-stage cervical cancer, Wnt/beta-catenin signaling regulates MAPK and Akt1 expression and growth of hepatocellular carcinoma cells., our quantitative proteomics study describes the first provisional antiproliferative factor-regulated protein network, within which beta-catenin is a key node, Findings demonstrate that t-DARPP regulates beta-catenin/TCF activity, thereby implicating a novel oncogenic signaling in upper gastrointestinal cancers., This study investigated the effect of glucose on GSK3beta and beta-catenin expression and the involvement of the Wnt pathway in response to conditions resembling normoglycemia and hyperglycemia., These findings indicate that activation of beta-catenin signaling in pulmonary fibroblasts may be a common feature of lung fibrosis, contributing to fibroproliferative and migratory activities associated with the disease., Immunohistochemistry also showed that strong AMACR protein expression was closely correlated with the presence of CTNNB1 mutations, results suggest that hypoxia downregulates beta-catenin by increasing Siah-1 expression in a p53-dependent manner, Alternative transcript-PTK6 is able to negatively regulate growth and modulate PTK6 activity, protein-protein associations and/or subcellular localization., The transcriptional regulation of the COX2 gene in gastric cancer cell lines and whether this phenomenon is modulated by Wnt/beta-catenin signaling, was assessed., beta-catenin is a useful marker of lymphangioleiomyomatosis and may be clinically useful in the diagnostic setting, PDE5 inhibition by sulindac sulfide selectively induces apoptosis and attenuates oncogenic Wnt/beta-catenin-mediated transcription in human breast tumor cells, Data suggest that the casein kinase 2alpha-dependent up-regulation of beta-catenin activity requires phosphorylation of AKT in human embryonic kidney cells., in obese patients only, activation of CTNNB1 was associated with better colorectal cancer survival and overall survival. Postdiagnosis physical activity was associated with better cancer-specific survival only among patients with negative nuclear CTNNB1, minoxidil extends the anagen phase by activating beta-catenin activity in human dermal papilla cells, Data reveal novel constitutive activation of the endothelial beta-catenin/TCF signaling pathway in atherosclerosis and regulation of fibronectin through hemodynamic shear stress., PIK3CA mutations tended to be associated with CTNNB1 mutations., ICAT is a direct transcriptional target of E2F1, and activation of ICAT by E2F1 is required for E2F1 to inhibit beta-catenin activity., The pre-therapeutic beta-catenin and Her2/neu protein expression seem to be valuable predictive and prognostic markers in the multimodality treatment of advanced rectal cancer., The markers observed to change during thyroid cancer progression validate prior observations and represent promising molecular diagnostic or prognostic tools and identify targets for therapy of ATC., inhibition of beta-catenin signaling was dependent on its ability to induce DKK1, in a STAT 3-dependent manner. Inhibition of STAT3 and DKK1 abrogated the ability of IFN-gamma to enhance HIV replication in astrocytes., This study identified candidate genes deregulated in CTNNB1-mutated adrenocortical tumors that may lead to a better understanding of the role of the Wnt-beta-catenin pathway in adrenocortical tumorigenesis., expression of LPP3 in human colon tumor (SW480) cells potentiated tumor growth via increased beta-catenin stability and CYCLIN-D1 synthesis, High-frequency canonical Wnt activation in multiple sarcoma subtypes drives proliferation through a TCF/beta-catenin target gene, CDC25A., the cell-type-specific presence of MITF in melanoma affects beta-catenin's pro-invasive properties otherwise active in colon or liver cancer., localization of beta-catenin protein was basically cytoplasmic in melanomas in vivo, which was in clear contrast to findings in colon carcinoma, activation of beta-catenin gene by deletions involving exon 3 may be considered as an advanced event in colorectal tumorigenesis in Tunisian patients, Travoprost reduced expression of beta-catenin in trabecular meshwork cells treated with dexamethasone., Wnt/Ctnnb1 signaling in podocytes plays a critical role in integrating cell adhesion, motility, cell death, and differentiation, Low CTNNB1 is associated with low vincristine and lomustine response in medulloblastoma., The SF-1 and beta-catenin pathway convergence on StarD7 expression may have important implications in the phospholipid uptake and transport, contributing to the normal trophoblast development., elevation of E-cadherin, a cell adhesion molecule and suppression of beta-catenin, a proto-oncogene have been observed in presence of CaSR agonists whereas reverse effect has been seen in presence of CaSR antagonist, beta-catenin plays a central role in regulating osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells in inflammatory microenvironments., activation of the beta-catenin pathway may contribute to overexpression of DeltaNp63 during tumour progression, in a cell type-specific manner, Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway might be a necessary endogenous signal that directly controlled the Epithelial-Mesenchymal transition occurrence induced by HIF-1alpha., STAT3 and beta-catenin signaling pathway may affect GSK-3beta expression in hepatocellular carcinoma., ROCK activates beta-catenin and elevates transcriptional target expression, Knockdown of beta-catenin gene may decrease the invasive ability of human osteosarcoma cells through down-regulating MT1-MMP expression., Immunohistochemical and histologic features supporting the diagnosis of SPNs over PanNETs include CD10 and nuclear beta-catenin labeling., CagA H. pylori infection is responsible for the tyrosine phosphorylation of beta-catenin and its nuclear translocation, which upregulates beta-catenin target gene CD44 in gastric carcinoma, p28(GANK) expression is regulated by a positive feedback loop involving beta-catenin, which may play a critical role in tumorigenesis and the progression of HCC, Retinoic acid-induced pancreatic stellate cell quiescence reduces paracrine Wnt-beta-catenin signaling to slow tumor progression., Data show a crosstalk between mPGES-1/PGE(2) and EGR1/beta-catenin signaling that is critical for hepatocarcinogenesis., Cell cycle-related kinase is a direct androgen receptor-regulated gene that drives beta-catenin/T cell factor-dependent hepatocarcinogenesis, Data obtained from genetic loss- and gain-of function experiments in transgenic mice demonstrate a function of canonical/Ctnnb1-dependent Wnt signaling in sinus horn development., Data show no mutations in HESX1, PROP1, and POU1F1 genes, seven different mutations in CTNNB1 in 8/16 patients, and hyperexpression of miR-150., Capsaicin treatment resulted in a decrease of intracellular beta-catenin levels and a reduction of transcripts from the beta-catenin gene (CTNNB1) in human colorectal cancer cells., our study confirmed that mutations in the CTNNB1 gene itself are the primary alteration in the Wnt signaling pathway in solid pseudopapillary neoplasms of the pancreas., Data show that CD99 combined with E-cadherin/beta-catenin and CD10 can be used as a relatively specific expression profile of SPTs., Data suggest that PL suppresses tumor growth, invasion, and angiogenesis through the inhibition of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in certain colon cancer cells., Loss of heterozygosity contributes to tumor progression of oral squamous cell carcinoma, and a specific role for PDCD4, CTNNB1, and CASP4 was found., The presence of beta and gamma catenin, particularly in osteoblasts, demonstrates a significant role of catenins in functions such as signaling and activation of transcription factors during differentiation of bone tissues, CDH1 gene promoter methylation may lead to aberrant expression of E-cadherin and beta-catenin in colonic carcinoma, and may play an important role in promoting tumor invasion., Gene and protein expression studies have confirmed the central role of the beta catenin of the TGFbeta pathways in the pathogenesis of Dupuytren's disease., these data functionally confirm a permissive role for beta-catenin signaling in the initial phase of hepatocarcinogenesis., Data describe a BMPR2-mediated transcriptional complex between PPARgamma and beta-catenin, and suggest that apelin could be effective in treating PAH by rescuing BMPR2 and PAEC dysfunction., a Rac1/PAK1 cascade controls beta-catenin S675 phosphorylation and full activation in colon cancer cells, Onset of proliferation seems to require concomitant activation of beta-catenin in clusters of hepatocytes, suggesting a role of cell-cell communication in this process., Study reveals a previously unrecognized function of Notch in negatively titrating active beta-catenin protein levels in colonic tumor cells., Our results suggest that PDGF-BB regulates protein expression of beta-catenin and is associated with cancer cell behavior, gamma-tocotrienol-inhibited growth and -induced apoptosis in HT-29 cells were accompanied by significant inhibition of beta-catenin/Tcf signaling., calsenilin is a novel negative regulator of N-cadherin processing that plays an important role in beta-catenin signaling, Findings show that the differential requirements for beta-catenin signaling in aggressive melanoma versus benign melanocytic cells make beta-catenin a possible new target in melanoma therapy., Data suggest that VDR controls the level of nuclear beta-catenin in colon cancer cells and can therefore attenuate the impact of oncogenic mutations that activate the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway., the results provide strong evidence that CTNNB1 is the driver in these contexts and that KRAS(G12D) and Pten loss promote the program set in motion by the CTNNB1., RYK interacts both physically and functionally with the E3 ubiquitin MIB1. MIB1 is sufficient to activate Wnt/CTNNB1 signaling and this activity depends on endogenous RYK., Data show that neutrophil transmigration activated beta-catenin signaling., Mutation analyses revealed the presence of an identical point mutation in exon 3 of beta-catenin (CTNNB1) in both ovarian microcystic stromal tumors., beta-catenin and DeltaNp63 may be used as independent prognostic markers of oral carcinoma; interaction of beta-catenin with DeltaNp63 may be crucial event in regulating proliferation and differentiation of oral carcinoma cells; target for therapeutic implications., Nuclear translocation of beta-catenin synchronized with loss of E-cadherin in oral epithelial dysplasia with a characteristic two-phase appearance., CTNNB1 genotyping can be very useful in 'difficult to diagnose' lesions when the differential diagnosis includes desmoid tumours., PDCD4 expression was correlated with beta-catenin expression in gastric carcinoma cell lines, but not with E-cadherin, as the binding partner in the cell membrane, In sporadic colorectal tumourspatients, the most frequently mutated gene was APC (68.9% of tumours), followed by KRAS (31.1%), TP53 (27.2%), BRAF (8.7%) and CTNNB1 (1.9%)., beta Catenin signaling is required for TGF-beta1-induced extracellular matrix production by airway smooth muscle cells, Suggest that activation of ILK activated the Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway in damaged podocytes in focal segmental glomerulosclerosis., Suggest beta-catenin plays a role in the carcinogenesis of infiltrative ductal carcinoma but similar expression patterns of beta-catenin in infiltrative and in situ ductal carcinomas indicates that changes in beta-catenin expression occur early in carcinogenesis., active Wnt/beta-catenin signaling is required for maintenance of colorectal tumor xenografts harboring APC mutations, Nuclear factor-kappaB (NF-kappaB) inducing kinase mediates both beta-catenin and NF-kappaB regulated transcription to modulate melanoma survival and growth, Low beta Catenin is associated with metastasis in colorectal cancer., WNT/beta-catenin pathway expression and activation by TGF-beta is enhanced in pulmonary fibroblasts from individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, HGF/c-Met related activation of beta-catenin is associated with hepatoblastoma., study evaluates the expression pattern of secreted and nuclear beta-catenin and c-kit in p16-positive and HPV-negative squamous cell carcinomas, The TR/DKK4/Wnt/beta-catenin cascade influences the proliferation and migration of hepatoma cells during the metastasis process and support a tumor suppressor role of the thyroid hormone receptor., Glycodelin induces translocation of beta-catenin molecules promoting cell-to-cell adhesion and formation of adherents junctions through cytoskeletal reorganization., E-cadherin/beta-catenin complex and the epithelial barrier, The presence of fibroblasts with nuclear beta-catenin in tumours is a good prognostic indicator in breast cancer, This study suggests that abnormal expression of Nek2 and beta-catenin might be one of the mechanisms of tumorigenesis in breast cancer, Taken together, our study demonstrates a novel beta-catenin/LEF1-miR-372&373-DKK1 regulatory feedback loop, which may have a critical role in regulating the activity of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in human cancer cells., FasL (TCF/LEF1) binding elements formed complexes with the TCF-4 and beta-catenin transcription factors in vitro and in vivo., The canonical Wnt signaling pathway involving beta-catenin activation might play a role in rare cases of Hodgkin lymphoma, Silencing beta-catenin gene may induce changes of cell cycle and in cyclin B1 and cyclin C protein expression., Abnormalities of beta-catenin and VEGF overexpression play an important role in the neoplastic progression of sporadic desmoid tumours., Wnt/beta-catenin pathway forms a negative feedback loop during TGF-beta1 induced human normal skin fibroblast-to-myofibroblast transition, miR-1826 plays an important role as tumor suppressor via CTNNB1/MEK1/VEGFC downregulation in bladder cancer., Nuclear beta-catenin overexpression in metastatic sentinel lymph nodes is strongly associated with liver metastasis in colorectal cancer, epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) activation induces translocation of PKM2, but not PKM1, into the nucleus, where K433 of PKM2 binds to c-Src-phosphorylated Y333 of beta-catenin, Report loss of CTNNB1 as lobular carcinoma in situ of the breast progresses to more invasive lesions., nuclear activation of beta-catenin is a late event in the tumorigenesis of nephroblastomas coinciding in some tumours with LOH of the APC gene., Wnt induces the phosphorylation of LRP6 which consequently access the catalytic pocket of GSK3 as pseudo-substrates, thus directly blocking its activity against beta-catenin., CHD8 promotes the association of beta-catenin and histone H1, with formation of the trimeric complex on chromatin being required for inhibition of beta-catenin-dependent transactivation., CTNNB1 overexpression was found in the majority of the adamantinomatous craniopharyngiomas, and our findings suggest that WNT signaling activation via beta-catenin upregulation plays a role in its pathogenesis regardless of the presence of CTNNB1 mutations., Notch activation-stimulated beta-catenin and NF-kappaB signaling synergistically promote the migratory and invasive properties of glioma cells, role for beta-catenin mutations in benign parathyroid neoplasia may not be ruled out yet, levels of renal MMP-7 correlate with Wnt/beta-catenin activity., Beta-catenin expression differs significantly between tumor center and tumor budding sites in colorectal carcinoma., In colorectal neoplasms p-21 activated kinase 1 knockdown inhibits beta-catenin signalling and blocks cell proliferation and migration., HCV core protein enhances Wnt/beta-catenin signaling activity, hence playing an important role in HCV-associated carcinogenesis, Smad4-mediated signaling inhibits intestinal neoplasia by inhibiting expression of beta-catenin., Y654 of beta-catenin is essential for FLT3/ITD-related tyrosine phosphorylation and nuclear localization of beta-catenin, Hypertrophic and maturation development of mesenchymal stem cells is affected by beta-catenin during co-activation of TGFbeta-induced chondrogenesis., IHC for beta-catenin does not appear to be conclusive for separating benign from malignant mesothelial proliferations, Data indicate that CDH11 as a functional tumor suppressor and an important antagonist of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling, with frequent epigenetic inactivation in common carcinomas., beta-catenin expression was upregulated in fresh nasopharyngeal carcinoma tissue, Oncogenic mutations of CTNNB1 were found in hepatoblastoma. Wnt/beta-catenin target genes were significantly activated in the tumors without mutations. The clinical course in patients without CTNNB1 mutations seemed to be unfavorable., The Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway is involved in the genesis and progression of astrocytoma., beta-catenin inhibits promyelocytic leukemia protein tumor suppressor function in colorectal cancer cells., Knockdown of either beta-catenin or TCF-4 induced LTR activity in astrocytes., CRYAB functions to suppress nasopharyngeal carcinoma progression by associating with the cadherin/catenin adherens junction and modulating the beta-catenin function., Data show that the mRNA expression levels of beta-catenin, Runx2, Sox9 and osteopontin were significantly higher in ossification of ligamentum flavum (OLF) cells than in non-OLF cells., The experiments disclose a completely novel function of beta-catenin, i.e. the regulation of Kv1.5 channel activity., The regulation, function, and implications of E-cadherin expression in these central orchestrators of the immune system., Our data suggest that the miR-1826 plays an important role as a tumor suppressor by downregulating beta-catenin and MEK1 in von Hippel-Lindau-inactivated renal cancers., The three-dimensional structure of a beta-catenin armadillo repeat in complex with the liver receptor homolog-1 (LRH-1) ligand binding domain at 2.8 A resolution, is reported., These studies identify for the first time a central role for beta-catenin in mediating Slo surface expression., Mutations detected in CTNNB1 in microdissected samples from different areas of the same tumor (colon cancer) differed according to immunophenotype., RET mutations may have a role in medullary thyroid carcinoma, while BRAF, AKT1, and CTNNB1 do not; the role of HRAS, KRAS, and NRAS mutations are not determined, The transcription factor Cdx2 activates expression of the protocadherin Mucdhl, which interacts with beta-catenin and regulates activities of colon cancer cells., Compared with conventional carcinomas, serrated adenocarcinomas showed significantly reduced nuclear beta-catenin, mutations in exon 3 of CTNNB1 were detected by direct DNA sequencing in nine (75.0%) cases, ZNF191 can directly bind to the CTNNB1 promoter and activate the expression of beta-catenin and its downstream target genes such as cyclin D1 in hepatoma cell lines., high expression of beta-catenin was a positive prognostic indicator for overall survival in cervical squamous cell cancer., a potential role of CRBP1 in the regulation of beta-catenin turnover which can greatly affect the process of osteogenesis and adipogenesis of mesenchymal stem cells, Sox4 may serve as a positive regulator of beta-catenin signaling through alteration in TCF4 expression during morular differentiation of endometrial carcinoma cells, leading to inhibition of cell proliferation., reexpression of WNT7A during malignant transformation of ovarian epithelial cells plays a critical role in ovarian cancer progression mediated by WNT/beta-catenin signaling pathway., The authors show that YAP and TAZ, the transcriptional co-activators in the Hippo pathway, suppress Wnt signalling without suppressing the stability of beta-catenin but through preventing its nuclear translocation., Wnt/beta-catenin signaling and AXIN1 may regulate the efficacy of inhibitors of BRAF(V600E), suggesting that manipulation of the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway could be combined with BRAF inhibitors to treat melanoma, Migfilin promoted beta-catenin degradation by reinforcing the association between beta-catenin and GSK-3beta., Results suggest that p120ctn isoforms 1 and 3 up-regulate cyclin D1, and thereby cyclin E, resulting in the promotion of cell proliferation and cell cycle progression in lung cancer cells., The reduced expression of E-cadherin and beta-catenin and EGFR over expression seems to be correlated with tumor differentiation and tumor progression than tumor invasion and tumor proliferation., Overexpression of beta-catenin is associated with neuroblastoma., We identified a previously unknown downstream target of beta-catenin, HAS2, in prostate cancer, The amount of beta-catenin in nucleus, which indicated the activation of Wnt/beta-catnin signaling, was accumulated in human neuroblastoma specimens and positively correlated with clinical risk of neuroblastoma., Loss of beta catenin is associated with liposarcoma., Data indicate that targeting beta-catenin with shRNA attenuated the apoptosis induced by valproic acid (VPA) and suberoyl bishydroxamic acid (SBHA., High cytoplasmic beta-catenin correlated significantly with larger tumor size lymph node metastasis in nasopharyngeal carcinoma, The present study findings identify beta-catenin as a key player of fibroblast activation and tissue fibrosis in systemic sclerosis., The methylation of WIF-1 gene promoter and beta-catenin may be involved in the abnormal activation of Wnt/beta-catenin signal in acute leukemia., beta-Catenin controls YAP expression in colorectal carcinoma cells., identified casein kinase 1alpha (CK1alpha) as a direct target of miR-155 control which enhanced beta-catenin signaling and cyclin D1 expression, promoting tumor cell growth, these results provide evidence that PAK1 specifically phosphorylates beta-catenin at S663 and that this phosphorylation is essential for the PAK1-mediated transcriptional activation of beta-catenin., Nuclear localization of beta-catenin was seen in the majority of pediatric desmoids and was most often associated with somatic mutations in CTNNB1, analysis of FGFR2 point mutations in 466 endometrioid endometrial tumors and their relationship with MSI, KRAS, PIK3CA, CTNNB1 mutations, IFN-alpha combined with homoharringtonine can enhance the cytotoxic effect of homoharringtonine on K562 cells, which may be associated with down-regulation of beta-catenin expression., these studies suggest that one mechanism by which deregulated beta-catenin can contribute to tumorigenesis is through enhancing DLG degradation., Wnt/beta-catenin signaling promotes differentiation, not self-renewal, of human embryonic stem cells and is repressed by Oct4, Metformin-mediated Bambi expression in hepatic stellate cells induces prosurvival Wnt/beta-catenin signaling, KLF4 inhibits beta-catenin expression and regulates the beta-catenin-mediated biological behaviors of gastric cancer cells., we summarize the role of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in the postnatal brain and discuss recent studies suggesting that deregulated Wnt signaling can result in altered behavior and cognitive disorders--{REVIEW}, Anandamide inhibits the Wnt/beta-catenin signalling pathway in human breast cancer MDA MB 231 cells, inhibiting epithelial-mesenchymal transition., the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway is partly activated in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and may contribute to its pathogenesis, Since low-density-lipoprotein receptor-related protein 5 (Lrp5) is an essential co-receptor required for Wnt protein mediated beta-catenin signaling, we examined the role of Lrp5 in glucagon-induced beta-catenin signaling., This review reveals new insights into the role of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in gliomagenesis--{REVIEW}, Positive correlations are found between p-AKT, p-GSK3beta and beta-catenin in epithelial ovarian carcinoma. The activation of beta-catenin is possibly correlated with inactivation of p-GSK3beta that binds to p-AKT., The screening for LRP5 mutations in 3 Turkish patients with Osteoporosis-pseudoglioma syndrome revealed three novel mutations [c.3004C-->T in exon 13; c.1096G-->A in exon 6; c.1519G-->A (p.G507S) in exon 7], all homozygous in the affected patients., Epigenetic inactivation of the E-cadherin gene causes loss of membrane-bound E-cadherin and could contribute to the reduced disease-free survival in eyelid sebaceous gland carcinoma., These findings indicate that miR-320a suppresses the growth of colon cancer cells by directly targeting beta-catenin, suggesting its application in prognosis prediction and cancer treatment., The HCT116 human colon cancer cells with mutant beta-catenin showed high ABCB1 promoter activity and expression., nuclear EBP50 facilitates colon tumorigenesis by modulating the interaction between beta-catenin and TCF-1., A discrete trimeric complex of beta-catenin, alpha-catenin and the tumor suppressor APC, forms in the cytoplasm in response to Wnt signaling., Findings suggest an association between canonical Wnt/beta-catenin signaling and epicardial fibrosis of failed pediatric heart allografts., GSK3beta plays an essential role in Ras degradation and inhibition of this degradation pathway by aberrant Wnt/beta-catenin signaling may contribute to Ras-induced transformation in colorectal tumorigenesis, Inhibition of beta-catenin signaling diminished both the response of astrocytes to injury and induction of the malignant phenotype of astrocytomas., results suggest that assessing intracellular beta-catenin and LEF1 expression might help in patient risk stratification and outcome prediction, truncated APC is an essential component of colorectal cancer cells, required for cell proliferation, possibly by adjusting beta-catenin signalling to the "just right" level, RCC with a high expression of beta-catenin is associated with a poor outcome and decreased survival, Low beta Catenin is associated with hepatocellular carcinoma., CTNNB1 mutations associated with adrenocortical carcinoma liver metastasis., in this review, we will focus on the function of beta-catenin/TCF-1 pathway in the regulation of thymic and peripheral T cell differentiation processes--{REVIEW}, the beta-catenin directly regulates the expression of Cyr61., Growth inhibition of magnolol against human colon cancer cells can be partly attributed to the regulation of the Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway., beta-catenin can regulate S100A6 gene expression in colorectal cancer cells., alpha- and beta-catenins may be important in the early stages of phyllodes tumours development, while E-cadherin may be required for malignant development, we conclude that activating mutations of the regulatory GSK-3beta phosphorylation sites serine 33 and 37, encoded by CTNNB1 exon 3, rarely occur in parathyroid adenomas, CD43 localizes to the nucleus, where it binds chromatin, co-localizes and co-immunoprecipitates with beta-catenin, and enhances the reporter gene expression regulated by beta-catenin, Beta-catenin promoter polymorphism affects its mRNA expression levels, and also is significantly associated with the asthma risk of Korean subjects., CTNNB1 silence led to growth inhibition of multiple myeloma growth in vivo., Calpain-mediated cleavage of beta-catenin plays a role in regulating hepatoblast differentiation in mouse and human liver, and the presence of the beta-catenin N terminus correlates with differentiation status in hepatoblastomas., respiratory epithelial polygonal and cuboidal cells have distinct expression of beta-catenin, Axin, and C-myc, Sustained beta-catenin activity in dermal fibroblasts is sufficient for skin fibrosis., beta-catenin regulation of miR-21 via STAT3 plays a role in glioma cell invasion and proliferation., Suppression of FANCL expression in normal CD34(+) stem and progenitor cells results in fewer beta-catenin active cells and inhibits expansion of multilineage progenitors., Beta-catenin may have conflicting roles in the metastatic spread of melanoma, repressing migration while promoting metastasis., role of CSN in the pathogenesis of CRC via regulation of the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway, TCF-4, beta-catenin, and SMAR1 tether at the -143-nucleotide site on the HIV LTR to inhibit HIV promoter activity., Study examines the mechanism of Wnt signaling under endogenous levels of the Axin1 complex; results demonstrate that beta-catenin is not only phosphorylated inside the Axin1 complex, but also ubiquinated and degraded via the proteasome, all within an intact Axin1 complex., Data indicate that a signature of seven biomarkers (Bax, Bcl-X, PTEN, COX-2, beta-Catenin, MTAP and CD20) was found to be an independent negative predictor for overall and recurrence-free survival in cutaneous malignant melanoma (MM)., Cytokine-induced GBP-1 retards cell proliferation by forming a negative feedback loop that suppresses beta-catenin / TCF signaling., Kindlin 2 forms a tripartite complex with beta-catenin and TCF4., Beta-catenin plays a significant role in the pathogenesis and progression of knee primary osteoarthritis., Trends in the expression of EMT markers - E-cadherin, beta-catenin, APC and Vimentin - suggest their involvement in oral carcinogenesis via Wnt pathway dysregulation., beta-catenin and Rad6B interacting regions, were identified., beta-Catenin exhibited increased expression and nuclear translocation following cigarette smoke condensate treatment of bronchial epithelial cells., The interaction between TRIM29 and beta-catenin may participate in the development of lung squamous cell carcinoma., findings show beta-catenin regulates Tert expression through interaction with Klf4, a core component of the pluripotency transcriptional network; beta-Catenin binds to the Tert promoter in cancer cells; propose that mutations in beta-catenin can lead to enhanced Tert expression in cancer which results in stabilization of telomeres, analysis of paxillin domains interacting with beta-catenin, The effects of mesenchymal stem cells on vascular network formation are abrogated by disruption of the VE-Cadherin/beta-catenin pathway in endothelial cells., siRNA-mediated downregulation of beta-catenin could be valuable for defining gene expression and functional programs downstream of oncogenic beta-catenin signals., Both Sox9 and KLF4 interact with beta-catenin in an immunoprecipitation assay and reduce its binding to TCF4., CTNNB1 mutation analysis is a useful tool for the diagnosis of desmoid tumors., phospho-GSK-3beta/beta-catenin signaling regulates alpha-smooth muscle actin expression, a marker of myofibroblast differentiation, in vitro and in vivo., S-nitrosation correlated with diminished abundance of beta-catenin and p120 at the adherens junction and with hyperpermeability., With the combination of stabilized beta-catenin and elevated Igf2 expression, adrenal glands were larger, displayed earlier onset of hyperplasia, and developed more frequent macroscopic adenomas., A correlation was observed between D-glucuronyl C5-epimerase (GLCE), TCF4 and beta-catenin expression in breast cancer cells and primary tumors, suggesting an important role for TCF4/beta-catenin in regulating GLCE expression both in vitro and in vivo., Mice implanted with human mutant beta-catenin-overexpressed melanoma cells have less ability to activate T cells than do dendritic cells from mice with control melanoma cells., These results suggest, for the first time, that the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway regulates ABCB1 in CML., SNPs rs1880481, rs4135385, rs11564475 and rs2293303 were significantly associated with gastric cancer susceptibility., The negative association of beta-catenin with sclerostin suggests a biological effect of increased sclerostin on the Wnt signaling, which appears impaired in Type 2 diabetes., Reduction of beta-catenin by GSK3 activation blocked arsenite-induced VEGF expression, Overexpression of beta catenin is associated with Breast Cancer., analysis of coordinated action of hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha and beta-catenin in androgen receptor signaling, HERG channel activity is stimulated by beta-catenin, Transcriptionally active beta-catenin regulates expression of PDGF-B in endothelial cells, This is the first demonstration showing YWHAZ through its complex with beta-catenin in mediating lung cancer malignancy and beta-catenin protein stability., Inhibition of the BCL9-beta-catenin interaction and selectively suppresses oncogenic Wnt transcription., Data indicate the spatially organized signaling pathways of beta-catenin and aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) by cell density., Egr-1 might contribute to gastric cancer proliferation and invasion through activation of the beta-catenin signaling pathway., EFEMP2 is a novel PITX2-interacting protein that may bear importance for the development of anterior segment dysgenesis (ASD) and glaucoma., Inhibition of cellproliferation by down-regulating beta-catenin expression improved cell ultrastructure by mediating blockade in G0/G1 through inhibiting cyclin D1, Proliferating cell nuclear antigen and the MAPK pathway, our study indicates that beta-catenin regulates Foxa2 expression, and this interaction is possibly essential to control cell cycle progression during endometrial hyperplasia formation, These results indicate that nitric oxide may be involved in early differentiation through regulation of beta-catenin and T-brachyury., analysis of the sources of beta-catenin dynamics in human neural progenitor cells, Mammalian target of rapamycin, PTEN, and beta-catenin are independently involved in different molecular subtypes of endometrial carcinoma with diverse patients' prognosis and support their distinctive treatment based on targeted drugs., SHP2 phosphatase plays an important role in the recovery of disrupted endothelial cell-cell junctions by dephosphorylating VE-cadherin-associated beta-catenin and promoting the mobility of VE-cadherin at the plasma membrane., Reduced beta-catenin staining in primary granulosa cell tumour of the ovary may have value as an adverse prognostic factor., The mutation frequencies of beta-catenin genes in Taiwanese CRC patients are very low., Beta-catenin-negative desmoids either carried a CTNNB1 mutation or were associated with Gardner syndrome., The data demonstrates that oncogenic beta-catenin mutations in tumor cells, and subsequent activation of Wnt signaling, not only trigger cell-intrinsic alterations, but also have a significant impact on the crosstalk of tumor cells with the tumor associated macrophages., Downregulation of WWOX might lead to accumulation of cytoplasmic beta-catenin and the subsequent activation of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway in hepatocellular carcinoma., beta-catenin likely plays an important role in the pathogenesis of colorectal traditional serrated adenomas and conventional adenomas., The aim of this study is to evaluate the role of p130cas, E-cadherin, and beta-catenin expression in patients with non-small cell lung cancer., a previously unknown link between Wnt3a-mediated activation of STAT3 and cell survival, This perspective highlights current knowledge regarding the interaction between Wnt/beta-catenin signaling and HIV, the interplay between these two pathways as it impacts key features of NeuroAIDS--{REVIEW}, Enhanced expression of beta-catenin is associated with the development of cervical neoplasia and cancer., These findings indicate that miR-214 serves as tumor suppressor and plays substantial roles in inhibiting the tumorigenesis of hepatocellular carcinoma through suppression of beta-catenin., Results suggest that NDRG2 and prenylated Rab acceptor-1 (PRA1) might act synergistically to prevent signaling of T-cell facto/beta-catenin., beta-Catenin and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-delta coordinate dynamic chromatin loops for the transcription of vascular endothelial growth factor A gene in colon cancer cells, WNT10A acts as an autocrine oncogene both in renal cell carcinoma carcinogenesis and progression by activating WNT/beta-catenin signaling., Wnt/beta-catenin signal transducting system regulates dermal papilla cell aggregative growth through modifying versican expression by means of acting on the versican gene upstream promoter., The finding that beta-catenin can translocate to the nucleus where it binds to TCF/LEF transcription factors to regulate target gene expression was a seminal observation that linked beta-catenin/LEF to T cell development--{REVIEW}, CTNNB1 p.T41A mutation is associated with sporadic Wilms' tumor., n b-catenin is directly affected by the Wnt signal., Studies uncovered a linear pathway involving BMP2, WNT4/beta-catenin, and Forkhead box protein O1 that operates in human endometrium to critically control decidualization., Activation and repression of Wnt signaling in mesenchymal stem cells revealed that the expression levels of Fzd1, Fzd6, and Fzd7 are positively correlated with the Wnt/beta-catenin activation status, whereas Fzd8 exhibited an inverse relation., Wnt5a, APC and beta-catenin genes might be involved in the carcinogenesis and development of colorectal adenocarcinoma. It is hypothesized that down-regulation of APC and Wnt5a proteins may be one of causes of ectopic expression of beta-catenin in CRC., Suggest that urocortin 1 increase LPS-induced endothelial permeability by disrupting the VE-cadherin-beta-catenin complex via activation of CRHR2., Beta-catenin signaling induces CYP1A1 expression by disrupting adherens junctions in Caco-2 human colon carcinoma cells., Beta-arrestin-1 -mediated epigenetic mechanism controls beta-catenin activity., These results suggest that ROCK2 might mediate bFGF-induced proliferation of SH-SY5Y cells through GSK-3beta and beta-catenin pathway, beta-catenin was cell membrane-bound in normal crypts and colorectal cancer (CRC) neoplastic glands in colon and liver. Many CRC neoplastic glands in lungs expressed beta-catenin in the nucleus, but lacked beta-catenin at the cell membrane., Report immunohistochemical CTNNB1 expression in hyperplastic and neoplastic lesions of the prostate gland., Moesin is a glioma progression marker that induces proliferation and Wnt/beta-catenin pathway activation via interaction with CD44., A novel beta-catenin-inducible mouse model demonstrates that elevated levels of activated beta-catenin induce de novo crypt formation but reduce epithelial cell proliferation among progenitors., Downregulation of catenin gamma suppressed the phosphorylation of STAT5, promoted the phosphorylation of catenin beta and reduced the translocation of catenin beta into the nucleus., [beta]-catenin expression could be a useful marker for aggressive poorly differentiated thyroid cancer and its positivity might predict a poor outcome or/and metastases., The expression of beta-catenin (and N-cadherin) is associated with the malignant progression of brainstem gliomas., Apo(a) induces both nuclear beta-catenin-mediated cyclooxygenase-2 expression and prostaglandin E2 secretion, indicating a proinflammatory role for lipoprotein A., Silencing of miR-34a and upregulation of c-Met, Snail, and beta-catenin expression is associated with liver metastases of colon cancer., beta-catenin forms a complex with YAP1 and TBX5, which promotes colon cancer cell survival and contributes to malignant transformation. These observations reveal hitherto unidentified components of the beta-catenin pathway that play key roles in survival of beta-catenin-active cells., pY654-beta-catenin is a critical co-factor in hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha signaling and tumor responses to hypoxia., levels of CD133, CD44, and ALDH1, but not beta-catenin, had independent prognostic value to predict the recurrence of lung adenocarcinoma, Dkk-1 inhibited the survival and migration of human PTC cells by regulating Wnt/beta-catenin signaling and E-cadherin expression., The skin lesions of scleroderma patients showed obviously increased expression of cytoplasmic Wnt 2, nuclear Wnt 3a and beta-catenin, but markedly lowered cell membrane expression of beta-catenin than normal skin., study concludes that in chronic HCV carriers, the virus does not generally induce mutations in the cancer-related genes TP53, CTNNB1, and BCL6 in B cells, High glucose is essential for nuclear localization of beta-catenin in response to Wnt signaling., loss of beta-catenin expression in chondrocytes induces periosteal chondroma-like masses., The novel crosstalk between beta-catenin and the LKB1/AMPK pathway regulates the viability of head and neck squamous cancer cells., TWIST interacts with beta-catenin signaling on osteosarcoma cell survival against cisplatin., our study suggests that evaluation of beta-catenin and MMP-2 expression may have potential in diagnosis and progression in patients with non-small cell lung cancer., Sox7 is a negative regulator of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway through impeding the transcriptional machinery of beta-catenin/TCF/LEF-1 transcriptional complex, and the loss of expression may be involved in the pathogenesis of endometrial cancer., Spermine initially promoted gene and protein expression of Runx-2, an early marker of the osteoblast lineage; then, it increased beta-catenin expression and activation., Membrane protrusions with APC/beta-catenin-containing puncta control the migratory potential and mesenchymal morphology of mammary tumor cells., WNT10B/beta-catenin signalling induces HMGA2 and proliferation in metastatic breast cancer tumours devoid of ERalpha, PR and HER2 expression., Beta-catenin-dependent expression of WISP1 and Cyr61 is critical for epithelial repair., The present study implied that the specific molecular form of beta-catenin may participate in the Wnt signaling activation of right-sided serrated polyps., Wnt/beta-catenin signaling is hyperactivated in metastatic breast cancer cells that express microRNA 374a, results demonstrate that the domain of VE-cadherin that binds to beta-catenin is required for the establishment of strong steady-state adhesion strength, data demonstrate for the first time that miR-182 expression is controlled by beta-catenin, Report association of microsatellite instability and beta-catenin alterations with prognosis in colorectal cancer., these results suggest that nuclear beta-catenin-dependent RB stabilization suppresses TNF-induced apoptosis in caspase-8-positive colon cancer cells., The expression of E-cadherin and beta-catenin in pituitary adenoma was significantly downregulated and related to subtype, invasiveness, and postoperative recurrence., Data show that p68/DdX5 immunoprecipitated with RNA polymerase II (RNAP II) and suggest p68 is important in facilitating beta-catenin and androgen receptor (AR) transcriptional activity in prostate cancer cells., Loss of E-cadherin and aberrant beta-catenin expression could be a prognostic factor in patients with small intestinal adeno-carcinomas., The aberrant high expression of beta-catenin and decreased expression of E-cadherin is associated with poor prognosis in nasopharyngeal carcinoma., Clinical and pathological features of CRC patients may indicated an association of these mutations with the risk and progression of colorectal cancer in Poland., Single nucleotide polymorphisms in CTNNB1 gene is associated with colorectal cancer., These results validate beta-catenin as a distinct biomarker in HPV+/p16+ head and neck squamous cell cancer., Silencing mutated beta-catenin inhibits cell proliferation and stimulates apoptosis in the adrenocortical cancer cell line H295R., The transcriptional activity of the ABCD2 promoter was strongly increased by ectopic expression of beta-catenin and TCF-4., Androgen activates beta-catenin signaling in bladder cancer cells., beta-catenin mRNA and protein expressions are significantly decreased in preeclamptic placental tissues., The overexpression of EBP50 could inhibit the growth of hepatocellular carcinoma cells and promote apoptosis by modulating beta-catenin, E-cadherin., Quantity and subcellular localization of beta-catenin were analyzed in both novel and control cell lines., The role of beta-catenin in cancer initiation, maintenance, progression and relapse. [Review], CEACAM1 regulates Fas-mediated apoptosis in Jurkat T-cells via its interaction with beta-catenin., ZNRF3 inhibits gastric cancer cell growth and promotes cell apoptosis by affecting the Wnt/beta-catenin/TCF4 signalling pathway., The combination of all three parameters of the expression of ss-catenin, Cox-2 and p53 in colorectal adenoma tissue may be a useful negative predictor for adenoma recurrence in patients with advanced colorectal adenomas., Increased risk was observed only with the SNP in beta-catenin, only a small subset of medulloblastomas carry the CTNNB1 gene mutation that leads to nuclear accumulation of beta-catenin., show that IGF-IR-mediated POU5F1 expression to form a complex with beta-catenin and SOX2 is crucial for the self-renewal and oncogenic potentials of lung adenocarcinoma stem-like cells, The findings of this study make it possible to establish a relationship between oxidative DNA damage and beta-catenin expression in normal mucosa and colorectal tumor tissue., loss of Klotho may contribute to kidney injury by releasing the repression of pathogenic Wnt/beta-catenin signaling., Data indicate a signaling pathway from ErbB2 to p21-Activated kinase-1 (Pak1) to beta-catenin that is required for efficient transformation of mammary epithelial cells., Postnatal developmental defects in hepatocytes following xenobiotics depends on the presence of beta-catenin at the time of treatment., Loss of CTNNB1 expression is associated with poor response to epidermal growth factor receptor-tyrosine kinase inhibitor treatment in lung cancer., Data indicate that Fas signalling inactivates GSK-3beta by ERK/MAPK signalling, leading to nuclear accumulation of Snail and beta-catenin., Data indicate PI3K p85 mediates the interaction of beta-catenin with NF-kappaB (p65)., comprehensive review evaluating somatic mutations in TP53 and CTNNB1 genes in hepatitis B (HBV) and C (HCV)-related hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC); also report the mutational analysis of TP53 (exons 4-9) and CTNNB1 (exon 3) as well as PIK3CA (exon 9) genes in HCC from Southern Italy, The mRNA levels of LSD1 and beta-catenin are inversely correlated with the levels of Lefty1 in pancreas and breast tumors., Beta-catenin was a born nuclear transport receptor, which by interacting with adhesion molecules acquired the property to coordinate nuclear functions with cell-cell adhesion. [Review], The study demonistrated that expressions of beta-catenin in high-grade brainstem gliomas were significantly higher than that in low-grade brainstem gliomas and normal brain tissues and were positively correlated with the expression of Ki-67., Data indicate that the canonical Wnt/sscatenin signaling pathway appears to trigger amniotic fluid mesenchymal stem cells (huAFMSC) osteoblastogenesis., The Wnt1-beta-catenin pathway represses let-7 microRNA expression through transactivation of Lin28 to augment breast cancer stem cell expansion., we reveal that SPRY2 expression is regulated by FOXO3a and beta-catenin nuclear activity in colon cancer, Our findings indicate that CTNNB1 is a target for mutations when mismatch repair is impaired due to biallelic PMS2 mutations., Data indicate that tissue transglutaminase (TG2) regulates beta-catenin expression and function in ovarian cancer (OC) cells and define the c-Src-dependent mechanism through which this occurs., Data indicate that beta- catenin, with functions in cell homeostasis and relations with the APC gene, has a substantial role in colorectal carcinogenesis., CREB acts as a platform for assembling coactivators and chromatin remodelers required for MHC-I activation in a HIF-1alpha/beta-catenin-dependent manner., Data indicate that pancreatic (pro)enzymes enhanced expression of beta-catenin and E-cadherin and decreased expression of several epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT)-associated genes, such as Vimentin, Snail and Slug., TLR4 can trigger a neoplastic program through activation of the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway, Downregulation of USP14 expression arrested the cell cycle, which may be related to beta-catenin degradation., Data suggest that CTNNB1 and NR2F2 (nuclear receptor subfamily 2 group F member 2) are aberrantly expressed in uterine fibroid tissue compared with matched myometrium, with strong blood vessel-specific localization., Stable expression of CBY1 drives beta catenin cytoplasmatic translocation and impairs beta catenin signaling in BCR-ABL + cells., alterations of the Wnt1/beta-catenin axis in clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC) were examined., DJ-1 and beta-catenin may contribute to the development and recurrence of glioma, beta-catenin overexpression in the nucleus, rather than in the cytoplasm, appeared to be associated with progress disease and a worse prognosis for CRC patients., results suggest that ROCK regulates beta-catenin stability in cells via preventing TPPP1-mediated inhibition of HDAC6 activity, to reduce its acetylation and degradation via phosphorylation by CK1 and GSK3beta, In peritoneal mucinous carcinomatosis, antibiotics decreased bacterial density and were associated with a significant beta-catenin decrease in the cytoplasm, cell nuclei, and mucin along with a small membrane increase., CTNNB1 mutations are significantly different in low-grade ovarian endometrioid carcinomas (53%) compared with low-grade endometrial endometrioid carcinomas (28%) (P<0.0057)., the expression and transcriptional activity of beta-catenin are temporally regulated by multicellular aggregation kinetics of pluripotent pluripotent embryonic stem cells and influence mesoderm and cardiomyocyte differentiation., This study highlights regulation of beta-catenin by IGFBP2 in breast cancer cells and most importantly, combined expression of IGFBP2 and beta-catenin is associated with lymph node metastasis of breast tumors., There was a statistically significant inverse association of CD34 expression with adverse histological features, and a positive correlation of VEGF and cytoplasmic beta-catenin staining with unfavourable microscopic parameters in breast phyllodes tumors., results suggest that abnormal activation of beta-catenin contributes to adenomyosis development through the induction of epithelial-mesenchymal transition, secretion of WNT2B and WNT9B and stabilization of beta-catenin (CTNNB1) upon virus infection negatively regulate expression of representative inducible genes IFNB1, IFIT1 and TNF in a CTNNB1-dependent effector mechanism, Data suggest that, in tubal pregnancy, fallopian tube mucosa exhibits enhanced beta-catenin expression, reduced E-cadherin expression, and glycogen accumulation; tubal arteries exhibit neovascularization and hyperplasia in tubal pregnancy., beta-catenin serves as a scaffold to establish the location and function of tight-junction-associated proteins., By targeting APC, miR-155 efficiently regulates the Wnt/beta-catenin signaling, Data indicate that upregulated miR-126 upon coxsackievirus B3 (CVB3) infection targets SPRED1, LRP6, and WRCH1 genes, mediating cross-talk between ERK1/2 and Wnt/beta-catenin pathways, and thus promoting viral replication., The abnormal expression of E-cadherin and beta-catenin proteins might be useful in distinguishing vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia from non-neoplastic vulvar squamous epithelium lesions in problematic cases., results suggest that abnormal activation of beta-catenin contributes to adenomyosis development through the induction of epithelial-mesenchymal transition, The expression of E-cadherin and beta-catenin, combined with cytological and architectural analysis, may highlight different immunophenotypes and improve classification of breast carcinomas in situ with mixed pattern., Loss of E-cadherin and beta-catenin with cytoplasmic ALCAM accumulation may play pivotal role in oral cancer development and progression., APCL uses the 15 amino acid repeats region of APC to target beta-catenin for degradation., Data showe that nuclear beta-catenin was increased in perineural invasion lesions., Data indicate that henryin impaired the association of beta-catenin/TCF4 transcriptional complex likely through directly blocking the binding of beta-catenin to TCF4., In hepatocellular tumors, TERT- and CTNNB1-activating mutations are significantly associated., HIF-1alpha-induced beta-catenin activation prevented the PrP (106-126)-induced mitochondrial damage under hypoxic conditions., CTNNB1 45F mutation is associated with primary desmoid tumor recurrence., expression and subcellular localization of p120-catenin and beta-catenin in oral carcinomas, FadA binds to E-cadherin, activates beta-catenin signaling, and differentially regulates the inflammatory and oncogenic responses., Study did not detect a statistically significant difference in recurrence risk according to either the CTNNB1 mutation status or the specific CTNNB1 mutation., RB phosphorylation and beta-catenin nuclear translocation are differently expressed in Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, Data indicate that succinate dehydrogenase 5 (SDH5) functions as a critical protein in regulating epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) by modulating the glycogen synthase kinase (GSK)-3beta-beta-catenin signaling pathway., Data suggest that activation of Wnt signaling pathway in rhabdomyosarcoma via Wnt3a (MMTV integration site family member 3A) involves reduced phosphorylation of CTNNB1, stabilization of active cytosolic CTNNB1, and nuclear translocation of CTNNB1., The cytokine TGF-beta2 enhances cadherin-mediated cell-cell adhesion and beta-catenin expression in HTM cells., Gastric neoplasia of chief cell-predominant type (GN-CCP) as a unique variant of nonaggressive tumor are characterized by nuclear beta-catenin accumulation and mutation of CTNNB1 or AXIN gene, suggesting activation of the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway., Low level of beta catenin expression is associated with breast cancer., AR and beta-catenin-signaling pathways inihibition in prostate cancer was investigated., Focal adhesion kinase mediates beta-catenin signaling in periodontal ligament cells, The Slug/beta-catenin-dependent activation of DNA damage signaling triggered by the hypoxic microenvironment sustains the proinflammatory phenotype of breast cancer stem cells., transcriptional associations with HIF-1alpha and NF-kappaB, as well as beta-catenin/p300 complexes, may contribute to modulation of changes in tumor cell kinetics in response to a hypoxic condition in endometrial carcinoma cells, The etiology of solid-pseudopapillary neoplasms of the pancreas involves mutations in the gene that encodes beta-catenin (CTNNB1). Review., Data indicate that PAF-EZH2-beta-catenin complex hyperactivates Wnt signaling., eIF3i is a proto-oncogene that drives colon oncogenesis by translationally upregulating COX-2 and activating the beta-catenin signaling pathway, Conclude that CTNNB1 exon 3 mutations are likely to be involved in the pathogenesis of male sertoli cell tumors with nuclear accumulation of beta-catenin and affect the expression of cyclin D1., beta-Catenin signaling in hepatocellular cancer has roles in inflammation, fibrosis, and proliferation, Beta-catenin signaling controls self-renewal networks and generation of stem-like cells from nasopharyngeal carcinoma., Knockdown of beta-catenin with dicer-substrate siRNAs reduces liver tumor burden in vivo., Induction of cytotoxicity in skin cancer cells by epigallocatechin-3-gallate is mediated by targeting of beta-catenin signaling., Mean membranous expression of beta-catenin, as well as that in the invasive front, is prognostic for longer disease-free survival in patients with non metastatic colorectal cancer., down-regulation of PLCgamma2-beta-catenin pathway occurs in mice and humans and leads to myeloid-derived suppressor cells-mediated tumor expansion., Report CTNNB1 mutations in mammary analogue secretory carcinoma of salivary glands with high-grade transformation., Data show that modin directly inhibited TWIST1 expression, upregulated E-cadherin, and inhibited TWIST1-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) by inhibiting the beta-catenin and Akt pathways., a convergent model of Wnt signaling network where Ca(2+) and beta-catenin pathways, ROR2 is an epigenetically inactivated tumor suppressor gene that antagonizes both beta-catenin and AKT signaling in multiple various carcinomas., beta-catenin signaling plays an important role in the formation of the complex epithelial architecture in Atypical polypoid adenomyoma, Nuclear beta-catenin overexpression may be a valuable candidate to predict the response of rectal adenocarcinoma to preoperative radiotherapy., Our findings suggest that abnormal expression of beta-catenin and E-cadherin occurred frequently in gastric carcinoma and correlated with worse clinical behaviour., Beta-catenin/HuR post-transcriptional machinery governs cancer stem cell features in response to hypoxia., GAD1 expression correlates with cellular invasiveness and migration by regulating beta-catenin translocation and MMP7 activation., cancer-related mutations in beta-catenin can influence tumor progression by weakening the adhesion of tumor cells to one another through reduced individual Ecad/Ecad bond strength, No correlation between ALDH3A1 expression and patient survival or tumour recurrence was observed.In conclusion, ALDH3A1 is a marker of activation of the Wnt/ss-catenin pathway in hepatocellular carcinoma, The interaction between Sox2 and beta-catenin provides a novel mechanism underlying the functional dichotomy of breast cancer cells, which carries potential therapeutic implications., Galectin-3 silencing inhibits epirubicin-induced ATP binding cassette transporters and activates the mitochondrial apoptosis pathway via beta-catenin/GSK-3beta modulation in colorectal carcinoma., beta-Catenin knockdown could effectively control growth of neuroblastoma cells in vitro and in nude mice., Results support an influence of aspirin on WNT/CTNNB1 signaling and suggest that aspirin chemoprevention may be tailored according to rs6983267 genotype., In right colon adenocarcinoma tumors, MMP2, p53, and beta-catenin gene expressions were higher than when compared to left colon., AKT/beta-catenin/Snail signaling pathway is mechanistically associated with cancer stem cell-like properties and epithelial-mesenchymal transition features of A549/CDDP cells, and thus, this pathway could be a novel target for the treatment of NSCLC., The results demonstrated that Der p 1-induced inflammatory responses were mediated by beta-catenin., the impact of BCR-ABL1 on Chibby1, a beta catenin antagonist involved in cell differentiation and transformation, O-GlcNAcylation of Serine 23 is a novel regulatory modification for beta-catenin's subcellular localization and transcriptional activity., Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane promotes the growth of hepatocellular carcinoma via Wnt/beta-catenin pathway which is activated by oxidative stress., These results suggest aberrant Claudin 7, alpha - and beta-catenin expression and/or localisation patterns may be putative markers for distinguishing localised prostate cancer from aggressive metastatic disease when used collectively., MUC4-induced nuclear translocation of beta-catenin is a novel mechanism for growth, metastasis and angiogenesis of pancreatic cancer., the gradual increase in TRAIL receptor expression during colorectal carcinogenesis is at least partially mediated through increased beta-catenin expression., All these data proved the utility of CXCR4, MMP-13 and beta-catenin immunohistochemical investigation in basal cell carcinoma., Ursolic acid suppressed the expression of Wnt5alpha/beta and beta-catenin, inducing apoptosis in prostate cancer cells., The deacetylation of beta-catenin by HDAC6 modulates the in vitro proliferation of breast cancer cells through responding to WNT stimulation., c-Src-mediated Tyr-phosphorylation of delta-catenin increases its stability via decreasing its affinity to GSK3b and enhances its ability of inducing nuclear distribution of beta-catenin, Targeted genotyping revealed mutation of CTNNB1 in 96% of adamantinomatous craniopharyngiomas., Under hypoxic conditions, enhanced beta-catenin and Nur77 expression synergistically stimulated CRC cell migration, invasion, and epithelial-mesenchymal transition., Expression of beta-catenin and cyclinD1 may be used as predict markers for poor prognosis in Ovarian serous cancer, 8-bromo-7-methoxychrysin inhibits the functions and characteristics of liver tumor stem cells through downregulation of beta-catenin expression., different phosphorylated forms of beta-catenin play important roles in modulating vascular pathophysiology through different heterocellular interactions., Cx43 knockdown significantly increased beta-catenin signaling which regulate the transcription of pro-neuronal genes during embryonic neural development., Both the GPC3 and the CTNNB1 mutations contributed to tumorigenesis., low-risk HPVs regulate the actin cytoskeleton through manipulation of beta-catenin at the cell membrane as a mechanism for altering differentiation, Upregulation of CTNNB1 is associated with lung cancer invasion., Activation of Wnt1 and beta-catenin signaling accelerates the proliferation of gastric cancer stem cells., Truncated APC still sustains a surprisingly high phosphorylation activity, which requires the protein to bind to CTNNB1 through the APC 20-amino-acid repeats, thus providing a biochemical explanation for the precise truncations found in cancer cells., Data indicate that Kaiso protein participates in the regulation of beta-catenin mRNA expression by interacting with p120-catenin in the lung cancer cell lines., WNT/beta-catenin pathway and E-cadherin are important factors in advanced epithelial ovarian cancer., These results identify a novel mechanism for regulating beta-catenin stability that is independent of GSK3beta and provide new insight into a pathway involving Plk1, Nek2, and beta-catenin that regulates the centrosome cycle., miR-135a/SIAH1/beta-catenin signaling is important in the transformation and progression of cervical carcinoma., Studied association between beta-catenin expression and clinical-pathological parameters in 374 OSCCs/OP-SCCs by immunohistochemistry (IHC)., beta-catenin knockdown and overexpression in cell models revealed a positive relation between CLDN1 and beta-catenin., Mutations in beta-catenin gene is associated with liver tumors., reports the abundant expression of Wnt protein family and beta-catenin in cholangiocarcinoma (CCA) as well as the effect of inflammatory condition on Wnt/beta-catenin activation in CCA cells, In endometrioid endometrial carcinoma, 7.1%showed nulear beta-catnenin expression vs. 0% in non-endometrioid endometrial carcinoma., WIF-1 is downregulated and functions as a tumor suppressor by antagonizing Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in neuroblastoma., Activation of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in effector T cells and/or Tregs is causatively linked with the imprinting of proinflammatory properties and the promotion of colon cancer., Data suggest up-regulation of TCF4 (T cell transcription factor 4) expression and Wnt signaling play roles in placentation; induction/nuclear recruitment of TCF4 and coactivator beta-catenin are exhibited in conditions promoting trophoblast motility., Role of C9orf140 in the promotion of colorectal cancer progression and mechanisms of its upregulation via activation of STAT5, beta-catenin and EZH2., We identified de novo beta-catenin mutations in four patients with intellectual disability, carefully characterized their phenotypes, and were able to define a recognizable intellectual disability syndrome., RUNX3 and beta-catenin play important roles in the carcinogenesis of sporadic colorectal tubular adenomas., TNFRSF19 may contribute to the development of colorectal tumors with deregulated beta-catenin activity., Matrilysin ia a regulator of beta-catenin function in injured lung epithelium., Study provides evidence that nuclear beta-catenin expression is increased after preoperative chemoradiotherapy in locally advanced rectal cancer patients and confers poor survival compared with patients who experience decreased nuclear beta-catenin expression., Octreotide treatment increased SSTR2,SSTR5-induced apoptosis of SW480 colon cancer cells via GSK3B/Wnt/CTNNB1 pathway., elevation of beta-catenin in the metanephric mesenchyme results in cell-autonomous and non-cell-autonomous events that lead to the genesis of renal dysplasia., These data provide a genome-wide view of chromatin occupancy and gene regulation of Wnt/CTNNB1 signaling in colon cancer cells., Morin by downregulating the expressions of GSK-3beta, beta-catenin and cyclin D1 ameliorated hepatic stellate cell proliferation in liver fibrosis., establish a directional crosstalk between calcium-sensing receptor and Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in keratinocyte differentiation via Wnt5a that acts as an autocrine stimulus in this process, These results further implicate the CTNNB1/LEF1 transcriptional complex in the development of solid-pseudopapillary neoplasms of the pancreas, Dysregulation of specific members of the WNT pathway and beta-catenin in granulosa cells is characterized by increased apoptosis suggesting that the WNT/beta-catenin signaling pathway might be involved in granulosa cell atresia., molecular mechanisms underlying nuclear beta-catenin accumulation in fibro-osseous lesions of the craniofacial skeleton is unlikely to be mediated by CTNNB1 exon 3 or APC exon 15 mutations in most cases., Our study provided the first evidence that SNPs in CTNNB1 and SFRP1 were associated with tuberculosis risk, and genetic variants in Wnt signaling pathway might participate in genetic susceptibility to tuberculosis in Chinese Han population., A single-base-pair missense mutations in exon 3 of CTNNB1 was observed in all 7 solid-pseudopapillary neoplasms and in 1 of 11 pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors., The positive correlation among Oct-4, Nanog, and beta-catenin suggests their coordinated role in maintaining proliferation in oral carcinoma cells., Sequencing of bulk craniopharyngioma tumor revealed no relationship between CTNNB1 mutation and cytosolic/nuclear accumulation of beta-catenin, Pin1 regulates the activation of Wnt/beta-catenin pathway in squamous cell carcinoma via modulating the interaction between beta-catenin and APC., 14-3-3 and beta-catenin form "bleb-like" structures and are secreted via extracellular vesicles to induce Wnt signaling activity in target cells., In adenomatous polyposis coli, beta-catenin phosphorylation involves Axin and the 20 amino acids of APC or APCL., long-term treatment with BRAF inhibitors can affect the interaction between BRAF/MAPK and Wnt/beta-catenin signaling to affect patient outcomes, KCTD1 functions as a novel inhibitor of Wnt signaling p, Analyses of beta-catenin O-GlcNAcylation mutants show T41 is the most crucial residue controlling degradation. O-GlcNAcylation regulates beta-catenin stability and its localization at the level of adherens junctions., in addition to conventional histopathologic evaluation, cellular distribution of beta-catenin may be used as a valuable marker in the differential diagnosis of osteoblastoma and osteosarcoma., A beta-catenin fragment might be crucial for BCR-ABL1+ cell survival following the fusion protein tyrosine kinase inhibitor inhibition., TDG, as a new coactivator, promotes beta-catenin/TCFs transactivation and functionally cooperates with CBP in canonical Wnt signaling., genetic alterations of beta-catenin and epigenetics-related Wif-1 promoter hypermethylation may be important mechanisms underlying adrenocortical tumor formation, Findings suggest that the nonrecurrent mutations at different nodes of the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway can contribute to leukemogenesis., Downregulation of SCAI activates the Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in glioma., Decreased expression of Sox7 correlates with the upregulation of the Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway and the poor survival of gastric cancer patients., Results show that CTNNB1 mutation status was of significant prognostic value for meloxicam treatment in patients with sporadic desmoid tumors., A distinct pattern of CTNNB1 mutation was detected in these two populations, and drastic changes at the transcriptomic level were detected in the CB+ tumors compared to adjacent non-cancerous livers., beta-catenin activation is preferentially found and is associated with a poor clinical outcome in invasive breast cancer independent of molecular subtype., elevated parathyroid hormone-induced endothelial-to-mesenchymal transition in human renal glomerular endothelial cells might be partially mediated by the nuclear translocation of beta-catenin., Cytoplasmic hnRNPA2 may affect the cancer cell phenotype through 3'-UTR mRNA-mediated regulation of beta-catenin expression and other cancer-relevant genes., The DBC1-MCC axis is an APC independent CTNNB1 inhibitory pathway., Nuclear beta-catenin expression correlated with APC mutations and miR-21 expression in tumours from colorectal cancer patients., SOX2-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition process, migration, and invasion are dependent on beta-catenin activation, Evaluation of scar tissue collected from patients with hypertrophic and normal scars revealed a correlation between the number of macrophages within the wound, beta-catenin levels, and cellularity., beta-catenin and the transcriptional regulator Yap1 interact physically and are activated in most human hepatoblastoma tissues; overexpression of activated forms of these proteins in livers of mice leads to rapid tumor development., In human colorectal cancer cell lines and tissue samples, ITF2 appears to prevent activation of the beta-catenin-TCF4 complex and transcription of its gene targets., Loss of SMAD4 in PDAC cells leads to reduced levels of miR-494, increased levels of FOXM1, and nuclear localization of beta-catenin in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma., These findings indicate that beta-catenin/TCF-4 is an important pathway for restricted HIV-1 replication in monocytes and plays a significant role in potentiating HIV-1 replication as monocytes differentiate into macrophages., Data indicate that miR-122 suppressed the activation of Wnt/beta-catenin pathway by targeting WNT1., Report beta catenin expression in association with hormone replacement therapy and oral contraceptives risk in colorectal cancer., These results indicate that the spatial localization of an intracellular domain of epithelial cell adhesion molecule and its mutual interaction with beta-catenin may be important in extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma progression and invasion., E-cadherin and b-catenin immunostaining showed no prognostic value for basaloid and conventional squamous cell carcinomas, HBP1 is a suppressor of cancer progression and a regulator of CTNNB1 gene transcription., Frizzled 7 expression is positively regulated by SIRT1 and beta-catenin in breast cancer cells., beta-Catenin accumulation with altered phosphorylation correlated with the proliferative changes in colorectal epithelium in type 2 diabetes., the transcriptional activity of nuclear beta-Catenin depends on PI3K activity and both factors synergize for full WNT signaling activity and are associated with distant metastasis in colon cancer, miR-96/HBP1/Wnt/beta-catenin regulatory circuitry promotes the proliferation of glioma cell, we validated the top two synthetic lethal gene pairs, CSNK1E-TP53 and CTNNB1-TP53, in colorectal cancer, case-control study of 50 patients with FIGO Stage 1A grade 1 endometrioid endometrial cancer has identified CTNNB1 mutation and lower BMI as independent risk factors for disease relapse, HSF1 regulation of beta-catenin in mammary cancer cells through control of HuR/elavL1 expression., Data show that mirtazapine caused substantial up-regulation of the Lin-7C/beta-catenin pathway in a metastatic squamous cell carcinomas (hSCCs) cell line and melanoma-derived cell line., S100P may promote endometrial tumor cell proliferation by increasing nuclear translocation of beta-catenin., a distinct condition based upon molecular genetic changes in the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway, we show that WWOX required for stabilization of beta-catenin regulated by SENP2 in hepatocellular carcinoma cells, Results identified beta-catenin as a TRAF4-binding protein, TRF4 enhanced expression of beta-catenin, and mediated its translocation from the cytoplasm to the nucleus, thereby facilitating activation of the Wnt signaling pathway in breast cancer., SOX10 facilitates TCF4 to bind to beta-catenin and form a stable SOX10/TCF4/beta-catenin complex and trans-activate its downstream target gene in human hepatocellular carcinoma, The aberrant activation of b-catenin signaling by both WNTdependent and -independent mechanisms in asthmatic airways plays a key role in remodeling the airways, LZTFL1 binds beta-catenin in the cytoplasm of the cell and inhibited its nuclear translocation, We suggest a hypothetical model whereby CD133 promotes morphogenesis in early hair follicle placodes through the localized removal of membrane beta-catenin proteins and subsequent adherens junction dissolution., CTNNB1 mutations are associated with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma., These results demonstrate that mutational activation of the beta-catenin gene is likely a pivotal event in the pathogenesis of intranodal palisaded myofibroblastoma, In the osteoblast-induced cells (OIC), DLX5, CTNNB1, and RUNX1 were significantly upregulated (+2.38-, +3.51-, and +7.08-fold, respectively), whereas SP7 was downregulated (-26.32-fold), Ccdc80 is a novel betacat-regulated gene in adrenocortical cells, Over expression of TAZ was associated with abnormal expression of beta-catenin, which is correlated with poor prognosis of patients with adenocarcinoma of the esophagogastric junction, abnormal localization of beta-catenin was observed in hepatocellular carcinoma tissues which may be associated with gene mutation leading to the generation of truncated beta-catenin proteins, we found that LHX4 upregulated beta-catenin levels in human colorectal cancer cell lines, beta-catenin protein and mRNA expression were decreased in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and temporal lobe of bipolar disorder patients compared to schizophrenia patients and controls., High cytoplasmic and nuclear beta-catenin expression is associated with colorectal cancer., p63 Regulates the migration and invasion of esophageal squamous carcinoma cells through activation of the beta-catenin/c-Myc pathway., A combination of nuclear beta-catenin and atypical scores may be useful for differential diagnosis of borderline malignancy of gastric tumours., Results indicate that the tumor-suppressive function of SMAD4 is mediated by downregulation of b-catenin transcriptional activity via AURKA degradation in a TGFb-independent manner., Wnt/beta-catenin aids in regulating the proliferation of hepG2 cells mediated by thy-1., Data reveal bidirectional cross-talk and regulation between the eNOs-NO-cGMP and beta-catenin signalling pathways in endothelial cells., Colocalization of beta-catenin with Notch1 intracellular domain in colon cancer, Data suggest women with hepatic adenoma, now reclassified as inflammatory hepatic adenoma, exhibit mutations in CTNNB1 (beta-catenin), HNF1A (hepatic nuclear factor 1 alpha), and gp130/IL6ST (glycoprotein subunit 130, interleukin-6 receptor). [REVIEW], As in Dupuytren's disease, beta-catenin levels and IGF2 expression are elevated in Frozen Shoulder Syndrome., Our findings reveal for the first time an essential role of nuclear MET association with SOX9/beta-catenin in castration-resistant prostate cancer in vitro and in vivo, nuclear beta-catenin expression may be used as a prognostic biomarker in cervical squamous cell carcinoma, suggest that Hsp27 is required for EGF-mediated epithelial to mesenchymal transition via modulation of the beta-catenin/Slug signaling pathway, C-myc, the downstream target gene of beta-catenin, plays an important role in regulating cisplatin resistance in A549/DDP cells., an IL-1beta/IL-1RI/beta-catenin signaling pathway induces beta-catenin accumulation due to GSK3beta inactivation by Akt phosphorylation, The LRP6 tyrosine mutant increased in signaling activation in response to Wnt3a/beta-catenin stimulation., Deletion of Ctnnb1 significantly inhibits EGFR mutation dependent human lung tumor formation in mice., Expression of beta-catenin in lung fibroblasts from bleomycin-challenged mice and human lung fibroblasts treated with transforming growth factor beta or lysophosphatidic acid was markedly increased., Results suggest that N-cadherin may promote motility and invasiveness through distinct mechanisms and that beta-catenin may be an integral mediator of N-cadherin-dependent invasive signaling in oral epithelia., Our findings highlight the important role of miR-29c in regulating CRC EMT via GSK-3b/b-catenin signaling by targeting GNA13 and PTP4A and provide new insights into the metastatic basis of colorectal cancer, the data from this study not only suggest ISL as a natural candidate to enhance breast CSC chemosensitivity but also highlight the significance of GRP78 in mediating cancer drug resistance and beta-catenin signaling in breast cancer stem cells ., Interfering with the expression of beta-catenin reverses cisplatin resistance in vitro and in vivo., CTNNB1 exon 3 mutations are likely a driver that characterize an aggressive subset of low-grade and low-stage EEC occurring in younger women., Thymosin beta4 induces invasion and migration of human colorectal cancer cells through the ILK/AKT/beta-catenin signaling pathway., show for the first time that CYP2E1 is transcriptionally regulated by the WNT/beta-catenin pathway, Review/Meta-analysis, Authors demonstrate that levels of the nucleus-localized beta-catenin-TCF complex increase during the S and G2 phases, and declines in the next G1 phase., -catenin activation by melatonin prevented PrP (106-126)-induced neuronal cell death, Simultaneous activation of both beta-catenin and NF-kappaB signaling pathways is required for the enhanced cancer stem cell phenotypes., Increased beta-catenin expression in human high-risk neuroblastoma tissue without MYCN amplification, is reported., RNF220 interacts with USP7, a ubiquitin-specific peptidase, which is required for RNF220 to stabilize beta-catenin., Data suggest that beta-catenin and ZEB1 protein can be simultaneously used as candidate targets for early diagnosis and prognosis prediction in bladder cancer., Membrane AR activation regulates late expression and/or activity of the tumorigenic gene products c-Src, GSK-3beta. and beta-catenin, role for beta-catenin in regulating AURKA and formation of primary cilia in the setting of VHL deficiency, HER2 interacts with beta-catenin, leading to dissolution of the adherens junction, decreased cell-cell adhesion, and disruption of the pulmonary epithelial barrier., De novo mutations in beta-catenin appear to be a frequent cause of intellectual disability., WT1 suppresses epigenetic silencing of the beta-catenin gene, High beta catenin expression promotes chemoresistance in gastrointestinal cancer., Wnt4/beta-catenin signaling pathway is involved in parathryoid hormone-induced epithelial mesenchyal transformation in human renal proximal tubular cells., PTPRO was drastically decreased in fulminant hepatitis, and this was associated with enhanced beta-catenin accumulation but reduced IFN-gamma secretion., CTNNB1 mutations were associated with the risk of recurrence in primary sporadic aggressive fibromatosis., Increased expression of beta-catenin, lymphoid enhancer-binding protein-1, and heparanase-1 is significantly correlated with decreased survival and poor prognosis in acral melanoma., Claudin-4 controls the receptor tyrosine kinase EphA2 pro-oncogenic switch through beta-catenin, The STAT3/beta-catenin interaction is complex but may reduce the proliferative activity of beta-catenin possibly by taking beta-catenin protein beyond the optimal level., Mutation of beta-catenin and its interaction with other associated proteins may be an early event during radiation and estrogen induced progression of human breast carcinogenesis., Data sugggest that isoquercitrin should be investigated as a potential anti-tumoral agent targeting Wnt/beta-catenin signaling., Beta-catenin sub-cellular localization is deregulated in prostate inflammation, and associates with prostatic atrophy and prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia pathology., insulin treatment has an effect on the expression of vascular endothelial cadherin and Beta-catenin in human fetoplacental vessels, High CTNNB1 expression is associated with oral squamous cell carcinoma., Twist-related protein 1 enhances oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma cell invasion through beta-catenin signaling, Suggest a matrix-regulatory role for stabilized beta-catenin in fibroblasts in vivo and have defined a set of beta-catenin-responsive genes with relevance to fibrotic disease., beta-catenin nuclear expression in group of diffuse astrocytomas and anaplastic astrocytomas is evidence for transcriptional function of beta-catenin in those groups, The present study implicates beta-catenin promoter hypermethylation in the mechanism of epigenetic changes underlying non-small cell lung cancer metastasis and progression., Suggest WISP3-Wnt/beta-catenin axis may have role in regulating gastric cancer cell proliferation and metastasis., Cytoplasmic and/or nuclear accumulation of beta-catenin, as an independent prognostic factor, significantly associated with poor prognosis and deeper invasion of HCC, and could serve as a valuable prognostic predictor for HCC., the Wnt5A signaling pathway was shown to contribute to regulating the drug-resistance protein ABCB1 and beta-catenin-related genes in antagonizing the toxic effects of doxorubicin in cell lines and in clinical breast cancer samples., Octamer-binding protein 4 affects the cell biology and phenotypic transition of lung cancer cells involving beta-catenin/E-cadherin complex degradation, study demonstrate that GDNF increases the intracellular phosphorylation level of beta-catenin through N-cadherin/Src signaling, CUL4B can up-regulate Wnt/beta-catenin signalling in human HCC through transcriptionally repressing Wnt antagonists and thus contributes to the malignancy of HCC., results demonstrate that mutational activation of beta-catenin may be central events in the pathogenesis of glomangiopericytoma, These results suggested that betacatenin was involved in the formation of lung fibrosis and may provide a theoretical basis for the treatment of IPF., results highlight, for the first time, CTNNB1 mutations as the likely initiating molecular events driving SN-HPC tumorigenesis, which places SN-HPC among the growing family of beta-catenin-driven mesenchymal neoplasms, Bex2 affects the invasion and migration ability of glioma cells by regulating beta-catenin, In p16-positive, vimentin-down-regulated and E-caderin-up-regulated squamous cell carcinoma cells, there was incomplete epithelial-mesenchymal transition with significantly upregulated expression of beta-catenin and cell scattering., Conditional knockout of beta-catenin suppresses the tumorigenesis and growth of Men1-deficient pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors., These results suggest novel and uncharacterized cytoplasmic beta-catenin functions related to HuR-mediated RNA metabolism in cancer cells., WNT/beta-catenin signaling is not mandatory for long term cell growth and survival in BxPC-3 cells., Only three HCC cases (5.6%) had CTNNB1 mutations. Nuclear or cytoplasmic accumulation of CTNNB1 was found in 42.6% HCC cases (23/54). CTNNB1 accumulation was significantly more frequent in young patients and hepatitis B related HCC., self-renewal versus differentiation of human ESCs (hESCs) in response to Wnt signaling is predominantly determined by a two-layer regulatory circuit involving beta-catenin, E-cadherin, PI3K/Akt, and Slug in a time-dependent manner., MicroRNA-33a inhibits lung cancer cell proliferation and invasion by regulating the expression of beta-catenin, HDAC6 inhibitors modulate Lys49 acetylation and membrane localization of beta-catenin in human induced pluripotent stem cells-derived neuronal cells., BMP-2 plays a crucial role in calcium deposition in VSMCs and VC in CKD patients via a mechanism involving the Wnt/b-catenin pathway, beta-catenin is involved in tumorigenicity, but has a role against epithelial-mesenchymal transition in breast cancer cells, Unusual role of APCDD1 in dental follicle cells during osteogenic differentiation. APCDD1 sustains the expression and activation of beta-catenin., Cathelicidin, expressed by immune cells in the tumor microenvironment, promotes colon cancer growth through activation of the PTEN/PI3K/Akt and Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathways., Our findings demonstrated the importance of canonical/beta-catenin Wnt signaling in RPE differentiation and showed that manipulating the pathway significantly improves RPE derivation from hESC., Slit2/Robo1 signaling promotes intestinal tumorigenesis through Src-mediated activation of the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway., beta-escin was a potent reverser of P-gp-dependent multidrug resistance in cholangiocarcinoma cells, likely via inhibition of the GSK3beta/beta-catenin pathway., Our results shed light on a previously unappreciated beta-catenin signaling pathway for regulating autophagy in prostate cancer., there is a correlation between plasma membrane associated beta-catenin in HER2-positive breast cancer and survival outcome, Tumour suppressor TRIM33 targets nuclear beta-catenin degradation, HSP105 depletion disrupts the integration of protein phosphatase 2A into the beta-catenin degradation complex, favoring the hyperphosphorylation and degradation of beta-catenin., FOXP1 has a role in potentiating Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in diffuse large B cell lymphoma, Beta-catenin is required for triple-negative breast cancer development by controlling numerous tumor-associated properties, such as migration, stemness, anchorage-independent growth and chemosensitivity., Positive association between aberrant expression of beta-catenin in the nucleus/cytoplasm of tumors and lymph nodes was observed., Combining CAR activation with limited beta-catenin activation induces tumorigenesis, and the tumours share a conserved gene expression signature with beta-catenin-positive human hepatocellular carcinoma., GLI1, NOTCH1 and CTNNB1 expression were assayed in a tissue microarray of 68 TET and eight benign thymus by fluorescent immunohistochemistry (AQUA) as surrogates for activity of the sonic hedgehog, NOTCH and WNT pathways, At pathologic examination, hepatocellular carcinomas with beta-catenin mutation showed pseudoglandular proliferation and bile production with a higher grade of differentiation, Expression of the ALDH1A1 gene is regulated by the WNT signaling pathway and co-occurs with expression of beta-catenin in prostate tumor specimens., miR-603 regulates glioma development via Wnt-beta-cateninn signaling pathway and its WIF1 and CTNNBIP1 targets., KLF5 facilitates lysophosphatidic acid -induced interaction between beta-catenin and TCF4., Data indicate that cellular glucose deprivation activates protein kinase C alpha-(PKCalpha) to induce both autophagy and degradation of beta-catenin., There was no difference in the expression of beta-catenin in pre- and post-neoadjuvant chemotherapy specimens, Data suggest that p15RS (p15INK4b-related sequence) acts as an intrinsic transcriptional repressor for Wnt/beta-catenin-mediated gene transcription through recruiting HDAC2 histone deacetylase., study uses immunohistochemistry to assess protein expression patterns of ARID2, beta-catenin, p53, and p110alpha in hepatocellular carcinoma and adjacent nonneoplastic cirrhotic tissues from 58 explanted livers, VGLL4 was associated with the change in nuclear location of beta-catenin in gastric cancer tissues., PI3K/Akt and Wnt/beta-catenin signaling were involved in secreted PKM2 induced colon cancer cell migration., Neither Bcl-2 or beta-catenin were shown to be useful biomarkers for the prognosis of colorectal cancer. nuclear b-catenin expression may be a biomarker for the prediction of improved responses to chemotherapy, association between beta-catenin and the MUC1 cytoplasmic tail was increased by ECM1, PGE2 enhances glioma cell survival and proliferation though its ability to trans-activate Epithelial Growth Factor receptor and beta-catenin, Two critical oncoproteins, Dnmt1 and beta-catenin, mutually regulate each other's levels and activities in colorectal cancer cells., Data indicate that dysfunction of the Rho-associated kinase 2 (Rock2)-p-GSK3beta/beta-catenin-CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein delta (CEBPD) regulatory circuitry may contribute to the tumorigenic characteristic of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)., Inhibition of beta-catenin signalling promotes DNA damage elicited by benzo[a]pyrene in a model of human colon cancer cells via CYP1 deregulation., Univariate analyses indicated that the T stage, lymph node metastasis, the TNM stage, and the expression of claudin-3, beta-catenin, and vimentin were significant predictors for overall survival (OS)., Loss of beta-catenin in adrenocortical cancer cells causes growth inhibition and reversal of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition., When comparing the primary sites of metastatic and non-metastatic oral squamous cell carcinoma, beta-catenin presented lower cytoplasmic membrane expression in metastatic disease., These data provide a theoretical basis for the potential interaction between miRNA and the beta-catenin signaling pathway in gastric cancer, Capsaicin-induced apoptosis in pancreatic cancer cells was associated with inhibition of beta-catenin signaling due to the dissociation of beta-catenin/TCF-1 complex and the process was orchestrated by STAT-3., the high expression of TC1 was common in oral tongue squamous cell carcinomas and correlated with the expression of b-catenin and cyclin D1 and the progression of oral tongue squamous cell carcinomas, the expression of WNT4, a Wnt ligand, and three targets of Wnt-ss-catenin transcription activation, namely, MMP7, cyclinD1 (CD1) and c-MYC in 141 penile tissue cores from 101 unique samples, were investigated., Data suggest that fibulin-5 functions as a metastasis suppressor in lung cancer by modulating tumor microenvironment to suppress Wnt/beta-catenin signaling., Induction of neural crest genes by beta-catenin is repressed by SMAD2/SMAD3, ensuring proper lineage specification., our results demonstrate that Hif1alpha and Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathways support leukemia stem cell function in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia, Data indicate that tankyrase (Tnks) inhibitors impact telomere length maintenance independently of their affects on Wnt/beta-catenin signaling., we conclude that not only hTERT but possibly other Sheltrin proteins are regulated by beta-catenin which is co expressed., Expression levels of EpCAM & beta-catenin were higher in cancer tissues compared with other tissues from the same patient. Their expression in colon cancers were correlated. Inverse correlation between their expression and patient prognosis was found, Loss of Beta-catenin was associated with the cascade of gastric carcinoma development., Conclude that the CBP/beta-catenin complex is a core component of the MDR1 transcriptional "enhancesome" in neoplasms., OPN overexpression and nuclear beta-catenin expression appeared to be associated with unfavorable prognostic factors in colorectal carcinoma, Loss of TFF1 could be a critical step in promoting the H. pylori-mediated oncogenic activation of beta-catenin and gastric tumorigenesis., The protein lysine demethylases Kdm2a and Kdm2b regulate the turnover of non-phosphorylated beta-catenin specifically within the nucleus via direct interaction with the fourth and fifth armadillo repeats., EGF/Smurf1 inhibits Wnt/beta-catenin-induced osteogenic differentiation and that Smurf1 downregulates Wnt/b-catenin signaling by enhancing proteasomal degradation of beta-catenin., The expression of CXCR4 and beta-catenin (CTNNB1) mRNA and protein was significantly higher in OS tissues., The novel mutation c.1943A>G (p.N648S) in CTNNB1 seems to be the best candidate for disease-associated mutation in this study., Infection of gingival epithelial cells with P. gingivalis resulted in proteolytic processing of beta-catenin., Positive nuclear staining of beta-catenin is specific for SCT-NOS, SSCT, and Sertoli-stromal cell tumor among testicular sex cord-stromal tumors but has limited sensitivity in this group., Wnt/beta-catenin pathway is involved in the pathogenesis of early stage steroid-induced avascular necrosis of femoral head., aberrant beta-catenin expression could be an adverse underlying factor in carcinogenesis and progression of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma, FSTL5 plays a suppressive role in hepatocellular carcinoma. Down-regulation of FSTL5 could promote growth and survival of HCC cells by activation of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling., Silencing of LRRFIP1 reverses the epithelial-mesenchymal transition via inhibition of the Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway., Disruption of beta-catenin binding to parathyroid hormone (PTH) receptor PTH1R inhibits PTH-stimulated ERK1/2 activation., The present study identified the functions of EP3 and the mechanisms by which PGE2 regulates beta-catenin expression and promoted cholangiocarcinoma cell growth and invasion, Downregulation of Meg3 enhances cisplatin resistance of lung cancer cells through activation of the WNT/beta-catenin signaling pathway., PAK4 phosphorylate beta-catenin Serine-675., LiCl significantly increased nuclear b-catenin, resulting in MMP9 activation in BC cells. IWP-2 significantly decreased nuclear b-catenin, resulting in MMP9 inhibition in BC cells. MMP9 regulated cell invasiveness., Demethylase recovered CDH1 gene expression may be involved in the apoptosis process. The beta-catenin protein translocated from the nucleus and cytoplasm to the membrane result in inactivation of b-catenin signaling pathway, PCDH10 antagonized MM cell proliferation via the downregulation of Wnt/beta-catenin/BCL-9 signaling, whereas PCDH10 repressed the expression of AKT to promote the expression of GSK3beta and then to restrain the activation of beta-catenin, MiR-26b regulates beta-catenin levels by inhibiting GSK-3beta expression, which in-turn alters the Wnt/GSK-3beta/beta-catenin pathway to lower rheumatoid arthritis fibroblast-like synoviocyte proliferation and elevate cell apoptosis., Betacatenin has a significant role in the regulation of NFkappaB activity and proinflammatory cytokine expression during the inflammatory response of bronchial epithelial cells., WNT3 and membrane-associated beta-catenin regulate trophectoderm lineage differentiation in human blastocysts., miR-33a might function as a tumor suppressor to downregulate b-catenin expression, affecting cell growth, apoptosis, the EMT, and GEM resistance., Findings indicate the regulation of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling and the role of SET domain-containing protein 7/9 (SET7/9) in cancer cells., Results indicate that transcription cofactor beta-catenin has diverse targets in cells undergoing epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT)., Bach1 suppresses angiogenesis after ischemic injury and impairs Wnt/beta-catenin signaling by disrupting the interaction between beta-catenin and TCF4 and by recruiting histone deacetylase 1 to the promoter of TCF4-targeted genes., LHX6 inhibits breast cancer cell proliferation and invasion via repression of the Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway., Aberrant Wnt/beta-catenin signaling and elevated expression of stem cell proteins are associated with osteosarcoma side population cells of high tumorigenicity., Inhibition of beta-catenin signaling respecifies anterior-like endothelium into beating human cardiomyocytes., miR-141 expression level was downregulated in MDA-MB-231 - Triple negative breast cancer cell line, and CTNNB1 gene expression was upregulated, Galectin3 is responsible for the phenotypic transformation of human umbilical vascular smooth muscle cells; the canonical Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway may be involved in this process., USP47 is a deubiquitinase that prevents beta-catenin ubiquitination., These results demonstrate that mutations affecting CTNNB1 or APC occur more frequently in desmoids than previously recognized (111 of 117; 95%), and designation of wild-type genotype is largely determined by sensitivity of detection methods., Together these findings implicate variants in the Wnt/beta-catenin stem cell pathway as having a role in bladder cancer etiology., Data indicate that lysophosphatidic acid induces nuclear beta-catenin translocation., Describe microcystic stromal tumor as a distinctive ovarian sex cord-stromal neoplasm characterized by FOXL2, SF-1, WT-1, Cyclin D1, and beta-catenin nuclear expression and CTNNB1 mutations., NOP14 suppresses breast cancer progression by inhibiting NRIP1/Wnt/beta-catenin pathway., High CTNNB1 expression is associated with Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Lip., Tankyrase inhibition is a potential therapeutic approach for treating a subgroup HCC with aberrant WNT/beta-catenin signaling pathway., the overexpression and interactions of IQGAP1 and beta-catenin contribute to hepatocellular carcinoma progression by promoting cell proliferation and migration., Findings indicate that the deregulation of beta-catenin by extracellular signal-regulated kinase 2 (ERK2)-activated CSN6 protein is important for colorectal cancer (CRC) development., Lung adenocarcinoma tissues derived from gefitinib-resistant patients displayed a tendency to accumulate beta-catenin in the cytoplasm., Distinct beta-catenin and PIK3CA mutation are linked in endometriosis-associated ovarian endometrioid and clear cell carcinomas, Data show that the expression of beta-catenin was upregulated in pancreatic cancer stem-like cells after exposure to quercetin., genetic polymorphisms of CDH1 and CTNNB1 were associated with breast cancer susceptibility and patients' prognosis, The results do not support our hypothesis that common germline genetic variants in the CTNNB1 genes is associated with the risk of developing medulloblastoma., HDGF and beta-catenin interact as a positive feedback loop, which plays an important role in carcinogenesis and progression of colorectal carcinoma., Hepatocellular carcinoma as a subtype is not only characterized by morphology but also by distinct phenotypic and genetic traits, Data show that high cytoplasmic DEAD-box helicase 3 (DDX3) expression correlated with nuclear beta-catenin expression, a marker of activated Wnt signaling., Disruption of beta-catenin/CBP signaling inhibits human airway epithelial-mesenchymal transition and repair., Data show that microRNA miR-215 activates beta-catenin pathways by decreasing catenin beta interacting protein 1 (CTNNBIP1)expression in gliomas., SIRT1 is involved in B[a]P-induced transformation associated with activation of the TNF-alpha/beta-catenin axis and is as a potential therapeutic target for lung cancer, Studied the role of WNT/beta-catenin signaling via the PPARdelta/p38 pathway in cigarette smoke (CS)-related airway inflammation using patient lung tissues, human bronchial epithelial cells (16HBECs), and mouse models., miR-1207 plays a vital role in promoting the cancer stem cell-like phenotype in ovarian cancer by activating the Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway., Data shows that CTNNB1 and TP53 somatic mutations seem to be a rare event in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma in Italy and in cases with either overt or occult HBV infection., Data indicate that N-myc downstream regulated gene 1 (NDRG1) competitively bind to glycogen synthase kinase 3beta (GSK-3beta) and orphan nuclear receptor (Nur77) to prevent beta-catenin degradation., Nuclear beta-catenin localization is related to increased CCL5 production in breast cancer., WNT10B enhances proliferation through beta-catenin and RAC1 GTPase in human corneal endothelial cells., aldosterone-producing adenomas of 3 patients harbored activating mutations of CTNNB1, in the present study, we investigated whether cantharidin and its derivant, norcantharidin, could repress the stemness of pancreatic cancer cells through repression on b-catenin pathway., our findings indicate that TSN inhibits growth and induces apoptosis in CRC cells through suppression of AKT/GSK-3b/b-catenin pathway, suggesting that TSN may have potential for use in CRC treatment, Combined expression of ALDH1A1(high) and beta-catenin(c) was associated with lymph node metastasis, poor outcome, and resistance to cyclophosphamide treatment., The expression of KAI1/CD82, CD44, MMP7 and beta-catenin is related to tumor metastasis and prognosis in colorectal carcinoma., NDRG1 inhibits stemness of colorectal cancer via down-regulation of nuclear beta-catenin and CD44, Beta-catenin expression was increased in the vascular endothelial cells of primary myelofibrosis and in the megakaryocytes of Eessential thrombocytemia and policythemia vera., the Wntbeta-catenin signaling pathway might play a crucial role in various stages of the formation and differentiation of the human fetal spinal cord, Estradiol promotes endometrial cell invasion by activating beta-catenin signaling pathway in endometriosis., IWR-1 has the potential to suppress tumor metastasis by inhibiting Wnt/beta-catenin pathway as well as survivin expression, findings demonstrated that Merlin critically regulated pancreatic cancer pathogenesis by suppressing FOXM1/beta-catenin signaling, Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus vIRF4 targets the beta-catenin/CBP cofactor and blocks its occupancy on the cyclin D1 promoter, suppressing the G1-S cell cycle progression and enhancing virus replication., Data suggest that beta-catenin (beta-cat) signaling upregulates the expression of osterix (OSX) in pre-osteoblastic and bone marrow stromal cells., miR-1 down-regulates breast cancer stem cell stemness, proliferation and migration by targeting the Frizzled 7 and TNKS2 to inhibit the Wnt/beta-catenin signaling., High expression of CTNNB1 is associated with liver cancer., High CTNNB1 expression is associated with cancer., CTNNB1 (rs4135385) AA homozygotes responded better to the CTD protocol but had more neutropenia during lenalidomide therapy. The CTNNB1 (rs4533622) AA responded better to thalidomide protocols and had high-grade neutropenia., Beta-catenin transcriptional activity is higher in cisplatin-resistant (A2780cp) cells compared to cisplatin-sensitive (A2780s) ovarian cancer cells., The TIPE2-elicited antimetastatic effect in gastric cancer was closely associated with the inhibition of AKT signaling and enhancement of GSK3b activity followed by the degradation and decreased translocation to nucleus of b-catenin, Defective beta-catenin transcriptional activity was seen in basal ganglia endothelial cells from patients with intracerebral hemorrhage., PRMT5 plays an important role in human hepatocellular carcinoma growth via the downregulation of beta-catenin, p38 MAPK is a key regulator of canonical Wnt signaling by promoting a phospho-dependent interaction between MEF2 and beta-catenin to enhance cooperative transcriptional activity and cell proliferation., Studied the role of LXRalpha with Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in adipogenesis of MSCs., Survivin, p53, and beta-catenin overexpression, as prognostic markers, might suggest that the Urothelial carcinomas are biologically aggressive with the poor prognosis, TRAF4 may promote oral squamous carcinoma cell growth, invasion and migration by Wnt/beta-catenin pathway., Data suggest that activation of beta-catenin and Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in articular cartilage is the key event leading to spine/joint destruction in patients with spondyloarthritis. [REVIEW], Total beta-catenin protein content was 10% lower and phosphorylated Thr41Ser45/total beta-catenin was 25% higher in umbilical cord MSCs from obese mothers versus cord MSCs from normal weight mothers., These data provide the first evidence that beta-catenin and ZO-1 are direct targets of E7 of the oncogenic beta-human papillomavirus types 5 and 8., The results identify phosphorylated Y142 beta-catenin as a nuclear b-catenin signaling form that downregulates adhesion and promotes glioblastoma multiforme cell invasion., All trans-retinoic acid can reverse the suppressive effect of MED28 on HBP1 and E-cadherin and inactivate the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway in colorectal cancer, suggesting a protective effect of ATRA against colorectal cancer., Case Report, that a CTNNB1 mutation is a necessary event probably by providing a selective growth advantage, Data show that LDL receptor-related protein 5 (LRP5) gain-of-function mutations do not activate beta-catenin signaling in osteoblasts., downregulation of PDLIM1 in colorectal cancer samples correlated with reduced E-cadherin and membrane beta-catenin levels, USP9x interacted with and stabilized beta-catenin through deubiquitination to mediate transcription of the decoy receptors in breast cancer cells, Our results demonstrate an important role for Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in RPE proliferation and EMT, and suggest that manipulating Wnt/beta-catenin signaling may have therapeutic potential for RPE regeneration., Long-term ochratoxin A exposure induces the malignant transformation of gastric epithelial cells via intracellular ROS production and activation of the Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway., inhibition of WNT/beta-catenin signaling by DAB2 is essential for establishing the correct number of cardiomyocytes in the developing heart., Whole and fragmented beta-catenin was present in epithelial ovarian cancer, but expression values were not statistically different between groups with and without peritoneal metastasis., Data suggest that cross-talk between PDGFb-dependent beta-catenin activation and Wnt signaling increases pulmonary artery smooth muscle cell proliferation in idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension; proliferation is not increased in normal cells., Accordingly, we propose that the anti-fibrotic activity of adiponectin may be mediated through AdipoR1/R2 receptors., VEGF/NRP-1axis promotes progression of breast cancer via enhancement of epithelial-mesenchymal transition and activation of NF-kappaB and beta-catenin., PAK4 methylation by SETD6 promotes the activation of the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway., Sox4 was also able to promote b-catenin-mediated transcription of the Slug gene through formation of transcriptional complexes with b-catenin and p300, independent of TCF4 status, beta-catenin may contribute to cytoplasmic functions such as ER-golgi transport, in addition to its transactivation role in the nucleus, TSSC3 downregulation promotes the Epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) of osteosarcoma cells by regulating EMT markers via a signal transduction pathway that involves Snail, Wnt-beta-catenin/TCF, and GSK-3beta, beta-Catenin IHC is not a sensitive or specific marker of HPV and is unlikely to be a useful adjunct to p16 IHC or HPV ISH in the setting of advanced oral squamous cell carcinoma., Findings suggest that Pseudomonas aeruginosa employs lectin LecB as a virulence factor to induce beta-catenin degradation., Deubiquitinated FoxM1 accumulation in the nucleus promotes recruitment of beta-catenin to Wnt target-gene promoter and activates the Wnt signaling pathway by protecting the beta-catenin/TCF4 complex from ICAT inhibition., Our findings identify the eIF4E- beta-catenin axis as a critical regulator of lung cancer cell growth and survival, and suggest that its pharmacological inhibition may be therapeutically useful in lung cancer., These findings suggest a novel relationship between miR-3162-3p and beta-catenin and clarify their mechanistic role in asthma etiopathogenesis., data suggests that CYP1B1 promotes cell proliferation and metastasis by inducing EMT and Wnt/beta-catenin signaling via Sp1 induction, Decreased inhibition of beta-catenin was correlated with aberrant parenchyma in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis patients., level associated with T and N stage in esophagogastric junction adenocarcinoma, the beta-catenin/Tcf4 interaction is disrupted by BC-23, The results suggest a role for beta-catenin/LEF1-mediated transcription in both malignant transformation and metastasis of prostate cancer, Beta-Catenin plays a major oncogenic role in oral squamous cell carcinoma, principally through increase in invasiveness due to loss of its membranous expression,
OMIM_DISEASE Colorectal cancer, somatic, Hepatocellular carcinoma, somatic, Pilomatricoma, somatic, Ovarian cancer, somatic, Mental retardation, autosomal dominant 19,
SP_COMMENT disease:A chromosomal rearrangement involving CTNNB1 may be a cause of salivary gland pleiomorphic adenomas (PA) [181030]. Pleiomorphic adenomas are the most common benign epithelial tumors of the salivary gland. Translocation t(3;8)(p21;q12) with PLAG1., disease:Activating mutations in CTNNB1 have oncogenic activity resulting in tumor development. Somatic mutations are found in various tumor types, including colon cancers, ovarian and prostate carcinomas, hepatoblastoma (HB), hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). HBs are malignant embryonal tumors mainly affecting young children in the first three years of life., disease:Defects in CTNNB1 are a cause of medulloblastoma (MDB) [MIM:155255]. MDB is a malignant, invasive embryonal tumor of the cerebellum with a preferential manifestation in children., disease:Defects in CTNNB1 are a cause of pilomatrixoma (PTR) [MIM:132600]; a common benign skin tumor., disease:Defects in CTNNB1 are associated with colorectal cancer (CRC) [MIM:114500]., disease:Defects in CTNNB1 are associated with ovarian cancer [MIM:167000]. Ovarian cancer is the leading cause of death from gynecologic malignancy. It is characterized by advanced presentation with loco-regional dissemination in the peritoneal cavity and the rare incidence of visceral metastases. These typical features relate to the biology of the disease, which is a principal determinant of outcome., function:Involved in the regulation of cell adhesion and in signal transduction through the Wnt pathway., online information:Beta-catenin entry, PTM:EGF stimulates tyrosine phosphorylation. Phosphorylation on Tyr-654 decreases CDH1 binding and enhances TBP binding., PTM:Phosphorylation by GSK3B requires prior phosphorylation of Ser-45 by another kinase. Phosphorylation proceeds then from Thr-41 to Ser-37 and Ser-33., PTM:Ubiquitinated by a E3 ubiquitin ligase complex containing UBE2D1, SIAH1, CACYBP/SIP, SKP1A, APC and TBL1X (Probable). Its ubiquitination leads to its subsequent proteasomal degradation., similarity:Belongs to the beta-catenin family., similarity:Contains 12 ARM repeats., subcellular location:Cytoplasmic when it is unstabilized (high level of phosphorylation) or bound to CDH1. Translocates to the nucleus when it is stabilized (low level of phosphorylation). Interaction with GLIS2 and MUC1 promotes nuclear translocation., subunit:Two separate pools are found in the cytoplasm: one is PSEN1/cadherin/catenin complex which anchors to the actin cytoskeleton. The other pool is part of a large complex containing AXIN1, AXIN2, APC, CSNK1A1 and GSK3B that promotes phosphorylation on N-terminal Ser and Thr residues and ubiquitination of CTNNB1 via BTRC and its subsequent degradation by the proteasome. Wnt-dependent activation of DVL antagonizes the action of GSK3B. When GSK3B activity is inhibited the complex dissociates, CTNNB1 is dephosphorylated and is no longer targeted for destruction. The stabilized protein translocates to the nucleus, where it binds TCF/LEF-1 family members, TBP, BCL9 and possibly also RUVBL1 and CHD8. Binds CTNNBIP and EP300. CTNNB1 forms a ternary complex with LEF1 and EP300 that is disrupted by CTNNBIP1 binding (By similarity). Interacts with TAX1BP3 (via the PDZ domain); this interaction inhibits the transcriptional activity of CTNNB1 (By similarity). Interacts with AJAP1, BAIAP1, CARM1, CTNNA3, CXADR and PCDH11Y. Binds SLC9A3R1. Interacts with GLIS2 and MUC1. Interacts with SLC30A9. Interacts with XIRP1 (By similarity). Interacts with PTPRU (via the cytoplasmic juxtamembrane domain)., tissue specificity:Expressed in several hair follicle cell types: basal and peripheral matrix cells, and cells of the outer and inner root sheats. Expressed in colon.,