DAVID 6.7 Released - Newest update of DAVID now available!

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Announcing the release of DAVID 6.7. This version includes a complete database update, as well as a rebuild of the DAVID engine. The purpose of the engine rebuild is to streamline future improvements, additions, and updates. The functionality that you encounter in this version should mirror that of the last version of DAVID, with some minor improvements/additions. Keep in mind that the database has been completely updated including the underlying DAVID ids. This may lead to differences in output for the same gene list between this version and the previous version. However, despite any differences, we expect that the underlying biological themes for a given experiment will be consistent. Please post to the forum or contact the DAVID Bioinformatics Team with any bug findings or any other comments or concerns.

-- The DAVID Knowledgebase completely rebuilt, including the central DAVID id system
-- Ensembl Gene included as an integral data source
-- DAVID engine completely rebuilt to facilitate future updates and development
-- New GO category (GO FAT) filters out very broad GO terms based on a measured specificity of each term (not level-specificity)
-- New annotation categories
-- New list identifier systems added for list uploading and conversion
-- Automatic list naming based on uploaded file name
-- Ability to upload expression/other values (some display, but otherwise not used in the analysis at this point)
-- Ability to upload multiple lists in one file
-- Agilent prebuilt backgrounds included
-- A few bugs fixed
-- New versioning utilized ("Major interface release"."Major database release"; i.e. 6.7)

Important Timeline
01/27/2010 - DAVID 6.7 Beta announced for worldwide access
03/05/2010 - DAVID 6.7 released in production site. The current production version (DAVID 2008) will be moved to the Beta site for continued access for users completing analysis on this version.
03/31/2010 - The current production version (DAVID 2008) will be retired.

Things To Do
-- Correct any remaining bugs found by users
-- Provide user access to the updated Knowledgebase data files

Thank you for using and helping to support DAVID.


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