EASE relies on various tab-delimited text files of information that can be automatically compiled from various online sources.  To update these files, you must have an open internet connection.  Once you click on the [Get the most recent online data] button and choose the species in which you are

interested, the process proceeds automatically, but it can take A LONG TIME with a slow internet connection.  You can start the update at the end of the day and let it run through the night if a slow internet connection is a problem.  In the system of files installed by this automatic process, all information is linked through LocusLink numbers.


If you are familiar with the directory structure of EASE, you can download the files you want directly from the DAVID website.  There are files hosted there that are not created by the automated update process, such as files to enable the use of clone IDs to specify genes and population files for various microarrays.