Current Version=2.0

Released August 15, 2003

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Change log:

Version 1.21

- Fixed a possible endless loop in the Enhance function

- Reduced the "New file is smaller than Old file" post update warning threshhold to 95%

- Eliminated the "multiple Summary fields" post-update warning

Version 1.2

- Fixed the many problems caused by the help window not closing properly

    (Thanks to: Parthav Jailwala and Cristina Thalhammer-Reyero)

- Added a feature to warn when a link-out URL might be too long

    (Thanks to: Alan Dombkowski and Raquel Norel)

- Added species-specific "Genbank supplement" files to cover Genbanks on common microarrays not referenced in LocusLink

    (Thanks to: Alan Dombkowski and Raquel Norel)

- Fixed the Link to DAVID to reflect the conversion of DAVID from .jsp to .asp technology

- Fixed the LocusLink=0 endless loop problem

- Corrected the conversion from SwissProt to LocusLink

- Added the "Make this list a category" function

- Added GenMAPP pathways and Published Gene Lists as new categorical systems

- Added links to MedMiner, PubGene tools, and Genetic Association database

- Added KEGG ortholog as enhance system

- Removed the At-A-Glance update procedure to reflect the removal of this data from LocusLink as of April 2003

Version 1.1

- Fixed the problem with Netscape not automatically displaying results

    (Thanks to: Raquel Norel)

 - Converted the multiple annoying "Not a valid format" warnings into a single warning

    (Thanks to: Tim Myers and Alan Dombkowski)

Version 1.0

- Added the "Enhance" functionality

    (Thanks to: Keiko Akagi and Grant Robinson)

- Hosted online

    (Many, many thanks to Brad Sherman, webmaster extraordinaire)